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I have always been a hot woman, hot for sex in any form. Have tried almost everything but wanted to have some exciting, risky sex. Risky in terms of someone catching me and my lover in the act. Fucking someone in public makes me so horny.

With my friend, I remember once he visited my office. It was already after 5 pm, most of the employees had left, but some of the other executives were still around. We talked for a bit and got into sexy conversation that made us both hot and horny for each other. He came around my desk, leaned over and started kissing me, soft kisses then harder and harder, his tongue deep in my mouth. While kissing me he caressed my breasts over my clothes, making me want more and more. I started caressing his hard, bulging cock over his pants, making our kissing more urgent as the pleasure increased.

Without a word, I got up from my chair and bent over my desk, pushing my skirt up and pulling my panties down, offering myself to him. He looked at the closed door and my face must’ve said “I don’t care” because he pulled down his pants, open my ass cheeks, spit on my ass hole, fingered it for a bit to relax it, and gently placed his hard, throbbing cock in my hole. He entered slowly, in and out while I tried not to gasp too loudly with the combination of pain and pleasure. He kept at it, going in, taking it out slightly, then going in deeper until I felt his cock deep inside my ass, his hands caressing both my breasts inside my bra, pounding me harder and harder. After a bit it didn’t hurt, just the pleasure of feeling my ass full of his cock until he came and I felt his hot cum in my ass. It was so erotic, him fucking me, his balls slapping my buttocks, his breath in my neck and the danger of someone walking in on us.

After he was done, I sat on my desk, legs wide open, him on my chair, his face directly across my pussy and he started licking and sucking, using his fingers to penetrate me, while his tongue flicked back and forth, up and down and around, hands on my desk, feeling the intense pleasure until an orgasm exploded between my legs, his tongue still caressing my clit. Oh so good.


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