Horny Husband Turned on By Storytime


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This story is about how I discovered a kinky way to turn my husband on.

We had been married 13 years when this story took place. We are both fairly conservative and are relatively sexually inexperienced. Our sex life was good, but with three kids and the hustle of life sex simply did not have the spark that it did in the beginning.

That all changed on day when I was eating lunch at work with my friend Amy. She is one of them people who will say whatever is on her mind. As I was eating my sandwich she proceeded to tell me about the hot sex she had with her husband the night before.

I was pretty much just listening to her ramble since I do not usually engage in these type of conversations. She then said, “It was Story Time night and that always ends with us having smoking hot sex”.

Curious to what that meant I asked, “What is Story Time?”

She said, “OMG it is so hot.

John loves it when I tell him a sex story from my past or tell him a sex fantasy while I lay next to him and play with his dick. It is such great foreplay and it has really improved our sex life. We both get so horny. You should try it sometime”

I laughed and said, “No, my husband would never like that”.

She responded, “Girl I am telling you husbands like that stuff.

Google it and you will see that it is a very common fantasy for husbands to fantasize about hot wife stories. Try it and you will see plus you will be horny as hell when you realize how turned on he gets.

John was reluctant at first but now he loves it”.

We went back to work and I could not help thinking about what Amy said. I found it hard to believe what she said so I googled it and was surprised to read that this was in fact a common fantasy for guys. That night while lying in bed with my husband I was thinking again about what Amy had said.

I looked over at my husband and said, “Baby, Amy told me that she tells John her past sex stories and that he gets really turned on. Is that really something guys get turned on by?”

He laughed and said, “That is not something I wanted to know about John and no I do not think guys want to hear that stuff”.

I said, “Well baby, she said it spiced up their sex life and it always leads to hot sex and that she tells him fantasies too. Are you sure you don’t want to try this and have me tell you one of my past stories?”

He laughed and said, “Baby you have only been with four people and you do not have no hot stories to tell”.

I said, “Yes I do.

I had a one night stand while in college. I went out to a club with some friends and I ended up having sex in a vehicle in the parking lot. I will tell you about it if you want”.

He said, “No”, but when I reached over and grabbed his stuff it was hard as a rock. I laughed and said, “Wow Amy was right. Baby I think you are turned on by this because you are really hard”.

He said, “No I’m not, I am just horny from you”.

I said, “Baby I have not even touched you. You are getting hard from what we have been talking about. It is ok you can admit it. I googled it and it is a common fantasy.

I am going to start telling you the story and if you do not like it, you can stop me”. I then rolled towards him and started massaging his dick as I began telling the story.

Baby, I was always the good girl and rarely drank in college but this night was different. I went out with two of my friends to the local dance club and had several drinks. There was a tall muscular guy that was leaning against the handrail next to the entrance to the dance floor. He was there with a few other guys. Each time I walked by he would smile and I could tell he was checking me out. I was dancing by myself when I felt someone come up from behind and put their hands on my shoulders. I turned around and realized that it was my admirer. We dirty danced and it progressively got dirtier and dirtier. We were pretty much dry humping on the dance floor. I was so horny and could feel my panties getting wet.

I know he was horny too because I could tell his dick was hard as he pressed it against me. We ended up back at a corner table and my friends were still out on the dance floor. He started making out with me and it did not take long for him to start rubbing my pussy.

I returned the favor and massaged his dick under the table. I was so horny that I let him finger fuck me right there in the club.

He then said he needed to go out to his car to get something and asked if I wanted to come with. I said yes and we headed out.

He had an SUV that was in the last parking stall next to the woods. When we got there we walked to the side of the vehicle facing the woods and he immediately pinned me against the vehicle and started making out with me.

He put his hand up my shirt, unhooked my bra, and started playing with my tits. That did not last long as his hand dropped to my jeans. He unbuttoned them and slide his hand in my pants and started to finger me.

I had my hand in his pants and was playing with his hard dick. I could have got off on his fingers but I was really horny and wanted his dick in my pussy.

I whispered in his ear, “I want you to fuck me”. He immediately opened the back door to the SUV and put the seat down. We crawled in and both of us took our shoes and pants off and laid down. We made out and played with each other for a while.

Then he straddled me while I was laying on my back and had me suck his dick while he reached back and continued fingering me.

After a few minutes we got in a 69 position and he ate my pussy while I kept sucking his dick. It was so hot.

He finally rolled me over and got between my legs and put his dick in. He fucked me slow for a few minutes and then started giving it me hard. It felt so good got off the first time in about three minutes.

He fucked me in several positions. I got on top and rode his dick and it felt awesome. We fucked for probably 45 minutes. He finally had me lay on my stomach and fucked me from behind. I started having another orgasm which made him cum to.

He moaned loud has he shot his load in my pussy. I could feel my pussy fill up with his cum. We got dressed and went back in the club. I meet up with my friends and we headed home. I never seen him again but I often fantasize about the sex we had.

When I finished telling this story to my husband I was soaking wet and super horny. Reliving the sex by telling the story combined with seeing how horny my husband was getting from hearing about it was so erotic.

I know he enjoyed the story because he was moving his hips and grinding against my hand as I told the story. If I paused he would say, “keep going” or “then what”.

A few times he made me stop playing with him because he was about to explode. We ended up having such hot sex. Amy was so right. Needless to say, Storytime has become a regular part of our love making.

It has been five years and we have not grown tired of it. Sometimes we will do fantasy play. I will tell him my fantasies and we role play them through the art of storytelling. We feel so much closer. I don’t think there is anything I can’t tell my husband now.


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Jennifer Wife Slut


Few years ago, my wife Jennifer and I went through a bit of a rough patch. She felt it would do some good if she moved out. After 3 months apart, she came back and things have mostly been peachy. When we were apart, some of my mates spotted her around town in clubs and bars, so I figured something would have happened for sure. When we started having sex again, I poked and plodded her about her time in her apartment. She went on to tell me she had been at her place for about a week, when she had a problem with the AC. It was in June so there were days when it was hot enough to use it. She placed a call to get landlords and they told her their son would be stopping by later in afternoon or the next day. About 2 days later, there was a knock on the door and she was on the deck sunbathing. I’ll tell you a little bit about Jennifer, by then she was in her mid forties 6ft tall 40 D bust and just enough meat to look very fine. Most people that knew her would say she could past for 35.

She wrapped a towel around her and answered the door. As soon she answered, there was late twenties tall dark haired man standing there. He said he was the landlords son and there to look at the AC. Jennifer said when we had separated the thought of messing around with other people didn’t cross her mind. But when she looked at him she knew his cock would be in her mouth and his cum would be in her pussy. As he played with the AC unit, she quizzed him, he was single lived out of town and visited his parents on weekends. He concluded that the AC unit was broken and that he could replace it that afternoon. He took out the old one and was taking it away, Jen opened the door for him. She gave him her cell number and told him to phone her when he got back, so she could open the doors for him.

As soon as he left, she went to change into something that would peak his interest. She put on short summer dress that showed too much cleavage and no panties. Later that afternoon her phone rang and it was Steve, and he was back with the new AC. She went to open the door for him, as he pulled the unit out of his truck. He looked over at her and then dud a double take, as cleavage and long legs were hanging out. She smiled back at him because she knew that he was hers. Back in her place after he put the new unit back in and tested it, she invited him to have a drink with her. As they finished their first, Jen went close to him to see if he wanted another drink or something else. He pressed up against her, and ran his tongue into her mouth.

She hungrily returned his kiss as his hands groped all over her body. He felt up her tits and had her bra undone in a flash. He pulled the two thin straps of her dress over her shoulders and her breasts were free. He lowered his mouth to nipple and hungrily started sucking on them. Jennifer hands were busy as she put them down his shorts and felt a massive cock head pointing straight up. Steve stopped sucking her nipples and started explaining that usually, once a woman sees how big his penis is, they back off and get afraid. He said he had a kidney issue when he was younger and the drugs he was on made it like that. Jennifer said that she would never do that and no matter what, she would let him cum. They then started french kissing again and my wife went down to her knees to take a closer look at his monster. She pulled his shirts down and he stepped out of them and this 10 inch extremely thick cock bobbed in front of her.

She grabbed his shaft at base and started kissing the head and licking the precum off. He was moaning and telling her that no woman had done this. His hands had a hold of her hair and back of Jennifer’s head as she put a much of his cock in her mouth. He started slowly moving his hips as he face fucked my beautiful wife. Jennifer said she knew he wasn’t going to last long as his hips started moving and his moans became louder. As his cock started to swell up he yelled as he forced Jens mouth to take more of his cock. Then his cock begin to spasm and Jennifer’s mouth began to fill with his tasty seed. As fast as she could swallow, the left overs flowed out of her mouth and over naked tits. He had his hands on the counter trying to hold himself up as he finished filling Jens mouth up. Complimenting Jennifer on her oral skills and hoping he didn’t get too rough with her. Jennifer was still cleaning his cock off and it kept twitching every time she put the head in her mouth.

Jennifer told Steve it was now his turn as her pussy was leaking down her leg. She grabbed the head of his cock, told him to follow her as she lead him into her bedroom. Naked, she laid back on the bed, spread legs wide open and told him it was his turn. He sucked and lapped her to orgasm as his fingers probed her asshole. Jennifer told him to lie flat as she started sucking his monster back to life. It wasn’t long until it was at full mast again, so she pulled her mouth off it and lowered her pussy on to it. At the beginning, Jen said it felt like it would rip her in half. She said she got about 4 inches in and then she raised up back to when the mushroom was still inside and lowered herself back down on it. She said after about 20 minutes of working her pussy up and down on it, she got about 8 inches in and it was up against her womb.

Steve kept saying over and over that women had gotten so much of his prick inside them. Jennifer said it felt so incredible and filled her up so much that she had multiply orgasms just getting it in. As she rode him, he had a hold of her ass as he slammed his monster over and over into my wife. As she was nearing another orgasm, she felt his cock started to swell and threaten to rip her in two. As he and my wife screamed, his cock emptied buckets of cum into her pussy as she felt his pubic hair against hers, and buried his cock to the hilt. My wife said for about six hours that afternoon and early evening, he fucked Jennifer doggy style over the couch on the floor and against the shower wall, while having a shower together. He came in her twice and in her mouth once. About 9pm, he said he had to get back to his parents place. He asked her if he could see her again when he came back to visit his parents. My wife agreed to see him the next weekend. They kissed and he left. She said her pussy was stretched and sore for three straight days after he left.


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Jenny Visits A Gloryhole


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Yes, it happened again the other day. People, posts, chat online as well as people I come across in real life will often trigger sexy thoughts in my head. Those thoughts most often elicit memories of my many past encounters. My pussy gets wet and I get that uncontrollable urge to suck cock.

As a little background, Nick, my husband of 30 years completely owns my pussy. My pussy has been 100% faithful to him since our first date many moons ago. My mouth is another story. I am a cock sucking slut. I LOVE to suck cock and swallow cum. Any size…as long as it’s hard, clean and very well trimmed or shaved. My motto is “blow and go.” I pick out random strangers and find a way and a place to do what I do best. I never set up dates or make arranged meetings. That would seem too much like cheating on Nick. The strange, random guys and their cocks are no more than sex toys to me. I have zero emotional attachment with them. Better than my toy drawer at home though, these are real, hot, pulsating cocks and ready to fire cum into my needy mouth.

Back to me, I am the sweet Mom and wife next door for the most part. It’s that small amount of time that I get for Jenny playtime that I become a hot MILF. My appearance? If you haven’t seen any of my thousands of photos online, I am 54, tall, slender with fair skin, blonde hair and large natural boobs. My sexiest feature, in my opinion, is my mouth and smile. I have decently full lips, perfect, white teeth and a long talented tongue. There’s not much that is hotter looking than a hard cock in a sexy mouth, right?

Where do I stalk my prey? I find suitable guys in malls, bars, convenience stores, coffee shops…etc. Where can I find the easiest, most eager and ready cocks to suck? That would be an ABS (adult book store) that has a section of booths with gloryholes, holes in the wall at waist height.

This particular afternoon I was on the road running some work errands, seemingly all over the state of New Jersey. My juices were indeed flowing and I had that cock craving. I knew there was an ABS nearby that Nick and I have gone to together before, but not for a couple of years now, since it is not very close to our home. I pulled into the parking lot. The cars there during the daylight, as typical, were all parked as far away from the building and sign as possible with some parked around back. I chuckled as I parked closer to the building, of course. I sat in my car for a moment as I applied a fresh coating of lipstick. Not the actual name, but it should be called “cock sucking red.” I then opened two extra buttons on my blouse. Finally, I reached over, opened the glove compartment and fished out my black lace eye mask. Every superhero needs a disguise, right? This Super Cock Sucker is no different…LOL.

I entered the old, concrete building. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust from the bright sunlight to the fluorescent lighting. I said “Hi!” to the guy at the raised counter and cash register and proceeded to walk around browsing through the XXX DVDs and sex toys. As with all my visits to any ABS, several guys began to follow me, a few paces behind, like zombies. After a few minutes I went into the dark, back section that has the video booths. In the small, private booths there is a bench seat facing a monitor that displays various themed porn movies that you can scroll through after you insert money. The light from the monitor is the booth’s only lighting.

I inspected several of the booths for relative cleanliness and to discover which booths had gloryholes to the adjacent booth and which didn’t. The zombies were still in tow, now waiting for me to select a booth and then hoping to jump into the next one like musical chairs. Well, that’s not how I do this. Everything is on my terms, always. I turned to the group of guys. There were eight of them and it was truly an eclectic group of various ages, heights and levels of fitness. There were a few that, in my quick assessment, were dirty and creepy looking. I would not consider them even if they possessed the greatest dick of all-time. I announced, “Show me your cocks and I will pick one lucky guy to go into the booth next to mine.” Two guys walked away. I guess they forgot to bring their cocks with them today or had something too embarrassing to unveil in a group. With the six remaining and their cocks on display, I will admit to showing preference to the larger ones, but I am also looking for little to no hair and apparent cleanliness. I will also say that I am not a big fan of uncircumcised cocks. Also to know, I prefer my coffee black and my cocks white. Sorry, guys, those are just my preferences. So with that I choose a guy that was probably in his late 40’s with a full head of gray hair. He had on slacks and polo shirt. He was not handsome nor ugly, just plain and average in all ways, including his cock size. I directed him to the booth while I entered mine and latched the door.

Once inside, I reached into my jeans’ pocket for some money. I sat and insert a $5 bill in the slot and the video started. It was gay porn. YIKES! To each their own, but that is definitely not my viewing choice. I scrolled through the selections, settling on a movie showing two busty mature women, one blonde and one redhead, sucking and fucking a younger hunk with an impressive cock. I actually giggled out loud, since I wouldn’t really be watching the movie. My focus would be on the hard cock next door that I would be blowing. Just then I noticed that the guy already had his cock through the gloryhole waiting for his blowjob. I stood, undid my pants and pushed them and my wet panties down a bit so that I could play with my pussy while sucking his cock. I got on my knees in front of the waiting hard on. I grabbed it and made a closer inspection. I had made a safe, but good choice. I wasted no time. I immediately started sucking his cock. Bobbing up and down I was able to get all of his manhood, that was on my side of the wall, down my throat. I had just placed my fingers in my wet pussy when the stranger tensed and started to cum in my mouth. There is never a need to warn me. I always swallow. I love the taste of cum. It’s my reward for a good blowjob. I took every drop as I milked him dry with my other hand. I released both my hand and mouth and immediately he retreated his cock. I think I heard him mumble, “Thank you” as he unlatched the door to leave.

The blowjob was very quick, but that is fine with me. I got what I came for, cock and cum. Just as I started to zip my jeans up I heard the door, in the just vacated booth, close and latch. Hmmmm…I did not come for a double feature, but perhaps I would sit for a minute and see what pops in. Besides, I still have money in the video machine. Just then a very large cock flopped though the hole. It was pretty huge, long and fat. This monster was white, but uncircumcised. Oh, what the hell. Down went my jeans again and onto my knees to suck this second, but much larger cock. I pulled the foreskin back and inspected closely. Yes it was clean so I was all in, back to cock sucking and playing with my previously unsatisfied, wet pussy. The small amount that I was able to get in my mouth still left enough length to grab with my right hand and stroke. As I sucked his cock, I plunged two fingers of my left hand fast and deep into my always shaved pussy. Quickly, I started to cum, groan and pick up the pace of stroking and sucking. As my climax heightened, he started to cum in my mouth as well. I feverishly continued my own finger fucking and cock sucking. Then we both drained our fluids, his cum and me squirting all over my panties, jeans and the floor. I actually feel bad for the people that have to mop up after me.

Now THAT was super satisfying. I realized that the movie had stopped because the money had run out, making the booth darker. I pulled up my very wet jeans, got hastily composed and went to leave the booth. I stepped out just as Mr. Big Cock did from his booth. We looked at each other. Wait, he looked very familiar, but I couldn’t place him. He smiled and said, “That was fucking awesome!”

My reply of “Ditto!” was silent, only in my own head.

He walked out of the booth section ahead of me. As I headed for the exit door and he was several feet ahead of me, he turned and stepped up behind the raised counter. That’s who it was! I knew I had recognized him. As I passed and smiled, he said, “Have a great evening. I hope to see you in here again.”

I replied, this time not silently, with, “Perhaps,” and a laugh. I no longer felt bad about the puddle I left on the booth floor from squirting, now knowing the guy mopping is the same one that helped make the mess. Once back in my car, I returned the mask to its hiding place, chugged some spring water and popped a few tic tacs into my mouth. As I pulled out of the lot I thought about my family and friends wondering, “If they only knew.”


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Jodie Pays Off Her Debt


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My name is Gary and I’m married. I just turned fifty years old and even though I have a good sex life with my wife, I still had a fantasy of having sex with Jodie. She works with my wife at the Citizens Bank in town and is fifteen years younger. Jodie had some financial issues and when it rained it poured on her. Her Chevrolet Caviler just broke down and she didn’t have the cash to get it repaired. So unbeknownst to my wife, I lent Jodie three hundred and twenty-five dollars to get her car back on the road. Jodie promised to pay me back without my wife knowing.

Four months had passed and Jodie’s car was back on the road and she still hadn’t paid me back. I decided that I better blow it off than press the issue. It was the end of month of August and my wife decided to visit her parents in Chicago. That left me home alone during the Labor Day weekend. My wife left an hour after she got off work. It was now eight that Friday night when my doorbell rang. I wondered who would be calling at this hour while I headed to the front door. I opened the door and outside on the front porch stood Jodie. My heart raced while I looked at her. Jodie was three inches shorter than me with shoulder length blonde hair and the softest blue eyes. “Ah, Jodie, Robyn’s not here,” I said. Jodie gave me a warm smile.

“I know. I’m here because I do owe you for helping me get my car repaired. I’m here to pay you back,” she said. I looked at Jodie standing there in her blue jean shorts, white blouse and her bare feet in sandals. “Please come in,” I said and stepped aside. I closed the door after Jodie entered and there was a few seconds of silence while he glanced at each other for a few seconds. “I decided that since I don’t have any money to pay you back, I wanted to give you something else. Something that I think you’ll find worth more than cash,” she said and a smile grew on her face. It was a smile that she was up to something. “What can that be?” I asked clueless of what she meant. Jodie surprised me by walking up to me and she placed her arms around my body. She drew me closer to her to where I could feel her perky tits pressed up against my chest.

She brought her lips to my lips and kissed me. She moved her mouth close to my right ear. “I’m all yours for twenty-four hours,” she whispered then gave my left earlobe a light nibble. “All mind for twenty-four hours?” I said not sure I understood her correctly. Or at least I wanted to make sure what I thought she meant was exactly what she meant. “I’m all yours, meaning,” she said then paused while she moved up to my right ear. “I’m your slut for the next twenty-four hours,” she whispered in my ear then she kissed me again. Jodie and I kissed for a few minutes with our tongues swirling around each other. “Okay, Jodie. You’re my slut for the next twenty-four hours,” I said. Jodie smiled and held my right hand. “Let’s get started,” she said then walked me out of the living room. Jodie walked me into our TV room and I felt that I was in a dream.

I was scared that I would wake up any second. I didn’t. “I can’t believe you want to do this,” I said to Jodie while I walked her to our Futon. “I know, but to be honest, I’ve always had a fantasy of having your fuck me,” she said. Hearing Jodie say that was a huge turn-on. In fact hearing any woman use the fuck word is a big turn-on for me. It was a few seconds of silence while Jodie and I stood. “So, what do you think of me,” said Jodie while she moved around like a model. “I’ve seen your glares. I’ve seen your eyes undressing me,” she said. I looked Jodie over and she was correct. I had undressed her with my eyes over the years. “I bet you jerk off thinking of me,” she said and that completely took me by surprise. “I do,” I said then cringed when I realized I spoke the truth. “Good, because I’ve masturbated thinking about you,” she said and started to move her hands all over the front of her body. I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed Jodie by her hands and sat her down on the Futon. I knelt down by her feet and removed her sandals.

She wiggled her toes at me. “I’ve always wanted to do this,” I said while I grabbed her right foot. “Mmm, a foot massage. I love having my feet massaged,” she said. “That plus this,” I said then I started sucking on her pinky toe. “Oh, I’ve never had that done before,” she said. I didn’t respond and started sucking on all of her toes. Jodie moaned and moaned a little louder while I sucked on her big toe. After I gave her right foot a little massage, I moved over to her left foot. Jodie loved the feeling of me sucking on all of her toes and massaging her left foot. I grabbed Jodie’s right hand and pulled her off the Futon and to her feet. I removed her blouse then started kissing the top of her right shoulder. She moaned. I kissed the right side of her neck. She moaned. I moved over and while I kissed her left shoulder, I reached around and unclipped her bra. I removed her bra and look in awe at her perky C-cup tits with erect nipples. “Nice tits,”

I said while I cupped her tits in my hands and played with her nipples. I leaned down and started sucking on her right nipple. Jodie moaned. After a few seconds of sucking on her right tit, I moved over and started sucking on her left nipple. She moaned. After a few minutes of sucking on Jodie’s tits, I dropped to my knees. I undid her blue jeans shorts, pulled down the zipper then lowered them to her ankles. Jodie stepped out of her jeans. I looked at Jodie’s while cotton panties and knew behind them was my pot of gold. I grabbed the waist band of her panties and slowly moved them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and stood naked before me. I stared at that black patch of pubic hair above her pussy for a few seconds. I rose to my feet and slowly turned Jodie around to get a good look of her ass. Her ass was a bit chubby and I loved that. I’ve always loved a woman with a chubby ass.

More meat to play with. I ran my hands all over Jodie’s ass cheeks. She moaned. I squeezed her cheeks and loved how they felt in my hands. I leaned down and gave both of her ass cheeks some kisses. After a few light smacks on her ass, I lightly pushed Jodie back down on the Futon. Jodie moved back around and faced me. She removed my tee shirt then undid my blue jeans. She moved my jeans down to my ankles. I stepped out of them. Jodie then smiled while she moved my boxers down to my ankles. I stepped out of them. So there we were both bare ass naked in front of each other. I pushed Jodie back on her ass on the Futon. I knelt down and grabbed her right foot and kissed it all over. I set that foot down and grabbed her left foot and kissed it all over. I placed her foot down and started at that beautiful hairy pussy that was saying Come to me! I spread her legs apart and kissed my way down from her knee down her inner right thigh stopping at her pussy.

I kissed my way down from her knee down her inner left thigh to her pussy. I got close to her pussy and I could smell she was wet. “Mmm, I love the smell of pussy on a Saturday,” I said while I stared at her pussy lips that looked moist and waiting to be touched. I moved my mouth closer to her pussy and ran my tongue up and down her slit. It tasted good and she moaned. “I love having my pussy licked,” moaned out Jodie while the tip of my tongue went up and down her slit tasting her sweet pussy juices. I kissed and licked all around her pussy lips. Then I flicked my tongue into her pussy hole going in deep. “Yes, tongue fuck me,” Jodie moaned. I tongue fucked Jodie’s pussy and she moaned louder. “Tongue fuck me. Yes…tongue fuck me!” she cried out and placed both of her hands on my head to make sure I wasn’t going anywhere. I shoved my tongue all the way into her wet pussy and loved the taste and feeling. “Ahhhh,” cried out Jodie while she had an orgasm with my tongue deep in her pussy. I removed my tongue and immediately replaced it with my middle finger. Jodie moaned while I finger fucked her cunt to soak up her juices on my skin. After a few minutes of me finger fucking Jodie’s pussy and her moaning, I pulled my finger out and sucked off her succulent juices. I could make a drink out of Jodie’s pussy juices. I’d call it Heavenly Jodie. I went back to licking Jodie’s pussy and licked all around her clit that protruded like a small penis. “Feels good,” moaned out Jodie. I started sucking on her clit and moved my hands up to her tits.

Jodie moaned and draped her legs over my shoulders while I sucked on her clit. “Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned out. After a few minutes of sucking on her clit, I could feel her butt cheeks rise off the Futon. “AHHHHHHHHH!” she cried out having an orgasm. I sucked harder on her clit and that drove her orgasm even more intense. After her orgasm subsided, I licked and kissed all around her inner thighs close to her pussy. While doing this I could see her puckered asshole. It looked so inviting but didn’t know how she would react if I started licking it. So I took a bit of a chance and I lightly ran the tip of my tongue in close proximity of her asshole. She moaned so I decided I’d try that sweet area later. “I want some cock,” said Jodie and she pushed my head away from her pussy. She got off the Futon and dropped to her knees. I stood up knowing what she wanted. Jodie lightly stroked my seven-inch cock that was now rock hard. “Nice cock and balls,” she said while she lightly stroked my cock. Jodie leaned up and licked all around the base of my shaved balls.

“Feels good,” I said loving the feeling of her tongue all over my balls. Jodie ran her tongue all the way up the hard shaft of my cock. She circled her tongue all around the head of my cock. “That’s it baby,” I moaned. Then Jodie finally did what I jerked off to while having my fantasies about her. She opened her mouth and started sucking on the head of my cock. “You’re good,” I moaned out loving the feeling of Jodie’s warm mouth over the head of my cock. Jodie continued sucking on my cock and shoved it deep into her mouth. I could feel her nose up against my blonde pubic hairs. “Yes, suck my cock, baby,” I said then I grabbed the sides of Jodie’s head and started fucking her mouth. All Jodie could do was moan with a mouthful of cock that she loved. After a few minutes of Jodie using her magic mouth on my cock, I was afraid I might blow my load down her throat. I pulled my cock out. “It’s time I fuck you,” I said. “About time,” she said with a smile while she glanced up at me. I repositioned Jodie still on her knees but her front and face down on the Futon.

I wanted to fuck her doggie- style. Jodie wiggled her ass. “Fuck me, Gary,” she said. I gave her ass cheeks a few light smacks. Then I ran the tip of my cock up and down her wet slit. Jodie moaned. I slid the head of my cock into her pussy. She moaned. I slid it in deeper. She moaned louder. I started to pump her pussy and it felt like heaven. I picked up my pace and my crotch was slapping up against Jodie’s sweet ass cheeks. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Jodie sang out along to the music of my crotch slapping up against her ass cheeks. After a few more minutes, Jodie grabbed the material of the Futon. “Ffffuuuccckkkk!” she cried out having an orgasm. I continued to pump not missing a beat while her body shook with her orgasm. After Jodie’s orgasm subsided, I could feel that my cock was about to blow. “I’m going to cum!” I cried out. “Cum on my tits,” said Jodie. I pulled my cock out of her dripping wet pussy. Jodie immediately got up off the Futon and got to her knees in front of me. She pushes up her chest and waited for her prize. I stroked my cock and my first spurt of cum shot out of my cock and hit below Jodie’s chin and her tits. I stroked and my second spurt of cum shot out and it hit her right tit. I stroked and my third spurt of cum hit her left tit. I stroked and my final spurt of cum hit dead center between her tits. I was done. “Feels good,” she said while she used her right hand and spread my cum all over her tits. After Jodie was done spreading out my cum, I grabbed her hand and walked her to the bathroom.

I used a wash cloth and cleaned her up. After we left the bathroom, Jodie insisted on wearing nothing but one of my dress shirts with her white cotton panties. I wore a tee shirt and shorts without any boxers. Jodie and I went back into the den and decided to cuddle on the Futon and watch some movies. While we watched movies I would massage her feet. Massage her shoulder. French kiss her. Suck on her toes and just cuddle. I was in heaven. It was early evening and we ordered some pizza for dinner. I had a six pact of Yuengling beer so we ate pizza and each had three beers. After dinner Jodie and I cuddled on the Futon and watched some more movies. After the movies, Jodie and I took a shower. We soaped up each other bodies and this was also something I fantasized about for years. I fought hard not to get a boner, as I wanted to save that for something else. It was late so I pulled out the Futon and made a bed for us to sleep in. Jodie felt good in my arms while we slept. It was three in the morning. I woke horny and glanced over at Jodie.

I saw she was sleeping on her stomach. I reached over and started to lightly rub her panties at the crack of her ass. Jodie didn’t move my hand away and in fact, after a few seconds of doing that, her butt moved a little. That movement indicated she liked the feeling of my finger tip moving up and down the crack of her panties. I slipped my hand under her panties and rubbed up and down the crack of her ass. Jodie’s butt moved with the motion of my finger tips rubbing up and down the crack of her ass. “Feels good,” she moaned out and I looked and saw her eyes were opened. I knew I could take this a step farther so I grabbed the waist band of her panties and slid them down her legs to her ankles. She flicked them off her feet. I moved the covers off her body and her ass cheeks in the dim lit room was a beautiful sight. I decided to take a huge risk. I leaned down and started to run the tip of my tongue up and down the crack of Jodie’s ass. She didn’t shoo me away.

“Feels good,” moaned out Jodie while my tongue ran up and down the crack of her ass. Knowing she liked this, I decided to go for the gold. I ran my tongue deeper into the crack of her ass and found her puckered asshole. I lightly ran my tongue all around her asshole. Jodie moaned. I pressed the tip of my tongue harder against her asshole. She moaned. Jodie moved me away and I thought she wanted me to stop. But she instead removed my shirt so she could be completely naked. I removed my tee shirt and shorts. Jodie got on her knees and placed her face down on the Futon. “Lick my asshole,” she said and wiggled her ass at me. The sight of this position with her ass wiggling at me gave me a rock hard erection. So I went in and started to lick her puckered asshole. “Yes, yes, yes, lick my asshole. I want my asshole licked,” cried out Jodie. After a few seconds of me licking her asshole, Jodie moved away and pushed me down on my back. She dove in and started sucking on my cock.

After a few seconds of doing that, she repositioned herself and placed her crotch over my face for a 69 position. But while she sucked on my cock, she placed her asshole on my mouth instead of her pussy. So there we were, I was licking, kissing, and tongue fucking her asshole while she sucked on my cock. After five minutes of doing that, I couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m going to cum!” I cried out after moving my mouth away from her asshole. Jodie kept on sucking. “I’m going to cum,” I warned her again. Jodie took her mouth off my cock. “Cum in my mouth,” she said and placed my cock back in her mouth. I went back to licking and kissing her asshole. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I just let my cock do its thing. My first spurt of cum shot out into Jodie’s mouth. She kept her mouth tight around my cock. The second spurt of cum shot into Jodie’s warm mouth. My third and final spurt of cum shot into Jodie’s mouth. She removed my cock from her mouth and swallowed my cum.

We French kissed and I could taste some of the residual cum in her mouth. We cuddled naked and fell back asleep. *** The sun rose and it was now seven that morning. Jodie and I were still sound asleep and I could feel her crotch pressed up against my left thigh with her left leg across my legs. I loved the feeling of her pussy lips up against the skin of my left thigh. I wanted to lay there forever. Then I could feel her pussy rubbing her pussy lips against my thigh. It didn’t take long for Jodie to rub her clit against my thigh. “That’s it Jodie. Hump on my leg,” I said. “Mmmm, feels good,” said Jodie and continued to hump on my leg. I could feel her pussy drip out her juices while she rubbed on my thigh. Jodie moaned and then after a few more minutes she wrapped her legs tight around my left thigh. “Ffuucckk!” she cried out and almost cut off the circulation of my leg while she squeezed my thighs.

That caused Jodie to have another orgasm all over my legs. What a glorious feeling! After Jodie was done with her orgasm, I rolled her over on her back. I got on top of her and she knew what I wanted. She reached down and guided my cock while I inserted it into her wet pussy. “Yes,” she moaned out while my cock went deep into her pussy. “Fuck me, Gary. Fuck me,” she cried out. I started pumping Jodie’s pussy. She shot her legs up in the air with her toes pointed at the ceiling. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she moaned out. I pumped faster. Jodie wrapped her legs around my waist. “Ahhhhhhh!” she cried out having another orgasm. After her orgasm subsided I knew I couldn’t last much longer. “I’m going to cum!” I cried out. “Cum in my pussy,”

Jodie moaned. “Yes baby,” I said then pumped faster and faster. I felt it coming so I didn’t slow down. “AHHHHHH!” cried out Jodie while she had another orgasm at the same time my cock started spurting out my hot cum into her pussy. I slowed down my pumping to make sure all of my cum dumped into Jodie’s pussy. I pulled it out and lay on my back and Jodie rested her head against my chest. “Well, I guess I paid you back,” she said. “Yes you did,” I smiled and this weekend was fucking great. After an hour of cuddling, Jodie and I got up and took a shower. After some French toast breakfast, Jodie left to go home. She was exhausted and wanted to rest her pussy. So now I wonder if Jodie and I will fuck again or will our time together be our deep dark secret. It’s all up to Jodie.


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Juicy Get’s A Rude Awakening


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Oh fuck, I can feel his cock pounding into the wall of my pussy, it’s uncomfortable possibly painful but I enjoy it. My cunt is dribbling into my hand as I frantically finger my clit, the wetness runs onto the sheets but is eagerly replaced with lots more. His movement is forceful and deep, he hits me hard with his hips onto my arse cheeks with every stroke. His cock hits my pussy with the same force. I’m going to feel this for a few days at least, but it’s nice to feel used.

I slip 2 fingers into my pussy to make it a bit tighter for me, he’s not massive and I love to be stretched. This increases the friction on the rear of my soaked opening. He feels me inserting them and moans a little with pleasure, this pleases me too, and my cunt dribbles even more.

His entire huge bodyweight is lying on top of me, I’m face down, body pushed into the mattress. Face into the solitary pillow, my favourite position, with my hand under me so I can sneakily finger my clit.

“Your cock feels so hard.” I mumble into the stifling pillow, “Fuck me with it, I want to feel it for days.” I continue.

“You want a massive cock to stretch you don’t you.”

He whispers back to me, his mouth so close to me ear.

“You want to feel it deep inside you, hitting your cervix, slipping inside your uterus and filling it with cum!”

He’s said this before and it intrigues me he would want to say such things.Surely he would be jealous of some guy fucking me with a massive cock, making me moan, scream, cum. Digging my nails into in flesh with pleasure and the pain of my cunt being filled up totally. These thoughts make me cum in an instant, his words hit the spot and he knew they would.

I writhed as I cum, my clit throbbed with the increased blood flow, my stomach clenched as the orgasm hit me with full force. I could feel my pussy gush and flood my hand, dribbling onto the sheets. With every continuing thrust he made my tightening cunt opening ache, his actions are more forceful as he feels me cum.

“OH FUCK!!” I scream.

“FUCK ME HARDER, I WANT YOU TO HURT ME.” I continue to shout at him through the muffled pillow.

He violently rams his whole body against mine. His cock hits the wall of my pussy with every stroke, it makes the gurgling sound of pleasure as it gushes more. This increases his passion. He brings his knees inside mine and forces my legs open, almost at right angles to my hips, this makes my arse rise into the air. A clear invitation to him.

I feel him pull out and as it rests above me I feel my cum juices dribble from his cock into the crack of my arse. In one motion I feel him enter my sweet arsehole, my wetness makes it so easy for him to slide in deep and again he starts to pound at me, balls deep, full length thrusts. His hips hitting my arse cheeks, my cum juices making a splashing sensation as he does. My fingers frantically rub my clit. My hand is drenched with sticky cum as the feeling of him raping my arse excites me.

“You really love me fucking your arse don’t you.” He says in my ear, between his heavy breaths.

“Yes I do now please fuck it hard.” I reply gasping for breath at each stroke.

“Don’t you wish it was a massive cock in your arse and me in your cunt.” He continues.

“Yes, yes I do.” I retort “I want to be stretched, to be hurt, to be violated.”

This spurs him on and wrapping his arm around my throat to hold me firmly, he pounds into me almost collapsing my body in his grip. I cum again turned on by his ferocity. My clit throbs and cunt gushes into my palm. My clenching arse makes him cum in return, I feel his cock deep in my arse start to pulsate, his hot cum squirts into my waiting orifice. He pulls out slightly and I feel some of it dribble from my hole onto my cunt and then to my fingers. A job well done, a wet cunt and stretched arse, My idea of a perfect morning.

He stays in me as we recover, his arms are holding onto me as best he can, my hand is still beneath me as I gently rub my tingling clit. He kisses my neck, I turn and in turn kiss his lips.

“I do love you and love how you fuck me hard.” I say to him.

“I love how you pussy and arse feel in the morning honey.” He replies.

In time the inevitable happens and his cock shrinks dropping from my arse hole taking with it some of his spent load. He rolls off and rubs himself hard again while fingering my cunt. He’s soon ready again, rolls me onto my back to reveal me rubbing myself. He climbs on me lifts my legs up to show my dripping gaping cunt and drives himself deep inside me with all his bodyweight.

My cunt hasn’t recovered from the pounding he gave me earlier or the stomach clenching orgasms, but his attention is more than welcome. My hands reach for his massive chest, while one of his wraps around my throat, and the other steadies him on the bed head. His body swings into me pivoting from his knees and resting point around my neck, his huge body hammering itself home with every stroke. I feel his cock rubbing against the inside of my blood swollen birth canal and my enlarged pussy lips, with my steroid enlarged clit stroking his cock as he enters me repeatedly.

The pressure of his strokes force my cum juice to dribble down between my bum cheeks to mingle with his cum leaking from my arse and soaking the sheets. My finger redirects itself to my clit and I begin to massage it gently, they get trapped with each clash of our sweat and cum drenched bodies but this just excites me more. He pulls out and moves down the bed to bury his face in my dripping cunt, holding my legs apart with his arms and one hand spreading my lips, he devours my clit, sucking it like a small cock. Occasionally tongue fucking me. I show my gratitude by dribbling my cum down his chin.

The feeling of his face in my crotch makes me tremble with delight, my hands grip the back of his head pulling him in deeper as he viciously sucks at my cunt. He releases one leg to insert two fingers into me, now finger fucking me, sucking at my clit I’m in ecstasy. He moves the fingers to my arse and finger fucks it with his cum lubricated digits, then slips them back into my aching pussy.

Lifting himself up, he returns to fucking me with his cock and body. Holding my legs up he now has easy access to both holes and soon makes use of them. Slipping out of my cunt and into my cum filled arse, his wet cock meets no resistance. This time drilling deep into my arse with all his force and all of his stroke, then pulling out and into my gaping cunt again. Pounding into it making the cum juice run out and fill my arse, ready for him to renter it for more anal raping.

One of my hands is busily rubbing myself, the erect clit enjoying the attention. The other his faintly holding him away so as to offer some resistance to him but only as a gesture, my body and mind are enjoying this to much to want him to stop.

The energy exerted is forcing sweat from his forehead to drip onto me, running down my cleavage to pool in my navel and mixing with mine. He pauses for a while, pulls out and sits to my side, resting, regaining energy. He has never been a lazy fuck and luckily he is fit enough to give me a good long fuck session when needed.

As he mops the sweat, I carry on rubbing my clit and slipping the odd finger inside then up to have a taste of myself,

“Nice?” he asks.

I slip them back in and give them to him to try.

“Here try for yourself.” I reply.

He begins to suck on my fingers, licking them gently then sucking them again.

“Try mine.” he says,

Getting up before me he grabs my head and pulls me towards his cock, my mouth already open to receive it willingly. He takes a handful of my hair and uses it as handles to face fuck me then throat fuck me. His cock hits the back of my throat making me gag and my eyes run. The tip slips passed my tonsils cutting off air supply.

“That’s better.” He says “Deep throat me, take my cock all the way.”

He releases me to get air then fucks my throat again. My hand is between my legs, fingers inserted into my pussy, palm rubbing my solid erect clit. I can feel my cunt squeeze and spasm as he deep throats me. He has been saying that he wants me to suck a guys dick while he fucks me so he can feel it for himself, then change round so the lucky guy can feel it too.

Four, Five, Six times he chokes me, then lets me up for air, as he does saliva runs from my mouth down my chin as well as down his cock onto his balls. I run my tongue along its length to the base and up again, kissing his purple swollen head. Then he forces it back into me choking me again, my free hand tries to hold him away but he is merciless in his action.

After several cycles of gagging and relief he cups my chin with his hand, leans down and passionately kisses me. licking my lips and chin, tasting me and him. He lies face up on the bed beside me, holds his cock vertical saying,

“Climb on my cock Bitch.”

“Yes Boss.” I reply,

Eagerly I climb on top of him, high on my haunches I hover over his saliva soaked cock. My lips hanging, dripping with my cum, lowering myself slowly onto it. I feel its tip touch my waiting pussy as I insert him in me, I let my weight force myself down until I feel him hitting deep inside. His hands reach for my breasts, cupping them, my nipples between his fingers. He gently at first squeezes them, then more forcefully. I’m riding his cock, my hands resting on his shoulders my legs lifting me to the tip and back inside again.

“Do you want a huge cock to sit on??” He asks.

“What would I do with a big cock, I’m only small.” I reply.

“Let it fuck you deep and hard till it hurts you, until you can take all of it. So it stretches your cunt so much you take weeks to recover.” Is his answer.

I’m still unsure why my loving husband would want to let others fuck me, but I’m too much in the mood to argue,

“Yes I want a massive cock to sit on and hurt me. I want to cum on his cock and make his balls wet, I want to feel it so deep inside me. I want you to fuck my throat as I do.” That’s what he wants me to say.

“Good that’s my girl.” he replies “Now stick my insignificant cock in your tight arse.” He demanded.

At this I raise myself up to allow his cock freedom from my demanding pussy and to enter my hole. I grab it as it leaves me then position it under my arsehole and then lower myself down onto it. Slowly the tip enters my already cum filled hole then the shaft, I feel it open me up as I slide down on it. Eventually it’s fully inside me, our skin is touching, my bum cheeks on his groin. He reaches up and wraps his hands around each of my small breasts, but very firmly squeezing them as I rise and fall on his cock.

“That’s it fuck you tight arse with my cock, make it hurt, make yourself cum with it.” He orders me.

My fingers are rubbing at my clit, wet, cum soaked clit. My cunt it slapping against his pubis leaving a puddle with every impact. The slurping sounds are so horny.

“love your wet cunt dribbling on me.” He says.

“I love your hard cock in my arse.” I reply “It makes so horny.”

“Good cum for me then, dribble your cum on me and then sit on my face so I can drink it from your cunt.”

This spurs me on. I frantically bounce up and down on his solid cock, pushing it deep into my willing arse, still rubbing my clit in a frenzy.

“Fuck that’s awesome.” He comments. “Keep fucking my cock.”

I don’t need telling, his hands are gripping my tits, my fingers are frigging my clit, my arse is full of cock, my pussy is gushing on his body. Everything is in unison.

This goes on and on seemingly for hours, but realistically 20mins at the most. But i’m enjoying it to much to stop. Then he starts to raise his hips to meet my bum cheeks, violently slapping me with each stroke. It stings, my wetness makes it worse, he releases my tits, they sigh a breath if relief. But he then begins to slap my arse cheeks, this spurs me on.

“Ouch!!” I exclaim

But this doesn’t stop him. Repeated slaps, then,

“Cum now bitch cum for me.” Me orders.

I concentrate on his cock in my arse and my fingers on my clit, then I feel it coming. The feeling stirs in me again, my clit throbs and wants more attention. My movements are more violent as I begin to peak, then my cunt muscles spasm. In return it gurgles letting out a stream of my cum onto his body.

“Good girl.” He exclaims “I love the feel of your arse when you cum.” He continues “Your cunt is so wet it’s awesome I want to taste it.”

I push myself hard onto his cock. All of my force and body weight push him deep inside my wanting arse. Again my cunt spasms and more cum runs from it, more and more spasms follow releasing my juice with each one.

The muscles clenches follow, my uterus contracts and hurts my stomach. Having a baby was easier than the orgasms he gives me with anal. But I want them so much, it makes him happy to know I have cum.

I can’t take any more and lift myself free from his cock. Still rubbing my clit, get up and straddle his face with my legs. My swollen clit and pussy lips hang low between them still dripping with my cum juice. he immediately grabs his cock and starts rubbing it madly as I lower my cunt onto his waiting mouth. He instantly begins to suck my tingling clit but it’s so sensitive that I struggle to stay in place, even though I love to sit on his willing mouth it’s more than I can take. I continue to dribble into his mouth and down his face until its too much and push myself from him.

I look down to see his rock hard cock, in his hand, getting a frantic wanking. I carry on rubbing my clit and he watches me intently. I see his movement become more urgent.

“Put it in you mouth and swallow me.” He orders.

Without delay I bend down and take his throbbing cock in my willing mouth, grip it with one hand still rubbing myself with the other. I carry on his wanking motion. I feel it get bigger and harder and know he is nearly there. He puts his hand on the back of my head, forcing his cock into my throat. My eyes water, I gag, my saliva runs down his cock soaking the sheets.

“Suck it bitch, suck it and swallow me.” He demands.

I devour his cock like a starving woman. Then he forces it in with all his might and explodes in my mouth. The warm cum erupts into my throat and I swallow it down. Eruption after eruption follows and I gladly drink each drop, when he finishes I run my tongue up his shaft to the tip and tease his end making him quiver with delight.

“Thank you.” He says “Your awesome.”

I move up to his face and give him a massive French kiss, sharing my meal with him.

“Your welcome.” l reply “your pretty great yourself.”

We lie together kissing and playing with each other.

It’s breakfast time, think we have both earned it this morning.


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Meeting My Lover


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We had tried to meet for awhile, something always happened. His schedule or mine. At last, we had a chance to meet. He left his car in a parking lot and we drove in my car to his friend’s house, who’d loaned us the place for our tryst.

We got to the room, and started kissing right away, long lingering kisses that made me tremble. He started rubbing my nipples over my blouse, caressing my breasts, which are incredibly soft and sensitive. He then opened my blouse, released my bra and took one nipple into his mouth and started sucking while I moaned and enjoyed the pleasure of his sucking and licking. We were ready, hot and wet, impatiently took off our clothes and stood naked in the room, rubbing against each other while kissing and sucking.

We laid on the bed and I remember immediately opening my legs and him coming down on me, feeling his tongue open my pussy lips, swirling around and around while I caressed my hard nipples. My hips were moving up and down, his tongue simulating a hard cock, licking and going in and out, sometimes quickly flicking his tongue over my clit, until I came so hard, bucking my hips up and down, feeling the throbbing feeling of my clit in ecstasy. He kept at it, whch made it a combination of agony and pleasure, wanting him to stop but to continue as well.

Then it was my turn. He laid on his back, his cock limp which worried me. I thought he would be all hard and excited. But that made it a challenge. I started using my tongue, slowly going up and down his shaft, with my hand stroking his balls, licking and feeling him getting hard in my mouth, little by little. I took his hardening cock in my hand and moved it up and down, flicking my tongue on his pre-cum soaked tip.

Finally, he was so hard it was perfect to take him whole in my mouth, his cock fucking my mouth, my ass close to him so he was fingering me from behind, moaning as his hard cock fucked my mouth. When he was almost ready, I turned my back to him, offering my pussy from behind and felt as he slowly entered me, slowly at first then harder and harder. I could feel his balls slapping me, his hand rubbing my nipple, in and out he would go as I opened myself more to feel him deep inside me. At that moment I used my toy and while he pounded my pussy, I masturbated and we both came so hard, his cum coming down between my legs, both of us throbbing with pleasure.


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Melissa Likes to Watch


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Well, It’s a Junior year

Summer had finally ended and it was back to school for junior year. I was excited to see all my friends and all my favorite girls every day. Walking through the halls was just a festival of hugs and kisses and stories of what everyone did over the summer. There were some exciting stories too! It turns out I wasn’t the only one who had such an amazing summer.

On the other hand, being back in school meant that I didn’t get to spend as much time with my girlfriend Jamie. Jamie went to a different school than I did, so between classes and sports practice we really were only able to get together on the weekends. (At least until one of us got our drivers’ license, which would be very soon!)

One piece of good news however was that although I didn’t get to see Jamie as often, I also didn’t run into her best friend Melissa as often. Melissa was currently blackmailing me for sex ever since a pot fueled hookup during the summer. If I didn’t come whenever she called, literally, she threatened to tell Jamie about our little party. I was always afraid Jamie would find out, so I did what Melissa demanded.

Surprisingly, Melissa had only called me out on that deal a couple times since Jamie had come home from camp. I had almost expected her to be calling me every other day from the way she had first threatened. To be honest though, those couple of times when she did call, what can I say, the girl is magnificent in bed. As long as I knew there was no way Jamie would find out, I really had no problem fucking Melissa all day long. The afternoons we did spend together were incredible.

It’s a Birthday Surprise

A month or so after school started, Jamie and I finally had a Saturday with no plans! I was excited that we could spend the whole day together and… well you know. I arrived at Jamie’s house to some delicious passionate hugs and kisses. I was ready to just throw her on the couch and have my way with her. Of course that’s when her mom walked in with her “Alright you two give it a rest”. Parents can be so annoying.

Jamie and I had planned to go downtown for the day to do some shopping. Melissa’s birthday was coming up during the next week so Jamie wanted to get her a gift. Instead, Jamie tells me at this point that she had already picked up the gift, and we were in fact going to Melissa’s house for the afternoon. Surprise!

I really wasn’t very happy about that. I had hoped to get Jamie alone in the back of a dark movie theater for a couple of hours. We hadn’t had a chance to get naked for a couple of weeks and I really wanted to, at the very least, get my hands all over that sexy body. So, naturally I expressed my disappointment at this new development.

Jamie explained that Melissa’s parents were throwing a huge party for her the following weekend, which I would also be expected to attend, but she and a few of Melissa’s other friends decided to have a smaller surprise party this weekend, to throw Melissa of the trail in case she had any clues about the BIG party with all the relatives. I was still disappointed.

So, I had no choice, we made our way to Melissa’s house. Melissa was appropriately surprised and very happy to see us. I’m not sure which of us showing up at her door made her happier, Jamie or me. She was even more surprised as the rest of her friends started to show up. She admitted that she had her suspicions that a surprise party was brewing. Slowly the party grew and spread to the back deck and the pool and pretty much everywhere there was space for bodies.

Touching Jamie, Teasing Melissa

As I said, Jamie and I had not had any real alone time for a couple of weeks, so we were cuddled up on one of the lounge chairs in the back yard kissing and touching and not caring who was watching. Every once in a while someone would come by and tell us to “get a room”, but I didn’t care I was ready to do it right there in the back yard for all to see. For her part, Jamie was ready for us to get a room too. She would moan and smile and shutter with every touch.

Now early on in my arrangement with Melissa, I discovered that it really turned her on watching me all over Jamie. I mean, it REALLY turned her on, to the point that she could barely contain herself. I was fascinated by this. She couldn’t explain it, just for some reason it drove her crazy. When she watched me sliding my hands all over Jamie, anticipating what I would do next, it just made Melissa so horny she could barely keep her clothes on.

With that in mind, as Jamie and I were cuddled up in the back yard making out, I spied Melissa watching us from over on the patio. I knew exactly what she was thinking. So for her birthday I decided to make her orgasm from just watching us in the back yard. Hahah.

I suggest to Jamie that she needed to work on her tan, so she laid out on the lounger and I grabbed a bottle of tanning oil. Obviously just a ploy so I could get my hands all over her, but Jamie didn’t mind at all. Making sure to position myself so Melissa could see every move, I started to rub the oil all over Jamie’s back. I worked her back and shoulders. I untied her bikini. I made sure to slip my hands underneath and tease her perfect tits. Jamie would laugh and giggle and swat at me to make me stop, but didn’t. Not really. When my fingers slipped over her nipples she let out a sweet little moan. She loved it, but still made me stop because “people could see”. That’s what I was counting on. I saw Melissa watching intently. I couldn’t see where her hands were, but I could guess.

I pulled my hands from Jamie’s tits and started to do her legs, from the bottom, all the way up. I slid one hand between those thighs and gave her a quick tease. Jamie responded by spreading her legs just a little bit more. There was no way I could do what I wanted with all those people there. It was hard to resist, but I managed. Instead, I continued to oil up over her legs, slipping my hands under that bikini to cover her ass. I made sure Melissa was watching as I slid my hand inside Jamie’s bikini and oiled up her behind.

As I was doing that, Melissa had gotten up from the patio and came over to pull up a chair right next to us, where she could get a close up view. Jamie was laying on the lounger with her eyes closed as my hands were all over her body.

Melissa watched my hands on Jamie’s ass, then looked me right in the eyes and said “Well this looks like fun, can anybody get in on this grope fest?”

I honestly didn’t know if she wanted me to grope her, or if she wanted to get her hands on Jamie’s ass. (Can’t say I blame her for that) I was beginning to think maybe Melissa had a thing for Jamie.

I picked up the bottle of oil, handed it to her and said “Knock yourself out”. Jamie just laughed.

Melissa rolled her eyes at me, took a look at Jamie all oiled up and perfect and said “I would, but I think I need to go smoke a joint, you guys wanna come?”

For me that was more than just an invitation, it was a command.

Jamie said “no thanks, I’m comfortable right here. I need to tan more”

Melissa looked at me and asked (demanded) “How bout you?”

I looked right at Melissa, ran my hand across Jamie’s ass again and said “I don’t know, I think Jamie needs me right here”

Melissa gave me an evil look.

Jamie just closed her eyes and said “Go! I’ll never be able to tan with your hands all over me”

Actually, I was surprised Jamie just told me to go, but then in theory she didn’t have any clue about me and Melissa. She thought we were both just a couple of pot heads.

Happy Birthday Melissa

I leaned down and gave Jamie a big kiss that was hard to break away from. Finally she pushed me off and said “okay just go already”

Melissa and I individually made our way into the house. I didn’t want it to look to everyone else who was there that the two of us were rushing in the house and sneaking into her room together. I stopped in the bathroom and then snuck into Melissa’s room.

I’d barely opened the door when Melissa pulled me into the room, pushed the door shut and pushed me up against it. She kissed me hard while locking the door behind us.

She pulled away from me and said “you are such a fucking tease! You were making me crazy out there”

I just smiled. Melissa kissed me again, pushing her tongue in my mouth, and sliding her hand down into my shorts. I was hard as a rock already.

I said to her “I thought we came in here to smoke a joint?”

She stopped kissing, shook her head and just said “uh uh”

I said “no?”

She put her forehead to mine, nose to nose as she was stroking my cock and said “fuck first, joint later”

I said “it’s gonna have to be quick, I don’t want Jamie walking in on us”

She answered “So what are you waiting for then?” and with that she started pushing my shorts down.

I knew that once she’s this hot and horny, Melissa didn’t have any patience for foreplay or teasing. She wanted to be fucked, and she wanted it right now. I pushed her down on the bed, slid my hands up her legs and pulled her bikini bottoms off.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed, put my cock up to her entrance and pushed. Just like our first time, I slowly pushed all the way into her, and just like our first time, she let out a long moan. She still seemed just as tight as the first time, and I could feel her entire body pulsing and grabbing onto me with every muscle she had. It felt so good.

I left it all the way in and just kept on pushing. This drove Melissa wild. She would wrap her legs around my ass every time, as she did this time, and try to pull me even deeper, even though she already had everything I had to give. I started to pull out and pump back into her. Melissa was letting out little yelps with every long slow thrust. I had to put my hand over her mouth to shut her up.

“There are people here this time remember, keep your mouth shut!” I said.

Melissa bit her lip but just kept moaning to herself. I started to thrust fast and hard. I just loved hammering her like that. She could really take it too, and she loved it hard like that. I drove into her for one last time, then just let myself go inside her. This was Melissa’s favorite part. She loved to feel me cum inside her. She loved it when I would keep pumping after cumming and she could feel it all mixing up inside her. Finally I collapsed on top of her.

After a moment or two to recover, I leaned up over her, gave her a little kiss and said “Happy birthday” with a smile.

She smiled and said “My birthday’s not until Thursday, but keep this in mind”

Knock knock
I rolled off of Melissa and we laid there for a few moments recovering. Finally I got up and pulled my shorts back on. I helped her up, gave her a quick little kiss and said “NOW… joint”

I sat back on the bed while Melissa dug around in her secret stash. After she found what she was looking for she joined me back on the bed, sitting up this time, and we lit up. We didn’t talk, didn’t touch, we just sat there recovering and passed it back and forth.

A few minutes later somebody tried to open the door only to find it locked of course, and then a little knock. Melissa jumped up and put her bikini back on, then went over to the door and asked who it was. It was Jamie. Melissa unlocked the door, opened it just a crack and peeked, then opened the door and pulled Jamie inside, closing the door again after her.

Jamie looked at us both and said “What the hell are you guys doing in here? It doesn’t take that long to smoke a joint”

Thinking quickly, I answered “Well one no, but you know, why stop at one… want some?”

I thought I was so clever as I held the joint out offering it to her.

To my surprise, Jamie actually took it! I’d never seen her smoke before, I don’t even know if she ever had, but what a fun surprise! She held it up, took the tiniest little puff, made a face, and tried not to cough. Melissa and I, both surprised by this unexpected development, just laughed and cheered her on.

“Whoo hoo! Go Jamie!”

Jamie proceeded to go to town on it. It would go from me, to Jamie, to Melissa, back to Jamie… so yes, Jamie was getting double dosed, and getting good and stoned real quick.

Jamie came over and cuddled up next to me on the bed. Almost instantly her hands began to wander all over me. I did nothing to stop them. I was liking stoned Jamie, stoned Jamie was horny as hell. The three of us started talking and Jamie said all of Melissa’s guests were wondering where the hell she disappeared to, that’s why she came knocking. Melissa conceded that maybe she better go back out with the crowd for a while since they all came to surprise her after all. We agreed. Yes, go, Leave us alone.

She looked at Jamie and me on her bed, passing a joint and groping at each other. You could see the lust in her eyes and I knew she wanted to just sit there and watch what happened next.

Instead she looked at us, gave us a wink, and said “I’ll leave you two alone to uh… smoke”. The same way she and I had just “smoked”

Touching Jamie again

As soon as Melissa shut the door I was all over Jamie. I wanted her so bad right that moment, and it wasn’t just me. Jamie had her tongue down my throat almost instantly. We kissed, and touched, and caressed each other. Then she just climbed on top of me.

My hands found her ass. She moaned and ground her hips against mine. I was rock hard again already. I slid my hands up her back and untied her bikini. She sat up, reached behind her neck and untied the top, as my hands went right to those tits. Jamie has nice c-cups that are so perfect. I had her nipples hard in seconds. She leaned forward, down over me, teasing those nipples right in front of my mouth. I wrapped my arm around her, pulled her down against me hard and started sucking.

Jamie was moaning with her eyes closed as I continued adoring her tits. She had one hand wrapped around my head holding me tight against her chest. My hands went right back to that sweet ass again. I slid my hand inside her bikini and caressed, and she just moaned even louder. In no time at all that bikini was sliding down her legs.

I rolled her over on her back and slid the bottoms down and off. I so loved her naked. I could stare at that body all night, so slim and tight and perfect. But right now I had other plans. I slid my hand up the inside or her leg all the way, until I finally reached her pussy. She was so wet already. With the first touch she let out a loud moan and spread her legs nice and wide this time. Wow she was horny. I let my fingers slide up over her slit, with my middle finger sliding into her and getting soaked in her juices. I looked her in the eyes, pulled that finger out and put it in my mouth. What a heavenly taste. She grinned.

With a taste of her on my lips, I leaned down and returned to kissing her as my fingers returned between her legs. I buried one finger inside her. Then two. Jamie was moaning more than ever with every touch. She was being very vocal, I’d never seen her like this before. Must be the weed. As my fingers worked inside her she started moving her hips to my rhythms.

Tasting Jamie

I sat up for a moment, then stopped long enough to pull my own shorts off for the second time today. I wasted no time in pushing Jamie’s legs apart and moving up between them. My hand returned to her pussy and my fingers found their way right back up inside her. Jamie responded immediately with her hips bucking and thrusting against my fingers. She had her eyes closed and was making one long low moan as I worked my fingers inside her.

She could barely keep still. I was loving stoned, horny Jamie. Right now however, I had other plans. I leaned down, pushed her legs just a little wider, and settled down between them. I ran my tongue along her slit. Her hands went right to my head and held me there. I kept my tongue working and teasing her. At the same time still working my fingers inside her. It was driving her crazy.

I used my thumbs to pull her lips open and sank my tongue as deep as I could inside her. Oh she tasted so good. Her hands were pushing my head into her. My tongue was happy to go there. I licked and flicked and pushed it deep inside her. I licked and nibbled and sucked and tasted. Jamie was making more noise than I’d ever heard from her, I’m sure everyone outside the room heard.
Finally, it was time to push her over the edge. I could tell she was close. I pulled my tongue out of her and licked along her lips again. First up one side. Then up the other. Then I ran all the way up to her clit. The moment my tongue touched it Jamie let out an actual scream and her legs clamped around my head. She arched her back to push her pussy into my face. I continued working her clit. I licked it. I sucked on it. I worked circles over it with my tongue. I took it gently between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue. Jamie was just screaming the whole time. When I finally stuck my fingers back inside her at the same time, the screaming stopped and turned into a long low whimper. Her whole body tensed up and she held my head there tighter than ever. I couldn’t move if I wanted to. (I didn’t want to). Jamie just started flowing with juices and shaking with orgasm. It was delicious.

Melissa likes to watch

I finally freed myself from Jamie’s leg lock and pulled away. I sat up, pulled her legs up and leaned forward, slowly sliding my cock along her slit. She just laid there saying “On my god, oh my god”. I leaned forward over her and started to push my cock into her. Her moans became louder. I started to go deeper and deeper, and then to build a little rhythm. She was so hot, and wet, and seemed to grip onto me tighter than ever. I started to thrust and pump into her as deep as I could.

After a few minutes of this, Jamie’s head cleared momentarily and her eyes popped open.

She looked me right in the eyes and said “I hope you put a condom on that thing”

I didn’t. I really hate those things. I said “hmmm… well… not really… but we’ll be okay”. I kept on pumping into her just the same.

She closed her eyes and started pushing back against my every thrust again. Then she regained her composure again and said “You better find something to cover that thing fast or this is done NOW”

Ugh. I stopped, grabbed for my pants knowing I remembered to bring at least one with me. As I was searching my pockets, I notice sudden movement from over by the doorway.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I hear Melissa saying “Wait! I’ve got some right here”, as she ran to her dresser, opened a drawer and pulled out a condom.

I’m sure my eyes were as big as dinner plates from shock. I said “Melissa! What the fuck!”

Obviously she had snuck unnoticed into the room while Jamie and I weren’t paying attention.

Jamie lay on the bed naked in a pool of her own juices (and Melissa’s), looked at me trying to cover myself over, then looked at Melissa and screamed “How long have you been standing there?”

Melissa looked at Jamie, while holding up a condom, and answered “Who cares, do you wanna get fucked or not?”

I truly had no idea what to do. I thought sure our secret was about to come out. I couldn’t even think.

Jamie looked at her and said “Just give it to him and get the fuck out already”

Melissa answered “But I wanna watch.” And gave us both an evil and kinky smile.

I said “What? NO you can’t WATCH! What the fuck!” Clearly I wasn’t thinking about the threesome this could turn into. Right that moment all I wanted was to fuck my girlfriend.

To my shock, Jamie answered “I don’t care just put the fucking thing on already!”

I tried to grab the condom from Melissa but she pushed my hand away and just ripped it open. The next thing I know she’s pushing me back, grabbing my cock and rolling the condom on me saying

“Here let me, you’ll just do it wrong”

I gave up caring what was going on or trying to figure it out. One of them, both of them, I just wanted my cock back in my Jamie right now. I pushed Melissa away, climbed between Jamie’s legs and buried myself inside her. No more Mr. Nice guy this time. I pulled her legs up, lifting her ass up off the bed, and just started to pound her pussy as hard as I could. Just like I did with Melissa. Jamie was letting out a long string of grunts and groans as I would push myself as deep as I could. This was what I had waited weeks for.

Melissa likes to do more than watch!

All of a sudden, as I’m pounding into Jamie hard and fast, I feel Melissa climb up on the bed behind me. I was so intent on Jamie that I’d already forgotten she was still there. Melissa leaned right into me from behind, onto my back, leaned her head on my shoulder, grabbed my hips with her hands, and started to join me in every thrust into Jamie. My mouth just dropped open.

I really didn’t care. I had my beautiful girlfriend under me. I had her beautiful best friend on top of me. I could tell that Melissa had at least taken her top off because I could feel her nipples hard against my back. I just continued. I hammered my cock into Jamie as hard as I could, and Melissa gave a little extra push with every thrust. I would stop all the way inside her and grind my hips against her, trying to get as deep as I could. Jamie was grunting and screaming with every motion. She wasn’t usually a screamer, but she was loud today! I’m not sure she knew that Melissa was even there until Melissa reached around and started rubbing Jamie’s clit while I continued to pound her.

That sent Jamie off again. For the second time she clenched her entire body. She grabbed my hips and tried to pull me tighter into her. I was happy to oblige. She clenched her legs around me, and Melissa, holding my cock deep inside her. Her whole body shook. Her O-face was simply angelic. God she was so beautiful when she orgasmed. She continued to shake for a good minute and a half at least.

I however was not done. The condom was slowing things down and making me last longer. As Jamie finished her orgasm I just continued fucking. Her screams turned into one long moan again. It didn’t take a lot longer for me to be almost ready to unload. Melissa knew it was coming. She climbed off of me and came up next to the bed. I could see now that she was completely naked.

Jamie was laid back with her eyes closed, completely spent, but still letting out little whimpers with every thrust. I so wished I could just unload inside her again.

Then out of the blue, Melissa says “Stop! You’re going to waste it!”

She pushed me off of Jamie. Pushed me on my back and reached for my cock. She pulled the condom off and just threw it. The next thing I knew, Melissa has straddled me and is lowering her pussy over my bare cock. I didn’t ask permission. I didn’t look at Jamie. I had no idea how she was reacting. I didn’t care. The only thing I cared about was the pussy enveloping my cock, whoever it belonged to. I grabbed Melissa’s hips, pulled her down onto me and started to slam.

Now it was Jamie’s turn.

“Melissa! What the fuck! Get off my boyfriend!”

I just kept hammering.

Melissa answered “C’mon you can’t waste a good orgasm on a condom”

One, two, three more thrusts…

Jamie said “I don’t care! Get the fuck off of him. I said you could watch, I didn’t say you could fuck him!”

It was too late. I held Melissa’s hips tight, thrust into her as hard as I could and just let it blast, with my girlfriend sitting right there watching me cum inside her best friend, for the second time that day.

Jamie grabbed onto Melissa and started to pull her off of me. I was holding her hips tight as I pumped more cum deep up inside her. Melissa tried to hold on. Jamie pulled harder and finally succeeded in pulling Melissa off of me. Not quite finished, I shot a couple more strings across the bed, getting some on both of them. The sight of the two of them, naked in bed with me, covered in cum. It still makes me hard to this day.

The Aftermath

Jamie and Melissa continued screaming at each other. I tried once to make peace but then Jamie turned on me, and I didn’t want that. I laid there while they went at each other and kept my mouth shut. Two beautiful girls in a naked screaming match over who can and cannot fuck me. How many guys get to witness that?

In the end, somehow, they came to a very tense truce. They had been best friends since first grade, I guess somehow that helped. I lit up another joint, kept passing it between them, and eventually Jamie decided to forgive Melissa because it was her birthday. There was some joking about how Jamie gets to fuck Melissa’s boyfriend, IF she ever gets one. (At least I think it was a joke) Melissa agreed to that right way, but I objected to that one.

Amazingly, Jamie never blamed me in the slightest. She blamed the whole thing on Melissa.

“I can’t believe she climbed on top of you like that, what a fucking slut!” were her exact words.

Jamie and I continued to have awesome sex for another three months.

Jamie however would never let Melissa be alone with me again. Jamie and I also did NOT attend Melissa’s real surprise party the next weekend. Jamie never did find out that Melissa and I had been fucking for months already. Melissa and I never got a chance to do it again after that day, at least not while I was still dating Jamie.

The best part was that Melissa didn’t just watch. She recorded the whole afternoon. She had hidden a video camera in her room and taped me fucking her, me fucking Jamie, her jumping in, the whole episode. She gave me a copy. I haven’t been able to watch it all the way through yet.

I understand now why Melissa likes to watch.


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Milking Kimberly


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Gary hooked his thumb vaguely in the direction of the room that he and Kimberly had converted to a nursery. “Kim’s feeding the li’l one,” he said. “She’ll be out in a few minutes.” He often referred to his new baby as “the li’l one.” In fact her name was Emily, but at six months, I suppose “the li’l one” is as good a tag as any. Then with his other hand he hooked a thumb toward the hallway that lead to his music studio. “Sheila, I wanted to show you the folio of Bach etudes I just got.”

My wife made a little noise of interest and followed Gary down the hall. I stayed behind; unlike Gary and Sheila, classical music isn’t a major interest of mine. I made myself at home in the living room, slumping into the sofa and putting my feet up on the ottoman. Gary and Kimberly are old friends, and we’re pretty casual when we visit each other’s homes. A moment later I heard the sound of Gary’s piano-playing rolling up the hallway; that meant he and my wife would probably be occupied for a while. I was starting to leaf through a magazine when I heard Kimberly call out. “Hey Lyle, c’mon in here and keep me company.”

I got up and went through the connecting door to the nursery. “Hi Kim,” I said. “How’s it go…ing?” My voice got snagged between the “go” and the “ing,” because that’s when the scene in front of me registered on my brain. Kimberly was seated in the big overstuffed chair that dominated the small room. She was holding her baby to her breast, and she was naked from the waist up.

Kimberly is a tall, long-legged redhead. She’s always been something of a workout fiend, and she got her figure back quickly after her pregnancy. She and my wife have been best friends since college, eventually drawing Gary and I into a four-way friendship. I’d always found her attractive, though her full, cupids-bow lips and little turned up nose gave her a “cutesy” look that initially made it hard for me to take her seriously. I’d always thought her to be a quiet woman, modest in both her speech and clothing. And I’d never seen her tits before.

“Things are going just fine, Lyle,” she said. She was drawing the words out, making her voice coy and teasing. “We’re having salad and chicken cutlets tonight–just as soon as Emily here lets go of me.”

“Sounds good,” I said. “How’s Emily doing?” I pretended to be looking at the baby that was latched onto Kimberly’s right breast, though in reality most of my attention was on the unobstructed left tit. Like most redheads, Kim had freckles across her upper chest, fading and growing sparser as they sprinkled downward. The shape of the breast I could see was a study in classical perfection: A generous handful in volume, firmly rounded, convex underneath and a delicate S-curve above, capped with a rosy pink nipple that pointed slightly upward. She’d been pretty skimpily endowed before her pregnancy, but now she was at least a D cup.

“She’s doing great,” Kimberly said, the coy drawl still in her voice. “Sucks like a little vacuum cleaner. Feels really good.” She looked straight into my eyes and grinned, showing her teeth. “Kinda gets me going, if you know what I mean.” Another grin.

Kim was wearing a brightly colored calf-length peasant skirt, and I could see her knees moving underneath the fabric; opening and closing rhythmically, moving just a few inches each way. I think I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Kimberly had never flirted with me before, and now she was sitting in front of me half naked, telling me she was turned on, and possibly masturbating. That sort of thing can make a guy tongue-tied when he’s not expecting it.

“Time to switch sides, sweetheart,” Kim said, and with a smooth move she detached her daughter from her right breast and swung her across to the left. The baby hardly seemed to notice the transition, closing her mouth around the newly-offered nipple without a murmur. I could see her cheek working as she sucked. “Now uncle Lyle can have a good look at both of Mommy’s titties,” Kimberly added.

“I… um… uh…” I said brilliantly.

Kim glanced down at her chest. “You like?”

Instead of more evasive stammering, I decided to be honest. “Yes. They’re beautiful, Kim. Really beautiful.”

“Why thank you, Lyle! It’s so nice to hear someone say that.” Kim’s face lit up with genuine gratitude. “You see,” she looked pointedly in the direction of the closed door, “a certain someone seems to think that being sexy doesn’t go along with being a mother. So he hasn’t exactly been falling all over himself to take care of my womanly needs, if you know what I mean.” She pouted, an expression that looked adorable on her. “But you think I’m sexy, don’t you, Lyle?” She stared blatantly at my crotch, where my hardening cock was beginning to push out the front of my pants.

I regressed into stammering: “I… um… Kim, I…”

“Oh look,” she interrupted, looking down at her breast. “This one’s still leaking.”

I looked. Milk was dripping from her exposed right breast; drop after drop appearing and falling down to her stomach and belly.

“Oh, drip, drip, drip,” she said in a voice of mild annoyance, still looking down at herself. She brought her hand up and cupped her breast, pinching the nipple between her first two fingers and shutting off the flow. “Lyle, be a dear and bring me that glass, would you?” She pointed her chin at a drinking glass on the side table against the wall.

I realized then that I hadn’t moved since I’d come into the room and shut the door behind me, and my hand was still gripping the doorknob. I went to the table and fetched the little glass, then held it out to Kimberly. My hand was shaking.

“Hold it here,” she said. “Like this.” She took her hand away from her tit and used it to position my hand, holding the open mouth of the glass an inch or two in front of her nipple. “If I squeeze some out, it should stop dripping.”

Then, before my wide-eyed stare, she started milking herself, squeezing her tit just behind the nipple. Milk squirted out in an array of needle-fine jets that came from various points on her nipple. Again and again she closed her fingers, pressing in on the soft flesh of her breast, sending spray after spray of milk into the glass. A minute or two passed as I stood there, feeling hypnotized, holding the glass in a trembling hand, watching the thin white milk squirt out of her pink nipple.

When she stopped there was about half an inch of milk in the glass. “Thank you, Lyle,” she said. “I think Em’s done feeding; I’m going to put her to bed now.”

As Kim got her daughter settled in the crib, I looked down at the glass in my hand. I could feel the weight of the milk, could feel the warmth of it through the glass; bringing it closer to my face, I could smell it. My mind was reeling with the unreality of the scene I’d just participated in. It seemed both magical and boundlessly sexy; my hardon was pulsing in my pants.

Kim turned and came back to where I was standing, her bare tits jiggling slightly as she walked. She came up to me until she was very close and her nipples were almost touching my chest. “Thank you again, Lyle,” she said, taking the glass from my hand. I was acutely aware of her fingers touching mine as she did so. Raising the glass to her lips, she took a sip from it. “Yum,” she said, grinning, milk still on her lips. Then she pushed the glass back at me. “Here, you finish it. It will make you big and strong.”

Still floating in a hazy fog of unreality, I took the glass and emptied it into my mouth. I held the milk there for a moment before swallowing it. It was sweet, thinner than “regular” milk, and of course warm. The warmth of Kim’s body, I thought. The warmth of her tit.

Kimberly dropped her hand to my crotch, cupping the bulge of my hardon and squeezing. “See? I told you it would make you big and strong.”

“Fuck, Kim…” I said. “What the heck’s gotten into you?” I leaned toward her, trying to increase the pressure of her hand on my cock.

“‘Fuck Kim’,” she quoted. “I like the sound of that. That’s about the best idea I’ve heard in weeks–months, even.”

Just then the sound of Garry’s piano-playing stopped, and both of us looked toward the closed door. “But not tonight,” Kim said. She turned away from me, picked up a bra that was on the floor beside the easy chair and started putting it on. It was a heavy-duty thing with what I assumed was absorbent padding in the cups. “Show’s over for tonight, big guy,” she said as she lifted the shoulder straps into place and covered her tits.

I had a fleeting mental image of grabbing her, ripping her bra off and planting my mouth over one of those incredible, exquisite, pink nipples; sucking on her, filling my mouth with more of that sweet, warm milk. But sanity prevailed and I simply stood, dazed and immobile, as Kimberly slipped on a blouse. We left the nursery, and when my wife and Gary made their appearance a minute later we were sitting at opposite sides of the living room, sipping wine and talking about the weather.

The rest of our evening’s visit was an agony of lust for me; of lust and trying not to lust, of trying to remember my marital vows, of wanting to punch Gary in the nose for not recognizing the fact that motherhood had transformed his wife into a sex goddess. “You seemed distracted tonight,” Sheila said to me on our drive home.

I gave her a sidelong leer and put my hand on her thigh, sliding it up her leg until I ran out of leg. “Only because you’re looking especially sexy tonight,” I said. Happily, Sheila seemed to be feeling pretty frisky herself, and when we got home we spent the next hour or two fucking like bunnies.

Sheila works at an office, while I do freelance work out of our home. In the early afternoon of the next day, the thing I was simultaneously dreading and hoping for happened: Kimberly rang my doorbell.

“Hello Lyle,” she said. “I was out doing some errands, so I thought I’d stop by.” She slipped past me, heading toward the living room. “I thought you and I could have a little chat.” She sat on the sofa and patted the cushion beside her. “Come sit here and talk to me, Lyle.”

I sat in the chair opposite the sofa. “Um, Kim, about last night…” I started.

“I pumped out some milk before I left the house so Gary could give Emily her afternoon feeding while I was out,” Kim interrupted. “But wouldn’t you know it, I’m starting to leak anyway.” She began unbuttoning her blouse. “Do you think you could help me out with that, Lyle?”

“Kim,” I said in what I hoped was a firm voice, “we have to stop. We can’t do this.”

She looked at me, all doe-eyed innocence. “Can’t do what, Lyle?” Then her blouse was off and she was standing up, walking toward me, reaching back to the clasp of her bra. “Are you saying you can’t help me?” Her bra dropped to the floor and she was standing in front of me, her impossibly perfect tits at eye level. “My boobs are all swollen with milk, Lyle. They’re so full of milk they hurt.” She leaned over me, putting her left hand on the back of my chair to balance herself. She cupped a breast with her right hand and brought it close to my face. “You can help me with that, can’t you Lyle?”

“K-Kim, really… We…”

“Just look at how swollen this boob is.” She was whispering now, and her breast was inches from my face. It did in fact look swollen, the skin stretched taught over its roundness. A few veins showed through her skin as faint blue lines. As I watched, drops of milk began to appear and drip down onto my shirt. “I really need your help, Lyle,” she whispered urgently, her teeth clenched.

“Fuck,” I said, and then my mouth was on her tit, my lips sealed around the pink nipple, and I was sucking, pulling a spray of milk into my mouth, feeling the little jets hitting my tongue and the insides of my cheeks.

“Oh, yes!” Kimberly said, the words bursting out of her like a grunt. She put a hand to the back of my head, holding me tight against her as I sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed. The chair I was in was a big lounger, and she climbed up onto it, putting one knee on either side of my legs. Then she could hold onto my head with both hands, burying her fingers in my hair. “Suck me, baby,” she said in a purring whisper. “Suck on me. Take my milk. Suck it out of me.”

I pawed at her body, cupping the breast I wasn’t sucking on and squeezing it roughly. I felt milk spraying against my hand, and I switched my mouth to that breast, closing my teeth down on the nipple for an instant and then sucking, squeezing the same tit with my hand as I sucked on it. With my other hand I groped between her legs. She was wearing a short skirt, and after I fumbled my hand under the fabric my palm cupped over a soft patch of pubic hair and a warm pussy. She was already wet, and after a few moments of stroking and probing, I slid two fingers into her.

“Yes!” she grunted again. She closed her fists in my hair, holding tight. By raising and lowering her hips she helped me to finger-fuck her cunt, driving my fingers into her as far as they would go. I kept sucking, and still the milk kept flowing from her. It wasn’t a huge amount; a long, hard suck would produce only a sip, but it kept coming, kept spraying into my mouth in those tiny squirting jets.

Suddenly Kimberly jerked away from me, pulling my head away from her with the hands she had buried in my hair. The tit I’d been sucking on continued to spray, the milk landing on my neck and down onto my shirt. She just looked at me for a time, her breath loud and raspy, still clutching my head with both hands. At first I couldn’t read the expression on her face, but then her eyelids fluttered and her jaw tensed with her mouth open. “Gonna come…” she said, her voice thick and throaty. She dropped her right hand from my head and closed it around the wrist of the hand I was finger-fucking her with. She pulled up, forcing my fingers deep into her cunt, then pushed me out, then pulled up again in a slow rhythm. “Gonna come…” she said again, her voice more urgent this time.

The angle was awkward, but by folding my thumb inward I could put a little nudging pressure on her clit. Kimberly made a wordless cry when I did this, a shudder passing through her body. She took the hand that was gripping my hair away and held it up with her fingers spread, as if fending off something invisible. Both of her breasts were squirting out milk now. I hooked my free hand around her body and pulled her back toward me so I could suck on her some more, and as my lips closed down on her nipple she cried out again, a short, wordless syllable of urgency and need. With the hand she had closed around my wrist she started jerking my hand up into her at a frenzied pace, her grip on my arm painfully tight.

Then another cry came from her, this one long, loud, and full-throated. It rose in pitch until it pinched off in her throat, and then her body was convulsing over me, violent shudders running through her like waves, from her shoulders down to her pelvis. Two, three, four times she shuddered like this, and I found the milk squirting into my mouth faster than before, without my needing to suck.

Slowly Kimberly relaxed after her orgasm. With the hand still on my wrist she pushed my fingers out of her cunt. Then she lowered herself until she was sitting on my legs, drawing her breast away from my mouth. “Ohhh,” she sighed, gasping to catch her breath. “Oh, that was good. I knew you’d be able to help me out with my little problem, Lyle.” She tipped her head forward, resting her cheek on my shoulder for a few moments. Then she climbed off my lap, her legs unsteady and trembling. She cupped a hand over each breast, perhaps to stop the milk that was still dribbling from her nipples, or perhaps to sooth them after my rough handling and energetic sucking. She looked absolutely ravishing standing there. She’d kicked her shoes off at some point, so she was completely naked except for the short skirt that flared out from her trim waist. She was still breathing hard and her full, pouty lips were trembling in the aftermath of her orgasm.

There was a heavy patchwork quilt folded across the back of the sofa. Kimberly went and grabbed an end of this and dragged it to the middle of the living room floor, stretching it out lengthwise. Then she lay down on it, on her back with her legs angled toward me. Reaching down to the front of her skirt, she lifted the hem up to her stomach, revealing a soft triangular muff of beautiful, coppery-red pubic hair. She spread her legs slightly, and between her thighs I could see the wet and swollen outer lips of her cunt. She bent her head downward, first looking in the direction of her sex and then looking at me. “You like?” she asked, smiling coyly.

“Fuck, Kim,” I said in awe, in dazed wonderment, my eyes wide and fixed on her crotch.

“Yes,” she cooed. “Fuck Kim. Take your clothes off and come over here and lie on top of me and push your hard cock into my cunt and fuck Kim. Come give Kim a nice long, hard fuck.”

I sprang out of my chair like a bolt, pulling my shirt off over my head. I tried to take my pants and shoes off at the same time, and stumbled drunkenly in the effort. When I was finally naked I stood for a moment at her feet looking down at her. Her shoulder-length red hair was fanned out around her head. She still had one hand cupped over a breast, and she stroked the other hand down over her stomach, across the rumpled fabric of her raised skirt, down toward her pussy, her fingertips brushing lightly through her pubic hair before sliding down between her legs where she pushed her middle finger between her cunt lips and drew it out again.

“Fuck, Kim,” I said again, imbecilically.

She chuckled lightly at me. “Yes, Lyle, yes.” She reached up toward me with both arms, her eyes fixed on the rigid cock that jutted out at a right angle to my body. “Come give me that big thing. I’ve wanted that fucker inside me ever since Sheila first described it to me.”

I wish I could say that this mention of my wife’s name made me flinch with guilt, or pause or hesitate or falter in what I was about to do, but it didn’t. I felt like my mind had been reduced to the instinct-driven compulsions of a lower animal. I couldn’t think of anything except my body and Kim’s body, and the screaming, overwhelming need to close the distance between the two.

I dropped to my knees, then lowered myself onto my chest, shifting backward so that my face was at Kimberly’s pussy. Immediately I put my mouth against her, pushing my lips into her curly hair, writhing my tongue along and between her lips and up into her cunt. She was luxuriously wet; her juices warm and musky and full of the taste of a woman. I lapped at her, flicking my tongue up to stroke her clit and draw her wetness into my mouth. But as lovely as the taste of Kim’s cunt was, it made me think of that other taste I could get from her body: the sweeter, milder, more abundant taste of her milk. I reached a hand up her body until her right breast was under my palm. I closed my fingers, trying to squeeze down on that area behind the nipple that I’d seen Kimberly use last night when she milked herself. Soon I felt warm liquid on my fingers; her milk spilling out over her tit and making it slippery under my hand.

A moment later I felt Kim’s hands on my shoulders, tugging at me. “Come up here,” she said. “I want your cock. I want your cock inside me.”

Obediently I lifted my head, wiped my face with my hand and started crawling up the length of her body. The head of my cock came up between her legs, and after a couple of probing nudges it started to slide into her without either of us touching it.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped as I slowly pushed deeper. “Oh fuck that’s good.” She put her arms around me at the waist and pulled at me, trying to hurry me into her body. “C’mon, give it to me. Give it all to me. Fill me up with your cock.” And as I pushed the last couple of inches into her she tilted her head back, making a gasping and breathless laugh. “Oh fuck yes. It’s been so <I>fucking</I> long!”

She was hot and wet and tight around my cock, and I rocked slowly in and out of her, savoring the sensation. But inevitably my eyes were drawn to her tits, exquisite in their shape and size, adorable with their cherry-blossom-pink nipples. Just as my cock was the center of my lust to fuck this woman, my mouth lusted after her breasts, her nipples, and the milk that I knew was waiting to be sucked out of her.

Kim saw where my eyes were fixed. “Yes,” she purred, putting her hand under one breast and lifting it, offering it to me. “Take it. Suck my milk and fuck me at the same time.”

So I hunched my back and took the offered breast into my mouth, closing my lips on it and sucking, and once again I felt and tasted the sweet warm milk in my mouth. The combination of sensations was overwhelming, engulfing. I groaned loudly through my nose and drove my pelvis upward, fucking my cock into her deep and hard. I sucked repeatedly, filling my mouth with milk and not swallowing. Then I released her nipple and brought my face up to hers, putting my lips against her lips. I let the milk flow from my mouth and into hers, a little at first and then more and finally all of it. She opened her mouth wide to take it, then closed her lips to swallow and opened them again to laugh, stray drops of white trickling from the corner of her mouth and glistening on her chin.

I made some more long, deep thrusts, and the expression on Kimberly’s face went from laughing to serious; her eyes focusing somewhere far away as she concentrated on the wave of pleasure that was building up inside her. I began slapping my belly down hard on hers, pushing up deep into her. Braced above her on straight arms, I watched her magical tits jiggling violently with each thrust. Milk was still trickling from the one I’d been sucking on, the droplets appearing on the gyrating nipple and then disappearing as they flowed down one side or another of the quaking breast.

“Y– ye– yes,” Kimberly stammered, the word squeezed out of her in the fast rhythm of my thrusts. “F– fuck me, L– L– Lyle… Fuck m– me.” The hands that had been at my waist released me and now drifted aimlessly, her fingers opening and closing on air. Then she shut her eyes tight and turned her head to the side. “Gonna…” Her voice pinched off, and for a long moment she made no sound, not even breathing, her hands in tight fists and her body rigid as I continued to fuck into her. And for a long, frozen moment, as the rest of her body was stiff and unmoving, milk began to spray upward from both her nipples. The fine little jets spurted out, some of them shooting up and wetting my chest and others squirting out in long arcs that went in all directions. Then with an explosive burst Kim’s voice was released again, and she shouted “Oh!” in a bellowing grunt as her body writhed and twitched underneath me, milk still jetting out of her nipples.

I felt my own orgasm coming, and with my last voluntary act before that explosion, I cupped a hand loosely over her tit so I could feel the warm spray against my palm. Then it was my turn to let out a bellowing grunt, as the cum spewed out of me and my body went into wrenching contractions that drove my cock to its furthest limit up into Kimberly’s cunt.

I collapsed onto Kim’s body, dropping my weight on her as I gasped raggedly for breath. I could feel the wetness of her milk between our bodies, echoing the wetness of my cum and her cunt juices that surrounded my wilting cock and trickled out of her.

A few minutes later we were both sitting up on the quilt, not facing each other. “You look glum,” Kimberly said. “Feeling bad about cheating on Sheila?”

“Yeah, kind of,” I admitted.

“Me too.” Kimberly sounded as glum as I felt. “Personally I don’t care that I cheated on Gary. I’ve just about had it with him. But I don’t feel too good about fucking my best friend’s husband.” She sighed, and I couldn’t help but watch the way her tits did a slow-motion bounce. “And it was all my idea, too. If I’d worked any harder at seducing you it would have been rape.” She flashed a quick grin.

“Nah,” I said. “I wanted you. I wanted you so bad… I mean, you are so fucking sexy… Anyway, it’s not like I can palm off the blame onto you.”

Kimberly lay back, hooking one arm behind her head for a pillow. “Well, I had a secret weapon, didn’t I? She put her free hand under a tit, lifting it. “I mean the tittie-milk thing was what hooked you, wasn’t it?”

“Well, I guess so, yeah.”

Still holding her breast in her hand, she looked down at the nipple, then started fondling it with one finger. “Christ, if only my jerk of a husband felt that way.” She looked wistfully into the distance. “It felt so good when you were fucking me and sucking my tit at the same time. Oops, now look what I’ve started. Just thinking about it gets it going sometimes.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by “thinking about it”–thinking about having her tit sucked, or being fucked, or both–but I could see what she meant about the effect. Once again drops of milk began to appear on her nipple and dribble down the slope of her breast.

“You’d think I’d be empty after the workout you gave me,” Kim said. “But nope; it looks like I still have some left.” To demonstrate, she squeezed behind the nipple and sent a spray of milk in my direction; some of it landing on my stomach and legs.

“Jesus, that is so fucking sexy, Kim,” I said.

“Yeah, like I said: my secret weapon.” She grinned and squeezed out another spurt. “But I’m sure you’re tired out, Lyle. Maybe you could just give me a little suck while I play with myself?”

I couldn’t turn down a request like that. I got down on my stomach, holding myself up on my elbows so that my face was poised over her leaking breast. Teasing her at first, I extended my tongue and delicately lapped a few droplets of her milk.

“Oh yeah,” she purred. She put her hand on to the back of my head and pulled me to her, forcing my mouth down to her nipple. “Suck on Momma’s boobie, big guy.” Her other hand went down to her crotch, and as I once more began sucking milk out of Kimberly’s breast, I could sense from the jiggling motion of her body that she was playing with her pussy.

In a short time she was working her way up to another orgasm. It seemed like I’d only sucked a few mouthfuls of her milk when she started writhing and moaning with increasing intensity. Briefly taking her hand away from her pussy, she used it to grab my hand and move it to the breast I wasn’t sucking on. “Squeeze it,” she ordered, closing her hand around mine. “Milk me. Milk my fucking tit.”

I did as she commanded, squeezing her left breast behind the nipple and watching the milk spray upward as I sucked on her right. After a few minutes of this she arched her back and began making a series of moans, each one louder and more intense than the last. I could hear the wet slapping sound of her fingers at her cunt, moving faster and faster. And then her body spasmed, her back arching violently, and one final, desperate moan came from her lips.

I took my hand and my mouth away from her breasts as she relaxed, and it seemed that I could track the quieting of her orgasm by watching the decreasing flow of milk from her nipples. The fine jets of the fountain-like spray reached up to a lesser and lesser height, then became a dribbling flow, and finally only oozing droplets. Kim took a deep breath and looked at me. “Thank you again, Lyle,” she said with a sleepy smile. “You’re a nursing mother’s best friend.”

“My pleasure,” I said, sitting up cross-legged. I grinned and wrapped my fist around the hard cock that was angled up from my lap. “See?”
“Ooh, look at you, you bad boy,” she chuckled. “Do you always recover this quickly, or is that the effect of my magical tittie-milk?”

“What do you think?” I said. I reached over to her nearest breast and ran my hand over it, wetting my palm with the milk that was spattered all over her skin. Then I fisted my cock again and pumped it, the milk on my hand acting as a lubricant.

Kim beckoned me with a wave of her hand. “Come here Lyle. Come straddle me and slide that big thing between my boobs.”

In a flash I did as Kimberly asked, planting one knee on either side of her. I leaned over and laid my cock on her chest, and she put a hand on the outside of each tit, pressing them together over my shaft. She positioned her hands so that as she held her tits together she could also milk them, her thumb and forefinger pinching in behind the nipple. Anyone who’s ever taken part in a tit-fucking knows that one problem with the otherwise delightful act is the need for lubrication. Even the most liberal application of oil or lube tends to lose its effectiveness after a while. But with Kimberly there was a marvelous new wrinkle on tit-fucking: her tits were self-lubricating. As I slid my cock back and forth between the warm, soft grip of her breasts, she would squeeze behind her nipples from time to time, and the milk would dribble down into the cleft where my shaft was nestled.

Kim reached up behind her to gather some of the quilt under her head as a pillow. This brought her mouth closer to where the head of my cock appeared between her pressed-together tits when I slid forward, and every few thrusts I would push far enough so she could take a couple of inches into her mouth. My mind reeled, overwhelmed with sensations: the feeling of Kimberly’s soft, pouty lips taking my cock head, the sight of her face, sprinkled with stray drops of milk, the warm cushion of her tits squeezing in on my cock through the slippery layer of milk… There’s no way a man can experience all of that without reaching critical mass in a hurry, and that’s what I did. I felt my balls tightening up, the explosion primed, the fuse lit. I grunted, my body hunching in on itself, and I came. The first spurt went straight up the midline of Kimberly’s face, laying a cord of jism from the tip of her cute little nose, between her eyes, up along her forehead and into her hair. Then I drew back, and for the remaining jets of cum the head of my cock was buried between her tits.

When I was finished, I lifted off of her and collapsed at her side, propping myself up on my elbow so I could look at her. She was quite a sight; the stripe of cum up her face, the white droplets of milk thickly scattered over her face and upper body, and on her freckled chest between her perfectly-shaped breasts, a glistening pool of cum swirled together with milk. The two of us spent some time playing with this puddled concoction, dabbling our fingers in it to stir it around and finger-paint trails of it up and over her breasts and down to her navel. Kim brought a few finger-fulls up to her mouth and licked them off, but I declined when she offered some to me. “I don’t believe in mixing my drinks,” I said.

After that we decided it was time to call it a day. Kim went off to shower and I put the quilt in the washing machine. As she was about to leave, Kim got serious with me again. “This has been amazing, Lyle, but I don’t think we should do it again. If I’m going to cheat on Gary–and after today I’m sure I am–I’m going to do it with someone besides my best friend’s husband. I just can’t do this to Sheila.”

“But…” I started.

“And you–” she poked my chest with her finger– “will just have to find some other way to feed the tittie-milk fetish you seem to have acquired.”

“Yeah, like there’s any chance of that,” I groused. But at that moment, with my cock freshly drained, I had to agree that Kim was right. It wasn’t until an hour or two later that the memory of Kimberly’s milk-filled tits had me throbbing with lust again, and I began turning over ideas for arranging another tryst with her.

A few days later Sheila came home with a small shopping bag in her hand and a “we need to talk” expression on her face. She planted me on the living room sofa and took a seat beside me, still holding the mysterious bag. “I had a long talk with Kimberly today,” she started. “About sex.”

“Oh?” I said, my stomach doing flip-flops.

“I’m afraid… You might not like this idea… I mean, it might be too kinky for you,” she said, now clutching the bag with both hands. “But try to keep an open mind, okay?”

“Sure, honey.” I was completely confused now.

“Well, Kim was telling me about sex while she’s nursing… I mean, while she’s got milk. She talked about having a guy–I’m not sure who she was talking about, but I don’t think it was Gary–about having a guy suck on her tits while they were having sex. About incorporating the fact that she’s lactating into their sex play in lots of different ways. She said it was the hottest, most amazing sex she’s ever had.”

“Um… that’s nice…”

“And… this is the part you might find too kinky, Lyle…” Sheila paused, her fingers nervously rustling the paper bag she was holding. “But I got incredibly turned on by what Kim was saying–by the kinds of sex she was talking about.”


“Yeah. I mean incredibly turned on. And well… did you know that a woman who hasn’t had a baby can still lactate? Usually, all it takes is for her to be–you know–sucked on a lot over the course of a month or two.”

“I di– didn’t know that,” I said. My heart was starting to thump in my chest like a kettledrum.

“So I got this.” Sheila fumbled with the bag, drawing out a plastic contraption with a funnel-shaped extension on one end. “It’s a breast pump. I figure I can take it to work and use it in the lady’s room a few times a day, plus several times a day at home…” She turned to me, looking nervous and uncertain. “And that way I should–you know–get milk… and maybe, if you like it… If you don’t think it’s too weird and kinky, we could…”

“We could incorporate your milk into our sex?” I finished for her. “I… um… yes Sheila… I– I think I’d be willing to give that a try.”


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Months Without Sex – Losing my Virginity a Second Time


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I had been in a relationship for approximately 10 years. How and why I stayed is beyond my comprehension. While I used to enjoy hot and heavy sex with an ex partner, my current partner has a tiny dick and to top it all off, he really sucks in bed.
After months of celibacy and thinking about getting laid, I was pretty darn horny and ready for some action. I was not settling for some limp, small dick 5 minute roll between the sheets.

I felt like a virgin again, and I was determined to lose my virginity a second time:

I met a guy, Tim in the local community. A fine specimen of a man, and I could see the visible bulge in the crotch of his shorts. I was instantly attracted to him and when I would run into him, I could feel him checking out my legs, my ass and my chest – wondering what I would look like naked. It didn’t take us long to exchange numbers and start flirty texts and sex-talk. Only problem being- we were both in relationships, and couldn’t just run off at a moment’s notice and explore what the other had to offer.

One afternoon, the opportunity presented itself. We were both at a mutual friend’s home and she got called into work for a few hours. Oh, how we had been waiting- we were like to horny 16 year olds, not knowing how to take the plunge and make the first move. I could feel my nipples tighten, my belly and sex start to hum and dampness in my undies. God, I wanted this man inside of me, it had been so long. I glanced down at his crotch and saw the usual visible bulge growing……I needed that cock more than I needed anything in the world at that moment. But, oh where to start?

Quickly we started to devour each other’s mouths, clothes were getting shed and I finally got to see his bare, beautiful chest. Strong from physical daily work, I was eager to rub my nipples against the few blonde curls. I could feel his cock hard, pushing and pushing against his shorts, waiting for me to let it loose. The sensation of my oh-so-sensitive nipples against his chest and his cock pushed hard against my belly was almost making me cum. I didn’t dare let him touch my clit, I was drunk on arousal, loving the feeling of desire and the anticipation of what was to come. I undid his belt and shorts, reached inside to get a feel of his cock- oh my, it felt wonderful in my hand- heavy and hard and big.

As I dropped to my knees, his breath was getting pretty ragged and he was moaning softly, this was all the encouragement I needed to strip him off and let that cock free. Wow. It was big and beautiful, silky smooth and dripping with juice for me. I had to taste it, I had to lick it, I had to suck it. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on giving head in my life, I didn’t want to stop, I was loving his breathing, his moaning, how his cock seemed to be thrusting itself in and out of my mouth, I was playing with his balls with one hand and gripping his ass with the other. I keep sucking and licking, trying my hardest not to gag on the size. I could feel him getting close, his moans turned to growls and his balls started to tighten……..suddenly he stopped me- brought me up for a good long kiss and spun me around.

“You like my cock, don’t you?” he says, I can barely breathe- I just nod and whisper “Yes”. I’m still in my shorts, I swear I’m dripping sex juice down my legs- his cock is pressed hard into my ass as he’s squeezing my nipples. I want him, I want to be naked. I want to get fucked. I want to cum. I’m fumbling to get my shorts down, not wanting to graze my clit at all in case I lose all control. I manage to step out of them- and I am finally naked for him to see. He spins me around, and all of a sudden, I feel a tad self-conscious “You are one sexy woman” he says and I melt again. “I want to fuck you” I say. He reaches out and squeezes/ pinches my nipple while the other goes for my inner thigh, rubbing strokingm driving me crazy- I can’t stop myself, I grind my clit against his hand. I’ve never in my life been so desperate for release. Panting, moaning and almost screaming “Please, please, please!!!”

“You’re boyfriend doesn’t take very good care of you” he says as he guides me onto the kitchen table. Spreads my legs and gets a full view of my sopping, dripping, desperate cunt. “I want you in me, I want to feel your cock inside” I say, “Not yet, baby, we’re going to enjoy this while we can”. How much more torture can a woman take? He starts kissing and licking from my knees up, I can hardly stand the pleasure. When his tongue finally finds my clit, I scream his name, begging him not to stop. He’s licking and I have never felt so alive and turned on, I’m going to cum I scream. He puts a thumb inside me and just enough pressue on my asshole to send me flying into a complete time-stopping orgasm, I have never in my life squirted, but I’m pretty sure I did as there was juice dripping off his face and his hand as he continued to gently lick and probe. My body was shaking, my mind felt like it was exploding, I couldn’t catch my breath. When I did, I said “Now, fuck me and fuck me good and hard” I felt like a woman again- this was what sex was all about.

He gave me a minute to make sure my wobbly legs would hold me. I was staring in awe at his cock dripping with his juice, anticipating the feel of it inside of me. I hadn’t had a cock inside me for months, it had been years since I had one that size fill me up and I was eager to see what it felt like.

He led me over to our friend’s couch. Asked me to get on my hands and knees- let me tell you, that was my pleasure as I know how full you feel with a big cock inside you riding doggy style. Plus, I wanted to grant him as much pleasure as he did me, whatever he wanted- I was willing to give to him.

He was standing in front of me, stroking that big, beautiful silky cock and said “Don’t suck it, let me rub it over your face” Still on my hands and knees, he stroked his dick, while rubbing it all over my face, as he’d bring it close to my mouth, I’d sneak a little lick in here and there, tasting the wonderful flavour of this man. This was incredibly erotic and I was humming with need. He climbed on the couch behind me, bending over to rub his hand over my clit and stick a finger in my cunt. Dripping with juice, his finger started circling my asshole. I was trying to stay still, panting and moaning with pleasure- next his tongue joined his finger and I started pushing backward- wanting to feel his finger up my ass. “Oh baby, you are so hot- maybe I’ll get to fuck that ass someday”, God I wanted him inside me, anywhere- I had not had anal sex since my previous partner, and I immediately remembered the sheer pleasure. I wanted him in me, in my cunt, in my ass. I started begging to get fucked.

He eased himself up on his knees and pressed his cock against my asshole- then with a good powerful thrust- started fucking my pussy. It was heaven, I felt full right up to my armpits. Finally, it was in me. “Harder, harder, please, please.” He slapped my ass good and hard, I was lost. Harder and harder he went, I’m not sure how he didn’t cum- “You are so tight baby, play with your clit for me”. I was finally getting the fucking that I had been missing for years and I didn’t want to cum yet- his finger started playing in my ass again and I was screaming with pleasure. I said “Please fuck my ass, please, stick it in me” It was all the encouragement he needed- he pulled out of my cunt and slowly started to work the head of his massive cock inside my tight little asshole. The head was in and I was done- I needed it all. I pushed back hard and bit my lip through the momentary pain- “Slap my ass and ride me!!” And boy did he ride me. Both of us moaning and growling, enjoying every second of this pure carnal pleasure. I was in a frenzy with my clit as his cock continued to drive up my ass- I was going to cum- and I did- what a massive release. I shivered and shook and screamed my pleasure. I wanted him to give me his cum, I wanted him to get the same massive release that I had. All of a sudden, he withdrew from my ass, “Get over here, I’m going to cum on your face”….I got on the floor on my knees and put one hand over his on his cock and gripped his balls with the other….his body started to convulse and delicious, white cum squirted all over my face, hair and was dripping down onto my chest. What a ride that was, this will be forever ingrained in my memory.
We giggled a bit as we got dressed, not wanting our friend to come back and find us naked. We ran some water, cleaned up our mess together, lit a scented candle to cover the smell of our lovemaking, talking easily and enjoying our little secret. We both sure are looking forward to next time.


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Mother-in-Law’s Hot Oiled Ass Pt 1.


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Sharon was eleven years younger than me when we got together, and Mary, her mother was about the same older than me. I got on well with Sharon, but some things were lost due to the age gap, and still had a good sex life.

Mary was a very sexy lady, a lady who I got on with extremely well. She used to have some emotional issues from Sharon’s Dad, who used to hit her, visiting a shrink for her problems. Part of her treatment was massage, for relaxation purposes. If she hadn’t had them for a week she used to seize up.

There came a time when her free treatment came to an end, and so Mary was struggling. And as I was quite adept with my hands, Sharon offered my services, as I used to perform them on her with obvious consequences. She blew my trumpet so to speak, and so reluctantly I agreed to do it, but felt a bit embarassed as to be giving my Mother-in-law a massage.

It was arranged when her husband wasn’t going to be there, as he wasn’t told. I left Sharon at home and turned up on the evening. Mary was already clad in her skimpy dressing gown, a vision I’d seen many times when we visited, so thought nothing of it.

She walked me upstairs to the bedroom, where the oils, candles and towel awaited. I had shorts on as to not get oil on my jeans. Mary lay on the bed, with just a towel hiding her dignity. I got on the bed and straddle her as giving a massage (As you well know) is easier that way.

Now starting with her shoulders, she flinched, and very tense. As my hands started to work their magic, she became like putty, and she began groan as my hands wrapped around her slender body, my fingers almost touching her breasts. Working down her back, until they were stroking the top of her pert buttocks, once again groaning.

After about half an hour working her back, I lowered myself further down to start her legs. Oiling my hands again, from her ankles up to her lower buttocks, hands cupping her thighs. As they reached the tops of her legs, she opened them slightly. The towel raising a little to reveal a sexy w-shape to her rear end. Well I was agasp myself, but carried on.

As my hands cupped her thighs, her legs widened even more. This time my hands didn’t stop, and carried on up, stroking her hot ass. I was expecting a kick or slap, but neither came. What did come, was she raised her ass up as to beckon me. And so with my right hand still on her ass, my left ventured between her legs. It was met by a hot wet pussy, I slid my finger in, she panted and pusshed onto my eager fingers.

My fingers massaging her, as she wrythed. I wanted to taste her juices, and so my tongue danced around her clitoris. She pushed on to my tongue.

“Fuck me” she beckoned, and although we knew it was wrong, it felt so right. And so I whipped down my shorts, and stood to attention almost straight away.

“Fuck me!!!”

My head entered her warm wet pussy, she purred with anticipation, she fingered her clit and pushed herself onto my eager manhood until I was all the way. My hands clasped her waste, and started to pump her sexy ass, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Her fingers working wonders as I filled the void. We were possessed, fucking like animals until I exploded inside her, it felt like bliss to be fucking her. She came three or four times as her fingers did their magic too.

After collapsing in a heap, there was some guilt, but boy it was worth it. We cleaned ourselves up. We agreed to say nothing, and act normal, but there was yet more to come another day.


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