Two Virgins in One Day!


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blog-ilove-u-com_605I was 23, single 5-10 160 blond blue eyed and living in an apartment complex in Alabama. There were these two girls who were out for summer break and one was named Liz and the other Trudy.

Liz was from West Virginia visiting her sister she was 18 light brownish long hair beautiful olive complexion and small breast. Her friend Trudy had long black hair pale face with medium breast and fuller figure and also 18. They would hang around the pool in their little bikinis anytime I was there. Finally they asked if I could help them practice their driving.

I let them drive my Grand Prix around the complex and told them they would owe me big time for that.

Saturday morning I woke up at 8 am to my doorbell ring. I put on gym shorts since I sleep in the nude to see who was ringing the door. No one was there so I went and started some coffee. The doorbell rang again so I walked to the door and looked and no one was there again. I decide to close the door and go under the stair case and see if it was the young girls trying to play with me.

I waited a few minutes then I heard someone climb the steps so I stepped out and saw it was Liz.

She was wearing her white bikini that let part of her ass hang out as she walked and barely cover her small breast. I meet her at the bottom of the step, grabbed her and laid her on the steps. Holding her arms down I kissed and she responded by passionately kissing me with her tongue.

Letting go of her arms she reached and held my head as we kissed her for several minutes. I pulled her top off her breast and slid down to suck on them. While doing this I rubbed my cock against her pussy.

”shouldn’t we go inside before someone sees us and tells my sister”. She said

I pick her up and carried her upstairs to my apartment and placed her on my bed. I immediately pulled her bikini bottoms off and told her you are so sexy.

I started to kiss and lick around her pussy very softly teasing her. Kissing her pussy lips then the insides of her legs, but not allowing her the joy of her clit.

“please lick my pussy it’s aching, haven’t you teased me enough”. She said

I licked all around the lips and found her clit then I licked it softly and started to suck on it. She started to feel good and I could hear her moaning.

I took one finger and put it in her tight virgin pussy slowly. Getting her ready ad wet for what was to come.

I pulled off my shorts and put the head of my 8 inch thick cock at her tight pussy’s entrance.

“You know you will be my first so go slowly.” She pleaded

I lifted her legs up so she could see the head of my cock at the entrance to her virginity. I pushed the head into her as she winced a little, so slowly I just moved it around not entering very far.  As she started to feel better I pushed a little more into her.

Finally she screamed, “Put it all in me I am tired of being a virgin.”

I grabbed her legs and pushed as hard as I could.  I felt her pussy pop and take all my cock. She was in a lot of pain as I could see she had started to cry.

“I am sorry; do you want me to stop?” I asked

“No” she said, “I knew it would hurt but I didn’t know my first one was going to be so big.”

I went and slowly moved my cock a little at a time and gradually started to increase the pace. She was not enjoying it but was feeling better.  My balls were starting to tighten and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, so I fucked her hard as I could. My cock exploded sending my cum deep inside her for her very first time.

When I pulled my cock out there still cum on it and she just laid there.She got up went to the bathroom and used the toilet.

“Are you ok?” I asked,

“Yes” she said but it didn’t feel good until you came inside me. Roy you know both Trudy and I have a thing for you and I have an idea. I am going to call Trudy this afternoon and tell her to meet me here, and wear her bikini. I will hide in the closet. I want to watch you take her virginity.

The Game of Poker


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One afternoon after school a group of us, five in all, went to Adam’s house to play cards. He’d received a set of poker chips and a deck of cards as a birthday gift from an uncle or someone and he wanted to try it out.

Adam’s parents both work and he is an only child, lucky SOB, so we had the house to ourselves until around six pm when his mom got home. We kept it simple, just draw poker and five card stud. So after we played a few hands, those of us that didn’t really know how to play caught on pretty fast.

Besides Adam, Danny, Paul, Barry, Craig and I (Rodney) were there. I didn’t know Paul all that well. He was more Adam’s friend than ours. He was Hispanic and bigger than the rest of us and let us know it.

Adam and the rest of us lived within a couple of blocks of each other and were pretty good friends.  Danny was the smart one of the bunch, good looking and could do anything in sports. Craig was a black kid and fairly new to the neighborhood.

Anyway, we were playing when someone said it wasn’t any fun just playing the same thing over and over.

That was when Adam suggested that it would really make it exciting if we played for money. After talking about it we agreed to meet again tomorrow afternoon and bring money with us.

After I got home I scrounged around for some money to play with. Since I’d just bought a new pair of Nike tennis shoes that weekend I was really broke. However, I knew where mom kept some spare money so I snuck out about twenty bucks to play with the next afternoon. I hadn’t given much thought as to what would happen if I lost and couldn’t replace it.  Hey, even though eighteen, I was still a dumb teenager.

The next afternoon we all met at Adam’s house again with our money. Adam played banker and sold everyone chips. To start with we all bought ten dollars’ worth. After a short time I was up to close to twenty bucks in chips and thinking this game was really easy. That was before my string of bad luck hit. Before I knew it I was down to a couple bucks. Then I lost again and only had thirty cents. I tried to borrow some money from the other guys but no one wanted to give up what they had.

That was when Barry said, “Hey, I’ll give you five bucks if you give me a blowjob.” Not sure if he was joking or not, everybody stopped talking stopped and looked at me.

”No way,” I quickly retorted. Next Craig giggled and then said that he would give me six dollars and followed by Paul’s offer of seven.

With a real serious expression on his face, Adam said, “I’ll give you ten and I’m not kidding.”

Then a couple of guys laughingly chimed in saying that they would take him up on it.

Barry, who knew that I had stolen the money from my mom, reminded me that I needed to replace the money. When I looked questioningly around at everyone, they all encouraged me to do it. The thought of my mom finding the money missing and me having to tell her I took it and lost it gambling was weighing heavy on my shoulders. After all, I know I could never blame it on Jenny, my older sister. She was Miss Goody-Two-Shoes of the family and there was no way anyone was ever going to believe me over her.

So, I sucked in my breath and said, “Okay.”

Suddenly everyone else was making cracks and saying, “Go for it” and stuff like that.

Hopefully I said, “Give me the money first.”

”No way,” Adam snapped, “You’ll have to blow me first. Besides everyone here knows I’ll owe you the money.”

”Okay, but not in here,” I replied, “It’ll have to be in private.”

That caused a symphony of groans from the other guys.

Adam got up and said, “Let’s go to my bedroom.”

Agreeing, I got up and meekly followed him out of the den, where we had the card table setup. In his bedroom Adam turned to me and threatened, “You better do it or I’ll knock the crap out of you.”

When I told him he better give me the money, he said, “Afterwards I will.”

So after the macho stuff was over, Adam nervously unbuttoned the top button on his shorts, unzipped them and then looked me square in the eye, “You’re going to do it, right?”

I wanted to say, “Hell no, LET ME OUT OF HERE,” but I, again, thought of my mother finding all that money gone. ”Yes, yes I’ll do it.”

Even though I acted cool I was a nerd and had zero sexual experience. So almost in tears I asked, “What do you want me to do?”  Which kind of caught Adam by surprise. He was as inexperienced as I was and really didn’t know how he wanted me to do it.

”You know, just put it in your mouth and suck on it,” Adam said dubiously.

”I know that dummy, but how do we do it?”  I asked.

”Shit, get on your knees I guess. How the fuck do I know? I’ve never done this before, either,” Adam responded.

I got down on my knees and Adam opened his fly, but all I could see was his snow-white briefs.

”Well?” I said.

”Just a minute,” Adam said, as nervous as I was. But, he over came that momentary shyness and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and pulled both his briefs and shorts down.  When they hung up around his knees, he pushed his briefs the rest of the way to the floor around his ankles with his shorts. Being nervous, he really hadn’t achieved an erection and his un-cut cock looked kind of small just hanging there between his legs.

“Okay, suck it,” he ordered.

”Okay, okay I will, but you’ll have to get a little closer.”

Then with a disgusted snort, Adam stepped out off his shorts and briefs. Now naked from the waist down, he moved up to me. Nervously, he reached down and took his limp cock between his thumb and forefinger and held it out at me.

When he ordered, “Do it,” I took it between my thump and forefinger; eased back the foreskin touched my lips to the now partly exposed head of his cock. I didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t that feeling. The texture was so smooth on my lips and it didn’t taste nasty like I thought it would.

“Well, open your mouth, ass-hole,” he again ordered.

I took a mental deep breath, opened my mouth and Adam pushed his floppy little cock into my mouth. As I closed my lips around it, I thought to myself, “Well, you’ve done it now.”

As Adam pushed his still limp cock on into my mouth he said, “Suck it. Come on suck it,” and that’s exactly what I did, I sucked on it. It was kind of like sucking on my thumb.

”Oh shit, yes, suck it,” moaned Adam, “shit that feels good.”

I could tell, even without the sound effects, that he was getting excited. Not only emotionally, but I could feel his cock starting to grow inside my mouth. As I sucked I could feel it getting bigger and that, somehow, was kind of turning me on. I mean the feel of and just the thought of having a guy’s cock in my mouth was a very erotic sensation. Then for some reason Adam pulled off his T-shirt and he was totally naked there in front of me. And I was on my knees sucking on his cock.

As it hardened in my mouth I was able to feel the head and the hood around the tip. I started feeling it with my tongue and then as I grew more confident, exploring more as Adam started moving his hip, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I soon got the idea and my head started bobbing, moving my lips up and down on his now stiff shaft. In moving my hands to keep my balance I accidentally touched his balls. Embarrassed, I quickly jerked my hand away.

“No, don’t stop,” snapped Adam as he took my hand and put it back on his nut sack. Shyly, I started fondling them, another new and erotic experience for both of us.

With Adam moving his hips and me bobbing my head, our rhythm got off and Adam slipped out of my mouth.

I got a look at him then, and saw that he no longer had a little limp cock. It was now stiff and long, real long for our ages. It must have been good six inches long. With it out of my mouth I could see his whole naked pelvic area. Seizing the opportunity, I ran my eyes up and down so I could take in his entire naked body. For some reason, that really turned me on, even more.

Adam was so anxious, that when he tried to push his cock back into my mouth he missed. I could feel the saliva covered head sliding around my cheeks and lips, as he was starting to pump his hips at me.

I stopped him, looked up at his agonized face, took his cock at the base and lowered my lips around it again. This time it wasn’t limp; it was full, hard and forceful. Now it fit nicely in my mouth.

With a smile I started sucking, again, but this time with a little more authority. I was starting to turn my head to get different feels of the cock in my mouth. Now it even tasted a little different than it did the first time that he put it in my mouth. It was kind of a sweet salty taste that I couldn’t quite place.

Well, I was now going pretty good on his cock, slurping and sucking and tonguing it. I was so caught up in what I was doing that I was in my own little world, not unlike Adam but with different feelings of pleasure. Then Adam started to pump into my mouth again and blurted out, “I think I am going to cum.”

I quickly pulled off of him and whined, “No, no not in my mouth.”

In a panic Adam said, “I’ll give you another five bucks.”

I thought a minute and then went back down on his throbbing cock. Closing my eyes, I took up where I had left off and waited for the unknown.

It didn’t take long until I felt Adam’s hot, thick cum spray inside of my mouth. My first instinct was to pull off and get it out of my mouth. But, unfortunately, Adam had grabbed a hold of my head and was fucking my mouth with abandon. I couldn’t have pulled off if I wanted to. I had no choice but to swallow his load of cream.

And lucky I was, I thought, as I savored the somewhat tart taste and smelled the pungent aroma. I continued to suck until I was sure that he was dry and then I let him slowly slide from my mouth. I could feel the cum that had escaped from my mouth oozing down my chin.

Adam looked down at me and said, “That was the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me. Shit, you can really suck a cock.”

I know I should have felt insulted, but for some reason I took pride in his compliment.

After pulling his briefs and short back on, Adam reached into his pocket, pulled out a ten and two-fives, handed them to me and said, “Don’t tell anyone I gave this to you.” Thus, Adam gave and I received my first tip.

As we started to leave his bedroom I said that I needed to go to the bathroom and clean my face. Adam took my arm to stop me, turned me around to face him, leaned forward and licked his own cum from my chin. I know our lips touched during the moment, but neither of us kissed. However, the feeling was imbedded in my mind.

When we returned to the game and all eyes were on us. When I pulled out a ten to buy more chips a collective “Wow,’ came from the three left behind.

When we finished playing cards, we all agreed to meet again tomorrow afternoon. I said that this whole thing had to be kept a secret or we all could get into trouble for gambling. However, the gambling part was the least of my worries. I didn’t want what I’d done to get around school.

Since he only lived a couple of houses further down from me, Barry, the good looking, smart one of the bunch walked home with me. We didn’t say much, but I could imagine how curious he was about what happened in Adam’s bedroom. When we reached my house, as I peeled off to go in, I said, “I’ll see you tomorrow at the school bus stop.”

The next day at school Adam and Paul saw me between classes and motioned for me. When I went over to where they were standing they said that they had come up with an idea that I might like. They said that instead of stealing money from my mom that they could each give me ten bucks to start the game.

I looked at them and said, “Yeah, and what?”

Shuffling their feet, they anxiously told me that I could get there a little early and give them both a blowjob.

“Ten bucks, each?” I double-checked. They both agreed that, that was what they meant. Little did they know that I had enjoyed sucking Adam off so much that I’d have probably done it for nothing?

Adam told me, “When you got to my house just come in and go to my bedroom.”

When I got there and went into his bedroom, both he and Paul were naked and already had erections, that I assumed was in anticipation of what was about to come. As I got down on my knees in front of them, they both looked at each other with big smiles on their faces. Like Adam, Paul was uncut and the tip of his cock was pretty much hooded with his foreskin. He was about as long as Adam, but thicker. When I leaned towards him, he immediately moved closer and shoved his cock in my mouth.

Compared to Adam, I really had a mouthful with Paul. After three or four sucks Paul reached down and said, “Here, pull the skin back.”  Then he put his hand about halfway up the shaft and pulled it back, I felt the foreskin being pulled back leaving a super smooth cock head. I couldn’t lick and suck on it enough. It was a very erotic feeling for my tongue. That was about the time Adam grabbed my head and pulled me to his cock, claiming it was his turn.

After that, I went back and forth until all of a sudden Adam blurted out, “Shit, the other guys will be here any minute.”

Pulling out of me, he started jacking off really fast and hard. Paul, who was casually stroking himself while he waiting his turn, got the hint and started really jerking off. When Adam started getting close and told me to get ready to open my mouth when he told me to. ”Not for ten bucks,” I reminded him.

”Yeah, alright fifteen, okay?” Adam added hastily and then looked at Paul, who nodded agreement.

“Oh shit, yeah, okay, I’m ready, open up,” moaned Adam.

I did and he shoved his cock in. Grabbing my head, he started fucking my mouth with rapid thrusts in and out. Almost immediately his balls exploded and I was swallowing his cum.

”Me, too,” sang Paul as he rammed his cock into my mouth so quick that Adam’s cock brushed his on the way out. Paul started fucking me so hard that I thought he was about to rip my mouth open at the corners. It was a relief when I felt my mouth starting to fill with hot cum. Then Paul mumbled something in Mexican and pushed hard into my mouth supplying even more liquid gold. However, it was a little too much and I gagged and coughed causing me to take a couple of shots to my face and down on my T-shirt. I was licking my lips and swallowing as much as I could.

“Man that was hot, fuck I could do that all day,” said Paul as he shoved his cock back into my mouth so I could suck the remains and clean it off for him.

They got dressed just in time.  As we walked out of the bedroom the doorbell rang. We played cards for an hour or so then had to break it up because a couple of guys had to go home.

Again, Barry and I walked home from Adam’s together. Barry had pretty much avoided me at school today, but seemed to be over whatever was bothering him as we walked and talked.

Then he asked, “What’s all that on you T-shirt? It looks like you spilled a milk shake or something on you.”

I looked down, “Fuck, it’s dried cum.”

”Cum, where did you get that, you never went to Adam’s bedroom today?” he asked.

”I did it before you guys got there.” I answered.

”You gave Adam another blowjob?”

”Yeah, him and Paul, both,” I confessed.

”Did they pay you?”

”Hell yes, fifteen dollars each,” I told him.

We walked a little farther in silence then Barry said, “How much would you charge me?”

”Shit, you’re my best friend. As long as you didn’t tell anyone, I wouldn’t charge you anything. I’d blow you for free,” I said.

Barry’s eyes got real big, “Honest, you wouldn’t charge me? It’s still early and my folks won’t be home for a while, wanna come over?” he asked anxiously.

And I knew for what, too.

We got to Barry’s house and went upstairs to his room. As he shut his door, I told him to, “Take off your shorts,” and as an afterthought, I added, “and your underwear.”

He complied instantly and not surprising, when he pulled his shorts down he was already hard and sticking straight out. As usual with Barry, his cock was perfect. Nice cut head, straight, thicker at the head and tapered down to his balls.

”Hey, I’m not going to be naked by myself you take off your clothes, too,” he ordered.

That was the first time I had been asked to do that, but I really didn’t mind. In fact, I kind of wanted to get naked, especially with Barry. The more I looked at him in this new sexual light, the more I could really appreciate what a good looking, handsome guy he was. I was pretty anxious to suck him because I had wondered the night before after I had got home, what it would be like with him, being my best friend.

As he came up to me, as was becoming the custom, I dropped to my knees. Reaching out, I fondled it for a few seconds and then took my best friend’s cock into my mouth. He immediately got into it and started moaning and thrusting his hips at me. I had only sucked on him three or four minutes when he pulled out of my mouth and before I could move, spewed cum all over my face. After three or four big ropy globs hit my face, I quickly slipped my mouth back over Barry’s cock and swallowed the rest.

Barry got off just in time. As we were putting our clothes back on, we heard his mother at the front door. I flew down the stairs, through the kitchen just in time to keep her from seeing my cum covered face. I was enjoying the feel of Barry’s cum on my face so much that I didn’t want to wash it off until I absolutely had too.

At school the next week, although I couldn’t hear what was being said, I could tell by the whispers and the stares that someone had spilled the beans and my secret was out.

Not knowing how people would react and not wanting any trouble, in gym class I stalled around until I was the last one in the shower. As I rinsed off and turned around I found myself face to face with two naked classmates.

I didn’t know them very well, but I knew that they lived in my neighborhood. When I started to leave they spread out and blocked my path. Jerry the more predominate of the two said, “We’ve been hearing some stuff about you today. Is any of it true?”

”I don’t know,” I answered, “what did you hear?”

As they both stood there fondling their cocks, he said, “We’ve each got fifteen dollars, why don’t you stop by my house after school and we’ll discuss it.”

“I’m not sure where you live,” I answered.

“We’ll meet you where you get off the bus and you can walk with us.”

I sat with Barry on the bus and sure enough when we got off Jerry and Toby were waiting. As soon as we joined them, they demanded to know why Barry was there. Before I could say anything, Barry told them that he was my business manager. “And, speaking of business, if I understand correctly you both want Rodney to give you a blowjob and you’re each willing to pay fifteen dollars for the privilege?

By the time we got to Jerry’s house the deal was struck and Barry had collected the money. I was so horny that I couldn’t wait so I immediately dropped to my knees, unbuckled Jerry’s belt, unzipped and pulled down his pants and underwear.  As it came into sight I admired his cock. His cock was a bit bigger than mine, too.

Not wanting to rush, I kissed his thighs and balls. I loved taking in his body with all my senses, rubbing my face in his small patch of dark pubic hair, enjoying its feel and slightly musky smell. I slowly gave his cock a long lick, being careful to wet the whole shaft with my tongue. When he was well lubed with saliva, I held the base of his stiff cock with one hand and took it as deep as I could in my mouth. I knew I was pleasing him when he started to moan. Twisting his fingers in my hair, Jerry held my head down with both hands, not in a rough way, but so there was no doubt what he wanted.

He got so excited that he started gradually thrusting deeper and deeper into my mouth. Enjoying myself, I relaxed, allowing him to go in almost to the hilt and then tightening my lips for the outstroke. Jerry was going nuts. He was bouncing and panting and carrying on, and that just made it all better. When I knew he was going to cum I pushed his cock as far back as I could without gagging just in time for him to let it go in my throat.

Next it was Toby’s turn. I laughed as I moved towards him. He was scared shitless, but he was trying to put up a good front. I pulled out his cock and he was already almost fully erect. When I tried to take him in my hand he shuffled away. When he butted up against the arm of the couch, his cock was close to my face, so I took it into my mouth.

I took it in nice and slow, teasing his throbbing head licking up the pre-cum that was dripping out. He had no patience at all and shoved it into my mouth as far as he could. I knew he was going to blow his load soon so went ahead and gave him a good fast sucking, letting him set the speed of the mouth fucking. I didn’t realize that he was about to cum until he put his hand on the back of my head to keep me full pulling away. Sure enough after a few plunges he tensed up and filled my mouth with his cum.

Toby was so funny. He was so embarrassed that I’d sucked his cock that he tripped over himself trying to get up and get away from me.

Barry glanced over at me as I was starting to get and said, “Hang on a second.” When I glanced at him, he was unzipping his pants as he moved towards me.

When I looked puzzled, he said, “You’re already down on your knees so what the hell.”

Taking me by the back of the head, he touched the head of his cock to my lips. A shiver went through my body. Barry must have felt it too because his smile broadened, “You like it don’t you?” he said more as a statement than a question. I could only nodded. “Am I handsome, Rodney, am I your best friend, you will do anything for me won’t you, you want to suck my cock don’t you?’

I only nodded as I felt Barry push a little harder forcing his cock between my lips and into my mouth.

He gave me a few slow strokes and then I went down on him. His cock tasted so good. Reaching down he patted me on the cheek and told me to consider this his agent’s fee. Then things started getting more intense and the cock in my mouth was throbbing looking for release. Suddenly both Barry’s balls unloaded, filling my mouth with cum.

I continued sucking a small group of guy’s cocks the rest of the way through our senior year in high school, and only stop when everyone went their separate ways to college. To think, it all started with a poker game.

The End…

Oral Sex With My Fitness Gym Teacher


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Man and Woman Talking in Health Club

Oral sex with my gym teacher.

The report from my doctor was not good and the only option he gave me was the one I least wanted. I was told to hit the gym at least three times a week.

This was a real punishment, as I hate exercise, but if I wanted to reduce my visits to the doctor, I had to do it. No choice.

I always considered myself fit for my age. But at 27, I weighed 120kg and according to my doctor I was at a high risk of heart disease and diabetes. The doctor said I would thank him if I took his advice seriously, so I went online to find gyms near my place. I discovered one on my route to work.

I decided to check it out – at 6.30pm it was packed with both men and women. As I stood by the door to watch, I immediately noticed there were more women than men.

‘Perfect,’ I thought.

I counted eight women and only four men. The instructor was a well-toned woman in her thirties.

As I watched the class workout, I decided that getting fit wasn’t a bad idea after all. The women wore gym shorts that gave an awesome view of their tight asses.

I moved to the side and realized most of them also wore tight t-shirts with no bra and I could see the outline of their tits moving up and down as they exercised. I was lost in my own world as I undressed each and every woman in the room.

‘Sir, did you come here to work out or watch?’

It was the female instructor, suddenly standing in front of me. She had a childlike face, perky breasts, a well-toned tummy and a great ass to tap.

‘I’m here to join,’ I said hoarsely.

She told me her name was Becky and she would be my gym instructor for the next two months. Pointing in the direction of the change room, she said,

‘Go get your ass changed and be back here in five minutes.’

As she walked back to the group, all I thought of was spanking that gorgeous ass. Little did I know I would be doing that pretty soon.

As I changed clothes, I fantasized about how I have always wanted to have a woman take control. The woman in my fantasy would be older, maybe a little taller and she would approach me push and me against the wall. She would tear my shirt open as she kissed my lips and neck.  She would aggressively take off my trousers to expose my short, plump cock.

Then she would tease me by stroking my cock with her slender nails, before shoving all of my thick meat into her mouth. While sucking my cock she would be playing with my balls and I would be on my toes scratching the walls in excitement.

Then she would push me on the floor and suffocate me with her pussy as she made me suck it forcefully. She would then fuck my mind off.

I returned to the real world, only to find Becky at the doorway staring at me.

‘Seriously, Ric, don’t tell me you are afraid of exercising now. Come on, the first session is over. You’ll have to wait for the second session now’ she said.

I felt embarrassed because no woman had ever spoken so confidently and harshly to me before. It was erotic that I felt a tingly sensation in my cock.

Heading into the gym I found Becky at the flex ball, with her lower back on the ball and her hair touching the floor. It was a marvelous sight, her huge pussy was protruding and I really wanted to touch it.

‘Would you stop staring? Go do some warm-up exercises, over there,’ she said.

I went to the bikes and sat on one but my mind was still wondering how huge that pussy was in real life. Before I could finish a few cycles, I smelled Becky’s sweaty perfume on my back.

‘Ric, why are you so tense?’ she asked. ‘Is it just exercise, or do I intimidate you?’

She was now standing uncomfortably close to me.  Her breath was hot as it hit my face. I didn’t have an answer but with my voice trembling, I said,

‘I have never had a female instructor before and I think you are incredibly hot.’

Becky stepped back and smiled.

‘Get off that damn bike,’ she commanded.

My heart started pounding.

‘Take off your clothes,’ she commanded again. I don’t know how I complied but in less than a minute I was stark naked.

She carefully surveyed my body from head to toe.

‘You really need to work out, but this can’t work if there is a lot of tension,’ she said. Using her finger she gestured me closer, and I walked to her willingly.

She took my hand and shoved it into her shorts. She was not wearing pants.

‘Finger me and get that pussy wet,’ she commanded. I shoved 2 fingers into her tight, wet pussy and felt her warm wet hole. It was amazing and Becky was in control.

After a short while she removed my fingers and said,

‘Ric, you disappoint me. Let me show you how it’s done.’

I watched her undress that well-toned body and felt a lump rise in my throat at the sight of her glorious tits.

Her pussy was shaved so clean it was hard to tell if it grew any pubic hair. She laid back on the exercise ball, spread her legs and started pleasuring herself. It was a sight to behold and my eyes were glued on the now dripping wet pussy.

After a while she motioned me to go do it and following her instruction I started stroking her clitoris inserting my fingers inside her as she moaned softly.

I reached up her arched body to her breasts – they felt so soft in my hands and I longed to suck her plump nipples.

Becky took control again.

‘Lie down on the floor’ she barked.

I laid on the soft gym floor my hard cock pointing to the sky.

She climbed on top and held her pussy over my face – her mouth devouring my cock. I was staring at a sweet-smelling pussy which was dripping juice on my partly open mouth.

‘Suck that huge pussy and suck it good, you fatty,’ she said as she gound her pussy on my mouth. It tasted amazing. I longed to shove my tongue all the way inside.

On the other end, as her soft lips encircled the tip of my penis and made a semi-circular motion, I nearly ejaculated.

‘Oh … ohhhhh … ooohhhhhh,’ was the only sound I could utter as she drove my cock deep into her throat.

We continued in this position for a while until she sat up.

‘Come play with my tits,’ she said in the most seductive way, while caressing them.

Like a child, I fondled her breasts and sucked and groaned as the nipples fattened and stiffened inside my mouth.

Now she was moaning and arching her back with her hands on my head suffocating me with her massive breasts.

‘Fuck my tits,’ she commanded, her eyes blazing with desire, I had never done this but I knew I would soon enough and I guess this was the day.

Her huge boobs encircled my plump erect cock as I moved rhythmically. She lowered her head and stretched her tongue so that with every thrust it would touch the tip of my cock.

She was pressing them together so hard and the friction was unbearable. I wanted to paint her tits with cum but I guess she had a different idea. Sensing that I was minutes away from shooting loads of cum, she grabbed the base of my cock and applied gentle pressure. This act magically delayed my ejaculation

‘Not so soon, cowboy, I want that cum inside me,’ she said.

She held me by the cock as we walked to the seat. Pushing me down, she said,

‘Let me ride you,’ as she straddled my lap to sit on my painfully erect dick.

Becky knew exactly what she was doing and gound on my cock with expertise I had never seen before. With both her hands on my chest she rode me with vigor and moaned wildly.

I wanted this moment to last forever. My cock slid in and out of her pussy and with the rate she was grinding I thought there was no stopping this time. Her pussy was incredibly tight. I wanted to stay inside and never get out.

Sweat was dripping all over me when she dragged me to the floor.

‘It’s your turn to fuck Ric, fuck this tight pussy,’ she said.

I never knew women could be this flexible. She parted her thighs wide to accommodate my cock, bringing her legs to rest on my shoulders. I pushed in hard until I felt my balls pressing her cunt’s lips.

‘Fuck me Ric … ooh … it feels so good … fuck me, don’t stop just do … it,’ she moaned and screamed as I moved inside her.

Her pussy was so wet that my dick was all covered with her white juice and some was dripping put of her pussy. I wanted to time her orgasm with mine and when I felt her butt stiffen I increased my speed to cum at the same time.

‘I am cumming … ohhhh ….ohhh …Ric … I am cumming,’ she screamed, painfully digging her nails into my back. It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever witnessed in a woman. She shook vigorously as she pressed my head between her tits.

I pumped loads of cum inside her and I guess it was too much because some of it dripped outside.

Using her fingers, she scooped it and shoved it right in and cleaning her fingers with her tongue. We lay on the floor to catch our breath she turned to look at me as she asked,

‘How was your first exercise class?’

I smiled back.

‘I’m sure I lost a few pounds,’ I said.

‘Tomorrow, don’t be late or I will punish you in the same manner,’ she said as she left.

‘I’ll try to come early, but I won’t promise anything,’ my voice trailed, as she closed the door behind her.

The rise


We sat on a rise on the riverbank and the brown water flowed at a sad pace. The boathouse across boasted of early settlers’ longing for England. Discretion was essential.

It was comfortable in the shade. I hadn’t seen her for a while. We hadn’t been together now for over two years, there was no emotion; we had moved on and had loving partners. We were simply occasional fetishists, in love with the play on the rare occasion.

We were committed to our fantasies. She was in her thirties, her red hair, her almost translucent skin, freckles made her look like a young girl and she often like to pretend to be the teenager being manipulated.

We began as always to talk about sex as though were talking about school fees or a new job. My cock hardened against my jeans.

“How about you play with my cock?” I asked.

“No way,” a smile cut across her face.

“We talk, that’s all, or nothing,” she added.

“I won’t be doing that anymore”, I knew if there was any chance at all I could not push.

“You can pretend to not notice, pretend you don’t care, like I am not here, I’ll just wank next to you,” my mouth dried.

“I’m not doing anything, but if you want to play with yourself go ahead,” her eyes were cold.  My nipples hardened.

I unzipped my jeans, took my cock out of and began to stroke it gently.

“I sometimes fantasise that you’re fucking your wife and I’m sitting on an armchair looking at you, but my legs are spread over the armrests and my pussy is exposed, no cover, open, ” she said.

“You’re fucking your wife from behind but she moves over while your still in her and begins licking my pussy… you’re fucking her from behind?”

I had to be carefully to not to masturbate too hard; I did not want to come.

“I prefer being done-over by two guys” she shifted; the stories were unrealistic like on-line porn.

She pretended not to notice my cock as I placed it on her lap, then she suddenly said, “No, no, we’re talking, only”

“You don’t mind if I keep it out do you?” I asked.

“It’s fine I just don’t want it on me, let’s move on, I need to go soon,” she added

I pulled back my foreskin gently.

“I would love to tie and you blindfold you. Then I would take my cock and rub it gently around you face and mouth” I began a new scenario.

“What if I did not open my mouth?” she cut in.

“Well I would slowly force it in, or maybe slip it in you pussy which should be wet, as I would have my fingers in there, then come out, wank myself and come on you face if you continued to resist opening.”

“Sounds ok… Would you lick my nipples?” her breath was shallower.

“Maybe you could force me to suck you by pulling my head back as you stick something in my pussy” she said.

Her white freckled cheeks were now almost as orange as her hair.

“Why don’t you lift your skirt and let a little air come in?” I asked.

“You must be very wet by now” I was persistent and while I knew that she’d let me come if I continued to play with myself, I wanted to play with her pussy.

Her pubic hair was as red as the hair on her head.

“I don’t think so…but tell me what you’d want to do, and I’ll see,” she instructed.

“Ok… I’d like to inserted my fingers in you?” I said.

“How many fingers?” she asked.

“Well, I could get four finger in there in the past, not sure now…do you want to try?”  I asked.

She was now looked now at my hard cock.

“I can put it away if it bothers you,” I said.

“It doesn’t worry me, either way,” she shrugged.

She lowered her panties and squatted the asked “Can you please insert a few fingers in my pussy? I’m so fucking wet”

She lifted her dress exposed her white butt. I clasped by hand under her pussy. She moved slowly up and down on the two fingers I had in her.

“See if you can put a few more in”, she ordered.

“Are you going to piss?” I asked.

“Only if you clean me with your mouth” she said

I agreed and pointed to my cock, “ What should I do with this after?”

“She stretched her hand a little and lightly touched and began to gently play with it.

“I may suck it, after you clean my pussy with your mouth”, she said.

I lowered my head under her skirt she sat on my mouth. Her soft wet pussy slid up and down my face, I tasted the salty urine as my tongue thrust in and out of her and licked her asshole.
I wet her asshole enough to easily insert my middle finger in there and gently finger fucked her anally,
“Oh fuck! I came! Hmmm,” she said as she sat on my mouth.

I lifted my face from under and wiped my mouth.

“Was it ok?” I asked and she nodded, her face was flushed.

“You had better go for it now before I change my mind”, she said.

She she bent over and slowly licked my cock then started to suck it.

She kept looking at me while my cock moved in and out of her mouth. At one point she took it out and said, “Let’s see how much I can swallow” and took it almost to the base.

She stopped as my cock was about to blow.

“Not in my mouth, take it out… come on my hand”

She opened her palm, I played with myself rapidly, my body tensed and I came in her white palm.

I let out a childlike laugh and then fell back. We straightened out, put my now soft cock back in my jeans, and we lit a cigarette and shared it.

“I don’t know if I want to do this again”, she said.

I agreed and we sat talking about everything except sex as the day slowly collapsed.

Some rules are meant to be broken


Some rules are meant to broken… if not bent a bit.

As part of my job I have the pleasure of taking the clients of our car repair shop out on our Christmas harbor cruise. The night is always full of fun laughter and alcohol.

Stacey was a 22-year-old compliance manager for a large supermarket chain. They had added motor vehicles to her roll as well. From the first meeting we had she advised me that she didn’t have a clue about cars and if I could fix any problems that came up she would be eternally grateful.

This suited me fine.

Seeing her twice a week allowed us to strike up a good relationship with amazing conversation that flowed freely. Stacey wasn’t what I call beautiful. Her body was sporty and a little gangly… but she had something. Something you can’t buy or even try to create.

She had massive sex appeal.

Each time I left her office I spent the drive back thinking how great it would be to suck her perfectly shaped breasts and tease the nipples that look at you through her clothes and just ask you to touch them.

Becoming single had opened up lots of opportunities for me sexually and she was someone that I could have got lost with many times.

But as I said I have rules.

You don’t sleep with work colleagues or clients. It always, without exception, ends up complicated or bad.

So back to the party night.

The group was milling in the bar of the Four Seasons hotel when Stacey and her boyfriend Troy turned up to check in. Troy was hot with an awesome body to match. Stacey looked a bit disheveled, since she had come straight from her ladies soccer match, but I couldn’t help thinking how good she would taste right now.

I gave them their key and they went and checked into their room as another round of drinks arrived.

A few rounds later Stacey and Troy arrived at the bar. Stacey’s looked stunning in a short black body-hugging dress and a pair of Jimmy Choos. He hair was up and her neck looked oh so kissable! A teardrop crystal necklace nestled in her cleavage bringing attention to her amazing breasts.

It wasn’t just me that noticed – it seemed like every guy in the whole bar stopped, looked, closed their eyes and dreamed for a moment.

Shortly afterwards we boarded our boat.

The harbor cruise was amazing. The champagne flowed and the dance floor was open. Grabbing one client at a time, I danced the night away. Stacey was sitting waiting for Troy to dance with her. He didn’t get the hint and just kept tossing the drinks back.

I walked up to them and asked them both if it would be fine to dance with her.

Troy’s response was

“Why not? I’m not going to.”

The disappointment that showed on her face from Troy’s remark soon disappeared as we got to the dance floor. Stacey smelled amazing and her eyes drew me inside her. The music slowed and we moved in closer. She told me that she loved sharing our time together and thanked me for a great evening. Then she dropped a bombshell,

“I’m leaving the company next Friday and heading back home to work with in family business. You’re the only one who knows, don’t say anything. I haven’t even told Troy yet.”

She put her head on my shoulder. I felt a light kiss on my neck, and heard her whisper.

“Some rules are meant to be broken.”

The song ended and I didn’t want to let her go. A faster song came on and we left the dance floor. Doug my boss had arranged another round for shots and asked me to make a toast. I raised my glass and said

“To breaking rules, if not bending them a bit.” Stacey smiled

The cruise boat pulled into the wharf. Half the group decided to head home and some back to the hotel. Others wanted to continue the party.

I watched as Stacey walked ahead of me – loving the way her ass wiggled as she walked – lost in thoughts about what she had on under that dress.

The group stopped at the entrance to the Cave nightclub they all looked at me still exploring Stacey’s body in my mind.

Stacey grabbed my hand and said

“Let’s go, I want to dance.”

I came back to the present

“What were you thinking?’ she asked.

“I was wondering what you were wearing under that dress.” The words were out before I could take them back. Stacey smiled and whispered in my ear

“I’m sure you would be impressed.”

We went in and enjoyed a lot more dancing and a few more drinks. It was 2am and I decided it was time to head back to the hotel. Some of the group came with me. Stacey wanted to leave but Troy wanted to stay and drink. He couldn’t even stand straight but they stayed and with the others continued on the night.

Fresh and clean out of my shower I jumped into bed, thinking how nice it would be to be deep inside Stacey right now and started to play with my hardening cock.

The more I thought the harder I pulled losing myself in the pleasure for a while. I heard a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” I called out.

There was no reply, just another knock a few seconds later. I jumped out of bed and put my head round the door. Stacey was standing there in a hotel gown. She asked

“So do you want to really see what I was wearing under my dress?”

“Hell yes!” was all I could reply. She walked past me brushing past my body. I was naked. And hard.

She took two steps into my room, turned and dropped the robe. My cock pulsed at the sight of her three quarter stockings, lacy bra and high heels. Her pussy was bald and calling me.

Rules? It was time to break some.

I kissed her in a way I have wanted to for months. The passion was amazing. Her hands wandered over my body pulling me closer to her as she wrapped a leg around me making us fall to the floor.

“Troy, what about Troy?” I spurted out.

“That pig is drunk and asleep. I am so fucking horny. I sucked his cock for ages until I heard him start to snore then like so many times before I thought of you. I’m here, the rest doesn’t matter.”

That was all I needed to hear. I lifted her to the bed and laid her down on her belly. I undid her bra off and started kissing her from her feet up spending time on all of her until my body ran up her back to where her head was on the side.

I bit her neck and she squirmed. My hard cock was sitting her butt cheeks and she reverse bucked my cock rubbing it all over her ass. I rolled her over and for the first time I saw her awesome breasts. Her nipples were cherry red and hard ready to suck. I climbed on top of her and as she opened her legs I smelled her woman scent. It was intoxicating.

I stopped and sucked her pussy. I licked each and every part. Fuck she tasted great! I was lost, drunk on her taste. My fingers entered her pussy as I licked her pleasure bud. I felt her grab my head as she started to cum. Her nails dug lightly into my skull, her breath quickened and her hips bucked into my face harder and faster. Then she came, releasing screams of pleasure.

As the waves subsided she said

“I want to suck you now.” I laid on my back and she climbed on top sitting her beautiful pussy right in front of my mouth and started sucking my cock.

“Oh fuck that’s good, yeah suck it, oh fuck yeah that is so fucking good” I said.

Then I let out my mouth find per pussy as my fingers pull her apart. My tongue traveled deep inside her and I tongue fucked her, then licked her clit then tongue fucked her some more.

“Fuck you have a great cock, its so beautiful” she said as she turned around my body and lined her cunt up with my cock.

She lowered herself down so the head of my cock entered into her pussy. It felt like silk.

“Oh” she cried as my head split her pussy wide.

“I have so wanted you inside me for so long. I have dreamed of you fucking me, even thought about you fucking me as the ape was having his way with me.”

More than enough


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Mary and I were married when Mary was 18 and I was 24. Being
aggressive in business didn’t allow me a lot of sexual encounters
before I met Mary and she was a virgin when we met. Mary is 5’2″
and 115 lbs. with a perfect 36C and slim hips and beautiful
blonde hair. I am 5′ 9″ 155 lbs and fairly trim. Our friends call
us the “beautiful couple” although most of our male friends say
that as they drool looking at my pretty wife.

After 8 years with my wife only one problem seems to plague
our relationship. I am not overly well endowed, as I have a five
inch cock. Mary say’s this is plenty, as she is quite small and
tight. Our problem is that I experience pre-mature ejaculation.
Mary’s pussy is lightly covered with fine blonde hair and is
really very small and tight, compounded with me being quick
triggered, we get about 3 to 5 strokes into our lovemaking and I
cum, leaving Mary very frustrated. I do get Mary off with my
fingers and tongue usually, but she still gets frustrated which
leads to some heated arguements.

I have read Penthouse’s Forum for quite some time and
recently have been interested in articles about other men
watching and sharing their wives with another man. But, until a
year ago had never mentioned a thing to my wife.One night we had
made love (5 strokes) and Mary wanted more, and a fight ensued.
In the middle of all the yelling I said “All you care about is a
big hard cock”, at which she said “I’d give my right arm for a
good fuck.” I retorted with “If your so hot to fuck, why haven’t
you gone out and found some?”

Later that night when everything had calmed down, Mary told
me that she was sorry and would never “go out” on me. She would
never let another man touch her, let alone fuck her. I assured
her that our marriage was intact and that if her needs were left
unsatisfied that I would rather see her happy than frustrated. I
told her “I love you” and she blushed thinking about what I had
said and replied “I just wish you would let me suck you more
often. you know how hot that makes me.” (Mary has had a fetish
about cock sucking since we had met.)

Our discussion was dropped and it wasn’t brought up again
for about another 3 months, until I saw Mary masterbating in the
shower. I didn’t let her know that I saw and I waited until that
evening after a few drinks to bring it up again. I brought the
subject up after the drinks had taken effect and Mary agreed that
we could go to an out of the way bar and pretend to be strangers,
so Mary could pick up a nice looking stranger and me, telling us
that she was married and that she wanted an anonymous threesome.
She she would tell us that she wanted to suck one of us (him) and
the other one could fuck her (I was the only one she wanted to
ever enter her pussy).

A few more months passed, Mary would get too nervous
whenever we started to make plans for our rendezvous, so we ended
up with our love making being a few strokes and that was it for
the night. This particular Saturday afternoon we had had a few
drinks by the pool and I saw Mary eyeing one of our neighbors in
his swim suit and I figured that this would be the day. I
proceeded to make Mary’s drinks quite strong to prepare her.

I asked Mary if she was ready and would like to try our
attempt at a pickup? I had noticed a bar that I passed on the way
to work and suggested that one. Mary agreed and we decided to
leave in separate cars so I could get us a motel room to use and
then I would meet her at the bar as though we had never met. I
had hoped that she would meet someone right away, before I

Mary went in and prepared herself. She was dressed to kill
with a short wrap-around skirt and a matching tight fitting wrap-
around top that barely covered her chest. I almost came in my
pants when I saw that she was braless, her beautiful tits jiggled
and her nipples were starting to show through the thin material.

After checking in at a motel about a mile from the bar, I
nervously drove over to our rendezvous bar, wondering if Mary had
changed her mind and had gone back home. When I drove in the
parking lot I saw her car parked, so I parked mine on the other
side of the lot and went in the bar. If I had seen the inside of
this place before, I would never have picked it for our
rendevzous. I couldn’t see a thing, let alone Mary. The bartender
asked me what I’d have and left to make it. As I looked around,
my heart raced, a sailor at the end of the bar and I were the
only white men in the place. Then I saw Mary sitting at a table
with 3 black men. As our eyes met I could see that she was
confused or something. I started “nursing” my drink and as my
eyes adjusted to the dark I decided to walk by her table on the
way to the restroom. As I neared her table the man on the right
turned and kissed her full on the mouth slowly and as I passed I
saw his hand sliding inside her top, rubbing her big tits and
making her nipples stand out. Then the guy on her other side
reached out and started playing with her other breast. Once in
the restroom I couldn’t move, the sight of my wife being pawed by
those two black guys was making my head swirl. I stayed in there
for about 15 minutes. When I came out I was treated to another
suprise as I walked back by the table only the man she had been
kissing was still there and they were still kissing, this time my
knees weakened as I saw her hand rubbing his crotch. After I had
been back at the bar for a few minutes Mary came up pretending to
get some drinks and I slipped her the room key. I said “I don’t
think this is a good place, there’s hardly anybody in here that’s
not black”, but Mary said “oh that doesn’t matter, I think it’ll
be ok” she answered. She pretended to meet me and we started a
conversation and she invited me to their table.

When we walked back to the table she introduced me to James,
who wasn’t real glad to see me. Mary didn’t waste any time in
suggesting that we leave as a threesome. She was pretty hot from
the looks of her nipples that were sticking out. Mary said that
she had a room and that she wanted to suck James and me off real
bad, but no one could play or fuck her pussy. That was her
husbands, but anything else was ok. Mary and I walked out to the
parking lot where we waited for James to return from the
restroom. I kissed Mary and rubbed her tits as she leaned against
a car, giving James a good show as he walked up. He looked at me
and winked, which I returned. He said “Why don’t we all take my
car”, but I said “No, thanks” not wanting to be without a car, so
Mary got in James’ car and I in mine and we departed. A van cut
me off as we were leaving the parking lot and I lost sight of
Mary and James. I drove to the motel slowly in case they had
turned off in an attempt to loose me, but as I drove in the motel
lot there was James’ car, at least she was safe. The thought of
my wife with a black man was really beginning to bother me and I
wanted to see if I could end this now before it went any farther.
When I neared the door I heard what sounded like several voices.

I knocked on the door and James answered with a grin saying
“You finally caught up – huh”. As he stepped aside to let me in I
saw 6 other black guys drinking and smoking what appeared to be
pot.Mary was sitting on the bed and she was smoking a joint, this
too was a first for her. As she sat and smoked the split in her
skirt would gap open showing a nice amount of tanned white thigh
and as she passed the joint it would open more and her top would
gap showing off her pretty tit meat. Not one eye in the place
missed this either and whispers ran around the room. I stood by
the bathroom door so Mary could walk by and talk to me, which she
soon did. As she passed by she stopped and under her breathe she
said “I think his friends will leave soon.” “I hope so, these
guys worry me” I replied. Mary went into the bathroom and closed
the door as James walked up to me. “Hot looking isn’t she” he
said. I said “Yes, she looks real horny”. “She’ll get all the
cock she wants tonight” James noted as he tipped his head toward
the other guys. I almost screamed. He couldn’t really mean all of
his friends. About then one of James’ friends walked up and James
said “this is Max, cause he is the Max” and they chuckled.

James reached for the bathroom door knob and I quickly said
“Oh – Mary is in there” and he smiled back saying “No shit”. Then
Max stepped between James and me saying “Do you have a problem?”
“No, not me” I answered quickly, wishing this had never started.
I was starting to get scared. James opened the door just as Mary
was coming out and he simply blocked her way and put his arms
around her and gave her a real slow deep kiss, while letting his
hands move down over her ass and he pressed her against himself.
Mary tried to push back a little and she mumbled about “all of
these people”. Well, James didn’t hear a word. He just kept on
kissing and fondling her. I saw him reach out and open her wrap
around top and reach in and cup her beautiful tit and lift it
out, then the other fell out as the top opened clear up. I heard
several guys catch there breathe and one whistled. Max said
“fuck” as he reached out to squeeze and feel her left tit as
James stared to suck on her pretty, full right breast. The pot
had really affected Mary because she slowly closed her eyes and
stood there as these two licked and squeezed her ripe breasts.
One of the guys in the room said “Hey let’s not be selfish”, and
then they all chimed in “yes, it’s our turn”, etc.

I looked back at Max and James as they scooped Mary up and
carried her to the bed, all the time James was sucking her tits
and tongue. Mary didn’t seem to realize what was happening, all
of these men were still here. I look at James and saw a huge
bulge in the front of his pants about the same time Max said
“let’s get this going” and he reached out and tore Mary’s top
off. Her tits giggled as they sprung free and all the eyes in the
room stared. Her nipples were hard as rocks and they stuck way
out from the sucking James had given them. All of a sudden
everyone was around the bed and hands were all over my wifes
pretty chest, massaging and pulling at her tits and nipples. She
was writhing in delight with all of the attention her body was
getting. Somebody pulled her skirt open and I couldn’t believe my
eyes, Mary’s panties were soaking wet. Instantly two black hands
reached for her little blonde pussy. Mary clamped her thighs
together and mumbled something under the kisses that James was
raining on her.

Mary wrestled herself free from James and sat up “Please”
she said “I want to suck your big cock” as she stared at James’
crotch. She was so dazed that she didn’t even know that the other
men were standing around.

Mary reached out and unzipped James’ pants and reached in
and pulled out his big fat black cock. It was at least 8 inches
long and 2 inches thick with a big grey/purple head on it. Her
eyes widened and took on a sultry look as she reached out and
slowly worked the cock up and down and then she sheepishly bent
down and touched the end of her tongue to the head of his cock.
She started running her tongue around the big head and opened her
mouth and took a lot of his cock right in her mouth. James
groaned and bent his hips forward sticking his cock straight out.
She started bobbing her head up and down on his cock making his
cock stand straight up and glisten from her saliva. James took
Mary by the back of her head and thrust his hips forward trying
to bury his cock in her throat and she gagged. James was loosing
control and said “suck it bitch” as his loins started humping my
wifes pretty face. Mary was loving this and was making little
moaning sounds as she slurped on his big stiff shaft. James threw
his head back and groaned as his cock started to pump his cum
into Mary’s mouth. Mary started choking on all of the cum as
James pulled his cock out of her mouth and as he did his cock
pulsed and sprayed more cum on Mary’s face. I couldn’t believe
seeing my wife with this big black cock shooting cum all over
her. As soon as Mary stopped choking she started licking the cum
of of the spent limp dick and then her face. Another guy unzipped
his pants and lugged out his big cock. He climbed on the bed and
rubbed his cock against Mary’s cheek, she turned and took his
cock right into her mouth, licking and slurping all over it. She
did this without even looking to see who it was. I could see that
she didn’t know what was happening as she squeezed and massaged
his balls while her head kept going up and down on his hard
shaft. Watching this had given me a hard on that was about to

While she leaned on her side to suck this guy better, two
other men reached out and started playing with her tits and ass.
By now everyone was hot and we all got undressed, except Max who
was over by the bathroom talking to James.

My hard on needed relief so I climbed on the side of the bed
as the last guy shot his load down Mary’s throat When Mary looked
up she didn’t even know me, she looked dazed as she moaned and
reached out for my cock and said “give me that cock, MMMmmm”. She
hadn’t started sucking on me for more than a minute and I came
like thunder, and Mary managed to swallow it all.

Mary had several hands squeezing and rubbing her tits and
pinching her hardened nipples. Two other men were rubbing her
tummy and were now starting to rub her pussy. They had managed to
work her panties up in between her pussy lips which swelled out
around the crotch of her panties, showing most of that pretty
little blonde cunt. Her pussy hairs were sparkling with dampness
as she shoved her pelvis up against the big hands.

Mary layed back on the bed as one man got on either side of
her and they started rubbing their cocks in her face. She would
lick one and then the other. I could see that Mary was out of
control, as one of the men lifted his leg over her chest so he
could “feed her his cock”.

James and Max came over to the bed and Max reached out and
took a hold of Mary’s panties and pulled then down aways. She
started to try to say something and the cock that she was sucking
rammed right into her mouth, smothering her words. Max reached
out and grabbed her panties and tore them off of her. Her blonde
covered bush was visible and the fine hair was sparkling with
dampness. Mary started to scream, but again was gagged. James
started to lick Mary’s leg as Max reached out to her pussy and
tried to stick his finger in between the folds of her pussy lips
that she was trying to keep clamped shut with her thighs. Max
just kept probing with his big black finger. Max reached up under
his buddies ass and pinched Mary’s left nipple hard, which made
Mary screech, but as she did her legs loosened for a second and I
saw his huge finger disappear up inside my wifes cunt. “Stop
that” I said, “she said only blowjobs”. Max turned and said “shut
up fuck head” and he shoved me back into the chair that I had
been sitting in, knocking all of the wind out of me.

Mary had another new cock in her mouth and she was getting
hotter. I could see her slightly parted thighs were wet and her
slit was soaking and swollen and it’s lips were pooching way out.
James slowly licked his way up to Mary’s muff and as he got a
smell of her pussy he slid his tongue into the top of her slit,
replacing the big finger that had been probing inside. Mary
started bucking and squirming now letting her bush be seen by
all. She arched all of a sudden, going rigid and she let out a
groan as she came all over James’ tongue. James licked and sucked
at her clit as it protruded out from her swollen vaginal lips. I
got real worried that Mary was letting them play and touch her
pussy way too much. She didn’t seem to care what was happening,
just that she had cock after cock squirting their warm sperm in
her mouth. My fears ran wild when I saw that James had another
raging hard on and as he was on all fours down between my wifes
slightly open legs, he held her in a somewhat open and weak

To my relief, James got up and looked at a friend and said
“Hey Roy, dinners on, He-He” and Roy’s tongue replaced James’.
Mary was moaning and writhing from the pussy eating she was
getting and she spread her legs so Roy could suck her clit
better. Her pussy lips parted slightly allowing him to suck her
clit in and nibble on it, as she bucked and squealed in ecstasy.

James said “Max I think she really wants you”. I looked as
Max started to undress. When Max took his pants off I let out a
whoosh of air. His cock was still limp, but it was huge. It hung
down, out of the leg of his boxer shorts. His cock was as big as
this horse that we had when I was growing up. He stripped his
boxers off and walked over to the bed. Mary saw his cock
approaching and her eyes began to grow till they seemed like they
were all white. His cock was at least 9 inches long at least 2
1/2 inches through when soft and hanging. It looked like a fire
hose. His balls hung about 4 inches below his crotch and they
were the size of tennis balls. James looked at me staring at Max
and said “Impressed huh, Max says he has never had a pussy that
could hold it all, except a horse he fucked once”. Max shoved his
cock up against Mary’s lips and she opened her mouth wide to take
in as much as she could. When she did Max jutted his hips forward
and Mary gagged. She could hardly even get her mouth around the
growing circumference of his cock. As Mary licked up and down the
sides of Max’s shaft it grew till she could only get the huge
purpleish/grey head in her mouth. His cock had grown to bigger
than my entire forearm. The head of his giant cock was as big as
my fist and the shaft was over 4 inches through and at least 13
inches long. Hell no wonder no woman could handle all of that
cock. Max was pushing his cock back and forth, as he grabbed Mary
by the hair and pushed the whole head of his cock into her mouth
and said “suck it, you white cunt”. She just couldn’t handle it
all and choked and pulled back. Max slapped her, knocking her
back on the bed, his cock was standing straight out ahead of him
like another leg, it was huge.

James immediately returned to the bed and thrust his rock
hard cock back into Mary’s mouth. She had now sucked everyone
once and had swallowed about a pint of cum. Max climbed on the
bed between Mary’s legs, replacing Roy who was tiring from
sucking that sweet little pussy. Roy said “That’s the sweetest
little cunt, I sure would like to fuck it for a while”. At that
Mary closed her legs as tight as she could, as Max was starting
to kneel between them and blocked them partly open. “Oh no you
don’t” he said as he clamped her legs to the bed with his big
hand and shoved his other hand up between her legs, burying his
middle finger in her completely. From my chair I heard her moan
as his big finger sank into her. She started to concentrate on
the fat dick between her lips and the hands on her tits and she
relaxed her legs which allowed Max to ease them apart a little
farther. Now I could see the puddle of juices that were running
from my wifes beautiful cunt onto the bed. Max started pumping
his finger in and out of Mary’s pretty pussy and soon she was
raising her ass up to meet his hand as it slid in and out. Mary
started bucking and groaning as she neared yet another climax.
James slid his cock out of Mary’s mouth as she started to roll
her eyes and shake as she had a violent climax. “Oh god, i’m
cominnggg” she moaned loudly.

As Max continued to fuck Mary with his finger, James crawled
around, above Mary’s head so he could tip her head back and stick
his cock in her mouth and fuck her face while he played with her
nipples which by now were beet red and hard as rocks. Max
replaced his finger with his tongue and started licking Mary’s
pussy, then he would suck her clit and lick some more. She
started rotating her hips on the invading tongue. Max started to
lick a little higher, working his way up to her tummy and as he
did, everyone else except James sat down around the room. Two
guys sat on either side of me, each one was slowly squeezing and
pulling on their hardening cocks. we had a perfect view of Mary’s
pussy since the chair we were in was at the end of the bed.

Our view was spoiled as Max got up on his knees from his
reclining position between Mary’s legs. Now Max started licking
toward Mary’s breasts. I looked and shuttered as Max crawled up
aways to lick Mary’s tits, his huge cock hung down, pointing up,
right toward Mary’s soaking wet slit. Max started licking her
tits and pulling her nipples with his teeth and as he did, she
started squirming, all the while sucking on James’ swollen shaft.
James was sliding about 4 inches of his cock in her mouth and
then back out with a slurping sound. Max moved slightly higher up
on Mary on all fours, his cock was hard as a rock and pointed
straight up toward the head of the bed. Max tried to suck one of
Mary’s tits clear in his mouth and as he did she arched up trying
to shove more of her tit into Max’s mouth. Mary dug her heels
into the mattress trying to press even more of her tit into his
mouth and as she dug in she spread her legs wide, making her wet
little slit open up into a beautiful wet pink hole. I could see a
tiny opening right in her pussy. My heart sank as I saw Max’s
huge cock head only inches from the now open love tunnel of my
wife. His huge cock bobbed up and down poised right at her
entrance. He wouldn’t dare, He can’t she has never had another
cock, she could never fit such a huge shaft in her tiny pussy, my
mind screamed. As Max continued to suck on her tits, his cock
seemed to grow bigger and grow nearer to her opening, all of a
sudden I couldn’t see her open hole. Max’s cock was so big and so
close, that the head completely obscured her entrance.

James was easily fucking Mary’s mouth and she was loving it,
along with the workout that Max was giving her big breasts and
nipples. She was squirming and writhing all over, unaware that a
huge cock was only inches from her open pussy. Max started to nip
one of Mary’s nipples, causing her to buck and twist. This was
making Mary hotter, causing her to spread her legs as wide as she
could. Her moist hole was wide open and Max eased his black
baseball sized cock head up against her entrance, just slightly
brushing that pretty pink shiny opening. I couldn’t breathe, my
heart was racing, as my mind froze as I stared at my wifes open
pussy with this huge black cock touching it and rubbing up and
down her groove, stopping slightly as it found her tiny opening.
She continued to twist and squirm as his cock rubbed all around
the glistening entrance to her love and when he found the little
hole, she would stop and let him press against her.

Max nipped and bit at Mary’s nipples, causing her to squirm
and buck more, and as she did her cunt lips rubbed and squirmed,
opening and closing around on the end of that black cock arm. I
started to get up but both guys at my sides held me down. “No
way” one said. I still tried, and the one on my left turned and
“bang” he hit me, sending me back into my chair. As James fucked
my wifes mouth Max chewed on her tits, all the while keeping his
cock against her opening and closing pussy. Max’s cock took on a
musky sheen from the juices from Mary’s pink hole, as her cunt
lips continually “mouthed” at the end of this massive black

Max looked up at James and nodded, and as he did James
lunged, shoving his cock down Mary’s throat, almost to the base,
Mary’s eyes bulged and she gagged and choked, she jumped and slid
downward trying to escape the cock that was suffocating her. As
Mary slid down Max grunted and lunged shoving that gigantic sized
cock in her open waiting pussy. She screamed, even with a cock
choking her she was loud. Her eyes screwed up in her head and her
body contorted from the searing pain of being torn open. James
shoved again burying his cock in her throat right up to his hairy
crotch. “Take it cunt” yelled Max as he thrust again. This time
the whole head of his cock disappeared into my wifes love tunnel.
Tears started to well in my eyes, as I saw my wife impaled on
this huge hard shaft. Max started humping, trying to force his
oversize destroyer of a cock deeper into Mary’s cunt. I could see
that her opening was stretching beyond its limits with this huge
head inside her and she was trying to escape this tearing pole
that was lodged in her tiny pussy, all the while she was being
suffocated by James’ cock. As she continued to twist and squirm
she only excited Max all the more and her movements were starting
to work that big cock into her even deeper. James finally pulled
his cock back so Mary could breathe.

James gave her about two breathes, and as he did she managed
to pull away from Max’s cock, which made a popping sound as the
head of it came out of her cunt. I could barely see through my
tears, but good enough to see my wifes pretty blonde cunt spread
wide open. That little hole at the bottom of her tunnel that I
saw when she spread her legs wide, was now a large gaping hole,
allowing us all to see up inside her vagina. He had stretched her
cunt muscles wide open.

Max forced her legs apart farther and climbed higher on her.
He reached down and guided his arm sized cock back to her pussy.
As he rubbed her aching opening she started to relax and the she
started a slow movement with her hips. As Max pulled his cock
back I saw a big droplet of pre-cum form on the hole in his cock,
he quickly rubbed it into her pussy while trying to shove his
enormous cock head back into her. Mary was whimpering and moaning
as James positioned himself over Mary’s head and said “lick my
balls and ass, white cunt”. Mary started licking, James’ cock
jumped when her tongue darted in and out of his ass. Soon he
moved back and slipped his cock back between her lips.

Max continued to rub his cock against her pussy opening,
trying to force its head back in her ravaged tunnel, “Shit” he
said “her cunts gone dry”. Roy jumped up and said “get out of the
way Max, I’ll get her ready for you”, as he walked up to the bed
with his cock in his hand. Roy was stroking his cock with both
hands as Max stepped out of the way. Roy got on the bed and
crawled up between Mary’s legs. She started to squirm, but Max’s
big hands on her tits and stomach stopped her from moving.

Roy leaned forward, sticking just the head of his cock
inside her pussy opening, and then he started to jack and pull on
his cock. I went crazy, a gurgling sound came out of my throat
just as Roy groaned loudly, his cock started jerking, spewing his
cum into Mary’s tunnel. He came a lot, and you could see it drip
out around his cock head. As he pulled out, his cocked pulsed and
a rope of cum broke free, hanging down out of Mary’s pussy. My
mind was reeling seeing my wifes little pussy full of another
mans cum. You could see as he climbed off of the bed, her pussy
lips worked up and down, and as they gapped open you could see
his cum in her and all over her opening.

Max walked up to me and stuck his enormous cock in my face
and said “this is what she wants, and she’ll always love it once
she has had it”. I started to move and Max reached and slapped me
right back down into the chair.

Max said “Roy, Al come on, hold her legs for me, she’s a
fighter”. Mary looked terrified, even though she had James’ cock
stuck in her mouth. Max climbed on the bed between her legs and
reached out a finger to her pussy. He reamed it around as she
squealed and whimpered trying to avoid his touch. As Max climbed
up over top of my little wife I begged that he stop. Max took his
huge cock with one hand and started rubbing it all over her cum
soaked pussy lips. She fought him by squirming and as she did,
Roy and Al pulled her legs farther apart, opening her to Max’s
desires. As she squirmed, her cunt lips enveloped the end of his
big black cock head, making Max hotter. He began sucking her now
raw tits. Mary started moaning as Max started nipping at her
erect nipples. As Max continue to work on her nipples Mary began
a moaning and her hips started to rotate and buck. Mary soon
started to pant and she got hotter, James started fucking her
throat which increased her passion even more. This time Mary was
loving his cock clear in her throat. Her eyes were glazed and she
moaned continuously as she bob her her back and forth on the big
cock in her mouth. James said to her “you really like a big black
cock in you, don’t you”, as Mary’s head continued to go up and
down. Mary’s hips were rocking back and forth, allowing Max’s
cock head to enter her opening very slightly, as Max continued to
rub her pussy with his cock. As Max’s cock would grazed Mary’s
clitoris, she would shudder and a low moan would escape her cock
filled mouth. Max continued to rub Roy’s cum around with his big
cock, and now slowly with his fingers he pushed his big headed
cock into her, stretching her wide open. The skin around her
pussy was very shiny as it was stretched to its limits. Her cunt
lips had barely wrapped around its huge head. Mary was moaning
and slowly rotating her hips on the end of his big shaft. Max
reached up and pinched her nipples and as he did he added
pressure to his now slick pole and it went into her another inch.
Mary’s eyes bulged as she said “ughn-Mmmm” as she pushed against
this huge invader. As she did, James thrust forward burying his
cock in her throat and his balls were laying on her face. Max
reached up and slapped her tits hard, causing her to buck up, and
as she did, he drove his huge 4 inch diameter cock into her.
Never have I heard such a sound, such as that, that came out of
her throat. Her whole body screamed as she arched trying to
escape this ravaging monster. Max’s huge black cock was buried in
her at least 8 inches and her insides were being torn apart as
she was raped by this man with a horses cock. He slapped her tits
several more times as he withdrew a few inches and then thrust
his cock into her even deeper. Her cunt lips were stretched way
out as he withdrew you could see them cling to his giant cock.
Then I realized that his huge balls would fire their load of cum
into her. What if she became pregnant by this monster, Mary was
not taking any precautions. My mind was spinning as I realized
that I had a tremendous hard on again as I watched my sweet wife
being torn apart by these animals.

Max started a fucking motion with his hips and when he drew
back I could see his cock shining with love juices, then he would
plunge it back in about half its length. James started to cum,
saying “suck that big cock, Honey, suck it” and then he groaned
as he pumped his load down her throat. James pulled his cock out
of Mary’s throat, letting his cum run down the side of her face.
“Your next” he said to me. I couldn’t believe that I got up and
climbed on the bed. Mary opened her mouth and swallowed my cock.
She was making animal like sounds in her somewhere as Max
continued his “limited” fucking of her. I was hornier than I’ve
ever been before, being sucked by my wife as I sat face to face
watching this man with his gargantuan black cock pounding in and
out of my wife’s pussy. As the sounds from Mary got louder, she
started sucking harder on my cock. She was getting hotter and she
started to rotate her hips and grind back on that huge cock. As
Max pressed his cock into her, you could actually see her tummy
swell as his cock filled her. Everyone sat watching and
listening, as you could hear a slurping, sloshing sound as Max’s
cock went in and out of her fine blonde hair covered pussy lips.
Mary started to pant and her ass came up to meet this huge pole
that was driving into her open tunnel. Mary moaned and said “fuck
me more with that big cock, fuck my cunt” as she humped down on
his big hard shaft. Max took this as his chance of a lifetime,
she was begging for more and he had plenty left. Max pulled back
slightly and then moved up higher on her, so he could get his
crotch as close to hers as possible. He started slow, short
strokes and then a rotating, grinding in her pussy. This drove
Mary crazy, his teasing caused her only to want more of his
ravaging cock in her, as she lifted up trying to get more of him
in her, he thrusted and lowered himself down, and his huge arm
sized cock slowly slid clear in her, right up to the base. Mary
screached as she said “oh fuck me...oh god, it’s soooo
biggg….please” as she now had over a foot of black cock inside
her once tiny little cunt. You could see the blonde cunt hairs
entwined with his thick curly black cock hairs. A deep roar
slowly came out of her as she started to fuck his huge cock, she
was a bitch in heat. All of a sudden I felt a draining sensation
as I came in Mary’s mouth. I started to fuck her face hard. I
pulled my flacid cock from her mouth and it was replaced by
Roy’s, who was saying “suck this back up, I want some of that
white pussy”. Mary was making strange sounds and she was humping
down on that huge shaft that had just destroyed her cunt. She
grunted and moaned and she took every inch that he drove into
her. When I sat down I could see his huge balls banging against
her ass. Her legs were moving around and her ass and cunt lips
looked as though they were trying to devour every bit of this
horse like cock. Max started to hump faster and the bed started
to shake as he pounded harder into her hungry little pussy. I saw
his balls as they lifted in their sack and Max said “shiiitttt”
as he started to pump his thick white cream into her. Her pussy
started bubbling and a farting sound came out, as he filled her
with his hot cum. Mary moaned “I can feel it squirting, more
please, I love it, fill me with your cum” as he continued to pump
his sperm into her love tunnel. “Fuck me more, I love your cock,
I’ll do anything, don’t take it out” she begged, as Max continued
to drive into her, pumping even more of his fiery cream deep
inside her. As Max continued to drive into her, his cum kept
oozing out of her cunt around his big black shaft, causing me to
stare at this big black pole that was covered with his white
sticky cream.

After what seemed like eternity Max slowly pulled his cock
out of Mary’s ravaged tunnel. His cock made a slurping sound and
then a plop as the still huge head came out of her. All three of
us, seated at the end of the bed could see way up inside my wife
as she lay there, her opening had been stretched so far that the
muscles would no longer close her tunnel back up. Max’s cum,
mixed with Roys, was running out onto the sheet. Her pussy seemed
alive, the lips were quivering and would spasm every few seconds.
As she went through these vaginal spasms more sperm would bubble
out onto the bed, making a pretty big puddle. Roy pulled his cock
from her mouth and said “I want that pussy next”. I started to
object, but Max picked me up and hit me right in the gut. I
doubled over, and then somebody knocked me back into the chair.
Max looked at me and said “what’s the matter, was that cunt
yours” as he rubbed his semi limp cock, “you’ll never keep it
happy now, she’ll only want big black cock from now on” as he
walked away laughing.

I looked over at her, laying there spread eagle with Roy on
top of her, driving his black meat in and out of her. She was
moaning “fuck me with your black dick, oh yah, fuck me”, as Roy
shuttered and shot another load of cum inside of her pleasure

Each of the other guys took their turn at fucking her open,
waiting pussy. Soon her cunt was splayed open and was covered
with cum, and obviously she was completely filled up with cum,
and as she moved, the cum inside her would continue to leak out,
in globs. Mary seemed nearly unconscious, other than the little
sounds coming from her throat. Her pussy was staying open, and
the opening was almost 2 inches in diameter, like she had an
invisible pipe in her, holding her cunt walls open.

Max said to me “get up there and stick your hand in it”, I
didn’t understand. He said “get up there”, rather than get hit I
did as he said. “Put your hand in it” he demanded, so I stuck two
of my fingers in her dripping hole. She immediately started
bucking and grinding, trying to fuck my fingers. “All of it” Max
said, so I bunched my fingers together and as I pushed forward,
her cunt lips opened and wrapped around my hand with no problem,
I was amazed. It felt like my hand was in a warm pool. The pool
turned out to be cum, when I swirled my fingers around and then
pulled them out, they were covered with sticky white globs of

Mary’s hips were humping the air after I pulled my hand out
and Max said “Now she’s ready for a real fuck’in”. He walked over
to me, grabbing me by the arm, forcing my face right up to Mary’s
open hole. Max said “eat it clean, boy, I want to fuck it once
she’s good and hot”. I started to resist and Max shoved my head
down to her gapping bush. I could see and smell all of the cum
that these 7 guys had shot into her and I couldn’t imagine eating
their cum. Slowly my tongue touched her pussy lips, I could taste
the salty cum and pussy juices. I started to lick her open hole a
little more and Mary immediately started to moan and her hips
started to move. As she would move her hole would open up and I
could dart my tongue right inside of her tunnel. “Suck on it” Max
demanded. Mary was bucking her hips all over and she kept moaning
“fuck me, fuck me hard”. I started to suck on her cunt and a
large glob of cum came out of her and into my mouth. I thought I
was going to throw up, but I just kept on licking and sucking.
The more I sucked, the more Mary liked it, and the more she
ground her cunt down on my mouth. This caused a great amount of
their white cream to start coming out of her open hole. I tried
not to swallow it, but Max said “eat it asshole”, so I swallowed.
I could not believe how much cum was in her, it just kept coming.
I stuck my tongue inside her, as far as I could and Mary started
to fuck my tongue like an insane women, this dislodged more of
their cum and I licked it all up and swallowed.

My sucking on Mary’s open cunt had pretty well cleaned her
out, and she was now hotter than hell. “Fuck me, I want your
big cock” she repeated over and over. Max told me to move and he
crawled up on the bed between my wifes legs. Max lifted her legs
up over her head and with his other hand he placed the head of
his cock slightly into her shiny, soaking wet hole and with a
hard slap on her ass, he drove his cock half way into her love
tunnel, stretching her little blonde lips beyond their limits,
again. Max slowly withdrew his now patially slick pole, and then
buried himself to the hilt in her. Max started to fuck her hard
and the bed shook. Mary cried “Oh yes, fuck me with your huge
black cock, it’s sooo good, fuck, fuck, fuck me”. She was
thrashing back and forth on the bed “more, oh yes, I love you,
please fuck me hard, It’s so big and good, oh yes, I love you”
she kept telling this man who had just destroyed her body. Mary
brought her legs down around Max’s back and she locked her
ankles, holding him in her. She started to cum again as she
thrust her feet straight in the air, in an effort to get Max’s
cock even deeper into her. Mary groaned and started to drool as
she shuddered with an orgasm. Max fucked her even harder making
her grunt as she kept cumming.

Max and Mary continued to fuck each other for what seemed
like eternity, but was really only 20 minutes or so, and as Mary
arched and said “I’m cumming on your big cock”, Max grunted “ugh-
I’m cumming way inside you, ah, fuck me you little white cunt” as
Max’s body shuddered and his balls fired their cum up my wifes
love tunnel, his cum filled her to the brim and it was bubbling
out all around his shaft. He had filled her so full of his cream
that it was running down the crack of her ass. Max slowed his
hips, but continued to slid his huge, softening cock in and out
of Mary’s pussy. “No please don’t take it out” she begged, as Max
slowly withdrew his now limp cock, making a slurping sound as the
head came out of her.

“Max, we gotta go” said one of the guys and four of them got
up and got dressed. As they walked by the bed they each stopped
to play with Mary’s pussy for a minute. “later, Bro” they called
back as they left. Max and James dressed, as did the remaining
man. Max walked over to Mary and said “you know where I’ll be if
you need some more real fuchin, honey” and he bent down and
kissed her slowly. Mary kissed him hungrily and then moaned and
layed back down. Max looked at me and said “why don’t you take a
turn”, as they all left laughing.

Mary layed on the bed with her legs spread wide open as I
tried to clean her up and get her dressed. Finally, she started
to come to enough to help. All she could say was “that was soo
good, when can we do this again” she asked? I wasn’t going to
share her pussy anymore, or so I thought.



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As I lay in bed that night, I experienced many new and strange
feelings. I was interested in my changing body and had seen each
day the developments that were occurring, but I had not explored
myself by touch except by the necessary touching of daily personal
hygiene. As I lay there my right hand slowly moved up under my
nightgown to touch my left breast. It was only a small swelling,
but it had definitely begun to take shape. I touched the bottom
curve and began circling around the perimeter of its rounded shape.

With each revolution around my breast, I moved closer to the center
and slowed down. As I felt the size increasing nearer to the
center, I would pause and gently push. This pressure caused
sensations that I had never experienced before. I continued to
work my way to the center of my breast until I felt the areola of
my nipple. My nipples were still small, like they had always been,
but tonight I noticed something different. The areola was very
tight and when I found the nipple, It was erect as if it were cold.
I continued to play with the nipple fondling it with my fingers and
pinching it between them. My excitement built rapidly and each new
touch of my breast brought on sensations that I found exciting and
wonderful. My right hand wandered over to my right breast and my
left hand found its way to my left breast. I continued to caress
both of my breasts and eventually had to stop to catch my breath.

After I had recovered for a few minutes I realized that I was
hot and decided to take my nightgown off. I took it off as well
as my panties. I was somewhat sweaty from my activity, but I was
quite surprised at the moisture that I found in my panties. I lay
back down, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this unusual
moisture. I knew that I had not accidentally wet my panties and
I never had experienced sweat between my legs like that. The more
I thought about it the more curious I became. My right hand slowly
started to work its way down my stomach to my pubis to satisfy my
curiosity. As my hand reached my pubis, it touched the new blonde
pubic hairs that I had recently developed. They reminded me of the
recent changes that had been happening. My hand continued down
but avoided touching ‘that place’ that you aren’t supposed to
touch. I touched my inner thighs, but they weren’t very wet. My
curiosity mounted until it was enough to cause my hand to slowly
move up to rest on my genitals. They were almost dripping wet!

As soon as my hand rested against my private area, A flood of
wonderful sensations ran over my body. Almost instinctively my
hand started to move back and forth, round and round on my mound.
As I continued the sensations mounted until I reached a point that
the flood of sensations was too great. I felt something deep
inside me pounding as my entire body tightened. This feeling
persisted for a minute or two and then I fell limp. My hand and
sheets were soaked in liquid and I was quite excited. I had found
a new joy that I would develop and enjoy for the rest of my life.

Tammy Gets Even (Better)


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It turned out that the first time between my boyfriend and me was
his first time, period. I should have been more gentle with him, would
have perhaps if I had known. But there I was, naked already, and he was
so sweet, telling me how beautiful I was. I was feeling all achy and
butterflies and my legs would just not stay closed. Thank goodness I had
that condom.

He told me as we were lying there. His head was lying on my
breast, one arm thrown across me, one knee over my hips. We were drowsing in the afterglow, that time when you don’t feel like moving, when its enough to hold him and remember how he filled you, how well you fit together, how you held him as he came and how you made it the best for him you could and it felt so good for you too, stretching, open, feeling his stroke fill you, knowing he was urgent and close. You cradle his head, let him let go inside you, hold him safe til the ecstasy passes. Now you lie as one, drowsing, watching the afternoon pass in the movement of a sunbeam up the wall.

“You’re the best,” he said.
“Oh am I,” I said, “I’m very flattered.”
“You’re also the worst and the prettiest and the ugliest and the
tallest and the shortest.”
“Am I also first and last and only?”
“Oh, dear.” And I hugged him closer.

Your first, I thought. I’m going to have to take extra special
care of you. I can feel your fingertips touching my nipple, is this the
first time you’ve done that? Testing its fleshiness, running one finger
over the flat top, around the base, watching it spring back as your finger
passes over it. Please, keep playing with one breast while I pillow you
on the other. I want you to know me, my textures and surfaces. Learn me
with your touch and tongue, taste me too. Learn the curve of my breast
and how it weighs in your hand, how your hand curls naturally around me,
just like you’re doing now. Is the first time your hand has cupped a
woman’s breast? How very warm your hand is! Squeezing me, testing the
response of my flesh. You’ll have to learn that every caress touches me
in the head, also. Your exploratory touch is delightfully soft.

I sighed. “Your hand feels very nice on my breast. Not sexy, but
nice. If you keep doing that, it’ll probably turn into sexy. Your
fingers are being so delicate. You can be more forceful, I’ll tell you if
its too much. I like my nipple being squeezed. You can feel it grow and
harden between your fingers, especially if you make it wet. If you use
your teeth and nibble at my nipple very very carefully when you suck my
breast, you’ll make me a very happy woman, and very aroused. You don’t
mind my telling you this do you?”

I felt his smile on my breast.
“Of course not. How else would I know what you like?”
“Well, it seems that some men think they know everything already
and don’t want to hear anything that might imply that they are anything
but expert lovers. Other men don’t really seem to care, they already know
what they like, why should they care what I like.
“I won’t be like that. I’ll take every piece of advice you care
to give me. Please remember that up until twenty minutes ago I was a

The next day we went to the darkroom together. We couldn’t stop
touching as we handled the chemicals. I decided to give him his first
blowjob as we waited for the film. We were kissing and I knew he was
hard, I could feel it pressing against my belly. He trembled as my hand
crept over him.

“You’re going to make me come in my pants, Tammy.” I was running
my hand up and down the bulge in his jeans while kissing him.
“I can think of a better place to come, one that won’t embarass
you so much when you go to do the laundry.” I did my best to slither down
his front, rubbing my breasts along him as I went. Kneeling I undid his
belt and fly by touch in the deep red darkness. I slid his pants off his
ass, then took his shorts down slowly. His cock swung out to rub against
my chin as it came free. I felt the wet drops it left there, evidence of
his arousal. Kneeling in the dark, it seemed to radiate heat. I let it
trail across my cheek until I felt his head warm on my lips.
I put one hand on his ass and the other curled around his rod. He
felt so warm in my hand. My pussy gave a little squeeze as my hand
tightened on him. I was wetting his cock head as my own juice started to
flow liberally. I wanted to be so good for him. I wanted to make him
last and give him a virtuoso performance. As my jaw opened to swallow him my pussy throbbed.

With my hand on his ass I guided him in thrusting slowly into my
mouth. Then I pushed down on the base of his cock with the other hand and stilled him, giving myself the opportunity to let my head move up and down on him. I got my hand going and pretty soon his whole cock was getting stroked or sucked. He was totally into the feelings I was giving him, I could hear little whimpers of pleasure as my lips slid over the flare
around his cock head.

I thought he was close to coming. He had reached behind my head
and was carressing my hair, urging me to take more and more of him. I
took what I could of him, and the rest I stroked faster and tighter. He
suprised me by putting his other hand over mine, slowing me down but
making me even tighter. He guided me now, I’m sure he knew how to
pleasure himself, and now I was learning just what kind of hand stroke he
liked. Together we held his erection, his hand on mine. I was holding
the tip of his cock between my lips, tongueing the little gap, waiting for
his wonderful explosion. I was trying to concentrate on how tight he was
holding my hand, how the speed and pressure varied. My pussy was
clenching as if it too wanted to be tight and slick around that warm stiff
flesh. In time, I thought, in time.

Suddenly his hand behind my head pushed in on me and his cock
popped into my mouth just as he came. His cum slid over my tongue as his
smell filled my nostrils, strong and heady. I squeezed his ass really
hard, feeling his muscles clench as he shot into me. That’s right, I
thought, come really hard into me I love giving it to you so good let me
milk every last drop out of you. You are so special, I want you to feel
it in the way I wrap my tongue around you, sucking licking I know you’re
so sensitive now let me just hold you in my mouth steady steady let me
swallow what I’ve got and breathe and feel so happy I’ve given you
something so special, made it so sweet for you, we did it together, let me
lick that last drop out of your cock you wonderful boy.

I cleaned him up and tucked him back in and we finished up with
the rolls of film. Then we practically ran back home to my apartment. I
showed him how to go down on me, how to make me shiver and twitch with a little flick of the tongue. He was a very attentive student, I think he
got it all right the first time through, but he insisted on practicing so
I endured his tender ministrations twice more before I collapsed into a
happy little puddle. We made love again that night and he found out what
it feels like to have a woman fuck you from above, driving her body onto
your cock, using her whole weight to impale herself on you, over and over
again until you both are coming and she stretches out on top of you after
you come and your lips meet and your kiss lasts until you sleep.

Nurse me back to health


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The whole thing started one hot summer night as I was trying to make it
home from a business trip in Ohio. I had been driving for hours on Route 80, trying to make record time back to the Big Apple, when I noticed that my rented car was starting to overheat.

I pulled off at the next exit and headed for the closest service station
I could find. After driving for about 15 minutes, the damn car would go no
further. Now here I am in the middle of no man’s land with no car. Luckily, I saw what looked like a large farm house about 1/4 mile down the road. I walked down and knocked on the door. A beautiful young nurse nervously answered the door; after all it was about 1:30 AM. Her blond hair draped down her shoulder.

She looked so angelic and pure behind the screen door of the house.

After I explained my problem to her, she seemed to relax a little. She introduced herself and told me her name, Ariel, and then asked me in to make any necessary phone calls. I found out I couldn’t get another car until tomorrow morning, so I asked her if she could give me a ride to the nearest motel. She then told me she couldn’t because she was on duty and had to check in on her patient on the third floor of the large house. She then suggested I stay in the guest room until my car came in the morning. Since I had no other options this would have to do.

She then showed me the guest room and where all the incidentals were and then offered me some drinks in the den. As we talked I found out that she spent long lonely weeks caring for this half dead old man. I drank and drank, and then decided it was time to hit the sack, so I went my room.

After a quick shower I was in bed. When I was almost asleep, Ariel
quietly entered the room dressed in a sheer black laced gown. I could see her tempting breasts through the gown, and her matching panties were held only by two small strings.

She climbed into the bed next to me and began to caress my cock, first
with one hand and then with both. She rubbed it gently until it was hard. Then she whispered into my ear, “I need you tonight…”. Before I could get an explanation she was kissing and sucking my neck, moving gently down my chest, still holding my cock in her hand. When she got to my dick, she began to lick it with her tongue. She seemed to enjoy playing with the tip of my cock with her tongue. She then began to suck it, harder…. and harder. It took all the strength I had not to cum in her mouth. I moaned, “I can’t take it! I’m gonna cum!”. She whispered, “Not yet, I need it tonight”.

She then sat up and pulled one of her panty strings and the panties fell
off. Her pussy was shining with wetness, inviting me to action. She then
grabbed my head as she began to lie on her back and she pulled my head closer to her wet cunt. Soon I found my lips deep in her pussy, licking and sucking out her sweet juices. With each thrust of my tongue she moaned, as if to ask for more. She wrapped her legs around my neck so that she wouldn’t miss one second of the pleasure. Her pussy began to quiver and her legs began to shake, I knew then that I had opened her pleasure door.

After what seemed like an eternity, my tongue began to tire. She must
have realized this, so she rolled me on by back. She grabbed my throbbing cock with one hand and slid it into her dripping pussy. She rode my dick like she hadn’t been fucked in ages. She moved up and down on my cock, squeezing slightly when she moved upward, as if to squeeze to juices out of it. With each move she moaned and whispered slightly, asking me not to stop.

She then leaned over, and began to kiss and suck my neck as she pumped
her burning pussy onto my throbbing cock, faster…and faster…Until we could take it no more, and we both came. We both just laid there until we both fell asleep. That next morning I woke up alone, I showered and went down stairs to see if Ariel was still around. But to my dismay I was greeted by another nurse, this one a little old lady, who told me that Ariel was now off duty. My car arrived and I was on my way home, but all I could think of was my SUMMER FANTASY with Ariel.

Our special moment


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I told him to just lay back in the middle of the bed and I would do all
the work. I guess I just decided that it was my turn to control the
course of our love making tonight.

I stradled his stomach and faced him. I reached for his hands and placed
them on my breasts. His hands instintively began to rub my tits until my
nipples became erect and hard. I let my head fall back as I enjoyed his
touch. Together we caressed my breasts and made my excitement grow. I
could feel my pussy getting wet and I knew that, with my legs stradling
him, he would soon feel it too.

I began to rock back and forth on his stomach which greatly enhanced the
sensations within the lower portions of my body.

I was very ready and I wanted him to know it. I stood up over him on the
bed and said, “I’m so ready for you honey. Let me show you.”

I moved up and fell to my knees. This brought my crotch mere inches from
his face. Slowly, I rubbed my hands down my stomach and between my legs. I lightly gripped my inner thighs. I brought my hands back up until they covered my closely trimed pubic hair.

With just the tips of my fingers, I parted the outside lips of my cunt.
They resisted just slightly due to the stickiness of my lubricants. As I
continued to slowly open myself to him, I stared into his eyes.

Wider and wider I spread my lips. I slid the index finger of each hand
into my cunt and began to open my inner lips. I knew he had a perfect
view to see deep inside me. I clenched my internal muscles and could feel
what he would see. I could tell that a large drop of my cunt juices had
formed and was slowly dripping out of me and down my leg. Without
speaking a word, he lifted his head up from the pillow and ran his tounge
up my leg until he had collected all of the ellusive liquid.

Again I got up and repositioned myself so that I was stradling his hips.
My open cunt was right over his very stiff penis.

I grabbed his cock with both hands and began to rub it all over the
outside of my pussy. I rubbed his penis on me until it parted my lips. I
kept doing this until the wetness from my cunt had covered his cock.
Without warning, I sat down and he slipped right inside in one smooth
motion. Neither of us moved for an instant. We just wanted to take in
every sensation.

Slow at first, I began to move up and down on his shaft. Each stroke was
a bit faster and deeper the the last. Each stroke caused our bodies to
produce more of our special lubricants. Each time I rose up, I went just
high enough on his penis that my pussy would just begin to close. That
was so I could feel him open me up again each time I settled back down.

With ever increasing speed his cock moved within me.

I parted my pussy lips with my fingers so we both could actually see what
our bodies were doing. We could see his cock coated with the slick
mixture of our juices. We could see a wet ring form around my cunt right
were his cock entered me. Each thrust into me made a sexy slurping sound
that heightened out sensory pleasures.

Faster and faster we went until I could feel that I would come.

As my orgasm began, I leaned to one side to support some of my weight with my hand. I looked down and watched.

The spasms began.

With each contraction, I watched my muscles grab his cock in an attempt to push him out. Each time I would instinctively raise up slightly but never
enough to actually lose him. Each spasm caused my body to spurt out a
quantity of my cum that immediatedly gushed from my cunt and ran the
length of his penis.

When it was over, I sat back down and again took him in completely.

I looked at him and without either of us speaking, we knew his own climax
was a few gentle strokes away.

I wanted this to be a completely internal sensation. I just sat on him
and began to use my muscles. I internally clenched down on his cock over
and over again. I knew that I was caressing him in exactly the right

Again and again I squeezed until he came.

My pussy felt the base of his cock swell. The sensation rose the length
of his shaft. When it reached the top, I felt it. The head expanded
inside me and I felt the first burst of his warm cum against my cervix.
Again and again his penis ejected its wet treasure deep inside me until
there was no more.

We remained still and enjoyed the sensation. I just concentrated on what
was going on inside me. I could tell that his cum was sliding down his
cock because I could feel the warmth travel between us.

I slowly rose up. His still erect cock gently slipped from my cunt and
lay on his abdomen. It was coated with the slick translucent film of our
mixed cum.

With my fingers, I parted the lips of my pussy. I began to move my
fingers to open and close my vagina. Again I squeezed my internal
muscles. What I wanted came to pass. We both watched and the creamy
white fluid deep within my cunt began to emerge from my vagina. It
collected around the opening and my movements began to make that squishing noise again. Each time my cunt would open, the entrance was spanned by a web of sticky threads. As my pussy relinguished more and more of the treasured fluid, one long continuous drop began to reach down towards his crotch. A second began the downward journey just as the first touched half way up the length of his cock. I continued until I had pumped as much from my love vault as I could.

I paused and just looked at the cum drip around his penis.

I got up and repositioned myself between his legs. I grabbed his cock
around the base well below the collection of white slippery goo that I had
so carefully deposited. Slowly, I moved my hand up along his shaft until
I touch the mess. As soon as it began to coat my hand, I quickened my

Faster and faster I went. I wanted him to give me more.

And he did. Again his cock swelled and more globs of the hot creamy sauce
oozed from the openning in his penis. I just kept pumping until my hand
and his cock were completely soaked.

I stopped and removed my hand. I stared at it for a moment. I seperated
my fingers just to watch the sticky juice stretch from digit to digit.

I reestablished my grip and put my lips firmly on the outside of the head
of his penis. Slowly, I lowered my head and took him inside. As I went
down, I could feel the cum collect at my lips. When I reached the base, I
openned my mouth and raised my head. I could feel my lips covered in a
ring of the warm sticky cum. Its strong but enjoyable smell rushed into
my nostrils as I took a deep breath. I ran my tongue around my lips to
collect the sweet salty goo and sucked it into my mouth.

To show him that I enjoyed what had just transpired, I gave him an open
mouth smile. I am sure he could see how my lips and teeth were all
interconnected through the network of white shiney treads of our cum.

He smiled back and I just closed my mouth and swallowed.