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This site has Adult Content NOT suitable for all Ages. (18+ Only -Explicit Text)

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Our Hot Romantic Sex Stories Add the “Oomph” and “Spice” to Every Eyes!

A Medley of Romantic Love Stories That Dare To Differ! A rare blend of fantasies that seductively entices the naked eye with their ingenuity, vivid imagination, and variant seduction that stimulate the mind, today, tomorrow, and forever!

Our collection of Romantic Love Stories fueled with fantasy and sexual encounters to tease and arouse your mind. It’s the perfect erotica! You can enjoy a mixed arrangement of our erotic still photography that accompanies each story, sexually provocative and beautifully shots, they capture a moment of erotic pleasure and we used them to illustrate the erotic stories.

The written word has a strong place in erotica, many women in particular, like us three, have been dedicated readers and writers of this genre for years, bringing so much raw sex induced fantasy into hot erotic stories of love and lust. Here you will find explicit adult stories written by independent renown erotic authors, Brenda, Nancy and GiGi, collectively known as BNG. These stories were created with seductive erotic words and meaning, giving more depth, understanding and intensity to our collection of sexy erotica. Quality creative content, they are so much more than just your expected porn stories, these beautifully written pieces are engaging and sexually arousing which you can enjoy reading before or after seeing one or more of the sexy photographs that accompanied each piece. Fusing erotic sex stories of lust and passion with graphic visual imagery engages the mind on a deeper sexual level, offering more personal indulgence. These erotic stories for women and couples cover so many different sexual tales, you will find a couples voyeurism story, erotic lovers husband and wife sex story, submissive female story, MMF erotic story, escort story, erotic fantasy, and amazing morning couples sex. There are erotica stories of hot erotic lesbian love through to tales of kinky pleasure with hotwife.

“We Were Born Naked and the Biggest Sin is that People have been Taught to be Ashamed of their Bodies”, it is Not so at ilove-u.com, as We Take Priority in Celebrating the Beauty of Our Nudity and the Joy of Love and Sex!

There is a very good reason we like our naughty words and adult stories. Erotic stories have a huge impact on our enjoyment of sexual pleasure and quite simply have the ability to ‘turn us on’, so we opted to share it with like minded folks!

Women like us, have huge capacity to fantasize and the written word can be a powerful source for just that. Sexual literature and written erotica can engage the entire body and fuel the mind with very exciting thoughts. By stirring ones emotions, it has a direct link straight to our own libido heightening physical pleasure ten-fold.

Reading an arousing hot erotic story certainly conjures up our naughty minds!

Our collection of gorgeous, explicit and erotic sexy stories are written to intensify life’s pleasures and unlock your inner most desires!

Whether you participate in more adventurous sexual activity or not, reading about it and imagining being in that situation certainly adds fuel and stimulates your own sexual activity. Or indeed may give you naughty ideas to engage in. Many of the best known authors of erotic stories are women like us, who have understood the ability to use words to engage and stimulate readers, taking you with us on a sexual journey! The collection of sexy stories found on our site allows readers the opportunities to get into the mind of one of the characters and feel and enjoy their sexual tension! The language is explicit and charged, and designed to purposefully provoke and create intensity to your viewing and reading pleasure!

Our desire has been to create and produce elegant, tasteful and arousing erotic stories with elegant erotic photography that women and couples would find acceptable and pleasurable! We wanted to show much more focus on the pleasure of passion and hot-blooded sex. The desire for sensual female arousal, with a balanced and more realistic approach to sexual gratification with more equal pleasure!

A site that would be much more about couples erotica than so many of the male focused porn sites that flood the Internet today. Pornography for too long has depicted sex in an unrealistic way, often base, crude and so unimaginative. It is more often demeaning and vulgar, not sensual, and in our eyes poorly created. However to us, erotica and particularly our style of female erotica we believe is far more acceptable to many women, who are now openly looking for and enjoying for themselves sensually stimulating romantic stories of movies. It offers more creative depth in story and image and plays upon the fantasy aspect encouraging the reader  to imagine themselves more involved in the scene, it can be equally graphic and certainly there for sexual arousal too… showing semi or fully naked bodies in the full sexual context but we feel has a more balanced, elegant and fantasy fueled style!

For us, erotica is about the beauty of fantasy and engaging in people’s sexual fantasies for their own personal pleasure!

For All the Night Owl Out there! Isn’t It Time You Know; It is Not a Want, It’s a Necessity! Enjoy It!

These fictitious works portrays fictional characters, (unless stated otherwise), any similarities with persons living or dead is purely a product of your illussional fantasy.


We take this opportunity to thank our new and returning readers and subscribers, especially those dedicated readers that have choosing us for the past 15 years in numerous platforms we have used to showcase our sensual information of positive and satisfactory online experience. Especially those subscribers of our quality VIP Video Showcased @ Youtube Channels Love Songs & Lovesongs. We will continue to serve you with our Award Winning Quality Sensual Stories & Romantic Songs for your Entertainment!

All Rights Reserved. Stories are the property of the authors, publishers of this site, and are permitted to be reposted provided that original credit is given. Pictures are copyrighted property of this site and copyright is retained by the creators. You may not license, sub-license, sell, rent, transfer or distribute any part of these stories or the photographs herein in any format, or claim ownership.

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