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Conference Hookup


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Last year, I went to a conference in Boston. The first night, I answered an ad on C-list that said “Eat My Pussy!”. Two hours later, I was driving across town and knocking on the door of a total stranger. There was some awkwardness, but after a while, I was kissing her in the hallway. After a long moment, I pulled back, wondering how this happened. She looked at me, noticed my hesitation, and asked what was up. I smiled and said, “I’m just thinking…”

She leaned in, kissed me again, and said, “Don’t think. You’re here now.” Her tongue found mine, and I could feel my cock growing hard as my hands explored her body. She found my erection and stroked me through my pants, then unzipped me and slipped her hand inside. Tugging my cock out, she pulled me into the living room and pushed me back on the couch. She dropped to her knees, her dark hair framing her face as she look at me, stroked my shaft, and then dipped down to take the head of my cock into her mouth. Her tongue lashed the tip, and I leaned back in ecstasy.

One thing I will never forget is how amazing that blowjob was. She sucked like an industrial vacuum cleaner–I’ve never felt anyone with that kind of power! She could also take my full 7″ without hesitation, and she would pause with me deep in her throat, stick out her tongue, and tickle my balls. She worked quickly, driving me over the edge in 10 minutes, and I blew my first load right down her throat.

That broke the ice nicely, and we poured the wine I had brought. Then I remembered the ad, and after another sip, I told her it was her turn. I kissed her neck, then opened her robe and kissed my way down to her full breasts. Her nipples were dark, and she moaned as I nibbled them gently. Pretty soon, I was settled between her thighs, nuzzling her shaved little pussy… my first! I stayed away from her clit for as long as I could, teasing her with long licks, slipping two fingers inside her, and making her squirm for release. Finally, I gave her what she wanted and flicked my tongue relentlessly across her clit, feeling her belly twitch with approaching orgasm. I grabbed her ass with both hands, pulling her tight against my mouth, and sucked her clit into my mouth, still abusing it with the tip of my tongue. When her breath caught for the final time, I sucked even harder, and she exploded, bathing my searching tongue with sweet juice.

I was so hard at that point that I was dripping. I tore off my clothes, turned her sideways on the couch, and buried myself inside her with one long stroke. That set off another orgasm for her, and I rode it out as her pussy clasped me, almost milking me as it rippled along my length. This first fuck was intense…she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me, whispering “fuck me, fuck me hard” in my ear and teasing it with her tongue. I followed her directions, knowing it wouldn’t last, but so ready to fill her with my cum.

Within minutes, she was face down on the couch and I was pounding into her, my hips slamming against her beautiful, curvy ass with every stroke. Feeling my cum rising, I lay full length along her body and pumped her deeply, kissing the side of her neck as I froze, my back arching to drive all the way into her pussy, stream after stream of cum making her slick pussy even wetter. My heart was pounding as I lay atop her, savoring the warm contact of our bodies as my cock shrank and we separated.
An hour later, she was stroking my cock in the shower while I sucked her nipples and teased her asshole with my soapy fingers. We ended up on the bathmat, covered in towels and fucking like rabbits. I came deep in her pussy and then played with her for another half-hour while she masturbated. She said she loved creampies, and squishing my cum around got her off more than anything else.

Just before dawn, I was back between her thighs, fucking away again. I tried to fuck her ass, but she wasn’t into it, so I contented myself with her tight snatch. For a finale, I came inside her one last time, and then lay back as she cleaned every drop of pussy juice and cum off me with her tongue. Fucking amazing!

I was half-asleep all through the next day’s conference, but I was smiling in my dazed state. I still smile when I think about her.

Needless to say, I forgot to mention the unprotected sex with a total stranger to my wife when I went home on Sunday…

Maybe I’m a sociopath, but I really don’t have any regrets about that wonderful night, unless you count not fucking her in the ass.


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Deena Gives Me More Than a Trim


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Her name was Deena and she’s about thirty years. She’s a little chubby, not much but I find her “FUCKING SEXY!” Why? Because when she cut my hair, she rubbed her body against mine, which caused my cock to stir. When she shampooed my hair, she’s rubbing her thighs against my shoulder. When I’m in the chair getting my hair cut, she’s rubbing her body against mine and while my hands are resting against the chair armrest, she puts her stomach against them. I WANT TO FUCK HER SO BAD! So begins my fantasy. Maybe she reads erotic sex stories and will think of me! I had an appointment with Deena on Wednesday night around nine that night. She wanted this time as I haven’t been with her in a while and she wanted to cut my hair again.

I arrived at her hair salon to find most of the hairdressers were already gone. Deena saw me waiting and gave me a smile, as she was finishing up a female customer. The last hairdresser gathered up her belongings and walked over to Deena. “I’m out of her, will you be okay?” Deena looked at me, then smiled at the hairdresser. “Sure, Gary’s an old customer” she replied. “Cute little joke”, I thought to myself. The hairdresser left. Ten minutes went by and Deena finished up with her female customer and let her out the door, then locked it behind her. Deena then closed the blinds of the windows. “I don’t want people to know I’m alone,” she told me. My heart started racing with thoughts I shouldn’t be thinking since I’m married. “So, are you ready for your shampoo?” she asked. “I’m all yours,” I replied, which caused her to give me a cute smile. I followed her into the backroom where she sat me down, laid the back of my head in the sink and started to shampoo my hair. We chatted while she washed my hair and she didn’t let me down by rubbing her thighs up against my shoulder.

Then she did something she never did before, she leaned over to reach for a bottle of conditioner, and she let her breast rub across my forehead. “Oops, I got shampoo on me,” she playfully told me. I looked and saw her wipe the shampoo off her breast, wishing I could do that. She rinsed my hair, put a drape over me, escorted me to her chair and covered my clothes with the protective cover. She cut my hair and we did the usual chatting with her rubbing her body against mine. She trimmed my eyebrows and rubbed her stomach against my hand resting on the chair armrest. I thought about this for a year, and decided to take a chance. If she complained, I could come up with an excuse that my hand was cramping. So I extended my fingers out and lightly rubbed her stomach. She didn’t move back or yell, but I could see a little smile growing on her face. So I continued. “Looks like I missed a spot,” she said as she leaned forward to cut some hair off my ears.

That gave me the opportunity to lightly rub lower towards her crotch. I could sense she’s enjoying it as she took her time trimming that piece of hair. My breathing was getting heavy and my heart was racing. Not to mention my cock was starting to swell. “Well, that’s that,” she told me, which disappointed me because I wanted this haircut to last forever. She removed the drape in a way she never did before, and some hair fell down all over my crotch. She looked. “I can’t believe I did that. I hope it doesn’t affect my tip,” she said. “Depends on how well you clean it up,” I replied. She gave me a smile, reached down and picked the hair off my crotch. She then brushed my crotch with her hand and removed all my hairs. That gave me a hard-on, which caused her to smile. “Oh, I seemed to have stirred something up,” she said with a smile. I didn’t know what to do, so I reached out, and I lightly rubbed her one arm. “You’ve been stirring me up for a long time.”

Deena smiled and I took that as a signal, so I got up out of my chair, and I planted a light kiss on her lips. She didn’t resist and even stuck her tongue in my mouth. We parted lips and we looked at each other. We knew what we wanted and didn’t have to say it. A huge smile grew on her face and she took my hand and walked me back to a room where massages are given. “This room should do fine,” she told me. I looked around the room. “Deena, may I have the honor of fucking you?” I asked her. “Please. I need a good fuck,” she answered. I sat her up on the massage table and removed her shoes then socks. I rubbed her feet. “That feels so good after being on my feet all day,” she moaned. “Maybe you’ll like this,” I told her. I then started sucking on her toes, which caused her to lie back, as she loved it. “Yes, suck my toes! I fucking love it!” she moaned.

I sucked all her toes and she moaned loving that feeling. I removed all her clothes. She sat on the table bare ass naked with the sweetest hairy pussy I’ve ever seen, and the nicest D cup tits with nice big nipples I removed my clothes while she was rubbing her nipples with one hand and rubbing her pussy with her other. I stood before her with a nice 6-inch hard cock. “Nice cock for an old man,” she said with a smile. “Sweet hairy pussy Deena. May I eat your sweet cunt?” I replied back. Deena smiled, lied on her back and opens her legs. “Eat my twat, old man,” she begged while she spread her legs apart. I got on my knees and licked my way down her inner thighs to her pussy. I then licked all around her pussy then ran my tongue up and down her slit. She moaned while playing with her erect nipples.

The more I licked and sucked on Deena’s clit and wet pussy, the louder she moaned and squeezed my head with her thighs. “YES! EAT MY PUSSY GARY! EAT ME! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH” she screamed out. I continued to eat her pussy making it so wet. Then I licked my way up her stomach, stopping to run my tongue into her belly button, then I worked my way up to her tits. I sucked her nipples for a few seconds. I kissed my way to one of her ears. “Suck my cock you fucking bitch,” I ordered. “Yes sir,” she responded. I stepped back, she got on her knees and I put my cock into her waiting mouth.

She sucked and was a pro at it. “That’s it…suck my cock your fucking slut,” I grabbed her head, held while I fucked her mouth. “That’s a good cunt,” I complimented while she sucked my cock for a few minutes. “Get on your fucking feet,” I demanded and she obeyed. I turned her around, bent her over the massage table with her ass staring at me. I got on my knees and started to lick and kiss her ass cheeks. I ran my tongue up and down the crack of her ass. She moaned indicating she liked it. I spread her ass cheeks apart and I licked her inviting asshole. “Yes! Lick my asshole!” She moaned as she wiggled her ass to the rhythm of my tongue licking. I couldn’t resist and I forced my tongue into her asshole. “YES! TONGUE FUCK MY ASSHOLE!” she screamed as I tongue fucked her ass.

I quit that, stood up and I spread her ass cheeks apart and looked at her wet pussy. “Are you ready to be fucked?” I asked. “Yes, fuck me, make me your bitch,” she answered. I slapped her ass cheeks a couple of times, then I inserted my hard cock into her pussy with her moaning as it slipped inside. Then I picked up the rhythm and pumped her pussy. “AHHHH! FUCK ME! FUCK MY CUNT!” Deena screamed. I continued to pump her pussy for about five minutes. “AHHHHHH!” Deena screamed out having an orgasm and I could feel her body shake. The feeling of her cumming was too much for me. “I’m going to cum, where do you want it?” I asked. “In my mouth,” she answered. I pulled my cock out of her pussy. She got on knees in front of my cock and proceeded to suck on it. “That’s it Deena, suck my cock until I cum!” I told her. She sucked for a couple of minutes and I couldn’t hold back.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth, she opened her mouth wide opened and I jerked off letting cum fly into her mouth, lips and chin. “You’re a great fuck Deena. A great fuck!” She smiled at me with cum on her lips and chin. I got her up, looked into her eyes, then licked the cum off her chin and kissed her. We French-kissed and I could taste some of my cum inside of her mouth. It tasted good. She smiled, gave me a hug and walked me to the front door holding my hand. She gave me another hug and we kissed. “See you next month,” she said. I smiled and left the salon with a huge smile on my face and a spring in my step.


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Finding My Wife Fucking A Young Man


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I came home from work early one afternoon to see the lawnmower on the drive and the front door ajar.
I went in quietly and could hear my wife Julies voice saying to someone in the bedroom, “yes, deeper….faster….oh yes…..fuck my little pussy….keep going”.

I made my way quietly to the bedroom door to find my wife on the bed, her slender legs wide apart, her pussy being frantically pumped away by the 19 year old student who cut our lawn each week.

My first instinct was to go mad, but they still didnt know I was watching.

I then found I had an erection that was about to burst my trouser zip.

I watched for a while, then suddenly realised she wasnt on the pill anymore, cos I had had the snip after our second child.

I went to pull him off her, his bum bouncing up and down like a man possessed as he pounded away at her, but she kicked me away with her right foot.

“Keep going……deeper……oh yes….deeper…thats good….fill my little pussy….oh yes”

But then her legs wrapped around him and her hips began to buck, his pumping stopped as he collapsed on top of her.

I said to him as he pulled his spermy cock out of her, you better leave….NOW! He hurriedly pulled up his pants, grabbed his trainers and left.

Now Julie smiled at me and said. pulling her cunt lips apart, look.

She squrited out some of the thick creamy sperm, and said “my little pussys been naughty…it needs to be punished…..put your cock in!”

I didnt need any encouragement, I was up her in a flash. Lubricated by the sperm, I fucked away at her pussy like a rabbit, the best sex we have had in 20 years of marriage.

My orgasm was fabulous, her hips bucked and convulsed like never before.

Since then, our grass cutter is a regular welcome visitor, and I am happy to watch while he pumps away at Julies pussy, cos I know I will be asked to punish it after because its been a naugthyspunky cum pussy.


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First Date


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After fifteen minutes of flirting and intense eye contact, I finally decided to approach her. I was never really big on the whole, “I don’t give out my number, so I’ll take yours.” Never liked playing that game, it never seemed to work out in my favor. But her flat stomach and tight jeans had ‘exception’ written all over them.

Now, I have to admit, I am a little surprised. An hour later, I receive a text from her. She is texting me from her car, on her way to a Redbox, and wanted to know what I am doing later.
Another hour passes, and she’s pulling up my driveway. As she steps out of the car I am instantly reminded of why I made an exception… those tight sexy jeans that caught my attention earlier. I always wonder, “how long does it takes for women to squeeze into jeans like that?”; hopefully I’ll be finding out in the morning.

It’s already late, so we head upstairs to the third-floor master bedroom, to watch the movie.
After some intense conversation, mixed with some flirtatious smiles and contagious laughter – we decide to turn off the movie, dim the lights and set the fireplace to high. The snapping and crackling sounds of the blazing flames echo off of the walls of the rooms, mixing with the smooth lingering, cohesive sounds of jazz, playing in the background. The thick smoke from our blunt dances up from the tip of it, tapering off into darkness of the room, leaving the ripe and potent stench of weed hanging in the air.

We devour each other with our eyes. She is so confident, and secure with her wants and needs. The conversation is foreplay. Her lips are aggressive and an aphrodisiac; they are so sexy and a huge turn on. The way she can articulate her desires, drives the both of us of crazy.

Something about women that can describe her wants and needs in detail… it’s a definite mind cum.
I think she feels the same way, before I can change the topic; she is already straddling me and is sucking my tongue right out of my mouth. I finally lay back as she climbs on top of me. She wants it and the fact that she can feel it pushing against her leg, is only helping matters. Her light skin tone is perfect, so smooth and flawless… she is young, smart and experienced, she went on to teach me things that night that we will never forget.

I want to drive her crazy and she knows it, but she won’t give in. I can’t even get her nipples to work in my favor, I play with them as she straddles me, I licking and sucking them, softly biting them while massaging them with my tongue as I squeeze the other breast with my hand. I do some of my best work… but nothing, just a smile…, “That’s all you got?”

She unzips my pants and starts working the tip of my dick with her hand, just the tip, which is different. I start getting hard when I feel the tip of her tongue and the warmth from her mouth touching me, the sensation stimulates my whole body. She works it with her hand and mouth, within seconds I am so lubed up, I don’t know how she keeps me in her mouth. But she does, amongst other things.

Something about a woman putting her fingers in her mouth then making them disappear underneath her panties is beyond hot. She starts licking and sucking the head of dick, while working the shaft with her hands, BOTH hands, opposite directions, while she is mouthing me off-UNREAL. She has the right pressure, the right amount of lube. She says she is a college student, but I can’t help but wonder what she was studying!

Suddenly, she stands up and orders me to do the same, I don’t think I am into things like that, but before I can decide, she is on her back and guiding me into her mouth. She places my hand on the back of her head encouraging me to push harder. Her mouth is wide open and she is eager to have it filled with my dick. If she is working this hard for an A+, I just wonder what she will do for some extra credit.

Now, all men are down for some slutty-like head, but this is extreme. I feel like I am fucking her mouth, actually I’m not even in the driver seat, she has her hands clasped on my ass and is pushing me deeper into her mouth, well throat at this point. She is gagging and I am loving it, I mean, I am fucking her throat like it was pussy, a very tight one. It am so wet that I just slide deeper and deeper and I don’t even think she is gagging anymore.

I am told that for every woman who loves to be fucked in the throat until she gags; there are five that hate it. This is amazing, I can’t wait to return the favor, though I know I’m not going to be able to top her performance, but I am going to worship every inch of her body until I make her cum from places she didn’t even know existed.

She is good, in fact the best, and she knows it..she had to.

I cum so hard, I don’t think she even tastes it, it just shoots down the back of her throat. I feel like I abuse her mouth, more or less her throat, and can’t believe that she loves it but she sure seems to.
I am still turned on, still hard as a rock.

Just as I am getting ready to return the favor, she rolls over and starts to go to bed. I think it is just a game until she confirms by asking if it is okay for her to sleep in the nude. I can’t believe it, she tells me that she came while she was doing it and is all set. I didn’t even notice that she was playing with herself, but she tells me she had gotten off twice.

Not only that, but she adds that she doesn’t fuck on the first “date” cause it’s nasyt… go figure!


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First Encounter of the Boss’s Wife


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My name is Chris and this all began when I went for a job interview at a small family ran garage. When I meet the most amazing women ever.

As I entered the office for my interview I was was met by this gorgeous woman who took my breath away when I first set eyes on her.

Her name was Paula she was 5ft2 but she had a massive set of tits they looked amazing in her tight fitted shirt that was see through. You could sed the out line of be lace bra and her nipples that where pushing against her bra and sticking out. As she walked from behind her desk she stunned me even more. She was wearing a very short skirt that showed off her muscular legs that could easily crush a man skull if she want to.

As we sat down and started the interview I could help but notice that Paula was pushing her tits out every time she learnt forward showing my her cleavage at the same time. We spoke about the boring thing in a job interview what they expected of me and so on.

Paulas husband Dave came in and introduced himself and again told me what he wanted and he wasn’t sure if I fitted the job role.

After about 20 mins of basically staring at Paulas tits the interview came to and end and I got up shock her hand and has I walked out she said ” I hope you had a nice view?” and winked as I walked out. Shit I had been caught and there was no way I had got the job.

When I arrived home all I could think about was the size of Paula’s tit and how much I wanted to stick my cock in them. I had a wank dreaming about Paula’s tits and ended up having the best orsgam I had ever had.

I couple of weeks passed and I haven’t heard anything from Paula about the job. Maybe because I got caught looking I didn’t get it, when all of a sudden my phone rang it was Paula telling me I had the job and I start the following Monday. I was so excited I had another wank looking forward to seeing her tits again.

My start date came and I turn up to the garage excited and nervous. As I walked up the forecourt I saw Paula in the distance standing talking. As I walked up to the office she turned round smiled and came and greeted me. I had to hide my hard on as it was pushing out of my trousers causing a tent.

After a good few months things were going great I had settled in nicely and everything was good.

Dave had to go out with a the other lads to pick a breakdown up that was about an hour away it left me and paula on our own.

I was working on a car when I needed to take some paper work to the office as I approached the office I could hear Paula moaning and calling my name. As I got to the door it was open slightly, as I looked through the gap I could see Paula leaning back in her chair with one leg on the desk and the other over the arm of the chair spreading her wide open. I saw her hand disappear down between her stretched legs and move very very fast. She was moaning and saying “that’s it Chris lick my pussy come on I am going to cum faster faster.” As I stood at the door my cock grew instantly and I started to rub it through my trousers.

After what felt like a year (probably only 2 minutes) I got my cock out and start slowly rubbing it while watching Paula moan louder and louder now fucking her self with a small pink dildo. I was getting more and more turned on when all of a sudden my phone rang trying to get hold of it to shut it up I fell threw the door making Paula scream “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!”

I stood there in shock, I didn’t know what to do I just froze I had my cock in my hand and didn’t know what to do. I wanted the whole ground to swallow me up.

I finally maganged to answer back ” I… I am so sorry I just want to come and give this paper work back and I heard you and I” it all came out so fast it sounded like a load of jumbled up rubbish. As I stood there with my cock in my hard pointing to the ceiling and pre cum dripping down it I thought I have blown it and lost my job.

By this time Paula had repositioned herself in her chair staring at me. I thought she was going to call her husband and the police I really thought I was screwed and not in the good way. She got up and walked over to me she was wearing a long skirt that came to her knees and a nice shirt that had a couple of buttons open showing her very nice cleavage off. As she approached me I thought she was going to hit me. Instead she looked me in the eyes and said ” I haven’t been fucked hard in years!” I didn’t know what to do or say I was stuck in the same position with my hand trying to cover my trobbing cock. Now my cock isn’t massive but it is thick and has pleased many women that have fucked it.

As we stood eye to eye I could see down you top and Paula’s nipples started growing and push against her top showing me she wasn’t wearing a bra. She grabbed my hand off my cock and placed it on her tit and started rubbing it I could feel her nipple rubbing against her top and growing hard. As I was rubbing her tit Paula grabbed my cock hard which made me jump a little bit. She let go slightly and start moving her hand slowly up and down my cock.

While she was wanking me off she saw loads of pre cum dripping down my cock she rubbed her fingers all over the end of my cock and collected some of my pre cum and ducked her fingers just inches away from my face. I about came there and then. Damn she knew how to work up a young man.

She pull my hand off her tit and got on her knees staring directly at my cock it was about poking her in the eye that’s how close she was. Paula took my cock and stuck the tip in her mouth licking the pre cum off.

Paula processed to slowly slide my raging hard on down her throat and then back out again. Like I said my cock isn’t that long but it is thick and paula had to work her jaw muscles to take me all the way In. As she went to work on my cock I could feel her tongue moving all around my cock she licked it from the bottom up when she pulled my cock out, then licked around the tip and then worked her way down to my balls where she spent some time on each ball. I could feel my balls tighten as I was I close to cuming. I said to Paula ” I am so close keep going and I am going to cum down your throat.” with that paual got faster and faster. Pushing my cock further down her throat and then back out as I came out of her mouth it made a popping sound, then she would slide it all the way in again. The faster Paula went the more I was going to cum.

After a couple more minutes I shouted “I AM CUMING OMG HERE IT COMES” I grabbed Paula’s head and held her mouth all the way down on my cock. I came and came about 5 large loads shoot out of my cock and hit the back of Paula’s throat. She swallowed every last bit and as I pulled my cock out of her mouth she left it open to show me she had swallowed it all.

Just was we had finished I was doing my trousers up went paula said to me ” I can’t wait to feel that cock split my pussy open and make me scream.” Then Dave walked in and asked what was going on. Paula looked at me and just said “Chris is just booking some holiday” I just agreed and went to walk out, and just as I did Dave sat at his computer and Paula gave me a sexy wink and lifted her skirt up showing she had no pants on and was soaking wet.

I went back to work with a massive smile on my face and looked forward to our next encounter.


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First Time Anal Fuck


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Alice pondered her situation. She was 21 and had been dating a hot guy for a few months. He was the best fuck she’d ever had, but having said that, she wasn’t all that experienced. During conversation one day it had emerged that her boyfriend, Sam, had been much more adventurous than she could have imagined: he’d been involved in group sex and even had anal sex. While the thought of it all kind of turned her on, she was worried that he’d get bored of her and find someone else to do these things with if she wouldn’t. Sam had tried to assure her that he wouldn’t do that, but she suddenly felt under pressure to be more adventurous in bed.

Alice knew deep down that the past didn’t matter, and that the pressure she was placing on herself was coming from within, but she couldn’t get the whole thing out of her mind. She felt inadequate during that conversation because up until meeting Sam she’d never even given head, never mind being with more than one person! She’d never really considered anal sex until it came up in conversation that day, and it sparked some curiosity for her. She could tell by the way Sam talked about it that he’d really enjoyed it, and she wanted him to be satisfied by her. She spent a lot of time trying to come round to the idea but wouldn’t dare suggest it to him in case she changed her mind.

Alice decided to do some research online and of course found loads of information. Inevitably she also came across a vast amount of porn, which was another thing she’d never been interested in before. She couldn’t believe she was even contemplating watching it, but curiosity got the better of her and she clicked on one of the links she’d found. Alice was amazed by the size of the guy’s cock in the video, and watched as he pummelled away at the woman’s pussy, fucking her from behind. She watched him start to thumb her arse and watched as the woman moaned in pleasure.

Alice felt her pussy start to get wet and her cheeks became flushed. She carried on watching as the man pulled his enormous cock out of the woman’s pussy and pressed it against her arsehole, watching the woman grimace as he pushed it in slowly but firmly. She was astounded by how wet her pussy had become, she hadn’t even touched it! She watched as gradually the man started to fuck the woman’s arse harder, faster, getting deeper with each thrust. The woman was crying out and playing with her clit as she was fucked. Eventually the man pulled out of her arse and shot his cum all over her arse cheeks, and the video ended.

Alice sat for a moment, almost shell-shocked. She could not believe how much the video had turned her on – she also couldn’t believe that the woman in the video could take such a huge cock in her tight arse. Alice couldn’t help herself, she had to cum. She quickly shed her clothes and climbed onto her bed, reaching her fingers down to her smooth pussy and stroking the outer lips for a moment. She used her index finger to stroke her slit and felt how wet she was – her pussy was wetter than ever before and it felt electric. She began to circle her clit and found herself arching her back as she grew closer and closer to orgasm.

Alice stopped for a minute – she wanted it to last longer. She reached for her trusty vibrator from her drawer next to the bed, and slowly pushed it into her sopping wet pussy. She loved how it stretched her hole, and when she’d got it all the way in she continued to play with her clit again. Alice felt her orgasm building, quickly gathering pace. She was fucking herself with her vibe and furiously rubbing her clit when she erupted in the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced. Her pussy squirted when she came, it was that good. Alice lay on the bed as her orgasm subsided, panting heavily. She pinched her nipples a few times, amazed at how hard they were. It was getting late and she should get some sleep.

The next day Alice and Sam were meeting up. She decided to wear some skimpy lace French knickers and a matching lace bra, fishnet stockings, stilettos and a red dress which accentuated her curves, leaving little to the imagination. She wore bright red lipstick to match the dress. She arrived a few minutes late for their date at the restaurant, to find Sam waiting for her at their table. When he saw her he almost did a double take, he was shocked at just how ravishing she looked. She joined him and noticed the grin on his face, letting her know he was more than impressed with her choice of outfit.

She took her phone from her bag and typed a simple message to him: “tonight I want it in my arse”. She sent the message and put her phone away. A few moments later Sam’s phone beeped and he saw the message.

He looked shocked and stammered, “a-are you, er, sure?”. She smiled and nodded at him, and took a drink from her glass of red wine which he’d ordered before she arrived. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her lips, they looked so sexy with that lipstick on. He couldn’t wait to feel them around his cock later. The pair ordered and ate their meal with a brewing sexual tension between them. When they finished at the restaurant, Sam was desperate to take her back to his place. He hailed a cab and they climbed in, directing the driver.

Sam put his hand on Alice’s thigh, feeling the silky material of her stunning dress. Her dress was long but had a convenient slit up one side, which just happened to be the side Sam was sitting at. He slipped his hand into the slit of the dress and felt the top of her fishnet stockings beneath his fingers. He moved his fingers to the edge of her knickers and already he could feel the warmth coming from her pussy. He softly rubbed her clit through the lace, and felt her tense up and gasp. The cab driver seemed to be oblivious to what was happening, but his presence was exciting to both of them. Sam slipped a finger underneath her knickers and felt how wet her pussy was – he took advantage of the fact and worked his finger into her hot hole.

Alice was trying not to let on to the driver that she was being fingered, so had to keep her excitement inside as much as possible when what she wanted to do was moan out loud. Sam knew this, and made things more difficult for her by inserting another finger into her wet mound. Alice let him fuck her with his two fingers and she was doing quite a good job of keeping quiet. Then Sam started to press on her clit with his thumb and Alice let an involuntary moan escape her lips. Sam took the opportunity to kiss her sumptuous lips and pushed his tongue into her mouth, all the while continuing his gorgeous attack on her pussy. Alice came quickly and bit down on Sam’s tongue as she did so, not too hard but enough to let him know she was cumming. His fingers were flooded with her juice and he smiled at her, seeing her face turn a beautiful shade of red. He slowly removed his fingers from her and discretely sniffed them, then licked them clean. His cock was so hard he was sure it was going to rip through his trousers. Luckily they would be home in a few minutes.
When they arrived at Sam’s house, he helped her out of the cab and took her by the hand, leading her to his front door. Now they were alone for the first time that evening, and Sam wanted to make the most of it. He hurriedly opened the door and pulled her inside, pushing her up against the wall and kissing her furiously. She reached down and unfastened his trousers, which fell to the ground, and she pulled his boxer shorts down too. His cock sprang up, it was huge and rock hard and oozing pre-cum.

They moved into the lounge and Sam sat down on the sofa with his legs apart. Alice didn’t need an invitation, she virtually fell to her knees between his legs and immediately took his cock into her mouth. She could taste his salty pre-cum, and knew he was incredibly turned on by everything that had happened already. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, taking just the head in her mouth, looking up at his face so he could see her big blue eyes as she sucked him. He grabbed her dark hair, gently pulling at it, as she took more of his cock into her mouth. She was swirling her tongue around his shaft as she wrapped her lips around it, and the head was bashing the back of her mouth as she sucked. Sam was in heaven. He watched as she fucked his cock with her mouth, tasting him. Alice cupped his balls in her hand and gently squeezed them as she sucked his cock. Sam knew he wouldn’t last long and told her to stop before he came in her mouth. Slowly, teasingly, Alice removed her mouth from his cock, giving it one last suck as she went. Now it was her turn.

They both stood up and Sam moved behind her, finding the zip of her dress and slowly unzipping it. The dress fell to the floor, leaving Alice standing in her sexy underwear and stiletto heels. Sam loved the way she looked in her hold-up stockings: she was his little whore. He removed her cum-soaked French knickers and released her amazing 36C tits from her bra. Sam knelt in front of her, holding her thighs, inhaling her sweet pussy scent. He probed her pussy with his tongue, drinking in her cum. She whimpered as she felt his tongue slide up and down her pussy. He was nibbling her clit now, sucking on it then gently biting it. Alice felt her legs begin to buckle and Sam told her to lie on the rug on the floor. He spread her legs apart and again started to eat her out. Her pussy was already dripping wet and when Sam pushed three fingers deep into it she came again, pushing down on his hand and covering his face in cum.

Sam’s cock grew even harder and he knew he had to fuck her right now. He climbed on top of her and pressed his cock against her pussy, pushing her lips apart and entering her. He shuddered as he felt her hot wet pussy engulfing his cock. Sam fucked her like this for a few minutes, nibbling on her nipples and making her cum again on his cock. As much as he was enjoying it, he pulled out and sat facing her on the rug. He dipped his fingers into her pussy again to get them nice and wet, and after checking that Alice was still OK with everything he began to lightly circle her arsehole with his cum-soaked fingers.

Alice shivered at his touch, it was gentle and felt good. He stroked her hole for a while, letting her get used to this new sensation. He gradually built up the pressure so that his finger was almost past her tight sphincter, and he pushed it in while Alice moaned and tried to relax for him. Once his finger was in, Sam used his other hand to play with her clit. This helped a lot, Alice relaxed much more and Sam could move his finger deeper and slowly fuck her arse with it. She was enjoying it, Sam could tell. He kept playing with her clit as he worked another finger into her tight hole, stretching it wider. Alice’s face contorted and she gritted her teeth through the pain, until it felt good. Sam took his cue from her and when she started to relax he finger-fucked her again with both fingers.

Alice moved her own hand down to her pussy and furiously rubbed her clit until she came hard yet again, which Sam could feel with his fingers in her arse. He decided she was ready for his cock, which was so fucking hard now. Sam turned her over onto her front and got her on all fours with her arse in the air.

Alice was apprehensive about being fucked like this, but she wanted to try it. She so wanted to let him take her in a way she’d never been fucked before, she wanted to know what it felt like to be stuffed full of his big cock. Alice rested her head on her forearms in front of her, legs spread wide, arse in the air, waiting for the invasion. Sam dipped his cock into her pussy a few times, making it wet with her cum. He took some lube and rubbed it into her arse; the cold jelly made her gasp in surprise. He knelt behind her, getting really excited about taking her anal virginity, his cock standing to full attention. Softly he held her hips, resting his cock in between her arse cheeks. She could feel how hot his cock was, she could feel it throbbing in anticipation. He then let go of her hips, steadied himself by resting his hand on her left cheek and used his right hand to guide his cock to her tight hole.

He rubbed his slippery stiff cock around her arsehole, making her moan, and after a few moments of this he started to apply pressure against her tightness. Instinctively Alice tensed up, so Sam reminded her to try and relax and let him in. She relaxed as best as she could while he slowly pushed his long, thick cock inside her arse. Her arse was so tight that it took him over a minute just to get the head of his cock in. He couldn’t help but moan in delight as his cock slowly disappeared in her arse. Once he’d got a few of his nine inches into her hole, he stopped still to let her adjust to this new sensation. Alice was almost crying in pain but she didn’t want him to stop. She was struggling to regulate her breathing and Sam stroked her hair to try and help her relax. After a few minutes of this, Alice was ready for more. Sam gave another push and another inch or so of his cock was inside her. He reached around to her pussy and stroked the nub of her clit lightly.

“Mmmmmmm” was the response from Alice. Sam knew she was starting to enjoy this and advanced his cock further as he played with her clit, until eventually all nine inches were deep inside her.

Alice started to shout “yes, fuck me, I want you to fuck my arse!”.

Of course Sam obliged. He slowly pulled his cock out half way and then firmly pushed back in, making Alice gasp loudly. He kept going like this, faster, until she was crying out repeatedly each time he plunged his cock into her arse. Soon Sam was fucking his girlfriend’s tight arse hard and fast; her arse had stretched enough to take it without causing her pain, and she was even pushing her arse back to meet his cock. Sam knew he couldn’t last much longer, her arse felt too damn good around his cock. He began to slow down to prolong the sensation, causing Alice to complain because she liked it fast and hard.

“Baby I’m going to cum if I keep fucking your arse so hard” he explained, and Alice shouted at him to fill her arse with his hot cum. He quickened his pace again until he was fucking her even faster than before, making her almost scream each time he penetrated her, and within a couple of minutes of this he let out a loud wail himself and she felt his cock suddenly stiffen up inside her as his hot, sticky cum shot into her arse. He grabbed her hips tightly and rammed his cock as deep as he could into her as he came. His orgasm was the most intense he could remember ever having, and lasted a couple of minutes. When he thought it was over, he began to withdraw from her arse, and she cried out as his cock was removed. This is when Sam realised his cock was still rock hard, and still squirting his hot cum! He rested his cock on one of her arse cheeks and watched as it continued to pulsate and shoot his cum onto her soft skin. Alice’s arsehole was still gaping open from the fucking and his cum was oozing out of it.

Alice said nothing, she was too exhausted to speak. Sam handed her her lacy knickers and helped her to put them on so they would catch the cum, and he took her to the bathroom and started to run the shower for them to clean up.

Alice and Sam held each other in the shower, the hot water raining down on them. They tenderly soaped each others’ skin and kissed each other deeply. Alice felt a bit sore but knew that she would be asking for another arse-fucking session soon: Sam had awakened something in her that she couldn’t ignore.


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Fun In My Office


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I have always been a hot woman, hot for sex in any form. Have tried almost everything but wanted to have some exciting, risky sex. Risky in terms of someone catching me and my lover in the act. Fucking someone in public makes me so horny.

With my friend, I remember once he visited my office. It was already after 5 pm, most of the employees had left, but some of the other executives were still around. We talked for a bit and got into sexy conversation that made us both hot and horny for each other. He came around my desk, leaned over and started kissing me, soft kisses then harder and harder, his tongue deep in my mouth. While kissing me he caressed my breasts over my clothes, making me want more and more. I started caressing his hard, bulging cock over his pants, making our kissing more urgent as the pleasure increased.

Without a word, I got up from my chair and bent over my desk, pushing my skirt up and pulling my panties down, offering myself to him. He looked at the closed door and my face must’ve said “I don’t care” because he pulled down his pants, open my ass cheeks, spit on my ass hole, fingered it for a bit to relax it, and gently placed his hard, throbbing cock in my hole. He entered slowly, in and out while I tried not to gasp too loudly with the combination of pain and pleasure. He kept at it, going in, taking it out slightly, then going in deeper until I felt his cock deep inside my ass, his hands caressing both my breasts inside my bra, pounding me harder and harder. After a bit it didn’t hurt, just the pleasure of feeling my ass full of his cock until he came and I felt his hot cum in my ass. It was so erotic, him fucking me, his balls slapping my buttocks, his breath in my neck and the danger of someone walking in on us.

After he was done, I sat on my desk, legs wide open, him on my chair, his face directly across my pussy and he started licking and sucking, using his fingers to penetrate me, while his tongue flicked back and forth, up and down and around, hands on my desk, feeling the intense pleasure until an orgasm exploded between my legs, his tongue still caressing my clit. Oh so good.


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Her Unexpected Pleasure


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After a day of skiing, a dinner filled with great food and company and a few bottles of wine to boot she retired to her bedroom. As she awoke from her fantasy of that tall blonde male friend of her best friend she felt pleasure. Not sure if it was reality or her dream she closed her eyes as she felt the strong hands of a man tickling her between her legs, her pussy wet from the dream then a sudden grab of her breast, she arches her neck and back and feels the lips of a stranger.

Shocked but turned on and still trying to determine if it was just a dream she smiled and enjoyed his tongue and his hands guiding them to her nether regions and demanding that he pleasure her more.

He positions his hard cock between her legs and begins pushing. Within seconds a giant orgasm rocks her body and it demands more. She rolls to her stomach and he climbs on top pounding her from behind. This is a dream like none she has had.

She reaches between her legs and feels his hard cock pounding her more and more – hoping not to be awaken from this dream until he is done. With a giant thrust he pushes harder, she holds his balls as his cock explodes in her. She closes her eyes holding his balls to rest and relive this dream.

As she awakens she feels she is missing something. Her panties are not there and there is a giant wet spot in the bed. Quickly grabbing her yoga pants she heads to the bathroom and opens the door to a tall blonde man, her best friend´s male friend. He smiles…”I hope you enjoyed that … I did” with a smile.


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Hot and Wet!


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I couldn’t believe my luck when my company sent me, my colleague Tony, and two sex-bomb girls, blonde Babs and brunette Lucy to our company headquarters on a graduate induction course, putting us in an expensive hotel in the town for a couple of nights.

The four of us spent the whole of the first day of our course in mind numbing meetings in a stuffy windowless room in our company office. For me, and I guess Tony, the boredom was relieved only by ogling Babs’ and Lucy’s sheer nylon clad legs, the outlines of their asses under their tight business skirts and the curves of their boob clinging blouses. All the time I was hoping no one noticed my suit trousers bulging as I thought of the things I would like to do with them.

After a team dinner, our day of meetings finally ended and a taxi took us back late to our hotel. We all went up to Babs’ room. We unwound drinking beers and watching the hotel TV porn channel. Tony was on the swivel executive chair, I sprawled in the big black wide armed leather armchair, and Babs and Lucy were seated on the big double bed. They had taken their tights off and their legs were folded up treating us to peeps of the gussets of their panties between their bare legs.

“It was so hot in that meeting room,” said Babs. “Boy do I need a shower.”

I was about to stupidly open my mouth and suggest that we’d better leave and let Babs take her shower when Lucy spoke.

“Me too. Can I join you?” The girls looked at each other and grinned, then Lucy continued. “And how about you too, boys? That shower’s big enough for the four of us.”

The shower was like a big walk in wet room partitioned off from the rest of the bath room by a glass panel. “Oooohh!” Cried Babs in mock astonishment. “Lucy! You’ve got a mind like a sewer!” But the grin growing on Babs’ face showed that she had a mind like a sewer too! “I’m up for it! Come on boys!”

Neither Tony or I said anything in reply but the looks on our faces must have told her that we agreed the shower was just right for a foursome too! Babs slid off the bed, stood, fumbled with the clasp and zip of her tight blue pin striped business skirt and let her skirt drop. While she hung her skirt over the back of the swivel chair, bending over to show us her white satin thong, Lucy took her blouse off to display her big breasts nestling in the lace edged cups of her black bra. “Come on boys!” Lucy laughed as she dropped her skirt to show her brief black panties matching her bra. Tony and I quickly followed the girls’ example but the girls were nude first whilst Tony was in his boxers and I was just in my pouch style briefs. The girls stood watching us with big grins, purring with approval and giggling with excitement as we slipped off our undies and showed them a pair of half erect but rapidly rising penises swinging from our hairy balls. Then the four of us stepped into the shower.

Lucy had been right. The walk in shower certainly was big enough for the four of us. Babs turned the control and sensuously warm water cascaded over us. In an instant our naked bodies, Babs’ long blonde hair, Lucy’s neat curls and her dark pubic hair were glistening wet and water was trickling over the girls’ big bouncing breasts and down their cleavage, dripping from their peaking pink nipples and running down Tony’s smooth bronzed six pack and my hairy chest. Tony’s and my cocks swung up hard erect, nearly eighteen inches of erect penis between the two of us! Babs turned her attention to me, and Lucy took on Tony.

“Mmmmmm!” Babs purred as she ran her fingers through my chest hair, standing so close in front of me under the cascading water that her nipples brushed my chest and my penis head prodded her between her belly button and smooth shaven slit, “I love hairy chests!”

But the shower was also deliciously cramped enough that we couldn’t move without our wet naked bodies constantly brushing and pressing against each other. The head of my hard up cock poked and slid across Babs’ and Lucy’s soft wet bottoms and up the wet valleys between their bum cheeks, over their thighs, their fronts just below their belly buttons and through Lucy’s soft wet bush. Babs’ and Lucy’s breasts brushed against my hairy chest, my arms and my back, and against each other’s naked breasts. I couldn’t help noticing how the girls enjoyed it when their breasts rubbed together! As you’d expect, my hands roamed over two smooth round female bottoms and two pairs of breasts, over female thighs, through Lucy’s wet bush and over Babs’ smooth sex mound, and between female thighs from the front and from behind, while female hands roamed over my chest, my backside and my straining sex kit!

Also as Tony and I unavoidably brushed and pressed against each other, our stiff penises collided and our shafts and penis heads rubbed together each other in brief “sword fights.” I must admit I found the experience of Tony’s stiff penis against mine extremely erotic! Memories came back to me of my days at boys school, naked with other boys in the communal showers after sports. Getting an erection had been taboo, but inevitably one boy got one and seeing it every boy’s including mine would be up hard and soon there’d be a forest of erections sticking up from our bushes of young pubic hair, and in those showers crammed full of naked boys “accidental” contacts between hard up penises were surprisingly common!

I spent ages soaping and lathering Babs. I’d wanted a good long feel of her delicious big round bouncers for ages. She leaned back against the glass wall thrusting her big soft breasts up and out for my hands to soap them and then for my tongue to lick the suds off. She bent over with her legs wide and her glistening wet smooth bottom toward me for me to slide my hand between her spread thighs to soap her bottom, her bum crack, her pussy and the backs of her thighs. She stood with her legs wide for me to lather her mile long legs and her smooth shaven sex mound before I crouched down in front of her to lick the suds off her vagina lips. I made sure I got the tip of my tongue between her lips. Babs’ hips trembled, she thrust her pussy forward against my face, and above the sound of the shower I heard her cry out, telling me my tongue was doing a thorough job!

Babs gave me just the same treatment! I stood leaning back against the shower wall thrusting my penis forward, and Babs squatted down in front of me. Before she licked the soap off my hairy balls and my by now almost vertically erect penis she flicked my so sensitive shaft and knob with her nipples. I nearly jerked over her boobs there and then! As well as licking every trace of soap off my shaft and balls, she took the lust swollen, so sensitive head of my cock into her mouth, sucked it and massaged it with her tongue. I was straining for all I was worth not to jerk my load into her mouth, sure that there would be more and better to come. Finally Babs’ lips slid off my knob, leaving my cock rock hard on the brink of squirting its load, and she stood there with the water running down her glistening wet naked body.

Tony and Lucy had been up to much the same as Babs and me, and Tony was bending over with his hands against the glass wall with his legs wide, water cascading over his bum, and with Lucy standing behind him with her hand between his spread legs stroking his arse and fondling his balls and shaft from behind. His cock looked every bit as rock hard erect as mine.

“These boys’ cocks look stiff enough to snap,” Babs laughed. “I’m sure I can hear them creaking. I think we need to do something about it. Don’t you too Lucy?”

Without waiting for Lucy’s reply, Babs took me by the hand and led me out of the wet room. “You’ve always fancied my tits, haven’t you?” Babs said with a mischievous smile. Babs hadn’t missed my lustful looks at her tight tops and blouses and the way my hands had hungrily explored her boobs in the shower. I’d had my eyes on Babs’ big round melons from the day I first cast eyes on her, and I’d masturbated enough times imagining them. “Do you want to fuck me between them?” she continued. The toilet was nearby, and again without waiting my reply Babs sat on it, spread her legs, leaned back and held her big melons up squeezed together. She’d taken one of the little bottles of moisturising cream from the shelf on the wall of the wet room and she poured it into her cleavage.

I moved in ready to slide my straining shaft between Babs’ boobs, but before I tit-fucked her there was time for more foreplay. Babs’ nipples were up with arousal, sticking out like little deep pink corks and well lubed with the cream. She gasped with pleasure as I crouched down and licked her nipples, flicked them with my thumbs, then stood and tickled them and circled them with the head of my penis.

I heard a grunt to the side of me and looking through the glass wall I saw Tony standing with his bum pressed back against the glass, shoving his erect cock forward, with Lucy kneeling in front of him. His cock was almost touching her lips. She was tickling him between his spread legs and over his balls with her fingers and her tongue was darting out to flick the big round head of his penis. Every time she licked his knob Tony grunted and juddered. Having teased him, Lucy’s lips slid slowly over Tony’s knob and down the length of his shaft till her nose was touching his pubic hair, then she took hold of his thighs and began to methodically slide her lips up and down Tony’s shaft.

I left Tony to get it from Lucy and I got in position for mine! I stood between Babs’ legs and slid my shaft up between her breasts as she squeezed them together until the head of my penis stuck out of her cleavage. Babs reached under her breasts and tickled my balls with her fingertip and bent her head down and treated my knob to an exquisite lick and suck. I had a quick glance at Tony and Lucy. Lucy’s pendulous breasts were swinging with the rhythm of her body rocking as her lips slid full length up and down Tony’s shaft. As her lips pleasured his shaft her fingers tickled his balls and her cheeks dimpled as she sucked him. Tony was running his fingers over Lucy’s bare shoulders and through her wet hair.
I treated my hungry cock to long rhythmic full length thrusts of my shaft between Babs’ cream lubed breasts, with the pink-purple tip of my penis peeping out between her boobs at the top of each stroke. My hairy belly was rubbing against Babs’ taut aroused nipples with each thrust as I tit-fucked her. I well knew that when girls are really aroused they can come to orgasm just by stimulating their nipples, and my belly was certainly doing that for Babs! She was soon panting, gasping, moaning and quivering with hot arousal. Babs’ tight warm cleavage felt just like a girl’s vagina, and after what felt like ages of sex pleasure my steel hard penis sliding up and down squeezed between her soft, smooth well lubed breasts my cum jerked its load between her boobs. I pushed Babs backward with my last thrust, my knob slid up till my knob was poking high up above her breasts, and my semen fountained over her face and hair. In her excitement Babs’ arms slid round me and she gripped my backside to pull me hard against her soft breasts.

Lucy and Tony were still going but I could see Tony was close to coming. His face was twisted as if in agony, his entire body was tensed and he was gripping Lucy’s shoulders as her lips continued sliding up and down his rod. I watched till he thrust his hips forward and pulled Lucy’s head against his belly if he was trying to ram his cock as far down Lucy’s throat. He gave that strangled grunt every guy gives when his semen spurts, then nearly pushed Lucy over as his hips thrust and his body juddered in his orgasm.

After a final dip under the shower to wash my semen off Babs’ boobs and where my and Tony’s semen had run down our thighs the four of us came out of the wet room and flopped naked onto Babs’ bed. Like the evening before we drank cold beers from the minibar, watched the hotel TV’s porn channel and romped and fondled with the girls on the beds. My cock was aching hard again and Tony’s looked as hard up as a guys cock can get. Lucy whispered something in Tony’s ear, Tony grinned, then Tony and Lucy put on just enough clothes to be decent and left Babs and me.

The door was scarcely closed behind them before I was gently nudging Babs onto her back on the bed and easing her legs apart. I was frantic to mount her and get my cock up her. But she squirmed out from under me.

“Bed’s boring!” Babs said with a laugh.”Let’s try something different!”

In a moment Babs was on the big wide armed black leather armchair, with a knee on each of its wide arms, her bottom toward me smooth and gleaming under the light, and her smooth shaven pussy bulging out beneath her bum cheeks with her pink labia glistening with sex juice. She looked at me over the long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and her fingers peeped out between her legs as she reached down to play with her pussy and to run a fingertip smoothly along the lips of her slit.

“Please … like this.” She said softly.

That certainly looked more interesting than bed! I stood behind Babs and began to play with her, caressing the backs and insides of her wide spread thighs, stroking her bum cheeks and tickling her along her bum crack, getting close enough that the head of my hard up cock brushed against her legs. My hand slowly worked its way closer and closer to her vagina, and while it crept toward her cunt Babs smoothly masturbated her pussy. She was soon hot and wild and when my fingers first touched her juice soaked labia she cried out and quivered with excitement. I stroked her vagina lips and circled her clit with a fingertip to take her to the brink of orgasm. It didn’t take me long to get her trembling and whimpering with arousal and sex pleasure.

Then it was my turn! I took hold of her spread thighs and teased her by prodding and nuzzling her arousal swollen labia with my knob before I slid in full length so my bush of pubes brushed against her mound. I felt her vagina muscles squeeze around my shaft every bit as tight and smooth as her breasts had been. I held her thighs tightly and gave her vagina full length rhythmic thrusts, and watched her bare back and golden hair rock with the rhythm of my thrusting penis as my hips pat-patted and rubbed against her big soft bum. She climaxed quickly but I held her tight and kept going inside her pulsing vagina as her back arched and she involuntarily thrust her hips in the pulses of her orgasm. She was whimpering with the pleasure of her afterglow as my own cum began to rise. In my orgasm thrust as I filled her with semen I rammed my belly against her soft buttocks so hard I shoved her up the armchair. I stood there for a brief while holding her bum against my hips before I stepped back. Babs stayed in position with her knees on the arms of the chair.

“Oooooohhh! That was so good!” she gasped, and she reached down between her legs to clutch her pussy, while my semen mixed with her juice trickled down the insides of her thighs. We flopped on the bed for one last beer together and to watch the rest of the porn movie. Then regardless of the early start planned for the next day Babs and I settled down for a busy night in Babs’ big double bed!


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