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It was a miserable day to be stuck in traffic, i hated the rain. It always caused so much more traffic than was bearable. Bumper to bumper traffic and some idiot was constantly beeping his horn. “Mother fucker” i muttered to myself.

If only i could make it to the next street, i could take a detour and go around the back roads. well i could wait for another fucking hour for these few cars to move forward or i could run over the curb, miss the flower garden, drive down what looked like 20 meters or so of footpath and make my turn onto the off street. Well no points for guessing the option i took.

Running the kurb was easier than i thought. It was the soggy, wet garden that i had misjudged as my car fishtailed. well no big deal, it wasn’t anything i couldn’t handle. The footpath looked clear as i got the car back under control and breathed a sigh of relief as i slowly edged forward on the footpath. bang! I heard a noise from the back of the car and as i checked my rear view mirror i saw a push bike had smashed into my car.

Great, i thought as i stopped the car. I was wondering whom to blame, the idiot who couldn’t see a fucking car on the footpath or blame myself for driving on the footpath 🙂 I was surprised to find a lady sitting on the ground near my car. She was dressed in business outfit and didn’t look like she was hurt.

“Are you ok?” i said and she looked at me with a blunt face. “Fuck off” she said. I asked again, “Are you ok?”. She got up and had mud and crap all over her. Clearly the wet, soggy flower garden had cousined her impact and the only thing bruised was her expensive clothes and shoes.

“I am really sorry” i said and she stopped dusting herself and faced me for the first time. Very pretty face, blue eyes, soft pink lips and tight hairdo. Very professional but elegant. “Do you always drive on the footpath?” she asked with her finger pointing at me.

“I was trying to make that turn so i could get home” i said as i pointed to the next street up. “Well i will miss my interview, thanks to you” she said with a sad look. Fuck, i felt like an idiot. “Well if you want i will walk with you, my house is five minutes walk from here” i said. “You can borrow my wife’s clothes and make it to that interview”.

She thought about it for a minute and said “Ya ok”. Well i offered to carry her handbag but she won’t let me. The walk back to my house was kinda weird and eery as she didn’t say much and i wasn’t sure what to talk about given that this whole thing was my fault.

I opened the door for her and she walked in. I pointed to the bathroom and said “Why don’t you clean up and i will get my wife’s clothes for you to borrow”. She nodded and walked away. I heard her turn the shower on as i walked towards my bedroom to see what was the safest set of clothes to let her borrow. My wife could totally kill me if i gave her the expensive ones but i didn’t wanna look like a dick by giving her the really cheap ones either.

I settled for a pair of dressing pants and a nice top, suitable for an interview. I threw the clothes on the couch and sat down waiting for her to finish showering. It felt like she was taking forever. I almost fell asleep. “Right” i thought to myself as i got up. I knocked on the bathroom door and yelled out “Are you done?”

“Come in” she said “and put the clothes on the side” she yelled back. “ok” i thought as i picked the clothes up and walked into the bathroom. I was expecting her to have her towel wrapped around her but my jaw dropped when she had nothing on as i walked in. “So sorry” i yelped as i tried to get the hell outa there. “Don’t be” she said in a soft voice.

“Come here” she said with her finger pointing at me, again. What was going to happen, i thought. She was smiling at me as she took my hand and put it on her pussy. Nice, moist and juicy.

She came real close to me and i thought she was going to kiss me but she knelt down and started unzipping my pants. It hurt a little when she pulled my dick out. It was real hard. She kissed it on the head and said “Don’t look so scared” and laughed. “What if my wife finds out” I uttered in a shaky voice. “Well its such a horny day, with the rain and all” she said as she sucked my cork, nice and slow.

It was a horny day, and it had been a long time since my wife and i did anything this exciting. I mean she had given me blow jobs before but nothing like this. She was very playful. She touched my balls and licked my dick as she started stroking it gently at first and then hard.

she paused as she sensed i was about to come. “Not yet” she said as she stood up and turned around. Her bum was nice and round. Felt like jelly as i touched it. I grabbed both her butt cheeks and pushed my dick up her ass. She moaned, and said you are so big. A little compliment went a long way with me 🙂

She pushed hard against me and we both fell to the floor. She pushed my dick back in her ass as i lay there.

I grabbed her hair, nice and long now that it was undone. She moaned as i sat up and started pushing my dick harder up her ass. “Yes, yes” she said softly.

I turned her around and got on top of her. The bathroom floor was wet and slippery but i didn’t care. Something about the dirty floor was turning me on even more. She pulled her legs up for me and i eased into her pussy. “OOh” she moaned, little louder this time. “Fuck you” i yelled as i started thumping her.

She must have found it funny as she laughed and said “Oh really fuck you too”. I loved talking dirty. I squeezed her boobs as i came. I slumped on top of her and tried kissing her as she pushed me off of her onto the floor.

“Well, now what” i thought as i lay there on the floor and she was getting up. “I wonder what Linda would think about this” she said as she stood up and looked at me. My heart skipped a beat. How the fuck did she know my wife’s name? “Do you know my wife?” i asked her and she giggled like a little girl. “Ya you idiot” she replied. We work together.

“So you going to tell her?” i asked. I really was scared at this point. “Not unless you want me to” she replied. “I had a fight with your wife the other day and i swore to get her back” she said. She told me that the accident with my car wasn’t really an accident. She had recognized the car and seen me alone inside the car.

“Not bad huh!” she said with a huge smile. “What if i tell my wife?” i asked her. “Go on” she replied knowing that i wouldn’t. “Well when do i see you again?” i asked and she winked and replied “When it rains again, sweetheart”


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