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Sharon was eleven years younger than me when we got together, and Mary, her mother was about the same older than me. I got on well with Sharon, but some things were lost due to the age gap, and still had a good sex life.

Mary was a very sexy lady, a lady who I got on with extremely well. She used to have some emotional issues from Sharon’s Dad, who used to hit her, visiting a shrink for her problems. Part of her treatment was massage, for relaxation purposes. If she hadn’t had them for a week she used to seize up.

There came a time when her free treatment came to an end, and so Mary was struggling. And as I was quite adept with my hands, Sharon offered my services, as I used to perform them on her with obvious consequences. She blew my trumpet so to speak, and so reluctantly I agreed to do it, but felt a bit embarassed as to be giving my Mother-in-law a massage.

It was arranged when her husband wasn’t going to be there, as he wasn’t told. I left Sharon at home and turned up on the evening. Mary was already clad in her skimpy dressing gown, a vision I’d seen many times when we visited, so thought nothing of it.

She walked me upstairs to the bedroom, where the oils, candles and towel awaited. I had shorts on as to not get oil on my jeans. Mary lay on the bed, with just a towel hiding her dignity. I got on the bed and straddle her as giving a massage (As you well know) is easier that way.

Now starting with her shoulders, she flinched, and very tense. As my hands started to work their magic, she became like putty, and she began groan as my hands wrapped around her slender body, my fingers almost touching her breasts. Working down her back, until they were stroking the top of her pert buttocks, once again groaning.

After about half an hour working her back, I lowered myself further down to start her legs. Oiling my hands again, from her ankles up to her lower buttocks, hands cupping her thighs. As they reached the tops of her legs, she opened them slightly. The towel raising a little to reveal a sexy w-shape to her rear end. Well I was agasp myself, but carried on.

As my hands cupped her thighs, her legs widened even more. This time my hands didn’t stop, and carried on up, stroking her hot ass. I was expecting a kick or slap, but neither came. What did come, was she raised her ass up as to beckon me. And so with my right hand still on her ass, my left ventured between her legs. It was met by a hot wet pussy, I slid my finger in, she panted and pusshed onto my eager fingers.

My fingers massaging her, as she wrythed. I wanted to taste her juices, and so my tongue danced around her clitoris. She pushed on to my tongue.

“Fuck me” she beckoned, and although we knew it was wrong, it felt so right. And so I whipped down my shorts, and stood to attention almost straight away.

“Fuck me!!!”

My head entered her warm wet pussy, she purred with anticipation, she fingered her clit and pushed herself onto my eager manhood until I was all the way. My hands clasped her waste, and started to pump her sexy ass, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Her fingers working wonders as I filled the void. We were possessed, fucking like animals until I exploded inside her, it felt like bliss to be fucking her. She came three or four times as her fingers did their magic too.

After collapsing in a heap, there was some guilt, but boy it was worth it. We cleaned ourselves up. We agreed to say nothing, and act normal, but there was yet more to come another day.


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