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I was on a massage therapy convention / business vacation in Florida. I decided to go with a pink lace pantie and bra set with my skirt and blouse. I completed the outfit with some high black sandals that made the most of my painted toenails. My husband Allen came with me, deciding to take advantage of a night’s stay in a hotel.

Sitting in the hotel lobby, I noticed a nice looking man, who smiled and walked straight toward me. He looked to be in his mid 50’s, almost 6 foot tall, and a decent build. I felt a swoon coming on and thought to myself that he could definitely be fun.
“Hello, I’m Robert,” he said with a grin.

“Hi, I am Brandy.”
The sound of his Texas drawl was soothing and warm. I quickly became disgusted with myself for allowing my mind to wander off into thoughts of what it might be like to have my bare breasts against his chest. Rarely do I feel such an instant attraction to a man besides my husband, whom I thought of back in the room.

“Too bad you are married,” he said, staring at my ring. “We could get to know each other a little bit more.”
“We still can,” I replied without any thought.

For a few minutes we talked about our jobs, and it felt as if we had known each other all our lives. I realized I had an intellectual attraction to this man as well as physical. I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to have his enormous hands covering my body. We parted after awhile, and I went back to my room. I had slipped his room number into my purse, just in case.
Since I had a couple hours before my next seminar, I quickly kissed my husband Allen with intensified passion. My thoughts kept drifting to Robert’s face, and wonderment at how his lips would feel on my own. I needed to relieve the sexual tension, and pictured Robert caressing my body as my husband’s hands moved over my soft silk blouse. He cupped a breast in each hand and squeezed them just before unbuttoning my blouse.

My nipples were waiting as he slipped the cups of my bra down to reveal my breasts and super sensitive nipples. I pinched them both at the same time several times, sending a shiver of pure pleasure over my body. In seconds we were nude, and I felt my man’s cock nestled in the folds of my labia. His technique tingled my clitoris, and again I envisioned Robert’s hands and lips on my breasts. I arched my back slightly to push my breasts up in the air. Allen played with them in his hands, caressing and kneading the soft mounds of flesh. My nipples responded as he gently pinched them just right to achieve the desired effect.

It only took minutes for my breath to quicken, and involuntary moans of pleasure to escape my lips. As the waves of orgasm washed over me my mind centered on the desire of Robert’s body covering mine. The orgasm surprised me in its strength, convulsing my entire body as it continued in wave upon wave. Just as the intense orgasm began to subside Allen increased the nipple molestation and pushed me to a second, smaller orgasm that quickly faded. I slipped away from him, and sat for several minutes with my head back, enjoying the glow following such an intense release. Then I felt his seed spill into me with a great force.
The beach

“You really got into that!” Allen stated. “Who were you thinking of?”
He knew me too well. We had occasionally had sexual fun without each other, as long as it was known about prior. I told him about meeting Robert, and how he triggered something in me.
“Well, you know you can be with him if you want. Do you know how to reach him?”
“Yea I have his room number. Was not planning on anything. But if you are OK with it…”
“I love you so much Brandy. If you two connect, just let me know. OK?”
“You know I will honey, Love you too.”
I touched up my makeup, fooled around with my hair a little, and decided to go with the white blouse and a buttery yellow skirt that hugged my curves. As I headed to the seminar, I pondered what do if I did contact Robert again.

After the meeting, I saw Robert in the lounge. As I sat next to him, his hand brushed my shoulder, sending a tingle through me. The minute I was close to him that very sensual feeling set every nerve in my body on alert. I ordered a glass of wine and we talked a few minutes about the hotel and a few miscellaneous topics. I found out he was 56, my elder by 26 years. His gentle kindness was like a soothing fuzzy blanket, and I knew what I wanted.

Since he had mentioned earlier that it had been years since he had his toes in the sand, we decided to wander out to the beach. We stopped at one of the benches behind the resort, where the property gave way to open beach, and removed our shoes. Though it was after dark, the sand was still warm. He offered his arm to guide me through the deep expanse of soft sand that eventually gave way to the place along the water compacted by the tides.

The surf felt wonderful on my feet. The ocean breeze was on the calmer side, as was the surf. The moon, reflecting out in front of us, hung low out over the water. The air was a little cool and cut right through my thin silk blouse, making my nipples harden. I was grateful for the dim light of the moon and distant resort lights. Eventually. we reached the pier and I tilted my watch toward the moonlight to check the time.

After a couple of beers, we were back out on the surf. As we passed under the pier, Robert reached out and took my hand. I had been careful to give him no indication of my desire for him. But I didn’t pull away. On the contrary, I decided to let it play itself out since the attraction was clearly mutual.
Robert suggested we go over to a lounge patio and sit for a few minutes. I agreed. As we neared the light of the bar, I caught him noticing the protrusion of hard nipples inside my blouse. We wandered along the beach, holding hands. We stopped to just stand in awe of nature’s beauty and the comfortable quiet.

I heard Robert’s voice asking if I was cold. Before I could answer he slipped his arms around my shoulders from behind and gently held me back against his warm body. I instinctively melted against him and laid my head back against his chest. We were bathed only in moonlight. I stopped to face the ocean and enjoy the cooling breeze on my face.

Robert stood behind me, wrapping his arms around me and holding me to his warmth. This time, I leaned back into him and closed my eyes. I melted into him as his arms tightened around me slightly. I could feel the slight movement of his firm arms and chest against me. He brought a hand up and gently cupped my chin and left cheek in a gentle but demanding way.
“Look at me Brandy,” he said huskily as he tilted my head back against his chest.
He ran a thumb over my bottom lip and I opened my mouth slightly. He bent over me from behind and kissed me softly, tenderly. The kiss deepened as we tasted and explored.
“I want this, I want you,” I said while panting slightly.

“Let me text my husband, so he knows I will be a little longer getting back.”
I stepped away long enough to send the message, but letting Allen know where we were at, in case he wanted to spy on us.
I returned to Robert, and he moved his hands to fondle my breasts from outside my silky blouse for just a moment before beginning to unbutton it. As our lips danced against one another with more confidence, I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and finished unbuttoning it. At the same time his hands smoothly opened the front closure of my thin bra. His caresses were unhurried, lingering.

The ocean air and the feel of his soft but demanding hands on my bare body caused me to groan softly into his mouth. He turned me to face him without breaking our kiss and ran his hands up behind my blouse to caress my bare back and down over my skirt to cup my behind in his hands.

I was slowly unbuttoning his shirt, enjoying the reveal of his pecs and upper belly as each open button allowed the moonlight to shimmer on his skin. As I pulled his shirt open and up out of his pants he straightened up, breaking our lingering kiss and allowed me explore his chest, back, and shoulders with my hands.

“There’s a swing over there,” he said. “Shall we?”
I turned my head to look and saw that it was one of those padded swings with the fabric roof over it. I nodded and we walked arm in arm the short distance to it. We stood in front of it, watching each other disrobe. Taking in the shadows and curves of each others body in the moonlight. We stood there, 3 feet apart, taking in the visual pleasure of each other. Savoring every glint of moonlight on curve. Finally I took a few steps forward and ran my hand over his muscular belly.

He reached out and took my protruding nipple gently between his fingers before spreading his large hands out over my breast. We allowed our to explore each others body. I worked my way down over his hardening manhood and cupped his scrotum in my hand lightly. His eyes closed and he held onto my shoulders as I ran my hand up and down gently and slowly over his shaft. His buttocks tightened as I brought him to full arousal. Now and then he would open his eyes and look down to watch me stroke him softly.

Eventually he stepped forward to press his body against mine and slipped his hands around to my backside. He used one big hand to pull my lower cheeks apart and to hold me tightly to his chest. His other hand snaked down the cleavage between cheeks. He bent to kiss my shoulder and worked up the side of my neck. He tongued my earlobe softly. His hard member pressed against my upper belly as he slipped his long probing fingers between my legs and began to tenderly explore the folds of my very warm center.

He fingered me gently until I was gasping softly in his ear. Gently he slipped a finger up inside me, pulling me up into him until I was up on my toes. I was swaying with the gentle motion of his hand moving inside me, his hard member throbbing slightly and rubbing firmly against my belly, his lips and warm breath on the sensitive side of my neck. My soft gasps turned to soft groans into his ear.

“Can you cum standing up?” he whispered delicately into my ear.
“Right now I could cum anywhere,” I gasped quietly in return.

His fingers probed deeper, finding every corner of my delicate insides. His long fingers probed the firm bud leading to my womb. My wetness flowed down over his hand as I began to shake slightly. My insides tightened around his wiggling fingers. My hands slipped around to his buttocks and I pulled him tighter into me. As my shaking intensified, my gasps and moans became more breathless. I exploded deeply, as my entire being melded with my surroundings.

The orgasm throbbed in my brain and I did not even realize Robert had pulled my legs up around his waist, holding me up by my backside, and carried me to the swing. He sat down so that I was straddled over him in his lap facing him. My hands moved to his soft hair as he lowered his head and hands to my breasts. The fondling and nibbling on my hard nipples only served to continue the throbbing inside my body. I needed him inside me. Not with a mad passion, but in quiet desperation.

I looked off into the nearby shadows to see that my husband had decided to take in the show. His pants were around his knees, and his hand was slowly stroking his eight inch shaft. Knowing he was there intensified my desire.
I pushed up on my knees to make room under me, and used my hand to slip Robert’s hard rod into me. For many minutes I sat still with him twitching slightly inside me, my inner muscles gripping him greedily. He continued to orally and manually fondle my breasts and I moved my hands to his strong shoulders.

He began to pump me lightly and slowly at first but as the minutes went by his thrusts quickened and become deeper. My body moved in unison with him as naturally as if we had been lovers for a lifetime. He grew larger inside me, and my body responded. The wetness inside me flowed out and down over his balls down into the cushions of the swing. We were both gasping and moaning in deep passion.

The sound of our legs slapping softly as our moans mixed with the ocean waves. He pulled his face away from my breasts and put his head back, watching me. I rode atop him effortlessly as if we were created especially for each other. We both became lost in each other. My hands gripped his shoulders as my breasts bounced in his face.

“Robert, oh Robert” I gasped breathlessly. We continued to move against each other as he erupted inside me. His hot fluid splashed over my clit as we pumped. The suction on my clit pushed me to a new level, and I convulsed almost immediately into a second orgasm.

I had my arms wrapped around his head and shoulders as he held me tightly around my waist. Our chests heaved against each other as hot breath warmed each others necks. Our breathing slowed, and he softened inside me. As we cooled, I felt the chilly ocean breeze on my back and moved to sit next to him in the swing. He ran his hand over my naked body telling me how beautiful I was.
“My turn now honey?”
Robert was surprised to see Allen approach us, holding his pants up. His cock was sticking out hard and inviting.

“Who is this?” Robert inquired.
“My husband,” I replied. “I texted him awhile ago, telling him what I had in mind. We like to play at times, but always make sure the other knows about it first.”
“I understand,” Robert said.
“Good, then watch this,” I replied, slipping Allen’s cock into my mouth.
Robert leaned down, and licked my nipples, as I sucked my husband, inches above Robert’s face. Then Allen exploded, filling with mouth with his tasty cream, my favorite treat.
Quietly we dressed and walked back to the resort. Robert went his way as we headed to our room. There we made love tenderly until I felt him cunning inside me. It was times like this that I was so glad to be married to such an understanding man.


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