An Affair With A Submissive Connecticut Wife


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Author’s info: Gender: male

For the third time since I started my workout I heard the door open and someone come in. As I was between sets I looked up and this time I was pleasantly surprised. The first time had been a young couple who looked as if anything more complicated then a stationary bike would be beyond their ability. The second time was a teenaged boy who watched me exercise for a minute before leaving.

This time however a very attractive lady who appeared to be in her late thirties had entered the hotel fitness center. She scanned the room once she was inside but she looked ready to go. She was wearing a pair of blue snug fitting sweat pants with the word PINK emblazoned on her round, full posterior. She also had on a black scoop neck tank top and cross training shoes. Her outfit was completed by a pearl necklace around her slender neck and a gold ring with a large rock on her left hand.

She seemed to me to be the type of lady who would be at home at a country club or other wasp-ish enclave. From her pale good looks to her short blond hair styled in a bob cut and her perfectly manicured nails she looked as if she was born into money or perhaps married it.

I smiled at her and said “Good morning” in a low tone as I filled my water bottle from the cooler before resuming my exercise. She returned my greeting, flashing her pearly whites in a dazzling smile directed at me. As I resumed doing bench presses on the universal the woman began to stretch her leg muscles, first doing some standing quadriceps stretches. As she did these her back was towards me and as she pulled on her ankle it highlighted the shape of her leg and butt. It distracted me enough that I actually lost count of my reps.

Because the walls of the room were mirrored I realized that the woman could tell that I was admiring her body and in fact as I looked at her reflection I actually saw her wink at me. Rising from the seat I removed a towel from a pile of them and wiped my brow before asking her a question.

“Since I’m up would you like some water or a towel?”

“That’s very thoughtful of you. Yes I could do with both please.”

First I lifted another towel before filling a plastic cup with water which I brought to her. She took the towel and draped it over her shoulder before taking the cup. When she did her fingers lightly brushed against mine giving me a jolt that I felt all the way to my groin.

“Thank you. By the way my name is Payton” she said as she extended her hand daintily in my direction.

“A pleasure Payton, I’m Rob” I replied as I took her hand.

“Umm, pardon me for saying so but it’s not hard to pleasure you it seems” she said with a twinkle in her grayish eyes. “I on the other hand can be hard to please though it is very worthwhile if you succeed.”

My jaw dropped from her innuendo and I was so flabbergasted that I couldn’t think of anything to answer what she’d said so I reluctantly released her hand and resumed my seat. If I thought her last stretch was distracting what she now did totally threw me off my game. Payton lay on the floor mat no more than two feet away with her feet pointed straight in my direction as she stretched her hamstrings. With one leg bent at the knee and her foot on the floor she lifted her other leg to her chest.

As my eyes were helplessly drawn to the nexus of her thighs I was shocked as I realized that Payton couldn’t be wearing panties because a prominent camel toe clearly showed. She smiled as she saw the look I must have made when I discovered this.

“Rob I hope me being here isn’t distracting you too badly” she said smiling wickedly.

“To be honest you are very distracting Payton and not only do you know it I believe you enjoy it immensely.”

She laughed throatily to my response as she switched the position of her legs and as she did she spread them a little further apart. That was more than I could take at the moment as my blood was flowing to a part of my body that I wasn’t exercising and in my position I knew would clearly show to Payton. Standing I quickly turned so as not to reveal my growing erection and pretended to study another piece of equipment.
When I had deflated somewhat I started to work on my triceps as that way I wouldn’t be facing her.

“Are you in the city for long?” she asked me.

“Just here for a long weekend” I truthfully told her.

“And your wife isn’t interested in working out?” she asked as she had obviously noticed my wedding ring.

“No shopping is more her idea of exercise. She and her mother will get in a good session today with all the boutiques.”

“We’re in town so that our son can acclimate himself as he’ll be attending university here this fall. Of course he and my husband are golfing today. I’ll be lucky if I see them before dinner the way they play and they think nothing of leaving me all alone.”

There was no way I could respond to that opening she had left me unless I was looking for trouble and I was already tempted as it was. I just made a hmm sound as I continued my workout when Payton spoke to me again.

“Rob I hope you don’t mind but its plain to see you’re in great shape and know your way around a gym so I was wondering if I could ask you for some advice.”

“I’ll be glad to help if I can Payton but you look to be pretty fit yourself.”

“I’m not in horrible shape but my regimen is mostly tennis and walking so my practical knowledge isn’t great. There are a couple of exercises I want to do but I’m not sure if I’m doing them right and maintaining proper form.”

“No problem, the best thing to do is try them where I can see how you do and correct you if I see something wrong” I said as I stood near her.

“Thanks, would you mind helping me up?” she asked while extending a hand.

Reluctantly I reached down and helped her to her feet but she waited longer than necessary before letting go of my hand. Then as she made her way to the universal her thigh brushed against me even though there was plenty of space. Payton attached a collar with Velcro fastening and a D-clamp to her ankle and connected the D-clamp to the low pulley before turning to me.

“I’ve been trying to firm up my backside as now I’m getting older and I don’t want to fall apart but I don’t think I’m doing it right Rob.”

Facing the pulley she moved her leg back in a straight line and when she finished she turned to me. Watching her technique I hadn’t noticed any flaws in her approach.

“That’s how I do it but I’m not feeling it in my butt so I must be doing something wrong” she said.

“Try this Payton, use the leg that isn’t connected to the pulley and slowly go through a full range of motion and squeeze your gluteus muscle the whole time” I told her as I came closer and crouched down by her side.

She swung her leg back slowly all the way, paused and returned her leg to its starting position.

“How was that?” I asked.

“Much better thanks.”

“Try it with the other leg Payton.”

When she brought her leg back I placed my palm against her buttock and felt its contraction. Payton sighed as I felt her quivering flesh with my fingers. As her leg paused my hand slipped around to the front and ran toward her delta and as I did she actually whimpered. My fingers ran over her covered, plump pussy lips with the edge of my hand sliding between them. Payton brought her leg back to its starting position as my free hand worked its way up her leg. Unable to resist I buried my face against her taut ass, my lips brushing the material.

“Rob I told you I was a married woman” she gasped out.

“Yes you did.”

I stood and pressed my body against hers and as I did my fingers continued teasing Payton’s pussy while my lips felt her hair against them as they searched for her neck. As soon as my lips found it they nuzzled against it making her lean into me. My other hand took Payton by the head and turned her my way and I brought my mouth to hers. I kissed her hard and when I did her soft lips parted involuntarily allowing my tongue to dart inside. Payton seemed to melt into me but a moment later she broke our kiss by taking a step backwards though I managed to move my right hand with her keeping it rubbing against her mound.

All of a sudden Payton slapped me right across my face. It wasn’t very hard but for a moment I wondered if I had been wrong. However when I looked in her eyes I saw my answer. My fingers continued teasing Payton and as I again closed the distance between us my left hand grasped her right wrist and pulled it behind her back.

“You brute” she managed to get out before I kissed her again.

Payton eagerly responded to my kiss and her free hand soon found its way to my short dark hair where it stroked away. I brought my hand up and slipped it underneath Payton’s sweats where it slid down to her sweet treat. On the way I encountered no hair as she must be clean shaven down there. She was soaked and my finger easily went inside her tight opening sliding in all the way. At that moment we heard the door opening.

“I’ll never get over the look on that poor kid’s face” Payton said about the hotel worker who had walked in on us as we scrambled to disentangle ourselves. We were now on a hotel elevator when the car stopped on the seventh floor and the door opened.

“This is my floor” I said as I stepped off and the door closed between us.

I watched the door open and saw Payton standing there dressed in the sweatpants she had been wearing but her tank top was gone and she only had on a flimsy bra and her feet were bare. She held the door open as I strode in and closed it behind me and kind of leaned into the door.

“Here I am a helpless woman left alone by my husband and a strange man has barged into my hotel room. Oh whatever should I do?”

I actually had to fight from laughing from that bit from Payton but I managed to keep a straight face through it. My hands pushed my workout pants down to my knees along with my boxers and I stood with my rampant erection freed from its captivity.

“What I think you should do Payton is get on your knees and suck my hard dick” I told her in no uncertain terms.

She sank down to the hotel carpet and knelt in front of me and then reached her hand out and wrapped it around my swollen shaft. Her head tilted up and she looked me straight in my eye before she brought her mouth to it. Her red lips parted wide enough that she took the tip between them and also ran her tongue against it so I could see.

“You mean like that” she answered as she pulled her head back a trifle “ but it’s so thick I don’t know how much I can take.”

Grabbing her head I forced it back in her mouth but I pushed it much deeper. When she tried to pull her head back I held it in place.

“Let me amend what I said. What you should do is kneel there while I face fuck you and of course assist as you are able.”

With that I started to jam my thick erection as far as she could take without choking her. Payton’s hands now held my legs as I thrust back and forth into her pretty mouth. More than a little saliva escaped as I was as rough to her as I could be. I’d seen in her eyes a look familiar to me and that I knew well. Payton liked to, no, craved to be shown who was boss and luckily for me for this morning I would be the one.

“Payton stop wasting time and take off your bra” I barked at her.

Immediately she reached a hand back and unclasped her bra and slid it off to reveal her pert breasts. With what her mouth was doing to me at the moment I wasn’t about to stop Payton but I knew before long I would lavish all the attention that those two tits deserved. They were certainly more than a mouthful but were small enough that they didn’t really need a bra to keep them high on her chest with no sagging at all. The nipples were marble sized and proudly erect on the quarter sized areolas.

My cock continued to go to the back of her mouth but it seemed to me that it would never fit down her throat. More than once she gagged but I pressed on as we both enjoyed what was happening. On one occasion she gasped and had to pull her mouth off me and after she did Payton ran her slim fingers along my shaft which was slick from her spit.

“It’s so big and hard, does it always get like this Rob?”

“It has been like that since you teased me in the fitness center Payton.”

“You mean little ol’ me caused this?”

“Yes and I’ve been meaning to punish you for being so naughty.”

On hearing the word punish a gleam appeared in Payton’s gray eyes that decided my course for me. I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to her feet before leading her to the large bed that dominated the room. First I sat at the edge then I pulled her over my lap with the word PINK facing me printed on her firm ass. My hand yanked her sweats down revealing her smooth cheeks. Before I could proceed I had to touch, feel, squeeze and caress those beautiful butt cheeks. Once I got my initial fill of playing with them I was able to move on. My fingers forced Payton’s thighs apart enough that they could touch her wet little pussy and she trembled as I grazed her lips.

They slid across the wet slit a few times building the anticipation until I pushed two fingers up her slippery snatch making her squirm. As Payton writhed from the feeling I suddenly brought my free hand down hard on her perfectly shaped tush causing a gasp to escape her mouth. Relentlessly I spanked her making sure to equally distribute my blows so no area received more than another. The whole time I did this my fingers continued plunging deep in her tight, wet pussy with an occasional rub of her clit from my thumb.

From the sound of her increasingly ragged breathing I figured that she was getting close so while I continued with her chastisement I buried my fingers in her welcoming hole and wiggled them about so my thumb could maintain constant contact with her hard, little nub. After a short amount of vigorous rubbing Payton gasped and I felt her cunt clamp tight on my fingers as her thighs also contracted from the force of her climax. I relented my spanking as she reached orgasmic heights and drifted back to earth.

Payton turned her head sideways so I could see her lovely face in its bliss, her eyes narrowed and her lips curled into a half smile. I withdrew my fingers from her and brought them to her lips and without prompting she sucked on them removing all traces of her internal juices. After I removed them she licked her lips as if she had enjoyed her own womanly taste.

“That’s enough rest Payton. Now I want you to get on the bed on your hands and knees with your ass sticking out by the edge.”

As she speedily complied I undressed myself and moved behind her. Her juicy cunt looked so good and I wanted nothing more than to ram my erection deep in her but I decided to taste Payton first. My body crouched so that my face was level with her ass and pussy and I ran my tongue from her juicy opening between her wet lips and beyond until I reached her puckered back opening. When my tongue touched her anus Payton shuddered and pushed back slightly.

Shaking my head I realized here was another area I had to explore with her. My tongue began making little circular movements as it zeroed in there and she moaned in appreciation of the attention. I alternated licking her sweet slit with her tangy hole until I was unable to wait any more. My hands grasped Payton by her hips and I rolled her onto her back where I saw her pussy for the first time from that angle, all bald and soaked. There was no time to pause and enjoy the view however and as soon as she was on her back I placed my thickness to her lips and drove forward.

My need was great by this time and I dispensed with any niceties but instead forced my cock as deep as Payton could take it. Her legs I grabbed by the knees and I pushed them to her chest while pounding her pussy hard. I made no attempt to be subtle or to last long, I just wanted the relief my balls were demanding. My hips moved as fast as they could, driving my dick in and out of her clinging pussy.

It didn’t take long before I felt the familiar, welcome feeling growing and with one final deep thrust I felt my release begin. As swiftly as I could I pulled out of Payton and climbed onto the bed and straddled her as my cum started to shoot from me. The first shot sailed wide and far of her but my second I managed to aim so that it hit her cheek flush. Further spurts landed on her before Payton grasped me while tilting her head enough that she could lick my overly sensitive head. Now it was my turn to squirm as she took me into her hot mouth. When she realized that I was done cumming she released me after giving my head one more lick.

“You are a talented little cock sucking slut, aren’t you Payton?” I said while grinning at her.

She just shrugged in reply to my observation but her smile was bigger than mine. As I moved off her I took the opportunity to taste her cute little nipples, sucking and nipping each in turn which she seemed to greatly enjoy. That reminded me of something I had brought from my room so I retrieved my workout pants and slipped my hands into the pocket removing two items. In my hand I held two mini hair clips that could hold a small braid or strand of hair. With a smile I opened one and clamped it on Payton’s nipple and I repeated the procedure with the other.

“Do you like how they feel on your cute nipples Payton?”

She just nodded yes and I saw the mixture of pain and pleasure they brought to her face. She was a wild one, no doubt about that.

“Now get back on your hands and knees for round two.”

As soon as she was in position I gave her ass one hard swat before again drving my prick to her pink depths making her shudder. One hand grabbed her hip and I pulled her back with it as I pushed forward with my pelvis for a satisfying motion. My other hand worked its way to her lips where she eagerly sucked my fingers. Once they were good and wet I pulled them back and started to tickle her anus with my index finger. Payton visibly trembled as I teased her back hole and when I pushed my fingertip in her ass while continuing filling her pussy with my shaft she appeared to have a mini orgasm.

My finger slid in deeper as I probed her backdoor and once I was all the way in I began to push a second finger in as well.

“Oh yes please don’t stop” she pleaded with me as if there was any chance I would but by this time I had lost any control I had as well.

Once I’d built up a good rhythm finger fucking her tight ass I pulled out of her front entrance with my swollen prick and also removed my fingers from her butt as well.

“Payton I plan on fucking your tight ass with my thick cock. What do you think of that?”

“It’s so big, I’ve never had one so big back there but I’m ready for it I think.”

I spit right on her hole then I pressed my head to it and started to push against her but it was tough going to enter her.

“Payton your hole is so small I’m having a problem fitting in. Grab hold of my cock and hold it steady while I work it in.”

She reached back between her legs and her fingers encircled my girth and placed it right at the entrance as my hands held her hips. When I pushed forward again her hand held me steady and the head battered its way past her ring and inside her. Payton moaned loudly from a combination of pain and desire as my shaft drilled deeper. I only managed to get halfway inside her when I paused to give her time to adjust while also preventing me from losing it and going crazy too fast.

After a minute I started to move again by first sliding back a few inches and then forward. Slowly she opened up as her tight channel stretched to this invasion. For a minute I slowly moved in her and managed to get a bit deeper but an idea came to me. With one smooth movement I slid out of Payton’s ass, grabbed my prick and pushed it back into her pussy and began to fuck her hard. My unexpected assault made her cry out as I sank deep into her wet pussy. It almost seemed as if her canal was tighter as if it was competing with her back channel to please me but either way I was the winner.

Our flesh slapped together creating a song of desire and lust as we again built up a good rhythm but before I could push myself too far I withdrew causing Payton to moan with disappointment. Before she could even finish I was again working my way into her backdoor and with her pussy juice as added lubrication I sank all the way into her back passage.

My hands guided her hips back and forth as she swallowed then released my hardness repeatedly. We continued like this until I realized I might be getting close so I again pulled from her. This time I waited a little before again sliding deep in her sweet pussy. Again we built up to a good pace before one more time I withdrew. This time I climbed onto the bed and crouched behind Payton and once more worked deep into her ass.

The fingers of one hand clasped her hair and pulled her head up while I also steadied myself by leaning the other hand on Payton’s back. This time I pounded her as fast as I was able to sinking all the way in so my balls slapped her ass before I would pull halfway out. She was making little grunts as I bottomed out in her ass repeatedly and I was delirious from pleasure.

Knowing how close I was to cumming I increased my speed more and with a loud grunt my cock spewed deep up Payton’s guts. It was quite intense and I collapsed on top of her so that we were both sprawled on the mattress spent and gasping for breath.

The next evening while having a fine dinner with my wife and mother-in-law in the hotel restaurant I noticed the hostess seating Payton and her family. Her son was a fine looking young man whose features definitely came from his mother while her husband seemed to be a somewhat bland, grayish man who appeared to be best described as a wet blanket. After our main course was brought out I excused myself from the table to use the rest room.

As I passed her table I managed to catch her eye with a sidelong glance as her son and husband talked. No sooner had I reached the entrance to the men’s room when Payton appeared right behind me. She was wearing a little black dress and looked incredibly sexy to me. Opening the door I seized her arm and guided her in before me. Luckily there was no one in there so I led her to a stall and pushed her in and followed closing the door behind us. I was unzipping myself with one hand as I lifted up her dress with the other. Payton wasted no time in pulling down her silk panties to mid-thigh.

“Are you wet?” I asked her and she nodded yes.

I pushed her so that she was bent over the bowl and drove my prick home. Payton bit on her hand to muffle her noises as I rapidly worked in and out of her. Knowing that I couldn’t take long I went hard as soon as she loosened up a little. My finger found her clit and I stroked it rapidly in time to my thrusts. Just knowing anyone including her husband could walk in turned me on unbelievably and as soon as I felt her tense my cock swelled and started emptying my cum in her pussy. Her muscles clamped on me tighter milking every last drop from me.

Once I was done I pulled out and wiped my dick off with some tp before zipping up. Without looking back I opened the stall and headed out. I heard her words before I left the bathroom.

“Rob I gave you my number yesterday so remember to call me if you’re ever back in Connecticut some time.”



God is a Slut Chapter 2: Rachel’s Darkest Fantasy


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This is the second chapter of the “God is a Slut” series, where God and Lucifer (Lucy) gamble with a pure girl’s soul. I use multiple first-person perspectives, which are marked with CAPITAL NAMES.


“Today, Rachel, we begin the second test.” I said to the mortal, “I just need you to lie on your back and relax.”

We were in a therapist’s office, with cream colored walls, brown carpeting and windows that looked out onto a hellish cityscape below us. I was dressed in a white dress shirt, with a black skirt, black high heels and rectangular glasses. I enjoyed playing the part of the therapist, and was fully committed to the role, though, I did unbutton my shirt low enough to reveal my ample, red cleavage. God was dressed in her usual silk dress with the plunging neckline, and had her golden hair done up in a crowning braid that wrapped around her head, with the rest of her locks flowing freely down her shoulders. Rachel was still in her oversized sweatshirt and jeans, still desperately trying to conceal the curvaceous body she possessed. She had resisted the temptations of the succubi admirably, but this test was a different animal.

Rachel nervously rested her head back on the couch, and God gave her a reassuring smile and squeezed the mortal’s hand.

“I’m going to ask you some questions,” I said to Rachel, “and I want you to answer them honestly. Remember: it is a sin to lie, and God is right there.”

“OK Lucy,” Rachel said, her voice wavering slightly, “I’m ready.”

“Perfect.” I smiled, crossing my legs in a professional manner, “My first question is: when did you first start noticing changes in your body?”

“When I was twelve,” the college freshman said, “I had my first period.”

“And it was around this time that you began to see boys in a different light?” I asked.

“Yes.” Rachel responded.

“And if you can remember, when was the first time you masturbated?” I asked, looking up at her from behind my glasses.

“Uuuuumm” Rachel said, entwining her fingers together nervously, “I think it was when I was fifteen.”

“Wow,” God said, “you held out for a long time.”

“It’s a sin to indulge in your own flesh,” Rachel responded, “forgive me.”

“There’s nothing to forgive, sweetheart.” God smiled warmly.

“And did you use pornography as an aid, or were you using your imagination?” I asked Rachel, writing nonsense on the clipboard in my lap to keep up the appearance of professionalism.

“I used my imagination.” Rachel said, “Pornography is sinful.”

“It is?” God laughed, “Where in the bible does it say that? I watch porn all the time, Rachel. You humans are so…creative; I get all my new ideas from it.”

“I know you’re still testing me, my lord.” Rachel smiled, “Rest assured, my will is strong.”

“Moving on…” I said as God gave me satisfied smirk. It seemed no matter what God did or said, Rachel would still believe it was an act to test her faith, which meant God had carte blanche to be the shameless slut she truly was, without worry of swaying Rachel to my side. This little bitch was tough, but this test would surely break her.

“What were you imagining during your masturbation?” I asked Rachel.

“I don’t remember,” Rachel said honestly, “it was a long time ago.”

“Justin Bieber, One Direction,” I listed off the typical heart throbs of early teens, “the athletic kids at school, the bad boys, the druggies, the theatre kids…”

“No,” Rachel said, “I don’t think so.”

“Hmmmm,” I pondered, “well, it was a long time ago, so it’s likely you can’t remember it off hand. I’m going to put you in a hypnotic trance, and we’ll extract the memory from there.”

“Why are you so interested?” Rachel asked.

“You’re first sexual fantasy is the origin of your sexuality,” I explained, “your preferences may change, but everything expands outward from that first dirty thought. After I find that little bit of teenage depravity, I can move deeper until I discover your darkest fantasy.”

“My darkest fantasy?” Rachel asked, “How will this play-out in the test?”

“I am going to make it a reality,” I smirked, “and if you still want to hang out with God’s boring ass afterward, then you pass the test. Now, I need you to just relax, Rachel, just lie back, and don’t think about anything.”

I got up from my chair and pulled the pendulum from my pocket. I had the ability to put anyone in a trance with just a touch of my hand, but I was a slave to theatrics, and I’d seen too many movies where hypnosis therapy worked not to try it. I let the pendulum sway back and forth across Rachel’s eyes. She stared blankly at the pendulum, and I grew frustrated with the lack of hypnosis, and pushed her mind from consciousness with a touch of my hand instead.

“Now that she’s knocked out,” God whispered, “we can do whatever we want to her…let’s draw a dick on her face.”

“You’re mature,” I smiled, “I suppose you’d blame it on me once she found out.”

“And she’d believe every word.” God sniggered.

“Let’s find out what kind of dirty things fifteen-year-old Rachel was thinking about.” I said quietly as I leaned down to Rachel’s face.

“She’s so pure and innocent,” God whispered, “I bet it was something like holding hands with a boy in choir.”

“I’m not so sure,” I smiled, “the bible-thumpers often have some perverse fantasies. That’s what happens when you repress sexuality for so long.”

“We’ll see.” God said confidently, “Go on, ask her.”

“Rachel,” I whispered to the entranced girl, “who were you thinking about the first time you touched yourself?”

“Brian.” The entranced Rachel whispered.

“Oh fuck….” God said. I looked up at her and saw the worry in her face. Whoever Brian was, God definitely didn’t want Rachel to be thinking about him.

“And who is Brian?” I asked, smirking at God.

“My brother.”

I bit the inside of my cheeks to keep from bursting out in laughter. God stared down at Rachel, completely mortified.

Her brother?!” I hissed between fits of laughter, “Your perfect little human wants to fuck her brother?!

“She was young and confused!” God insisted through hushed whispers, “It’s like you said: sexual repression leads to weird fantasies; she’s probably over it by now!”

“Rachel,” I whispered, trying to hold it together, “Do you still touch yourself and think about Brian?”

“Yes.” She said whispered.

“Is Brian your darkest fantasy?”

“Yesssss.” She hissed, a small amount of arousal in her voice.

“Lucy,” God said, “don’t do it.”

“Oh, I’m doing it.” I smiled, “We haven’t had a good old fashioned incest fantasy for a loooong time.”

“Lucy, c’mon, the poor girl’s going to be scarred for life.”

“It’s so perverse,” I sneered, “so wrong. Fulfilling a fantasy like this just…burns a spot in the soul. After Rachel gets a taste of her brother, she’s going be begging to join me.”

God didn’t really give a shit that Rachel wanted to fuck her brother; the omnipotent slut often acted out incest fantasies herself. What God was really scared of, was that I was right. Rachel knew her fantasy was depraved, but I was going to make her fulfill it anyway, and once she dabbled in her darker side, she’d turn away from the bullshit path of virtue and have fun with me instead. And the debt God would owe me…let’s just say our lord and savior wasn’t going to be walking right for months. I smirked at God and disappeared in a flash of smoke. It was time to find Brian.


Ramstein played in the background as I packed a bowl of ground bud. I searched my pockets for my lighter and sighed when I realized I’d lost both it, and my cigarettes at the costume party last night. I was bound to have another lighter lying around my apartment somewhere, so I pushed away textbooks and piles of overdo papers looking for one.

“Need a light?” a sultry female voice asked from behind me.

Did I take home a girl last night? I thought, God, I hope it wasn’t Allison again, every time I get too drunk, Allison just swoops in like a fucking vulture.

“Allison, look,” I said as I turned around, “I don’t know what I said to you last night, but-”

This woman was not Allison. This woman was wearing a perfect devil’s cosplay outfit; her skin painted deep red from head to toe, her eyes decorated with golden contacts, her full lips covered in a sheen of black lipstick, and a pair of prosthetic horns protruding from a thick mane of straight black hair. She had a body like I’d never seen curving beneath a…secretary’s outfit? That part was confusing. Either way, I must have hit that last night and been too drunk to remember.

“I’m sorry,” I said, laughing and shaking my head, “I don’t remember your name.”

“Lucy.” she smiled.

“Lucy,” I laughed, “holy shit, you are way out of my league. I don’t know what my blacked-out self said to convince you to sleep with me, but-”

“We didn’t have sex, Brian,” Lucy laughed, “but I’m down for some later if you do me favor.”

“Sure!” I said, a little too eagerly. I must have passed-out before I could seal the deal last night, but Lucy seemed more than willing to give me a second chance. If she needed her laundry picked up or something, I could do her that favor. Shit, I’d damn near do anything to get it in.

“I’m actually a friend of your sister’s,” Lucy said as she sat down on my couch, “and she’s in a rough place right now.”

“I didn’t know Rachel had any friends,” I said, tactfully sitting down next to Lucy, “she’s always calling me from ASU and telling me how lonely she is. Do you go to ASU?”

“I’m done with school, actually,” Lucy said, “can I smoke in here?”


Lucy took out a pack of Marlboro Reds, which surprised me. Most girls who smoke, don’t smoke something that harsh. Lucy was a bad, bad little devil; I was betting on anal. She flicked her thumb up and a flame shot from the tip. I raised my eyebrows at her cool party trick.

“You’ve got to show me how you do that,” I said, “do you keep a match in your palm or something?”

“I can summon the flame of hell-fire at will.” Lucy smiled. It was a little weird that she was staying in character after the party, but I didn’t give a shit. She could extinguish that square on balls if it meant she’d lick them.

“You were talking about Rachel?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Lucy said, blowing out a smoky shape of a woman bending over (how fucking cool was that?), “Rachel is in hell and needs you to have sex with her.”

“What?!” I yelled. Why is it that the hot ones I bring home are always fucking crazy? This is Allison all over again.

“Your sister, Rachel, is in hell with God, in my therapist’s office, waiting for me to bring you over to have sex with her.” Lucy said in a very matter-of-fact way. This bitch was hot, but not hot enough to ignore the red flags flying from every post of my mind.

“Ooooookkkkaaaaay,” I said, getting up, “you need to leave.”

“Oh, you still think I’m a cosplay slut you met at the party last night?” Lucy laughed, “I thought I dropped enough hints, but apparently, I was too subtle. Why don’t you look out your window?”

“Why the fuck-”

Welp, my hyper-religious parents were right all along. Hell was real, I was a sinner, and now I was being punished. Outside my window was a sea of lava, and billions of naked bodies writhing in torturous…wait, no, they’re all fucking; not so bad after all. I didn’t recall dying last night, but given how much alcohol I remember consuming, my death was probably embarrassing as fuck, and posted on LiveLeak by now. I hope I didn’t shit myself. I definitely shit myself.

“Satan,” I said to the beautiful queen of evil, “did I shit myself when I died? Because I have this problem where if I drink too much-”

“You’re not dead, Brian.” Satan laughed, “you’re just visiting, like your sister. And call me Lucy.”

“Right,” I said, snapping my fingers, “you want me to fuck my sister. I’m not doing it.”

“It’ll only be for a little-”

“I. Am. Not. Having. Sex. With. My. Sister!” I yelled. “End of story! Now take me back to my apartment so I can smoke my bowl in peace!”

“Have you ever seen those movies where someone makes a deal with the devil, and then they get everything they want?” Lucy said, standing up and walking seductively to me, “I can give you anything you want.”

“I want you to leave me alone,” I said, “and not ask me to have sex with my sister.”

“I could give you fortune-”

“Not interested.”


“Don’t need it.”

“All the women you could ever desire? I could suck your-”

“I can masturbate.”

“Holy shit,” Lucy grumbled, “you and your sister are the two most stubborn fucking people I’ve ever met. I had my fist eight inches up her ass yesterday-”

“I don’t want to hear about that!” I grimaced. “What are you doing with her anyway?”

“God and I make these bets,” Lucy explained, “where God makes a human of pure spirit, and I try to corrupt them. So far, Rachel has passed the first test. The second test is where I find her deepest, darkest fantasy and make it a reality. And you, Brian, are that fantasy.”

“What the fuck,” I said, “Rachel wants to have sex with me?! She’s a fucking Jesus-freak! She goes to the confession box for just thinking about things!”

“And she’s been thinking about you, and what you have between your legs for quite some time.” Lucy smirked, “I guess she suppresses these thoughts so deeply, she won’t even confess them to a priest. But she confessed them to me, Brian. Your precious little sister wants you balls-deep in her virgin pussy.”

“What the fuck…” I said, sitting down on the couch in shock.

“The origin of this depravity lies somewhere in the pages of your history,” Lucy said as she walked behind me and placed her hands on my shoulders, “let’s take a look, shall we?”

A book appeared in my lap, and Lucy opened it. Her hands were delicate, with long fingers and black nail polish. She paged though the book of empty sheets and then stopped.

“Here….” She hissed, “this is where it all started.”

The page came to life in a screen of moving colors and then focused. It was from the viewpoint of my eyes. I was yelling at my parents, pointing an accusing finger at them, and then gesturing to Rachel sobbing on the floor. She was fifteen at the time, and she’d just been caught texting a boy from school. It was nothing salacious, it was an innocuous “hi,” but it was enough for my parents to come down on her hard. I defended her, I stood up for her and tried to explain reason to my parents. I told them they were ruining her, that she’d never function as an adult if they kept treating her this way. They threw her in the closet and screamed passages from the bible at her. I tore her from the closet and punched my old man in the face when he tried to stop me.

That was the last time we ever saw our parents. Rachel lived with me until she graduated high school and went to ASU. I feared that the damage of her youth was permanent, that she’d never escape from the shell our parents put her in. She prayed every day, she followed the word of God to the letter, and she wore a cross at all times, not even taking it off in the shower. She never had any fun, never made any friends, and she barely talked to anyone but me. All I could do was encourage her to be herself and hope that she’d open up to new experiences. And ever since I had dragged her from that hell-hole of a house, she’d wanted to fuck me. What the fuck.

“That was quite the thing you did for her,” Lucy’s voice whispered in my ear, “no wonder she sees you the way she does. You saved her, Brian, and that night, she touched herself for the first time, thinking about you.”

“Get the fuck away from me!” I growled.

“That’s not how this works,” Lucy whispered, her voice a mix of lust and malice, “you see, Rachel’s stuck here until she either passes my test, or fails it, in which case she’ll willingly join me in hell. God thinks Rachel could be the next messiah, and Rachel really pines for God’s approval. If you don’t help me, Brian, then Rachel can’t pass her test, and she’ll stay down here forever, stuck in my therapist office, waiting for you to save her, once again.”

“Jesus Christ,” I exclaimed, “you really are an evil bitch.”

“I’m not so bad once you get to know me,” Lucy laughed as she massaged my shoulders, “God however, God is a piece of work.”

“He gambles with innocent people’s souls,” I sighed, “he sounds like a real old-testament asshole.”

She, Brian, God is a woman. And she’s not an asshole; she really does try to do good, it’s just…she’s kind of stupid. I mean, she knows everything in the universe, but her judgement is poor, to put it nicely.”

“So, I have to have sex with my sister to save her soul?” I said.

“That’s right,” Lucy replied, “and really put your back into it, Brian; Rachel needs to feel like you’re not just doing her a favor.”

“You are a disgusting person, Lucy.” I said, tilting my head up until our eyes met.

“And once you do what I ask,” Lucy smiled down at me, her hands sliding from my shoulders and tracing down my torso, “you’ll get to see how disgusting I really am.”


I woke up from my trance to see God’s beautiful face smiling down at me.

“What happened?” I asked her.

“You confessed your darkest fantasy to Lucy.” God said, her hand gently petting my hair.

“And?” I asked, “What is it?”

“You…” God said, “You want…to fuck your older brother.”

“What?!” I screamed as I shot up, “No, no, no. No I do not!”

“It’s OK,” God said, putting her calming hands on my shoulders, “it’s a little on the freakier side of things, but it’s not unheard of. I’m not one to judge; I mean, if I had a brother I’d have definitely fucked him by now.”

“It’s unnatural!” I cried, “It’s an abomination, a sin!”

“Hey, honey,” God said, “let’s pump the brakes here, OK? I’m the one who decides what a sin is, and I know you read the bible; there is a ton of incest. I mean, Adam and Eve? How the fuck do you think they got grandkids?!”

“I guess, if the bible says it’s Ok…”

“That’s the spirt!” God said, “For once, telling someone to read the bible was actually a good idea!”

“I know you’re testing my faith-”

“It was a joke, Rachel.” God laughed, “Reading the bible is a terrible idea; I didn’t write that shit.”

“I will remain faithful to your word, even if you try to sway me otherwise.” I smiled.

“Oh,” God beamed and pinched my cheek, “you are just too perfect.”

Lucy and Brian appeared in puff of black smoke. Brian looked more than a little confused, and I hoped Lucy had brought him up to speed on our situation; I didn’t want to be the one to tell him what he needed to do.

“Rachel!” Brian exclaimed when his eyes met me. He embraced me tightly, and I hugged him back.

“Brian,” I said, pressing my face into his chest, “it’s so good to see you!”

“You and mom and dad were right all along,” Brian said as he pulled away, “all of this Jesus bumbo-jumbo is true.”

“Most of it’s actually bullshit.” God said, extending a hand to Brian, “Hi, I’m God.”

“Hi…God.” Brian said, awkwardly shaking the almighty’s hand.

“I take it you’re not a fan?” God chuckled, “Is it because you didn’t believe in me?”

“It mostly has to do with what you and your red friend are asking me to do,” Brian said, scowling at God before turning to me, “Lucy’s full of shit, right? You don’t actually…”

“She’s not,” I said, hanging my head in shame, “I’ve…I’ve always…ever since you…”

“It’s OK,” Brian said, holding me close as I cried into his chest, “Mom and Dad never let you do anything. You were stuck in your room for most of your teen years, when you should have been out with friends and flirting with boys. It only makes sense that you became attracted to the one boy you spent any time with. It’s not your fault, Rachel, it’s not your fault.”

“I’m sorry, Brian,” I sniffed, “I’m sorry you have to do this.”

“It’s alright,” Brian said, pulling my face off his chest, “it’s OK, Rachel. You’re my sister, and I’d do anything for you. I never thought I’d have to do this, but I’ll do it to keep you safe. I love you, Rachel.”

“Oh, my god,” God sniffed as she wiped away a tear, “that was so beautiful!”

“Alright!” Lucy said, clapping her hands, “Enough with the boring shit; let’s get the show started!”

“Can we have some privacy?!” Brian yelled at God and Lucy, “I agreed to do this; I did not agree to a fucking audience!”

“Fine,” Lucy grumbled, “C’mon God, we’ll watch it in my theater-room.”

“Ooooo,” God said in glee, “Can you make popcorn?”

“Yeah,” Lucy smiled, “but soft drinks are seven bucks for a small, and no refills!”

The two disappeared in a cloud of black and gold smoke, leaving Brian and I alone.

“Ok…” Brian said as he looked me over, “I guess…I guess we should start. I wish we weren’t in a shitty therapist’s office but-”

We were immediately transported into a dark room. Purple velvet drapes hung from a circular ceiling that spiraled up to peak, with a heart-shaped red light in the center that illuminated the room in a passionate color. All around us were velvet cloths and pillows, and the floor was nothing but a giant, purple mattress.

“Whoa.” Brian said as he looked around the soft room, “This looks like something I’d see in the Playboy Mansion.”

“You have no more excuses, Brian!” Lucy’s voice yelled from nowhere.

“Goddamn it.” Brian growled.


“I’m sorry, Rachel,” Brian smiled, “gosh-darn-it.”

“I’ve never…” I said sheepishly, “I’ve never done anything with a man before.”

“It sounded like you had some lesbian fun,” Brian smirked, “you lucky girl, you. I’ll guide you through it, and I’ll be gentle. First thing we should do is get each other ready.”

“Like, kissing and touching each other?” I asked.

“Yeah…” Brian said, looking very uncomfortable, “Lucy, I need wine! Lots and lots of wine!”

“Try not to shit yourself, Brian!” Lucy’s voice laughed as two bottles of really expensive French wine appeared next to us.

“What did she mean by that?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about it.” Brian grumbled as he read the label, “Holy shit, this stuff is worth more than our old house!”

“I’ve never drank wine except for communion.” I said as Brian poured me a glass.

“Well, drink a lot of it,” Brian said, “because that’s the only way I’m going to be able to look past the fact that I’m about to take my sister’s virginity, in hell, because God and Satan like to gamble.”

“Cheers.” I said, and we clinked glasses.

We sat awkwardly on the bed and drank more and more wine. I began to feel really chatty as I drank, and I talked the ear off my poor brother as he somberly drank up his courage. Soon, both wine bottles were empty, and my inhibitions were lowered.

“…and so God, she tested my faith again by transforming into a succubus, and she was so pretty, Brian, and she kept telling me: ‘it’s Ok, Rachel, you can give in, Rachel,’ but I didn’t. I did not give in, and I passed the first test!”

“That is…” Brian said, “one hell of a story, Rachel. I’m glad that all those years of faith have been rewarded. Now…we’re drunk and we’re in a bed; this is usually where things start to happen.”

“What kind of things?” I giggled as I parted my legs.

Our clothes magically transformed as my legs spread. My baggy sweat shirt and jeans were replaced with a skimpy translucent gown, with a bodice that revealed almost all my ample cleavage, and a skirt that stopped just below my ass. Brian was wearing nothing but a pair of silk boxers. His tan body was rippled with lean muscle, and covered in tattoos. His brown beard was trimmed down to stubble, and his curly hair was a mess of delightful locks.

“Ok,” Brian said as he took a deep breath, “I think I’m drunk enough; let’s do this.”


There was no denying that Rachel was beautiful. She had perfectly shaped c-cup tits, a thick, juicy ass, and unblemished pale skin that gleamed red in the color of the light-bulb above us. Her brown hair was wavy and framed her beautiful face perfectly. She was the hottest girl I’d ever be with. Still, I could not look past the fact that she was my sister. Even after all that wine, I still didn’t know if I could do this, and my body was not cooperating.

You’re not losing your nerve, are you Brian? Lucy’s voice teased in my mind.

You’re the queen of sin, give me some fucking help here! I yelled back.

Certainly, Lucy laughed, All you had to do was ask.

My dick curved upward in the hardest erection I ever had. It throbbed painfully and pressed against the seam of my boxers. Rachel looked at it with a mixture of desire and fear, and I started to like the way she was gazing at me.

Goddamn it.

Brian, Lucy sneered, I think you want to fuck your sister! You little degenerate.

No I don’t, I growled, You just gave me a skin-splitting hard-on, and I have only one place to put it.


“Brian,” Rachel whispered lustfully, “Come over here and kiss me.”

I crawled over to my beautiful little sister. She lied on her back and placed her arms beside her head, waiting for me to initiate. I crawled on top of her, hovering over her until our faces were just inches from each other. Her lips were luscious and parted slightly, her porcelain cheeks were flushed with amorous red, and her eyes were half-mast in expectant bliss, pining for me to fulfill a fantasy she kept locked away for years. And I wanted to. I hated myself for wanting to do this, but I couldn’t deny it anymore.

I lowered my face and touched our lips. She parted her mouth and waited for me to continue. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I gave in to her, and pushed our mouths together. Her tongue reached out for mine, and I accepted it. I kissed my little sister with the burning desire of a man. I pressed my face hard against her own, and sent every emotion I had; the guilt, the shame, and the overwhelming need, into our kiss. She was an inexperienced kisser, an innocent girl who never felt the touch of a man before. She was apprehensive and shy, but I was controlling. She loved it; she hummed a moan of need between my lips, and grinded her thighs together below me. Her pathetic tones of vulnerable femininity awakened the dark part of myself.

I possessively ran my tongue down my sister’s neck. She whimpered and arched her back from the bed, her body begging me to take her. I licked my way to her cleavage, and tore her dress down the middle. She cried out in fear and passion as her naked body was exposed to me. God, she was fucking beautiful. Her pale, full breasts were adorned with perfect, small, perky nipples, and they bounced from her torn bodice in a delicious ripple. I hungrily took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked greedily, pulling the flesh of her bosom between my lips. Rachel moaned and whimpered with gratitude, her hands pushing on the back of my head, willing me to draw from her. I pressed my face forward until the supple flesh of her tit was deformed against my nose and mouth, and I sucked as though I was nursing from her breast.

“Oh, God I want you, Brian!” Rachel cried.

I released her breasts and licked my way down the lines of her abdomen until I got to her pelvis. I traced my fingers through the creases of her thighs as I lowered my head to her depths. Her tight pussy was soaked with need, frothing with her delectable juices and red with passion. Everything else I’d done could be forgiven; the kissing, the nursing, but this, what I was about to do, there was no turning back from this.

Do it… Lucy’s voice whispered lustfully in my mind, Taste the nectar of your sweet, little sister. She wants you to, Brian. She’s practically begging for it.

Lucy’s words were doing something to my head. Every time she spoke, my carnal urges roared inside of me. My inhibitions left me. I lowered my face to my sister’s virgin slit and ran my tongue through it. Rachel shuttered and whimpered above me. She tasted so good. I parted her pedals with my tongue and slid upward until I found her clit. Rachel’s thighs trembled. I licked around her spot, teasing her, bringing her arousal to new heights, until she was begging me to touch her where she wanted.

“Please, Brian!” Rachel cried, “Please lick my clit!”

I ran my tongue flat against her bump, sending a spasm shooting up Rachel’s pelvis. She let out a soft cry and brought her thighs together against the sides of my head. I licked her back and forth, slowly sliding my tongue over her clit in sensual, gradual motions. My fingers moved beneath my chin and traced through her soft, wet pedals. I wrapped my lips around her clit, and pushed three fingers inside her.

Rachel’s body tensed up, her thighs clamping down hard on my head. I rotated my lips and sucked her clit as my fingers pushed deeper. I turned my palm upward and curled my digits until they pressed against her vaginal ceiling, and then I rubbed along her until I got the reaction I wanted. Rachel cried out and gushed her juices into my mouth. I massaged her inner spot as I sucked ardently from her clit, pulling the soft flesh of her nethers outward from her body, sending delightful spasms through her insides. She clenched around my fingers and let out a scream. She came in my mouth, a flowing squirt of sweet feminine juice that tasted of her desire. Her legs quivered and her back arched as a stream of pathetic tones flowed from her virgin mouth. She was ready for me.

I got to my knees and looked over Rachel. She was on her back, her body gyrating in a dance of need; her spine arching slightly, pushing her full, pale breasts outward, her hips swaying and grinding against the bed. Her eyes looked down at my throbbing cock, her expression full of hunger, her teeth biting her lower lip. Her hands pressed against her breasts and ran down the curves of her body, outlining herself for me, presenting me with the bends of her femininity.

“I’m ready…” Rachel whispered.

But I wasn’t. There was still a part of me that resisted, that told me there was still a chance to go back from this. Lucy felt the resistance of my mind, and hissed her venom into my ears.

Look at her, Brian. the devil’s sultry voice whispered in my mind, Look how beautiful she is. Look at the curves of her body, the bust of her chest and the thickness of her ass. Look how she wants you; have you ever seen a girl want you so?

She’s my sister…

Yes she is, Lucy whispered, her voice filled with arousal, and she’s so innocent, so pure, so full of love and devotion to you. You’re her guardian angel, you’re her savior and protector. She’d do anything for her strong older brother.


You both want thissss Lucy hissed, It’s Rachel’s darkest desire to have you; why not make it true for her? Why not take her and make her your own? We could change her, Brian. We could strip away the layers of righteousness and purity, until all that’s left is the whore she wants to be; your personal little slut. Your own sister, Brian, on her knees for you, smiling up with an adoring expression, and gratefully excepting you inside of her. You thought Rachel was perverted for wanting to fuck her brother, but I can read the pages of your mind. You want her too, but you don’t just want to fuck her. All those years you protected her have made you possessive. You want to own her, Brian, and she wants you to own her. Take her. Make her yours. Transform her sexuality to your liking. Give in to me.

Yes, I said as I surrendered my soul to the devil, I want her for myself. I want her begging for me every day.

Fuck her, Lucy moaned as though she were touching herself, Fuck your little sister, and make her your slut. Join her with me in hell, and have her for eternity.

I looked down at my beautiful little sister. She was lying on her back, smiling up at me with eyes full of love. All the tenderness and warmth left me. I grabbed Rachel’s hips, squeezing the supple flesh of her backside, and grinned possessively down at her. Her eyes widened in fear, and I drove my cock all the way in. Rachel screamed out as I took her virginity in a forceful thrust. Her soft, warm insides contracted around me, resisting me for every inch. God, she was tight. Her back wrenched in a painful arch as my balls slapped against her taint. Her head pushed against the bed and her face tilted as her neck strained in agony.

“Brian!” she screamed, “You’re hurting me!”

“I don’t care!” I sneered.

“Stop!” Rachel screamed, her body twisting to get away. I just gripped her hips and kept driving. This is what she wanted; Lucy told me so.


Brian was breaking me open from the inside. I thrashed and squirmed in agony, trying to get away. He was so tender and gentle before, but something changed. All of the sudden, his expression grew dark, and his loving motions gave way to primal brutality. My insides felt like they were going to tear; every inch of my pussy was being stretched and parted forcefully. I dug my heels into the mattress to push myself away, but Brian just grabbed my calves and spread my legs into the splits. I was completely under his control, with no escape. I screamed out for God to help me.

Shhhhhh Lucy’s voice whispered in my mind, God can’t help you here, Rachel, but I can. Is Brian hurting you, sweetheart?

Yes! I cried, Make him stop!

Why would you want him to stop? Lucy laughed, He’s doing exactly what you wanted. The only reason it’s hurting is because you’re scared, and your body is resisting him. Just relax and surrender to him, Rachel. Let him stretch you open, and soon, he’ll feel so good. The reason he’s so passionate is because he wants you, Rachel. He wants you like you want him, and he couldn’t help himself. Accept him, move your body to him, and love him. He’s yours, Rachel, yours forever.

The idea that Brian wanted me like I wanted him made me so happy. Brian wanted me so bad, he couldn’t contain himself any longer. He didn’t want to hurt me, he was just too infatuated with me to resist. I gazed at Brian’s domineering expression, and my heart filled with love. I let myself go, and stopped trying to get away. I relaxed my inner muscles and grimaced through the agony; gritting my teeth as heaves of pained gasps shot through my lips. Tears streaked down my face, and my body trembled, but I stayed in place, waiting for the pain to leave me.

And then it did. The painful stretching of my insides dissipated with each forceful thrust. My womanhood began to soak once again, allowing Brian to slide into me with ease. The agonized tones that burned from my chest fell to soft whimpers. And then it began to feel good, just like Lucy promised. Brian’s cock expanded me beautifully, sending tingles of pleasure though my tender depths. His length reached deep inside me, stimulating the sensitive skin within. His girth rubbed against my clit with each thrust, sending micro-spasms of felicitous electricity into my pelvis. My whimpers rose to moans, and my legs flexed against Brian’s hands. He looked at me, realizing I was no longer resisting him. He smiled, and let me wrap my legs around his waist.

“Oh my god, Brian,” I whispered, “you feel so good!”

“So do you!” Brian gasped, “I’ve never been with a woman like you, Rachel.”

“Keep going!” I cried, “Harder! Break me!”

Brian fulfilled my needs. He stood up, dragging my lower body up with him, and pounded me mercilessly from above. I laid helplessly on my back, gazing up at him driving into my elevated pelvis, my moans of pleasure turning into cries of delight. The brutality of his movements no longer hurt me, but drove my pussy into a chaotic frenzy, sending sharp spasms and jolts of contracting pleasure scorching through my insides. My body lurched up and down as I dangled, my upper back and head pressing into the mattress. I looked up in aroused fascination as Brian’s full length disappeared inside of me, his girth spreading my tender pedals in brutal repetition. Brian moved forward until my hips were above my face. I spread my legs into lateral splits to give him the best angle, and let him drive into my desecrated pussy with wanton abandon. My torso flexed and my breasts smacked against my face with each thrust. My pussy ached with delectable fullness, every drive ruining the sensitive flesh inside me. Our pelvises met in forceful slaps, colliding in a brutal rhythm of lust. Brian’s face was fixed in a concentrative fervor, gazing down at me with possessive desire. I screamed out my pathetic tones, my mouth gaping and my eyes wide in pleasure. Brian was so controlling, so domineering. He was taking me and making me his own; he wanted me like I wanted him! And everything he was doing was making me feel so good.

“Brian!” I screamed, “Take me like a bitch!”

I was shocked that those words came out of my mouth, and said a silent prayer for forgiveness. Brian grinned down at me and dropped to his knees. I spun around on him, smirking devilishly back at him as I bent over and got on all fours. I was amazed at how quickly I’d become sexually devious. In the succubus lair, I’d was helpless and vulnerable, but with Brian, I was becoming enthusiastic and willing.

Brian grabbed my ass and pumped into me from behind, his balls clapping against my clit with each thrust. I backed my ass onto him, shifting my weight to take him as he advanced, and pulling away as he retreated. We met in the middle with a forceful slap, sending ripples of flesh waving from the fat of my ass. The power of our collision drove his cock further inside me, parting my inner folds with brutal drives, sending aching bouts of pleasure through the center of my depths. I screamed in delight with each violent thrust, reveling in the animalistic violence of it. Brian released his grip on my ass and slapped me hard across it. My head jolted up as my back arched. I purred a passionate groan as the sweet sting mingled with the delicious burn of my penetration. I looked back at my brother with eyes half-mast in lust, a mess of bangs covering half my face.

“Hit me again.” I moaned with need.

Brian sneered back at me and brought his hand down again and again. My brow furrowed and my eyes widened. My mouth sobbed a pathetic tone of thanks as I ardently backed into my driving brother. He beat me to the rhythm of our lust, the sting of his blows mixing beautifully with the brutality of my inner-defilement. I cried out again and again, my voice desperate and begging, my whorish tones completely unrecognizable to me. I knew I was falling into Lucy’s temptation, I knew I was moving from the light of God. Brian was my brother, and what we were doing was so wrong, but it felt so good. This could break me, this could make me join the devil in hell.


I’d never seen Rachel like this before. She was moaning and crying as she backed into me like a whore. Her ass was red with my hand prints, and every time I slapped her, I felt her clench around me in pleasure. She loved me hitting her, she loved me fucking her from behind. My pure, precious, innocent little sister was turning into a slut before my eyes. My slut. My own little slut.

I wondered what depths she’d go to for me, what perversions I could introduce to her. We were in hell, she had no place to run, and by the sound of her voice, she’d probably let me do anything.. If only I had my sex toys with me…

I got you, bro. Lucy’s voice said, and a box of toys appeared right next to me.

I pulled out a butt-plug that was probably too big for Rachel. She looked back at it without a hint of fear, she just smiled and perked her ass up as I drove into her cunt.

“I had a fist inside me yesterday,” Rachel laughed through her moans, “I think I can take it.”

“Get it wet for me.” I demanded, holding the plug out to Rachel. She took it in her hand and put the whole thing in her mouth, sucking on it and moving it back and forth as she moaned to the pleasure of my cock. My bible-thumping, confession-box-going, perfect little sister, was sucking a butt-plug for me to put in her ass. Not only that, but her eyes were practically begging me to do it. She pulled the plug from her mouth, a string of saliva shining from her lips. She grinned back at me and handed me the plug, before spreading her ass with one hand. I stared into her puckered, pink little sphincter and pushed the plug in. She shuttered as her rim expanded around it. I watched in amazement and her asshole stretched thin, and then engulfed the plug at the base. She smiled back at me, as if waiting for my approval. I gave her another slap on the ass in response, and grinned back. God, she was a whore.

“Move it in and out of me,” Rachel said through strained gasps, “stretch me open for you.”

I acquiesced her request, and grabbed the plug by its base. I felt her rectum twitching in delight from the other side of her pussy as I pulled the plug out, and then pushed it in. Rachel moaned lecherously, her mouth gaping and her eyes half-closed in pleasure. She backed into me with each advance, keeping her ass perked up for me, clenching around the plug so that is was so tight.

“Do you want to fuck my ass?” Rachel asked. It was fucking surreal to hear my sister say those words. She never cussed, but now she was asking me to put it in her ass. And yes, yes I did want to put it in my little sister’s ass.


I couldn’t believe I just said that. I wanted Brian to think I could be dirty. I knew he was sexually experienced, and I wanted to show him that I could be adventurous too. Still, ‘fuck’ and ‘ass’ were words I shouldn’t use.

Forgive me, God, for the lewdness of my words. I prayed silently.

It’s only me, Rachel, Lucy laughed, and you don’t have to ask for my forgiveness. You’re just being honest anyway, and God loves honesty. I guess you liked my fist yesterday; you little anal slut.

You sure seemed to like mine, I smirked, so I guess it takes one to know one.

I can’t wait to have you on my side, Lucy said lustfully, all the things we’ll do to each other…

I’m not joining you!

We’ll see.

My mental conversation was interrupted by Brian pulling the plug out of my ass. His cock was still driving into my pussy, and it was making me feel better and better every second. I was disappointed that he’d be vacating it, but there was a whole box of toys to keep it occupied while he took me from the wrong hole. Sodomy was a sin according to the bible, but God said it didn’t matter what I did, as long as I resisted Lucy’s temptation afterwards. Besides, I really did like Lucy’s fist in my ass yesterday, and I was curious about what a cock would feel like.

“You ready?” Brian asked as her pulled out of my pussy and pressed his head against my rim.

“Yes!” I cried in need, desperately wanted to be filled again.

“Rachel,” Brian laughed, “I can’t believe this is you.”

“Just fuck my ass!” I begged. Forgive me, God, for the lewdness of my words.

A satisfied smile crept across my lips as I felt Brian’s hardness breaking through the resistances of my rim. I moaned a soft cry that intensified the deeper he went. I was so tight there, and feeling him part my tender insides with his warm rigidity was driving me crazy. I reached back for a toy to pleasure myself with. Brian handed me a vibrator and smiled as he guided my hand between my legs. I smiled back at him and clenched my ass around his cock. He jerked forward in response, letting out a pleasured groan. I lurched with his violent movement and giggled at his reaction. I was making him feel so good, and it was turning me on like nothing else. After this, Brian would always see me as the girl who loved him as a man, and not just his little sister.

I pressed the button on the vibrator as Brian began to thrust back and forth inside me. I pushed the toy hard against me and backed my ass into my brother, my body demanding to be filled as often as possible. Brian groaned and gripped my cheeks firmly, before driving into me with increasing force. The pleasant twitches in my rectum began to grow to delightful shocks of pain and pleasure. He plowed into me with wanton desire, not caring that he was hurting me. I didn’t want him to stop hurting me. The electric pain was mixing with the burning pleasure inside of me, and I could barely keep myself supported upright on my one hand. Anal made me feel so full and stretched, and the mixture of suffering and delight was sending my pelvis into a series of ferocious contractions. I pushed the vibrating toy inside me and rocked back and forth on my knees and supporting hand. Brian brought both palms down on my ass in a synchronized slap, forcing a scream from my gaping mouth, and sending a blast of beautiful stings into my body. I collapsed on my face, helpless to the growing pleasure. My cheek grinded back and forth to the whims of our bodily rhythm, my hands now both driving the vibrator desperately inside of me. I pushed the toy against my vaginal floor and screamed in tearful pleasure as I felt Brian press against it from the other side of me.

“Brian!” I gasped, “I’m coming!”


Goddamn, Rachel was tight back here. She clenched around me with every thrust, as though her asshole were hugging my dick from the inside. And the way she sounded…the screams and pathetic cries were driving me insane. I gripped her thick cheeks with both hands and drove into her at a frenetic pace. I didn’t care that it hurt her, and she didn’t either. In fact, she seemed to love it even more. Her ass jiggled with ripples of fat as I blasted against her, and her pelvic floor stretched and spasmed with each pull outward. Her spine arched and her head rose from the mattress, her mouth screaming a fluctuating stream of lust. I slapped both hands on her ass and spread her wide, and I felt her spasm violently in response. Her pale skin glistened with a sheen of sweat that highlighted every twitching muscle in her back. She squirmed as she lurched with my thrusts; her ass gyrating and grinding down my length as her spine wrenched in chaotic curves. I could feel the convulsions inside her telling me she was close.

Come inside her pussy. Lucy whispered in my mind, That’s where she wants it. She wants to feel your seed soak into her womb.


Oh my god, the feeling was driving me insane. Every time Brian pulled out of my ass, I felt my pelvic floor stretch from my body, sending a burst of felicitous spasms screaming through my taint and into pelvis. I pushed the vibrator deeper inside of me, until my fingers were soaked with the juices of my womanhood. I sobbed my pleasure as I felt the rumblings of my orgasm build within me. They rose, and rose, quaking until my insides were churning with scorching ecstasy. Brian grabbed my hand and pulled the vibrator out of me. I was to possessed with my pleasure to stop him, nor did I care to. He pulled out of my ass and rammed his cock through my wet pussy, driving his filthy member into my tender depths. The quaking intensified. My legs trembled and my heat raced. I pushed my hands against the mattress and arched my back, my body acting instinctively to the crescendo of euphoria coursing through it. Brian slammed into me, his pelvis smashing against my ass and lurching me forward with each thrust. I looked back at him with tearful eyes as my gaping mouth quivered and yielded a breathless croak. My eyes trembled and my chest heaved. The feeling built, and built, and then came crashing down on me. I finally found my voice, and all I could do was shriek in euphoric catharsis. The orgasmic wave washed through me, sending an exalted release through every part of my body. I collapsed and panted as Brian thrust one last time, and then blew his hot seed deep inside me. I whimpered pathetically as I felt his nectar seep delectably into my womb. Brian roared his final bouts of lust, and then collapsed on top of me. I savored his smell and the warmth and weight of his body. His seed leaked out from my defiled pussy and pooled between my legs. I relished the feeling of his hot liquid burning pleasantly inside and outside of me. I didn’t know what heaven was like, but I didn’t think it could be better than this.


“Ooooooh fuck!” God screamed as she came. I panted the last throes of my own orgasm and kissed the almighty passionately. Our clits rubbed together for a few more moments, before I dismounted her and collapsed on the bed beside her.

Rachel and Brian were sloppily making out on the projector screen. God and I had gotten way to hot and bothered watching the siblings, so we decided to fuck each other while we witnessed their depravity. God’s chest heaved in a few more heavy breaths, her magnificent tits rising and falling as she laid in satisfaction.

“I wish I had a brother,” God sighed, “watching those two give in to their bodies, knowing what they were doing was wrong…it’s so taboo, so depraved. I love it.”

“I’m glad you got something out of this whole experience,” I giggled, “because there’s no way Rachel’s hanging out with you anymore.”

“Don’t be so sure, Lucy.” God smiled, “I don’t think you have her yet.”

“Oh, I’ve got her,” I sneered, “and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got planned for your payment.”

“I’m kind of excited,” God said, biting her lip, “last time I lost…the things you did to me…”

“I swear you lose on purpose,” I laughed, “it’s the only explanation for my two-thousand-year winning streak.”

“I really do try,” God insisted, “and I still think Rachel’s not done with you yet.”

“We’ll see.”


“That was,” Lucy said as she appeared in a puff of smoke, “a wonderful performance; bravo.”

“Hi Lucy.” I smiled to the mother of sin.

“Hey Rachel,” she smiled back, “ready to come chill with me for eternity?”

I didn’t answer. Brian was spooning with me on the bed, his cock nestled between my cheeks and his body pressed against mine. His hands gently tickled my breasts and torso as he lazily lied behind me. It felt so good to feel him like this; next to me, loving me. I didn’t want to leave.

“Why would you want to go to heaven, Rachel,” Lucy said gently as she sat cross-legged next to my face, “when you could be here with your brother forever?”

“Stay with me, Rachel,” Brian whispered behind me, “stay with me forever.”

My heart ached with the desire to give in, to join Brian and Lucy in hell. There was just one thing that was holding me back.

“Lucy,” I said to the devil, “I want to join you, but I have one question to ask you first.”

“What?” Lucy asked as she gently caressed my face.

“What did you do to my brother?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I saw him change,” I responded, “I saw him start to act differently. Did he decide to love me by himself, or did you corrupt him?”

“I spoke the desires of his mind,” Lucy whispered softly, “I guided him to temptation.”

“So, did he really do those things to me?” I asked as I felt tears forming in my eyes, “Or was it you?”

“He wanted to do those things, Rachel.” Lucy spoke gently as she ran a hand through my hair, “But he needed some help along the way. He really did want you; I’m not making that up.”

“He gave in to your temptation,” I whispered, “not mine. This is all a fantasy; my darkest fantasy come to life.”

“But it doesn’t have to be!” Lucy said, her eyes full of love and promise, “It can be real, Rachel. That’s really Brian next to you, the brother you love. He loves you and wants you as a woman.”

“But it’s still a lie,” I cried, “it’s not really real. He’s your prisoner here, even if he likes it. Brian may have given in to your temptation, but I won’t!”

“Rachel,” Lucy whispered, “on earth, this relationship you have could never last. People would find out, they’d chastise you and break you down. Here, with me, you can live out your heart’s desires without fear of judgement. So what if Brian has fallen from grace? Fall with him, Rachel, and let yourself be truly happy.”

“I can’t!” I cried, “I want to, but if Brian doesn’t choose me by himself, I can’t force him to stay with me like this!”

“You know when I release him from here,” Lucy said, “he won’t feel the same about you.”

“Wipe his memory,” I sobbed, “don’t make him live the rest of his life with this on his conscience.”

“OK Rachel,” Lucy said, petting my hair as she gazed down at me with an admiring smile, “I can do that for you. God was right: you really are special.”

I felt Brian’s warmth leave me as he vanished in a puff of smoke. I cried into the mattress, realizing that I would never again feel his love like I had. Lucy tenderly traced her hands on my cheeks, whispering loving tones into my ear. She picked me up and held me in her arms, rocking back and forth as I sobbed.

“I know these tests can be cruel, Rachel,” Lucy whispered, “but you’re a strong woman. You’ll bounce back from this, and be ready for the next challenge tomorrow. And Rachel,” Lucy said, tipping my head up so our gazes met, “if you fall into my temptation, I will bring Brian back for you.”

“Don’t!” I cried.

“Oh,” Lucy smiled, “you’ll be singing a different tune if you ever decide to join me. If I ever corrupt this pure soul of yours, you will ask me to bring him back, and I promise you, I will.”

“You’ll never get to me.” I smiled through my tears.

“Maybe not,” Lucy said, crinkling her nose as she smirked, “but I’m going to try.”

“Now that you’ve lost this round,” I said, “what do you owe God?”

“Our wonderful and savior has this caged mechanism she’s wants to test out,” Lucy grimaced, “and I will be her lab rat in this experiment. There’s like, ten dildos on corkscrews; it’s going to be painful.”

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” I sneered, “I can’t wait to see you inside it.”

“Actually,” God’s angelic voice interrupted us as she appeared, “I have a different proposal for Lucy.”


Ramstein played in the background as I packed a bowl of ground bud. I searched my pockets for my lighter and sighed when I realized I’d lost both it, and my cigarettes at the costume party last night. I was bound to have another lighter lying around my apartment somewhere, so I pushed away textbooks and piles of overdo papers looking for one.

“Need a light?” a sultry female voice asked from behind me.

Did I take home a girl last night? I thought, God, I hope it wasn’t Allison again, every time I get too drunk, Allison just swoops in like a fucking vulture.

“Allison, look,” I said as I turned around, “I don’t know what I said to you last night, but-”

“I’m not Allison,” the cosplaying devil whispered as she pressed her body to mine, “my name’s Lucy, and you were too drunk to fuck me last night. I’m sexually frustrated, down for anything, and I want you inside me now.”

Raising Peter, Chapter Seven


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Author’s info: Gender: male


Almost like a dream

RAISING PETER, Chapter Seven (almost like a dream)

Life was going so good for me. I stayed with the Morgan’s most of the time. When I did have to go home I couldn’t help but notice that the tension between Mom and Dad seemed to be worse each time. If they even acknowledged I was there, it was just a grunt, glare or both.

On the other hand, life with the Morgans seemed to only get better. Kay and I slept together most nights but we would usually have play time before we went to bed. Most of the time that was held in the Master bedroom and most anything and everything was okay.

They all had their favorite things and everything seem to be my favorite. As neat as Kay was you would never believe what a nasty, perverted little slut she was when it comes to sex. One of her favorites was to do a 69 with her Mom, with Kay on the bottom. We three guys would take turns fucking Susan in the pussy or asshole, pulling out from time to time to let Kay suck us clean. Just before we cum we pull out and shoot it in Kay’s mouth and all over her face.

Susan loved to have all three of her holes filled at the same time while Kay sucked on her tits and massaged her clit. All of us had become rather fond of water sports, so much so that Susan would always put a vinyl cover on the bed and a couple of old sheets before we even got started playing. If you wanted to see Susan or Kay go into orbit just let one of us start pissing on them while they were engaged in anything sexual.

James’ favorite was fairly simple; he loved anything oral and cream pie, whether it was from a pussy, ass or a cock.

As I said, my favorite was everything. It was a real adventure and learning experience for me and I loved it all but my most favorite time was when Kay and I were in her room, just holding each other. Gently kissing and caressing each other until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

James and Kamea were becoming quite an item. We were starting our fourth week of school and we were all doing very well. The four of us had lunch together almost every day and we would sit together during study period and do our home work.

We would all walk out together after school and most of the time Susan and Maylea would be standing on the sidewalk talking while they waited for us. When we walked out the second full day of school Kamea hugged and kissed James just before she got in the car.

The following Monday, when we come out to the pick-up area, Susan and Maylea was standing by the cars talking. Kamea walked past her mom, reached up and hugged Susan then kissed her on the lips. Then she turned and repeated the same with her mother. James followed, repeating the same, then Kay and I followed last.

It was easy to see that Kamea and James were very excited about something. Kay stepped up and informed Susan and Maylea of the fact that Kamea and James were now officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Before we walked away I couldn’t help but notice how Susan and Maylea were hugged up together. I saw the way they were standing with the sides of their tits pressed together. I was sure they were both aware of it and were very slow to separate.

As we started to load into the car Susan turned to Maylea, “Anything else you need to know right now” she asked Maylea. “No, I think we can work out the time okay, I’ll talk with Evan when he gets home.”

Both cars pulled away from the curb and headed down the street. When we got to the corner, Maylea turned right and we turned left as usual.

We were all very quiet to start with. Then I said,” I agree”.

“You agree with what?” Susan asked.

“I think they are like you, or I should say like us.”

Susan smiled at me in the rear-view mirror, “I think you’re so right on all counts.”

Tuesday, we went through our new routine, with the hugs and kisses. This time I thought Susan and Maylea were going to kiss each other on the lips but at the last minute they both settled for a kiss on the cheek.

On Wednesday when the four of us got to the cars we were all a little surprised to see that Evan was with Maylea. I thought,” No hugs and kisses today,” but I was proven wrong. Everyone exchanged hugs and kisses. I was surprised when Kamea kissed James on the lips as she had done before.

They were in front of us when we pulled away from the curb and when we reached the corner they turned left. We followed them as they pulled onto the freeway, then took the same exit we did. We followed them all the way to the office parking lot.

They walked in front of us and Susan told the three of them to head on down the hallway and she would be right with them.

Susan asked Margie if the two new accounts had come in. Margie told her they had and everything was ready to be set up. Susan told Kay and me we would be working with Margie, setting up the new accounts and James could work with Jenna today.

We watched as she walked down the hallway toward her and Alex’s offices. All kinds of questions were going through my mind as I’m sure it was with Kay and James.

I asked Margie if she knew what was going on. She laughed,” You know I know everything and when the time comes you’ll find out all you need to know. Now get your young, tender asses over here and let me show you what you need to do. These are small accounts and you two will be handling them for the most part.

We had been working for about thirty minutes when Kamea come walking into the outer office. She looked like she was in a daze. She walked over and dropped down in one of the office chairs. James rushed over to her, Kamea, are you all right, what’s wrong baby?”

Kamea looked at us for a few seconds then started smiling, “I’m a fucking millionaire; can you believe it, a millionaire?”

Jenna spoke up, “Honey, you need to go check the figure again, you and your family are multimillionaires and still climbing.

Dad just told me when I finished hi-school I could go to any collage I wanted. “Now, I’m afraid I may hurt their feelings if I tell them what I would really like to do,” she said as tears started to fill her eyes.

James pulled her to her feet and held her in his arms, “What could be that bad?” he asked.

Kamea told us she felt like they would want her to go to some big, well known college and be a doctor or something like that. She shared her Mother’s love for cooking, they didn’t just cook, they created and she loves it. She wanted to go to culinary school and become a chef, then create and prepare wonderful dishes that would make people happy.

Margie come over and put her arms around both of them, “Let me tell you what I think. I think if you want to be a Madam in a whore house and that would be what would make you happy, then Evan and Maylea would be all for it. This money is and always has been about making sure you were taken care of, no matter what you want to do. Damn girl you can go to your school, build your own restaurant and run it the way you please.

“Well said, Margie.” We all jumped then turned to see Alex, Susan, Maylea and Evan standing at the end of the hall. “All of this is here to help make you happy and have a better life. We know that money alone can’t do that but it can help make life a little easier for you,” Evan told her as he walked over and put his arms around Kamea.

Maylea told her, “Honey, you don’t have to go to college if you won’t want to. Damn, you don’t even have to work if you don’t want to but I know you will because that’s who you are.”

My fifteenth birthday was coming up on Thursday. Susan asked if Mom and Dad had anything planed for me.

I laughed, “My birthday has never been a priority at my house. Susan looked very angry for a few seconds, then told me to give them a chance and see if they were planning anything but I should not plan anything for Saturday.

On Thursday I rode the bus home instead of going to the office. No one was there when a arrived home so I went to my room. I heard both cars pull in the drive at the same time and I walked out of my room and started down stairs.

I heard Mom and Dad come in the front door and they were screaming at each other, “Horace, do you really think I’m that fucking stupid. People have seen you two together; I know she is meeting you out of town when you’re supposed to be on these business weekends. Damn Horace she’s only twenty years old.”

“Shut up, you bitch, she may be only twenty but she knows how to fuck without getting pregnant and you damn sure couldn’t do that. You fucked everything up years ago. You could have gotten rid of that damn kid and everything would have been alright but no, you couldn’t do that so now we have to live with it.”

“Horace, he’s at the Morgans’ most of the time now and he will be out of school in a few more years and we can be like we used to be.”

I could hear the strain in Mom‘s voice and knew she was crying. I heard them coming toward the steps so I slipped back in my room. I heard Dad tell Mom that he was going to his bedroom and that he didn‘t want to be bothered. I heard his door slam and then the door to the guest room. I waited just a couple of minutes, gathered my things from school and slipped down the stairs and out the front door.

No one was home next door but I used my key to let myself into the house. I went to the den and set down at the end of the couch. I noticed my hands were wet with sweat. Then I realized my whole body was. I was angry, hurt and confused. I was so upset my whole body was in a jerk.

I‘m not sure how long I had sat there when I heard the front door open. Susan was the first to walk into the den. When I turned and our eyes met, that was it, the tears started pouring out and I jumped up and rushed into her outstretched arms. Kay, Alex and James were right behind her, I could feel their arms around me and their bodies there to support me.

Kay was gently rubbing one cheek and kissing the other, “It‘s okay baby, we‘re here for you, I love you, we love you. Whatever it is, we will get through it together.”

Susan kissed my tear soaked eyes then gently kissed me on the lips. “You‘re at home now my man and whatever is wrong we will get through it together.” I looked into Susan’s eyes and I tried to speak. She put her finger up to my lips, “Later baby, we have plenty of time. Right now I want you and Kay to go to her bedroom and just spend some loving time together, we can talk later.

Kay took my hand and I followed her down the hall to her bedroom. As soon as we were in the room she started removing my clothes. I stopped her and told her I wasn’t sure I was up to sex right now. She smiled at me and said, “Baby, this is not about sex, it is about getting as close as I can to the man I love. When we had both stripped and she lay down on her side and I wrapped my arms around her and spooned so close it felt like we were one.

I didn’t even remember falling asleep but the next thing I felt was a soft, warm hand rubbing my back. I looked over my shoulder to see Susan’s smiling face. “Dinner is ready and you two sleepy heads need to get up and come eat. As we rolled over she took our hands and led us out of the bedroom and down to the kitchen. Kay and I were the only ones with no clothes on but it didn’t seem to bother anyone, so we just sat down and started enjoying the nice dinner Susan had prepared for us.

After dinner we all pitched in to clean up the kitchen. It didn’t take but a few minutes and as soon as we were through everyone except Susan headed for the den. By the time we were all seated Susan came in with four glasses of red wine. We each took a glass and settled back and relaxed for a few minutes.

Everyone was very quiet and I knew I had to get what happened at home out in the open. “Look everyone, I need to get all this out of my system. I may have some problems getting it out without crying but please bear with me.”

I was sitting next to Kay on the couch. She moved in a little closer and put her arm around my waist. Susan came over and sat on the other side with her arm around my shoulders. Alex and James pulled chairs up in front of me and placed a hand on my knee.

I told as near as I could what Mom and Dad had said to each other and I had concluded that all this started years ago. Apparently they had a very active sex life in their younger years. Dad accused Mom of being careless and getting pregnant. They seem to blame me for being born and in Dad’s opinion I had ruined their once happy sex life and they started living this pretend Mr. and Mrs. Nice couple.

Susan said Mom really put up a good front in public. The few times we had been to the store where she worked she would put her arm around me. She was all smiles and acted she just like she loved all of us so much but then Susan noted that they had only been to their house one time, the day they moved in. Every time any of them had made an attempt to start a conversation with her, she was always in a hurry to go some place.

From what Mom was saying, it seems Dad is having an affair with a twenty year old and Mom knows about it.

Alex patted me on the knee, “Yes, I’m afraid that’s true and to make matters worse, they both work at the bank and they’re about to get in hot water there.

I asked how he knew that. He told me it was a long story and not worth repeating, but just know that your mom was right about that.

Susan had a very serious look on her face when she told me, “Pete, let me start by wishing you a happy birthday, even it has not been a very happy one so far. The four of us have talked and we have decided that it’s not our place to tell you what to do. What I can tell you is that we love you and you have a home here as long as you want it. In the first place, you have more sex right here, anytime and anyway you want it and we all enjoy that. However, the main thing you have here is people that love you, just for you. You’re a wonderful young man and with your mom and dad treating you the way they do only tells me how wrong they are.

Everyone was very quiet for a few minutes, and then Alex stood up and said, “How about we adjourn to the bedroom so we can give Pete one of his birthday gifts?” Everyone stood and I’m sure I had a surprised look on my face but I followed them to the bed room.

Susan already had the vinyl sheet on the bed, so I knew it was going to be a wet time. Susan had me lay in the middle of the bed while Alex, Susan and James stripped. As soon as I was settled in, Alex and James started licking and sucking my toes while Susan and Kay started licking and sucking on my very hard nipples. I could feel the blood flowing and my cock started rising to the occasion.

Kay moved around and placed a leg over my body, straddling me. She moved down until her pussy was over the top of my hard cock. She used both hands to hold her pussy lips apart and I felt the warm, golden liquid as it hit my cock and flowed down around my balls

She started moving up my body, wetting me with her warm piss as she moved. She covered my stomach then across my chest and ended up with the last little squirt in my mouth. She was so turned on that when she pushed her wet pussy against my mouth, it only took a few flicks of my tongue across her clit and she threw her head back and let out a scream as she was in the grips of a massive orgasm.

Alex and James had moved up and were licking my cock and balls clean. James raised my legs up in the air and was doing his best to push his tongue into my puckered little asshole, while Alex took all of my cock in his mouth and down his throat.

Susan sound like a little child with her little squalling noises as she licked across my stomach and chest. She was pinching down rather hard on my nipples and it was causing a sensation like little electric shocks to run through my body.

Kay moved around a straddled my hips. James held my cock up as Kay aligned her dripping wet pussy over my cock. Susan held my head so I could get a better look as Kay used her fingers to pull her lips apart until I could see the pink inside of her vaginal passage.

I watched as she lowered herself slowly down on my cock. The head slipped in and when she had about half of my shaft inside her, she started rotating her hips. She would go a little deeper with each rotation until my whole shaft had disappeared inside of her.

Susan started rocking her hips back and forth and when she rocked back her clit would rub against Kay’s clit, causing Kay to moan softly. Susan moved up and straddled my stomach, facing Kay. She pushed her hips up until her hips were pushing against Kay’s. They synchronized their moves and Susan was rubbing her pussy across the bottom of my stomach while Kay was milking my hard shaft. They started kissing and both women were constantly moaning.

I heard them start to giggle just as I felt the warm piss start to flow down on my stomach, down around my balls and across the crack of my ass. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer but I was holding back as much as I could. It all was so good I didn’t want it end.

Alex and James had moved up next my head and both were slowly pumping their rock hard cocks. James started pumping faster and I knew he was close to dumping his load. I reached over and pulled him to me and took his cock in my mouth. It was hard and hot, I could taste the pre-cum as I sucked it deep into my mouth.

I didn’t have to move my head, James started frantically fucking my face, and I knew he wouldn’t last long. Kay started moving her hips back and forth so fast it would make a jackhammer look like it was in slow motion, her young, tight pussy was making it impossible to hold on much longer.

I felt the head of James’ cock get even larger as he shot his first stream of cum into my mouth. Just before he let go of a second shot, Kay slammed forward and my cock exploded, filling her tight pussy full of my hot cum. Though I couldn’t see her, I heard Kay yell out, “AAAAAHHHHH, YYYEEEESSSS, OH SHIT, MAKE ME A BABY, MY LOVER!”

Everyone and everything stopped, James was still cuming but I had stopped swallowing and his cum was leaking out of my mouth and down the side of my cheek. I just laid there while Kay used her vaginal muscles to draw every drop from my cock. Then I felt her relax and sit down on my legs. I could feel my cum leaking out of her pussy, down around my balls.

Everything was still very quiet as Kay’s words echoed through our minds. Then, I think she realized what she had said in her moment of passion. “Oh, about the baby, I didn’t mean right now but I do think of the time when it will happen,” she said with a little giggle.

I could feel James’ cock getting softer and I let it slip out of my mouth, as my own cock slipped out of Kay’s soaked pussy.

Susan moved out of the way and Kay quickly turned around and crouched down a few inches above my mouth. As she took her fingers and opened her pussy lips, I opened my mouth and watched as my cum slowly flowed from her pussy to my mouth.

When the cum had stopped flowing she lowered her pussy to my mouth and I started licking around her cum soaked lips and across her swollen clit. The taste of our combined juices was like a special desert for me. She lowered her head and took my softening cock in her mouth and started gently sucking on it. I felt hands raising my legs, and then a tongue touched me just below my asshole and started licking up across my little pucker and on up until it was licking around my balls.

Kay suddenly pulled her pussy away from my mouth and let my cock drop out of her mouth. She moved down and wrapped her arms around my legs and pulled them further back than they had been.

Looking down, I could see Alex and James kneeling on the other side of my legs. I watched as James lay down on his side with his face up next to my ass cheeks.

The way Kay was holding my leg, my ass and cock way totally exposed. I watched as Alex leaned across James and started licking my limp shaft. Then I felt James’ tongue push against my asshole then slip inside as far as he could go.

I looked to the side to see Susan kneeling by my right shoulder. She was watching all the action at the other end of bed, as she slowly pushed a couple of fingers in and out of her pussy.

I reached over and gently pulled on the back of Susan’s thigh. She smiled down at me, then swung her leg over my head and lowered her pussy down until it was about three inches above my mouth. With her legs that far apart, her pussy was gaped open a little. I thought this is how my darling Kay will look when she’s her Mom’s age; damn I’m a lucky guy!

I could see her minor labium hanging down just past the edge of her close trimmed pubic hair. I reached my arms around her thighs and pulled her down until I could suck the little sexy meat into my mouth. “Oh yes, I love for you to suck on my little monkey ears.

I couldn’t help it, I started laughing. Susan rose up a little and looked down at me, “please tell me what the hell is so funny?” “MONKEY EARS, where did that come from?” Everyone started laughing as Susan explained, “that is the nickname we have always given to the labium when it drops down below the outer lips.”

Once I regained my composure I pulled Susan back down on my mouth and continued sucking her MONKEY LIPS. I slowly pushed my tongue deeper inside her hot, wet pussy, I soon had my tongue pushed in deep as I could get it and my nose was pushed up against her very hard clit.

Then I started moving my face from side to side and making the motorboat sound. I could feel Susan’s vaginal muscles tighten around my tongue. I then heard AAAHHHH, OOOHHHH, P..PEE, PETE, AAAHHH YO, YYYOOOUU GGOONNNAA, MMMLLLKKEEE, MMMMMMEEEEE CCCCUUUUEEE!!!!!”

As Susan reached the peak of her orgasm she was pressing her pussy so tight against my mouth I could hardly breathe. The thought crossed my mind, “What if she smothers me to death? I guess it would be a good way to go, my girlfriend holding my legs up to give her Dad and brother access to my cock and ass and her Mom setting on my face smothering me with her hot pussy while she was in the grasp of a massive orgasm.”

As Susan’s hot woman juice filled my mouth and covered both sides of my face I could hear Kay urging her Dad, “Suck him good Daddy, suck all his cum out and share it with me.”

Alex was sucking just around the head of my cock now while he was pumping up and down on my shaft. James still had his tongue pushing in and out of my ass and I could feel my balls start to empty their load into Alex’s mouth.

Kay rose up just enough that I could raise my head and watch as Alex let my cock slip out of his mouth and raised up and locked his lips with Kay. At the same time James pulled his tongue out of my ass and Susan moved from over my head.

As soon as Kay broke her kiss with her Dad she imminently turned and held her mouth about an inch from my mouth. She smiled as she stuck out her cum coated tongue and I could see a small line of cum starting to flow from the tip of her tongue. I opened my mouth and let it flow in. Then she followed the line of cum down to my mouth and pushed her tongue under mine to clean all of the cum off her tongue. I swallowed as Kay wrapped her arms around my neck, and then laid her head on my chest after we broke the kiss.

She cuddled her body up close to mine so close I could feel her heart beating against my chest. Susan, Alex and James all culled up and wrapped their arms around us.

On this, my fifteenth birthday, I had just indulged in more wild, erotic, perverted sex than some men do in their entire life, if ever. Not to say I didn’t love and enjoy every second of it, because I did, but what I felt now was more fulfilling, more precious. I felt love, real deep down, honest, lasting love and it felt so good.

Susan told us that Alex, James and she were going to take a shower and that Kay and I could have a little private time together. We cuddled even closer and I guess we both fell asleep. The next thing I remember was a soft hand softly rubbing my cheek.

How could this happen to me


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Two delinquents target respectable mother. Part 1

Dave springer and Tony Selby had been friends since infant school and have been a right couple of trouble making bastards ever since.
Living on the towns only council estate that was a blight on an otherwise lovely Essex town, the two fifteen year olds were the scourge of their comprehensive school and town.

Both the product of broken homes and families with a history of operating on the wrong side of law and order, they were never going to grow up to be leading lights in the community or captains of industry. Well, perhaps the drug industry.

The Wilson family had been forced to relocate to Essex due to the company their father Martin worked for merging with another Essex based fibre optic company.
Martin had been one of the few lucky ones to be offered the chance to relocate thanks to his highly specialised knowledge of fibre optic design. Eighty five percent of the workforce had been made redundant.

It was a big wrench for the three of them having lived in Shropshire all their lives, leaving behind friends and relatives.
Wife Debbie and son Brian would find it the hardest to adjust, Debbie being a housewife with only the turning of their new five bedroom house into a home to keep her occupied and fifteen year old Brian having to start a new school and try to make new friends.

Martin would be immersed in organising the specialist department he was heading, keeping him at work for long days as well as many late nights involved in conference calls with their parent companies in California and Japan.

It was Monday morning and Brian’s first day at his new school, he felt like a fish out of water. No one took any notice of him when he asked which way the office was and when he did find it and was given his timetable and introduced in his first class as the new boy nobody took him under their wing and showed him the ropes.

At break he sat on his own on a playground bench trying to phone his mates he’d been forced to leave behind.
He did however unbeknown to him attract the attention of Tony and Dave.
“Look over there, that’s that new kid Brian, looks like he’s got a nice new iphone for us”. Tony tells Dave.
“Yeah, and he looks kinda posh, reckon he’ll have a few quid he’d like to share with us too”. Dave says laughing.
“Lets follow him home after school, check out the lie of the land before we see what we can mug him for”. Tony smirked.

Brian bemoaned his shit new school to one of his old mates unaware he had become a target of the two baddest thugs in school.
Come the bell at three o c Tony and Dave were the first out of class and hanging about outside the gates as Brian left for home, unaware he was being followed, Brian made the ten minute walk thinking what a shit life he was going to have with no mates and nothing to do outside school.

Reaching his house he was met by his mum cutting back an overgrown rose bush in the front garden. Giving him a hug and a peck on the cheek she asked. “How was your first day love”.
“How do you think it was, it was shit. It was like i was invisible”. Brian told his mother angrily.
“There’s no need for that kind of language thank you very much. Just give it time, things will get better, you’ll just have to tough it out for a while, it’s hard for me and your father too”. His mum replied.

” Fuck me, is that his mum, she’s fit as fuck”. Dave proclaimed.
“Fucking hell, she looks like a model or film star”. Tony told Dave.

Both boys carried on walking past Brian’s house so as not to be noticed or raise suspicion, it was another twenty minutes to the council estate that they lived on and the Wilson family had no idea it even existed.
” She was beautiful, the only thing that could improve her looks would be my bollocks banging against her chin”. Laughed Dave.
“I’d fuck her so hard, she wouldn’t walk for a week “. Added Tony.

Both of them continued to exchange the ways they would fuck Brian’s mum all the way to Dave’s house.
“I think Brian has just found two, new best friends”. Said Dave with an evil grin on his face.
“I think you’re right and the best thing is, he has no idea what a couple of horrible cunts we are”. Said Tony bursting out laughing.

The Wilson family had no idea that their world would be torn apart by the decision the two delinquent friends had just made.

The following day at school had gone the same way as as the previous one up till break.
Brian was doing he’s best ‘Nobby no mates’ impression alone on a bench when Dave and Tony sat either side of him.
“You’re new round here ain’t ya?”. Said Dave.
“Yeah, only moved here on saturday “. Replied Brian.
” Well i’m Dave and he’s Tony, we’ll get you up and running with what’s what, anything you need to know, feel free to ask us”. Said Dave, putting him at ease and making Brian feel a bit better about his forced upheaval .

Over the two breaks and lunch time Dave and Tony found out everything they needed to know about the Wilson family. Brian only to willing to foster the chance of making two new friends. He was totally unaware he was supplying them with the ammunition they needed for their designs on his mother.

Being in different classes for the most part due to the gap between Brian’s academic brightness and Tony and Dave’s lack of interest in academic achievement suited Dave and Tony fine, not wanting to spend more time than necessary with the drippy new kid.
It wasn’t that they were thick, they were highly intelligent when it came to playing the system, both were street and worldly wise, they new all the angles. The pair of them were budding Al Capones.

For the whole of their last lesson they sat at the back of the class plotting ways of seeing more of Brian’s mum.

After school the three of them walked back together, arriving back at Brian’s house just in time to see his mum on all fours weeding a flower bed.
Dave nudged Tony and silently mouthed “Fuck me” unseen by Brian.
“Hi mum” greeted Brian.
Debbie got to her feet and turning to greet Brian was pleasantly surprised to see him accompanied by the two other boys.
” Hi love, looks like you’ve made a couple of friends, that’s nice “. Said Debbie, her beautiful face radiating a big smile.

“This is Dave and Tony”. Brian announced, pointing to each in turn.
“Hello boys, pleased to meet you both”. Greeted Debbie extending her hand.

“Hello Mrs Wilson”. Said Dave, shaking her dainty hand.
“Pleased to meet you Mrs Wilson”. Said Tony, taking his turn to shake her hand.

“Come into the house and i’ll get you all a drink and a snack “. Offered Debbie, eager to create a warm welcome and good impression on her sons new friends.

Dave and Tony followed her checking out her cute arse and sexy body.
Debbie was certainly a looker, 5ft 7in, long slender legs and tiny arse squeezed into her tight fitting faded jeans. A tight tee shirt hugging her medium sized tits and flat stomach.
Her face was truly beautiful in a soft natural way, no need for lots of makeup, her complexion was flawless. Her beauty was topped off by long shaggy, dirty blonde hair.
No way would you guess she was 38 years old, you would be hard pressed to book her down as anything older than late 20’s.

The four of them chatted for a while in the kitchen while they drank cola and snacked on crisps and biscuits, then Debbie headed back into the front garden to carry on weeding and the boys headed to Brian’s bedroom to play on Brian’s new playstation.

Debbie was so pleased her son had made some friends, they were a bit scruffy and rough around the edges but seemed polite and friendly enough.

While Tony and Brian played the game Dave was looking out of the bedroom window at Brian’s mum on all fours weeding the flowerbed. He was imagining himself fucking her doggy style as Tony face fucked her, giving her the perfect spit roast.

“Where’s the toilet Bri? i need a piss”. Dave asked.
“Last on the left “. Answered Brian without looking up.

Seeing that the fuckable Debs wasn’t gonna be finishing anytime soon Dave headed out the bedroom and winking to Tony closed the door behind him.
After looking into two smaller unlived in bedrooms he struck third time lucky and entered Brian’s parents bedroom. He soon deducted Debs side of the massive bed by the contents of the bedside cabinet.
The bottom draw of the three containing her sexy underwear and a big pink dildo. Dave got his erect cock out and wrapped a pair of purple french knickers around his rock hard six inches.
He used his phone to take a photo of his silk wrapped cock above her open underwear and dildo draw, sending it to Tony as he wanked his cock while extending his search to the wardrobes.

Debbie had some seriously sexy dresses hanging in her walk in wardrobe. Satisfied with his search so far dave headed for the ensuite bathroom and seeing her pink electric toothbrush wiped a drop of precum on the bristles.
Next stop was the dirty linen basket and finding a dainty little thong had a good sniff of her pungent aroma as he wanked his cock faster. Feeling himself about to cum he stuffed the thong into his pocket and went back into the bedroom he pulled back the quilt and shot his load on milf Debbie’s side of the bedsheet about halfway down.
The three blasts of sticky cum made quite a mess, Dave laughed as he cleaned the last of his dripping cum on the gusset of her french knickers and replaced them in the draw knowing his dried cum would be rubbing against her sexy moist cunt the next time she wore them.

He smeared all his cum over as wide an area of her side of the bedsheet as he could knowing it would be dry and probably go unnoticed as she slept on it that night. That would be as close as he could get to fucking her for now. Dave carefully made the bed, washed his hands and returned to Brian’s room.

Tony had almost pissed himself as he opened the photo text from Dave. Once Dave was back in the room they played for another half hour then made their excuses and left telling Brian they would knock for him in the morning.
Stopping for a quick chat with Debbie in the front garden before heading into town to hangout with their real mates.

The following morning Dave and Tony left for school thirty minutes early for the first time in their lives, knowing if they knocked for Brian before he was ready there was a good chance they would be invited in to wait by Debbie.

It worked a treat, Debs invited them in saying. “Brian’s only just started his breakfast, would you like a cup of tea or coffee”?
“Thanks Mrs Wilson, we’ll both have whatever ever you’re having” replied Dave.

“I’m having a coffee, i can’t begin the day until i’ve had a mug full to get me going”. Said Debbie.
Those fateful words triggered the beginnings of a plan in Dave’s devious mind.
The following few hours at school Dave and Tony would work out the details and a phone call to Dave’s drug dealing older brother Billy, would supply them with the ammunition they needed to implement it.

They both knocked on Brian’s front door at the same early time the next morning.
” Hello boys, cup of coffee “? Debbie asked, inviting them in.
” Only if you’re having one Mrs Wilson”. Replied Dave.
“Of course, can’t start the day without one, remember “. Laughed Debbie.

As Debbie made three mugs of coffee Tony asked. “Doing anything nice today Mrs Wilson?”.
“No, just housework and i want to sort out as much of the garden as i can while the weather is nice “. Answered Debbie, unwittingly giving Dave and Tony the vital information they needed to put their evil plan into operation.

While Brian was getting his homework from his room Tony distracted Debbie by going to the patio doors overlooking the large back garden and asked her what she was going to do to the garden.
As Debbie pointed out the changes she wanted to make, Dave unwrapped the silver foil and emptied it’s powder contents into her mug of coffee and gave it a stir.

A wink from Dave and Tony says. “It will look lovely when you’ve finished it Mrs Wilson, let’s drink our coffee before it gets cold “.
They both return to the breakfast bar and finish their coffee.

Brian comes back into the kitchen ready and saying their goodbyes the three boys leave for school.
Debbie clears the breakfast things into the dishwasher and heads for the bedrooms to make the beds.
Fifteen minutes had passed and Debbie was starting to feel a bit strange. Her body felt a bit washed out and she was having hot flushes.

Dave and Tony had parted ways with Brian once they got into school, Brian headed for his first class of the day, Dave and Tony head for the schools side gate and slipped out so they could make their way back to Brian’s mums house.

“It takes about half hour to work, Billy says it will make her open to suggestions and horny for about four hours before she’ll get tired and sleep for a couple of hours. When she wakes up she won’t remember much and it will seem like it was all a hazy dream “. Dave explained to Tony.

Debbie was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on making her bed when she heard someone knocking on the front door. She made her way unsteadily downstairs and opened the door.

“Hi Mrs Wilson, i think i left my phone here, can i come in and look for it?”. Asked Dave.
” Of course “. Said Debbie, gesturing for them to head to the kitchen and shutting the door behind them.

Both boys went through the motions of pretending to search for the phone, all the time they were checking out Brian’s mum to see if the date rape drug had taken effect.
Once they were fairly sure she wasn’t acting her normal self Dave went for it. “I think i may have left it in your bedroom Mrs Wilson, shall we all go up and look for it?”.

Debbie was a bit confused trying to work out why it would be in her bedroom but at the same time it seemed a reasonable request and she answered. “Sure, follow me”.

Both boys knew by the way she agreed to their ridiculous request that she was feeling the full effect of the drug. They followed her upstairs laughing behind her back and making rude gestures to each other.

Once in her bedroom Dave made out he found his phone under her bed. “Here it is Mrs Wilson, let me see if it’s working properly by taking a photo of your beautiful face “.

“Oh err, ok”. Said Debbie, feeling very strange.

“Have you ever done any modelling Mrs Wilson?”. Asked Tony.

“No never” replied Debbie.

“I think you should do some modelling for us now, you’ve got a very sexy body and it would be a shame not to have some special photos to show your husband. We’re both very good photographers and wouldn’t charge you any money “. Tony said as if he was doing her a big favour.

“Well if you think my husband would like them, then i suppose it wouldn’t do any harm “. An easily coerced Debbie responded.

“That’s a good wife Debs, start by pushing your hair up with both hands and pushing your tits out “. Tony told her, as they both wondered how she would respond to being called Debs and hearing the word tits.
To their astonishment she did as was told and looked as hot as hell. She was wearing a pink tee shirt over a bra, sexy grey jogging bottoms with the word pink across her arse cheeks and pink flip flops.

Both boys took photos with their phones and decided to up the stakes.

“Okay Debs, now cup your tits and squeeze them for the camera “. Dave ordered.

When she complied they both knew Brian’s mum was there for the taking. ” Tony’s going to take your tee shirt off now Debs, you need to show more of your sexy fucking body to the camera “.

Dave was now videoing as Tony got behind Brian’s mother and eased her tee shirt off revealing her medium sized tits sitting snugly in her purple silk, half cup bra. Tony reached through her arms and started to juggle her bra covered tits, telling her. “Let me help you show your husband how fucking sexy your beautiful tits are “.

Debbie was now at their mercy, whatever they said or told her to do seemed totally reasonable and logical in her drug induced state, there would be no reprieve from the day the evil duo had in store for her.

“Debs while i play with your tits i want you to slide your bottoms off and then play with your pussy for me”. Tony instructed.

Debbie kicked off her flip flops and slid her bottoms down and off to reveal her matching purple french knickers. She then slipped one hand inside them and proceeded to rub her pussy for Tony.

“That’s a good slut Debs, you’re wearing the same knickers i used to wank my cock with the other day. Do you want to take them off and wank my hard cock for me with them?”. Dave asked, filming her every move.

Debbie was feeling extremely turned on, the fact she’d not had sex for three months because of all the stress and upheaval of their relocation, having her tits played with by Tony, fingering her own pussy and the powerful drug she had been plied with, all added up to a lost cause. “If you think it would look good for the photos then okay “. Answered a compliant Debbie.

Dave paused the phone and told Brian’s mum. “Tell me you want to watch me strip off so you can wank my schoolboy cock”.

Filming again he captured her self condemning words.

Dave quickly stripped, relieved to free his throbbing hard on from the constraints of his tight school trousers and pants. He approached Debbie, picking up her discarded knickers and handed them to her. Brian’s mum wrapped them around Dave’s average sized cock and slowly began wanking him off. Dave filmed her ringed and silk covered fingers expertly tugging his prick for a couple of minutes then stopped filming and told her to. “Tell Tony to take your bra off for you , then tell him to strip, because you want two hard schoolboy cocks to play with “.

Dave again filmed her law breaking words, he filmed as Tony uncliped her bra and slid it from her body, it slid down her arms and hung from the wrist of her wanking hand.

” Stop wanking my cock and get on your bed Debs”. Ordered Dave.
Brian’s mum did, kneeling in the middle of the bed watching as Tony shed his clothes. Soon he was naked proudly sporting his erect six and half inches.

They both looked at their prize, naked on the bed, her 34 c size tits looked bigger than they were because of her gorgeous slim body, they sagged a little and her little berry sized nipples were rock hard. She had a little strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair above a perfect glistening pussy. Her face was stunningly beautiful, her big green eyes stared intently back at them.

“Debs, tell us you want us to get on the bed and fuck you with our lovely young cocks”. ordered Dave.

Both boys filmed as she answered. “Boys, get on my bed and fuck me with your lovely young cocks”.

Dave set his phone on her dresser pointed at the bed to film the downfall of their drugged submissive housewife. Then climbed on the bed with Debs and Tony.

“Lay on your back Debs, i’m gonna fuck your cunt while you suck Tony’s cock, it will make a nice porn film to show your husband”. Dave told her.

Debbie lay on her back trying to think why her husband would want to watch her being fucked by the two schoolboys, ‘perhaps he told them’. She thought to herself, she was feeling very aroused by the attention she was receiving from her sons school friends.

Both boys phones were filming as Tony used his free hand to grab a handful of Debbie’s hair, then violates her mouth, forcing his hard cock all the way to the back of her throat causing her to gag and splutter. She had never experienced rough sex before, she was about to be educated.

Dave not to be outdone knelt between her legs, gripped her arse cheeks and lining up his throbbing prick entered her with all the force he could muster causing her to buck from the pain of being penetrated so hard without much in the way of foreplay.

Right from the off they both fucked Brian’s beautiful mothers mouth and cunt with hard powerful strokes. Within three minutes both boys were on the brink, first to cum was Dave as he held his cock as deep in her desecrated pussy as he could and spewed four powerful blasts into her. “Arrrrgg fuuck you dirty whore, take it all bitch”.

Dave’s orgasm set off Tony and he blasted away straight down her throat nearly choking her in the process.
“Fuck me, you really are one filthy slag Mrs Wilson, you must love the taste of underage cum”. Tony said, adding to the shame she was being subjected too.

Debbie coughed and spluttered as both cocks slid out of her abused body, her cunt was leaking cum and her face looked a blotchy mess. Her watering eyes had made her mascara run and her nose and mouth were dripping thick drool and cum.

“Fuck me you look a right state “. Said Tony videoing the mess they had made of her close up. “What would your husband say if he saw you like that?”.

Dave chipped in. “Get off the bed and look in your mirror “.

Debbie did as she was told and stood looking at herself in her full length mirror. She was struggling to recognise herself, it almost felt like she was looking at another woman. She had never felt so weird and spaced out.

“Well, what have you got to say for yourself “. Asked Dave

“I’m sorry i’ve made a mess of myself “. Apologised Brian’s mum.

“Well you’re gonna have to be punished, you’re gonna get fucked up the arse as punishment and seeing as i got to fuck your cunt first, i think it’s only fair Tony fucks your arse first . Now tell him you want him to fuck you in the arse”. Dave told her, pointing his camera phone at her again.

“Please fuck me in the arse Tony”. Asked Debbie looking at Tony standing behind her in the mirror.

Being fifteen Tony had no problem getting rock hard again at the chance of fucking Brian’s beautiful mum up the arse. “Pull those arse cheeks apart you sexy slut”.

Debbie did as she was told, exposing her wrinkled anus to the pair of them. Dave filmed as Tony bent down and spat a gob full of sylvia at her shithole. Standing back up he aimed his bellend at her spit covered bum hole and pushed home until he was buried balls deep forcing her against the cold glass of the mirror, he pushed her face side on against the glass and roughly sodomised her.

Dave captured every thrust into her tight rarely fucked arsehole, he filmed her tits squashed against the mirror. Dave filmed the grin on Tony’s face and the grimace on Brian’s mums. Three minutes of furious arse fucking later and Tony erupted in Debbie’s shitter.

Tony exited her arse causing it to fart which created a perfect cream pie in her gaping brown hole. Dave videod a close up of Tony’s spunk leaking out of her arse then ordered her. “Get back on the bed on all fours, just like you’re weeding the flower bed”.
The beautiful housewife did as asked.

Tony manoeuvred in front of her on his back and filming told her. “Look at the mess your dirty arsehole has made of my cock. Now use that slutty mouth to clean my spunk and your filthy arse juice off it, you whore”.

“Sorry “. said Debbie and went to work on his dirty flaccid prick.

Dave hard again after watching the arse fucking show got on the bed behind Brian’s mum and told her.”I’m gonna fuck your cheating wife cunt doggie style, like the slag bitch you are, while you get Tony’s cock hard again”.

Dave lined up his cock and easily slid balls deep into Debs sloppy cum filled pussy. He took his time and steadily ploughed the full length in and out.

After five minutes of steady fucking Brian’s mum was responding, receiving pleasure for the first time since the sexual assault by the pair of delinquents had begun.

Debbie’s moans of pleasure increased as Tony’s cock responded and started to grow in her mouth. It was rock hard two minutes later as he filmed The milf explode into orgasm, removing her mouth from his clean hard cock to vent her release. “Arrhhgg fuuuck
cuuuming, ooooh god, fuuuuuck”.

Dave pulled out of her satisfied cunt and ordered her. “Now climb onto Tony’s hard prick and ride him like the horny slag you are”.

Brian’s mum moved up Tony’s body and mounted his cock, she started to bounce up and down regaining the pleasure she had received from Dave’s fucking of her. Tony played with her tits and sucked on her small rock hard nipples.

Debbie’s moans of pleasure suddenly rose a few octaves as her already fucked rectum was filled with the full length of Dave’s throbbing six inches of meat.
Debbie took a minute to adjust to the feeling of being double penetrated as both boys fucked their cocks into her cunt and arsehole.

As the discomfort in her stuffed holes rescinded, she once again felt her interrupted pleasure returning and began riding both cocks as a steady rhythm built between the three of them.

Dave put Tony’s phone to good use, explicitly filming Brian’s mum’s exposed cunt and arse getting fucked by two hard cock’s.

Fuelled by his success Dave started to go to town. Increasing his speed, he battered her shithole and started taunting the drugged housewife. “How does it feel to be fucked by two schoolboys in your married cunt and cheating shithole Debs?”.

Debbie panting and moaning answered. ” Oh god, it feels so good, never been fucked by two cocks before “.

Tony joined the verbal abuse. “Do you think your husband and Brian will be proud of how good you fuck two cocks at once. Do you think they would enjoy watching a porno film of their filthy slag mother and whore wife fucking Brian’s schoolboy mates and cuming on their cocks”.

Debbie was on the brink of another big orgasm. “Yes, sooo proud, filthy slag, sooo good, sooo full, fuck meee hard, make meee cum”.

Dave slapped her arse cheek hard. “That’s it you filthy fucking slut, you dirty old spunker, ride our cocks and beg us for our cum you cheating bored housewife “.

Tony squeezed her tits and bit her nipple then told her. “Come on you dirty cunt, milk my cock until it’s empty. Show me what a dirty slapper Brian’s mum is. I want you to fuck us better then you fuck your husband”.

Debbie was in a state of intoxication, her body betraying her. “Oh god, fuck my dirty slapper body, pound this whore’s cunt and dirty arsehole. Arrrggghh shit, fuck and sodomise this begging mums slag body, empty your schoolboy cocks in me, fill me with spunk, fuuuuuck cuuuuumiiiing”.
Brian’s mum rode furiously as she had the biggest orgasm of her life, she shook and trembled uncontrollably as her climax ripped through her.

It was all too much for the two fifteen year olds as they gripped her tightly, forced their cocks as deep as they would go and emptied yet another load of their virile young spunk deep into their respective holes.

Debbie didn’t know it yet, but the sperm that Tony had just fired deep inside her vagina contained the winner of the tadpole race that would in the next few days fertilise her unprotected egg.

After Brian was born, Debbie and Martin decided they would pour all their love and hopes into him. They talked it through and agreed that Martin should have a vasectomy.
The timing of her drugged sexual ordeal couldn’t have happened at a worse time, Debbie’s was at her most fertile and with the amount of spunk the two virile youngsters had fired up her, it was inevitable one of their swimmers would knock her up.

The three of them recovered from the intense orgasem’s they had just shared, both softening cocks fell from Debbie’s well fucked gapping holes followed by a steady stream of accumulated cum. Dave getting a nice close up of Mrs Wilsons sore and leaking holes, courtesy of the pair of drug administering rapists.

Dave ordered Debbie. “Get off the bed and kneel on the floor, your gonna clean our cocks you dirty slut”.

Brian’s mother obediently obliged, licking and sucking until both boys cocks were spotless. Both boys remained flaccid and needed a rest before they could inflict anymore sexual abuse on Brian’s drugged mother.

“Go and clean that slutty spunk filled body of yours slag. I want you cleaned up, then you’re gonna wear what we pick out for you, is that understood ?”. Tony ordered with contempt.

Debbie got up and headed for her bathroom replying. “Yes Tony, i’ll clean up and dress up nice for you both”.

While Brian’s mum was in the bathroom Dave laughed, telling Tony. “I told you it would work, how fucking good was that. I knew she would be a great fuck, better than all those sluts our own age “.

“By the time we’ve finished fucking her, she won’t walk for a week, trouble is neither will we”. Said Tony and they both cracked up laughing.

” My phone battery is getting low, how’s yours?”. Asked Dave.

” Low too, all that video has run it down. look they’ve got iphone chargers on their beside cabinets, touch “. Tony said pointing.

Once their phones were on charge they set about finding what they would get her to dress up in. They both agreed on some black silk suspenders with little pink bows on, white silk stockings and red high heels. They decided not to bother with bra and knickers, they would only be coming straight off anyway.

Looking through her walk in wardrobe both their eyes lit up. Hanging up in a clear plastic cover was her wedding dress.

“Perfect, how hot will she look getting fucked wearing that “. Grinned Dave.

“Holy fuck, my cocks getting hard just thinking about it “. Laughed Tony.

The boys laid out their chosen outfit on the bed and went downstairs to find Debbie’s phone and handbag. They returned upstairs and went through her handbag taking out her purse. Inside that they took the £180 cash she had and her bank debit card.

Dave called out to Brian’s mum. “Debs, come here a minute “.

Debbie came out in a bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her head like a turban. “What is it boys, i’m all clean, i was just about to do my makeup for you “.

“What’s the pin number for your bank card and phone “. Asked Dave.

“They’re both the same 4545”. Debbie told him, the drugs making the question seem totally reasonable.

“Okay bitch, now hurry up with your makeup we want to fuck you again and don’t forget to use your best perfume “. Ordered Dave.

“Will do, won’t be long”. She answered.

Tony put the debit card and cash in his school jacket pocket and Dave got into her phones contact list. He put Debbie’s husband, her mum and her dads mobile phone numbers into his own phone. He already had Brian’s number.
Her rung his own phone from hers, so he had her number too.

It was now 10.45 and both boys were pleased with the plan so far. Dave said. “I think we should get dressed again in our uniforms and make her strip us, it would make a great porno, ‘ the beautiful older bride and the two schoolboys ‘. What do you think?”.

“Yeah perfect, imagine how that would look in court, a 38 year old married mother asking two 15 year old schoolboys to fuck her in her wedding dress “. Laughed Tony.

The two of them were dressed and horny as hell as Brian’s mum came naked back into the bedroom. She looked stunning with her hair and makeup fixed perfect, her perfume was intoxicating. Both boys were rock hard as they watched her tits gently bounce as she walked towards them.

“Fucking hell Debs, you must really want to get fucked if you’ve made such an effort “. Tony said, open mouthed.

“That would be nice, are these the clothes you want me to wear?”. responded Debbie.

“Yeah, thought it would bring back happy memories of your husband fucking you on your wedding night “. Sneered Dave.

“My husband has never fucked me while i was wearing this dress “. Replied Debbie. “I only ever wore it for the wedding ceremony and changed for the reception. I’ve never worn it since “.

“Even better Debs, we can show your husband what it would have been like to have fucked you in it. Now get dressed cos my cock needs fucking bitch”. Dave told her.

“Oh, okay “. Smiled Debbie and started getting dressed.

Dave filmed her getting dressed, his rock hard cock almost ripping through his boxers and trousers. Once she had finished Dave told her. ” Now look at my phone and tell us ‘ it’s always been my sexual fantasy to be fucked by two underage schoolboys, i’m so glad you’re both only fifteen, now come here and give me a proper good fucking’. Is that understood you dirty fucking slag?”.

Debbie looked at the phone and repeated Dave’s recital word perfect. This would be the final nail in her coffin, the snippet of film footage that would leave her open to blackmail and under their control.

Tony put his still charging phone on video mode and pointed it at the middle of the bed. Dave would use his for close ups.

“Stand beside the bed and strip our clothes off us and act like the dirty cock hungry slut you are, got it slag”. Tony ordered.

Both boys stood beside her and let Brian’s mum do all the work. The blushing bride started by kissing them both passionately while rubbing their hard cocks through their trousers. Then she slowly stripped them both and sucked both their cocks, she even got both cocks in her mouth at the same time.

Satisfied with the show so far Dave told her. “Get on the bed on all fours and tell us ‘I want my horny schoolboys to spit roast me hard and rough ‘. Got it you dirty old slapper”.

Again Debbie did as told and didn’t fluff her lines.

Tony pulled her tits out of the top of her low cut dress then told her. “Suck my cock, get it nice and slippery so i can stuff it in your married slag cunt”. Brian’s mum soon had her throat full of choking meat. After giving her a rough face fucking all filmed by Dave he got behind her and lifted the back of her wedding gown revealing her cute arse and suspenders. Tony spat on his fingers and pushed two of them past her puffy cunt lips and finger fucked her fanny hard and fast.

Dave was capturing some great footage and egged Tony on. “How many fingers do you think you can get up that filthy whores cunt. I reckon if you get it wet enough, you could get your whole hand up there”.

“What do you think Mrs Wilson, do you think Tony can fit his whole hand up your dirty, sloppy cunt?”. mocked Dave.

“I don’t know, it depends how hard he tries”. Debbie answered matter of factly.

Tony and Dave kept spitting on her cunt and Tony’s hand as he forced it as hard as he could, stretching the lips of her pussy as wide as they had been stretched since giving birth to Brian.
Finally the widest part of Tony’s hand made it past her seriously stretched cunt lips and tightly clamping muscles.

Brian’s mum was grunting and breathing hard as Tony fisted her in short, steady thrusts.

Dave had an idea, he paused his filming and told Debbie. “Tell us how much you like being fisted and want your arse stuffed full with your big pink dildo that’s in the bottom of your bedside cabinet “.

Filming again Dave captured her perverted request. Taking her large dildo from the drawer Dave offered it up to her grunting lips and ordered her. “Suck it like the porn star you are, slag, deep throat it and show your husband what a cock sucking scrubber you are “.

Dave kept forcing the fat 10 inch dildo further down her throat, she was gagging and choking. Her mouth was aching from being stretched so wide. Dave had managed to force seven inches of firm rubber cock inside and was in danger of choking her to death when he relented and pulled it out.

They had never seen so much sylvia, it was thick and clinging, attached to her lips and nose, it beaded to the large dildo and Dave rotated it, collecting as much of it as he could.

“That’s a good slut, that should help it slide up your shitter, dirty Debbie, let’s find out “. Smirked Dave, he joined Tony and lined up the rubber bellend with her already sore looking sphincter. It seemed lmpossible that the large, life like dildo would gain entry. It was twice as fat as their cocks.

“Relax that tight arse you dirty slag, you asked us to use it, take a deep breath then relax as you breathe out hard”. Dave encouraged her.

She did as told and Dave pushed as hard as he could. Finally the bruised rubbery muscle relented and Dave rammed four inches up her shithole.

“Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh fuuuuuck”. Screamed out Debbie.

“Eerrgghhh shit, i could feel the veins on that thing rub over my hand “. Said a surprised Tony.

” Now we’re cooking”. Said Dave and set about working it deeper and deeper into her clinging arsehole.

Despite the powerful effects of the date rape drug she had taken, Debbie was in pain. Never had she been so stretched and full as she was now. Dave had managed to get four more inches up her arse. Both boys took a sadistic pleasure in thrusting fist and dildo into her grossly stretched holes.

” What a filthy fucking slag you are Debs, tell us what a great time you’re having with your schoolboy lovers “. Asked Tony.

It was all caught on film by both phones as Brian’s mum told them. “Ohh fuuuck, thank you for giving me a great time my schoolboy lovers “. Tears of pain rolling down her messed up face.

Dave left the dildo in Tony’s control and went up kneeling in front of Debbie, he grabbed two handfuls of her shaggy blonde hair and fed his hard six inches to the back of her throat. After the dildo Debbie had no trouble deep throating him.

” I think we’ve made the slag airtight “. Laughed Dave, face fucking her hard.

” Who’d have thought the poofy, posh boys mum would be such a dirty old spunker. She looks like an innocent angel in her wedding dress. I wonder how many underage schoolboys she fucked from gay Brian’s old school?”. Mocked Tony.

Tony slowly pulled his soaking hand from Debbie’s gaping cunt and wiped it on her wedding dress. He put his helmet at the entrance to her abused cunt and his cock disappeared to the balls without any effort. He fucked away telling Dave. “Fucking hell, it’s like throwing a banana up Oxford Street. I think my fist has ruined her “.

They both fucked her slowly, Tony filming with Dave’s phone. After a few minutes Tony removed the dildo from her ugly, distorted bum hole and his prick from her sloppy cunt. ” Okay our kinky, slut housewife, turn round and sit on Dave’s cock, ride him hard you filthy slut”.

Dave stopped his face fucking and lay down on his back and Debbie dutifully turned, mounted his cock reverse cowgirl and rode him hard. Tony filming her tits flopping about wildly and Dave’s cock getting a good fucking.

Dave stopped her after five minutes and pulled her down to his chest and swapping holes, started fucking her arse and abusing her tits. Tony put her legs on his shoulders a entered her sloppy pussy. Tony did his best to film and fuck at the same time.

Debbie was now starting to feel the pleasure of being fucked by two average sized cocks after the abuse of fist and large dildo. Her holes gradually regaining their natural size and shape.

Dave was getting close to filling up her arsehole with another load and gave Debbie some kind words of encouragement. “That’s it you filthy slag, fuck our cocks so we can squirt our spunk into that dirty skank, cum dump body of yours. Show your husband what a great fuck you are, bitch”.

Tony’s words were nearly as kind.”Cum on my cock you dirty slag cunt. You won’t look too beautiful after we’ve finished fucking the shit out of your manky cunt, arse and face. Your husbands going to love seeing you fucked stupid, with spunk dripping out of your well used, sloppy cunt and arse, your face and tits decorated by our cum shooting pricks”.

Their words didn’t really register with Brian’s mother, her body was responding to double fucking she was receiving. Debbie thrust back against the penetrating meat pounding into her until she came like a runaway train.” Aaaarrggghhh jesus, fuuuck that’s soooo gooood, shiit i’m cuuuummiiing, awwwwwhhhhh fuuuuck”.

Mrs Wilson shock uncontrollably, her tits wobbling and undulating, her cunt spasming on Tony’s cock, her arse muscles clamping and unclamping round Dave’s cock.

Both boys groaned loudly and pumped their jizz hard and deep inside the holes they were abusing.

Debbie’s situation looked like she’d been a porn queen for years, laying tits up on Dave’s chest, impailed on two cocks, her stocking covered, shapley legs over Tony’s shoulders, bright red high heel stilettos on her slender feet. Her beautiful white wedding dress crumbled around her waist, exposing her suspenders, her exposed tits gently rippling as her massive orgasm receded.
The smile on her face supporting all the evidence that showed she had instigated the seduction, the sexual abuse of two innocent, underage schoolboys.

Both boys untangled themselves, pushing Brian’s mum off them. Dave telling her. ” Clean up the mess u’ve made of our cocks you slut”.

Debbie set about the two kneeling boys cocks. On her hands and knees she did as told, licking and sucking each boy in turn as their spunk leaked out of her well fucked arse and cunt.

Tony was the first to be cleaned and turning round, getting on all fours told her. “When you’ve finished cleaning Dave’s shit covered cock i want you to eat my sweaty arsehole, giving it a good going over, i want your tongue right up inside. Got it slag?”.

“Okay”. Replied Debbie without batting an eyelid.

“My arsehole too “. Added Dave, liking where Tony was coming from.

“Will do”. Came Debbie’s reply.

Both their arseholes received a thorough tongue lashing. It was the first time they had both had a girl do this to them, Tony had got the idea, like most of his others from watching porn.

They were both getting hard again and Tony told Debbie to stick a finger up their arses and wank them off.
Debbie performed like a pro and soon they were on the verge of cuming again.

Both boys turned round and Dave instructed Debbie to. “Sit on the bed, play with your tits, finger your cunt and tell us to cum on your face”.

Both boys stood above Debbie frantically wanking their excited cocks with the beautiful middle aged housewife telling them.
“That’s it boys, wank your cocks and spray your beautiful young cum all over my face “.

That was all it took as both of them put on a display of synchronised shooting, splattering Debbie’s face with several ropes of thick sticky spunk, both verbally abusing her at the same time. ” Take it all you dirty fucking slag”. Said Dave.

“Do you like our present, you old spunker whore”. Added Tony.

Tony retrieved his phone and they both filmed close ups as they gripped her hair, wiped and slapped their spent cocks on her face and fuck her mouth until they were done.

“How was that dirty Debs, do you feel like a well fucked, cheating old slapper ?”. Asked Dave.

“Yes, that was very nice, i’ve never been fucked so much. I do feel very tired now, think i’ll just lay down and have a nice sleep “. Said Debbie crawling up to the top of the bed and laying her head on the pillows.

“Fuck me she’s asleep already. Think we should just leave her as she is and hope for her sake she wakes up and makes herself presentable before Brian gets home from school in about two and a half hours “. laughed Tony.

“Yeah, i’d like to be a fly on the wall when she wakes up and tries to remember what’s happened to her “. Smirked Dave.

“Leave her big dildo wedged in her cunt, so that when the old spunker wakes up, assuming she doesn’t notice all the spunk, will think she fucked herself stupid with it”. Added Tony.

Both boys got dressed, wedged seven inches of fat dildo up her minge and took a final photo of their drugged prize, returned her purse and handbag where they found it and headed off to town to find out how much was in her account so they could have a bit of a spend up.

Loretta- Horny Mom With Needs


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Author’s info: Gender: male


Peeping on my mature neighbor Loretta has consequences. Sexy consequences.

I was finally starting my life. I was 22, and had just moved into a rental house that a coworker lived next door to. She got me an amazing deal. Rent was only $520.00 when it could have easily been $1,100.00. My coworker, Loretta, was a really easygoing chick. She was 46 year old 5‘3, half-white, half-Hispanic woman, but her face could have passed for 35. She had a slutty look about her that I loved. She had two adult sons, and no husband. She had a mom’s body. She had fairly skinny legs, and kind of a small ass. She also had a muffin top. Her best assets, however, were her tits. Big, natural 34DD boobs, with that perfect natural sag. She knew her tits were great too. She was always showing them off in a low cut, spaghetti strap shirt.

To be honest, other than the occasional, dirty sexual fantasy, I never really thought much about her until I moved next to her. I was just making conversation with her one day at the retail store we work at, when I mentioned that I was looking for a place.

“The couple next door from me just moved out. I am friends with the owners. Maybe I can talk to them for you.” She said.

“Yeah. That would be great. I can really only afford like 600 bucks a month though.” I replied.

“I will give her a call and see what she can do.”

“Thank you so much, Loretta.” I gave her my number and told her to text me when she talked to the land lord.

Three weeks later, Loretta and I were neighbors. She even helped me move in. The second day I was there, I was hooking up my TV in my room when I looked out the window to my left. I realized that I had a perfect view of Loretta’s bedroom. I could see she was in bed, taking a nap. I went back to hooking up the TV, but the thought kept crossing my mind that eventually, I would probably catch a glimpse of her naked. I kept glancing back to my left, hoping that day would come sooner rather than later. I finally got my TV hooked up, and got up to find my playstation to hook up when I turned left and saw Loretta waking up. She removed her blanket and much to my pleasure, she was topless. As she sat up, saw her bare chest for the first time. Her nipples were huge. Nearly three inches in diameter, and they were dark and defined. My cock began to grow, as I began rubbing it. Before long it was at its full 8 inches and hard as a rock. She got up and walked around, looking for something. She was wearing a lacy black thong, as he walked around topless. At this point I was sitting on my bed, staring at her, with my cock out in my hand. I hoped she wouldn’t look my way, yet at the same time, part of me wanted her to know I was stroking my cock to her. As her back was toward me, she bent down to pick something up. Her ass may have been smallish, but damn it looked good. I wanted to pull that thong out of her ass crack and bury my cock deep in her pussy from behind. As she stood back up, she had her matching black bra in her hand, and I watched her put it on before she walked out of her room. I laid back and unloaded streams of hot cum all over myself. The next day at work, every time I saw her, I began to chub up. I couldn’t wait to get home and watch her window. Unfortunately, nothing interesting happened for the next six days. However, I now had a new hobby, and I was going to watch her window everyday until something happened. And on the seventh day, something did.

It was about seven o’clock on Friday night. As soon as I got home, I was treated to a show. I walked into my room, and looked across to her window, and there she was, lying on her bed, completely naked. Her legs were spread wide and I got a clear view of her beautiful pussy. It was covered in black hair and she was rubbing her clit. Before I knew it I was sitting down with my cock in my hand. She inserted her middle finger into her pussy, and clenched up as she did. I envied that finger. I imagined it was my cock going into her warm cunt. After thoroughly working her pussy, she stopped for a second.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I whispered to myself.

She reached over into her nightstand and pulled out a long, purple dildo. Oh yes. She was about to shove it into her hairy cunt. As she turned her head back, she saw me watching her.

“SHIT!!” I thought as I fell to the ground, hoping she didn’t see me, even though I know she did. I try to peek up again, slowly so she didn’t see me. She was no longer there.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!” My boner is instantly gone, and fear sets in as I lay there on my floor. What is going to happen at work? People are gonna think I am some creep. I am fucked.

*DING DONG* the doorbell rings.

“SHIT.” Well she knows I am here. I have to answer.

I make my way downstairs to the front door. I take a breath and answer it.

“You enjoy the show?” she asks in a raspy voice that instantly turns me on. I was expecting her to scream at me.

“Loretta, listen. I am so sorry. I….” She walks into my house and interrupts me.
“Answer the question. Did you like watching me play with my pussy?” she asks in a demanding tone. “Were you stroking your cock while you were watching me?”

“Well… Yeah. It was hot. But I promise it won’t happen again.” I say.

“Why not. If you liked it, why won’t it happen again?” She asks. I am stunned.

“Because I violated your privacy. It was wrong.” I reply

“What if I like being violated?” My cock twitched at this, as she moved in closer to me, her tits resting just below my chest. I was finally picking up what she was saying. She was the dirty slut I always thought she was. I leaned in and kissed her. Her lips were soft and moist. I pulled back.

“Before we do anything, this is our secret, ok? No one at work or anywhere else finds out about this.” I said.

“Of course not. Now give me your cock, Dave.” She begs.

She begins to undo my belt, but I stop her so I can remove her top. I need to see those tits up close. I pull it over her head and they fall out.

“My god.” Is all I can say as I grab her right tit, and work as much of her nipple as I can into my mouth. I am finally sucking on this woman’s tits.

“Oh yeah. You like those fucking tits baby?” she says in her sexy, raspy voice.

I unlatch from her boobs so she can finish getting my belt undone. I remove my shirt. She kisses my chest as she unbuttons my jeans. she moves down on her knees and pulls my pants and boxers down. My cock falls out and hits her in the chin.

“WOW!!” she says, licking her lips. “It’s big.” She says, as she strokes it.

“Why don’t you give that cock a little taste, baby.”

She runs her tongue across the underside of my shaft and works it all the way to the tip. I flinch as she laps up the precum with her tongue.

“MMMMM… That’s a yummy cock, baby.” She says in approval.

She then takes my whole cock way down into her throat. I grab her by the hair and guide her head back and forth. She swirls her tongue around as she moves up and down my fucking dick. I begin thrusting my hips as she sucks me off. She reaches her hand up between my legs and puts it on my ass and pulls me closer, forcing me deeper into her throat. I feel her rub my asshole with her middle finger. My balls smack her chin with every thrust. I pull her head, and thrust harder.

“AGGGHH GHHHAHHA” She chokes on my cock. But I don’t relent. The sounds she makes choking on my dick only turns me on more.

“Keep chocking on that cock, baby.. I wanna cum in that slutty little mouth.” She moans into my dick in pleasure.

She works the tip of her middle finger into my asshole. With her other hand, she cups my balls. She pushes her finger deeper into me, and twirls it hitting my prostate. This sets me off. I pull her head as close as I can so my cock is as deep as it can possibly be and I hold it as I shoot off a huge load in the back of her throat.

“AGGGGHHHLLLHGHGHHGHH” She chokes and coughs as I shoot cum into her mouth..

“UHHHHHH YEEEAHHHHH OHHHH” I grunt, filling this mom’s mouth with my seed.

I hold her head there until I am finished with it. Most of my cum seeps out of the sides of her mouth and drip down her chin. I pull out my cum and spit covered cock. And she gasps for air as I do.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD.. You taste so good.” She says out of breath. I take my fingers, and wipe my cum off her face and put it back in her mouth. She sucks my fingers clean, without hesitation.

“You don’t want to waste any.” I say. “Now it’s your turn.” I need a few minutes to get it hard again.

I lead her to my bedroom. I watch her as she looks across to her own bedroom. She looks so sexy wearing nothing but baby blue cotton short shorts.

“You really do have a good view, don’t you?” she says, with a grin.

“The best.” I reply.

I walk up behind her and kiss her neck, as I reach around with both hands and grab her tits. She moans as I pinch her nipples gently. Her ass presses up against my cock, still covered in cum, leaving a wet spot on her shorts. I kiss down her back, all the way to the waistband of her shorts. I reach up with my hand and push her back to bend her over. She rests her elbows on my bed, leaving her ass up. I pull her shorts down, exposing her ass. Her asshole is tight and puckered, and covered with a little bit of the same black hair covering her pussy lips. Her pussy is visibly soaking wet. I breath in. The smell of her wet cunt and hairy asshole turn me on even more. I can’t resist it anymore. I bury my face in her ass. I start by licking her wet cunt lips, drinking up her pussy juice. She pushes her ass harder against my face. I shake my head left and right, licking her sloppy pussy as my nose rests on her asshole. I smell her ass with every inhale. I love it. My cock is rock hard again, but this is way too much fun. I run my tongue up across her slit to her puckered little shit hole and I give it a lick. She reaches her hand back and pulls my head harder against her ass.

“OHHHHH yeah baby.. You like the taste of my dirty little asshole, don’t you? Eat that fucking ass, baby.” She demands.

I do circles around her hairy little ring with my tongue, tasting every bit of this woman. I flex my tongue out and begin jabbing, punching this little asshole with it. I push my middle finger into her ass, stretching it out a little bit. With her little hole opened slightly, I shove the tip of my tongue inside. Every time I lick her, she tastes better. I go back to my fingers, this time working a second in her ass. That’s it I want my cock in there. I stand up. She knows what I’m gonna do.

“MMM Shove your fucking cock in my asshole baby. Fuck that ass!!” She demands.

I comply, forcing her flat on her stomach in my bed. She pulls her ass cheeks apart and shows me her stretched out asshole. I push the head of my huge cock in her asshole, slowly. She gives a little shriek as I enter her. It is then followed by a sigh of pleasure..

“Mmm that’s it, push your fucking cock in there.” She tells me.

I push my cock in. I feel her warm asshole squeezing my dick. I am balls deep in her ass. I thrust with all my weight, fucking her harder and harder with each thrust. The room smells like a slutty mom’s asshole. I pull her head up by her hair and kiss her neck. She turns her head to the right, giving me access to her lips. I kiss her lips. I still taste myself in her slutty mouth. I keep thrusting, my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust.

“UHhh UHh.. You’re a dirty little mommy, aren’t you” I say.

“Ohh Oh Uhh.. Yes BABY.. Fuck this little mommy’s ass.. This mommy loves cock.”

I fuck her, face down for another minute. With my cock still buried inside her shit hole, I move her to the edge of the bed. I sit on the edge with her sitting on my cock. I reach around, playing with her tits as she bounces up and down on my cock, moaning and screaming in pleasure. With my left hand still playing with her tits, I reach around to her crotch with my right. I begin to rub her clit as she bounces. I feel her her tighten up.


I don’t stop rubbing her pussy as I fuck her ass. I feel her pussy juice go all over my hand and lap.

“Holy shit.” She says.

“Lay down on your back.” I say

She gets off my cock and lays down on the bed. I move up toward her face, and put my ass-covered cock in her face.

“Taste your ass.” I demand.

“Ohh yes. I love the taste of ass.” She says, all too eager to taste.

I put one knee on each side of her head and push my cock downward into her mouth. I hump her face with full force, slapping her face with my ballsack, and shoving my cock down her throat again. The sound of her gargling my cock damn near makes me cum, but I hold back. I don’t wanna cum in her mouth again. I want to fill her pussy. I pull my cock out of her mouth and move down. I put my face between her legs, and lick her slit, before shoving my tongue in her pussy, trying to moisten her up enough to take my cock but she was already plenty wet.

“Lay on your back. Let me do this.” She says.
I do. She reaches down and puts my cock into her warm, wet pussy. She begins to grind back and forth on it. Seeing this older, naked woman on top of me, with her tits jiggling with each bounce is enough to set me off, but I am able to hold on. I look down to see my big, young cock being swallowed by this sexy, hairy cunt. I reach up and grab her left tit with my right hand, and use it as a handle as I thrust upward into her pussy. I cant hold on much longer. I flip her back on her back, with my cock still in her, And begin humping the shit out of her, fucking her harder with each thrust. Her tits bounce with each pump. Her face has a look of total euphoria, eyes closed, biting her lip. We sound like two animals, grunting, moaning, screaming. She screams louder, as her pussy tightens up around my cock.

“FUCK.. HARDER… HARDER.. Don’t Stop. I’m Cumming.. CUM INSIDE ME!!!” she begs.

“Yeahh… You want My cum Baby!!”

As she tightens up, it sets me off. I give her three more thrusts, and I unload in her. Stream after stream of hot jizz in her cunt. I keep pumping her until there is nothing left. She is so wet with our combined juices, I fall right out. As I pull out, much of my cum seeps out, covering her hairy cunt lips. She reaches down and scoops my cum in her hands and licks it off. It is so hot. I lay on my back exhausted, when I feel her mouth wrap around my cock again. I look down and she looks up at me.

“Don’t wanna waste any, right?” She says with a smile.

“You are FUCKING amazing.” I tell her.

“Likewise.” She replies.

She lays beside me curling up to me and I kiss her, shoving my tongue in her mouth, tasting everything we had just done.

“We Are definitely gonna keep doing this, right?” I ask.

“Only if you still want me.” She says.

“Of course I want you. You fuck like a porn star. Why wouldn’t I want you?” I ask.

“Well, I know that hot, new girl at work, Mandy, wants to fuck you.” She replies.
Mandy is an incredibly hot 18 year old brunette, who I would not mind fucking.

“How do you Know?” I ask, curious.

“She told me. And I know this is just sex, but I don’t want you to fuck someone else behind my back while we are fucking.” She says.

“Well, the only way I am fucking her is if we fuck her together.” I say.

“mmmm.. That is an idea.” She says with a slutty grin. She is into it.

Loretta lays on her side with her naked ass towards me. I snuggle up and reach my arm across her tits, resting my hand on her left one. My semi hard cock nestles in her hairy ass crack, and begins to get hard again. We sure as hell aren’t done for the night.



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When Amiee meets Andrea a whole new world opens up to her. A story of lesbian delight well worth reading…

It was during spring, I remember, the time I met Andrea, that magical and wonderful time I met my darling angel. The leaves on the trees turning into a myriad shades of green and there buds peeping shyly from every branch of every tree. I had been waiting at Nino’s, the coffee shop, for my boyfriend but, as usual, he was late. The waitress that had brought my coffee kept coming over to check if I needed anything else and, after the third time, I noticed that she had the loveliest dimples: they were like twin shadows that played hide and seek on her cheeks. She was slender without being thin and she looked to be about 24 (I’m 34). I watched secretly from where I sat, watched as she moved from table to table. I was surprised at the familiar tingle in the base of my belly, that good old warmth that started spreading slowly through my groin. I squeezed my legs together and I felt the pleasure surge upwards.

What was this? Was this really me, horny at the sight of a ‘dimpledwaitress’ swirling skirt? Looking at the way her T-shirt moulded her breasts that rode high on her chest? Me? No way! But I couldn’t take my eyes off her and she noticed me staring at her and gave me a knowing smile…I licked my lips and then felt Derek slipping into the seat next me. He had arrived without my noticing it. As we greeted I realised that my heart was beating rapidly, like a captive bird, panicked and excited. We got up to leave for the movies and she came over to clear the table. Looking directly into my eyes, she said in a low musical voice.

“Please come again…” I nodded, confused, excited.

That night, after Ninos, Derek and I went to the movies. We watched “Traffic”, I remember, but all I could think about was the waitress. Later, back at my place we made love and Derek thought he was doing something right because I was groaning and moaning like never before. I had a good, satisfying orgasm but little did he know I was fantasing about the waitress. Later, when were panting for breath, he commented about it and said that he had never seen me that into it before. I smiled to myself in the darkness. Like you will never know, my boy, like you will never know, I thought.

I agonised for about two days and plucked up the courage to go back to Ninos on my own. Imagine my disappointment when I realised that she wasn’t there. I was miserable, drinking my coffee without tasting it, not sure what to do. I initially thought that this was fate, I was been guided, that this was not meant to be. I thought about her on and off about her for a week, stumped because I didn’t even know her name. I decided to go back again and, glory be, there she was. I don’t think she realised it but her face lit up when she saw me and that has been the nicest compliment anyone has ever paid me, I swear. For the first time I felt appreciated and what made it special was that she didn’t even know me. It was a wonderful moment and it is a defining point in my life. She has such a musical voice, low, sexy, intimate, almost as if she whispers, as she is talking exclusively to you, like no-one else matters. She seated me in a dark corner and I don’t remember much of the snack I ate or the juice I had with me.

Her name is Andrea and somehow it suited her: blond streaked hair, lazy blue eyes and those gorgeous dimples. She was studying at RAU, finishing her third year and waitressed for extra pocket money. She’s from the Cape(sadly) and was going to go home for good in three days time. I got her cell number and we arranged that I would call her the next day, with view to a ‘date’. Since she was in res at RAU I knew that she would have come to my place, that we would have to compress the “courtship” because we had no time. I called her that Friday, my heart fluttering, my fingers shaking as I dialled her number.

“Aimee” she answered, “please say that it is you”. It was the sweetest greeting ever. We chatted for a while and we agreed that my place would be good and that I would pick her up. I asked if she had any preference for drink and she asked me to get a bottle of Buiteverwachting (new to me) but I got two.

I fetched her at the entrance to the varsity. She was waiting with another girl, tall and statuesque, bright-eyed, watchful. Her friend stared at me as Andrea got in, almost envious. They touched fingertip as they said goodbye, cute, innocent and yet knowing.

“Friend?” I asked.

“Hm, friend, no more than that. Not like you.” This hung in the car, in the space between us. I let it soak into my skin; let it settle on my psyche, light like a kiss, flirtatious like a butterfly. She asked if she could play a CD, reached into her sling bag and put Nelly Furtado on. “I’m like a bird”, Nelly sang, and I smiled. I, too, felt like a bird, free, light, free, light, over and over again.

“Are you hungry?” I asked, not sure how get from this, from the car, to the next thing, the next stage, whatever that was.

“No, but I would like a nibble, a bite.’ She laughed and my heart raced. Her laughter was a key, my fear and insecurity the lock.

I had arranged for Chad to spend the weekend with my mother so the place was ours. It waited for us as we pulled into driveway, semi-dark in the falling evening shades. My home, inherited from the divorce, paid in full. For the first time since the divorce it felt like home, my home. Me, the new me, bringing a special guest home, the lovely Andrea, the musical and sexy Andrea.

I was nervous, a panicky host, welcoming her there, showing her the lounge, the kitchen. A small smile played on her face, her dimples showing. She took my hand in both hers and said to me, formally, “Thank you for inviting me to your home. Now can we please have some wine?” We both laughed, easing the tension even more. I played some old soul for her, The Delfonics (Lying To Myself – what a track! Just so that you know I discovered them while watching Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Jackie Brown’ and I’ve been seriously hooked on Soul and R&B since), and she was intrigued, never having heard soul before. We sipped her wine, the two us, unwinding shoe-by-shoe, exchanging little stories. In a lull, she suddenly said: “So how long have you been gay?” She was serious, watching me intently. I waited before answering, pondering her question. “Not long”, I said, “Only since I met you.”

She laughed happily. “Really? Am I your first?” I nodded, embarrassed at the confession because it suddenly seem real. I mean, was I gay? Me?

“I have a suggestion: lets have a bath, a slow bath with wine and candles. Let the Delfonics sing for us as we soak…what do you think?”

I nodded – a bath seemed splendid, a way of going from here to there, from clothes to skin, from smiles to touching.

While I ran the bath she lit the candles I dug up from the linen cupboard, candles that were used only for power failures, ugly things, knobby with dripped wax. I poured foam bath lotion in the tub, an unused xmas gift from another lifetime, a time I was straight, married, someone else.

As I stirred the bath I asked if she wanted it hot or warm.

“Intimate,” She said, “Close for me and close for you.”

She undressed slowly, stopping to sip her glass and I sat on the bath and watched her. I’ve seen many women undress before but none had ever undressed for me. She didn’t make it trashy, didn’t try to imitate a stripper. She took her clothes off slowly, staring at me in my eyes, holding my gaze, caressing me almost. She was beautiful in that soft light, lit by nine candles, all shadows and nuances and lithe movements. From the lounge the Delfonics sang “Somebody Loves You Girl” and it was almost as if they were singing just for us, for Aimee and Andrea.

I stood up to undress and she came to me, naked, lovely, a vision. She put her arms around me and we kissed. I didn’t know what to expect so I was passive in the kiss, you know, like when a man kisses you. She was soft, her lips were full and soft, gentle. I felt her tongue slide slowly into my mouth, her wet, soft, probing tongue. There was no demand in the kiss, no urgency, it felt like love should feel, soft, tender, gentle, giving. I melted, I felt tears in my eyes, I was crying with happiness. I hugged her, I was grateful, I cried. We stood there, holding each other, she whispering soothingly into my ears, stroking my hair while I sobbed. Strange, hey, don’t you think? It was one of the lovely moments in my life and it made me feel like the first time I held Chad, scrunched-up Chad, exhausted by the effort being borne, cross and angry with being born and it all just felt so right. It did not need to make sense or require explanation or reason. It just felt right, like something good had happened.

After a while I stood there, still crying, while she undressed me and all I could do was touch her face, saying thank you, thank you, thank you. She had tears in her eyes too and I still don’t know why. We sank into the water then, holding our glasses, our legs intertwining wetly. We didn’t speak, we luxuriated, at this time Teddy Pendergrass singing “Now tell me
that you love me.” Lovely, beautiful, sexy and soulful.

We exchanged more small secrets in the bath. She told me about her first time, how she discovered she was gay. When she was twelve, she and her best friend practised French kissing on each other so that when a boy kissed them they would be ready. She enjoyed kissing her friend so much that she continued ‘practising’ until her friend become suspicious, poor thing, and
Andrea has not looked back since. She giggled girlishly as she told me this story, so innocent, so life changing. She had sex with a guy once, at one of those varsity drinking parties. She was sloshed but not so much that she didn’t know what she was doing. This guy had been pursuing her and she been growing all the more curious about hetero sex. That night, after dancing,
drinking and flirting she went all the way.

It was awful, she said, messy, rough, rapid as if there was a need to get it over with. He hurt her, not because he was big but she was dry, tight, and apprehensive. All the while as we talked, we sipped wine, listened to Teddy sing, slid slick legs over each other, touched skin. She leaned over, whispered intimately to me, told me she wanted a kiss. So did I, badly, because of the setting; the wine, the music, the sight of her rosebud nipple being an island in the foam was all turning me on.

We kissed softly; I tasted her mouth, tasted wine, warm like a summer afternoon. As our kisses became more ardent, we started fondling each other’s breasts. Hers were perfect handfuls, soft, yielding, her nipples hard. She licked mine and I watched her tongue circle my nipple, teasing, making it stand, eager for more licking. We stood up and I felt her hand slide over smoothly over my belly, burying itself between my legs in the foam and the puss juice. Her finger teased my clit and I reached for her pussy, both of us standing in the bath now, and I felt that she had a generous, fleshy, soft puss.

“Wait,” she said, “before we go further.can I shave you?” She asked so gently and I must admit that I was a little surprised. I had trimmed my bush that morning; making sure that my bikini Mohawk was neat and presentable, anticipating her touch. I nodded and sat down at the back of the bath. She spread my legs and knelt in the water.

After lathering me sensually, she took the razor and gently shaved me bare, bald and smooth. She rinsed the shaving cream off my pussy and my mound stood proud, shiny, new. My clit protruded from my pussy, sticking out like a volunteer.

“Oh Aimee, you are beautiful,” she sighed softly as she lowered her head to lick me. She ran her tongue gently over my clit, teasing it, circling it like a predator, hunting it. She licked my lips, first the outer ones, making me ache with want, and then dipping into the inner ones, gently prying my pussy open, spreading me with lip and tongue, reaching into me with her wet, teasing tongue. She built me up slowly, me holding her head and rocking gently to fuck her tongue, me moaning while she stroked me, the urgency building slowly. I had been tongued before, and enjoyed it, but nothing compared to this ecstasy of Andrea.

She knew how to guide me, how to make me want her more, wanting to come but not wanting it to be over. I could feel my orgasm building deep inside me somewhere and Andrea sensed it too. She slid a finger into me and took my clit into her mouth and sucked it between her lips, the tip of her tongue dancing on the tip of my clit. She sucked harder, deeper and I came
explosively, my puss shuddering and throbbing, clenching her sliding finger. I almost slid off the back of the bath, my one leg splashing into the water, drenching Andrea.

“Wow, oh wow,” I mumbled, “that was fantastic, amazing.let me do you now.”

“No,” she said, “do me this way.” We both stood and she put her arms around me. “Finger fuck me while we kiss.” As I reached down for her pussy, I was once again struck by how fleshy it was, soft with lots of folds. As I kissed her wet mouth I fingered her swollen clit, rubbed it between my fingers. She moaned softly, and spread her legs wider. I slid a finger into her and was surprised that she was so small inside, tight, a narrow opening to her cunt. Then I remembered that she only once had a cock in there and that it was a small thin one. She was slick and well lubricated and myfinger moved rhythmically in and out her, my thumb rotating on her large clit. “Yes, baby, do that to me.” She mumbled into my mouth, erotic, intimate. She started rocking on my hand, fucking my finger, faster and faster. “Deeper,” she said, “Finger me deeper.” And I did, forcing my middle finger all the way in to the top of inner cunt.

She came them, rocking wildly, her hips thrashing vigorously on my hand. Icould feel her cunt spasm on my finger, delicious tight clenches like a velvet fist.

We lay in the bath a little more after that, drinking and listening to Blue Velvet sing “Walk Up To The Sun”. The music was so fitting, so romantic, I felt languid and I listened to her voice caress me I wondered how I had come to this so rapidly and so comfortably.

“What made you notice me at Nino’s?” I asked, having being curious about this for a while, “What made you think I was interested? I mean, I have never before looked at another woman..” She smiled.

“You’re sexy, pretty and you have a nice body. I also saw how you were looking at my legs, my tits, the way a guy looks at a woman. And there was just something in your eyes, something that told me I had met a kindred spirit. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t try and screw every gay woman I meet – look at Debbie, my friend at RAU, she’s nuts about me but we don’t do anything. I liked you from the first, you know, clicked with you on a level that is rare. I knew you’d come back for me and I’m so glad you did.” I loved that, her honesty, so frank, so disarming, so engaging.

“Lets get something to eat before we get pissed – there’s still another bottle for us to drink!” I said and she laughed.

We towelled each other off and got dressed.

“Can we go to Melville, to Steers? Some of my varsity crowd will be there and I want to set the record straight?”

“Sure,” I said, not at all sure what she meant, “Anything you like.”

We held hands as I drove, in between changing gears, touching each other. She spoke about her hopes for the future, wanting to do her honours in Industrial Psychology and maybe going on to do her masters.

“Will you do your honours at RAU?”, I asked, asking another question altogether.

She knew which question I was asking and answered gently.

“I don’t know baby, maybe. I have to get accepted first and I have already applied to UCT as well. I made a deal with my parents to let me come up here – a long story, involves a broken relationship – but I did promise to go home after my bachelors.” She squeezed my fingers. Why didn’t I meet her sooner? Why now, with a day to go before she flew home.

Life, I thought, this is how life is. I knew that we didn’t know each other well enough to make plans for the future and we did not have enough time to do so.

When we reach Melville I was surprised at how busy and vibey the place was. I found parking eventually and we walked to Steers. Andrea took my hand and held it and I was felt unsure. Like this? In public? I was shocked but didn’t show it. A few people greeted her when we walked and I could see some were elbowing their friends. We ordered hamburgers, trying look nonchalant. She put her arm around me and I thought, what the hell, in for a penny and all that and I held her back. She leaned over and whispered to me.

“Aimee, baby, please kiss me.” I was dazed, operating on autopilot. In a blur I leaned forward and took her face in my hands, a thumb in each dimple and kissed her. I was surprised at how ardently she kissed back. A hush fell around us and I heard cries like “I knew she was a dyke”, “Wow, look at those lezzies” and “I wish someone could kiss me like that.” And then the most surprising thing of all – everyone started clapping!

We looked around us, trying to be cool, in control but my heart was racing. When the black girl gave us our order she said, “You go girls!” Laughing we swept out, I felt free, powerful – lezzies of the world unite!

In the street Andrea turned to me and said “Thank you making this real, for making me real.” I still don’t fully understand that but I loved her for that broad open smile on her face.

We couldn’t keep our hands off each other after that, even when we were eating, feeding each other and touching. Always touching, hands, face, and arms – we couldn’t stop.

I put another set of CDs in the carousel – The Stylistics, Aaron Neville, Debra Cox and The Manhattans. More soul, more love. I’ve often played this music, wanting a setting like this. Derek couldn’t stand soul – he wanted the Cranberries, Brian Adams, stuff I thought were sterile.

When we finished our burgers we raced for the bedroom.

No decorum now, no trying to be cool. We almost ripped our clothing off and we fell on each greedily, hungrily. I loved kissing her; I loved the fact that I re-discovered this exotic pleasure, so long taken for granted. I sucked and licked her tits; I probed her fat puss with my fingers.

She was exploring me too, squeezing, grabbing my butt, and stroking my cunt.

“Andrea, sweet, can I go down on you now? Please? Can I taste you?’ I was breathless, reckless and I had to get my greedy mouth on that swollen pussy.

“Yes, baby, yes – eat me, make me yours.” Her eyes were hooded, her voice low and husky. She lay back, settled herself in and parted her legs and raised her knees.

“Look at my puss, baby, see how fat it is. Look how swollen and ready I am for you. Take me, eat me.” With that she pulled my head down and I looked at her cunt. From close up it looked divine. I had always thought pussies were ugly, badly designed. But as I stared at her I saw how beautiful her cunt was – fat, genuinely plump, both her inner lips and outer lips were big. Her clit, too, was big, like a small tiny finger. She was wet, her folds glistened, and they were slick. I loved her pussy, so full, so ripe. I fell upon it; all thoughts of being gentle and slow were gone. I remember I thought I would copy her technique but as I went at her I developed my own. My first pussy meal was gorgeous!

I licked and I sucked. I took her clit into my mouth and I managed to suck like I was giving a blowjob. She bucked beneath me, groaned, holding my head and sliding her pussy up and down on my face, fucking my mouth, my lips, my nose. I stuck my tongue out, made it stiff as I could and she jammed her clit on to it. “Oh Aimee, baby, fuck me and make me your bitch!” She babbled as I licked her. With one hand I squeezed her tits, alternating between the two. With my other I jammed a finger into her inner cunt and clamped her clit with my lips, sucking it hard. She rode me harder, fucked my face with bigger thrusts, smearing me with her copious slick puss juice. I jammed my finger into her, deep, and sucked her clit even harder. She came then, heaving and bucking, her hips high off the bed, her fingers entwined in my hair as pulled my face even deeper into her cunt. She was shrieking, calling my name and her puss was clenching with each throbbing spasm. As she was subsiding and I was running out of breath, I gave her clit a last, lingering suck and she bucked once more.

“I am yours, baby, I am yours..”

I sat up and admired her body as she lay there, her tits heaving as she struggled to get her breath back. From the lounge the Stylistics were singing You Make Me Feel Brand New, rather appropriately. I stroked myself, my own pussy was dripping and I spread my cunt juice all over between my legs. I started working on my clit, stroking it.

“Don’t do that, Aimee baby, don’t do that. Give me a sec to get my breath back and I’ll do that for you.”

So I lay next to her, running my hands over her high tits, over her smooth, flat belly. A while later she propped herself on one elbow and started kissing me and fingering me. I spread myself wide to give her complete access, to allow her to reach my pussy, to reach into me.

She worked me well, pulling my clit, teasing it. She put a finger into my cunt, first one and then another, reaching deep into me. Without taking them out she started moving her finger tips in a circular motion, rubbing a place in the front of my cunt. The pleasure this gave me was shocking and I held my breath. She sucked my tongue, pulling it out of my mouth and slipping her lips over it, like it was dick. As she massaged my inner puss, she sucked my tongue, faster and faster. I could feel my orgasm building instantly, but from deep within me, like I never felt before. Before I could warn her, my puss went into orgasmic spasm, hard till it almost hurt, deep and hard like a clenching fist, clamping her fingers. I couldn’t breathe as I came, my
body bouncing off the bed and an intense burst of pleasure spreading from my puss and then all over my body. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t talk so I surrendered to the power of my coming as it wracked my body and twisted it and bounced it.

I don’t remember much after that. I know I heard Debra Cox singing Nobody Is Supposed To Be Here – yeah right, but I was exhausted. As I fell asleep – or passed out – I remember wondering if she had hit my G-spot. Did she? Where did that mother of all orgasms come from..and I was gone.

I awoke early the next morning and I could see by the quality of the light that it was probably about 6 or 6:30 and Andrea, bless her soul, was busy with me yet again. Oh no, I thought, its morning and the craziness of last night cannot extend into the soberness of the new day. I was lying on my tummy, my legs were splayed and I could sense that she was squatting between
them. Her tongue was slowly travelling up the groove between my butt cheeks, tenderly leaving butterfly kisses. Not my butt, oh God, not my butt!

And so it was: she licked me in that secret groove, letting her tongue go up and down, lingering over my bum-hole, teasing and pressuring it gently. I was too self-conscious to move, never having been touched like this by anyone before. She continued licking me there and then she slid a finger into my cunt. I moved to allow her easier entry ands he said, “Aimee, my love, my baby, lay there and let me enjoy you..” I could feel her warm breath on my skin as she spoke and I obeyed her. I didn’t speak and I didn’t move again.

She licked me like that, eventually settling on actually sucking the butt-hole and finger-fucking me. I was dripping again, swollen again and I knew my orgasm was close. She was an intuitive lover and she sensed it too. She increased the pace and as I started coming she took another finger and gently penetrated my bum. It was wonderful – the feel of both her fingers in my holes was nothing I had ever felt before. My puss spasmed deliciously and I could feel my butt tighten on her finger with each throb. As I gained my breath I knew that it was her turn but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to do for her what she did for me. But I would try, I would give of myself as she had given for me. I turned over and braced myself.

“Thank you,” I said, “Thank you that – it was wonderful. Can I do that for you?”

“No angel, no: I want you to watch me – I’ll play with myself but I need you to look. Will you?” Her voice was soft, understanding, and I marvelled at such maturity in one so young. I nodded and settled against the headboard to watch her.

She sat on the bed and raised her knees and parted her legs. In the brighter morning light her pussy looked even bigger. It was glistening, the folds between her big fat outer lips were wet. Her clit was swollen too, and she parted the outer lips so that I could see the light pink colouring of her inner pussy. She took her clit between two fingers, as if it were a tiny dick, and masturbated it while she held her cunt open. She half-closed her eyes and steadily stroked her clit.

“Oh Aimee – see what you do to me baby. Look how you make me big and swollen.” Her voice was low again, sexy and husky.

“Can I help, my sweet, can I hold your pussy open while you fuck yourself?” I was surprised at how husky I sounded, how dry my throat was. She nodded.

I leaned forward and took each of the inner lips in my hands and gently pulled them apart. They were soft and elastic and as I spread them I could see her cunt juice gathering at her pussy opening. Her finger dipped into it she rubbed it in a circular motion on her clit. Now that I leaned forward I could see that her clit actually looked like a miniature dick, especially with the hood pulled off it. She stroked faster and faster and I had difficulty in keeping her cunt open. “Look at me,” she said, her voice erratic, “look in my eyes.” I looked at her and she was the picture of erotica: her pert tits quivering, her eyes were glazed, her mouth open and her finger fucking her clit furiously. She took her finger, scooped some puss juice from her cunt and put in my mouth. “Taste me, eat me,” she moaned and I sucked her finger. She came then, saying “Ooooh Aimee baby!” and she thrust her hips forward onto her hand.

She collapsed on to the bed, a quivering gasping heap and I stroked her hair, muttering sweet nothings. We lay together for a while, the smell of our sex fragrancing the air, holding each other and stroking each other. We got up later and made a salad breakfast that we ate on my patio in the spring morning, crisp and fresh. We spoke of children, of family, work and friends.

When she was ready to go back to RAU, she reached into her sling bag and gave me a wrapped up parcel.

“A prezzie for you,” she smiled, “to open when you get back.”

“But I didn’t get anything for you.” I protested.

She smiled. “Oh yes, you did baby, you gave me your cherry – the best present I could ever receive.” I hugged her, feeling in love like never before.

As we drove she looked animated, happy and buoyant. She babbled about finally finishing the long haul at RAU, about endings, about beginnings. I felt a sadness creeping over me, stealing into my glow.

We said goodbye briefly, which surprised me. We stood at my car and hugged. She said “Look after yourself, baby, be careful.” She kissed me quickly and was gone. I watched her walk off, a spring in her step, this lively, sensitive 21 year-old. Dear, sweet, sensitive Andrea. Sexy Andrea. She reached a corner, turned it without looking back and was gone.

Just like that.

We still speak occasionally but less and less as time goes by. There is distance between us now, greater than the one between Cape Town and Johannesburg. I wonder if she has someone new or if she re-united with an ex. I could have loved her, I know, as I loved her that precious, unforgettable night.

As for me, am I gay? Lesbian? I still don’t know because I have this confusing thing with Derek. He senses a new purpose in me, a new growth. I enjoy sex with him though, even if it doesn’t begin to approach the dynamite that is Andrea and Aimee. I still look at men, admire their butts but I look at women differently now.

There are some other things I’ve already done since then – and I’m still going to experiment with life, still get to know the adventurous Aimee that lies within. Bring her out, let her live, give her a chance she never had before.

And the prezzie Andrea gave me? Why, it’s her Nino’s T-shirt, of course. A lovely forest green T-shirt with Nino’s emblazoned in white on the pocket. I cherish it, wear it when I miss her so it feels like I’m hugging her. It smells of her, husky, sexy, sensitive Andrea.



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Author’s info: Gender: male


Slowly Susen founds her fellow traveler taking interest in her……

Guys this is pretty big story, so please make sure u got time to read it, hope u will like it.

It was a long deserted stretch of highway, miles and miles of nothing. Susan pulled off the interstate for gas. The gas station was there just off the off ramp, and a sign pointed to a town, but there was nothing else in sight. She pulled up to the pumps, and got out. A wave of hot dry dusty air rolled over her as she started filling her tank. Her attention was drawn to an old beat up truck, and a young couple arguing, just across from her.

The young man was yelling at the girl, ” Fine bitch! If that’s the way you want it!” The angry boy threw an old beat up duffle bag out of the truck. The girl, almost knocked over by it, regained her feet.

“Asshole! Good bye!” she yelled back, as the man stated the truck and drove off, leaving her standing there, in the blowing dust. “Shit” she said, and picked up the duffle, walking over to the door of the gas station and sitting down on an old beat up bench there.

Susan’s gas pump shut off, and she put the hose back up on the pump, and got her purse, walking to the door. “Are you ok, honey?” she asked the girl.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll be fine. Thanks.” The girl replied back, staring off into the distance, at nothing.

Susan started to say more, then decided not to, and went in to settle the bill, and find a cold drink. Her eyes took one last glance at the girl there, in her cut off denim shorts and tied off shirt. She looked dusty, miserable, hot and sweaty.

Susan stepped inside the station, and found a cooler with bottled water and soda’s. She grabbed a bottle of water, then tilted her head, thoughtful like, and picked out a second one. She paid her bill to the old man behind the counter, absorbed in a magazine, and walked back out the door. She stopped again by the girl, and reached down with one of the water’s. “You look like you could stand a cold drink,” she told her, as the girl looked up at her inquiringly.

“Uh…yeah, thanks, but you don’t have to…I mean…oh, hell. Thanks.” She took the offered bottle and uncapped it, taking a long deep drink of the water.

Susan held out a hand, ” I’m Susan. Are you sure you are ok?”

“Oh. Yeah, I guess. I don’t know. That asshole. Oh, I’m Lori. Nice to meet you, and thanks for the water and everything.” Lori looked up at the woman. Susan was dressed casually, in snug but not tight shorts, dark blue denim and a white cotton top. She had longish reddish hair, sunglasses and a nice smile. She was also quite pretty, sunglasses pushed up on her head. Lori felt plain in her cutoffs, and old shirt, tied up under her boobs in the heat, her dirty blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail. A trickle of sweat running down her back made her shiver, despite the heat.

Susan asked ” Is there anything I can do to help? Someone you can call? Can I give you a lift to town or anything?”

“That’s really nice of you, but I’ll be ok , I guess. I’ll catch a bus or something.”

“Well….let’s find out when the bus comes through then.”

The old man inside looked surprised. “Bus? Aint no bus stops round here for miles. You have to go into Silverton for that.”

“How far is that?” Susan asked him, before the girl could.

“Oh, takes about four hours. It’s up the state highway a ways. Sorry”

Susan and Lori went back outside. “Well Hun, you can’t sit here…why don’t you let me give you a ride? It’s really no trouble, I’m not in a big hurry or anything. Where is it you are trying to get to, other than just the bus?” Susan asked with a nice smile, trying to put Lori at ease.

“Gosh…that’s nice of you, but you don’t know anything about me or anything. I could be some total wacko or something.”

“Or I could be, is that what you mean?”

“Oh, no…That’s not what I meant. You seem nice and normal enough. I just don’t want to put you out or anything. Maybe dipshit will be back after he cools off some. He is just mad, he never wanted to go to Seattle anyway.”

“Oh, Seattle…is that where you are headed? That’s where I am going. Working vacation. Look…why don’t you just ride with me, I would be glad for the company. To tell the truth, I don’t like traveling alone anyway.” Susan was still smiling at the girl, persuasively.

“Oh…I couldn’t let you do that. I’ll make do somehow.” Lori resisted.

“Look, I’m just offering. No strings. If nothing else, I can get you somewhere you can catch that bus. But really…it will save you money, you can help drive and all. Keep me company.” Susan offered.

At the mention of money, Lori looked down, realizing she didn’t have a lot of that . This lady seemed ok, she just didn’t like taking help this way. But Kyle was miles away, probably going back home by now, and all things being equal, it was probably a good thing. It had been a rocky road lately, and , well…maybe this was for the best.

“Well…are you sure it’s really no trouble? I uh…I don’t have a lot of money, but you have to let me pay something” Lori said.

“It’s no trouble at all. Let’s get going. We’ll worry about it later”

They put Lori’s beat up bag in the trunk, and off they went. The chill air-conditioning of the car felt good after the dusty heat, and the cold blast of air made both shiver. Four nipples perked up, with Susan’s showing quite plainly thru her white top. The girl and woman laughed and talked as they drove down the empty highway, Lori telling Susan about Kyle, about what an asshole he was. Lori told Susan how her parents had split up some years back, and she couldn’t go to either of them for anything now. “Dad says I’m too old to be coming to him for money; that he was on his own at by the time he was 17 and never had a hand from anyone, and here I am almost 20 and still mooching. Mom just doesn’t have it, and she is too busy with her life anyway. I’ve got a cousin out in Seattle, who thinks she can get me a job where she works, so …Kyle and I took off. He never really wanted to go, he would rather just lie around and be a bum, get drunk and high. He’ll never grow up. I guess I’m better without him, before we had kids or anything. Really I think it’s been over for us for a long time, but we stayed together, just going through the motions.”

Susan listened, letting the girl talk and get it out of her system. She cluck-clucked occasionally, adding her support and understanding. She told Lori she knew about going through the motions, how she and her ex-husband had stayed together a while doing the same. “In the end, we parted as friends, realizing we just grew up and apart, married too young. He has his life now, and I have mine.”

The miles grew into hours as the road rolled by, and the sun was sinking lower in the west. Lori had begun to wind down some , and Susan realized she must be tired. She wondered if the girl had any decent rest lately, since the couple of them had not had much money. The poor kid probably hadn’t.

Susan stretched behind the wheel. “I think I’ll find a spot to crash for the night. There is a town up ahead, a good long shower and a bed is in order.”

Lori, thinking of her meager funds, wondered if she could possibly afford the kind of motel this woman would be accustomed to staying in, and how she could bring the subject up. The idea of staying in a bed, instead of sleeping in the truck was very appealing, and a real shower, not a truck stop locker room, was enough to make her want to cry. But there was no way she could afford anything more than the dirt cheapest motel. She shifted in her seat, wondering how she could tell Susan to just drop her off, and she would catch that bus now. She hated to act ungrateful, Susan was so nice and everything.

Before Lori could say anything, Susan spoke up again, ” Oh…by the way…my gas and rooms and all are on an expense account, so I don’t want to hear any argument about it. Only thing is, we’ll have to take a double room. I can fudge that, but I wouldn’t be able to explain two rooms . So don’t worry, and I wont take no for an answer.”

Relief washed over Lori. She really wanted a shower, and she really didn’t want to take a bus. She smiled to herself, then wondered how she would ever be able to repay and thank this stranger. She offered to buy supper… ” As long as you don’t mind, like pizza or something.”

“I love pizza. And we can probably get it delivered and wouldn’t even have to go out. After all this driving, I could stand to just kick back and relax. I bet you could too.”

“Ok, then. It’s a deal”

Susan found a nice, medium motel, not too fancy, but not a cheapie, right off the interstate, and checked them in. A big double room, two queen beds, all the usual stuff. There was a gas station right across, and she picked up beer before they went to the room. Lori was too shocked that this classy lady drank beer to protest anymore. Her only worry was her lack of any kind of pajamas or nightgown, since she always slept raw. Well, panties and a t shirt or something would have to do.

Susan kicked off her shoes as soon as they were in the room, and stretched. She put the beer in the tiny refrigerator, after cracking one open for herself, and offering one to Lori. ” Maybe in a while” Lori had said. Susan took a long drink of beer, and told Lori she could have first crack at the shower, as long as you let me go pee first!

Both women giggled , and Susan went in and relieved herself, not quite pushing the door all the way shut. Lori dug into her duffle for clean clothes, and found a t shirt that would be long enough to serve as a nightie, maybe. She got out clean panties and a pair of loose baggy shorts to wear till bedtime. After Susan came out , she went to shower, luxuriating in the warm clean shower, and getting clean.

Susan relaxed on the bed, flipping channels on the TV, listening to the running water in the next room. She liked this young girl a lot, and was hoping she would be ok. She also took a moment to rearrange things in her suitcase, putting her “special toys” on the bottom. Lori was young, and might be shocked at the vibrators and things. Susan figured she would have to hold off on pleasing herself, maybe just a quick one in the shower or something. She could take proper care of her needs , once she got the girl safely to her cousin in Seattle. She fetched out clean clothes to wear after her shower, laying them on top of the suitcase, and went back to her beer.

Under the warm shower, Lori was lost in the lovely feel of getting clean. Things would be ok, she decided. Her soapy hands running up and down her tummy, over her breasts, down again…she lost touch with her surroundings, and began to do what she had done in the shower, since she was twelve. Her hands played softly over her body, teasing what lay under the soft light brown curls, he fingertip sliding smoothly between the folds . She tried to conjure up an image in her mind of Kyle in the shower with her, taking her, his long strong cock buried in her folds, but she couldn’t. The picture that came to her mind wasn’t that of Kyle, but of Susan, and her hands, lovingly caressing , her breasts pressed firmly to her own, kissing as hands found pussies. Lori stopped, jerking back to reality. God where had that come from? Susan had said or done nothing to give the impression that she was interested . In her one experience with another girl, Lori really had no experience in judging whether a woman was bisexual or lesbian. She had her fantasies about different women. She giggled to herself under the shower. Well, if Susan was, that would certainly be ok. She was damned good looking. Lori had noticed that right off the start. Maybe she could think of a way to bring it up, without sounding weird. Lori did know one thing for sure about it. That one time, had been the best sex she had ever had. Cock was great, but it was always over so fast. She got satisfaction from it usually, but wanted something more than just being hammered and filled up. And Kyle could lick pussy worth having him do it, no matter how she tried to subtlely coach him. God, this wasn’t helping, not now. Lori felt like hr nipples were going to burst, and her pussy was on fire. She looked at the shower curtain, wondering what Susan was doing out in the room. Hell with it, it couldn’t hurt. She began to picture Susan, and wondered what she looked like naked. Her hand went back to her slippery box, rubbing softly over her clit. Was she shaved smooth? Did she have a bush the same color as her reddish hair? She knew she had nice boobs, and when her nipples had stuck out, they looked nice, medium sized. She thought of Susan’s red head, between her thighs, fingers and tongue working passionately. Lori’s other hand slid down from her tits, skirting her fingers as they diddled her clit, and she sunk a finger, then two into her tight pussy. She worked her clit with one hand, and fingered herself with the other, slow and deep. She moaned. Biting her lip, she worked, swaying softly, leaning into the wall. Her breath quickened. Yes, soon…so soon. She thought of her fingers, coiled in Susan’s longish hair, pulling her mouth tighter, how her hips would buck and push up. Her fingertip was moving faster back and forth over her swollen clit now, like a tongue. She bit off a squeal as the feelings grew to a burst. Her orgasm crashed down over her in waves of intense pleasure.

Lori smiled softly, to herself, as she washed. That had been good. So good.

Susan idled on the bed, waiting. It felt good to stretch out and relax. She thought to herself, Lori must really be enjoying the shower. It always felt good. That old truck she had been in probably wasn’t air conditioned. The poor dear; been there and done that Susan thought. Thank God for a good job and the money to not have to do it again. It hadn’t been easy, getting to this point though. But hard work had paid off. She heard the shower stop. Her mind wondered to what the girl looked like, naked and wet. That long blondish hair, streaming down. Susan sat up, shocked at herself. Where had that idea come form? Sure, Lori was attractive, but what brought that thought on? One female lover in her life hardly made Susan ready to call herself lesbian. Janice had been sweet and kind and understanding, and what an education Susan had got from her. Besides, there had been several men since then. Ok, so it was Janice that had taken her higher than any man managed. Bi-sexual, that’s what you are Susie, she told herself. But that’s no reason to go wanting every young girl you see. Oh really, she argued to herself, then why do you think about girls as often as you do about men when you get those toys out? Susan laughed to herself, shaking her head, at deciding she was what she was, and to be happy with it. Still, hands off. Lori has had a rough time. Fantasize all you want, girl, but no hanky panky.

Unless Lori started it, right?


“Feel better? Good shower?” Susan asked.

Lori blushed a little, her hair up under the towel, another towel wrapped around her. No she couldn’t have guessed. “Yes, great to be clean. Susan, I really can’t thank you enough for all you are doing.”

“Don’t mention it honey, I’m glad I can help. My turn to shower though, its going to feel good” Susan said with a smile.

As Susan went into the bathroom, Lori felt her cheeks burning, as she pictured Susan “showering” the same way she just had. She unwound her towels to dress, and was caught naked as Susan came back out, to get her things from the suitcase. “Probably be better if I had this stuff,” Susan said. Blushing and naked, Lori only giggled. For the briefest of moments, she thought Susan was checking her out, but that was probably just her imagination. Susan went back into the bathroom, and Lori dressed, getting one of the beers from the little fridge. She heard the shower start running, then the door opened up a crack again, and Susan stuck her head out. Lori got a glimpse of Susan’s nude body thru the crack, not enough to satisfy her curiosity of what the woman looked like nude, but enough to entice her. “Do you want to go ahead and order the pizza? I’ll eat anything except mushrooms or anchovies.”

“Oh sure, ok.” Lori replied.

Susan smiled and shut the door. Wow, the girl had some body on her. High, firm tits, cute butt. Pretty little bush, the same color as her hair. Susan glanced at herself in the mirror. Ok so you aren’t so bad yourself Suzie. Those are some nice jugs girl. She turned, looking over her shoulder. Ass is still good and firm. Turning back around, she admired the deep red fur, carefully closely trimmed, that sat above her largish pinkish lips. She noticed a little stubble, as she ran her fingers over it, and took her razor out, and into the shower with her. As she showered, she lingered over each part of her body, stopping to fondle herself, lost in self love, as she had been for so long. The razor felt good on her flesh, she always loved that feeling, as the stubble around her pussy lips was removed. Legs and underarms were fine; she had just done them yesterday. Odd, she hadn’t taken the time to groom her joy, she thought to herself. She rinsed away the last few clinging bits of hair. Almost business like, she worked her fingers across her clit, swollen now, and tingling. She mm mm’ed to herself, and with the ease of long practice, slowly, easily brought herself to the brink of orgasm quickly. There she lingered, enjoying the feeling, before sliding her fingers into her tunnel, letting her thumb work on her clit. She smiled to herself as her other hand reached, and found, her tiny rosebud. She tickled herself softly there, letting the sensory overload of having both holes teased at the same time take her away. Having her asshole teased had been something her ex-husband had taught her to enjoy, his deft hands sliding under her each time they made love. She had always been one to be very, very wet, and her juices would always slick her there. His finger would slowly tease and tickle, then finally enter, and work in the rhythm of his cock. It never failed. She moaned softly, forcing herself to keep quiet, and shivered as the soft strings of orgasm got even closer. She let go. The first was a gentle wave of feeling, warmth all thru. Her fingers moved faster with it, as the second came crashing down, harder, making her shake. Her hand fairly danced, quickly now, bringing wave after wave of pleasure. Little squeaks and squeals were covered up by the sound of the water. Her fingers searched deeper in herself, and a surprising third came on her hard and sudden. She felt herself clench and tighten, as this intense orgasm racked her body with spasms.

She slowed and calmed. Her body tingled as she washed; her legs a little shaky. Masturbation was truly a wonderful thing.

Munching pizza, drinking beer, the women relaxed. The room had a small table, they at it, watching the TV. Susan thought Lori looked great, the fresh scrubbed look, with no makeup, suited her. Susan leafed through a guide of the services the place offered. “Hey, this place has a jacuzzi.” she noted, “just the thing after a long drive. Got a swimsuit with you?”

“Well, I have an old one, “Lori replied. “I have never been in a jacuzzi before though.”

“Oh, you will love it. Very good for tired muscles. Makes you feel great.”

“Well, ok, if you say it’s good. I’ll try it”

They finished eating, and their beers, relaxed and quiet. Susan dug her suit carefully out of her suitcase, because it was right with the toys. Lori got hers out of her duffle. Neither was watching the other and the bumped heading for the bathroom to change. They laughed, and did an after you, no after you dance. Lori finally went in to slip into her little two piece suit, while Susan stayed in the open room, and was stripping to get into hers. Susan didn’t blush, when Lori came out quicker than expected, her body packed into the “old one” which was about a size too small in each direction. Susan was pulling her suit on, and Lori got a good look now, at her new friend’s naked body, and was impressed. Grabbing towels, the giggled their way off to the jacuzzi.
The tub was thankfully deserted, a few families in the pool over there, kids splashing and having a good time. Susan sunk herself into the bubbling hot water with a sigh. Lori lowered herself a little slowly, not knowing what to expect. “Oh wow…this really is great!” she said. Susan leaned back in the tub, eyes half closed, and made a long reach to turn the jets and timer to full. The water rolled and bubbled. Lori sat now, leaned back, and found herself pulsed by water from every direction, but noticeably, one strong jet, hitting her right between the thighs. She looked down and saw that it was impossible to see into the water, and opened her legs. The water was heavenly, pulsing along her body, hitting her pussy. She smiled.

“Like it?” Susan asked. Lori giggled a yes, and flushed a little, almost ashamed. The jets worked magic and both women were soon very relaxed. Lori loved the jet of water spraying up her open legs and dancing on her pussy. She found herself floating on the edge of a dreamy long orgasm and reluctantly fought the feeling down. It wouldn’t do to cum right here; Susan would think she was some kind of pervert or something. Susan was also enjoying the tingling feel of the jets, hitting her from all points. She thought of scooting around to see if she could find one in just the right spot, but figured that it wouldn’t be a good idea. Eventually, the timer ticked off, and the water returned to softly bubbling. Lori, nearly pouting, asked for more, but Susan, having experienced the numb feeling of staying in too long before told her it wasn’t a good idea. “Your body turns to jelly and you can’t move,” she explained. Neither of them wanted to share the pool with the splashing kids, so they went back to the room, glowing. Lori’s boobs jiggled in her too small top, and her nipples stretched the fabric tighter.

Back in the room, dried off, Susan slipped into the only nightgown she had with her, a little light green satin babydoll with matching thong panties. Lori, changed into the longish T, and white panties, which were sheer enough, her soft pussy hair could be seen thru them plainly. She thought about changing, but decided that would be overly modest. They lay on the beds, watching TV. Lori’s earlier tiredness was gone, her body recharged in the shower. She was very relaxed and mellow though, the jacuzzi and beer having done that. She snuck the occasional peek at Susan, who was just gorgeous in that nightie. Flipping the channels, Lori found the pay for view channels. “Oh that’s cool, they even have adult movies on it,” she stated without really thinking about it

“Want to watch one?” Susan giggled.

Lori blushed, “Well, only if you do.” Susan got to more beers and her credit card. She handed Lori a beer and got the movie going. She shut off the light, and lay back watching. Lori would giggle now and then, and Susan laughed outright at some of the scenes. It got very quiet in the room, as the scene shifted to a girl on girl scene. Out of the corner of her eye, Susan noted Lori was paying rapt attention to the movie. Susan, watched the show as carefully, and didn’t see Lori, sneaking a peek at her as well. Susan wanted so bad to kick back and rub as she watched, as the two women on the screen wildly made love to each other. She felt the telltale trickle of juice seeping out of her hot pussy and shivered.

Lori couldn’t believe she was doing this. She was in a room, with a woman she had only just met, watching porn. She was glad of the dark, so Susan couldn’t see her blushing. She watched the dark haired woman on the screen sucking greedily on the blonde’s fake boobs, and her nipples grew rock hard. Her pussy spasmed, still warm and happy from the jacuzzi, and she was afraid she had a big wet spot on the sheer panties. This was probably not the brightest idea she had ever had, to watch porn.

Susan fought down the urge to squirm. Her pussy was on fire, her nipples so swollen they ached. If this kept up, she would have to take another shower, and relieve the sexual tension. Finally, thankfully, the scene was over. The movie now showed a hung young man, having one of the two girls from the previous scene, and having her hard. It switched to her greedily sucking his big cock, and then he covered her face in his spunk. Susan peeked over and saw Lori crinkle up her nose at that. Lori went “ewwwwwwww” and both women laughed. “Why waste it like that?” Lori asked, and giggled.

“Right,” Susan agreed, “Much better places to put it” and she laughed with the girl. The movie ended. Lori asked Susan if she thought that that stuff really happened in real life.

“Not to me, not like that. Dammit” Susan joked. Lori laughed with her and they both agreed that all the men had been photographed with some kind of trick photography, and most of the women had fake boobs.

“Too bad they can’t all be built like you.” Lori pointed out. Now, Susan blushed deeply. “Oh. I mean. Well, you have a great figure Susan. You know what I mean.” Lori stammered out.

“Well, thank you. I was thinking you have a better one, though.”

“Oh, not me. You have perfect boobs…Uhm…Ok, that doesn’t sound right.”

Susan laughed, and pointed out Lori had a fine set herself. “When you get older, you won’t them as big as this.”

Lori asked “If you don’t mind…how old are you Susan?”

“I’m almost 35”

“Well, that’s not old, not at all. And you don’t even look that old.”

“Well thank you honey. But after 28, gravity starts pulling you down. It could be worse. I could have been really big, like that one gal was. Then they would hang down. She had to have been at least a 40. These are at least a nice normal 36.”

Lori laughed, “Well, I’ve got a ways to go yet, I’m 21. And these,” she took her hands and made thumbs to her chest, “are 34 b cups”

“That’s a good size, I think. You look good Hun.”

“Oh, well….thanks. You are really lots prettier than I am though”

Susan smiled, “Hey, we are both just drop dead gorgeous women. Who could resist us?”

Laughing and smiling, Lori said, “Not me. I couldn’t resist us. I mean… uhm… What do I mean? You know what I mean.”

Susan leaned back into her pillow, propped up against the headboard. “Another movie?” she asked, and then almost choked when she realized what she had said. There was no way she could take another one, not in her current state. With great luck, she might be able to sleep.

Lori, bit her lip. She really wanted to see more, but knew she wouldn’t be able to stand it. She was horny as hell now. Even asshole rotten lover Kyle would be welcome. “Well, I don’t know…if you want one I guess.”

“Tired, want to go to sleep?” Susan was a little relieved.

Lori shrugged a little. “I’m ok. Tired, but not tired, you know? It’s ok if you want to watch one or whatever.” She sipped her beer. She knew she was getting a little tipsy from the beer, but was ok, a long way from being drunk. She did have to pee though, and said so. “Beer, you know how it is.”

Susan watched the girl climb off her bed, and noticed that the t shirt didn’t quite cover her very well. That really is a nice butt, Susan though, and came close to saying it. Lori disappeared into the bath, and Susan set out the last two beers on the stand between the beds.

In the bathroom, Lori flipped on the light and looked at herself in the mirror before sitting down. She bit her lip as she saw, that she had indeed, soaked thru the front of her panties. No way would the shirt stretch down to hide it either. Her nipples poked at the light cotton of the shirt, making quotes around the lettering on it, that said “oh yeah?”

She peeled the panties down as she sat to pee, and decided there was nothing she could do about it. It was darker out there, maybe Susan wouldn’t notice anyway. Worse comes to worse, I’ll just admit the movie made me horny. She will understand.

Susan was sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting. “My turn” she said, as Lori came out. Susan went in and shut the door. She leaned on the sink, willing her body under control. The feel of the satin on her nipples was driving her crazy; the tiny panties were soaked through. She told herself, NO, and peed.

Lori, had sat down on the bed, she looked at the beer sitting there, and took a long pull. As she sat the bottle back down, she accidentally bumped it, and it spilled out shooting beer and foam across her bed, just as Susan came out. Lori was aghast at her clumsiness, and began to apologize. “No use crying over spilt beer. But wet sheets are another matter.” Susan didn’t seem to be upset, but preoccupied with something. “We can call for dry sheets, or share the other bed, she said with a shrug.”

Susan didn’t know which the better idea was. One put the cat, or the pussy, to close to the canary. The other was just a plain nuisance.

Lori caught her breath. She was too inexperienced with hotels to know if they would make her pay for the sheets, and maybe ruining the bed. She was also worried that she might just do something stupid, like attacking the beautiful Susan for sex. It came down to what she could pay, as to whether or not she could control her urges. She thought she could control it. She told Susan she didn’t want to bother anyone, but she better strip the bed, so it wouldn’t soak thru. “Ok then, you strip and I’ll watch,” Susan joked. Both giggled, and Lori made a show of dancing like a stripper, and without thinking it through, pulling her top up almost to her tits.

Susan looked down, giggling, and her eyes lit on the soaked through crotch of Lori’s sheer panties. Oh my God, was all she could think to herself. Lori quickly stripped off the covers of the other bed, then both lay down in Susan’s, now under the covers. Susan was nearly trembling. Lori was blushing scarlet in the dark, the only light , from the TV. Both were quiet, watching TV.

Lori lay back, looking at Susan, wondering. She snapped her head back around, as Susan started to turn a little. “I’m going to hit the sleep timer on it, ok? Or would rather I just turn it off now?” Susan asked.

Lori thought to herself, I wish you could do something to turn me off, I’m running like a river down here. “No, that’s fine, go ahead and turn it off.”

In the darkness, Susan cooed a soft goodnight to Lori, and Lori returned “Don’t let the bedbugs bite ya”

Susan giggled, and said, “What about a nibble?”

Lori, just smiled and said back, “That’s different nibbling is good. Nothing like a good night nibbling.”

Amazing what a few beers do to your inhibitions.

Susan squirmed, trying to get comfortable. She brushed against Lori, under the covers. “Oops.”

Lori wiggled and giggled, ” Just like a sleep over. Want to play truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Susan said, smiling in the dark.

“Oh. .uhm…” Lori thought to herself, what do I ask, “…uhm….shoot. You ask something.”

Without thinking about the consequences, Susan spoke “Did the movie make you as horny as it did me?”

Lori nearly jerked up in bed laughing. “Does it show that much? You probably think I’m pervy or something.”

Susan giggled, “No I don’t think so at all. I said, ‘as horny as it made me’. I want to play so bad I can taste it! Now you probably think I’m the pervy one”

“Oh, no! There isn’t anything wrong with it, I love doing it.”

Both girls giggled, “You go first,” Susan said.

“What, here, now?” Lori asked, stunned.

“Sure, I DARE you!”

“But I took truth!” This made Susan laugh and shake. She ended up closer to Lori, who was in a laughing fit of her own.

“OK, ok…I’ll do it if you will,” Lori said, thinking this was more like a sleepover than ever. Susan didn’t care anymore She wanted this, and if this was what it took to get it, so be it. It had been too long. She curled up under the covers and slipped her panties off, then tossed them across the room. Lori let out a whoop, the peeled hers down. She twirled them off her finger and let fly.

“Oh, god…this feels good,” Susan moaned, as her fingers began to gently ply her tortured flesh. “I’ve never done it like this before, with someone,” she fibbed.

“God…I know what you mean. You should feel how wet I am.”

Susan’s hand snaked across Lori’s thigh. Lori stiffened, drawing a breath. ” I should? Ok.”

Lori trembled as Susan’s hand gently plied her soft wet flesh. “Yes, you sure are wet.” Susan’s fingers left Lori’s mound and rested on her thigh.

Breathlessly, Lori whispered, “Well…don’t …stop…there.”

Susan leaned over Lori, “Are you sure?”

Lori reached up to kiss her, and whispered, “I’m very sure. I want you Susan” Lori slowly peeled her t shirt up and off, dropping it beside the bed.

Lips on soft lips, fingers on soft warm flesh, they kissed. Susan fingers plied slowly over Lori’s tender flesh, rubbing softly. Lori reached out, and touched Susan, more hurriedly, more insistent. Their lips locked together, tongues twining with each others, softly moaning. Lori’s hips began to move in time with Susan’s fingers, up and down, back and forth. Susan felt Lori’s fingers, slipping up and down her dripping slit, she parted her legs further, driven higher in passion than before. She fervently hoped this was not just beer boldness.

Susan began to kiss and nibble on Lori’s neck, making the girl whimper and quietly squeal. Susan kept the gentle rubbing going, making Lori wetter and wetter, as her tortured sweet flesh was teased. Lori’s legs spread wider open, the two were tangled in each other. Susan’s mouth worked lower still, nibbling, licking and kissing. Her mouth found a breast. She kissed it, slow, covering it bit by bit. Her mouth was hot, her breath tickled the sensitive tip. Lori arched up, pushing her nipple to Susan’s mouth. She clutched at her head as Susan began to gently softly suck. Susan’s tongue made laps around the hard nipple, her lips puckered, she suckled softly. Lori began to shake and tremble. Her fingers became more insistent on Susan, and delved deeper into the folds of slippery wet flesh. Susan moaned loudly around the nipple, as Lori’s finger nudged her swollen clit. Susan’s hips began to move now, working, trying to pull Lori’s fingers closer. Her lips left the nipple. She kissed the girl hard, moaning with her. Susan began to slowly ease her finger between Lori’s wet pussylips, parting the labes deftly. The flesh was soft, smooth, silky, and so slippery. Two fingers captured the little nubbin, and Lori cried out into Susan’s mouth , as Susan’s fingers began to work up and down, gently sliding over her clit.

Lori’s fingers clutched at Susan, in one swift motion, plunging inside her, two fingers, buried to the knuckle. Susan gasped in pleasure as she was filled. Lori’s fingers plunged in and out of the older woman in abandoned passion. Susan began to shake. Lori’s back arched up, she bit Susan’s lip softly, moaning, lost in passion and feeling. Orgasm crashed down on her rapidly. Her body shook and trembled as an earthquake of passion broke over her. Lori’s hips and ass bounced up and down off the bed, she was lost to the feeling, but her fingers kept pumping in and out of Susan. no longer close to gentle, driving in and out, lost in heat. Susan’s wetness made squishing sounds to compete with the younger girls moans. She loved this. As Lori’s back arched one more time, Susan felt the tripwire of her own orgasm crash down on her. She bit back a scream, moaning loud, kissing Lori hard. Lori could feel the woman’s cunt tighten down and squeeze her fingers, so tight it almost forced them out. Hot juice covered her hand. Susan shook, her body out of control, she thrashed about in the girls embrace. Spasms of pleasure racking her body, she reached the pinnacle of her climax as the last tingles of Lori’s left her dripping pussy.

Both women were shaky from the feeling, holding each other close, kissing, loving each other. Hands were calmer now, slower, and gentler.

Soft bodies in the dark. Loving and tender kissing, soft whispers, little moans. hands gentle on slippery flesh. Lori rolled over onto Susan, cuddled close. The last thing between them , Susan’s little gown, slipped up and away. Flesh to flesh, the naked women held each other, kissing still. Lips found lips, ears, necks. Susan’s legs splayed open with Lori between them, two hot wet pussies, pressed together. Lori began to grind back and forth, up and down. Susan moaned and responded. Lori kissed down Susan’s neck, nibbling softly. She moved lower and lower, kissing her shoulder, down out onto the swelling curve of her breast. Susan’s body was responding, burning in desire. Lori, breathing heavy found the hard pointed nipple, and sucked it greedily into her mouth. Her fingers found the twin, and tickled it, as her tongue flickered back and forth around the taut point in her mouth. Lori was trembling as she kissed lower and lower. Susan wiggled under her, and quickly, Lori’s mouth was at her sex. Lori was a starving woman, finding food. She devoured the older woman feverishly. Susan’s body rocked. Lori’s touch was inexperienced, but good, Susan was drenching her in juice as the younger girl licked and stabbed into her with her tongue. So good. Susan moaned loud, and arched up, pushing her pussy hard onto the girl’s mouth. Her hands reaching, twisted into Lori’s hair, pulling softly, urging the girl on. Lori’s hands slipped up along Susan’s body, finding her nipples. She twisted, and pulled, squeezing, making the woman shake and moan louder. Susan was fucking her face hard now. Lori was moaning herself, muffled into pussy, nearly crying in passion. Climax took Susan, and took her hard. Over and over, her body rocked, spasmed, shook and trembled. Her legs closed down around Lori’s head, she thrashed from side to side, her hips bucking up and down.

Lori loved it. Susan wet pussy in her mouth was making her tremble. Lori wanted to plunge her fingers into her own wet hole, and take herself hard, but she couldn’t let go of the hard nipples. Susan came down from her high at last, body twitching. She moaned, whimpered. Whispering in the dimness, “Oh , God, Lori…Come here…let me do you too…”

Slow and almost unsure, Lori twisted round, finding her way into the oldest of Sapphic patterns. Susan’s arms circled her, pulling her down to her eager mouth. A single tiny drop of juice escaped from Lori’s parted labes, falling on Susan’s tongue. Susan swallowed the drop, after letting it roll over her tongue. She reached up, as Lori slipped down lower. Susan’s lips touched Lori’s flaming pussy. Lori moaned loud , licking Susan still with rapid hard licks. Susan, gentler, began to slowly tongue the girl. Lori’s body shook over her. Susan’s tongue found the tiny little pearl between the folds and nudged it, slow and gentle. Susan trembled , as Loris’ tongue imitated, and her clit felt the sweet touch of tongue. Susan pressed tighter, and captured Lori’s nubbin, sucking it softly .Lori gasped, her mouth leaving Susan’s sex for a moment. Her body stiffened. Lori felt herself melting, her body turned to liquid, and it all flowed to her pussy. She cried out, a wordless cry, orgasm took her more sudden and harder than ever before. She collapsed forward, her mouth on Susan again, now licking slow , softer, panting, and trying to breath. Wave after wave rolled thru her body . Susan’s tongue was now delving deeply, in and out of her pussy. She was cumming, over and over, licking at Susan as best she could. Susan’s hips arched up to her face, the redhead moaning loud, as she too climaxed again. Their bodies were electric, humming to each other. The final ebbs of climax finally shuddered thru them, and Lori fell forward in a heap. Susan helped her turn back around, cuddling her close. They kissed, the sweet taste of each other mingling on their lips, the long deep kiss of lovers, and fell asleep, still holding each other, both spent.

Lovers Without Realizing It


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Author’s info: Gender: male


What follows is based on a true story – the events described here really happened to two people who gave their permission for their story to be recorded. Their identities have been changed to protect their privacy.

I groaned softly as I settled back at my desk, reaching down surreptitiously to massage one of my calves.

“Too many trips to the copier again, Jessica?” My boss asked me sympathetically on her way by with her third cup of coffee.

I heaved a deep sigh, starting to respond, but she was already back through her office door, letting it swing mostly closed as she settled in, sipping her coffee. I shook my head and shifted my massage to my sore feet. It certainly wasn’t my fault they installed the copier on the far side of the floor – and it wasn’t Diane’s fault that she needed things copied a hundred times a day.

I’d been Diane’s assistant for not quite a year, on my fifth attempt at finding a steady job in the field. My first boss had been a kindly older man, but his second heart attack had forced his retirement, and there’d been no other job open for me that wouldn’t have required more sucking up than I was willing to do. My second boss had tried to convince me that assistants always worked until 3 a.m. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind long hours. I don’t have a life for them to interfere with anyway. Still, if I wanted to work eighteen hour days seven days a week, I could have gone to law school – and then I wouldn’t be holding down assistant jobs for crap pay and no benefits. The third and fourth jobs…well, the less said about those, the better.

Then I had come to Elsin and Associates, a tiny law firm that consisted of Diane Elsin and her partner, the elderly man whose practice she had taken over. He was near retirement, but apparently didn’t like his wife all that much – so a young, ambitious lawyer who could take over his practice while not making him work too hard fit him like a glove.

Diane also had two paralegals who worked for her, but I rarely saw them much. They worked on another floor of the office building where the law firm had its offices, and we shared them with two other such firms, so I basically only knew them as names on interoffice mail envelopes.

Diane Elsin had made a reputation for herself as a trial lawyer in her late twenties and early thirties – now forty years old, she practiced mostly as a trial consultant to larger firms. She still cut quite an imposing figure on the rare occasions she actually went to a trial, though – tall, fit, blonde, long legs, cold blue eyes – she was the very image of a ruthless, bloodsucking lawyer.

I thought she was actually a pretty nice woman, myself – quiet and private about herself, but always composed, with a ready smile. She was also one of the few lawyers I’d met that didn’t treat their assistants like slaves – she wasn’t one of those fruity saccharine types either. When she asked you to call her Diane, it wasn’t patronizing. When she asked you to get coffee for her, it was because she couldn’t get it herself at the moment, being stuck on a conference call or coming in a bit late and needing to rush straight to a meeting.

Of course, by this point in my career with her, I’d barely gotten up the courage to call her anything at all. I’m what you’d call the shy type. Very petite from head to toe, short red hair, big green eyes, still far too many freckles across my nose for a girl of twenty-eight, and a body that I worked hard on but seemed capable of attracting attention only from married men a quarter-century older than me. The fact that I hadn’t been on a date with a boy since middle school didn’t help with that at all. I couldn’t even take advantage of it, for crying out loud – I’ve known I was gay since I was sixteen, when I realized that my masturbatory fantasies hadn’t involved a boy in quite some time and weren’t likely to any time soon. It hadn’t taken very many dates with women to seal things more or less in stone for me. I was lucky, though – I came out in college, my friends were supportive, my mom seemed relieved that I had finally figured it out, and my dad’s reaction consisted of one piece of advice: “Just remember, honey, a woman can be just as much of a prick as any man.” Thanks, Dad – not bad advice, though.

Diane, on the other hand, was divorced, though I knew little about her life in that respect. I’d heard something about a law professor, but she’d been divorced for years, and certainly didn’t talk about her love life with me. She was one of those people who you’d finish telling your life story to and then realize she hasn’t said a thing about herself.

So far, my time working for her had consisted entirely of variations on the exchange I just mentioned, though – basic pleasantries, small talk, and the like. We’d had a couple of very pleasant conversations over coffee and bagels, and she took me out to dinner a few times with the rest of the firm to celebrate a particularly big account, so I hesitantly considered us friends – or at least friendly co-workers.


I looked up immediately when she called my name, and got up – wincing again at the ache in my feet and ankles – to see what Diane wanted.

She looked up, her Bluetooth phone at her ear and her desk covered with paper. “Jess,” she said, muting her phone again, “I can’t find those contract copies they sent over last week.”

I nodded. “They’re filed, I’ll get them.” I stepped to the corner of her office where her master files were kept, quickly rifling through a couple of drawers. This wasn’t unusual – Diane was a very good lawyer, but she preferred to do everything electronically – by email or scan. Paper documents just got in her way, and she had no patience for them. So I kept the files myself, so that she didn’t have to worry about keeping track of documents she hated dealing with anyway.

It’s funny, looking back – we’d never actually discussed that, but I’d just sort of done it that way without thinking, and she’d never questioned it. In hindsight, that probably should have told me something.

I pulled the file she was looking for, slipping it onto the desk.

“Yes,” Diane was saying into the phone, “I’ve got them right here.” She gave me a grateful look. “Yes, you were saying – about the land agreements?” She glanced up at me, and I nodded, flipping the file open and paging to the document she needed. Another thing I did without ever having been asked.

I stayed there for the rest of the call, flipping to this page or that as I tried to follow half a conversation – I’d gotten pretty good at it. Finally, Diane disconnected the call and rolled her eyes.

“Idiot,” she muttered. She shook her head, looking at the large crystal clock on her desk. “I’ve got a meeting in just a few minutes – make sure I’m not disturbed, okay?”

“No problem,” I assured her, re-closing the file and returning it to its drawer, slipping out of the office and closing the door behind me.

This was also common. A few times a week, clients – or prospective clients – would come by. Diane’s practice depended on these meetings – basically, they were sales pitches. Thus, especially after a call like the one she’d just finished, talking to some annoying mouthpiece somewhere, she’d take a few minutes to relax and get herself together before the meeting, so that she could go in and blow their socks off with the Elsin legal machine. In other words, to make herself look so frighteningly competent and ruthless that the clients just wouldn’t be able to imagine winning without her – and more importantly, unable to imagine losing with her.

Believe me, it worked – I’d sat in on a few of these meetings. I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few of her clients didn’t hire her just to make absolutely sure their opponents couldn’t.

I went back to my desk, sinking gratefully back down into my chair – a large, comfortable, swiveling and tilting thing. Diane spared no expense on the office furniture, something I appreciated greatly after years of being the assistant in the “ergonomic” chair that made me feel like I was ninety years old when I went home at the end of the day.

These quiet times that Diane spent before meetings were private – I’d always stop calls going to her phone, and make anyone who showed up to see her wait. Her office had no windows, not even in the door, and she never talked about it, so I never knew what she did to compose herself for a meeting.

No doubt, had I thought about it, I might have guessed. One of my friends from college became a surgeon – according to him, it’s much more common than most people think. Diane did the same thing that any number of surgeons, pilots, athletes, performers, and other high-stress professionals do to relax when they really need to be steady and relaxed – she got herself off. The surge of endorphins and other positive mood-affecting things that orgasm creates are more effective for calm and focus than just about any manmade drug could ever be – and cheaper, too.

So, this particular day is the day that the inevitable finally happened. A faulty latch on her office door, of all things, changed my life. I heard a slight click, and saw her door inch open, as happens with latches that don’t quite fit right anymore. My desk sits just outside her door in our little corner of the floor, so I saw it immediately. Without thinking, I got up to close the door again, and, quite by accident – I swear – glanced in through the two-inch-wide crack of open doorway.

My composed, oh-so-private boss had her chair swiveled sideways and leaned back, one of her long legs up on the desk, and her hand under her skirt. Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed, and her lips slightly parted. If it hadn’t been for the visible movement of her hand between her legs – and the death grip her other hand had on the arm of her chair – I might have thought she was asleep.

Now, before anyone judges me prematurely, I did exactly what any good assistant would do. I set a world record for the slowest, quietest closing of a door in the history of mankind, and crept back to my desk, where I sat perfectly still, waiting to see if I woke up. If it hadn’t been for my eyes being open wide enough to actually roll out of my head if I’d so much as sneezed, no one walking by would think anything odd had just happened.

Two minutes later, Diane left her office and went to the meeting – head to toe a calm, confident lawyer. Fortunately for me, she didn’t look at me as she went – I hadn’t managed to get my eyes back to their normal size yet. After a lot of thought, I realized nothing was changed. She obviously hadn’t seen me, and nobody else had to know. I could pretend it hadn’t happened. All right, so I was naïve.

Days when Diane had meetings took on a whole different perspective for me. She’d close her door for her private time a little before that day’s meeting, and I’d suddenly find myself totally incapable of concentrating on anything. I carefully kept from thinking about what she was doing – if I thought about it, I pictured it, and that certainly didn’t help.

For the most part, it wasn’t even that I was aroused by the whole idea – mostly, I was confused. I’d certainly never felt any particular attraction for Diane. I thought she was gorgeous, of course, but given her history of being straight and her general private attitude – and her being my boss – I’d never looked at her through that particular lens. Slowly, over the weeks that followed, I found ways to excuse thinking about it. I mean, like any single girl, I needed my relaxation too, and since I hadn’t had a relationship in a couple of years I can certainly be forgiven if my mind happened to fix on the only sex-related thing to happen to me in a while. If what I saw happened to pop into my head when I was taking care of myself – usually near the end – that’s only natural, since my brain had to be seeking any clear image to focus on. This made perfect sense to me, and I resolved not to feel badly about it.

I realized I was in trouble about two months after my accidental spying, when I realized that I had been sitting at my desk, waiting for Diane to come out for a meeting, and had been contemplating ways I might tamper with the door handle to get it to pop open again. I stared at it, willing the door to slip open, and give me just one more glimpse. I told myself that I just needed to see it once more, and that would satisfy the curiosity that had been raging in me.

Finally, after Diane had left for a meeting one day, I went into her office to file some things, and caught sight of something light-colored under her desk. Of course, thinking like the idiot I was that there were some papers that had slipped off the desk, I knelt down to get them – and found myself holding a pair of lacy white panties. Even that might not have been enough to doom me – but then a fragrance caught my nose. A fragrance I had not experienced in far, far too long. I could smell Diane on those panties, and that sensory addition to the image in my head sent a quiver through my breast – and parts beyond – that I hadn’t felt in a long, long, time.

The panties were halfway into my pocket before I realized that Diane would probably look for them later. I replaced them under the desk, slunk back out to my own desk, and wondered how long it would take to get the delicious, softly musky-sweet smell of her out of my nose. That night, I found some of the strongest, spiciest food I could at a takeout place and breathed so deep I half-wondered if I were trying to actually scour my sinuses completely down to the bone. After that, I tried to erase the whole thing from my mind – and might have been able to, if not for our upstairs neighbors.

One day, Diane had a meeting scheduled with a huge client – a major downtown firm, the sort that could be a cash cow for our little firm for years, if we made the right first impression and nailed the first job they gave us. Diane had been stressing the meeting for two weeks – she’d been as short-tempered as I’d ever seen her. Her emails to the paralegals got more and more demanding and frustrated, and she wasn’t talking to anyone. To top it all off, on the day of the meeting where we expected to be hired – or not – the offices above ours were remodeling their offices. Saws, drills, hammers – you name it.

I was sitting at my desk. The meeting was in five minutes. Diane hadn’t come out of her office, and I was worried. I hadn’t put two and two together, or anything – don’t worry, nowhere in this story is anyone going to accuse me of being terribly perceptive – but I thought that maybe she had fallen asleep…afterwards. That’s happened to me several times, so I know how easy it is to drift off after a well-needed orgasm.

I’ll never know what I hoped, subconsciously, might be going on, but before I could think, I was up, and knocked lightly on her office door. There was no answer.

I knocked again, slightly harder – still no answer.

So, yes, thinking that I could explain it away if I caught her asleep with her hand up her skirt – or die of embarrassment, whichever – I opened the door.

Diane wasn’t asleep. Fortunately for me, she had her eyes closed, and she wasn’t listening for the door to open. She was leaned back in her chair, her leg on the desk like before, her hand working furiously. Her head was back, her eyes closed – but her expression wasn’t the dreamy look of a woman who has just had an orgasm, or even the straining look of a woman who’s very close to one. It was the frustrated, desperate look of a woman who simply cannot quite get there.

I stared at her, thoughts I’ll never remember racing through my head – and then the power saw on the floor above screamed again, and she actually groaned in frustration, shaking her head. I realized the problem immediately, having been there many times myself, and my mind slammed into one of those walls that we are all sometimes presented with in our lives.

I had two choices, and just two. If I did the ethical, professional thing and left her alone, I kept my job safe – but we risked losing a huge account, the kind of blow to a reputation from which lawyers sometimes don’t recover. Nobody wants to hire the consultant that the big boys didn’t think was good enough. If Diane went into that meeting stressed, tired, angry – and now sexually frustrated – and tried to impress a dozen or so veteran male lawyers…

One choice was good for me. One might be good for her. Again, it was probably one of those hints that I chose the one that was good for her and potentially disastrous for me, but…oh well. My brain, I fully admit, was turned off. Diane was the best boss I had ever had, and I dared to think of her as a friend. I had to help her – and I only knew one way to do that.

I walked into her office, closed the door very softly, walked around her desk – and before she even knew I was there, I knelt down, carefully not touching her, leaned in, and just ran my tongue over and between her desperately moving fingers.

I have no doubt that, had she not been as close as she was, as desperate as she was, or as frustrated as she was, I would have either been kicked in the face, fired, arrested, sued, or all of the above. However, Diane was way too close for that. Her fingers, like the rest of her, froze at the first touch of my tongue, in shock – but I didn’t waste any time. The flat of my tongue pushed her fingers aside, stroked over her clit, and started to flutter – that was all it took. What her fingers could not accomplish, thanks to stress and a power saw, my warm, wet, soft tongue, combined with surprise, managed beautifully.

Her frozen shock turned directly into rigidity, and her body locked up tight. I felt her spasm, heard a deep gasp, and then my mouth was flooded with the sweet, tangy taste of her. Her breathing stopped for a good fifteen seconds as the spasms continued, and then she went limp with a sigh of suddenly released breath.

I licked her gently through her orgasm, and stopped when she relaxed. I leaned back on my knees, glancing up at her face – I’ll never know how I had the courage to do that.

Her head was still back, but her eyes were wide open, staring straight up at the ceiling. Her lips were parted, her breathing still shaky. She slowly raised her head to look at me, and those cold blue eyes were wide with shock, her face still flushed from her orgasm.

I couldn’t bear to meet that gaze, so I licked my lips clean, stood up – without touching her – and walked out of her office, opening the door and closing it behind me as though nothing at all had happened.

I knew two things for sure at that point – I would need a new job, and I would never forget what she tasted like.

Two minutes later, exactly the time at which the meeting was scheduled to start, Diane opened her door and walked past me without a glance, striding off to the meeting.

I figured I now had until the meeting ended to pack up my things and run for my life, but I couldn’t make myself move. Belatedly, I thought about the pussy that I had just licked, my mind whirling to process the sensory data, since I had not gotten a clear look, as absurd as that seemed. Soft, downy blonde hair, trimmed pleasantly close. Velvety soft, warm skin. That sweetly tangy scent that I knew would haunt my dreams. A taste that made me want nothing more in the world than one more lick.

I sat there dumbly, reliving the experience over and over in my head, wishing I had an office with a door, for a long time, unable to move or think clearly. My thoughts waffled constantly between shock at what I had just done, fear of my career ending, and an arousal that had me throbbing and squirming in my chair
“Jessica?” The sound of my name brought my head up with a jerk. I looked up – into cold blue eyes, staring down at me.

She looked at me and I looked at her, and it was crystal clear that neither of us knew what the hell to say.

“We got the account,” she said finally.

I managed a smile that I’m sure was downright ghastly from the other side. “That’s wonderful. Congratulations.”

She nodded slowly. “I’m…going home for the day – I think I need a little vacation.” She looked around uncomfortably – it was the first time I can ever remember having seen her looking awkward. “Finish up the paperwork for the week while I’m gone…I’ll see you on Monday.”

I tried my best not to let my chin hit the desk. I wasn’t fired? “Of course,” I finally stammered. “Have a good vacation.”

I wasn’t deluding myself – she wasn’t inviting me to keep doing anything, she was just a decent enough person not to fire me for trying to help, no matter how inappropriate what I had done had been. By the time she came back on Monday, I had beaten myself up enough over the whole thing to be committed to acting as though it had never happened, and Diane seemed to want to pretend the same. That was fine with me. I never wanted to feel that awful sinking feeling again – that feeling that you’ve just totally screwed up your life.

Nevertheless, life went more or less back to normal after that. Our interactions were polite and professional, and we slowly lost the awkwardness around each other, moving back to where we could smile and make small talk without feeling like fools.

Eventually, I convinced myself that Diane had practically forgotten all about it. I, of course, had not. Diane now featured prominently in my fantasies, no matter how hard I tried to change that. I had never really been attracted to an older woman before, though Diane hardly looked forty. I’m sure the danger of the whole occurrence helped with the eroticism of it for me, but I just couldn’t help myself. Every night, I writhed on my own fingers, tasting and smelling and feeling Diane against my lips, again and again.


“Jessica?” Her voice sounded urgent.

I rose from my desk, hurrying into Diane’s office.

She looked up, muting her phone. “Did we ever hear back from that appraiser guy? I need his figures.”

“I don’t think so,” I answered, “let me check the mail stack again.” I rushed out and down the hall to the mail desk, checking out box, but there was nothing new. I headed back to Diane’s office.

“No, I’m telling you,” she was saying angrily into her phone, “she can’t sign the settlement until the appraiser confirms those numbers. I’m not going to advise anyone to sign it blind, and neither are her attorneys.” She looked up at me hopefully, but I shook my head. She gritted her teeth, mouthing several things she couldn’t say aloud.

“No,” she said again into the phone, “you’re not listening to me…we can’t…yes…no…well, that might be possible. Will he agree to that?” Then her eyes widened. “On their way? You can’t be serious. I can’t advise…”

I waited attentively, in case she needed anything else. I found my eyes drifting to the chair behind her where she stood at her desk, the memories burning through my brain.

Suddenly I realized she was signaling to me. I straightened.

“Yes,” she was saying, “we can be ready by then. Our conference room will be fine. No, it’s their call whether or not to call in the client. Yes. Fine.” She hung up, growling in annoyance.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“The ass wants to change the deal,” she sighed, plopping down into her chair and rubbing her forehead. “They put together a new agreement, they want my opinion of it, and they’re already on their way – we’re meeting downstairs in ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes?” I said, taken aback.

“I know, damn it,” she growled. “I hate last minute meetings.”

“Will you be ready?” I asked. Dimly, some part of my brain sensed an opportunity. “The client will be there, it sounded like.”

“Yes,” she said, suddenly worried. “They’re coming along – and they weren’t too happy the last time.”

I smiled a little nervously. “Do you have everything you need?”

She sighs, leaning her head back in her chair, obviously displeased. “More or less.”

Something in my brain told me that it was now or never, and I couldn’t stop myself. Not looking at her, I stepped around the desk and took the arm of her chair, swiveling it toward me. She stared at me in surprise as I knelt down, gripping her wrists where they laid on the armrests, and held them down.

“Jessica, what…”

Still unable to look up at her, I leaned in, my head pushing her skirt up.

“Are you crazy?” She gasped. “Jessica, I can’t…”

Again dimly, some part of my brain registered only that she did not tell me to stop. Before she could say anything else, my lips were nibbling on her through her panties, my warm breath washing over her. I heard her gasp, her arms flexing under my grip as she tried to squirm away, but I was past rational thought. Holding her wrists firmly, I gave her panty-covered pussy a long, firm lick, and then another, feeling her soft outer lips opening under my tongue, which wriggled, seeking out the spot within that I hoped would obliterate her resistance.

“Jessica,” she gasped again, “please, you can’t…” She cut off with a surprised little noise as my tongue found her clit, lashing it through the material, and she shuddered deeply, her arms relaxing momentarily – just long enough for me to release one of her arms, pull her panties aside, and burrow my tongue into the pussy that I had been dreaming about for weeks. I immediately lost myself in the sweet, silky velvet of her slit under my tongue, the heat of the opening into her body, and the way she trembled as my tongue eagerly explored her soft folds.

“It’s okay,” I lifted my tongue long enough to murmur, and before she could respond, lashed my tongue over her bare clit, feeling the now-erect little nub under my tongue. The moment I felt it, I let my tongue flutter, knowing exactly what that sensation feels like, knowing that no woman I’d ever met can pull away from anything that feels that good. Whatever Diane had been about to say was lost in a choked gasp as she wriggled nearly off the chair, her body squirming wildly. I chanced a look up at her now, and reveled in the chest heaving with anxious, excited breaths, the wide eyes once again staring upwards at the ceiling.

My tongue slowed, giving her gentle, luxurious licks, I felt her shudder again…and her eyes drifted closed. I exulted, my own arousal throbbing within me as I burrowed my tongue deeper, swirling it lightly around her clit and then dipping it inside her, holding in a moan as her sweet tangy flavor coated my tongue. Her body relaxed slightly. I didn’t know whether she had stopped struggling out of arousal, or just thought it was pointless, or whether she was just that desperate to come before her meeting. I didn’t know – and at this point, I didn’t care.

I ran my tongue from the top of her slit to the bottom, rubbing it from side to side, exploring every little nook and cranny of her pussy, finding sensitive spots aplenty to judge by her shaky breathing and little gasps of pleasure. I knew that I could do this forever, if she allowed it – but I also knew I had a time limit. I let my tongue slide deep inside her, almost moaning again at the heady flavor of her, her scent filling my head and my mind, and then swirled my now-slippery tongue over her clit, slowly accelerating the motion. My lips gently sucked the little bead into my mouth as my tongue vibrated on the tip, and I felt her hips lift off the chair before she jerked, grunting softly and gasping for breath.

Her hips jerked several times, twitching, and I drank deeply of her nectar, my eyes closed and my hands only resting on her arms. Finally, she relaxed with a deep shudder, her body going totally limp, her breathing suddenly deep and labored.

I gently licked her clean, easing her panties back into place, and sat back, licking my lips clean, my eyes own wide with a kind of shock that I had actually gotten the chance to taste her again. My legs were actually trembling, and I knew that if I so much as grazed my own pussy right then, I would come too. I rose slowly to my feet, my eyes lingering on her splayed, relaxed body.

“I’ll call down to the conference room that you’re on your way,” I said slowly, my voice a little hoarse, and turned to leave her office.

“Jessica,” I heard her say slowly, and I stopped, hearing no anger in her tone.

I waited.

“You didn’t think…I expected that, did you?” I couldn’t identify her tone.

I slowly turned around, meeting her eyes with an effort. “No. I thought that you needed it. I was just…” I swallowed. “Doing what I thought would help the most.”

Diane just stared at me, and I finally turned and left her office. I sat down at my desk and bent over some work, shading my eyes with one hand. She walked past my desk a few minutes later without a word, on her way to the meeting.


Later that day, to my surprise, Diane came and talked with me about the meeting as though nothing had happened, and she seemed determined to pretend that it had not – though her question had left me wondering how she really felt. I knew that she had enjoyed it – and now, I wondered if she had protested because she had not wanted me to do it, or if she had protested because she thought I felt obligated to pleasure her. I desperately feared the first – I longed to prove her wrong on the second.

“Jess,” she said to me a few days later as she arrived, “pull all the files on the Davis account for me – I’m meeting with them at noon.”

My heart skipped a beat or two, but I just nodded. “No problem.” I followed her into her office, found the files, and left them on her desk. She nodded thanks, still unpacking her laptop and chugging her coffee, and I headed back to my desk.

The morning proceeded as usual – I answered a few calls, ordered her lunch to be sent up after the meeting was over, all the normal things an administrative assistant does. Then, at about twenty minutes to noon, I heard her hang up her phone, and she poked her head out the door.

“Hey, Jessica, call me when the clients get here, all right?”

“Sure,” I replied, watching her close her office door. My heart accelerated about three times over.

I had a dilemma here. I could keep trying to surprise her, but sooner or later, she was going to react badly to that. I could never mention it again – but I couldn’t even bear to think of that. She was all I could think about.

I knew that she wouldn’t be…relaxing…until about five or ten minutes before the meeting. I figured I could take one shot…make some kind of indirect offer. If my…help…were unwelcome, then no doubt she’d still want to have given me a definitive “stop” at some point. This would give her an opportunity to do that, and then we could go back to being boss-employee. If it wasn’t unwelcome…

I rose from behind my desk, walked to the door, and considered knocking, but then just opened it, slipping inside and closing the door behind me before turning to her. She looked up in surprise – she hadn’t been doing anything yet, apparently flipping through a few notes before the meeting. I locked my eyes on hers – those beautiful blue eyes – and put everything on the line.

“Aren’t you going to turn your chair to the side?” I asked softly.

She stared at me, her mouth open to speak, and she closed it slowly. “Jessica…”

I stepped forward to her desk, keeping my eyes on hers. “Just turn your chair, Diane. Let me help.”

She blinked, shaking her head slowly. “Jessica, look…I’m not…”

I licked my lips, and she stopped talking. My heart leapt again. “All you have to do,” I said even more slowly, in a voice barely above a whisper, “is turn your chair. It’s okay.”

She stared back at me, suddenly biting her lip in an uncharacteristic gesture of uncertainty. I stepped around the edge of her desk, and her head turned to follow me. I noticed that the collar of her blouse was rising and falling a little rapidly. The rest of her turned to follow me, and I stepped closer, keeping my eyes on hers. To be honest, I couldn’t look away. The mix of emotions I saw in her eyes confused, frightened, and intrigued me, but I just couldn’t look away.

I knelt down, and gently raised her leg on to her desk, holding her gaze, leaning forward, waiting for the definitive sign.

Finally, I got it. She watched me expressionlessly for a long moment, and then slowly closed her eyes, leaning her head back.

I almost whimpered with excitement and relief, and slid closer between her legs. I reached up to grasp the band of her panties – a set just like the lacy pair I once found under her desk – and helped her lift her hips to slide them gently down, noting the tremble in her legs as I did so.

I think both of us were holding our breaths when my mouth settled on her again – she let out a long sigh, and I could not help a soft moan.

She was very quiet as my tongue explored her all over again – she did not moan or whimper, but I was able to read her reactions from the little gasps and tiny sighs she gave. I searched with relish and found with glee the spots that made her tremble, the spots that made her gasp, and the ones that made her draw in her breath as though to moan for more.

I felt her shudder when my tongue slid inside her velvety, slick pussy, and I settled my mouth on her fully, my lips teasing and caressing her slit as my tongue delved deeper still, seeking the taste to which I was already hopelessly addicted.

I started gently stroking my tongue in and out of her, letting it swirl against her opening each time I pushed it in, feeling her slick channel grip it each time I withdrew. My lips slurped softly at her, coaxing more and more nectar onto my tongue. As my tongue thrust achingly in and out, I realized that she was gripping the arms of her chair, almost hard enough to make her knuckles white. Her free leg, the one not raised onto her desk, was twitching slightly, her silky thigh brushing my cheek. I couldn’t help leaning my face into it a little, and digging my tongue even deeper to make that leg quiver.

I was detecting now what I had hoped to hear – not just pleasure, but surprise. Surprise at some of what I was doing. I wanted to shake my head in dismay. This was a woman who badly needed to meet someone who really knew how to eat her – and I would be happy to show her what one woman can do to another.

I slowly drew my tongue out of her, let it teasingly drift up over her clit, and then softly fastened my lips around it, drawing it lightly into my mouth and pressing my tongue against it.

She gasped loudly. “Oh, god,” I heard her whisper very softly as her hips jerked.

I sucked her gently, tantalizing the sensitive bud, then begin stroking it with my tongue, up and down, side to side, then in continuous, swirling circles that brought her slowly but surely to orgasm, opening my mouth wide as I felt her arch up and stiffen so that I could taste her fully. My tongue stroked her creamy slit as she shuddered and twitched, and dipped into her as she relaxed to retrieve as much of her sweetness as I could.

She finally went limp, breathing fast and light. I sat back again, gently sliding her panties back on. As I did, I very lightly kissed her thigh, but I don’t think she even noticed, lost in the haze of her orgasm.

She sat up slowly, still breathing fast, and looked at me, wide-eyed.

I smiled, knowing what I had to say. “Anything else you need before your meeting?”

Diane stared at me, took a deep breath, and managed a shaky smile in return. “No, that will be all, Jessica. Thank you.”

I left her office, my heart thumping. I was in way over my head, but there was no way I was stopping now.


From then on, our work routine was somewhat changed. Work in general was the same, certainly, but each time Diane had a meeting, I would go into her office a half hour or so ahead of the scheduled time. The first few times, she tried protesting, but her protests never lasted, and within a minute or two, I would have her trembling under my tongue.

I noticed, though, that she still did not moan or cry out at any time, and she did her best to stay still, barely reacting to most of my attentions, her body showing her pleasure often only at orgasm. I think, somewhere deep down, she convinced herself that it was all right to essentially use an employee’s tongue in this way if that’s all it was – her assistant helping her relax before big meetings. While I certainly loved doing what I was doing – there were times that I felt I could almost come just from licking her, especially when I felt her tense up and release onto my tongue – I wanted more and more of her. I continued, somehow, to deny my growing feelings for her, but I determined that I was going to pleasure her to the greatest possible extent, not just be a disembodied tongue.

The next time that I was “helping” her, as I slowly slid my tongue up and down her moist slit, listening to her soft, even breathing and little gasps each time I passed over her clit, I made sure she was close to orgasm, trembling, her legs tense. Then I touched her with my hands for the first time, lightly running my fingertips up the insides of her thighs. I was rewarded with a startled gasp. I was dimly aware that she had raised her head at the contact, but I just flattened my palms on her thighs, massaging her warm, silky flesh as my tongue burrowed deeper, and drove her to orgasm before she could react in any particular way to my touch.

When I finished, I gave no indication that I had done anything different.

I progressed slowly thereafter, starting with caressing her thighs and hips while I pleasured her, and gradually progressing to holding her hips while I made love to her pussy with my mouth. After the first time or two, it even seemed that she was anticipating the touches – when I would touch her, she would always react, with a little gasp or a little shiver or an increase in her breathing. If I only touched her when she was already close to coming, it would set her off almost immediately.

Sometimes, as I ate her, I was amazed at what we had and hadn’t done. I had never touched her above the waist – I had never even seen her close to naked. I had not fingered her at all, nor touched her ass. I had made her come, jerking and twitching against my tongue, many times, but had never kissed her.

Finally, one day while I was happily burrowed between her smooth thighs and her head was slowly rolling side to side, her breath coming in pleasured little gasps, I caressed her hips, feeling her shudder with the added arousal, but then I backed off, my tongue barely touching her. At first, she just relaxed, but then I dove in again, caressing her hips as my tongue slid deep – to which she reacted with something almost like a whimper – and then backing off again. This time, I got the reaction I wanted. She lifted her hips slightly, instinctively seeking the source of her pleasure, arching her hips out in need. I immediately rewarded her by drawing her clit into my mouth and slurping it slowly, achingly, letting her shudder, her hips lifted off the chair.

The moment she started to relax, I backed off again, and made her reach for me, or would press my tongue against her but not move it – essentially forcing her to move and seek her own pleasure. Her arousal battled her self-control and won – within a few minutes, I had her rocking and bucking her hips against my mouth, lost in the pleasure of it. When she came, it was intense, with her hips bucking her slick, clasping pussy up and down on my tongue, almost riding it, while her breath escaped her in tiny involuntary grunts, her hands clutching the arms of her chair as I held her creamy, jerking hips.
We continued in this way for almost three months – I would spend a half hour before any meeting with my arms wrapped around her hips, holding her up off her chair and letting her thrust and buck against my mouth as I slowly licked and tongued her out of her mind. I was in heaven – a gorgeous, sexy, wonderful woman was almost dependent on me for pleasure. I was fairly sure I was her only source of orgasm at this point – from her reactions to my touches, I don’t think she was pleasuring herself at all anymore. If she hadn’t had a meeting in a couple of weeks, she would often come within only a minute or two.

However, the emotional quandary continued. I wondered whether I had feelings for this woman – and if I did, what I should do about it. If I tried to change our arrangement into a romantic relationship, I risked losing everything. I was fairly sure that the dichotomy between our relationship and our physical intimacy was getting to Diane as well – whenever I would slip into her office, she would look at me with a mix of anticipation, desire, and an odd sort of confusion, as if she was not sure how she should emotionally react to my presence anymore.

Eventually, the question was answered for me. We reached a tipping point one afternoon. Diane had a meeting scheduled over dinner with not one, but two clients, and I slipped into her office almost a full hour before Diane had to leave for the restaurant. She seemed surprised to see me that early, but she turned her chair nonetheless and willingly surrendered her pussy to me. I loved the first sigh she gave when my mouth touched her. It was a sigh of pleasure, of relief, and of a satisfied anticipation, as if she really did look forward to these sessions.

This time, though, I had decided, I was going to take my time. I deliberately avoided her clit – no matter how much her hips reached for me or how much she tried to twist herself to get contact there, I kept from touching it, running my tongue over her lips, sucking and nibbling at them, and then swirling my tongue around her opening without entering, tantalizing her. After almost fifteen minutes of this exquisite torture, she actually surrendered to it, letting her body relax and just enjoy the gentle, restrained caresses of my mouth. I used my whole mouth, my lips and tongue and even my teeth, lightly nipping at sensitive flesh, teasing her until she was just breathing deeply and shaking ever so slightly, all of her willpower going into not pleading with me to pleasure her more directly.

I dipped the tip of my tongue into her ever so slightly, and heard her catch her breath. Then I withdrew, swirling around her opening, and dipped in again without warning, again barely entering. Another little gasping breath, her hips quivering. I waited a long moment until I felt her hips lift, and then licked her opening firmly, not entering, and felt her jerk, a tiny whimper escaping her. I looked up at her face – her head was lolled back, her mouth open, her eyes shut, her body totally relaxed other than her somewhat tense hips. I smiled, swirling my tongue around her a few more times to hear her gasp, and then, in one long, slow, firm thrust, buried my tongue inside her, wiggling and squirming it against her inner walls.


I drew my tongue out at that, looking up in surprise and eagerness, and swirled my tongue a few more times, lashing it against her opening, tapping sensitive little crevices here and there, until I heard that tiny little whimper again. Then I plunged my tongue as deeply as I could, swirling it inside her.

“Oh, yess…”

I almost moaned at the exclamation from her, and found the sound so wonderful after all the months of listening to her silence that I pulled my tongue out again, hearing her whimper immediately in protest. I proceeded then to tease her unmercifully for five full minutes, caressing her outer lips with my tongue and lips, stroking the hood of her clit with my upper lip but never her clit itself, my tongue tantalizingly circling her opening time after time. To my delight, though, her body stayed relaxed, letting me keep control. Finally, I fluttered my tongue at her entrance, drew another whimper from her, and then, lifting her hips slightly, sank it deeper than ever into her body, my lips caressing her slit from top to bottom as I filled her with my tongue.

“Oh, Jessie…” She moaned out.

This time, I did moan. Everyone in my life called me Jess or Jessica. I hadn’t been Jessie to anyone since kindergarten. To hear a real endearment on her lips…I had to hear it again.

My tongue teased, darted, swirled – and then lashed her clit, lightly but continuously, driving her almost up out of her chair.

“Oh, my god,” she moaned. I slid my tongue down her slit and inside her again. She moaned.

I was like a child with a toy – I did anything that I could think of to make her moan again and again for me, and even though sometimes I sensed her trying to hold them in, she seemed to have surrendered too deeply to stop herself. I started taking her toward her delayed orgasm, fluttering my tongue intermittently on her clit, in between slow, searching thrusts inside her. I made the touches lighter and lighter, almost not touching her at all, feeling her hips rise into the air, and then fastened my mouth to her, sucking deep but gentle on her clit, lashing it with my tongue.

“Oh! Oh, god…oh, god, Jessie…” Her exclamation trailed off into a long, shuddering silence, and then an outright squeal as she climaxed deeply, flooding my mouth with her sweetness. She would have bucked right out of my arms if I hadn’t been holding her tightly.

“Oh, Diane,” I whispered into her pussy as she relaxed – so softly that I don’t think she could hear me. I massaged her trembling hips and thighs as she slumped, splayed open and totally limp in her chair.


We definitely seemed to have passed some sort of barrier after she first moaned my name. We both apparently realized that, whatever the complicated emotional underpinning, what we were doing was extremely pleasurable, and didn’t seem to be harming either of us. When we worked, we were as we always had been – friendly and professional. When I was between her legs…now, she voiced her pleasure, if with restraint, moaning and whimpering, occasionally squealing when I did something she especially liked. Her moans of my name – especially the diminutive form of it that I loved to hear from her lips – were still rare and precious when I earned them.

Much of the time, Diane would lie back in her chair with her free leg over my shoulder and her other leg up on her desk, and I would take my time pleasuring her while slowly running my hands over her legs and her hips as much as I liked – which was a lot. She loved when I massaged her feet with my hands while I massaged her clit with my tongue. She squealed the first time I cupped her ass and let her thrust herself to orgasm on my tongue entirely on her own.

She definitely was giving in to the entire process in other ways, too. More and more often I would arrive for one of our sessions only to find her panties already gone, or would feel her press her leg against my hand or arch her hips to my touch without my having to guide her. She would signal me with her sounds when she wanted something – if I was teasing her too much, or she wanted contact somewhere else, she would guide me with whimpers or movements of her body.

On one rare occasion when she needed me to work on a Saturday because of a meeting she was having at a local church picnic, of all things, she actually wore a dress to the office – the first time I had seen her in anything but a skirt and blouse. This, of course, provided me an incredible opportunity. With her dress up around her waist, her creamy hips and thighs totally bare to my hands and her body laid back comfortably, I took the opportunity to explore not only her flat stomach – and much enjoyed feeling the quivers and tension in the muscles there – but slid my hands up higher, and for the first time, touched her breasts. They were soft and silky smooth, and their weight felt perfect in my hands.

The first time I touched them, she gasped, arching against my hands, but her hips pulled back with a hint of nervousness. I almost laughed at the idea of a woman who had my tongue buried inside her being nervous about me touching her breasts. I drew my hands back, exploring her torso, and my tongue soon encouraged her to writhe against my hands. I returned to her breasts, gently massaging them, and, already close, she arched, whimpering loudly. When I tugged softly at her nipples, it was enough to push her over the edge, and I luxuriated in the feel of her nearly bare body bucking under my hands.

Now, we had found entirely new territory to explore. Within a few more sessions, even in her usual blouse and skirt, Diane would be laying with her blouse open, her bra and panties gone, and her body exposed to my ceaseless caresses, giving her body entirely over to me to drive to higher and higher pleasure.

All along this path we were treading, though, I never once suggested or at all hinted that I wished her to return the favor – indeed, we both seemed to shy away from any possibility of that ever happening. I dressed conservatively to work, and she made sure that her body did not brush mine in any way that might be taken as a returned caress. Both of us seemed fearful to cross that boundary, knowing that if she ever returned the pleasure I had given her, we would be lovers in truth.

Even now, I am not sure why I feared that so – perhaps even the threat of losing such a lovely, albeit incomplete, relationship was enough. Perhaps it was something else. I doubt I’ll ever know.


It was inevitable, I suppose, that despite our enjoyment of our “arrangement”, something would interfere and finally give our emotions a real chance to complicate things.

I sat at my desk, typing out a series of memos and emails to different people on my daily contact sheet. Diane’s last meeting had been a few days ago. We had become a great team – with my help, she had been dominating meetings even more than usual, and the firm had picked up so much business that we were seriously contemplating expanding the firm entirely – though Diane had seemed hesitant to expand, since she really didn’t need to work the ridiculous hours that most lawyers do.

Firing off another email, I glanced at my inbox and saw that another email had just arrived – one from an address I didn’t recognize. Opening it with a frown, I saw a long series of short messages – apparently, I had been accidentally included on an email string. This happens frequently in any office, of course, so I went indifferently to delete it, but then a single word in one of the replies caught my eye – my name.

Unable to help myself, I scrolled curiously back through the chain of messages.

– I received your quote for the renovations. Can you refer me to a legal employment agency to fill out my staff?

That message was from Diane. The next was from an address I didn’t recognize, but was signed with a name I did recognize – the owner and operator of the building in which Diane’s offices were located. Apparently, Diane had inquired about the costs of expanding our firm, complete with office renovations and new staff.

– Easily – the firm in the offices above yours just completed their renovations, and hired some new staff. They mentioned that they were very happy with their new staff – I’ve used the same staffing agency myself. They can supply all the paralegals you might need, and a truly qualified legal assistant.

I stopped in surprise, glaring a bit at the message. What did he mean, “truly qualified”? I was fine at my job, and Diane had certainly never complained. Far from it, I thought with a tiny smirk.

– It would be nice to have some of my own paralegals, for a change – sharing them can get pretty annoying. I’ll definitely need some help finding at least one assistant who actually knows her stuff – the last two I’ve had in here had terrible recommendations, and the most recent one couldn’t type her way out of a paper bag.

I stopped again – this time, in shocked dismay. I couldn’t believe that Diane would really think that about me. She had always seemed pleased with my work, and had complimented me several times – she even seemed grateful to have an assistant she could work well with.

My almost nerveless hand hit the delete button, and the offending email vanished instantly. I shivered, staring blankly at the screen. How could she think…how could she fake all that? Why?

Some part of me, the logical part, maybe, thought that it might be a misunderstanding. Maybe she meant the girl before me – from what I’d heard, she hadn’t lasted long.

Of course, I couldn’t deny that the law was no specialty of mine. I had picked up bits and pieces, certainly, but I had no formal training or education in legal matters. Law school had never been a financially viable option for me.

I slumped in my chair. Maybe Diane did need a real legal assistant. After all, if she were going to expand her practice, she’d need a full staff, maybe even a partner or two, and assistants who could offer their own legal insights, not just a glorified secretary like me.

I worked for the rest of the day in something like a dream, going mechanically through the motions of my emails and memos, copying down meeting minutes, barely paying attention to what I was doing. I made sure to leave before Diane finished for the night so that I wouldn’t have to speak to her, not trusting myself.

Half of me felt as though what was happening was only inevitable – good things usually came to an abrupt end before they should, in my experience. The other half felt angry. I found myself questioning everything that had happened. I wondered whether Diane had ever even really liked me, or if had just tolerated me. Whether she truly enjoyed what I had been doing to her, or whether she had just used me.

That night, though, as I climbed into bed, I could not stop the fantasies returning to me. As my fingers began to tease along my slit, I could not help but imagine the heaven I had found again and again with her, with the taste of her, the sound of her ecstasy and the feel of her skin on my face and mouth while I savored her. I writhed under my hand, and reached my first climax quickly, gasping and shaking. I lay still, eyes closed, Diane’s beauty in my eyes and her moans in my ears.

Then I recalled the words I had read, and my anger returned. The memory of her soft, pleasured moans returned – but now the sounds were harsh, cynical, somehow soured. That delicious surrender in her body as she relaxed each time beneath my questing tongue turned into something else – something accompanied by a smug laugh, the sense of getting something that one wants, not a true desirous surrender.

I bit my lip, my anger increasing until I was nearly in tears – and I found my fingers moving again, this time fast and hard, almost grinding into my sensitive skin. The pleasure came in waves, harsh jolts up my spine and through my stomach, tightening it until it nearly burned. I grimaced, digging two fingers into myself. Instead of savoring the memories, I cursed at them now, glowering at the image of my boss that floated before my confused mind.

For a few brief moments, I hated her. Hated this confusion, this sick fear that was choking me.

“Damn you, Diane!” I gasped, growling as I arched up off my bed with my second orgasm, this one hard and sharp, wrenching my spine and causing my legs to spasm so hard that they immediately began to cramp. I curled up immediately on my bed in a fetal position, the pain mingling with my still-fading pleasure.

Finally, I relaxed, the cramps dying out and my breathing returning to normal.

It was so frustrating – I wanted to be angry. I wanted to be furious, to storm into her office and quit – or even show her what I knew about the law. Maybe trap her in some kind of situation where I could sue her, make her pay for this pain I was feeling.

I wanted so badly just to give over to that fear and anger.

But I couldn’t. I couldn’t hate her. I know now, of course, why I couldn’t hate her – some people can hate someone they’re in love with, but I’m just not built that way. I didn’t realize that at the time, though. The bizarre arrangement, the strange story of our relationship had walled my feelings off deep inside myself and hidden them under layers of fear, self-delusion – and an honest wish not to hurt Diane, or make her life more complex or difficult than it needed to be.

At almost any other time in my life, I would have probably just quit my job and drained my savings account on therapy trying to figure out how I had botched things so badly. This time, though, I couldn’t just walk away. I’d stick around long enough to find out what Diane had meant. If she didn’t want me around, then so be it.


“Jessica, could you come in here?”

I looked up, and for the first time, I didn’t just get up and go in. “What’s going on?” I called back.

There was a brief pause. “I need to prepare for my three o’clock.”

I glanced at my clock. Barely two. “Now?” I asked.

“Now?” She sounded surprised. “Um, yes, now.”

I bit my lip. I almost said no – I swear, I almost said it. I didn’t, though, of course. I couldn’t help myself. “Coming,” I called back.

In her office, I closed the door, and looked at her, my heart twisting all over again at those beautiful cold blue eyes staring across the desk at me, though they seemed surprised and concerned at the moment.

“Is something wrong, Jessica?” Diane asked.

I opened my mouth to shout at her – but, again, of course, I didn’t. “No, nothing’s wrong.”

“Good,” she said slowly, still looking concerned.

I knew there was still an hour before the meeting, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to pleasure her for that long the way I felt now…I’d break in two from sheer emotional trauma. I resolved to make it quick – to just get her off and be done with it. Some part of me tried to be clinical, calm, and indifferent. Do it fast, I told myself flatly. Get her to come and she’ll leave you alone.

I stepped around her desk, and she turned to meet me. I saw the slight widening of her eyes, the little break in her lips, but my flat thoughts dismissed what I saw. Just lust, I thought. She needs it, no question – that doesn’t mean she has any feelings for me. You’re just a walking vibrator at this point, I told myself brutally.

I knelt down, slid up her skirt, pulled her panties down – just a bit roughly, I’ll admit – and slid my mouth back against her again. She sighed, and I quivered, almost breaking just in that instant, my eyes filling with tears as my lips tasted her sweetness, that tanginess that I so loved, while that anger glittered deep in my mind and other feelings, complicated and frightening, bubbled just underneath, threatening to break free. I knew she wanted me to take my time, but now I didn’t want what she wanted. I wanted to hurt her – but I couldn’t hurt her. I wouldn’t give her what she wanted, though. She’d get what she needed – to come – and that was all.

I ran my tongue firmly over her slit, feeling her twitch in response with a soft whimper, and my tongue softened for a split second, caressing her lips like the petals of a flower, easing them open and sliding within – but my pained heart wouldn’t allow me to melt into her again. My tongue hardened, stabbing at her clit almost roughly, and she jerked with a startled gasp, her thighs almost gripping my head as she reacted to my firmness.

I grabbed her legs, my anger heating me, and I took that anger out on her pussy, on the soft, delicious flower that I had worshipped all those times before. I lashed it with my tongue, stabbing and darting my tongue here and there. By now, I knew every weakness in her. I knew where to flutter my tongue to make her jerk, where to stab it to make her gasp, and where to suck her in to drive her over the edge. I made her come brutally fast, with a strangled, startled little squeak, and let her twitch rapidly against my face, my eyes closed and my mouth hard on her soft flesh.
I felt a distant satisfaction – she might have been using me, but at least I could make her come whether she wanted to or not – and leaned away from her, licking my lips furiously, already trying to turn my mind back to the work that waited back at my desk.

Then I couldn’t move. Not due to any hesitation on my part, but because her hand was gripping my hair, holding me tight. She arched her back, still breathing fast, and pressed her soft folds back to my lips, rubbing them against my tongue as I opened my mouth in reflex.

“Don’t stop,” she gasped out, making me freeze in place. “Please, more…” She shuddered, breaking off as my tongue unconsciously touched her, some part of me still as addicted as ever to her taste, her wonderful flavor, the evidence of the pleasure I gave her.

Her fingers gripped my hair firmly, pulling, and I closed my eyes with something like a whimper as my anger imploded, evaporating into a desperate emptiness, with something warm and heavenly gleaming just out of sight. I hesitated, torn between wanting that anger back – that simple, uncomplicated rage – and that heat, that desperate need to taste her, to please her. My tongue stroked her again – this time, warm, soft, and loving, sliding over her opening, dipping into her, grazing her still-sensitive clit.

It was Diane that shattered my resistance this time. “Oh, god, Jessie, more…” she moaned.

I shuddered deeply. My hands, of their own accord, grabbed those creamy smooth hips, and I licked deeper.

“Yes,” she breathed, arching, her fingers softening in my hair – but they didn’t leave. They rested almost limply on my head, staying gently tangled in my red hair. “Oh, yes,” she shuddered, both of her legs sliding over my shoulders, enclosing me in her satiny skin.

My whimper was lost in her soft, wet flesh and her gripping thighs, and my hands slid under her buttocks, cupping her and lifting her greedily to me. My eyes opened, looking up the length of her body. Her head was back, her eyes closed, that little gap between her lips that I had savored so many times. Her free hand reached back to grip the back of her chair as she slid down to half lay in her chair, allowing her to arch higher, her pussy sliding over my tongue until we both moaned.

An image flashed into my over-worked mind – Diane, stretched out naked, on a real bed for once, gripping the headboard and arching helplessly as I drove her to whatever ecstasy I could. Another image flashed in behind it – something else entirely, something I would do if I ever got the opportunity.

“Oh, yes, that’s it…”

The images vanished as I recalled what I was doing, my tongue swirling and spiraling in and out of her wetness, and I feasted on her, greedily slurping and sucking at her soft lips, the moist, slick inner flesh, and her creamy nectar flowing freely into my mouth. My tongue drilled deeper still, thrusting desperately. I wanted all of her – I wanted to drive everything but me out of her mind, once and for all.

“Ah…ahh…oh…oh god, what…what…” She cried out as I pulsed my tongue mercilessly in and out of her, fast and deep. I wasn’t taking my time or being gentle – she was going to scream for me, and I wasn’t going to be used. She was mine, at least for the moment, and I was going to take full advantage.

Her breath turned into short, high-pitched gasps, her hips bucking higher and out of control. She was already close, probably trying to hold back, to prolong this, but I wasn’t letting her. My fingers tightened, digging into the firm, silky skin of her buttocks, and my tongue slid out to pull her clit into my mouth. I sucked it lightly once, twice, feeling her jerk each time, hearing her sharp gasps for breath, and then sucked it deeply, my tongue fluttering.

That did it. She cried out, as loudly as I had ever heard her, her hand clenching almost into a fist in my hair. Her mouth gaped open, her breathing momentarily halted. She held there, tense and quivering as I kept up that methodical sucking, not letting her relax, keeping her orgasm riding high, until I felt that spasm in her stomach that warned me that her pleasure would turn to pain very shortly if I didn’t stop. I let her relax, though my mouth remained against her. I breathed deep of her scent, her wetness still coating my lips and tongue and chin, my eyes drifting closed as I kept my face buried between her thighs, my hands lightly stroking her still-trembling ass.

Her hand was still limply tangled in my hair, twitching faintly. We stayed that way for a long time. I couldn’t bring myself to pull away, and she apparently couldn’t summon the energy to move at all.

After several long moments, I opened my eyes, looking up at her only to meet her blue eyes staring back at me.

She looked steadily down at me, her eyes wide and slightly glazed, obviously still dazed by an orgasm of that magnitude.

Our eyes stayed locked for a long moment, and when my mouth moved, it was to apologize, or yell, or ask her just to move her legs, or something – I’m still not sure. It didn’t end up mattering. The instant my mouth moved against her, she moaned softly, her eyes staring down into mine widening even more.

I felt my own eyes hood as my desire for her returned with a force that actually shocked me – I had never had a chance to pleasure her while looking into those incredible eyes.

“Jess,” she whispered, starting to say something.

No, I thought, that’s not my name…not the way I wanted to hear it from her. My lips kissed her pussy with soft, deep warmth, and I breathed her in, not licking, just feeling her, my lips sliding over her slit with the softest of caresses.

She gasped, and her eyes tried to flutter closed, but my fingers suddenly dug into her firm buttocks, causing her eyes to fly open again with surprise. All of my emotion – the remnants of my anger, my lust, my desire, and other feelings I still shied away from – blazed from my eyes into hers, as I mentally begged her to keep her eyes open, to let me look into them. My lips caressed her again, and kept moving, continuously stroking and nibbling and lightly sucking her outer, then inner, lips.

She hissed in a soft breath, her eyes so big. There was a strange light in her eyes as well as we stared each other down. The depth of emotion in her eyes startled me, though they were not emotions I could identify. I did not dare to hope.

I gave her one gentle, curious, tentative lick, a light smooth lick with the flat of my tongue, dragging her outer lips along and wiggling ever so slightly to stimulate her.

She let out a long, sighing moan, and relaxed, her fingers tightening in my hair. “Don’t stop,” she whispered, not looking away.

And so, with our eyes locked together, I began again. My lips stroked and tasted, my tongue slowly, lingeringly explored.

“Jessie,” she breathed, staring into my eyes, unable to look away now.

My own arousal spiked at her use of my name, and my fingers slid higher into the small of her back, warm, smooth and slightly damp from the exertion of her earlier writhing. My fingertips massaged, and she relaxed, sinking even lower in her chair as her legs slid further over my shoulders, tightening to pull me into her. As her shoulders met the seat of her chair her other hand joined the first in my hair, not tugging but just holding my soft locks.

I shuddered, slurping softly at her, watching her lovely eyes and wishing that this moment would never end.

“Ah…mm…” She whimpered.

I gave another slow lick, and she whimpered again, those brilliant blue eyes as round as they could go. My hands slid still higher up her back, massaging her spine. She continued to relax, whimpering and sighing now with every movement of my mouth. Her hips began to rock ever so slightly, sliding her wet, slippery pussy against my mouth.

I began to devour her in earnest, my tongue moving constantly, my lips spreading her open for access. The way she was laying back in her chair was resting more and more of her weight on me, and it forced me to sit back on her floor, stretching my legs out as I held her up against my mouth. The rocking was doing something else as well, though – I was being tantalized by the movement of my legs, rocking along with her body, and my panties tugging and pulling at my already well-lubricated pussy. I whimpered in my own pleasure, but held back my instinct to rock my hips more deliberately.

It wasn’t easy – her wet pussy was as delicious as ever, and staring into her eyes while hearing her moans and whimpers of open pleasure, feeling her soft hips pushing against me and her warm thighs trembling on my shoulders – it was all I could do not to start moaning right along with her. I had always been careful about that – I had always known instinctively that there was a line somewhere, and if I crossed it, all this could end.

I managed to put that out of my mind – though the sensations were still there – and concentrated on her, boring my gaze into her while I took my time bringing her to ecstasy. I easily used the rest of the hour, and could have just as easily taken longer. I don’t think she would have objected, either, neither of us seemed to blink the entire time, her eyes locked helplessly on mine as I took her body as high as I could, building her up, tantalizing her, until she simply could not hold back any longer.

“Ah! Jessie…Jessie Ahhhahhhhh!” Diane cried out, long and high as my sucking, licking mouth sent her over the edge, and her head arched back, our gaze finally breaking as she was swept under by an intense orgasm. Her hips quivered throughout, and my mouth was filled by her nectar as I carried her all the way through, until she relaxed with a shuddering moan, and her hands fell from my hair to dangle limply beside her.

I shuddered on my own as she relaxed – it had taken all my effort not to join her in orgasm. I realized belatedly that I couldn’t move – if I let her hips go, she would fall off her chair. I waited until she shook herself, summoning enough energy to pull herself back up onto her chair by the elbows. Eventually, I was able to sit back, my legs still too rubbery to hold me up. She seemed shaky as well, and now, neither of us could meet the other’s eyes.

I glanced up at the clock on her desk, and blinked, flushing slightly. “Um…your meeting’s in just a few minutes. I’ll let them know you’re on your way…I’ll just leave you to, um, straighten up.” I staggered to my feet, not waiting for her response, and half-stumbled back out to my desk.


That evening, I came back from my umpteenth trip to the copier to find Diane sitting on the edge of my desk. I stopped short in the hallway the moment I saw her, a thousand different things racing through my head, and then I saw the roll of paper she held in one hand. Blueprints.

I heaved a sigh. So she was going to expand her practice, renovate the office…and replace me. I straightened my shoulders, bracing myself, and walked to my desk, joining her.

She smiled at me as I arrived, and I managed a hesitant smile in return. “Jessica,” she began, “you remember how we’ve spoken a few times about expanding our little business here?”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. “Our” business indeed, I thought darkly.

“These are the blueprints,” she tapped the roll against my desk, “and I’ll be on my way out shortly to go over some things with the architect – but I wanted to talk to you first.”

I nodded again. “Of course.” My voice was a bit flat.

She glanced at me, a tiny frown appearing between her eyebrows as if she had caught my tone. “Jessica, I…I’ll be taking on at least one partner – maybe two, depending on…well, it doesn’t matter.” She looked away. “Obviously, with two or three lawyers, we’ll need more support.”


She glanced at me again, looking oddly confused. I almost glared at her. Did she expect me to be thrilled at losing my job?

I know, I know – I was being an idiot. Fear does that to all of us.

“We’ll be hiring some new assistants,” she went on, “and probably a few of our own paralegals.” She looked away again. “I thought of having you become an office manager, or something, but I just don’t think that would work out. It’s just not the way the office will be set up.”

I was barely holding in that glare now. “I see.”

She didn’t look at me this time. “So, the practice will need dedicated legal assistants.” She cleared her throat. “We’ll be dividing up the clients, probably along thematic lines – different areas of legal practice, and so on. So…” She cleared her throat again, still staring down at my desk.

I idly thought that I had never heard her so inarticulate.

“So, if you wanted to switch to be one of the partner’s assistants, you know,” she glanced at me, “to keep up with, um, your own interests, I’d understand. I’ll give you first choice.”

I blinked, my mind trying to follow all that. First choice? First choice of what, now?

She looked at me now, those blue eyes as uncertain as I’d ever seen them. “I mean, I’d like you to stay my assistant – we’re, um, so used to each other and all – but I wouldn’t want to hold back your career. I know you must not want to be an assistant forever.”

For the first time in several minutes – all right, I’ll admit it, in several months – my mind actually grasped what was going on. “You…want me…to stay,” I stammered, sounding like an idiot.

It was her turn to blink. “Of course,” she said, as if it had never been in question. I tried to keep my lower lip from actually hitting the desk. Not only had I realized what was going on, I had realized just how much of an idiot I’d been.

My mind raced. I had three concerns – one, finding a way to say yes that didn’t make me sound like a lovesick fool; two, trying to comprehend my luck; and three, trying to recover something resembling dignity. “I think…we work pretty well together,” I stammered finally. “I’d like to stay.”

She smiled a brilliant smile – a smile that, I noticed dimly, didn’t seem like that hard, professional smile I’d seen so many times. “Good. Glad to hear it.” She tapped the blueprints on the desk, getting up and walking toward her office. Then she turned back. “Oh, by the way.”

My head jerked back up from where I had been staring blankly at the desk, having failed totally to pull my thoughts into anything like coherency. “What?” I blurted out.

“A client was referred to me from London,” she explained. “He lives there, even though his business is here, and he deals with a lot of different law firms. He’s looking for an advocate to consolidate all of his different legal issues together so that he doesn’t have to monitor it all himself.” She ran a hand through her hair. “I thought it would be an interesting challenge. I’m heading to London next week to meet with him a few times.” Her eyes met mine. “He’s paying, so I figured you might like a bit of a vacation too.”

“That sounds wonderful,” I said immediately, my mind having, for once, not betrayed me. In fact, it was now running in overdrive, having already leapt to an image that I had experienced earlier.

A hotel bed would fit that image just fine.


“All right, I could definitely get used to this,” Diane murmured from the next table over. I nodded, sighing in relaxation. The masseuses continued their work, kneading the long flight out of our tired muscles. Both of us were covered with towels, while the pleasant, silent women worked on our shoulders and necks.

Eventually, as they finished, folded up their tables, and left, each of us sat up, wrapping the towels around ourselves, stretching out newly relaxed muscles and testing for any trace of the soreness from sitting in one place for far too many hours.

Diane sighed, looking around the hotel suite – this was mine, since my room had the table and office area around which we would be working while here in London. Diane’s room was on a different floor, and since I would be the only one doing much paperwork here, this arrangement had seemed logical. It also fit into my plans perfectly. The massages had been my suggestion.

“What did you think of him?” Diane asked. We had met briefly with the new client right after we landed – he had been waiting at our hotel, eager to meet the consultant who had been glowingly recommended to him. Diane had impressed the man immediately. Personally, I thought he was dull and not quite smart, but I wouldn’t have to deal with him much anyway.

“He was…interesting,” I murmured politely, tying my towel off and starting to unpack my things as Diane vanished briefly into the bathroom.

She was chuckling when she came out. “Interesting would be being nice.”

We exchanged a quick grin.

She chuckled again. “He’s dull as dishwater, but it’s good business for us, and his enterprises back home are complex enough that keeping it all straight should be interesting – even if he’s not.”

I laughed, still unpacking, unable to help a glance or two at her long, firm legs, visible beneath her towel. Several images flashed through my head. “Thank you for the massage, by the way,” I said then.

“My pleasure,” she grinned. “He’s picking up the whole tab anyway. We might as well enjoy it.”

I nodded, looking away from her as she crossed the room to retrieve her clothes.

“Diane?” I asked softly.

She looked over questioningly.

I looked at her now. “I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to help you…prepare for meeting him.”

She blinked. “Oh, um, that’s all right, it wasn’t really a meeting, he just wanted to introduce himself.” Her voice was casual, as if I were referring to preparations like note-taking or copying down bullet points for a presentation.

“Still,” I pressed slightly, looking away and shrugging. “If the massage wasn’t quite enough, or whatever, you know…” I had decided, through several long, agonizing hours of thought and debate on the plane, to make this attempt. I was deliberately giving her a graceful way out, though.

“That’s…a fair point,” I heard her say.

I looked over at her. Our eyes met.

“I don’t have another meeting today, though,” she said then.

I nodded, pursing my lips, making my voice intentionally clinical. “Well, no. I’d be making up for earlier, that’s all.”

She nodded slowly. “That’s true…” She leaned down, massaging one leg slightly. “My legs do still feel a little tense,” she admitted.

I tried not to smile at her, keeping that clinical expression. “It’s not as though you’d just be…”

“No, no, of course not,” she said hurriedly.

“It would just be making up for earlier,” I said again.

She nodded even more slowly. “That’s right.” She started to walk past me, toward the chair, but I stopped her with a hand on her shoulder, turning to face me. Her eyes widened, and I walked her backwards toward the wide bed.

“I think we’ve been sitting enough today,” I murmured softly.

She nodded, sighing with a little smile, the tension broken slightly. “I’ll say.”

I smiled encouragingly, and she sat on the bed, leaning back onto her elbows.

“That’s not going to be all that comfortable,” I said quietly, gently lifting her legs onto the bed, subtly pressing her backward, and she wriggled until that pressure stopped – and she was laying right in the middle of the bed, her head and shoulders on the pillows.

“That’s better,” I sighed, sliding between her legs. I nuzzled my face between her thighs, feeling them part slightly – but the towel prevented them from opening very far.

She seemed to draw away slightly as my fingers found the edge of the towel – but I wasn’t stopping. “I can’t get my head under here,” I murmured reasonably, not looking up at her but just craning my mouth as close to her as I could, breathing warmly on her mound, just out of sight beneath the soft white towel.

Diane shuddered, her legs pressing open, and now she did not fight as I reached up to untie her towel, opening it gently, keeping my eyes on her legs. Everything in my body screamed to look up at her – this was finally my chance to see her completely bare for me – but I wanted her to surrender first.
The moment her soft, trimmed blonde mound came into view, I ran my mouth over it, and she whimpered loudly. I was surprised at how wet she already was – her slit glistened openly, her hips lifting slightly even at that gentle touch. I couldn’t help looking up at her with my mouth poised over her. She was watching me. There was open desire in her eyes now, and her nipples were visibly hard.

Then my mind re-focused on that detail, as my eyes wandered downward, drinking in the sight of Diane’s beautiful naked body for the first time. Creamy shoulders, high, firm, smooth breasts with tight, dark pink nipples, the tips of her breasts just slightly crinkled around those hard points. Her stomach was almost flat and very smooth. I trailed my gaze down to her bare mound, and trailed my mouth over it again. Her fingers slid into my hair, and I was lost.

I ate Diane slowly, lingeringly, my greedy eyes all over her nakedness as it began to writhe before me. My hands slid up that stomach, feeling the quiver and rhythmic tensing of the muscles beneath her skin, and then filled my hands with her breasts, feeling her arch up to my hands with a gasp. My palms grazed her tight nipples, making her shudder, and then my hands explored them fully, caressing and grazing every curve, my thumbs teasing and toying with those nipples, my hands delighting in finally having complete access to her.

I touched her everywhere – her back, her stomach, her legs. She writhed through one gentle, slow orgasm, and was building to a second when I lightly stroked a fingertip over her slit, lightly teasing the opening as my tongue traced lazy circles around her clit. My eyes watched hers now, testing her reaction.

Her eyes flew open at the first touch, and she looked down at me, her eyes going wide and staying that way. I slurped at her clit slightly, the finger dipping into her, and she bit her lip, whimpering loudly. This time, the whimper was different – lower, more throaty. I loved the sound, and sank my finger in to the second knuckle, hoping to coax it out of her again.

She gasped. “Oh, god.” Her involuntary moan was that same throaty sound, and I almost purred. Her hips twisted subtly, and I slid my finger out, letting her watch as I slowly sucked it into my mouth, tasting her, then eased my slippery finger back inside her, exploring a pussy that so far, I had only tasted. My finger gently probed and teased at her inner walls, feeling their slick, spongy softness, pressing and wiggling to find the sensitive spots.

She groaned softly, wriggling as my finger teased her, finally breaking my gaze to throw her head back.

I sighed in pleasure as I slid my finger back out, sucking it clean once again, and eased it back inside her, loving the way she gripped the finger inside herself, her head lolling back and forth on the pillow as she shuddered, moaning with each stroke of the digit.

Those moans grew louder when I slipped a second finger into her, and began massaging the fingers along the inside her body, twisting and spreading them, then swirling them about, stirring her wet, slick pussy, giving her new pleasures, purring outright at her throaty growls of pleasure.

“God, Jessie…” She shuddered, and did what I had hoped she would do – she released my hair and raised her hands over her head to grip the headboard, opening herself to me. I ran my free hand over her breasts, my tongue still gently sliding her clit up and down until she cried out, her legs kicking slightly, her pussy fluttering and gripping the fingers still buried inside her, coating my hand with her sweetness.

She relaxed with a deep sigh, and I slid off the bed, slipping on bare feet over to my suitcase. I could feel my own wetness trickling down my leg, and my breathing was quick and light and excited, my mind blank of everything but the other thing I had planned. I knew this might be one step too far – and I had never actually done this myself, but with the opportunity in hand, I could not combat the desire.

Digging quickly into my suitcase for something tucked in amongst some nightshirts, I eased out the harness, slipping into it and turning back toward the bed, my towel now bulging out slightly with the attached toy.

Diane still lay, splayed and breathing fast, in the middle of the bed, her eyes closed, her nakedness glistening with a faint sheen of sweat, her hands still limply against the headboard. I crept back over to the bed, and dropped my towel, crawling back between her legs, but this time moving up over her. Meanwhile, my slippery hand, coated with Diane’s sweet nectar, was gently stroking the toy, getting it slick and warm.

I was hurrying somewhat, knowing that I would die a little inside if Diane didn’t allow this, but also knowing that, once I got this toy inside her, it was unlikely that she would complain. The first time an ex-lover had used it on me, I had nearly passed out. It was curved and ridged in all the right places, a deep lavender color, both beautiful and sensual without seeming overly male.

I mounted her, trying not to shiver at the feeling of her thighs brushing my hips, and felt the warm slippery toy brush against her.

That opened her eyes, and she looked up at me in surprise, her eyes meeting mine. She didn’t seem to notice yet that I was otherwise naked like her, or notice what I was wearing.

She sighed as I paused, her eyes searching mine as she smiled weakly. “That was…” She murmured, but she broke off, biting her lip, as the head of the toy grazed her slit, and I gently rocked my hips, letting the head rub up and down very lightly.

She shivered, finally glancing down – and her eyes went as wide as they could go, her face paling slightly and her body tensing.

“It’s okay,” I whispered to her, “I could tell you loved it – you’ll love this even more.” I eased forward, the head parting her slick lips, pushing down toward her opening. I held myself up with one hand as I used the other to tilt her face back up, staring down into her eyes, wanting her to keep focused on that rather than having another woman naked on top of her.

“Jess,” she murmured uncertainly.

I didn’t give her the chance to over-think. My hips eased forward, and the head slid inside her.

She gasped loudly, arching up and grabbing my supporting arm with one hand in reflex. I resisted the urge to push deep, knowing that I could pleasure her with this the way the real thing could not. Instead, I swirled my hips, letting the soft, ridged toy stretch and rub her opening, even letting it pop out once or twice and re-penetrating her, remembering how that used to drive me wild.

She tried to speak several times, little broken bits of my name or wordless little cries, her breathing accelerating as I rocked the toy back and forth just inside her.

“Just say yes, Diane,” I whispered, leaning down closer to her, bringing her eyes back to mine. “Just let me help,” I said, reminding her, bringing her mind back to our “arrangement”, a safe place for her thoughts to avoid the confusion that I knew was otherwise plaguing them. My own confusion was largely gone. I had realized how I felt when I had seen her eyes watching me pleasure her again.

She bit her lip, her back arching in little waves as her brain fought her body. “Jess…”

I slid the toy out of her and filled my free hand with one soft, round breast, squeezing just enough to get her to arch higher, my thumb swirling on the nipple, and then slid back in, letting the head of the toy glide in and out with little pumping motions of my hips.

She whimpered at the touch on her breast, and then cried out softly at my entry. “Oh, god, Jessie…yes, god, please…”

That was all I was waiting for. I reached down, gripped her hip, and pulsed my way deep inside her, moving slowly and gently, little thrusts matched by longer outward movements. Every ounce of self-control went into not burying it all at once, but even as I nudged my way deeper into Diane’s body, I heard a soft, slick noise as the friction with her wetness increased. She cried out, arching up higher than ever, throwing her head back.

“Oh my god,” she gasped breathlessly, and then slumped back into the bed, relaxing and reaching back up to grip the headboard, opening her legs wide. The tightness of her pussy eased slightly, and I pushed deep into her body, finally melding my hips with hers, shuddering at the stimulation of the nub of the toy teasing my own slit as I savored her long, throaty cry of pleasure.

I began long, slow, smooth strokes in and out, not really used to the hip movements but rapidly learning as I saw what made her moan, what made her gasp, and what kind of thrusts drew soft, breathy cries from Diane’s throat. Her eyes were tightly closed, her head rolling around freely, her body rocking with my thrusting.

“Yes, yes,” she moaned.

“Yes,” I moaned back involuntarily, shuddering again at the friction against my own slick pussy. I realized too late my error – I had not gotten myself off in days, anticipating this trip, and now it was going to be all I could do to hold back. Not that it mattered. At this point, I couldn’t have stopped if she had pulled out a gun and shot me.

The bed was rocking beneath us, my hips grazing the silk of her thighs. One of her hands was gripping the headboard as I worked atop her, and the other gripped the sheets of the bed in a fist, twisting and tugging at the fine linens.

I could feel sweat trickling down my back. I was gasping for breath as I pumped into Diane beneath me, my eyes drinking in the sight of her heaving, writhing form beneath me. I could feel her starting to shake, knowing she was close, and accelerated, whimpering with the effort of not coming, but I couldn’t look away or distract myself – she was just too beautiful, and I had to see her.

“Oh god!” She cried. “Oh god, Jessie, don’t stop, it’s so good…”

I whimpered again – her using that form of my name was not helping me hold back.

“Oh…oh…oh yes…yes deeper…” Her voice kept getting higher.

I gasped as she actually started to urge me on, thrusting deeper in response. I could feel her hips jerk against mine with every impact.

“Oh! Oh, Jessie…” She writhed, crying out, obviously close, but oddly, I noticed her clench her teeth slightly. What was she doing? “Jessie, my god, my darling, please…”

I moaned, high-pitched and desperate at that new endearment, my feelings crashing in on me, and my thrusts started to become unsteady. “Diane, don’t…” I gasped. My heart was racing so fast I thought it was going to explode.

Then all of my previous efforts became insufficient as I felt silky warm skin on my ass – and sank deeper into her. I missed a breath and slammed deep, writhing as I realized she had wrapped her legs around me.

“Uhhnnn!” She squealed, her hips grinding up into mine, causing bolts of electricity to shimmer up and down my spine from my clit to my brain.

Oh, god, I thought desperately, Diane has her legs around me. I can’t take it…if she does that I won’t be able to hold out…

My thrusts were becoming jerky as my hips twisted, trying to avoid the sweet friction that was driving me insane. I gasped as Diane’s legs tightened. “God!” I whimpered. “Diane, I can’t…I can’t hold it if you…”

“Oh god, Jessie, please, please don’t stop!” Diane cried out even louder, and her hands came up to grip my shoulders, and then my back, her body arching up like a drawn bow.

I cried out helplessly, feeling my orgasm rushing unstoppably toward me, all my long months of wanting to come with her, to come because of her, blazing in my thoughts. My hips went into overdrive, my eyes staring down at her wide blue stare, drunk on her pleasure and her beauty, her taste still on my lips, filling my brain, and the vision of her nakedness under me propelling me irrecoverably toward an orgasm that might be more than I could bear.

Then she seemed to choke up, growling low in her throat. Her hands gripped my back, and her legs tightened around me as her muscles locked, the bed frantically squeaking under us as our bodies bucked together, the wet slick sounds of the toy squirming inside her filling our ears. We moaned again and again, as if in harmony, answering each other’s ecstasy – until Diane’s body arched up higher still, and her body went rigid as her breathing stopped. As she did, her soft breasts brushed mine.

That was enough for me. I screamed her name, lunging against her to maximize the contact, and going into spasms that seemed to fire every nerve in my body and ever neuron in my brain, my body jerking and thrashing, my skin lit up with the heat of her under me. I could dimly hear her screaming as well, her nails digging painfully into my shoulder blades, our bodies plastered together as her legs, still tightly wrapped around my hips, jerked wildly out of control. I could even feel her pussy pulsating and quivering right up the length of the toy buried inside her. Her spasms were so strong that she carried my orgasm along with hers. I buried my face in her neck, actually sobbing with pleasure, the smell of her skin, the feel of it against my face, her own sounds in my ear elongating my orgasm far beyond my normal limits.

After several more hard spasms and short cries from her combined with gasping squeals from me, Diane finally went limp, allowing me to collapse on top of her, out of breath and with my mind totally blank.

I didn’t have a clock, but I’m sure it was literally an eternity before I raised my head. Every inch of my body felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. I had never come like that. That was all I could think. Never. It wasn’t me, either – it was because of her.

My arms rested on the bed on either side of her, her ribs brushing them with each deep, slow breath. Her hands were in the small of my back, soft and smooth, while her legs had slid down around my thighs.

I looked down at her face. Diane looked peaceful and dazed. Her eyes were closed, her mouth soft and just slightly open in that way of hers. Her hair was a mess around her head, fanned over the pillow and stuck to her neck and shoulders, all dewed with the sweat that glistened on us both.

Those eyes opened very slowly, dreamily, and we stared at each other from only a few inches apart. I marveled that I had ever thought those brilliant blue eyes were cold – they were so warm, so bright as she looked up at me.

I raised one lead-weight arm to brush the hair very gently back from her face, and after a moment, she did the same for me.

“Hi there,” I murmured, lost in the blue of her eyes, my thoughts drifting.

“Hi,” she murmured back, somewhat hoarsely.

I waited then for her to unwind her legs and arms from around me, and for things to go back the way they had before – but they didn’t. Finally, thinking she must be getting uncomfortable, I started to pull away. Instantly, her legs tightened again, and her hands clutched me.

“Don’t go,” she whispered.

My eyes widened, staring down into hers, which I now realized were also wide and round, and surprisingly vulnerable. Suddenly, I knew what had to happen now. Taking an infinitely long minute to move, I slowly brought my lips to hers. Her lips parted immediately beneath mine, warm and soft, and for the very first time, incredibly enough, Diane and I kissed.

When our mouths finally parted – we were still short on breath, so it probably wasn’t all that long a kiss – Diane sighed, still holding me close.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked, almost plaintively.

I stared down at her, a thousand different responses running from my head, from “well, you might have killed me” to “I wanted to, but I was afraid” and even “how the hell should I know, boss”. Then I caught the sparkle in her eyes. Her loving eyes.

I couldn’t help but grin. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

My calm, powerful, intimidating, cold-eyed lawyer burst out in giggles. I followed suit, burying my face in her neck again as we laughed together, before I raised my head again to look into her eyes.

Then I felt very warm, soft lips trailing down my neck, and her hands sliding up my back, and I shuddered deeply. “Ohh,” I moaned into her neck. “Be careful; I’m not sure I can control myself if you do that.”

“Your point being?” She murmured, her hands sliding into my hair to pull my head up. Those gorgeous blue eyes were wide and warm.

“Well, I just thought I should mention it,” I murmured back, nibbling her lower lip.

Her legs tightened. “Shut up and love me, Jessie,” she whispered in my ear.

I drew in my breath sharply. “Only if you promise to do the same,” I replied into her ear, nibbling it.

She raised my head again by the hair. “Agreed,” she said, biting her lip. Her blue eyes glistened.

I could feel mine burning too. “It’s a deal, then.”

For only the second time, I kissed my lover.


Author’s Note: In case the reader is curious, these two are still together, almost ten years after the events depicted here. Also, no lawyers were harmed in the writing of this story.


Vacation at the beach


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Author’s info: Gender: male

My mom came home from work the other day and announced to my sister and me that her boss had given her a week off for vacation and was also letting her use his beach house. We were all excited about going away for a vacation. My mom works hard to support us, all on her own, and we had never had any time away, it was going to be great!

My mom is only 30, she had me when she was only 14 and my sister less than a year later. She and my dad never got married, we used to live with our grandparents but moved away from there as soon as mom saved enough money. My mom’s name is Judy and she is very pretty, has a great body with nice tits and a great ass. My sister, Sarah, takes after her and they are often mistaken as sisters instead of mother and daughter since mom looks so young.

We arrived at the beach house on a Sunday morning after driving most of the previous night. I drove part of the way but was sleeping when we got there, as was my sister. Mom was tired and just wanted to sleep so after we unloaded the car she told us to go explore while she went to bed. Sarah went into the other bedroom to change into her swimsuit and I just stripped down in the front room to change into mine. Just as I was stepping into my suit Sarah came back into the room. I stood up and looked at her and we were both just staring at the other, her at my exposed dick and me at her tiny bikini. After a few seconds my mind started working again and I finished pulling my suit on.

“Oops! Sorry bro, I didn’t know you weren’t done changing,” Sarah said with a little giggle.

“No problem. Does mom know you have that tiny little bikini?” I said while looking at her nearly naked body.

“Yeah, mom helped me pick it out. Do you like it?” She asked as she held her arms up and did a slow turn. It was a g-string style on the bottom and her ass looked great in it. The top was very small too with most of her tits showing.

“I like it a lot, what little there is of it. I’m surprised mom let you get it.”

“Bro, wait until you see hers! It is smaller than mine!”

“Smaller than that little thing you have on? Hell, any smaller than yours would be next to naked!”

“Yeah, she looks really hot in it. Mom said that since we may not get to go on a vacation like this again any time soon that we were going to have as much fun and get as much sun as we could before she had to go back to work.”

“Cool! Come on sis, let’s go check the beach out and see what else is around here.” I said as I held the door open for her.

Sarah picked up the beach bag and I grabbed the umbrella and followed her out the door and down onto the beach. We picked out a good spot within sight of the house and set up the umbrella and lay out our blanket. Sarah took out the sunscreen and squirted some in her hand and handed the bottle to me and I did the same. We both covered our fronts and then I offered to rub some on her back. Sarah lay down on her stomach and handed me the sunscreen. I started to rub some lotion on and she reached behind her and untied her top so I could get her whole back. Then I just sat back beside her and watched the other people on the beach. Something caught my eye and I turned to see three women walking towards us, they were all topless!

“Sarah, hey, check them out.” I said as I poked her shoulder.

Sarah turned her head to look, “yeah, they aren’t the only ones, look over there,” she said with a nod toward some more topless girls who looked to be about our age.

“Wow! Guess this is a topless beach, lots of nice tits to look at!” I said with a big grin.

Sarah slapped at me, “you are such a dog!”

“Woof, woof!” I said laughing.

Sarah just rolled her eyes at me and turned her head back the other way. We continued to lay in the sun for a while and the beach was getting more crowded. Lots more topless girls and women walking around or laying in the sun, it was great! I must have fallen asleep though as I felt someone shaking my shoulder. I turned to see Sarah kneeling over me with her tits exposed.

“Hey sleepy head, get up and come get in the water with me,” Sarah said with a smile on her face.

“Sarah, where is your top?”

“I put it in the bag. If all these other girls are going topless then I am too.”

“Well, I won’t argue with you, the more nice tits, the better I say.”

“You think I have nice tits Jimmy?” Sarah asked as she cupped them in her hands.

“Sis, I think you have great tits!”

“Wow! Thanks bro! Just for that I am going to let you rub some lotion on them so they won’t burn,” Sarah said as she handed me the sunscreen.

“Cool!” I said as I took the bottle and squirted the lotion right on her tits.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Sarah asked, looking down at the sunscreen dripping down her tits.

“I’m putting the lotion on your tits, you said I could,” I replied.

“I meant you could rub some in not squirt it all over,” Sarah snapped.

“What difference does it make, I will rub it in now.”

“The difference is that it looks like you just shot your cum on my tits!”

“Huh, I hadn’t thought about that, it does look like that!” I said and then started laughing.

Sarah gave me a stern look and then fell apart and started laughing too. Then she started running her fingers through the goo dripping from her nipples making them stand up hard.

“Hey, I thought you were going to let me do that,” I said with a pout.

“Well, go ahead then bro,” and she turned and pushed her chest out at me.

I cupped my sisters’ tits in my palms and started to run my hands over them. I squeezed her tits through my hands like I was milking them, finishing off with her nipples sliding between my thumb and finger. My dick was as hard as a rock in my shorts and my breathing was getting heavy. This was the first time I had ever had a girls tits in my hands out in the open. I had felt a few girls up before, some even under their shirts, but never a girls bare exposed tits. Sarah was breathing hard too and starting to moan a little.

“Damn bro, that sure feels good. Oh yeah…oh yeah…oh yeah…” Sarah moaned, “I’m going to cum, keep rubbing right on my nipples.

I kept rubbing her nipples and squeezing them. I looked down and saw that Sarah had her hand down the front of her bikini bottoms and was rubbing her pussy. My dick felt like it was ready to explode. Sarah was moaning louder now, she was getting close. Sarah lay down on her back with her hand still down her suit bottoms. Here we were, out on the public beach, me with my hands on my sisters’ tits, and her with her hand in her pussy rubbing herself off. Anyone could have been watching but I looked around and nobody was paying any attention to us. Sarah was bucking her hips all around and then suddenly thrust her hips up hard and then dropped.

“Wow bro, that was intense! I never came so hard before!”

I was just sitting there, breathing hard, unable to speak. My sister had just rubbed herself off and had an orgasm right in front of me. My dick was hard and throbbing. Sarah looked up at me then her eyes dropped to my dick, the head was peeking out of the top of my suit and was leaking a little.

“Damn Jimmy, looks like you need to get off too. Why don’t you go ahead and jerk off, it looks like you’re almost there already,”

“I can’t jerk off out here in the open, someone will see. I can’t believe you just did that! Someone could have seen you too.”

“Bro, I couldn’t help it. You rubbing my tits like that just had me so worked up. I think there must be a direct connection between my boobs and pussy. I’m sorry I got you all worked up and you can’t relieve yourself. Hey, why don’t you go over there to the restroom and take care of it in there?”

“No, that’s okay. Lets go get in the water and swim or something, it’ll go down then.”

I held out my hand to Sarah and pulled her up. We walked down to the water and waded in. The cool water felt good and soon Sarah and I were splashing around and trying to dunk each other. Sarah jumped on my back so I flipped her over into the water. She came up spurting water and laughing and jumped on me again so I flipped her again. She came up laughing and jumped on my back again only this time something felt different. I flipped her again and as she went over into the water I saw her bare pussy. Her suit bottoms must have come off in all the horseplay. This time when she came up laughing and jumped on my back again I didn’t flip her off into the water.

“What’s the matter Jimmy, all worn out?”

“No Sarah, you lost you bikini bottom!”

“Oh shit! Where could it have gone?”

“I don’t know sis, I don’t see it anywhere. It probably floated away or is laying on the bottom somewhere.”

“We’ll never find it now. Guess I’ll just have to go without until we get back to our stuff.”

And with that Sarah started walking back to the beach and as she got to where the water was below her waist she just kept on walking out of the surf and onto the beach. I followed along behind her as she walked toward our stuff. She didn’t even try to cover up as she walked and everyone stared at her. She just smiled at them and told them she lost her suit in the water. When we got to our stuff Sarah didn’t seem to be in any hurry to cover up. She took a towel and dried herself off as I stood there taking in her naked body.

“Well, I guess you should wrap a towel around yourself and I will get our stuff together so we can go back to the house.”

“Oh Jimmy, I’m not ready to go yet. I want to lay out some more. I can just cover my pussy with the towel,” she said as she laid down still completely naked.

I lay down next to her and she covered her pussy with the corner of the towel. We lay there in the sun for about 30 minutes when I heard mom calling us. I rolled over and got up on my knees and waved to mom as she walked toward us. Sarah was sleeping and hadn’t heard mom calling so I shook her to wake her up. She sat up and as she did the towel fell away from her pussy.

“Mom’s coming, you better cover back up.”

“Mom’s seen me naked before.”

“Yeah, but not out in the open on a public beach where any guy in the world can see you.”

Sarah covered up her pussy again but left her bare tits out still as mom walked up.

“Wow mom, that is some super hot bikini!” I said as she came up to me.

“Thanks baby, glad you like it.”

“Hi mom, did you have a nice nap?” Sarah asked.

“I did. Sarah, where is your swim suit?”

“The top is in the beach bag, I took it off earlier since this is a topless beach.”

“Where are the bottoms young lady?”

“Jimmy and I were playing in the water and they came off and we couldn’t find them.”

“So, you thought it was okay to just go without?”

“Mom, I was covered up. Come on and lay down and catch what’s left of the sun.”

Mom sat down on the blanket next to me and took the sunscreen and started to rub some on. After she was done with her front she lay down on the blanket. I was in between my mom and sister, one of them basically naked and the other in the tiniest bikini I had ever seen. After a while mom turned over on her stomach to get some sun on her back.

“Here baby, will you rub some of this on my back?” She asked me as she handed me the bottle of lotion.

“Sure mom.”

I took the bottle and squirted some in my hands and started to rub it onto moms’ back. Mom then reached behind her and untied the strings on her top so I could do her whole back. I worked the lotion into her back all the way down to her suit bottom string. Moms’ suit was a g-string style like Sarah’s so her ass cheeks were totally bare. I hesitated to rub the lotion on them but mom said to go ahead and go all the way down her legs as well as her bottom. So I squirted some more lotion onto my hands and started rubbing moms’ ass. Mom has a great ass and it felt so good to be rubbing it. I was getting hard again, just like when I rubbed my sisters tits.

“Mmmm baby, that feels really good but you need to get my legs too. Oh, and uh, you need to tuck yourself back in,” she said nodding at my exposed dick.

I looked down, “sorry mom, thing has a mind of it’s own.”

“That’s okay baby, I enjoyed the view!”

I heard Sarah giggle a little as I pulled my suit up over my dick and started rubbing the lotion on moms’ legs. I worked my way down one leg and then started up the other one. As I neared the top mom had spread her legs a little and I could see her suit barely covering her pussy and the string up between her cheeks and her little rosebud behind the string. I worked my hands up moms’ thigh and was rubbing the inside and my finger ran along her bikini covered pussy. Mom squirmed a little and sighed as I pulled my hands away.

“All done mom!”

“Thanks baby, that felt really good. You can be my masseuse any time!”

After a while mom turned over and her bare tits were now exposed. Mom appeared to be asleep not realizing she had left her top untied when she turned over. I tapped Sarah on the shoulder and pointed to mom.

“Looks like mom has joined in with the rest of us!” Sarah said with a little giggle.

Mom stirred and sat up, “what did you say baby?”

“I said that you were joining the rest of us topless girls.”

Mom looked down at her exposed tits, “oh, I forgot my top was untied. Oh well, I would like some sun on my boobs too.”

“Well, you should have Jimmy rub some lotion on your boobs, he does a really great job on them.”

“Sounds like the voice of experience. Have you been letting your brother rub your boobs?”

“Oh yeah mom, it felt so good!”

Mom looked at me and I was red faced.

“Hmmm…So baby, would you like to rub the sunscreen on your moms’ boobs?”

“Uh…sure mom, if you want me to.”

“Well, after the good job you did on my back and the recommendation from your sister it sounds like a treat I shouldn’t pass up!”

So I squirted a big glob of lotion on my hands and turned to mom to start.

“Hey bro, why didn’t you squirt a big load of lotion right on her boobs like you did to me? Mom, you should have seen it, it looked like he had just shot a big load of cum all over my tits!”

“Sarah, what do you know about guys shooting their loads on a woman’s tits?”

“Oh mom, come on, you know I’m not a virgin. You took me to the doctor for birth control when I told you that I was having sex with Steve. I’ve had him blow his load on my tits a few times.”

So there I was rubbing sunscreen on my moms’ tits listening to her and my sister talk about her having sex with her boyfriend. I was red faced and my dick was hard again. I worked moms’ tits like I did Sarah’s, squeezing them through my hands until I had her nipples between my thumb and finger, stretching the nipples out letting them finally slip through as her tits dropped back to her body.

“Oh Jimmy, that does feel really good. Sarah was right, you do a great job on a woman’s boobs.”

A while later after I had finished rubbing the lotion on moms’ tits she decided to go for a walk along the beach. Sarah and I stayed behind.

“Well bro, looks like you had about as much fun with moms’ tits as you did mine. Your dick looks like it is just as hard as it was when you rubbed my tits.”

“Mom has real nice tits too and they felt as good as yours did but I don’t think she had an orgasm like you did.”

“Yeah well, she would have if she had been rubbing her pussy like I was while you were rubbing my tits.”

“I still can’t believe you did that right out here in the open.”

“What, you mean like this?”

And with that Sarah slipped her hand under her towel and started playing with her pussy while I watched.

“Damn you’re a horny little bitch aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah, because Steve’s not here to fuck me! If he was I would make him fuck me right here on the beach where everyone could see us!” Sarah said as she frantically fingered her pussy.

The towel had slipped off and Sarah had three fingers sloshing in and out of her pussy right out in the open for anyone on the beach to see her. As late in the day as it was there was hardly anyone left on the beach so nobody but me got a good look at what she was doing. I was sure watching though and my dick was rock hard and sticking up above my suit again. I looked around again to see if anyone was watching and I saw mom coming back toward us. Sarah was still fingering herself hard and fast as mom got closer.

“Sarah, mom is coming back. You better stop and get covered back up!”

“Oh! I’m almost there…”

“So is mom, she’s almost here!”

“I don’t care, I don’t care,” Sarah said as she stroked her clit with one hand and finger fucked herself with the other.

Mom walked up and stood at Sarah’s feet without saying a word, she just stood and watched as Sarah got herself off. Soon Sarah was cumming, she arched her hips off the ground and furiously rubbed her clit and moaned long and loud. Finally she drooped flat on her back and was breathing hard and fast. Sarah opened her eyes and saw mom standing over her.

“Oh mom, I just couldn’t stop myself, it felt so good I just had to finish,” Sarah panted.

Mom just held her hand out to Sarah, “come on, lets get this stiff picked up and go back to the house.”
Sarah took moms’ hand and pulled herself up not even bothering to cover up and we picked up our stuff. Sarah had the towels in her arms but didn’t wrap one around her naked body, mom had the blanket and beach bag and I had the umbrella. We walked back to the house past a few people who were also packing their stuff. They just stared as the naked young girl and her topless mom and brother walked by. When we got to the house Sarah took the towels and dumped them in the wash machine and started it and mom went in to start dinner. I started to go into the bathroom to take a shower but Sarah ran in ahead of me. I wanted to go jerk off in the shower but instead had to go in the bedroom to do it. I went in and closed the door and stripped off my suit and flopped on the bed and took my dick in hand and started to stroke it. I had all the events of the day running through my mind to stroke off to, rubbing Sarah’s tits while she rubbed her pussy, rubbing moms’ tits and then watching Sarah finger fuck herself right out in the open and in front of mom until she came in a big orgasm. Soon I could feel the cum racing up my dick and suddenly spurt out in a high arc and land on my chest. Just then the door opened and mom stood there watching me cum all over myself. There was no holding back and no hiding what I was doing, I just kept spurting. Mom waited until I was through before saying anything.

“Baby, when you are finished cleaning up please set the table for me.”

And with that she closed the door and left. I lay there for a few minutes just taking in what had just happened and thought about what had happened all day. Then the realization hit me that when mom had been standing at the door as I was cumming all over myself that she had still been topless. That thought had me starting to get hard again. I decided I batter get cleaned up and go set the table like she had asked so I grabbed a handful of tissues and wiped the cum off my chest and got up and pulled some shorts on and went out to the kitchen. When I got there mom was standing at the stove, and she was still topless, stirring something in a pan.

“Jimmy, sorry to have walked in on you just now, the door wasn’t locked or I would have knocked.”

“That’s okay mom, I wasn’t thinking about that when I went in there. I was pretty worked up from all that happened today on the beach.”

“I know baby, your sister and I teased you a little and your sister’s performance had me pretty worked up too. She seems to have a pretty wild exhibitionist streak in her. I’m going to have to talk to her about that, she could have caused a lot of problems masturbating in public like that. Especially on a beach that is only topless.”

I took the plates and silverware and set the table for supper. About the time that I had finished Sarah came into the kitchen with a towel wrapped around the hair on her head but other than that she was still naked. Mom noticed but didn’t say anything to her about it.

“Oh Sarah, I’m glad you’re finally out of the shower. Watch this spaghetti sauce for me while I go take a quick shower before dinner. I need to wash the sand and sunscreen off, I feel all sticky.”

“Sure mom, no problem.”

Mom went to take her shower while Sarah and I continued getting the food ready.

“So, are you planning to stay naked for the rest of the vacation?”

“Maybe, are you complaining?”

“No, no, I like seeing a beautiful naked girl in the house, just wondering?”

“Jimmy, you really think I’m beautiful?”

“Sure! You’re the most beautiful naked girl in this kitchen!”

“Oh you!” Sarah said and then she stuck her finger in the sauce and then flicked it at me getting sauce spots on my chest.

“Hey! You’re going to have to clean that up.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Sarah walked up to me and then bent her head down and started to lick the sauce off my chest. She even sucked on my nipples some even though there wasn’t any sauce on them. My super hot naked sister was licking my chest! My dick was hard instantly only this time I had some loose shorts on instead of my tight speedo so my dick just stuck out making a tent in my shorts. About that time mom walked back in with a towel wrapped around her hair on top of her head and she was also naked like Sarah.

“Sarah, what are you doing to your brother?”

“I flicked spaghetti sauce on his chest and I was licking it off to see if it needed any more seasoning,” Sarah said with a giggle in her voice. “I see that you decided to go naked too. I think maybe I will just stay this way the rest of the week. I really like not having any clothes on.”

“Well kids, I was talking to a woman earlier when I went walking on the beach and she told me that there is a nude beach about a mile further down and I thought we might go there tomorrow and check it out so I wanted to be nude for a while before going so I could get a little used to it.”

“Heck yeah mom! That sounds like fun!” Sarah said excitedly.

“I was pretty sure you would be all for it. How about you Jimmy, sound good to you?”

“I don’t know mom, I’m having a hard time just being here with you and Sarah, I don’t know if I am ready to go naked too and especially out in front of other people.”

“Baby, I can see that you are having a “hard” time.” Mom said looking down at the tent in my shorts.


“Sorry baby, just teasing. You don’t have to get naked on the beach, it’s clothing optional, you can still wear your suit. Let’s eat while the pasta is still hot.”

So we sat down to eat, me and my naked mother and sister. I could hardly concentrate on my food watching the naked tits jiggling in front of me while mom and Sarah talked and laughed. Near the end of the meal, Sarah was taking one last big bite of pasta and some of it dripped off her fork and landed on her right tit. She giggled and picked up her napkin to wipe it off.

“Wait a sec, you licked sauce off of my chest, it’s my turn to lick it off of yours!”

“Sure bro, come and get it.” And she turned her chair to face me.

I got up, not caring that my hard dick was tenting out my shorts and got down on my knees in front of Sarah. I looked up into her eyes and she smiled at me. I then bent my head down to her tit where the sauce had landed on top of it and licked the sauce off. Then I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it just like she had done to mine and then I switched to the other nipple and did the same. Sarah was moaning softly and stoking my hair. Mom sat there watching us with a smile on her face and then took her fork and dipped it into the last of her spaghetti and just dumped it on her right tit.

“Hey! When is it my turn?” And she turned her chair toward Sarah and me.

“Right now I guess,” I said as I got up from in front of Sarah and went over in front of mom.

I bent down on my knees in front of her and licked the sauce off her tit and then sucked the nipple into my mouth.

“Oh baby, it’s been so long since the last time you sucked on my nipples.”

Just then Sarah got on her knees beside me and took moms’ other nipple in her mouth and sucked on it.
“Oh my, both my babies sucking on my nipples at the same time!”

Mom had her hand down in her pussy rubbing her clit and fingering her hole as Sarah and I sucked her nipples. Soon mom was bucking her hips all over the chair fucking herself on her fingers as we sucked her nipples and finally she had a big climax and she actually squirted her pussy juice getting some on both Sarah and myself.

“Oh kids, thanks so much! I haven’t cum that hard since before your dad left us.”

We all got up and cleaned up the kitchen then mom and Sarah went out on the porch to enjoy the evening sea breeze while I went in to take a shower. In the shower I lathered myself up and then took my dick in hand and started stroking it thinking about mom cumming while Sarah and I sucked her tits. Soon I was spraying the shower wall with cum. After rinsing off I got out of the shower and dried off. I decided right then that I was going to join mom and Sarah and stay naked. I walked out of the bathroom and went to the front door. It was pitch black outside except for the light from the door and windows and nobody else was around so I didn’t think anyone would see me naked so I stepped out the door.

“Hey mom, Jimmy has decided to get naked with us! And it looks like he has calmed down too, his dick isn’t hard any more.”

“Sarah, quit teasing your brother! Come on Jimmy, sit with us and enjoy the breeze.”

Sarah and mom moved apart and I sat down between them on the porch swing.

“Mom, you don’t think anyone can see us sitting here do you?”

“Nah, don’t worry about it baby. Even if someone does see us they don’t know us and we will never see them again. Besides, in the dark it is hard to see into this porch through the screen.”

So the three of us just sat naked together gently swinging back and forth enjoying the breeze on our skin. Sarah and I talked to our mom about our lives and dreams and school, my girlfriends and Sarah’s boyfriend, mom told us about her last boyfriend. We had never before talked so openly with our mom, it was great to talk like adults to each other instead of parent and children as it had been up to that time.

“Well you two, I’m going to bed,” Mom said as she stood up and stretched, “We’ll get up in the morning and have breakfast and then we can walk down to the nude beach and check it out. Sound good to you?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said as I stood up and wrapped my arms around her to giver her a hug, “Good night mom.”

“Good night baby,” mom said as she hugged me tight to her body pressing her bare tits into my bare chest my dick rubbing in her landing strip hair.

Sarah then stood up and we hugged each other too and she kissed me on the cheek.

“I love you bro, thanks for the wonderful day.”

“I love you too sis,” I said and then gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

I followed these two beautiful naked women into the house and watched as they went into their bedroom and then I went into mine. I thought for a second about going in with them but decided against it. I left the door open, we had all seen all there was to see so no need to close it. I flopped down on the bed and lay there thinking about the day. My dick started to get hard again and I took it in my hand and started to lightly stroke it. The more I lay there thinking the harder I stroked. Soon I was just about to blow my load when I heard a noise and opened my eyes and Sarah was standing in the doorway watching me. I thought for a second about stopping but I was so close I just kept stroking. Sarah had her hand down rubbing over her pussy and we looked into each others eyes as we masturbated. Suddenly the cum came shooting out of my dick, it splattered over my chest and some even hit me under my chin. I looked over at Sarah just as she slumped against the doorframe. I reached for some more tissues and started to wipe the cum from my body. As I reached to drop the used tissues in the trash I looked to the door but Sarah was gone. I lay back and drifted off to sleep.

Vacation at the beach, Day 2

I woke to the sunshine streaming in through the window and the smell of bacon frying in the air. I got up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes and stretched my body out. I had a hard dick, morning wood, and I had to pee. I went to the bathroom and heard the shower running but the door was open so I went in. Sarah was in the shower and I could see her wet naked body through the clear glass shower door. She turned and saw me as I came in.

“Morning bro!”

“Morning Sarah,” I said groggily.

“Well, at least part of you is awake,” she said while pointing to my dick.

“Yeah, I got to pee, hope you don’t mind.”

“Jimmy, after yesterday I don’t think any of us have anything left to be embarrassed about or anything to hide. I hope you didn’t mind me watching you last night,” Sarah said as she rubbed the soap over her tits while she watched me push my dick down and start peeing.

“No, I figured after watching you rub yourself off twice yesterday that it was okay for you to watch me.”

“Yeah, I guess so!” Then she opened the shower door, “hey, do me a favor and wash my back, will you?”

“Uh, yeah sure,” I said and stepped into the shower.

I took the soap and started rubbing it over her back. I worked her shoulders and started my way down her back to her ass.

“Damn bro, you really do make a good masseuse!”

“Thanks! Turn around and rinse off.”

Sarah turned her back to the shower spray and I reached around to wash the soap off. My still hard dick was poking into her stomach and rubbing back and forth as I got all the soap off her back.

“Wow! Doesn’t this thing ever stay down?” Sarah asked as she took my dick in her hand a stroked it.

“If you keep doing that I will cum all over you and it might go down then.”

“Let’s try it and see!”

Sarah then started stroking a little harder and faster and I held onto her shoulders. Sarah took my balls in her other hand and fondled them gently. Then she started to run her hand further down and slid her finger over my bung hole which made me jump a little. Sarah just giggled and kept running her finger over it as she jerked my dick. Then she slipped her finger in the hole making me clench my cheeks together.

“Relax bro, this will feel real good if you do.”

I tried to let loose and concentrate on how good her hand felt on my dick and as I did her finger slipped deeper in. Then I felt her wiggle her finger around some as she kept stroking my dick. Then it happened, I felt a sudden burst from my dick as I shot stream after stream of cum out all over Sarah’s tits. I nearly collapsed as my legs turned to jello but Sarah held onto me. Then she stood up and hugged me and leaned up and kissed me on the lips. Then she turned around and let the spray wash my cum off her body then moved out of the way and the spray washed over me. Just then mom called us to breakfast.

“Coming mom!” Sarah called back.

“Already came mom!” I called out and we both burst out laughing.

Mom came into the bathroom as we were standing there drying ourselves off.

“What’s going on in here? What did I miss?”

“I was in the shower when Jimmy came in with his morning wood and had to pee. Then I asked him to wash my back for me and then I washed his.”

“Yeah, uh-huh, sure…” Mom said as she looked at my half hard dick with a drop of cum still on the head. Then she reached down and rubbed the drop on her finger and then stuck it in her mouth and licked it off. “Lets eat before the food gets too cold.”

After we ate we gathered our stuff up to go down to the beach. It was going to be a mile walk so we packed light, just took the beach bag with the blanket and towels and sunscreen in it as well as some bottled water and some snacks. Mom slipped on her bikini bottoms and I put my speedo on. Sarah wanted to just go naked but mom made her wrap a towel around her waist for our walk to the nude beach. Since it was a Monday there weren’t many people on the beach as we walked. But all the men who were there were sure watching mom and Sarah’s tits as we went by. As we got a ways down the beach there was a point where the beach turned to rock and we had to walk over the rocks. Once we got on the other side there was a sign that warned that beyond that point there may be nude sunbathers. This was it, the nude area of the beach. I turned to Sarah to tell her we were there but she had already taken off her towel and was naked. We walked a little further down looking for a good spot to lay our blanket out. We picked a place towards the back of the beach so we wouldn’t be in the high traffic area. Mom spread out the blanket and Sarah took the sunscreen out and started to rub herself down with it. Then she handed it to me and turned her back to me so I could rub it on her back. I worked my way down to her feet and then back up to her ass. As I rubbed the lotion into her ass I slipped my fingers down between her cheeks and slipped a finger into her ass. I wanted to see what it felt like for Sarah when she had done that to me in the shower. Sarah moaned real loud and mom looked over at us as I was crouched down behind my sister with my finger in her ass.

“Baby, what are you doing to your sister?”

“Well, Sarah stuck her finger up my behind in the shower this morning and I wanted to see what it was like to stick my finger up hers.”

“Sarah, you had your finger up in your brothers behind?”

“Yeah mom, I was massaging his prostate. He came like a geyser when I did that!”

“Where did you learn to do that?”

“On the internet of course. I found a website full of sex techniques and I learned a lot.”

Sarah lay down next to mom. Mom had taken her bikini bottoms off and was now naked too. I was hesitant to strip down because my dick was rock hard from rubbing Sarah and playing with her ass.

“Baby, aren’t you going to take your speedo off and join us?”

I turned to mom, “my dick is hard and I don’t think I want to be waving it around in front of everyone.”

“Jimmy, your sister and I have already seen your cock when it is hard and there aren’t many people here to see you. And you should be proud of your cock, it is really beautiful when it is hard. And after a while you will get used to it and it will go soft.”

I thought about it for a few seconds and then hooked my thumbs in my suit and pulled it down and stepped out of it. I stood in front of my mom and sister naked with my dick so hard it was almost sticking straight up against my belly.

“Baby, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. That is a cock to be proud of for sure, so hard and so upright. That’s one that would make any woman happy!”

“It would sure make me happy!” Sarah blurted out.

“I still feel funny about being out in the open with a hard dick.”

“Bro, why don’t you just jerk off, that will get it to go down for a while.”

“I’m not going to do that out here.”

“Go ahead baby, your sister and I have both already seen you do it and nobody else is paying any attention.”

I looked around and the few people who were on the beach were not looking our way, most were just laying on their backs soaking up the sun. I tentatively wrapped my hand around my dick and slowly stroked it a few times but then stopped.

“What’s wrong Jimmy?” mom asked as she sat up.

“I don’t know, guess I’m still a little wierded out stroking off out in the open.”

“Your dad used to love to jerk off for me, especially when we were with the gang skinny dipping out at the lake.”

“Really mom, dad did that in front of you and your friends?” asked a very interested Sarah.

“Oh yes he did. I think that must be where you get your exhibitionist streak from. We would all be laying on the shore of the lake naked after swimming and your dad used to love hanging out in front of the girls with his cock all hard.”

“Is Jimmy as big as dad?”

Mom looked at my hard dick in my hand for a second, “I’d say that Jimmy is just a tad bigger than your father.”

That made me feel good. I didn’t care much for my dad, he hardly ever came to see us but mom still had a thing for him.

“We used to have contests to see which one of the guys could cum the fastest. All the girls would get down on their knees in front of their guys and the rule was we couldn’t touch them with anything but our tongues. Your dad and I would always win because I knew just how to rub his cock with my tongue to make him shoot off.”

“What did you do mom?”

“There is a spot on the underside of a guys cock that is very sensitive and feels really good to him when it is rubbed there. Jimmy, do you want me to demonstrate how I did it?”

At this point I was so excited just from hearing the description I could only nod. Mom got up on her knees in front of me and leaned in close to my dick. I could feel her breath on it and then she stuck her tongue out and touched the underside of my dick at the base of the head. My dick jerked up as she did.

Mom giggled, “see how sensitive that area is?”

“Yeah mom, that is cool!” Sarah said as she got up on her knees next to mom so she could see better.

Mom then leaned in again and touched her tongue to my dick and then started rubbing it all around in that spot. I felt my knees start to go weak but mom grabbed my ass cheeks in both hands to steady me and kept on rubbing my dick with her tongue. It felt so good and I knew I would be blowing my load soon.

“Mom, I’m about to cum!”

“Sarah, help me get your brother off!”

Sarah leaned in closer and stuck her tongue out and together they rubbed the underside of the head of my dick.

“Here it comes mom!”

Neither one backed off, they both just kept licking me. I could feel the cum shooting up the shaft of my dick, spewing out over moms’ face. Some went up in her hair and some on her nose and some even in her mouth. Sarah pushed her face in and caught the next couple of streams on her face and in her mouth. It felt so wild cumming without stroking my dick. It just kept jerking up with every stream of cum, it was very intense. Sarah licked the last remnants of cum off the end of my dick, even taking the head clear inside her mouth and sucking on it. I finally couldn’t stand any more and sank to my knees in front of mom and Sarah. I was huffing and puffing trying to catch my breath. Mom and Sarah were both smiling big with their cum soaked faces. I put a hand on each of their shoulders and drew them into me. I kissed mom on the mouth and then I turned and kissed Sarah, tasting my own cum as I did. Sarah and mom took turns licking my cum off of one another’s faces while I collapsed on the blanket face down, resting my head on my arms. Mom and Sarah then proceeded to rub sunscreen all over my back, ass and legs. They wanted me to turn over so they could do the front but I told them we would do it later.

“Men! They get a little bit of sex and then all they want to do is roll over and go to sleep!” Mom said and then slapped me on the ass.

I just lay there and drifted off to sleep, totally satisfied. I woke up a little while later when I heard some loud music playing just down the beach from us. I rolled over and sat up and looked at the group that had gathered. There were four or five guys and about six girls all of them just a little older than me, they were maybe 19 or 20. The girls were dancing to the music as they stripped off their bikinis’, bumping and grinding. One of the guys had a video camera and was getting the girls dancing on video. I shook Sarah so she would wake up and watch the goings on with me.

“What’s up bro?”

“Check them out!”

“Oh, a bunch of hotties for you to drool over!”

Sarah and I sat there watching the girls do their strip for the camera. Once all the girls were naked they egged the guys on until they got up and started dancing. One of the now naked girls had the video camera and was shooting the guys dancing. They were thrusting their hips at the girls and then slowly pushing their suits down until they were at their feet. Then they continued to shake their dicks in the girls’ faces. Soon a couple of the girls started sucking the dick of the guy in front of them. Then the guys were on their backs and the girls were squatting down on the guys’ faces and getting their pussies licked. After a while they settled down and were just lying in the sun like everyone else.

“Well bro, now that you’re up again, let me rub some sunscreen on you so you won’t burn.”

I lay down on my back and Sarah got up and threw her leg over me and straddled my waist and started rubbing the lotion on my face and down on my shoulders. It felt good to have her squatting on top of me and my dick was already hard from watching the girls dancing. As Sarah moved back to so she could get to my chest to rub the lotion on it she slid down on my hard dick.

“Oh, that feels good!” she said as she wiggled her butt back and forth rubbing her pussy on my dick.

“Feels good to me too,” I said as I rubbed my sister’s thighs.

Sarah continued to rub the lotion on my chest and stomach then she turned around so her ass was to me and did my legs and feet all the while rubbing her pussy on my hard dick. I looked over to mom and she appeared to be still asleep. Sarah had finished my legs but didn’t get up and turn around yet but she did lift her ass up some. Then she looked at me over her shoulder and reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could. Then she slid her finger down and slid it in and out of her pussy a few times getting it good and coated with her pussy juice. She the slid the finger in her little puckered hole and moved it in and out a few times. She did the same thing with her other hand and she then had a finger from each hand in her ass, she pulled them apart and opened up her hole. You could see all the way into her, it was all pink inside. Sarah pulled her fingers out of her ass but the hole stayed open for a second and then looked like she flexed a little and it close back up. She then turned around and sat back on my dick and rubbed her pussy on it some more. Sarah lifted her hips up and took my dick in her hand and put it at the entrance to her pussy and slowly sank down on it. I was inside my sister for the first time and damn she felt good! Sarah started to move up and down my dick with long slow strokes. I reached up and played with her tits and squeezed and pulled her nipples, I knew she liked that from rubbing her tits the day before. Sarah started bouncing faster and faster on my dick. After a few minutes of this she raised herself up off of me. I gave her a questioning look and she just smiled and grabbed my dick and bent it down a little and lined it up with her puckered hole and started to slip it down over my dick. The head finally popped in and Sarah relaxed the muscles a little and I slid on into her ass. Sarah then leaned back and put her hands on my thighs and started to ride my dick.

“Rub my clit and pussy hard and fast while I ride you.”

I slid two fingers into her pussy and rubbed my thumb on her clit as hard and fast as I could while she bucked her ass up and down on my dick. It felt fantastic and it wasn’t long before I was ready to cum and I told Sarah I was almost there.

“Rub me harder, use both hands, I’m almost there too!”

I did as she asked and she bounced her ass even faster on my dick.

“Sarah! I’m cumming!” I shouted.

“Me too!” Sarah screamed.

My cum was squirting out of my dick and into my sister’s ass. And right then I felt something wet hit my face. I looked up and Sarah’s pussy was squirting like she was peeing on me except it wasn’t pee it was pussy juice! I opened my mouth and let some in and it didn’t taste that bad, no worse than my own cum tasted. Finally we both stopped cumming and Sarah fell forward on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Then suddenly we heard people clapping and I looked over and the group of guys and girls were standing there having watched us and were clapping and cheering for us. I guess we put on a great show. I looked over at mom and she was lying on her side propped up on her elbow looking at us with a smile on her face. Sarah lifted her head up and looked me in the eyes, she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth and my tongue danced with hers for a few seconds before we broke the kiss.

“I love you bro!”

“I love you too sis.”

We lay there like that for a while with my softening dick still in her ass. Our audience had gone back to their blankets and mom lay back down and closed her eyes. After a while Sarah sat back up and started to stand up, as she did my deflated dick slipped out of her ass. I looked up at her and my cum was dribbling out of her ass and running down her thighs. She held her hand out to me.

“Come on bro, lets go play in the water a while. I want to wash some of this cum off of me,” she said as she ran her finger through the cum on her thigh.

“Sure sis,” I said as I took her hand and stood up.

We walked hand in hand toward the water. As we passed by the group of guys and girls who were our audience we saw that they were all coupled in some sort of sex acts, some in a 69, one girl riding her guy cowgirl and a threesome with a girl on her hands and knees licking another girl while a guy was behind her ramming his dick in her pussy. We didn’t stop to watch, we just went on by and down to the water. We walked in up to our knees and then together we dove onto the waves. I surfaced and looked for Sarah but didn’t see her at first, then I felt her arms wrap around my waste and her hands around my dick. She stroked me for a few seconds and then I turned around and took her in my arms and kissed her. Sarah put her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist as I lined my dick up with her pussy and she lowered herself onto me.

We were in the water about waste deep and as the waves rolled out we were uncovered to the point that people on the beach could see my dick in her pussy but were once again covered when the waves came in. It was hard to keep from getting knocked over by the waves so I started walking back to the beach with Sarah still riding my dick. I walked right back past the group and to our blanket and knelt down and lay Sarah on her back and followed her down. My dick has slipped out of her as I laid her down but I slipped right back in and we kept fucking. It was slow and leisurely and we were locked in a kiss as my dick slid in and out of my sister’s pussy. Soon the pressure built to the point of no return and I was cumming in her pussy, spewing forth my sperm into my sister’s pussy. We lay there kissing, my spent dick still in her pussy. As my dick went soft it slipped out and I rolled over on my back between Sarah and mom who appeared to be sleeping. Sarah leaned over and kissed me again and started kissing her way down my body. As she got to my dick she sucked it into her mouth and threw her leg over me and planted her pussy in my face. My cum was dribbling out and it looked so inviting that I leaned my head up and started licking her pussy, eating my first creampie. I figured what the hell, it’s my cum and I had already tasted it. It’s not like I was eating some other guys junk! Sarah was moaning around my dick as she licked it clean tasting our combined cum just as I was doing in her pussy. About that time mom must have woke up from her nap and sat up and was watching us as we pleasured each other.

“You two are going to be insatiable from now on aren’t you?”

Sarah let my dick slip out of her mouth and turned to mom, “Oh mom, I’ve never felt so good before! Sex with Steve has always been so frantic in the back seat of his car or me just sucking his cock to get him off. With Jimmy it is totally different, it is making love and not just fucking.”

“Baby, I know exactly what you mean, your father and I had that once.”

“Oh mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring you down,” Sarah said as she climbed off of me and hugged mom.

“Sarah, it’s okay, I’m happy you two are so good together,” Mom said as she hugged Sarah back.

I lay on my side watching them embrace and then Sarah pushed mom onto her back and lay on top of her and kissed her on the mouth. They were tit to tit, nipple to nipple and I could see Sarah’s tongue snake it’s way into mom’s mouth as they kissed. Sarah slid her hand down moms’ belly and onto her pussy and rubbed her clit and put two fingers in her sloshing them in and out. Mom and Sarah broke off their kissing and Sarah turned around and dropped her mouth to mom’s pussy and mom clamped her mouth to Sarah’s pussy. I watched them as I stroked my hard dick. Sarah lifted her head and watched me for a few seconds with a big grin on her face. She sat up with her pussy still planted on mom’s face and motioned me over. I got up on my knees between moms’ legs and kissed Sarah, tasting moms’ pussy on her mouth. My hard dick was pointed at moms’ open pussy and it looked too inviting to pass up so I leaned forward and kissed Sarah’s nipple and slid my dick into mom’s pussy. Mom moaned loudly into Sarah’s pussy as I hammered my dick in and out of her pussy. Mom licked Sarah’s pussy, Sarah kissed me and I fucked mom. Pretty soon Sarah started cumming, then mom clamped down on my dick and started cumming and then I shot my load in mom’s pussy. Sarah got off of mom’s face and leaned down and kissed her then I lay down on mom and kissed her while my dick was still buried in her pussy. I started to go soft and rolled over and lay beside mom. Sarah moved down and started to eat my cum from mom’s pussy as mom writhed all around. Finally she couldn’t stand it any more and pushed Sarah away.

“Stop! I can’t take it any more!” Mom said and slumped back and closed her eyes.

We all lay there for a while trying to catch our breath. By that time it was starting to get late and the sun was going down.

Mom rolled over and stood up, “Come on you two, lets go rinse off in the surf and then gather our stuff and head back to the house.”

Sarah and I followed her down to the water and we all waded in. We splashed and played and swam a while and then walked back and picked our stuff up and started back to the house. None of us bothered to put our suits on or even wrap a towel around our naked bodies. I figured it was late enough that on a weekday like this that the topless part of the beach would be deserted and it was. We got to the house and Sarah and I went to take a shower while mom started dinner. Sarah and I simply washed each other in the shower, I had cum so many times that I was tapped out. It was nice to just be together washing each other without doing anything more right then. We got out of the shower and walked naked back to the kitchen where mom had made sandwiches and laid out chips and sodas. We sat and ate pretty much in silence and just as we finished there was a knock at the door. Mom went to the door and opened it a crack to see who it was, it was a sheriffs deputy.

“Ma’am, we received a complaint that there were three nude individuals on the non-nude section of the beach just a short while ago and that those persons went into this house.”

Mom threw open the door, “Please come in.”

The deputy came in and saw that all three of us were naked.


“Jones ma’am.”

“Deputy Jones, I’m sorry but yes, I guess it was us that you got the call about. As you can see we are all nude, we just came back from the nude beach and we figured it was late enough that nobody would see us.”

The deputy was taking in mom’s naked body as well as Sarah’s teenage naked form.

“Well ma’am, if it was just me I wouldn’t have a problem with the nudity and y’all being nude on the nude section of the beach or in your own house is your business but when someone calls a complaint in we are bound to look into it. You really need to cover up on the non-nude sections of the beach. We are fairly lax about topless bathers on the non-nude areas but they draw the line at total nudity anywhere besides the established nude beach.”

“We really are sorry and will make sure to abide by the rules from now on.”

“I do have to take some sort of action to satisfy the complaint. What I am going to do is right you a warning, that will show that we did take action. Now if I have to come back out for the same offense then there will be a citation and that carries a fine of $50. Also, if these two minors are caught nude on the non-nude area then the whole deal will have to go before the judge to determine whether they should be removed from your custody. Do you understand all of this then?”

Mom was in tears after hearing all of that and Sarah and I went to her side and hugged her.

“Ma’am, please don’t cry. I know this isn’t going to be a problem again and I know I won’t have to come back for this again. Now, I will need your name for the warning ticket.”

“My name is Judy Bell, here is my I.D.” Mom said as she reached into her purse and took it out.

“Thank you Mrs. Bell,” the deputy said as he filled out the ticket.

The deputy handed mom the warning and he turned to leave. As he stepped out the door he turned back to mom.

“Mrs. Bell, I’m sorry of I upset you with the talk of court proceedings but I’m required to give you that information. I don’t want you to worry about it, I know that it won’t be a problem any more.”

“You’re right Deputy Jones, it won’t happen again.”

“Please call me Mark.”

“Thanks Mark, please call me Judy.”

“Judy, you and your kids have a nice time for the rest of your stay and please don’t worry about this. Good bye now.”

“Good bye Mark, thanks for being so understanding.”

Mom stood in the door and watched the deputy get in his car and drive away. As he did he waved at mom and she waved back. Mom closed the door and turned back to us and was shaking. Sarah and I went to her and hugged her and then she started to laugh. Sarah and I looked at one another with puzzled looks.

“Mom, what’s so funny?” I asked.

“That was so wild! Standing there stark naked in front of the deputy while he checked me out and checked out my naked teenage daughter! I thought I would cum right there in front of him. I was so excited and turned on!”

Sarah and I started laughing too after hearing that. Mom took us each by the hand a led us to the master bedroom.

“I think we can all fit in one bed tonight.”

Mom lay down in the middle and Sarah and I lay on either side of her. The three of us came together in a three-way kiss…

It had been a wild and wonderful vacation so far and we still had five days left to go…

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Author’s info Gender: male

Chapter one – The celebration of defeat

I was lined up in the launch tube. The check system for my Combat Armor, Tactical, Heavy, was running. Our last ditch assault on the Instagian home world would launch in a few minutes. This war had lasted far too long. I had been a CATH pilot for twenty-four of my thirty-two years in service.

I watched the last of the system lights switch to green and thumbed the intercom system to life. “This is Field Admiral Adam ‘Rock’ Drake. I am green and hot across the board and ready for launch at your command.”

My intercom answered from the bridge of the carrier. “Rock, we are a go for launch in T minus seventeen seconds. Hang onto your hats men this is an all out assault. No matter what happens the war ends today.”

I watched the timer count down. We were under radio silence once the umbilical cut loose. I listened to the last minute chatter as the nineteen other CATH suits reported green lights. Then the timer hit zero.

It felt like someone stuffed a rocket engine up my ass, as the launch system slammed me down the length of the tube. Faster than it took to think about it, the launch sabot was packed around my suit, and I was ejected at mind numbing speeds towards the planet below.

Two minutes after launch, we passed the moon of the planet Instag. That was when the first layer of the sabot wrapped around my suit started its function. The braking rockets fired and we started to slow. We would still hit the atmosphere at more than eighteen thousand miles per hour. Much slower than our current speed.

I looked at the combat clock. In four minutes we would enter the outer atmosphere. I had expected enemy fire by now. The fleet was moving in behind us with the landing craft and space defenses. But there was no resistance. Not even a scanning beam to detect us.

The job of my men and I, was to establish a landing zone to bring the troops in. It is what we do. First in, last out, and never give ground. These combat suits had been designed and upgraded so many times. The current model weighed eighty-one tons and held the firepower of a full artillery division. At the current rate we were going to make ground fall with a full compliment of ammo.

I felt the first layer peel off and disintegrate as we passed the edge of the outer atmosphere. Then the first of the flower petals bloomed. The pod extended the next layer out and started using the atmosphere to break our fall. I watched the display for my speed. I was slowing rapidly as the friction heat burned away the petals of the flower I rode in. Then a sudden jerk as those petals collapsed and broke away.

The third layer spread and I bloomed again in the springtime of our planet fall. I watched as my indicators drifted into the range of acceptability. Layer after layer peeled off and slowed me until I came down to terminal velocity. Then the last layer broke away and I was in daylight. Five thousand feet above the ground I was now hanging from a massive air foil.

Still we had encountered no resistance. Not even a single projectile had been fired. My Radio crackled and a voice came on. “Cease fire! Cease fire! It is over, the Instagian people have surrendered! Do not fire, we are under a cease fire command!”

It took a few seconds for it to register. I was going home. I was going to see my wife. I had not touched her in thirty-two years and I was now only a few short weeks from being home. I activated my radio for transmitting. “Men put your weapons on standby, do not power them down. Word of the cease fire may not have reached the ground troops at the landing zone.”

I turned my active scanners on and scanned the landing zone. Below us stood four men and none of them were armed. More than five miles away was a group of soldiers and none of them carried weapons. My mind began to truly grasp that this was real. The war was over.

Then it came over the radio. “All troops, we are under a peace treaty. Men and women, we are going home. The war is over. Soldiers this comes by direct order from the president of earth, Lady Damina, power down and holster all weapons. You are to treat anyone you meet as honored friends. The war is over and we are not to hold grudges. Talks are proceeding for trade agreements and cultural exchanges. Men we are leaving for home in fourteen days. Yes you heard that right, we are going home!”


I was back on the carrier. There was an air of excitement here. Everyone had come to believe. We had been treated as honored guests by the Instagian people. They had truly surrendered. We were completely unprepared for what we found when we hit the ground. The population of their planet had been hit hard by the war. At the beginning of the war there had been almost a trillion people on the planet below. Now they numbered less than one hundred million. They had no choice. They did not have enough people left to fight. It was going to take them millennia to rebuild and they were going to need help.

I was waiting my turn to make a call home. I refused to use my rank to jump the line. No one here was less important to someone back home. As the line slowly diminished I thought back on the war. I had expected some of the other fleets to be here for the final assault. At one time there had been over one hundred fleets. Only ours was committed to the final battle.

Could we be the only fleet left? That thought hit me like a ton of bricks. Had we come that close to being defeated? My thoughts were interrupted by my turn at the communications panel.

I thumbed my home contact number into the panel and made my recording. “Baby, we are coming home. I can’t wait to see you. I hope you haven’t given up on me and moved in with the milk man. We go into Jump-Space tomorrow morning and will be making Earth orbit in twenty-three days. As always my heart is yours. I love you Danni.”

When I hit the send button, I looked at my chronograph. My meeting with the admiralty staff was in fifteen minutes. It was supposed to be a big deal but there was too much of an air of festivity aboard for me to worry.

I walked into the conference room and looked at the smiles on the command staff’s faces. It even invaded here. We all waited for Fleet Admiral Stinson to enter the room. As I sat down I noticed an ice bucket and a collection of alcohols sitting in the center of the table.

“Please help yourselves.” Stinson said as he entered the room. “We have something to celebrate after the orders are handed out.” As men and women reached for the bottles and glasses, he continued. “We have orders to return home ASAP. There are also a couple of strange orders along the way. All soldiers are to have their anti-impregnation implants removed immediately. Rank fraternization, is not only no longer prohibited, it is now encouraged. As a mater of fact the order states and I quote, ‘the men and women on the ships are to make as many conquests and pregnancies as possible on the way home.’ I am not sure about these orders but they come with a presidential seal on them. Any pregnant female soldier will be given a full pension for the rest of her life when she arrives home.”

One of the staff asked a simple question. “Sir, are we to assume from this, that the women back home are eager to start having children again?”

“I think that would be one way to put it. If I am reading the orders right they not only are eager but are impatient to start. The orders also continue with the statement, ‘married men are not excused from this duty and must participate.’ The statement I received is that they want all female soldiers pregnant by the time they get home.”

I asked out of a true sense of foreboding. “Sir I have noticed a few things and I am afraid of what we are going to find when we get home. When was the last time this fleet received a male recruit when replacements arrived?”

“I can’t answer that. I am under orders…”

“How many soldiers comprise the compliment of this fleet?”

“Thirty-one thousand, five hundred?”

“How many of those soldiers are male?”

“Ten thousand.”

“When was the last time we communicated with another fleet?”

“You are correct in your thoughts, Rock. We are the last Earth fleet.”

“If I am right, then the entire male population of the human race is on these ships…”

“Not quite, but the only men left on earth are in nursing homes. We made a mistake, during the war the draft was made mandatory for men, no exceptions. Every man was inducted at the age of eighteen or older. The mistake wasn’t caught until the last male soldier left Earth. There have been no children born on earth in the last eighteen years. I expect every man on these ships to do their duty and have sex, as much sex as possible.”

“What about the men that have taken vows of faithfulness?”

“Tell them their vows are canceled, under orders. It is really simple; we have twenty-three days to get more than twenty thousand women pregnant. We need every man we can get. I expect every soldier to do his duty and sleep with at least one woman per day until we have accomplished our mission. One final thing, the soldiers need to know, any woman giving birth to a male child will be given a five million credit bonus…”


I was sitting in my cabin. My rank got me a private room instead of the barracks bunks, my argument with the fleet admiral still running through my head. I had been through thirty-two years of being faithful. I had resisted every temptation except my hand. Now I was under orders to sleep with the women that drew me from the pool. My team was all men, so I had no women to command. I had thought to use that as a loophole. But little did I know we were celebrities among the crews. CATH pilots were like rock stars.

The fleet admiral had created a pool and the women got to place their names in the ring. If they drew the lucky number, then they were given us for the night. I had been told that if a woman came out of my cabin without a smile on her face I would face a court marshal. The fleet admiral had gone so far as to place a subnet call to my home. He had explained the situation and orders to my wife. That was when I got the shock of my life. My wife was aware of the problem. She had figured it out when she had not seen a man in almost twenty years. She told me she was not exactly happy about it but she understood and she was proud of me for keeping faithful as long as I did.

Now I lay here freshly showered and waiting for the first winner of the lottery. My chime rang and I answered, “Enter.” Into my room stepped a young blond woman, she was a buck recruit. My mind reeled at what was happening. Yesterday morning I would have been court marshaled for even thinking about this young woman in the way I was supposed to think of her now. Today I was a gift to her for drawing a lucky number

“Oh my god! I can’t believe I drew you first. I feel like I won the lottery.”

“Surely you would rather have a younger man.” I asked thinking about my fifty years of age over her youth. “How old are you?”

“I am nineteen, sir. I can’t believe I drew the commander of the CATH pilots. I want you to give me a son, that would be so perfect.”

I was stunned, how was I supposed to get an erection with this bubble head. She was young and beautiful but she reminded me of an over excited child.

Before I could even finish my thoughts she was stripping out of her uniform. “I don’t need any foreplay, just get inside me.” She said as even the thought of an erection started to fade from my mind.

I tried to calm her down a bit. “We have all night together. Take it easy and let’s enjoy this a little.”

“We can enjoy the second round, I want that cock!” She exclaimed as she yanked the sheet off of me to reveal my nakedness. Before I could even react she was on her knees next to the bed and had my cock in her mouth. Well she managed to bypass that problem, my long neglected cock was more than happy to respond to her tongue. As I grew in her mouth she moaned out. Now my mind joined the excitement. God that felt good. She pulled me out of her mouth and purred as she stroked my cock with her hand. “It is even bigger than my vibrator. Oh this is going to be great for my first real one.”

Her words struck me. Almost all of the women on board were younger than the men. The anti-frat rules had caused most of these women to never experience a real cock. The pleasure centers had sex toys and pleasure holos, but most of the men had not had real women either. This crew was going to be in jump for twenty-three days. Most of the crew would have nothing to do for that time.

While I was thinking she had removed the last of her clothing and was climbing on top of me. I felt her hand guide me into place. This impatient woman was going to take me. Then her warmth began to slide down my rigid shaft. My mind faded into a haze of lust. I thrust upward feeling my stiffness imbed into her hot moist tunnel. She let out a moan of pure pleasure. I joined her in the moan. My god she was tight on me. I had not wanted this to start with but now I was filled with a lust I could not deny. The silky pleasure of her flesh was so inviting.

I began to thrust up into her, driven to give her everything I had. I could not get the leverage I wanted. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled her onto her back. I began to control the rhythm as I drove into her. I tried to deny the pleasure I felt as I drove towards our lust, but I couldn’t. It was so intense to feel that tight pussy wrapped around my cock. Then it changed, I felt her pussy begin to quiver around my cock. She let out a scream that sounded like the passion of an animal. Her whole body began to convulse beneath me. She threw her legs around my waist and ground hard against me. I could feel her clit grinding against me. My lust reached its peak as I began to spew my semen inside her.

As we relaxed in the aftermath she looked at me with soft eyes. I rolled off of the top of her and lay back. As she smiled she slid down my body and began to lick and suck on the flesh of my cock once again. I was not even middle aged at fifty years old. I was considered a young man by the average life span of two hundred years. It did not take much of her activity before my cock was cheering her on again.

Once she had Mister Happy’s attention completely she got onto her hands and knees. It took very little to convince my mind to slide in behind her. I intended to at least truly enjoy this round. I began by reaching down and slapping my cock up against her clit. I watched as she arched her back and cried out. A second slap made her quiver and moan. Several slaps against her clit had her quivering as she started into a small orgasm. As she reached her peak I thrust into her completely. Her animal scream of lust must have been heard several decks away.

I thrust into her with force, as she quivered and screamed her way through her orgasm. Then as she began to come down from her peak I reached my hand around her and pinched her clit between my thumb and forefinger. I felt her pussy clench down hard on my cock as she began to rocket into another orgasm. She rose up on her knees as her body convulsed with her pleasure. I reached my free hand around and pinched one of her nipples as she screamed out again. Then to add to her sensations I nipped my teeth into the side of her neck. Her back arched away from me as her shoulders leaned back into me. I took this new opportunity to remove my hand from her clit and run my fingernails along her back from ass to mid back. The resulting explosive orgasm left her head spinning as she tried to fall forward onto the bed.

I was having none of that. I drove into her hard as she wilted in my arms. Each thrust lifted her knees upward. She was moaning and crying. I did not know if it was pleasure or pain that caused her tears. I was lost in my lust and only sought my own completion. When my thrusts brought me to my peak I held her against me and released deep into her womb. My mind faded and my knees grew weak. I had not experienced an orgasm that intense in years. Not since I left Earth. I held her against me as we both wilted down to the mattress.

“Oh god! I did not know a real cock could feel that good.” She said between pants for breath. “How long before you can do that to me again?”

“Give me a few minutes and I will try.” I said with a light laugh.

She smiled and then she got a look of surprise on her face. “I forgot to give you your pills.”

“What pills?”

“The medical techs gave me some pills to bring to you. They are in my pocket. They are supposed to make you have incredible sexual stamina.” She reached down and pulled the bottle out of her uniform pocket, on the floor.

I took the pills from her hand and set them on the table next to the bed. “I don’t think I need those right now.” I said as I pressed my already re-hardening cock into the crack of her ass.

“Oh wow!” She exclaimed as she felt what was growing behind her.


I was in the launch tube again. This time, our planet fall was part of a welcome home display. We would each launch over the city, then walk our CATH suits to the parks we were designated to stand them in. They would stand as monuments to our heroism. I felt like an idiot. I am not a hero, I am a soldier who did what he had to do. Placing a monument to myself made me feel like an idiot glory hound.

There was only one city on earth now. It was big, with a population of five hundred million. Mankind’s ecology problems were over. There was now more than enough farmland to support our population. This is what was truly scary, below us in the city were five hundred million women that had not seen a man in almost twenty years. Up here were ten thousand men.

We had also failed in our mission. Why did we fail? It turns out that the radiations we were exposed to during the war had left most of the men sterile. Only one thousand of us were fertile. The CATH suits had protected me and my men. We were the lucky ones. Now we had to go home and a thousand men had to try and rebuild the population, while nine thousand had to keep the women entertained.

This was going to be hell.

We had close to succeeded in our mission. Most of the female crew was pregnant. There were eighteen thousand women returning to earth in med shuttles. They were getting a hero’s welcome as well.

We received the final call and then there was a rocket up my ass again. After all these years, that part of launching bothered me the most. You would understand if you ever experienced it. It was like being shot out of a cannon with your ass on fire. Twenty minutes after launch my airfoil collapsed behind me, as my CATH touched down. It was a ten mile walk to the park I was assigned to place the suit in.

I felt like I was leading a parade of women. I was followed the entire distance to the park, by thousands of them. They all wanted to get a glimpse of me. I did not want fame and fortune. I wanted to feel the arms of my wife wrapped around me. I strode into the park among cheers and music. Up a set of stairs to a platform made especially for my suit.

Once I was in the position I was given the disembarking clearance and a touch of a control opened the tank that had been my home in combat for more than twenty years. I stepped down to a fanfare that would embarrass god. Then I had microphones thrust all around me as my wife ran into my arms. I took her into my embrace and tears filled my eyes. I had two weeks with my wife before I was expected to open my doors to any woman that requested pregnancy. I wanted to feel her love every one of those days.

I gave my little victory speech as prepared by the public relations officer and then was escorted to a waiting limousine. On the walk to the air car the women close enough touched me whenever they could. To many of them, I was a foreign creature. The youngest of them saw me as a legend out of mythology. I was not only a man, but I was a CATH pilot. Many of these women had never even seen a man outside of pictures and videos.

Once in the limo the sounds of the crowd were quieted. The driver turned and looked back. “Welcome home, sir. I have been assigned as your driver. If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask.”

I looked at the young red headed girl smiling back at me. “Thank you, Miss?”

“Starla kane, sir.”

“Thank you Starla, my name is Adam. I am pleased to meet you. Could you please take us home now, I am quite anxious to spend some time at home with my wife.”

“Of course, Adam, it will take us about twenty minutes to get to your condo.”

As she pulled away from the crowd I looked over at the woman I loved. We had married just before I shipped out for basic training. We had only had two nights together as man and wife. I intended to try and make up for that in the next two weeks. I reached out to her and she came to my arms like sunshine in a dream. As we kissed, the tears once again came to my eyes.

Danni leaned back and wiped the tears from my eyes. “Your home now, it’s all over. No more fighting. You’re here with me now.”

“It all seems like a dream. There were times I was sure I would never see home again.”

She leaned in and kissed me deeply. After all these years this woman still affected me like no other. My heart leapt into my throat at her kiss. I would do anything to make her happy.

Chapter two – A new job.

It had been almost nine months since I arrived home. I had finally gotten accustomed to the deluxe high-rise penthouse condominium. Being driven to everything was harder for me. I was a CATH pilot, I was used to plowing the road. The matter-mit stations used for distant travel were really new for me. I stepped in and dialed a destination number, and then with a slight tingle I was halfway across the city.

One thing had made me happy beyond belief. My wife was pregnant. She was expected to deliver near the end of this month. We had elected not to know the sex of the child.

I was headed to my new job. I was breeding stock. The government had come up with the idea of the breeding center where the women could come to get the attention of a man and possibly get pregnant. There were only a thousand of us that were on the pregnancy floors. The lower floors were the entertainment only men.

My wife had become quite a celebrity in her own right. It turned out we were the last married couple on earth. She was invited to talk shows and everything else to try and get her point of view of what it was like to sleep with a man every night. She refused most of the invites.

She had also come to fully accept the fact that I had to have sex with other women to help rebuild our world. She knew she held my heart in the palm of her hand.

Today I was headed for the breeding center, I had my day off yesterday and today I was again ready to face my roster of women. It was almost funny, a few years ago I would have thought having as many women as I could every day, would have been a fantasy. It was actually turning into a chore and a job. I averaged five women per day and got two days a week off. Those days were spent entirely with my wife.

The doctor at the center had us all on a vitamin and drug regiment to make us produce more semen and increase our sex drive. It helped a lot with getting women pregnant, but it caused some other problems. For one I spent most of my day so horny I would fuck a tree if it had a knothole.

I arrived at the matter-mit station just as my phone rang in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw my wife’s picture on my phone. I hit the button and put the phone to my ear. “Hey, babe, what’s up?”

“Adam, there are agents here from the government. They want to take me to the hospital for tests.”

“What kind of tests?

“They want to do a three dimensional sonic imagery test.”

“Tell them to wait, I am on my way.” I turned and headed back to the house. When I started walking two women in dark suits stepped in front of me.

“Sir, we are going to have to ask you to continue to the breeding center. Your wife is perfectly safe. We just need to determine the sex of her baby.”

“I should be there, she will need me.”

“We will bring her to you at the center just as soon as the tests are finished. Please, Sir, this is really important and may be more important than you know at this time. You absolutely must continue at the center.” As she spoke my phone rang. I glanced down to see an unidentifiable number on the phone. “Please, Sir, answer your phone.”

I pushed the button and placed the phone to my ear once again. “Hello?”

“Mister Drake, this is Damina Storm. I am pleased to get the chance to speak with you.”

“Miss Storm? The president of the planet, Damina Storm?”

“One and the same, Sir and please call me Damina. I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to cooperate in this. It truly is important. After work today I would like to invite you and your lovely wife to the Capitol Building for dinner and a conversation. We have a problem brewing that you and your old team may well be able to help us with. I have dispatched several members of the secret service to protect your wife and if you choose I will even connect a video link for you while she is having the test. After we speak tonight I will talk to the other members of your team.”

“I really don’t like this, Ma’am. My wife is the only thing that kept me fighting for so many years. She has been so understanding about our crisis, and I really don’t want anything to make her uncomfortable.”

“I absolutely understand and agree with you. She is a national hero in my eyes. But I would truly like to talk about this in a more private and secure location. It is going to be public knowledge entirely too soon anyway. I will not go so far as to force you to cooperate with us. I just need you to understand this is really important.”

“You will have her brought to me?”

“If I need to, I will escort her personally.”

“Has she been made aware of this?”

“Yes sir she is in the care of the best women in my service and will have a private caregiver with her at all times. They have been instructed to give her anything she needs at all times.”

“I still don’t like it but I will cooperate.”

“Thank you, Sir.”


I was with my last appointment for the day. My wife was waiting in a lounge on the ground floor. They had brought her everything her heart desired all day long. I had a video link that I could use to talk to her any time I needed. She kept telling me not to worry she was fine.

Here I stood, in a posh bedroom, with another woman. She was not a looker as most would say. She was more of a plain Jane. But the pills in my system were doing their work. I was more than ready for her.

I watched as she dropped down onto her knees and began to fondle my cock. It had amazed me just how much these women just wanted to touch me. At times I felt like a piece of artwork. Other times I felt like a prostitute. This woman began by caressing my shaft then she started to rub it on her face. She reminded me of a cat loving on its owner.

I felt her tongue run from my sack to the tip of my cock and it made my muscles tense and relax. When she closed her mouth and savored the pre-cum that she had gathered she gave out a light moan. Then she wrapped her lips around the tip and began to suckle gently. She looked up into my eyes. “This may be my only chance to get pregnant. I have taken fertility drugs to increase the chance of multiple births. Please, if my begging can get anything, get me pregnant.”

I reached down to guide her up to me. “I will do my best.” I took her into my arms and guided her to the bed. If there was one thing I had learned it was the fact that the forty-five minutes these women had with me was usually enough for two attempts. The drugs made it possible for me to try twice with each.

As she lay back onto the bed I began to caress and touch her. My wife had insisted that I treat each woman as if they were her. They had come begging for this chance and I needed to give them something to remember it by. I started to kiss and lick my way down the body of the woman in the bed. She shivered at my touch and moaned with pleasure. Those sounds let me know she was enjoying the attention.

When my tongue ran through the folds of her pussy she jumped and squealed out her pleasure. Her body reacted by giving me the nectar that would ease our sexual contact. I had thought that all women tasted the same. In my time here I had learned that each woman had an aroma and a taste all their own. This woman was no exception to that rule. Her honey was as sweet as the honey it was named after. I found myself wanting more of it and drove my tongue deeply into her. I felt her hands entwine in my hair and pull me against her as she cried out in delight.

“Oh god! You are better than my girlfriend! Don’t stop, god don’t stop!”

Her cries spurred me on. I started to brush my nose across her clit and rub my finger on her wet anus. She bucked into my face and began to quiver. As her body shook I moved up and sucked her clit in between my lips. I flicked my tongue across the nubbin in my mouth and was rewarded with a flow of her sweetest nectar so far. I continued to drink from her cup until she collapsed back onto the bed panting.

This woman watched me as I began to move up her body with butterfly kisses. When I reached the level of her face she smiled and nodded her readiness. With a slow gentle pressure I pushed my way past her entrance and filled her with my solid staff. She moaned and whimpered her pleasure as my cock seated in her fully. With a slow deliberate pace I began to fuck into her. She began to moan and grunt with each stroke into her satiny depths. I could feel her body start its climb towards her orgasm. I was beginning my climb towards mine.

Soon she was quivering in my arms. “I am coming again!” She cried out as our bodies locked up and my thrusts poured my seed deep inside her. Our bodies rocked together as we rode out or orgasms. Slowly we relaxed and fell into a light stupor. I rolled off of her and lay behind her as she spooned into me.

“Thank you,” she whispered softly.

“You are more than welcome, but your time is not up.” I could feel her surprise as her body tensed. She had finally registered the fact that my cock lay hard between her legs. When she turned to look into my face I whispered softly. “We should make sure.”

As I began to kiss her neck I felt her hand slide down to caress the head of my cock. Then she guided me into her depths.


I entered the lounge to see my wife sitting with a cup of tea in her hand and several women standing around her. One of these women I recognized from the street that morning. “Sir, I know you just got off work, but the president is quite anxious to speak with you.”

“Can I have a couple of minutes to talk to my wife please?”

“If you will come with us you can have some time to talk in the limousine. We need to be at the large matter-mitt station in twenty minutes.”

My wife stood behind me. “It’s alright, Adam. We can talk in the car. I am fine if a little freaked out.”

The ride to the Capitol Building was a bit intimidating. We were in a motorcade with secret service cars in front and behind. Something made me feel like we were being taken prisoner.

We were shown into a dining area in the seat of the government. The table was covered with exotic foods and drinks as we were shown to our seats. The secret service women had no sooner returned to the edges of the room when the president of the world came into the room. “Please, Mister and Missus Drake, be comfortable here. I have some things to tell you after dinner and I am hoping to get your cooperation in getting us past a major crisis.”

“I am not sure how we can help, but I am sure we will do all we can.”

The dinner was amazing. Some of the dishes served to us were the best I had ever tasted. Whenever we were not eating my wife’s hand clung to mine under the table. All too soon the meal was over and the president was ready to talk. “May I call you Adam and Danni, please? What I am about to ask should not be couched in such formal talk. I am about to beg you for the human race.”

“That will be fine, but please my wife and I are quite scared, and this is not helping.”

“You have nothing to fear from us, it is actually the opposite. As the leader of the remaining human race, I have so much to fear from you.”

“I cannot inspire that much fear. I am a simple man and I just wish to live my life in peace.”

“No matter what your decision tonight, you are at peace with us. I must tell you some facts and spoil a surprise for you in order to allow you an informed decision. I am not sure if you are aware but the first births from the female soldiers in your fleet have started. There is a problem that we did not see coming.”

“What is the problem?” Fear for my child gripped my heart. I could feel Danni’s hand tighten on mine as her fear echoed the emotions in me.

“So far there have been around seven thousand births. They all have been healthy happy children and the women are ecstatic. We are more than happy with that. The problem was noticed by a clerk at the records center. Of these seven thousand births only one hundred and forty of them have been male. If you look at that statistically it is impossible. We ordered the doctors at the hospitals to run tests on most of the men that returned and to track the baby’s parents by liaisons dates and see if any patterns emerged.”

My wife asked softly from beside me. “What did you find?”

“Most of the men that returned are infertile. This we already knew. What we learned is that of the fertile men almost all of them are incapable of fathering a male child. Something about their systems made them half sterile and the sperm carrying the male gene dies soon after formation.”

“Then I am going to have a daughter?”

“That is the point. Your wife’s tests today confirmed our suspicion. She is pregnant with a son.”

“How?” I asked.

“When we tracked back the lineage of the sons, we came to one conclusion. Your team was somehow protected by your suits in an odd way. You can only produce male children. All of the male children are born from one of the men on your team”

“How can we fix this?” I asked wondering what they had planned.

“We have to increase your workload. We are going to have to get you to impregnate as many women per day as you can. There are drugs we can use that will allow you to perform at higher levels. But it will mean you and your men must increase to sixteen women per day. We are not even sure if it is possible for you to maintain that pace and for how long. It is the projection of our scientists that if we do not do this the human race will fall to so low a level, society will collapse within one hundred years.”

“That is going to be problematic. I am so tired when I get home as it is that my wife only gets attention a couple times a week.”

“That is going to be part of the problem. The drugs we will give you will not have worn off by the time you get home. Your wife is going to have to keep you from losing control. She is going to have to be willing to give you relief most nights.”

“I can’t ask her to do that.”

As I spoke Damina dropped out of her chairs and to her knees. “Please, Adam, I am willing to beg for the survival of our race. I will do anything, even if I have to come over every night your wife is not in the mood, and relieve you myself. If you show the strength to preserver, your men will follow. Your world and your race need you.”

I turned to look into the eyes of my wife. When I did she took my face in her hands. “Adam, you have to. I will survive and I will be there for you.”

The love I felt for this woman made my heart swell. The sacrifices she was willing to make astounded me. “I will do it until you tell me to stop. On that day I will never touch another woman again.”

“I know, Adam, I know.”

I turned back to the president. “Madam President, I will do as you ask. I will however still demand one day a week off. On that day I am not to be contacted by anyone for any reason. That day is for my wife and my wife alone. What we do and where we go are hers and hers alone.”

“Thank you.” She said simply.

“I will talk with my men tomorrow, please allow us an hour in the morning to talk with no prying ears.”


“And one final thing, I want the recipe for that delicious oyster stew.”

The president looked up at me and then started to smile. “It is yours, I want you to know you will be moved to the best penthouses in town and the government will supply you with a complete staff for your daily needs. You will live like kings.”

“I never wanted that kind of life. I am not better than anyone else.”

“There you are wrong, Adam. I have read the records of your men and you. In over five hundred conflicts you never broke orders. You stood in the face of some of the worst hell any man has ever seen. For that alone you should be treated like kings. But when your race needs you in its darkest hour, you again rise to the challenge. Please allow us to do this for you. The sacrifices your wife is making for our race has earned her at least a life of leisure. Let us hire a staff to take care of her needs.”

“For her I will do anything.”

Chapter three – Drugs

It was now the first day taking the new drugs. I sat in a room naked as a young nurse administered the shot. “How long till the drugs take effect?”

“They should take effect quickly, sir.”

“My name is Adam, not Sir.” As I spoke I felt a stirring below my waist. Quickly did not describe the effect, within seconds I was as stiff as steel.

“Thank you, my name is Becky. I need to put a protective coating on you so you will not suffer from friction burns.” She reached back and retrieved a spray can behind her. Then she lifted my cock and began to coat it in a spray of cold mist. The mist rapidly turned warm and as it did my mind started to cloud over. She turned her back to me and bent over to put her supplies away. That was all it took to set me off.

I reached out my hands and tore her skirt away revealing the stockings and suspenders she wore underneath. My mind lusted after her dainty body as I positioned myself and thrust into her. She moaned out a scream of pain and passion as I began to thrust into her.

There was an animal in control of my body. That animal wanted to mate at any price. I grabbed a handful of her hair and began to use it to pull her back onto me as I thrust. I could hear the animal screams she was making and the cries of pain. But I didn’t care. I wanted to cum in her pussy and drive it into her womb. I wanted to pound her until she begged me to quit.

“Oh my god! Harder! Please!”

Her cries burst into my mind. They had to be my imagination. No one could want the animal lust that was driving through me. I was powerless to stop what I was doing. I thrust until her screams sang in my soul. My thrusts so powerful they were picking her up off of the ground. Only my fist in her hair stopped her from falling over in front of me.

I felt the head of my cock force its way past her cervix. The scream that came from her was the sound of a wounded animal. I forced my way as deep as I could and held her there, suspended from my cock and her hair as I began to pump my seed into her. I seemed to pump gallons into her as I felt it start to flow out around my cock. My mind started to return and I instantly let go of her hair. “Oh my god! What have I done?!”

Becky slowly slid to the floor at my feet. “Shhhhh! It’s okay. We knew this would happen with the first rush of the drugs. I volunteered every nurse that comes in here for this will be a volunteer. I was already lubricated and ready.”

I fell back onto the examination table. “You knew? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Would you have gone through with it if you knew?” She said as she worked her way to her feet. “We need to get you to your room. If you are not with another woman quickly the violence will reclaim you.”

I started to stand. “No, I would not have gone through with it. I raped you.”

“You cannot rape the willing. The nurses that will come to you are all volunteers and they like the rough stuff. You just gave me one of the most amazing experiences of my life.” She smiled at me as she guided me down the hall. She was walking in only her torn uniform top, stockings and suspenders. “All of the nurses will not only be expecting you to take them forcefully but they will want it.”

I entered the room I was assigned and she guided me to the shower. “How often will I need to perform if I don’t want to be that violent with them?”

“You are scheduled for a visitor every half hour. You need to shower in between. The ladies know you are not here to give them pleasure. You are here to get them pregnant.”

“How long will the drugs last?”

“Twelve hours. At lunch a volunteer nurse will be here to help you. She will be like me so take her as rough as you can. Now, shower and get ready for your first client.”

I did not care what they told me I did my best to make each one of the women feel pleasure. I knew my men felt the same. Some of these women would never have a chance to be with a man again. We would send them home with a good memory.

My lunch hour came in a blur. I sat at the small table in my room as a young blond woman came in. “Hi, my name is Lindsey. I am here to feed you and help break your lust. We have a fine meal for you today.” She set the tray on the table in front of me. “The act of eating will help balance the drugs but it is only putting off the effect. Once you finish eating it will take over. I am here to take care of you at that time.”

“Are you truly willing to take me under those conditions?”

“Trust me, my girlfriend does things to me that would make most men cower in pain. I will be fine. Before you ask, yes I am pre-lubricated and ready in an instant.”

I lifted the lid off of my tray to see an oyster salad and T-bone steak. There was also a green salad, bread rolls, and a bowl of soup. “I see they want to feed me well.”

It has more to do with the drugs, they cause you to burn energy pretty quickly. While they are in your system you will be eating enough food for around four people. You will also probably burn that in calories. Your body is producing semen at a rate about ten times normal. Plus your hormones are just as high. That adds up and would cause you to lose weight at an incredible rate if we didn’t over feed you. Take your time and enjoy the meal.”

I looked down into my lap and noticed that her perfume was already affecting me. “I think I am going to have a problem.”

“Start eating it will calm it down quickly.”

By the second bite of food my snake had gone back into a nice nap. It was nice to know I could find some peace while here. I relaxed and enjoyed the food. I really did surprise myself when I realized I had eaten everything on the tray. As I looked down and wondered where I had put it I started to feel my groin reacting. I was not eating, so it wanted something else. I looked over to see Lindsay standing there, wearing only her stockings and high heels. She nodded to me and I rose from the table.

By the time I reached her the animal was in full control. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. My lips took possession of her as my free hand clutched her ass and lifted her upward. I pushed her body against the wall and felt her wrap her legs around me. I was not gentle or caring as I thrust into her. My first thrust drove past her cervix and drew a scream out of her and past my lips. With her pinned against the wall, my hands were free to do other things. I raked my fingernails down her sides forcing another scream past our lips.

I drove my cock into her with such power the sheetrock of the wall behind her gave way. Her head snapped back as she let out a howl that was a scream of pure passionate pain. “Force that cock into me, you bastard! Make me feel every inch of it! Oh god! Becky was right! Fuck me until I bleed!”

I drove myself into her tight cunt until she started to whimper. Then I grabbed her breasts and began to squeeze them. When I did this she let out a howl of pain and began to vibrate on my cock like an earthquake. I drove my head downward and sank my teeth into her shoulder. Her quaking turned into full body convulsions as my cock jerked and began to spew.

As the animal started to go back to sleep I looked into her eyes to see tears. “Did I hurt you too badly?”

She shook her head no. “I just want to do that again and I will never get the chance. We can only volunteer once and it is our only shot to get pregnant.”

“Why would it be your only shot?”

“Your particular seed is very valuable. It is sought after by every woman on the planet. They all want to have male children.”

“We still have fifteen minutes. Maybe a second time will ensure the act.”

“Please.” I could hear the begging in her voice.

I began to move against her as my cock re-hardened inside her. “Do you want the beast again?”



One of the new perks of our position was a matter-mit station in our penthouse. I arrived home only a minute after I finished my final shower of the day. My wife was sitting on the couch and something hit me like a ton of bricks. With her almost nine months pregnant there was no way she could ride out the last three hours of the drugs. I saw her and my heart cried out. I started to turn towards the matter-mit and go back to the breeding center. I was stopped by one of the agents there.

“Sir, it has been taken care of. The president made a statement when you had dinner with her. She is here to fulfill that promise.”

I turned around to see Damina Storm standing in my living room. “Madam President.” I greeted her.

“I think you can call me Damina, given what is about to happen here with your wife’s consent.”

I looked over at the woman I loved and saw her smile and nod. I knew the others were staying at the breeding center until their drugs wore off. Now I had my outlet. I watched as Damina started to remove her clothing and walk towards the spare room. She knew already that the bedroom I shared with my wife was sacred to us.

I followed the president into the room and admired the fine body she had. She was a beautiful woman. “What about the secret service?”

“They will not interfere. They know I am here willingly and why I am here.” As she spoke she dropped to her knees and looked up at me with eyes smoking with lust. “Take me and use me as you will.”

I stepped up to her and dropped the pants I wore. My already hardening cock sprang to full life as I saw the fire in her eyes ignite. She reached out with her hand and began to caress my hard shaft. Her tongue extended outward and flicked the drop of pre-cum from my cock. I could hear the moans of delight that throbbed from deep in her throat.

“What won’t you do?” I asked as her mouth began to kiss and lick the object of her desire.

“I offered myself for your relief. Use me as you will. My mouth, my pussy, my ass, and my hands are yours until the drugs wear off.” When she finished her painted lips closed around the head of my cock. I felt her tongue begin to work in her mouth, as she wet my shaft. Each time her head bobbed back and forth, a little more of my cock would slip between her lips. Then I felt her cough as the head of my dick hit the back of her throat. On the next downward stroke I felt her swallow and my cock slipped into her warm esophagus.

I few more strokes and her nose touched the skin above my cock. If anyone had told me a year before that the president would be deep throating me, I would have told them to see a doctor. Now I stood, as that very same woman swallowed me to the root. I felt her hands come up and cup the cheeks of my ass as she started me moving in and out of her throat. Her tongue worked a magic I had never believed possible. I was climbing to a peak within minutes. I could not hold back much longer and I told her. “I am going to cum.”

When I said those words she sped up and started to pump me in and out of her throat with a hunger I could not believe. My knees nearly buckled as my first spurt shot straight down her throat. By the time my second shot exploded out she had pulled back until the head of my cock was in her mouth and she took the full shot into her mouth. She pulled my cock out and took the third shot across her face. My fourth shot sprayed across her chin and breasts.

I was looking down at her covered in my cum as she rolled my semen on her tongue. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed what she held in there. As I watched she began to scoop up and lick the cum off of her body and face. The sight of this powerful woman acting like a common whore kept my cock as hard as steel. The words of my wife came to me. “Never treat them like a common whore, make sure they enjoy themselves as well.”

As Damina scooped the last of my cum into her mouth, I scooped her up off of the floor and carried her to the bed. I dropped her onto the bed and she lay back and spread her legs waiting for me to mount her. The look of shock in her eyes when I dropped to my knees was priceless. I was going to taste this woman and I was going to savor it as long as I could. I snaked my tongue out and caressed the shaved pussy in front of me. The musky sweetness of her arousal was salty and sweet. I would devour this meal with great relish. I lifted her legs upward as she moaned out her pleasure. She had offered me her ass, I could only be a gentleman and make it relax. My tongue caressed her anus as she cried out and gripped the bedspread with her hands. “Oh fuck me, it has been way too long!” She cried out.

I pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her tight rosebud and began to wiggle it. Her hands reached down and knotted in my hair. She started to guide me where she wanted attention. First her ass, then her pussy, a moment later her clit, then back to her pussy. I let her control my mouth and gave her what she desired. It only took a minute for her first orgasm to rock through her. As she relaxed she let go of my head and waited for me to rise. I was not done. I continued to lick and carry out her rhythm. Within a minute she was rocking into a second orgasm, then a third. I lost count of the times her body rocked and quivered. Then it finally hit her. Her legs locked around my head and she arched her back. Her hands began to pull on my hair as she tried to fight me away from her over sensitive pussy. I had driven her into continuous orgasm.

She tried in vain to fight me off as I continued to carry her through wave after wave of pleasant torture. Her screams of pleasure turned into begging. Still I drove her onward. I wanted to hear her say one word. Only that word would stop me. Finally she spoke the word. “Please, I surrender!” She screamed out.

I lifted my face away and watched her collapse backward. “You said you were mine to do as I pleased.” As I stood, her eyes fixed on my hard cock. She watched as I pulled her to the very edge of the bed. Then as she tried to relax I lined my cock up and started to push into her velvety pussy. She moaned out her pleasure as she felt herself stretch around me.

“Please fuck me till I can’t walk anymore.”

I began to thrust into her gathering speed and momentum. Soon she was panting and moaning her way through another orgasm. I fucked into her until she was crying out with every thrust. Then my peak hit and I emptied myself into her.

I rolled over and lay beside her on the bed. Her panting was music to my ears. When she rolled up onto her side to face away from me I pulled her into me and spooned up against her.

“Oh my god! Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“Practice. Before I shipped out, my wife and I had been dating for a while. She taught me everything I know about oral sex.”

She snuggled back into my arms and started to purr lightly. Then she felt my cock still hard against her bottom. “Doesn’t that thing go down?”

“Not with the new drugs, it just takes short breathers.”

Then she felt it start to throb against her. She looked back at me. “I said everything and you are in the right place for the only hole you have not used.” She reached back and took my throbbing cock in her hand. I felt her guide me to her rear entrance. A few soft pushes had the head of my cock entering that new heaven. Within a few thrusts I was drilling into her tight ass for all I was worth.

I thrust and listened to the music of her moans. I wanted to try and make this last as long as I could. I had always loved when I could get anal sex. This woman was willing and wanted it. Our moans made a symphony of sounds as we fucked until she was cumming hard and long. When I could not hold back any longer I thrust into her anus hard and emptied my balls once again into her. We lay there and relaxed as I let my body try to gather some energy.

“I have to admit that is an amazing performance.” She said in a soft whisper.

“That was just act one, I have about an hour and a half before the drugs wear off…”


I came out of the spare room closing the door behind me. I had left Damina unconscious on the bed. She fell asleep exhausted after the second time I fucked all three of her holes.

As I walked into the living room one of the secret service started towards the door for the spare room. I shook my head, “she is asleep and she can stay there for the night.” I said softly.

“It is my duty, I have to check on her, Sir.”

I nodded and stepped out of the way. I made my way to our living room to see my wife with a shit eating grin on her face. I smiled and leaned in to kiss her. She took possession of my mouth and owned my soul with her lips. Her kisses still affected me so deeply. Within seconds I felt weak in my knees and started to tremble. When she let go the hold she had on my heart she smiled and spoke softly. “You are probably hungry.”

“Starving, My Wife.”

“They said the drugs would affect you that way. The new cook is preparing something it should be ready in a few minutes.”

“I can fix something for myself.”

“Baby, from what I understand you will not fix yourself enough to eat. They explained it to me today. The drugs leave your metabolism at a very high rate. You will need to eat five to seven times as many calories as normal while still maintaining a low quantity of food over all. The cook is versed in high calorie, high fat foods. She will keep you healthy.”

I held up my hands, “I surrender, My Love.”

Chapter four – Learning the truth

The president lasted a week before she had to call in reinforcements. She couldn’t handle a three hour fuckathon six days a week. I knew she wanted to get pregnant like most of the women in the world. That didn’t bother me. My evenings became a parade of volunteer women. Each night and sometimes several nights they would bear the brunt of my lust.

After the birth of our son my wife would even take the punishment I would dish out on at least one night a week. As promised, Sundays were for her, and her alone. Sometimes we would make gentle love, others we would go out and enjoy some sights in the world. The president and her staff kept the deal and we were never bothered on these days.

It was a Monday, and my wife had decided she would blunt my lust after work. I came home to a bit of a shock. Sitting on the couch next to my wife was the young nurse Becky, from my first day on the drugs. It took less than a second for me to register the tears running down her face. “What’s wrong?”

My wife turned to Becky and said softly. “I need you to tell him what you told me.”

Becky sniffed back a few tears. “My pregnancy didn’t take and now I have lost my chance.”

“Why have you lost your chance?” I asked as I moved over to sit next to them on the couch.

“We can only volunteer once and I can’t afford to pay the fee for another try.”

“Fee?” I asked trying to hide the anger in my voice.

“Yes if a woman wants to get pregnant there is a twenty thousand credit fee to go on the waiting and testing list. If they are picked then it is another one hundred and eighty thousand credits to complete the deal. That is if they want a female child. To have a male the price is two hundred thousand for the waiting list and then another one million, eight hundred thousand for the completion. I am only a nurse I could never afford those fees.”

Anger closed around my heart, they were charging for my services at an exorbitant rate. It was extortion and insured that only the very rich could have male children. “Do they give a reason for these fees?”

“They say maintaining the Breeding Center and the health of the men there is very expensive.”

I looked into my wife’s eyes and saw the understanding of what I felt. I stood up from the couch and looked at Becky. “When is your cycle due?”

“The end of this week.” She said as she tried to cover her face and hide her tears.

I bent down and scooped the young lady up into my arms. She gave a startled cry as I began to carry her towards the spare room. “You will be staying with us this week. We will make sure it takes this time.” As I entered the spare room I saw my wife headed to the vid-phone on the wall.

I kicked the door shut behind me as I headed for the bed. “If I remember correctly you like it a little rough?”

She looked up from my arms with, what I could only describe as, hope in her eyes. “Yes, Sir.”

“My name is Adam,” I said as I dropped her onto the bed and forced her to roll over onto her stomach. I pulled the belt off of my robe, I now was in the habit of wearing, and started to tie her hands behind her back. I heard her whimper as she realized she was actually going to get her chance again. I reached down and tore the dress she was wearing into shreds baring her bottom and legs. Then as she gasped, I dragged her off the edge of the bed so she was bent over with her chest on the bed. “I never got the chance to taste this the last time, so now I am going to have you for a snack.”

She cried out as she felt my face push into her from behind. I began to lap at the honey that poured from her. You can say anything you want about eating pussy. Some are sweet and some are tangy. Some women have a musky taste, they are all different. The one thing that is more exciting than anything is the first taste of a pussy you have never tasted before. There is an excitement that comes with the word new.

Becky did not disappoint me with her flavor, it was a new one. As I sucked on the delightful flower my tongue was buried in, I moved my hands up and began to push a finger into her little pink rosebud. She started to squirm as my finger tried to enter her. I slapped her bottom hard and told her, “Don’t squirm!”

She settled down and moaned out, the sound of the pleasure in her voice drove me to new thoughts. I slapped the other cheek of her ass. “They have to match.” I said as I began to caress the sting away from her rapidly pinking skin. Then I wet my finger in her nectar and again started to push it into her sweet rosebud.

She moaned and then started to push back against my finger and face. Soon I was pushing two fingers into her pussy as well. Her moaning and whimpering had grown to the point that I knew she was on the edge of cumming. When I felt her go over the edge I forced a second finger into her tight ass and listened to her scream of pleasure and pain. I did not let her finish her orgasm before I stood and slammed my cock balls deep into her. She let out a scream of passion and pain. I felt her cervix stretch around my cock as she moaned. “Oh my god! Harder please!”

With her cry to arms, I began to fuck into her as hard as I could. I began slamming her ass with my hips. Each time she would start to quiver into an orgasm I would slap her ass hard on each cheek. Then rub them to spread the heat. Soon she was begging me to fill her with my cum. I heeded her cry and pushed into her so hard I lifted her hips from the bed and began to spurt my seed into her womb.

The animal had snuck in as she called me to battle. Without warning I pulled my still spurting cock from her pussy and sprayed her rosebud with a shot of my cum. Then I pushed into that rear entrance slowly, feeling her tense and try to relax at the same time. She cried out as my cock finally seated fully into her tight anus. For a half hour I pumped her tight ass until she was begging me to cum again.

When my orgasm came I pulled out and slammed my full length back into her pussy. I was going to pump enough cum into her this week to make a hundred babies. She would get her child.


After the drugs had run their course, I left her sleeping and smiling on the bed. I walked into the living room and saw my wife. She was smiling as per usual, that was one of the things that drew me to her when we first met. Her smile could melt a snowman in Alaska. “Baby, I have to ask a few questions before I plan what I am going to do.”

“Did Becky come here looking for me?”

“No, I took little Adam to the park and while I was there I saw her watching the mothers with their new babies and crying. I sat down next to her and asked her if I could help. She had no idea who I was until I mentioned that she needed to talk to my husband.”

“So she did not seek you out?”

“Not at all. What are you going to do?”

“I am going to call my men and ask them to come here tonight so we can talk.”

“I have already called Damina and told her you wanted to talk with her. She said she would be over in about another two hours.”

“Good.” I stood up and walked to the vid-phone on the wall. It took all of ten minutes to get my men headed to my house.

We sat around the table and I told them what Becky had told me. I could see the anger in their eyes. It was Sharky that spoke first. “What are we going to do, Rock? They are the government.”

“It is really simple; our penises belong to us and no one else. If they think they can charge such a price for our services without our permission then they are sadly mistaken. I want all of you to be hiding in the house when the president gets here.” Then I turned to my wife, “I need you to gather Becky and little Adam and take them somewhere safe. This could get messy if they want to play hardball.”

“Where exactly do you think will be safe if they want to get us?”

I told her where I wanted them and watched as her eyes widened. “Trust me you will be safe there.”

She nodded and headed for the spare room as I looked at the smiles on my men’s faces.

Twenty five minutes after my wife told me they were in position I watched the arch flash and the president and several of her secret service people stepped out of the matter-mit. “Ma’am, I think we need to talk, my men and I are not happy about something.”

“Please, Adam, tell me what is wrong, we will do anything to fix it.”

“It seems that our services are being withheld from people that desire it.”

“I assure you, no one is being turned away.”

“Unless they can’t afford the fees?”

I saw her face darken. “Adam, we have to charge for your services. If we didn’t then the system would go bankrupt. We could not afford to keep the breeding center open.”

“I have serious doubts that it takes thirty two million credits a day to keep that small room and that one shot for me. I am here to tell you how it is going to work from now on.”

“Adam you don’t have any choice in how it works from the other end.” I watched as several of the secret service women unbuttoned their jackets. This was the signal I was waiting for.

“Did you forget exactly why we were protected and we can have male children?” As I spoke the roar of the jet engines on twenty CATH suits could be heard, as they took up hover positions around the building. The final insult came when my suit landed on the balcony outside. “We are always linked to those suits. It is part of why they work so well for us.”

One of the secret service agents started to pull her weapon. She stopped with it only half drawn when my suit turned to focus on them and its weapons whirled to life.

“It is simple; we have done a little math and calculated the costs. The Breeding center is going to be run as a break even proposition. The applicants will be charged for running the tests to see if they are viable. If they are viable they will be placed into the queue and scheduled for a date of maximum fertility. Then they will be charges a simple upkeep fee of one thousand credits. They will also only be charged on a successful attempt. If they don’t get pregnant there will be no fee.”

“And if we refuse.”

“Then I and my men will go into hiding and leave you to try and fix it again in another seventeen years, when the first round of children start maturing. That is with the hope that the genetic defect does not pass along. It is entirely possible that none of the children born will be able to have male children. Or worse yet they won’t be able to have female children. If we work together we may be able to fix the problem by then and help us survive.”

“I also have the choice of taking you into custody and then your men will never know about this.”

The smile I gave her was one of pure pleasure. As she spoke the remaining suits dropped down into view of the windows and my men stepped out of the rooms behind us. “Or we can go wildcat and decide who we sleep with and who we don’t. I am sure every woman on the planet would be willing to go to war with the government, for the chance to have children of their own.”

Damina motioned for her guards to relax. “Adam, I am under pressure from people to give the rich and famous their shot first. If we do what you want then I am sure to be committing political suicide.”

I smiled and my armor lowered its weapons. I walked over and lifted her face in my hands. “Damina, I know how good a person you are. Don’t you realize your military is home now? All you ever had to do was ask for our protection. Did you think the rich had a chance against a CATH suit if they threw enough money at it? Start recording and arresting those that would put pressure on you, if the others try anything…” My armor suddenly bristled with the firepower of a full artillery division. “Then we will protect and serve as we have, all our lives. The human race cannot be saved by the rich; it has to be saved by the common man.”

“Would you really support me that way?”

I stood back and bowed. “We are the military of the Earth; it is our duty, honor, and pride to protect the people of this planet and the government that serves them.” When I stood back straight I and my men saluted the woman that the people had decided would be their leader.

Damina smiled at me. “Thank you, Adam; maybe I should have believed more of what it said in your record.”

“Go make the policy changes at the breeding center. If you need help, just call.” As I spoke my suit again relaxed its stance and the front of it opened. From out of the suit stepped Becky and my wife. In my wife’s arms was my new reason for life, my son.

As soon as they were safe in my arms our suits flew back to the parks they stood sentinel in.


It took a couple of weeks for the system to change. But it did change, a standard question I was heard to ask was, “how do you like it?”

The rich and famous fought us, but the realization that the military was assisting law enforcement brought that to a halt. It only took one time of the CATH suits showing up on the lawn of an estate before people realized law was not something you could buy any more.

At the end of those two weeks it was announced that my wife was pregnant again. The talk show requests started coming in again. We tried to move to a lesser condo to save money for the system but the people wouldn’t have it. I was stuck in this place. It became a routine for me that someone would be invited to my house on a nightly basis to help me ride out my drugs. Often it has been friends of my wife. Sometimes it was friends of Damina. Others it was friends of Becky.

We did manage to wheedle a second day off for all of us men when it turned out our bodies were losing ground and we had to get more rest. The drugs were very hard on our systems.

The problem of genetic stagnation started to be a worry and to fix that the Bureau of Breeding Control was established. Its job was to keep track of who fathered what child and to make sure that relationship lines were not crossed for breeding purposes. Their services would not be needed for a while but it was important to get all the groundwork laid in now.

Becky got her wish and gave birth to a baby boy three weeks after Damina gave birth to hers. They are all regular fixtures in my house. Danni doesn’t seem to mind as long as she gets her one day a week every week.

There was a bit of an uproar when Damina became pregnant again. People wanted to know why she got to have two. A resolution to the problem was passed when an idea went through my men. They were all a jealous of my getting to ride out my last three hours with one woman. The policy became that any woman wanting a second child would have to apply for an after hours pass. Those we agreed could be sold at a much higher price. Provided there was one ticket per man given away in a random drawing each week.

Needless to say the rich took full advantage of this and were willing to pay through the nose for a three hour stretch with a man. I was left partially exempt from this, two nights a week I burnt off with a customer. The other three nights I chose my partner. Well I say I chose but in truth it was my three ladies that chose for me. Because of the demand for my two nights a week, the tickets were usually auctioned off. It seems everyone wanted my seed because of my being the leader of the CATH pilots and the fact that I had a near one hundred percent success rate.

It was two years after the confrontation in my living room, to the day, when Becky gave birth to our second child. That was the day all hell broke loose. She gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. She swore I was the only one she had been with and with those words I found myself going through tests at an unbelievable rate. Right down to a young nurse insisting she needed to collect a semen sample herself.

The tests came to one conclusion. Whatever had affected my semen to make me only have boys was gone. All of the men started going through tests again. It seems that we were all healing; it had been a temporary effect. Even the men that could only produce females were reverting. Two days later a woman that had only visited the pleasure part of the house turned up pregnant. Those men were reverting to normal as well.

Suddenly there were ten thousand men that could breed.

We found out that our children will have fully reverted by the time they reach puberty. The human race had dodged the biggest bullet ever fired at it. We were going to survive and recover.