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We had tried to meet for awhile, something always happened. His schedule or mine. At last, we had a chance to meet. He left his car in a parking lot and we drove in my car to his friend’s house, who’d loaned us the place for our tryst.

We got to the room, and started kissing right away, long lingering kisses that made me tremble. He started rubbing my nipples over my blouse, caressing my breasts, which are incredibly soft and sensitive. He then opened my blouse, released my bra and took one nipple into his mouth and started sucking while I moaned and enjoyed the pleasure of his sucking and licking. We were ready, hot and wet, impatiently took off our clothes and stood naked in the room, rubbing against each other while kissing and sucking.

We laid on the bed and I remember immediately opening my legs and him coming down on me, feeling his tongue open my pussy lips, swirling around and around while I caressed my hard nipples. My hips were moving up and down, his tongue simulating a hard cock, licking and going in and out, sometimes quickly flicking his tongue over my clit, until I came so hard, bucking my hips up and down, feeling the throbbing feeling of my clit in ecstasy. He kept at it, whch made it a combination of agony and pleasure, wanting him to stop but to continue as well.

Then it was my turn. He laid on his back, his cock limp which worried me. I thought he would be all hard and excited. But that made it a challenge. I started using my tongue, slowly going up and down his shaft, with my hand stroking his balls, licking and feeling him getting hard in my mouth, little by little. I took his hardening cock in my hand and moved it up and down, flicking my tongue on his pre-cum soaked tip.

Finally, he was so hard it was perfect to take him whole in my mouth, his cock fucking my mouth, my ass close to him so he was fingering me from behind, moaning as his hard cock fucked my mouth. When he was almost ready, I turned my back to him, offering my pussy from behind and felt as he slowly entered me, slowly at first then harder and harder. I could feel his balls slapping me, his hand rubbing my nipple, in and out he would go as I opened myself more to feel him deep inside me. At that moment I used my toy and while he pounded my pussy, I masturbated and we both came so hard, his cum coming down between my legs, both of us throbbing with pleasure.


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