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OK, a little background:
My name is David, I’m 27 yrs old single and I continue to play the field. My best friend is Brad he is also 27 yrs old and his wife is Cindy, she is 26.
Brad and I have known each other since high school so we go back at least 10 yrs and did the usual like hang out, drink, and chase girls. The girl chasing continued right on until about 5 yrs ago for Brad.
Brad was dating Cindy then he decided to make it permanent and the were married about 3 yrs ago. We both knew Cindy from high school when her and Brad dated off and on. They split a few times back in the day but kept in loose contact for a few years then it got cranked up again and led to marriage.
We all go back many years and know each other very well. I have went out with some of Cindy’s friends back in school and since then. I had been dating Amy, a friend of Cindy’s, and we were serious until recently. We all get together at one house or the other or go out, etc but that has slowed down some especially since Cindy is pregnant.
Brad is a territorial manager and travels one week out of the month and Cindy works at a doctors office.
I do inside sales for an equipment and parts distributor.

I got a call Saturday around noon from Cindy. Brad is traveling and their air conditioner has quit and being July it didn’t take long to get miserable. They know my experience with these things and didn’t want to call just any repair contractor so she asked if I would mind checking it out.
We help each other all the time, that’s what friends are for so of course I head over there to see what I can do.

Let me describe Cindy, she is about 5’9″ and typically about 120 lbs with straight blond hair that reaches halfway down her back and she has crisp blue eyes and she has always been slender and lean. Oh yes, she is pretty. .
She is about 6 months pregnant now (and may be 130 lbs now) so her belly is rounded out, her breasts and ass have increased in size. Not in a bad way either because as far as I’m concerned she looks a bit better and more defined to me. She always kept in shape, not that she works out but she is just a naturally slender woman and she watches what she eats so it’s not like she has gained weight all over. She is a slender woman with a rounded belly. She has fresh clear smooth skin and needs no make up.
Cindy answers the door and here she stands before me in her condition, drenched with sweat, a thin white top with small straps to hold it up and its clinging to her body, a pair of thin shorts and her long hair pulled back and fastened.

Given her features I don’t think a condition exists where she wouldn’t still look good.
“Thanks for coming”, she said.
“Not a problem”, I said .
I looked her up and down in a fashion like I was “checking her out” and I made sure she saw me doing it.
“I look a mess”, she said, putting one hand on her belly and the other wiping sweat from her brow.
“I think your HOT”, I said with a straight face.
“Your just being kind………. Oh DUH I got it”, she said rolling her eyes up and laughing.
We laughed then gave each other the obligatory hug.
“Please fix the air”, she said.

I went about diagnosing the problem, I was back and forth between the outside and inside unit. I traced the problem and began working when Cindy came around offering me something to drink. It was hot so it didn’t take long for me to be drenched in sweat and I was struggling to remove the motor given the tight conditions where it was placed.
She insisted I come to the kitchen and take a break. She had a fan going so we sat at the table to cool off and I drank some tea. She expressed how much she appreciated me coming over and we talked how Brad wasn’t very handy when it comes to things like this or even doing general things around the house even if he was here.
It was true, he asked me to come over and fix a light, a switch, a door, or whatever.
As we sat at the table and talked she asked me if I could look at the ceiling fan in their bedroom because it was making a noise. Being the jokester I am I tried to lighten things up.

“Doesn’t the fan block the view from the mirrors you guys have on the ceiling”, I said with a smile.
“Well you would know since you would have been the one to install the mirrors”, she said.
“Nah, I put myself in a pinhole camera when I was in the attic a couple months back”, I said.
“Well you haven’t seen much action then”, she said.
“Don’t shit me, you don’t get pregnant by shaking hands”, I responded.
“Yeah, well maybe he doesn’t find me attractive anymore”, she said.
“Unless he turned gay and blind I don’t think so”, I said.

She looked down and just shook her head slightly and our amusement stopped. Something was wrong and she had a hard time hiding it. We all have always threw out the sexual inuendos and inquiries. I mean since we all have known each other there wasn’t a conversation that wasn’t laced with sexual overtures but I seemed to have hit a nerve then figured maybe it’s hormones or something, I know moods can change during pregnancy.
I asked if she was OK and I apologized if I crossed a line. She said it’s fine then simply said that her and Brad hadn’t been “close” lately.
She still looked more away than at me as we continued to talk.
We finished our drinks and I went back to work on the air. Finally freeing the motor I took it to where I worked to find a replacement.
While I was on the way Brad called and I gave him the rundown of what happened and what I found and that I also found a small leak in their unit and I would fix that while I was there.
He expressed the usual gratitude and said he would be back tomorrow afternoon and we would get together at some point, etc.
I obtained what I needed and went back to their house to fix everything. While I worked Cindy would come by with a drink for me and check how things were going. I certainly didn’t mind because I got to sneak in some looks at her. I’m the type that does plenty of looking, and wondering.
I mean if a woman is HOT she just is, doesn’t matter if she’s your friends wife, girlfriend or your own girlfriends sister or her friends or whatever. I LOOK and wonder “what would it be like”, you know ?. Maybe your not supposed to look and think those things but I do and I suspect more do then don’t or they wouldn’t even admit it to themselves.
Cindy is very pretty and there is a hotness to SOME pregnant woman and she was one of them. Her pregnancy didn’t diminish her attractivness and it even enhanced certain things.

I finished up the motor installation, repaired the leak and finally cranked it up and ran through the checks. I went to the kitchen to sit in front of the fan and let the unit run so I could make sure it would operate fine. Being evening and the work was done Cindy offered me a beer and after a little bit we could start to feel the house cooling down.
She was incredibly appreciative, saying I did a lot of work and she wanted to feed me so she ordered a pizza.
While waiting for the pizza we went into the bedroom to check out the ceiling fan and I found the blades were just a little loose.
While I was on the ladder tightening loose fan blades we began to joke around and the inuendos started up again.

“So where is the camera you installed”, she asked.
“Above your side of the bed”, I said.
“You wouldn’t want to look at me much lately”, she said.
I was finishing up the last of the blades and tightening a few other things and even replaced one of the light bulbs in the globe and I was about to come down the ladder.
“How much are we going to owe you”, she asked.
“Ah, we’ll just take it out in trade”, I said looking down at her while holding a laugh.
“Hell, I would be owing you”, she said. She feigned half a smile as she said that and looked straight out like she had something on her mind.

I have to admit, just the thought of it was getting me hard. I mean with all the inuendos thrown out among various people and groups there is always an element of want, need or desire in them. Hell, how naughty would that be anyway, your best friends wife, she’s pregnant and gorgeous, he is out of town…………… I mean they make movies on those woman’s channels about stuff like this.

The doorbell rang and we knew the pizza was here. She headed out to answer the door and I finished up, got my tools and put the ladder back in their garage and I cleaned up a bit in their washout sink since their laundry room is where you enter the garage.
I got back to the kitchen, she had the pizza on the table and another beer waiting for me.
“What were you doing out there”, she said.
“Oh, I was just changing the tape in the camera”, I said with a big smile.
She rolled her eyes and with a slight smile, “you will be bored to tears”, she said.
“That’s what you think” I said.
We ate pizza and she seemed to be looking off in the distance and thinking. When she did start talking it was about her friend Amy, who I was in a relationship with until recently.
It had been a month since Amy and I split, well since Amy decided to split.
She said that her and Amy “talked” and she hoped I wouldn’t be mad about anything shared and wondered if I was OK. I acknowledged that it was a tender subject for me but I told her I know woman talk and that since I treated Amy good and that she never had any complaints I knew about so whatever they shared it didn’t bother me.

“Well she isn’t going to make it long with the guy she’s with, but he’s “the bad boy”, said Cindy as she shook her head in wonder.
“I guess I’m just a nice guy, to nice huh”, I asked.
“There is nothing wrong with that, don’t change a thing, she knows what a wonderful guy your are”, she said.
“Yeah, a lot of good it’s done me, she still left me”, I said.

We talked about how all woman seem to want the bad boy then regret it afterwords and correlated that to how some men have strict criteria for the type of woman they want. The conversation melded into how people are superficial and what is the basis for attraction and is love real………..the conversation became very philosophical.
Cindy said that Amy told her we had conversations like that but her and Brad didn’t and she wished they did. She also affirmed that Amy had NO complaints, in any department of our relationship.
I was washed with a flood of emotions as Cindy told me this. I sat there looking back on what once was along with the thought of rejection stemming from things that were just fine by most standards.
Cindy noticed the change in my face and tone, she could tell I was hurt and she apologized but she was actually hoping to make me feel better by telling me it wasn’t anything I did or didn’t do, etc.

In an attempt to alleviate any guilt she may have for bringing up the subject I said, “It’s all right, I just think about it sometimes and I miss her and……things”. I glanced at her, figuring she would get what I was referring to.
It had been a month since I had sex so sitting here thinking of and talking about Amy made me long for “attention”. The sexual inuendos helps confirm that you are still wanted, needed, attractive, viril, sexy, etc. I appreciated Cindy’s sensitivity and the confirmation that I did things right in my relationship with Amy.
These confirmations are not just a woman’s domain, we all need it.

Cindy looked at me, “I get what your saying, I understand BELIEVE ME”, she said.
“Things haven’t been good”, I asked.
“I don’t think he loves me anymore”, she said as her eyes watered.
I told her that was far from the truth and I assured her that Brad loves her and expressed how good of a person she is. I listed all her personality attributes. She retorted that all those things are great and the way it should be but that it means nothing to Brad. She feels that the physical attributes seemed to be more important to him and that Brad hasn’t touched her since she just started to show and she feels he is repulsed by her.
I know how he is and I expect she certainly does as well since I know there is some validity to what she feels. Brad has always liked his woman slender from head to toe and he is very explicit in his criteria.
I wouldn’t admit it to Cindy rather I tried to allay her fears and talked about other aspects concerning Brad. She countered that she wouldn’t expect me to say anything different and that I was being a good friend by trying to back him up.
She laid out the list of girls and woman he dated and she was right, there was no variation in the type. He ALWAYS went with slender, blond, blue eyes and between 5’7″ and 5’9″.

On the other hand she listed all the girls and woman I went out with over the years and it was incredibly diverse in comparison. Be they tall, petite, blond, brunette, red head, slender, a little chunky, etc. She said either I was about the individual rather than hooked on one body type or I’m just not very discriminating and an opportunist.
I told her I find beauty in many female forms and my interest is in conjunction with their character. I am a typical red blooded guy as well but I’m not a hound dog either. She said she knew that about me but had to throw jab at me but I did concede that opportunity is a somewhat of a factor but she knows I don’t just poke and run.

“I think Brad loves me but not ME”, she said she said jabbing a finger at her heart.
“Cindy, there are plenty of woman who fit the “criteria” but he married YOU”, I said trying to make a point.
“I know and your right but on the physical part I don’t fit the mold anymore and so I feel he doesn’t love me inside”, she said.
She was getting emotional and I was somewhat uncomfortable with her confiding in me. I didn’t know if she was spilling her guts in an attempt to have me validate her concerns or convince her she was wrong about it all. I thought to myself that I need to inject some levity into the situation and try to sway the conversation elsewhere.
“Cindy, I’m not a woman or a licensed bartender, you sure you want to discuss this with me”, I said with a smile.
She smiled and reached over and grab my hand and gave it a squeeze.
“Your a friend and I know how easy you are to talk to”, she said.
I looked down as she withdrew her hand. It felt good, she had soft hands plus I haven’t talked to anyone since Amy and I split and she understood. She knows me and she know Amy but there is something to sitting in front of and talking with a pretty woman that just warms things up. I was thinking crazy things in my head right now. I am hurt, lonely, and horny. I don’t need to be in this state in this situation, I didn’t need this aggravation.

“We’re kind of in the same boat”, she said.
I nodded my head slightly to affirm what she said.
“I know it was more than that with you and Amy but…..it’s been awhile huh”, she asked.
I drew in a breath and, “Yeah”, I said as I looked down at the table.
“Maybe we can help each other out”, she said.
My eyes immediately went from the table to her. She didn’t have a smile on her face rather she looked at me and shrugged her shoulder as to express “why not”. I didn’t need this, I figured she would bust out laughing at any time but the continued silence along with the straight look on her face and my cock began to harden.
I had thoughts racing through my head as I tried to interpret what she meant by that. Perhaps she means we can help my talking to each other about our issues or that she wants me to talk with Brad and she talk to Amy.
I’m sure she doesn’t mean her and I, me and her, that we should…………… NAHHHHH.
I decided it was time to lighten things up again so a little inuendo as a retort would be appropriate given my nature, that way I don’t look stupid and presumptuous. Then I can get through this, go home and clean up then pound one off to clear my mind.

“MMM baby, what did you have in mind”, I said with a smile.
“SEX”, she said, still keeping that straight face.
“Your not serious”, I said as I continued my smile.
She kept her straight face and didn’t flinch. Either she had restraint she never had before when we joked around like this or she was dead serious. I was resigned to give in because the frustration was just to much for me.
“Alright, what do you mean sex, sex with who”, I asked with a smirk on my face instead of a smile.
“Each other”, she said, still no smile.
I just looked at her with the same smirk as I explored her eyes, what I saw made the smirk disappear. Her eyes had the look of seriousness. I still thought that either she is throwing my inuendos back at me to teach me a lesson or something but either way I was ready to concede defeat. My need was desperate and this wasn’t funny to me anymore.
I drew in a breath, let it out and shook my head slightly as I spoke, “Cindy, don’t play with me like that”, I said.
“Look, I need to have sex BAD. Brad hasn’t so much as touched me in 3 months and I doubt he is going without”, she said.

I wanted to argue with her about whatever Brad may or may not be doing while at the same time I had empathy for her. I know Brad has his strict criteria but this is his wife and even though she is not the slender woman she was a few months back she is still a pretty and sensuous woman. I sat there amazed and thought how could he keep his hands off of her.
I had thoughts in my head which I knew were driven by the lack of sex, the fact I always thought Cindy was HOT, that he is gone, that she needs it and to top it off this would be sooooo naughty and wrong.
I wanted to have sex with her, I wanted it really bad and here is the opportunity. I knew I had to restrain myself but there is only so much a guy can take given certain situations. I didn’t want to do the wrong thing but I was so weak and overcome with desire, I needed to have my cock buried in a warm wet pussy and I was willing to justify anything to satisfy that need.
Still trying to remain calm and restrained I intended to ask her a series of questions to interpret her full desire and be ahead of any resulting fallout afterwords.

“You really want to do this”, I asked.
“Yes. It doesn’t have to mean anything, it can be just sex”, she said.

Now I have never been the one to just bang a woman and go nor have I been with a woman that is like that. The female body is like a work of art to me. Each one is different but share common elements that come together in may different forms and can be appreciated individually. I derive pleasure from exploring their bodies and when sex is between two people that really know each other then it seems to be more than just sex and this is a case in point. We have known each other a long time and as woman talk to each other about their “experiences” they have more information.
Cindy has talked with Amy and I bet she has shared certain details plus Cindy seems to be a bit of an opportunist as well. I imagine she is justifying things in her mind being that she is blind with need just as I am…………here I am justifying a wrong in my mind as I stared at her.

“So what do you say, help each other out”, she said, her eye brows raised in question.
“One condition….No regrets”, I said.
I wanted it to be true and hoped it would be true but the potential for regret is obviously HUGE, we knew it. By satisfying a mutual need and not getting “attached” then perhaps regret can be averted but it’s amazing what can flood into ones mind the instant after gratification.
We figured if we can hold on to the appreciation of satisfying each other and kept as a secret between friends then we could have a fond memory for years to come.

Without a word we each pushed back our chairs and stood up. I followed her to their guest bedroom. I walked through the door and stepped to the side of the bed and turned, she stood at the door looking at me then slowly closed it. There was still plenty of daylight outside and with the window blind down and closed the room was still bathed in light that filtered through the slats. She walked to the window and pulled the drapes closed in an attempt to darken the room some.
She turned to look at me and said, “I’m a little modest”, as she put a hand on her stomach.
“You don’t need to be”, I said.
She smiled and looked down then walked to the other side of the bed, turned and sat on the edge.
“David, I really appreciate this”, she said.

I didn’t know how to respond I mean what do you say “no problem, it’s OK, think nothing of it”, WHAT ?.

I continued to stand as I began to take my shirt off as. She pulled her top off and removed her bra. I kept an eye on her to watch her movements to spot any hesitation that wasn’t the result of modesty in leiu of a sudden change of mind. I removed my pants but kept my boxers on “just in case”.
As she remained seated she turned her head slightly to look in my direction then she removed her shorts and panties in one motion without standing up.
“I’m shy”, she said.
“You don’t need to be”, I said.
She kept her back to me then turned her head and body enough to look back at me. Her eyes went from mine to my boxers then back to my eyes.
“Your shy”, she said.
“Nope”, I said as I pulled down my boxers while I bent over then stood back up.
Her eyes went wide as she looked at my cock then said, “oh my god”.

We looked at each other for several more seconds then I said, “you still want to do this”.
She nodded her head yes and I crawled up onto the middle of the bed and rested on my knees. She scooted back then laid down and turned on her side facing me and began to lean her head in towards me while reaching to grab my cock with her hand.
“You don’t have to do that”, I said.
“I want to”, she said.
I leaned over, moving my cock closer to her mouth and she took me in. She didn’t just take me in she eagerly pulled me into her mouth trying to take as much as she could. I supported myself on one arm as I leaned over her head while I took my other hand and grabbed her hair.
This cause her to take my in even more. She wanted me to force my cock into her mouth so I tightened my grip on her hair and pulled her head onto me as I thrust my hips to fuck her mouth. She loved the fact that I was like “forcing her” onto me, she wanted and needed to know that she could please.
There was no doubt she was pleasing me as I let out an, OHHHHHHHH CINDY, IT FEELS GOOD, SUCK MY DICK. She was pent up with need and desire and made little, “mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm,” noises as she worked hard to take on my dick.

After a few minutes I just began to get that feeling and I didn’t want to come, not yet anyway. I wanted her pussy, her pregnant pussy. I wanted to get as deep in her as I possibly could. I eased the grip on her hair as a signal that I was ready to proceed.
She didn’t stop at all, I was in heaven from the pleasure she was giving me as well as me looking down and seeing her pretty face as my dick stretched her sweet mouth. Her eyes were closed and she had no plan to stop.
The cum started to rise towards it’s exit as my breathing picked up. My eyes closed as I tried to concentrate on not cumming but my minds eye only contained the last thing I saw which was Cindy’s sweet mouth stretched over my dick and all I could imagine was the cum spurting from into her mouth.
“UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, CINDY YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CUM BABY. She increased the suction on my dick and began to let her tongue glide along the bottom of my shaft as she worked.

I resigned to the fact that she wasn’t going to stop until she made me cum. I grabbed her hair again and now concentrated on relieving my own pent up need.
If she wanted me to cum in her mouth then that’s what I was going to give her, as much as she could handle.
My cum had risen all the way up my shaft now and I could feel some precum leak out as I squeezed my muscles closed. If I was going to cum then I wanted to cum big and hard with force.
I let the pressure build as she continued to work. The more pressure that built the tighter I gripped her hair, the tighter my eyes closed.
I was at the bursting point, “OHHHHHH”, I moaned out as I began to lean my head back and I squeezed my muscles even tighter. I couldn’t contain it anymore, I had to cum, I was about to cum in my friends wifes sweet mouth. Her expert sucking, her sweet face, the wrongness of it all was all I could take, “I’M CUMMMMMING”, I roared.
I relaxed my muscles and let out a loud, “UH”, as an initial small squirt splashed into her mouth. Behind that initial spurt came a torrent of cum shooting from my dick, “UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, I painfully shouted out. That huge flow of cum hurt just a little as It worked it way out.
Now my cock muscles began to convulse as I moaned painful and relieving, “UHHH, UHHH, UHHH, UHHH as stream after stream of boiling hot pent up cum shot from my peehole and into Cindy’s sweet mouth.
Each time I shot into her mouth Cindy moaned, MMM, MMM, MMM, MMM as she tasted and swallowed my cum. I was almost in a trance as I just kept my grip on her hair with my eyes closed tight as she worked my shaft with her mouth. I snapped back to and released my rip when she pulled back and tongued my sensitive head.
She pulled off and with her hand wrapped around my cock she applied pressure to her thumb and ran it under my shaft as she pulled her hand up my cock in an attempt to extract more cum. As she pulled my dick a glob of sticky cum bubbled up at my peehole. She place her mouth over my head to suck and tongue. She liked what she tasted as she loudly went, “MMMMMMM”, as she extracted what was left.
I was looking down at her and as she finished she pulled off of my dick and looked at me. I stroked her hair and looked at her while shaking my head and she spoke first.

“I needed to do that and when we do it I want it to last”, she said.
I looked up and down her body as she laid there.
“Your not turned off by my stomach”, she asked.
NO, your beautiful”, I said.
She smiled big, rolled over and oriented her body to the length of the bed. I moved over and laid down next to her. She truly did look beautiful. I laid on my side behind her but not scooting my body up to hers, there was a little bit of space between us.
Not able to curb my natural tendencies I reached out and put my hand on her shoulder and ran down her arm and onto her side following the curve of her waist, hip and butt.
I almost anticipated her to recoil as I did this because she may interpret my affection as attachment. She was my friend, she was my friends wife and I was not going to get attached but I do appreciate a woman’s body and to ignore them after a session is just not in my nature.
As I ran my hand along her butt, side and back she seemed relaxed and almost purred with a barely audible, “mmmmmmmmmm”.

She was receptive, I scooted up closer so I could feel her body against mine which allowed me to expand my reach. I wanted to feel her all over. I ran my hand over her waist then forward as I followed the curve of her pregnant belly.
I was a bit surprised as she relaxed even more by letting out a breath, pushing her back against me and stretching her arm out in front of her. I moved my hand up to her breasts taking one in my hand and gently squeezing then continued to let my hand roam all over her smooth body .
“oh my god this feels good………I don’t get this”, she very softly said.
Now I had a little worry about attachment from her. I don’t have a clue what kind of attention Brad gives her even when she wasn’t pregnant but I couldn’t help it, she has a terrific body and her pregnancy didn’t diminish a thing.
“You mean you don’t get this lately”, I said.
“NO, I mean I have NEVER gotten this”, she said.
“WHAT, I can’t believe that”, I said.
“I’m telling you the truth”, she said.

I laid there thinking what the fuck is wrong with Brad, his wife is blazing hot and she has an all around pleasant personality. We laid there and talked and I could tell she didn’t want to go on and on harping about her husband so I didn’t inquire anymore but she talked about some things that Amy had told her and she acknowledged that she is experiencing things that Amy told her about me, everything from aggression to the size of my cock to the affection.
I knew woman talked but Amy contributed more detail than what I thought but still wasn’t sure how much. The talk of Amy, plus Cindy’s hot body in front of me, the terrible wrong and secrecy of this whole thing plus what we had yet to do was getting me excited, again.
As I laid there snugged up to Cindy my cock grew and it was applying pressure against her butt.
With all my rubbing of her body I hadn’t even touched her pussy. I ran my hand over her belly and down to her snatch. I couldn’t get access like that so I ran my hand over her butt and into her crack. I followed it to her pussy and ran a finger in her slit.

She was moist, but not enough. She pulled her legs up a little as I rubbed her slit and alternated by running a finger into her hole. She was TIGHT. I wanted my cock in that tight hole of hers so bad but I had to work it a little more. She leaned her back towards mine as her breathing picked while I continued to work then she let out a soft, “uhhhhhh” as her warm fluid greased my finger.
I pushed myself up to my knees as she rolled over and got onto her knees and I positioned myself behind her.
“Take your pick”, she said. That let me know for sure that Amy told her everything.
“How about some of each”, I responded.
“OH YESSSS”, She said.
I was really worked up now. As wrong as this whole thing is I figured we can’t compound a wrong and if we’re going to do it then let’s really do it.
With one hand holding my tool and the other on her hip I began to aimed my throbbing meat at her wet pregnant pussy.
“Easy, it’s been awhile and your huge”, she said.
The excitement of it had increased my heart rate and blurred my mind. All I wanted to do was shove it in and fuck her sweet little snatch but I had to control myself.
I gently guided myself to her hole, my soft squishy head deformed as I applied a little pressure. She picked her head up and held a breath as her cunt lips parted with a creamy smacking sound and the flare of my head brushed past and was squeezed by the tightness of her neglected hole, I was IN and it was exquisite. She let out a breath.
“Oh My God, Your So Tight”, I moaned.
I wanted to continue but as I pushed she tensed up, “EASY”, she grunted.
“Sorry”, I said.
“It’s OK, it’s been a while”, she said.

I pulled out slightly and started to gently go in and out to make sure her entry and my cock was being coated with her jizz then I pushed in to half my length and she let out a loud, “UH, UH, OHHHH”, as I continued to saw in and out to half my length.
After a few more strokes I pushed some more in which cause her to moan, “UHHH, UHHH, UHHH, DO IT DAVID, GIVE IT TO ME.
I pulled back then pushed my entire length into her that caused her to let out a loud grunting “UHHHH” as I moaned out “OHHHHHH” in pleasure.
I had a grip on her slender hips and begain to really fuck her pregnant pussy, her married pregnant pussy, my best friends wifes pregnant pussy, a hot tight pussy he has been neglecting.
She moved with me and rocked her hips as I fucked into her. she moved while making grunting noises, she did need this, she wanted this, she loved this
I pounded into her without any other thought than how dam hot and passionate she was being. I was going to satisfy her and myself. I was giving her what he should have been getting, what she needed and at this point I didn’t feel the least bit bad about it.

She was on all fours now with her head back and her belly hanging, “OH DAVID, THIS FEELS SOOO GOOD. I was fully enjoying this, her pussy was wet and tight and she had a need that I was going to satisfy.
I had plenty of energy and thanks to her sucking the cum from my dick I wasn’t going to blow anytime to soon. I ran a hand up and down her arched back as she breathed then panted as her cum flooded my hardened steel dick which was like a piston going in and out of her dripping hot cunt.
I was fucking her hard and the muscles in my back and upper legs burned with fatigue. I wasn’t about to quit or slow down, the burning in my muscles couldn’t over come the pleasure my dick had from Cindy’s hot,tight, married pussy nor could it stop the advance of the cum boiling out of my balls and rising like mercury up my shaft.

I began to moan as I felt myself building to an eruption, “OH, OH, OH, OH, OH”.
Cindy started to grunt as she pushed back at me and rocked herself back and forth, she knew I was getting really close.
I was there but holding it, I intended to shoot hard and deep inside her. I was pounding away, my face was contorted with pleasure and pain, pain from holding back so much pressure, pain form my burning muscles and pleasure from the feel of her cunt gripping my shaft.
It felt like my cock was swelling and if I didn’t release soon it would bust wide open.
With a final push I held deep inside her and “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’M CUMMING INSIDE YOUUUUUUU”, I roared as a blast of molten white hot lava burned her insides

“I HAVE TO CUM, UH, UH, UH……..OW !”, she screamed out.
As I pumped her I felt my cock washed in her scorching hot liquid then I shoved in deep, “AHHHHHHHHH”, I yelled out, as another wave of boiling semen coated her insides.
I was breathing heavily now from all the fucking and the climax as well as the tension of from every muscle in my body.
I fucked in and out a few more strokes and pushed with an, “UHHHHHHHHHH”, as another blast rocketed out of my dick, shooting deep inside her precious body
I felt the pressure of our cum build inside her an it began to leak back out from around my cock. I pumped in and out a few strokes and my cum soaked cock made squishy noises as I worked. I was squeezing my muscles to expel any cum I had left.
“OH CINDY, OH MY GOD, YOUR SO HOT, I NEVER CUM SO MUCH IN MY LIFE”, I said as I huffed and puffed while trying catch my breath.
I pulled out of her cum filled cunt and collapsed onto the bed. She slowly lowered herself down and onto her side facing me. We laid there in silence for a couple minutes breathing in the nice cool air.

“That was amazing David, Amy didn’t exaggerate”, she said.
I looked over at her, smiled then turned my head to look back up.
“You two talked plenty I take it”, I said.
“OH YEAH we did. .
I looked over at her and our eyes met.
“David, I needed this, I really did. I thought I would go crazy without getting any, I was afraid of what I would do”, she said
I know the urge for sex can be very powerful and in pregnancy perhaps the urge increases, I don’t know, but either way just doing without and/or being ignored can make people do things they normally wouldn’t ?.
“No regrets”, I asked.
I expected her to think about it but her response was immediate.
“NONE….and you”, she asked, looking at me with raised eye brows.
“NOPE, I should feel bad…………I feel bad for NOT feeling bad”, I said with a smile on my face.
We laughed then she looked away and I did as well.

We laid there in silence for a little bit as our thoughts caught up then Cindy started to talk about Amy. She told me some of the details she divulged and various other things they discussed.
I was somewhat annoyed at the level of detail that Amy conveyed. No that any of it was bad actually it was all positive but just the thought she may blab her mouth to someone else, I guess it was just the principle of the thing.
I didn’t mind she was so detailed with Cindy but hoped she is a bit more discreet going forward.
Cindy asked if the things Amy told her plus what we have done (and still yet to do) would change things between all of us.
I felt it was time for some more levity so told her I’ve been removing her clothes with my eyes for years anyway so I won’t look at her any differently plus I had wondered what it would be like to have sex with her and now my curiosity is filled.
We laughed but of course there was some seriousness to her question.
I told her that I won’t be able to help but think back on this and plan to have fond memories. When we are around each other it will be like it always has been.
I told her she is my best friends wife and we needed each other and this is strictly between her and me forever, PERIOD !.
I looked directly in her eyes for confirmation, worried she may feel compelled to use this has an axe on Brad sometime in the future.
She promised that it would remain our secret to infinity and planned to think back on this in a positive fashion and that her curiosities are now satisfied as well, we both laughed.
We both agreed there are no attachments but of course there is an attraction, hell there always has been but of course you don’t normally do anything about it.

“Listen, we can’t right a wrong that has been done so there is no harm in…………. expanding on it a little more, is there”, she asked.
“What do you have in mind”, I asked.
“Something that Amy told me about”, she said.
I laid there thinking for a minute. Amy told her so many things then it hit me.
“OHHHH, you mean……..”, I said as I picked my head up with raised eyes brows as I looked over her hip to her butt.
“Uh Huh, I love it “back there” but hardly ever get it”, she said.
She was right, we can’t undo a wrong already committed and this was “just sex” for both of us. We wanted and needed satisfaction and we were prepared to get it. I think both of us could justify about anything in our minds right now. I was getting ready to speak but she beat me to it.
“David, we’re way past the point of return, I want to experience………..EVERYTHING”, she said.
“You and me both”,I said

We laid there for few minutes and I was wondering how she may “want it”, given her condition. As tight as her pussy is as compared to the size of my cock she was going to have a hard time taking it in her ass.
I have been in a situations where one woman really wanted to and others who “allowed” it. Cindy was willing, very willing in fact, and that helps a lot. This was going to be good, I wanted to fuck her tight ass as much as I did her pregnant pussy, her married pregnant pussy.
She rolled over with her back to me and I instantly scooted up behind her.

“It’s easier for me when I lay on my side, as big as you are I’ll need everything easy I can get”, she said.
We laid snuggled up for several minutes as I explored her body. I squeezed her tits, ran my hand over her belly, over her hip and squeezed her butt. I wanted to relax her, which it did but I also wanted to feel her precious body. She raised a leg up as I rubbed down her butt and began to finger her cunt.
“Put it in my pussy first, OK”, she asked.

I guided my cock to her waiting cunt and slid in, she was very wet with jizz and goo from our previous session. She was tight and my large cock was stretching her causing her to catch a breath as I buried myself inside her.
After a couple minutes of fucking her cunt I pulled out. I fingered her a bit then rubbed some of our mixture onto her to lube things up as best as possible. I grabbed my shaft and positioned myself.
“Cindy, you ready”, I asked.
“YES”, she said.
She didn’t seem nervous at. I held my cock firm in my hand and pressed into her little puckered brown hole, she instinctively tensed up. With my tool firmly in my grip and my other hand on her shoulder I pushed the head in and stopped as her anus snapped tight.
After a few seconds I pushed and her reflex held me out, I wasn’t making any ground and I desperately wanted as much cock in her as fast as I could get it in. I hadn’t worked any at all but the excitement and anticipation caused my breathing to be labored.
I gripped her shoulder tighter and held my shaft as I applied more pressure. My cock began to spread her tight hole open, making sticky smack type noises as it pushed it’s way through.
She really tensed up from the intrusion, she arched her back out and pulled her hips in a little and she moved her arm back and put a hand on my hip pushing against me.
I let go of my cock since I was in and I put it on her hip to hold her in position and increased the force.

“easy David, easy, easy”, she said in a breathless voice.
I stopped pushing for a few seconds then began an in and out motion. Every time I pushed in she tensed and pulled her hips forward. I was getting very excited and began to speed up a little.
I tightened the grip on her shoulder and hip again and began to fuck a little harder and push more cock into her tight brownie hole. I was breathing harder now from the stimulation and she grunted under her breath as I continued to assault her asshole.
As I worked in and out for a minute there was a rhythm and she relaxed. I was almost halfway in and she was enjoying it as she breathlessly kept going, “oh, oh, oh, uh huh, uh huh.
I was getting crazy, as good as this felt I wanted to be balls deep into her. As I fucked in and out I heaved and pushed in to half my length, “UHHHHHH, OH MY GOD”, she screamed as she tightened up.
“It’s alright, relax just relax”, I said as I rubbed her back.
“How much to you have in me”, she asked.
“Just half”, I said.
JESUS CHRIST THAT’S ALL, feels like you have the whole thing in me”,she said.

I continued to fuck her incredibly tight brown hole while it was squeezing my dick so hard I thought she would choke off my blood supply. Our breathing was labored now, mine from working and stimulation and hers from tensed muscles and from her own excitement. Things began to loosen up as I moved in and out of her and she relaxed some more and just when I thought this would be all there is I was surprised by what she said next.
“Give it to me David, give it all to me”, she said.
I gripped her hip and ran my other hand back up to her shoulder and picked up the pace. After a few strokes I pushed and she let out a short scream. I continued to fuck her hot little ass and again heaved in as I buried a little more cock into her butt.
With a final push she screamed “OH, OH, OH, OHHHHHH MYYY GODDDDDD”.
I was in, I was finally in and I was in total heaven. I fucked her sweet tight little ass with the full length of my hardened cock. I was breathing heavily and she was moaning loudly then I felt her jizz gush from her pussy and run around her leg and onto mine. I wanted to keep fucking her ass however, I was already holding a load that was constantly trying to force it’s way out of the only opening it had.
I pounded into her to get all of this sweet ass I had to give it up as she moaned out, “OHHHHH DAVID”, which brought me on. I held deep as I let loose the muscles that held back a flood and with an, OH, OH, OH, AHHHHHHHH CINDYYYYYYY”, a powerful stream of sticky spunk shot deep into her guts.
All I could do was hold deep inside her and with an, OH BABY, OH BABY, OHHHH, BABYYYYY”, another blast spewed from my peehole soaking her insides.
I breathed hard and held it in as I tensed for more eruptions, “UHHHH, UHHHH, UHHHH”, I moaned out as my cock convulsed and I expelled three more healthy squirts into her now quivering body.
Tired and completely spent I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her butt and rolled onto my back, out of breath. She stayed on her side and slumped as she eased the tension of her muscles and breathed in and out.

After several minutes Cindy rolled back a little and I rolled onto my side and ran my hand up and down her side. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

“David, I never been fucked like this, oh my god I needed this, all of this so bad”, she said.
I didn’t say anything, I wasn’t sure what to say plus I didn’t feel like she was totally finished with everything she wanted to say then she continued.
“I want to thank you for this, I really didn’t know ALL this was going to happen. I needed to be fucked and we have known each other so long. When I saw your dick and everything Amy told me plus I haven’t had the opportunity to please a man in a few months…..I wanted to……be a woman, you did that for me”, she said.

I knew she was done, she needed me to understand her. This was out of desperation, hurt, loneliness and need.
We each knew it wasn’t an excuse nor would it justify what has been done here but we each had a reason, right or wrong, good or bad, it was the reason. It is what it is.

“Cindy, I understand and I needed to for all the same reasons, except the “to be a woman part”, I said.

We laughed and felt comfortable we were on the same page.

“You still feel alright about all this”, she asked
“OH YEAH”, I said.
I knew I would be pounding one off now and then while imagining I was fucking her. We had our time and I resigned myself to the fact that this was it.

“David ?”, she said.
“Yeah”, I responded.


We looked at each other and smiled.


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