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Author’s info: Gender: male


A boy falls for the girl that nobody seems to notice


My name is Jeff. I’m a Chinese male, about 5 feet 9, light skinned and sport a pair of thin professional looking glasses. Before you start to imagine all the stereotypes about me, let me first say that I don’t have those “chinky” eyes as people called them and I’m not socially awkward. My penis size is average, at about 5 inches with a girth of 4.5 inches so my log is a nice thick one. Not the biggest in school but definitely no where being the smallest. I have many friends who are white, black, and I’m friendly with the ladies of all types. I played basketball casually so I was in decent shape. No crazy six pack abs or anything but I wasn’t a stick that could be ripped in half by my classmates either.

At the end of 9th grade, I took a standardized test which showed that I had quite a high IQ and my parents encouraged me to switch to the accelerated program. They said it would look better on my college apps. The only downside was that I had to switch schools but because it was in the same town, I could keep in touch and hang out with all my friends so I thought, why not.

I took accelerated courses in English, math, science, computers, and business accounting. For my electives, I chose a few art courses instead of phys-ed. Our gym classes weren’t co-ed and the idea of spending 5 hours a week in a stuffy gym with a bunch of sweaty guys didn’t appeal to me. I regularly played basketball with my friends in my old school anyway. Plus, I want to go on and study architecture so art was a good way to make myself look good in apps and it was something I enjoyed. I should also note that I also skipped a grade in elementary school so I was actually a year younger than everyone in my class.

One of my classmates in art class, Shirley, was having some trouble with her math and science subjects so I offered to regularly tutor her. She was a white girl, had a slender figure with great hips, about 5 ft 5 ish tall, no more than an inch shorter than I am and nice big brown eyes that sparkle as if they’re from an anime character. She had shoulder length hair that flipped up at the edges which made her look really cute. Because she wasn’t blonde with blue eyes and she wasn’t a busty cheerleader, the guys at school rarely paid her any attention, which is such a shame because she is such a sweet girl. Throughout first semester, I got to know her and she became a really good friend. I even set her up on a date with a good buddy of mine from my old school but after three dates, she didn’t seem too interested.

One day, I bumped into her in the hallway and she asked “Hey Jeff, I was thinking of getting a few of the art students together to talk about potentially putting up an art show with the work we made in class at the local library and was wondering if you’d be interested.” It sounded pretty cool, a good chance to make my college app look even better and one of the libraries by my old school knew me quite well so I said “Sure. Why don’t you get the gang to come over to my place later? I’ll be playing some bball with some friends but we can talk about it after, say at around 5:30 or 6ish? I’m pretty close to one of the librarians.” She may not be one of the popular girls at school but even she looked at me funny when I said I was close to a librarian. “I use to tutor her daughter in math and worked there during summer art camp once,” I said, trying to make my academic life sound less lame. “Oh, cool,” she said. “Sure, we’ll drop by at 5:30-6ish.” At least now she doesn’t think I hang around old ladies that reads all day.

My buddies and I were shooting hoops in my driveway after school and it was a particularly hot day so most of us took our shirts off. We played for about an hour before they had to take off to study for their quiz the next day. I continued to shoot a few hoops to improve my game when Shirley arrives, dressed in a dark pink tank top that exposed her cream colored bra strap and she had a tight pair of thin black yoga pants that almost completely outlined her shape down there. She had some light eye shadow on and her light lip gloss accentuated her small mouth and silky lips. A light silver chain necklace wrapped around her neck snuggly with a ruby pendant in the middle. Her clothes were form fitting, allowing her hips to be shown off with great pride. She stopped and stared at me for a bit.

“Hey Shirley. Why are you looking at me like that?”
“Nothing…” she grins. I don’t know if she was blushing or whether it was the heat but her face got a bit red but I had a feeling she was checking out my shirtless body. Yay for 8 years of casual basketball!
“I know I’m a bit early,” she said. The walk over was a lot quicker than I thought.”
“That’s okay,” I said. “Come on inside and get a drink. It’s hot out today.”

I took her inside and got her a glass of ice water with a lemon wedge. She walked around the house for a bit, admiring the art that was on my walls while I admired her little round butt and She never dressed like this before in school – in fact, she’s never worn anything so form fitting. I always found her attractive but I guess I never made a move because she was a friend but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much I actually like her. She was sweet, friendly and easy to get along with.

I figured we had about half an hour or so before the rest of the group would arrive so I said I would take a shower so that I wouldn’t be all sweaty and smelly for the meeting. She asked if she could use the internet while I cleaned up and I took her to my room to use my computer.

After a nice warm shower that cleansed every ounce of sweat off my body, I wiped myself dry and feeling refreshed, I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked through the door into my room.

“OH MY GOD, I’M SORRY!!!” I yelled out. I forgot she was in my room using my computer and that I should’ve walked out the other door instead.
“It’s okay,” she responded. “It’s not like I can see anything anyway.”
“Still…that was my bad. Look, if you don’t mind, I just need to put on some clothes. Mind stepping outside? I’ll be right down.”

I walk to my closet to go through my shirts and I hear the door close behind me. How embarrassing was that! I hope she doesn’t think I’m one of those Asian perverts like Mickey Rooney from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Not to mention the fact that I started to get a hard on from that incident. That scare must’ve jumpkicked some blood flow down there. Or maybe subconsciously, I thought it was exciting for an innocent girl like Shirley to catch me half naked in my bedroom. I unwrapped my towel and start rummaging through my closet for a shirt, barely getting a moment to process my thoughts before I felt a pair of smooth silky hands crawl around my chest. Turns out Shirley never left the room! I jumped for a second, turning around to see her standing there, this time for sure she was blushing as my house had the AC on.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you!” she yelled.
“Shirley, what are you doing?” I asked.
“I just…oh my god, this is embarrassing. I just felt this urge to touch you after seeing you outside from playing basketball. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen. I can’t believe I’m so stupid.”

She puts her hands over her face in embarrassment. Seeing her flustered made her look kind of cute. I wonder how often it was for her to make such a crazy bold move like this. I get close to her and take her hands off her face, reassuring her that everything was okay.

“You always cop a feel on your friends when they’re naked?” I joked.
She lets out a giggle. “Only when they’re really good looking like you are.”

Now even I’m starting to blush. I can tell that she’s liking the attention I’m giving her. It’s obviously that she doesn’t get it from others much. Their loss, my gain.

“Please don’t think I’m some kind of perverted schoolgirl,” she lets out softly. “I don’t normally do this. I mean, I’ve never done something like this.”
“I don’t think that at all,” I said.
“It’s just that…I really like you. You’re really sweet and you treat girls like they’re people rather than a slab of meat like most other guys. And you don’t think differently of me despite most of the other girls being much more pretty than I am.”
“Shirley, you’re incredibly beautiful. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, okay?”

I placed a hand on her face and she smiles, blushing. She gently gives my palm a kiss before I move in and give her a deep passionate kiss on her lips. I pull back and see that she’s really flustered.

“You okay?” I asked.
“Yah…it’s just…that was my first kiss,” she says.
I couldn’t believe it. I mean, yes she was nowhere near the most popular girl at school but to say that no one has ever put the moves on her is really surprising especially considering how amazing she really is.
“You’re serious?” I asked.
“Well…I don’t think the accident with Tommy in 8th grade counts. He kind of just bumped into me and our lips touched. I didn’t feel anything special at all. Not like this.”

And with that, I planted another kiss on her, gently sucking on her lips while I casually slip my tongue and brushed against her lips before she gets the idea and uses her tongue to play with mine. The hand that was on her face slides behind her hair and onto her back while the other goes for her nice hips. Her hands are stuck in between our pressing bodies so the only thing she can do is gently brush them over my freshly showered chest, occassionally grazing a nipple which turned me on. I can feel my member rising up and brushing against her legs until I realized that I was still naked! She notices my crazy hard on and lets out a giggle.

“It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be,” she says. They say Asians are usually small.”
“Just because most of us aren’t crazy huge like porn stars, doesn’t mean we’re all tiny,” I explain.
“Clearly,” she says, unable to take her eyes off my bulging dick. “Can I?”
I give a nod of approval and she takes it in her right hand, gently stroking it with a bit of pressure. Just enough to get me going but not enough to drive me completely wild. I think the thought of such an innocent girl is doing a better job of that than her technique itself.

I lift my right hand and play with her creamy bra strap for a bit before planting another gentle kiss on her. I take her left hand and bring her over to my bed. Her other hand never once releases my throbbing cock. I kneel on the bed and she climbs up and does the same. She starts playing with my nipples using her hands.

“Mine are always sensitive,” she says. “I don’t know if you like it…”
The wonderful sensation and my dick is telling me that hell, yes I like it! I smile at her, acknowledging her ability to turn me on. She gently kisses me before covering every inch of my neck with her lips. She even gives my shoulder a gentle bite before working her way down my chest. Eventually, her mouth makes her way to my nipple and at that moment, I had never experienced anything better than her wet tongue flicking on my sensitive nips as her succulent lips sucked on them. She uses one hand to stroke my cock while she continues to suck on my nipples. I fall on my back but she keeps going at it, stroking my hard shaft up and down while licking my overly sensitive nipples. At that point, from all the wild sensations and the thoughts of Shirley doing this to me, I can’t help but blow my load all over the bed and my stomach, with landing on her arm. She continues to stroke me which drives me completely insane. My nipples are super sore from all the over abundance of raw sexual sensation and I tell her to stop. Her final few strokes on my cock finishes me off in ways that are beyond my wildest dreams.

“Well, that was quick,” she says gleefully.
“Trust me, there’s no way anyone else would’ve been able to last that long,” I pant, almost breathless. “By the way, it’s not fair that I’m the only one naked around here!” I proclaim as I wiped the mess off with some tissue.
“You’re right,” she says and goes on to take her tank top off to reveal her cream colored partally lace bra that was somewhat see through. She’s a 34B cup – not a big pair but it’s enough for me to play with. Plus, I like that she has these small boobs. It emphasizes her innocence. I take her pants off to reveal a pair of black panties. I unhook her bra with ease and remove it to reveal a nice set of small light brown nipples on her milky breasts and can’t help but immediately devour them with my mouth. I play with one in my mouth, sucking, licking and even occassionally biting (but very gently) while the other is massaged by my hand. I switch nipples every couple of minutes and caress her body constantly as I’m doing this. I even give them a bit of a slurp that tickled her, adding to the sensation. She lets out these soft moans that are incredibly sexy and my leg starts to feel really wet for some reason. It was her dripping through her panties!

I laid her down on my bed, propping her head up with a pillow and remove her panties. A light patch of hair covers the top leaving her slit completely exposed. Her clit was already bulging out and she was so ripe that I just want to dig in. My mouth is watering at the sight of her and her smell is so clean and fresh despite the crazy heat outside. I swallow the area as she lets out a cry of pleasure the instant my tongue had contact with her her fresh pink flesh. It was like an all I could eat buffet and I wasn’t going to stop. She tastes amazing! Like freshly picked ripe strawberries that are incredibly juicy. She starts pulsating like crazy seconds into it and I continue to go at it like crazy, munching on every inch of her while gulping down every ounce of juice that comes out. The thought of her going crazy like this gives me an instant hard on once again and as soon as another gush of juice sprayed my face, I give her toned slender stomach a work out with my mouth before climbing on top of her to gently nibble on her nipple again before I passionate embrace her for another make out session.

With my erection getting harder than it had ever been before, I got up to my drawer to get a condom before she stopped me. “No…” she lets out gently. Disappointed, I said it was okay and that we didn’t have to. “No, that’s not what I meant,” she says. “I want my first time to be the most memorable. I want to feel you and only you. Not a rubber.” I trusted her enough to not think about STIs or anything or that sort but I was not about to take a chance on pregnancy. But one more plea from her was all it took and I decided to go right in au naturel.

“This may hurt since it’s your first time,” I warned her. “If I go too hard, just let me know and I will stop.”
“Don’t worry,” said Shirley. “I masturbate with a dildo at home all the time so my hymen is already broken.”

I let out a light chuckle, which embarrasses her a bit. Imagine that – she takes the initiative to go on a sexual escapade with me but gets flustered at the idea of me knowing that she, a teenager with all these crazy hormones running through them, masturbates on her own personal time. She’s just absolutely adorable. I give her another kiss of affection before I kneel down next to her and stick my hard cock into her tight pink fleshly slit. The juice is still oozing out of her. This is absolutely INCREDIBLE! All the pleasure or a first time minus the pain and mess. I pumped her in and out missionary style at rhytmic speed until she starts to get a hang of it and I go harder and faster by the minute. I notice a bit of white sticky substance on my throbbing shaft as I go in and out and for a split second, I was worried that I had ejaculated but it turns out that it was all HER fluids. She was practically having a constant orgasm from all of this. I can feel her g-spot on the tip of my penis as I go in and out. No wonder she’s going wild.

I lean in to give her a kiss and occassionally play with my nipples while one of my hands rub her clit as I go in and out. She’s now screaming with pleasure from all of this. I whisper into her ear, “you’re beautiful and amazing” before banging her harder than I ever thought I could go. She wraps her hands around my back and leans her head up toward my chest to give my nipple some of that amazing sucking action that she knew turned me on. The combination of her wet tongue and luscious lips on my nipple and her juicy tight snatch filling up with pressure from my humping is too much and she screams “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” in a moment of clarity, I pull out so I don’t accidentally come inside her and as soon as I do, a gush of vaginal juice come spraying out of her, all over my bed and body. It was such an incredible sight.

We took a moment so she can catch her breath. “That…was…amazing!!!” she let’s out with a sigh. I sat there, still in awe at what just happened. She springs up and tells me to stand up. I do and she gets on her knees. “You’ve made me cum twice now,” she said, “and you even swallow my cum so I think it’s only fair that I do the same for you.” I tell her “you don’t have to if you don’t want to” but she says “I definitely want to.”

She takes my cock and gently kisses the tip first at the sensitive part by the hole before placing her hands on my legs and wraps her mouth around my member. At 5 inches, it wasn’t hard for her to go deep on it but she does have a small mouth and I do have quite the girth so she has to drop her jaw quite a bit to accomplish this. Her not using her hands and having her face bop in and out, swallowing my shaft while looking at me was such an incredible sight. She puts one of her hands over my butt cheek while the other comes up and plays with my nipple. She knows her secret move on me and with her mouth being as tight as her slit, I can feel the pressure in my balls. I warn her that it’s about to come and she just moans and bops harder. Soon, an intense eruption of semen flows straight into her mouth. It feels like a tsunami has arrived in her mouth as a tidal wave of semen comes rushing out of my shaft and down her throat. Despite that, my hard on doesn’t fade because she doesn’t stop sucking, her tongue flickering the head of my penis and her bopping in and out. I can’t help but release a third small wave of semen before she plucks her mouth away from my shaft and I collapse on my bed from exhaustion and she lays on top of me. So much for cleaning up before the meeting. Holy crap, THE MEETING! With all this going on, I forgot we still had to meet our classmates.

I rush her into the bathroom and we both hop into the shower, cleaning ourselves off. I can’t help but give her pussy another go at it with my mouth as she stands under the shower. The sensation of water dripping down her slender body while I suck the juices out of her sexual crevice drives her wild and she cums in my mouth. We spend another five minutes in the shower making out and soaping each other off before getting out.

As we got dressed, I jokily said to her “so I don’t know if you noticed but I kind of like you” to which she responds “well, I don’t know if you noticed but I kind of like you too.” She smile at each other and give each other a kiss on the lips before heading downstairs where the door bell is ringing like crazy. We answered the door and our classmates start complaining about how they were waiting for almost half an hour. Shirley felt bad and I chalked it up to my CD player upstairs and not being able to hear the bell. “What were you doing upstairs, Shirley?” asked one of her friends. “I was early so I asked if I could use the computer to check Facebook,” she said. We all came into the living room to discuss our art show in the library. My mom comes home later and says she’s going to wash all the bed sheets. I sure hope she doesn’t notice the crazy stains and smells from the fountain of bodily fluids on my sheets. Otherwise I’ll have to say to her that I wet the bed.

That night, I was on Facebook when I noticed on Shirley’s wall that one of her earlier posts was “OMG, just saw a hot guy with a great body playing basketball on the street. Yummy!!!” I still can’t believe how incredible she was and that no one has ever bothered to ask her out. Again, their loss is my gain. I logged off and gave her a call to discuss what she would like to do over the weekend as I serenade her around town on a date.

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