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“That looks ready for another round, if I’m not mistaken.” Brittany licked her lips. Her pussy felt a little sore, so she thought she might give another thing she’d seen on the Internet a try. “Can I do it with my mouth?”


Brittany strolled downstairs with the wind on her naked body. She began every day like this. Her shower was on the other side of the kitchen from her bedroom so she would use this as an excuse to expose herself to her family on the trip there and back.

She had just turned 14 and this was her last summer before grade 9. Over the last term of her grade 7 year she suddenly hit puberty and her body became that of a woman. She’d still needed grade 8 to work through that awkward “getting used to the new body” phase and now she was very confident.

Her morning walks to the shower had not gone unnoticed by her family. Brittney had always been a nudist but it is only in the last couple of years that her brothers seemed to always get up earlier than her. She had two older brothers and one younger. Daryn was 17, Greg was almost 16, and Victor was 13.

Today was particularly sweltering and Brittany decided that, instead of having a shower she would just go swimming in the backyard pool. She walked happily past the boys, b-cup tits bouncing, opened the screen door and jumped in.

As always, in a couple of minutes Brittany’s best friend and next-door neighbor, Sheila, popped through the hole in the fence. Sheila was totally opposite to Brittany, while Brittany was white, Sheila was asian, Brittany’s hair was blonde and she had blue eyes. Sheila’s hair was as dark brown as her eyes. And perhaps most notable, while Brittany hit puberty hard and early, Sheila seemed to be moving painfully slow in that regard. She looked like a tall 10-year old.

“Hey Brittany!” Sheila already had her suit on. Her eyes drifted to Brittany’s pink body floating under the water. “Where are your brothers?”

“Inside… recovering.” Brittany grinned wide and flicked some water at her friend.

“God, I wish I were you. You get a brother like Daryn living in your house and you get the confidence to actually show him your body.”

“You know you could always swim naked too. Nothing’s stopping you.”

“Yeah but I don’t have anything to show him. I’m not like you. Boys don’t fawn over me.” Sheila said as she slipped feet first into the water.

“They don’t fawn over me either. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if my brothers were the only guys who paid attention to me in that way. And I cheated by being naked around them.” At this point, Greg ran outside and dove into the pool. It was clear that he didn’t have anything on when he lay on his back in the water and his big penis rested on his chubby belly.

“Uh… Greg…” Brittany was laughing too hard to finish as Sheila stared wide-eyed at the prick. Then Greg caught sight of her and quickly ducked under.

“Oh… Shit, hi Sheila, I didn’t see you pop over.” Greg was red as a beet. He was a nerdy brother, but Brittany thought she might like him best. He’d started the whole “nudist” thing even before she had, which she assumed was the reason her parents were so cool with it. He was a little pudgy and unashamedly virgin – but he certainly had a happy-go-lucky aura which people liked.

“No, I don’t mind,” stammered Sheila, “I’m fourteen so it’s ok.”

“In what world does that make sense?” Greg challenged everybody about sex, just because he was alright with not having it.

“It means that if I wanna get fucked, I will, Greg! Seriously, will ya lay off with the preaching!” Sheila slammed her hand over her mouth so fast it was hard to believe the words had been said at all.

“Jesus, I’m sorry Sheila. I just keep forgetting that you’re not a little girl anymore.”

“Well, you know what,” Sheila started to pull her one-piece off her shoulders “you’re right, Brittany! I don’t need these clothes! They don’t keep me dry and I am tired of covering up! So what good are they?” Her little tits popped out of the top with very little pizzazz. But as Brittany looked at her brother’s face (frozen mid-apology), she could not deny that there was hunger in his eyes.

Sheila saw it too. It frightened her, but it also excited her. She took a step towards him while taking the one-piece off her legs, feigned tripping and fell straight into his arms. Greg caught her and immediately turned her head to kiss her.

Sheila had never seen Greg act like this. He was normally awkward around girls, but now… he seemed so like an animal – and also like he knew exactly what he was doing. This was not the passionate slobber-fest of a virgin, it was the determined make-out of a man.

She had to admit how hot it was. She had never really seen Greg as a sexual being before (despite having seen his private parts dangling in the open air for years). Now all she wanted was for him to kiss her like that.

When the kiss ended, Sheila stood up in the shallow end, looking shell-shocked. Greg immediately started looking appropriately guilty and got out of the pool. His penis was no longer dangling, it was so erect Brittany thought it might explode. He rushed inside.

After a few seconds Sheila said “I’m gonna head home too.” her hand had drifted to her vagina unconsciously and the delirious smile was still plastered across her face. She got out and started walking towards the loose slat of the fence.

“Wait, Sheila,” Brittany held up a one piece suit,”forgetting something?”

Sheila grinned mischievously, “oh, I don’t think I will be needing one of those anymore.” and she left.

Brittany had suddenly lost her need to swim and decided to go and talk with her mother about her new feelings for Greg. No doubt she would get the usual, “these feelings are sometimes natural but should be ignored.”

When Brittany entered the house she saw Victor leaving out the front with his skateboard. She went to her mom’s room only to find Daryn standing in the hallway with a copy of some novel.

Daryn was her oldest brother, and was a real stud-muffin. He had short blond hair and a tall muscular body. He had never really prescribed to the whole nudist life-style and accordingly dressed now in a comfortable purple polo shirt which showed off his abs and board shorts.

As she tried to get around him he extended his arm in her way. “Mom’s busy.” Brittany could hear music coming from the bedroom.

“Well, it’s important.” Brittany said as she ducked under his arm and continued down the hallway. She thought she heard grunting under the music. Suddenly Daryn’s arm wrapped around her midsection and he dragged her bodily back down the hallway kicking. “No, I mean it. I’m not letting you go back there.”

“Listen, if mom’s fucking Dad back there then you can tell me. I’m a big girl now.” Daryn went back to reading. “Fine, fuck you Daryn.” To Brittany, Daryn was just another asshole jock. He always had women crawling all over him and while he enjoyed the attention it made Brittany resent him. She could not really pinpoint why. It’s just that with all those girls on him he rarely paid any attention to her.

It used to be different, even a couple of years ago they would have giant tickle fights and wrestling matches. It seemed that now that she had a woman’s body he had lost interest. She would have thought that he would want to wrestle more. Boys could be confusing.

Refusing to follow Daryn’s wishes, Brittany decided to sneak around the side of the house and peak at her mom and dad going at it. “Fuck Daryn, telling me what I can and cannot see.” she thought. She had to quickly don a summer dress in her room before going outside because she’d have to walk in front of the house to get to her parents’ window. Sometimes she would entertain the idea of giving her quiet suburban neighbors a show, but she never went through with it.

Brittney climbed through the bushes at the side of the house and looked through the gap in the blinds into her parents’ room. She clearly saw her mother’s auburn hair and curvaceous body bouncing up and down on a dick, but it wasn’t her father’s.

Greg had his eyes closed and was sweating quite a lot. He was slamming his powerful body up to meet his mother’s bounces. Brittany was frozen in place, unable to comprehend what he was seeing. Her brother was fucking her mother? And he was good at it too. Brittany had seen more than her fair share of pornography to be able to see that her nerdy brother was the real stud.

Greg picked up his mother and began to drill her into the bed sheets. His mother was hot, and he’d been fucking her for a couple years with his dad, Anton’s consent. Anton had wanted his children to go out into the world knowing how to fuck like champions. His wife, insatiable as she was, would be the perfect coach. Her name was Samantha and ever since he’d broken her cherry at twelve, not a day had gone by that they didn’t act like rabbits in heat. Anton was hoping that Brittany didn’t have the same sex drive as her mother otherwise there would be no way to keep up.

Suddenly Brittany could see Greg give one powerful thrust and settle on top of her mom. He pulled out and she could see his prodigious spend leaking from her red pussy.

Brittany needed to masturbate. One hand went straight to her breast and the other to her pussy and she started rubbing vigorously. It felt so good but it was not enough. For the first time in her life she legitimately needed a cock. She could feel the ball of warmth growing in her stomach but too slowly and she worried it might not come at all when a hand grabbed her arm.

“Fuck Britt! How come I knew you’d be out here!” Daryn looked furious. “How much did you see?”

“Daryn, Greg’s fucking mom!” he suddenly looked guilty and she realized: “you’re fucking her too!” the ball of warmth was still in her stomach, waiting. “oh Daryn, you have no idea what this feels like… I need you right now; you’re the only thing that can get me off.”

Daryn looked around and pushed her to the soft ground between the bushes. In an instant they were wrestling again, just like old times, but this time… Her summer dress was off in a second and his lips wrapped around her nipple. He sucked gently while his thumb ran circles around her clit. She started moaning and his mouth moved to muffle her but she pushed him off.

“Daryn, put it in me now.” he grinned

“I like a woman who knows what she wants.” he placed his cockhead at her entrance and wrapped his lips with her mouth before wrapping his cock in her lips.

His entrance was gentler than Brittany expected. It hurt, but not more than her need for him. A thousand reservations were coursing through her veins, nullified by the pleasure of being filled. “If my mother could fuck Greg, I can damn well fuck Daryn!”she thought.

After a few minutes of Daryn’s gentle thrusting, Brittany was writhing under his cock. The ball of heat had grown so big now that she felt it “slop over the sides” and she felt she might explode. It was a good thing that Daryn’s mouth was engaging Brittany’s, otherwise the scream that heralded her orgasm would have called some unwanted attention down upon them. Daryn started to speed up until he was pounding desperately into her. She could feel warmth enter her belly as he arched his back and came inside her. As he pulled out he turned over on the grass beside her.

“Wow. So that just happened.” Brittany stated stupidly.

“Uh, yeah. You should probably put this back on.” he handed her the summer dress. “So what do we do now?” his eyes were intensely focused on her’s, searching for something.

“Well, we could do that again.” Brittany looked at her brother; finally, she was the focus of all of his attention. She’d attracted a guy who could have his pick of any girl in town.

Daryn visibly relaxed with a massive sigh, “I was hoping you’d say something like that. Unfortunately it doesn’t really work like that for us guys. We gotta wait a while.” he lay down on the grass, staring into the sky. “You know, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time; ever since you became a woman.”

Brittany saw her chance to get some answers. “Then why’d you stop wrestling with me? I thought you had outgrown me.”

“I had to stop. You were my little sister; I was supposed to protect you from guys like me. Plus, dad said we weren’t allowed to touch you until you were older.”

“Does he know about… you know… you and mom?”

“Yeah. Hell, he was the one who got us started on her.” Daryn eyes started to flow over Brittany’s body again and his cock was growing. Now that she got a chance to look at it, Brittany saw that it was smaller than Greg’s by a couple of inches, maybe about six when it was fully hard. For that she was glad, if it had been Greg who’d broken her in she wouldn’t have been able to walk for a week. Maybe that’s why Daryn never really got into the whole nudist thing.

“That looks ready for another round, if I’m not mistaken.” Brittany licked her lips. Her pussy felt a little sore, so she thought she might give another thing she’d seen on the Internet a try. “Can I do it with my mouth?”

Daryn sputtered, “can you do it with your mouth?! Is that even a real question?” he grinned lecherously. “Yeah, you can suck my dick.”

Brittany wasn’t really sure how to start. She grabbed the cock with her hand a bit too hard. “Careful now, it’s still a bit tender.” she loosened her grip and placed her mouth at the tip. Flicking her tongue out like a snake tasting the air, she got her first taste of him. Wasn’t bad, no ice cream sundae, but it was kinda tasty, in a salty sort of way. Brittany placed her mouth over the head and sucked it like a lollipop. She’d always heard that was how one was supposed to do it, but she had a nasty habit of biting her candy. Her teeth only grazed the head but it was enough to warn Daryn. “OK, you need to be more careful! No teeth.”

“Sowwy.” Brittany muffled around his cock. This was not going very well, she decided. The rest of the blowjob was just as bad – she couldn’t get him anywhere near her throat without her gag reflex kicking up a fuss, try as she might she couldn’t keep her teeth far enough away from his sensitive head, and her sucking was sloppy at best. Nearly ten minutes later she was about to give up, frustrated.

Daryn was experiencing the worst blowjob of his life, but also the best. She was terrible but enthusiastic. She clearly had no prior experience sucking dick before and it felt so hot to know that he’d taken two of her three virginities within a half hour period. Not only that, but it was the girl that was doing it. Brittany was his little sister, and he loved her. Even all the girls he’d been with and his hot mother had not been able to distract him from the lust that he felt for her everyday. If it weren’t for her teeth distracting him every few seconds he would have blown from the contemplation of those two facts alone.

Suddenly Brittany pulled off his dick. “I can’t do it. I’m no fucking good at giving head! I can’t believe I thought this would work!”

His eyes went so wide they might have burst from his skull. “You thought you would be perfect from the get-go? No one is. Everything in this world worth doing requires practice.” It felt surreal to Daryn to be giving this speech to his little sister to convince her that she should keep sucking his dick. “Just remember to keep your teeth off me and you’ll be fine. I promise to help you practice as often as you like.”

“What a self-serving offer.” said Brittany, but she still smiled and bent back over his cock. She kept going and remembered to keep her teeth away from the head. This was enough for Daryn and a minute later he was lifting his pelvis off the ground, putting his hand on the back of Brittany’s head, and blowing his load into her mouth. She choked on the first couple shots but swallowed the rest. The semi-solid cum slid deliciously over her taste buds, and she realized that she really liked the taste when there was a lot of it. She would definitely be doing this again.

“Ahem…” Daryn and Brittany both looked up to see their mother’s auburn hair dangling out of the open window a couple feet above their heads. She pointed to Brittany and said, “Apple,” then to herself, “tree.” she smiled lovingly down upon her children. “Lunch is on the table, you two. If you’re still hungry that is.”

————————Chapter 2.

Brittany and Daryn shuffled around the front of the house trying to look inconspicuous. This was difficult because both were covered with dirt, were walking funny, and had oddly satisfied looks on their faces.

In the kitchen they found their brother, Greg, sitting and reading the newspaper while drinking a cup of coffee. He looked up as they entered and a quizzical look entered his features.

Brittany sat down across the table from him, knees spread underneath. “Hey brother.” she said with a playfully accusatorial tone. Greg shrugged it off and went back to reading before he literally jumped in his chair with realization and bended his whole body to look under the table. Brittany could feel his eyes on her tight red cunny, leaking the evidence of her incest on the wooden seat.

Greg’s eyes were glued to the beautiful sight for a few seconds before he whipped up again. “What happened? Did you two have sex?” His voice was whispered urgently, with a hint of anger. “Do you know what dad will do if he finds out?”

At this moment, Brittany’s mom came walking through the kitchen completely naked. “She knows.” she said, and proceeded to get herself a glass of water.

“Oh. Alright then.” Greg said nonchalantly and went back to reading the paper. “Congratulations, you two “love birds”. Does this mean that Daryn is going to stop seducing every girl in town and leave some for me?”

A rolled up newspaper smacked Greg in the back of the head. “Firstly, it is not Daryn’s fault that you’ve chosen to fuck no one but me!” laughed Samantha, then pointed to her other two children, “secondly, I don’t want you two falling in love and having little incestuous babies together. You got that? This has always been for fun and to grow closer as a family. Don’t let your hormones fool you into thinking that this is true love. There are billions of fish in the sea, don’t keep going to the same breeding ground.”

Brittany hadn’t thought of that. She reached down to feel the cum that had already leaked out. It was laden with sperm, she knew. She felt a little bit of panic that could only be described as similar to a claustrophobic reaction. What if she was pregnant? She was only fourteen; she didn’t want her tight, sexy belly to swell up and stretch. And who could she say was the father? Not Daryn, surely. She hadn’t slept around enough to say that she didn’t know.

Samantha walked around the table to grab Brittany’s hand. “Come on baby. Let’s take a bath together.”

They went to the bathroom and closed and locked the door. Samantha started pouring the hot water into the tub while Brittany pulled her summer dress over her head. After applying some bath oils and lighting some scented candles, the two gorgeous women sank down into the water. They faced each other in the massive tub, Brittany’s legs going on the outside of her mom’s.

Samantha showed Brittany how to wash out the cum. She promised that they would go to the doctor soon and get some birth control pills.

After a long time of just soaking, Brittany opened the conversation. “So, I guess you’ve been fucking Daryn and Greg for a while now.” Brittany felt awkward asking the question. When she’d had Daryn’s cock inside of her, it felt right. She’d always been attracted to her brothers, but she never thought anything would come of it.

“Yes. They’re wonderful lovers. I taught them all they need to know about making a woman… happy. Are you happy with what happened?”

“I don’t know. I guess I was at the time. Now I’m not so sure. I didn’t know that it was going to happen, honestly, and when it did, it felt so… right. And I guess I thought these feelings were wrong, but now I’ve seen you and… Fuck, I just don’t know what to think anymore.” Brittany pleaded with her mother for answers. “Fucking them is wrong, isn’t it? Just say so and I won’t do it anymore.”

“Honey, I’m sorry you got caught up in all this. This is why we weren’t going to tell you until you were older. I can’t tell you what is or isn’t in your own heart. All I can tell you is that you should take some time to think. Your brothers are patient boys. If you are not ready, they will wait for you. This is half the reason I fuck them, they are horny (and therefore stupid when it comes to sex) teenagers. As long as they have me, they can think clearly and they won’t need to push the limits with anyone else.” Samantha leaned forward and put a hand on Brittany’s arm. “Nothing is expected of you, sexually. Just have fun and be safe.”

“OK, that’s a relief, Mom.” Brittany began to think about possibilities and sank deeper into the water.

When they were out, both women dried each other off with one towel. Brittany went first, feeling her mother’s warm and heavy breasts through the terrycloth. She spent an extraordinary amount of time on the erogenous zones of female flesh, exploring another woman’s body as she had not felt comfortable doing before, even with Sheila. She noticed how her mother flushed when she touched certain places, and how her nipples poked out fully by the end.

Samantha returned the favour by showing an expert version of the same process. Brittany could feel that her mother was testing pressure points to see which ones were the triggers for Brittany’s stunning climax. Afterwards, Samantha had to use the towel on the floor.

Brittany walked, rubber-legged, out of the bathroom and back to her bedroom. She wished her mother a good night and fell into her bed, exhausted.

She woke up the next morning naked in her bed, like always. Looking at her alarm clock, Brittany was amazed to see that it was only 6:03. Normally, she would turn over and go back to sleep; however, this time she felt refreshed and didn’t want to jeopardize that feeling. Not wanting to wake her family, she tiptoed downstairs and poured herself a glass of orange juice. Looking through the glass sliding doors into the backyard, Brittany noticed that the neighbour’s dog had gotten through the whole in the fence again and was prowling around the grass.

She remembered that Grizzly had always been friendly to her, and his owner, Tom, was even friendlier. Tom was a bachelor in his thirties, and was well acquainted to the nubile little vixen who paraded naked in her pool. Brittany had always known that of the three neighbours that surrounded them, Tom was the only one with two stories to his house. He could see over the fence from his bedroom window. A couple of times, Brittany could have sworn that she saw him peeping.

Brittany went outside and lay down on one of the deck chairs. She knew that Tom would eventually have to come looking for his dog, and it would be so hot for him to find a sleeping, naked 14 year-old too. She closed her eyes and saw the events of the previous day unfold. Before long she got lost in the memory of her brother’s cock slipping into her tiny pussy. She swore she could almost feel it grazing her wet pussy lips.

Actually, it felt a little bit too real. Brittany opened her eyes to see that Grizzly had moved to the fork of her legs, and was licking her pussy. She sat up erect, horrified that this big german shepherd was violating her. It felt fantastic, but she was just about to pull away anyways when she heard one of the slats in the fence being pushed aside.

“Grizzly!” Tom whispered angrily, “Where are…” Tom stared at the beautiful teenaged girl who sat before him. She was young, too young, but had the body of a woman. Her long blonde hair was arranged in bed head format, her perfect tits had perfectly erect nipples, and her cunny was being plundered by man’s best friend. It was simultaneously the strangest and most erotic sight he had ever seen. Both sat frozen while Grizzly paid no attention and kept happily licking. “What… the fuck?”

Tom’s voice jerked Brittany out of her static sense of panic, and into a much more active one. She leapt off the deck chair, eliciting a few loud barks from Grizzly. “This is not what it looks like!”

“It looks like you were using my dog for sex!” Tom whispered. “C’mere, boy! Jesus, Brittany! How long have you been doing this?”

“Never before! I was just sleeping on the deck chair and he came up, and I didn’t notice him until you were coming through the slat. I didn’t have time to get away. I don’t fuck dogs, I swear.”

Throughout the entire conversation, Brittany was standing naked and dripping from her cunny. She could see a tent form in Tom’s shorts and felt the ball of warmth in her stomach start to grow.

“Ok, ok, I believe you. I’m gonna take this horny bastard home though.” Tom led Grizzly out of the backyard by his collar, looking back just before closing the slat to see the naked girl still standing there watching him.

Brittany jumped into the water to wash off the dog-spit. of course, that action also included vigorous rubbing of her swollen pussy under the water. She swam laps for another hour and climbed out to go inside.

Sitting at the kitchen table was Victor, who stared straight at her tits. “Morning Brittany.”

“Good Morning, Buddy!” said Brittany as she ruffed up his hair. “You’re up early.”

“Not as early as you. I’m always up before you.” Now that he mentioned it, Brittany had noticed that he was never around during her morning teasing routine.

“Yeah, I guess.” Brittany started to prepare her own breakfast. Of course she was also trying to make up for all of the mornings Victor had missed. Whenever she needed something it was either on the highest shelf or the lowest, giving every angle of exposure for her ass and pussy.

“Hey, could you get me the milk?” Victor called from the table.

“Why don’t you get it yourself, lazybones?” Brittany looked over at him and glimpsed him looking down at his trousers. Ahh, the dreaded erection. Maybe she could have some fun with this. “Oh, OK.” Brittany made her way over to the fridge and pulled out a carton of milk. She handed it to him over the table, necessitating her to bend over really far. In his distraction, Victor did not get a good hold on the carton and it slipped, spilling all over his trousers.

“Shit!” Victor yelped and pushed his chair back, showing off a large erection. Brittany, being a good sister, was already at his side with a towel. She mopped his trousers and groped his erection through the cloth. Victor didn’t say anything, he just sat there staring at his beautiful sister as she grabbed and fondled his cock.

Brittany was feeling the ball of warmth start to grow in her stomach again. “I won’t be able to get it all, you’d better take the trousers off and put them in the wash.”

“What?” Brittany looked up at her brother. He looked terrified. She was moving too quickly for him.

“Just kidding, you’re all dry.” Brittany felt like it was a cop-out, but she had plenty of time for that when Victor was older. She picked up the milk from the ground; there was still some left in the carton so she left it on the table and walked upstairs. “See you later, big brother.”

Upstairs, Brittany opened up Greg’s room and snuck inside. She crawled under the sheets and felt around for his cock. It wasn’t hard to find, being as large as it was. She plopped it in her mouth as he began to stir. Nope. Her jaw wasn’t quite big enough. Suddenly, light spilled in, “Brittany? Are you gonna suck my cock?” Greg smiled at her.

“I’m not sure I can.” Brittany tried again to work it in.

“Ooh, watch the teeth!”

“I know, I know. Fuck.” Brittany tried again to fit it inside.

“Uhh, do you want to have sex instead?”

“Do you have a condom?”

Greg leapt up. “Somewhere around here.” He looked through his messy wardrobe for a few minutes. Brittany’s arousal quickly diminished.

“You know what, don’t worry about it.” Greg looked at Brittany with hope, then frustration when he realized what she meant. “I’ll be on the pill soon, then I’ll make it up to you.”

“Alright but you owe me!” Greg grinned before leaving the room to go across the hall. Brittany could hear “Morning, Mom!” before the bedsprings started shaking.

Brittany went back downstairs to find that Victor had already left, but that Daryn was now seated at the table. “Hey, sis. Uh… how are you feeling?”

“Better than ever.” Brittany sat down on his lap, rubbing her ass on his jeans. “You?”

“I’m good. You’re friend is outside.” Brittany looked up to see Sheila in the pool, wearing a different one-piece than the day before. Why would Daryn draw her attention to that when her pussy was rubbing on his cock? Brittany decided that it was a hint that he wasn’t interested right now. She stood up and walked to the glass door, casually shaking her ass in that way that boys like. In the reflection of the glass door, Brittany could see that Daryn’s eyes were glued to her. She smiled, relieved.

“Hey Sheila!” Said Brittany as she walked across the patio to the pool. The pretty Asian girl looked up from the water happily. “Why are you wearing a suit? I thought you didn’t need it.”

“Yeah, I guess I do. I tried to come over without one, but I saw Daryn there eating breakfast and I chickened out.”

“You didn’t seem to have a problem with being seen by one of my brothers yesterday.”

“It’s different with Greg. He’s so boisterous that he just draws you in like a riptide. I mean, he makes being a virgin sound cool. But Daryn, he could have any girl he wanted. He’s seen so many girls naked, I just don’t want him to see me and compare me to them.”

“Let me tell you something, Sheila, boys do a lot more comparing when a girl’s clothes are on. When you are naked… I don’t know… there’s something very honest about it. Boys brains fire differently than ours. When a girls clothes are on, there is so much more to judge: her fashion sense, her wealth, her makeup; and of course, they have to make assumptions about the goodies beneath the clothes. You will always be evaluated for your body, that’s one of the sad facts of life, but when you are naked, their minds shift away from all of the social lenses and become something more instinctual. And instinct, Sheila, is what was driving Greg when he kissed you yesterday.”

Sheila blushed. Brittany went on, “he saw you naked, and his first instinct was to kiss you. I think that’s a far more honest assessment of your body than anyone has ever given.”

“I think you should write fucking speeches. I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Sheila started to pull her one-piece off, one shoulder at a time. Something landed in the grass beside the pool. Both girls looked over to see an orange Frisbee laying there, then heard the slat into Tom’s yard start to open.

“Now or never.” Said Brittany to Sheila. Sheila nodded and pulled the shoulder straps back up. Brittany made a face to show that she understood. “Hey Tom!” she called over. Tom poked his head through the slat and grinned.

“Do you mind if I grab my Frisbee, ladies?” Brittany nodded and swam over to the edge of the pool nearby to the Frisbee and reached out to grab it, making sure that she could never quite reach and that her tits were resting on the edge. Tom walked over and picked it up, staring at Brittany’s tits the whole time. He eventually met Brittany’s eyes, and the look there left no doubt as to what was going on. A little ashamedly, Tom turned to Sheila, “Hello Sheila. How are you?”

“I’m good Mr. Bondurant. How’s your photography course coming?” Brittany looked at Sheila; the petite girl had her head in her hands, and was clearly the most embarrassed person there.

“It’s going really well, still just a hobby, though. I’m thinking of taking some more people-based pictures soon, rather than landscape. Maybe even some artistic nudes.”

“I’d love to take part in that.” interjected Brittany, feeling left out.

“Aren’t you, like, fourteen?” Brittany nodded, “Thank you for the offer, but I’m afraid I rather like not being in jail. Maybe in a few years. Hey, while I’m here, I’m looking for a dog sitter for tomorrow. Would either of you be interested in that?”

“Sorry, allergic.” Said Sheila quickly.

Brittany pondered for a moment. She liked Grizzly, he wouldn’t give her any problems, besides maybe the occasional pussy lick.

“You’d have to wear clothes, I’m afraid. I can’t have you at my house with nothing on. And it would keep Grizzly from getting excited.” Brittany looked up at Tom, it was like he read her mind.

“Okay, I’d like to but I’ve got to ask my parents if it’s alright.”

“Sounds good. Get back to me as soon as possible.” Tom started to turn to leave, the bulge in his pants making it difficult to walk straight when Daryn came outside.

“Hello, Tom, what are you doing here?” Daryn said, not impolitely.

Tom turned like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. “Oh nothing, Daryn. Just came by to get my Frisbee and ask your sister about dog-sitting tomorrow. I was just leaving now.”

“Don’t go on my account.” Daryn always looked dangerous when he was being totally non-threatening.

Tom looked a little offended. “I’m not. You hear my dog scratching on the fence? He needs his Frisbee.” He looked over them all and smiled, “Have a good day.” Tom lifted up the slat and ducked back into his yard.

Daryn chuckled. “Doesn’t that guy give you the creeps?”

Brittany and Sheila looked at each other. “Not really.” “Yeah, Mr. Bondurant is nice.”
“Oh, well, he gives me the creeps.” He turned on Brittany, “And you give me endless frustration. What are you doing with your naked body dangling out in front of him like that? Sheila has a suit on and even she crouched under the water a little bit.” Sheila unconsciously stood up straighter

“I don’t care if he sees me naked. In fact, I think it’s kind of hot. You don’t honestly think that I wasn’t doing all that on purpose. How dumb do you think I am?”

“I don’t think you’re dumb! I think you’re naïve. A guy like that could take advantage of a girl like you.”

“And if I want him to?”

“I’m your brother, I’m supposed to protect you.”

“You’re not protecting me from myself.” Brittany then mouthed, with her back to Sheila, “or yourself.”

Daryn’s look darkened comically. “Endless frustration. I’m going to be sprouting grey hairs any day now.” He turned and went back inside.

Brittany turned to her friend, “let’s go for a walk.”


“I don’t know yet, but I’m getting all pruny.”

The two girls met up a few minutes later, Sheila in a t-shirt and jean shorts, and Brittany in a light summer dress. The beauty of this summer dress was that on windy days, Brittany would have to hold it down to prevent it from revealing her pussy. The material was also thin enough to become partially see-through in bright summer light, or if exposed to water. Today, unlike most days, she wore nothing underneath. It was like being naked in public, but legal.

They walked down the street together, talking about boys, school, politics and everything in between. Brittany kept a sharp eye out for anyone admiring her body. There were so many! It gave her pussy a little jolt every time she saw someone staring. Her pussy was leaking hardcore. By the time they reached the downtown, Brittany couldn’t contain herself any longer. The ball of warmth in her stomach had grown past ignorable levels.

She dragged Sheila into the first shop she could find and asked for the bathroom. The attendant was a young man, probably early twenties, and good looking. “Bathroom is for customers only.” He said robotically while staring at Brittany’s tits.

“Okay, I’ll buy something when I get out.”

“I’m not sure that’s…” Brittany interjected by pulling the summer dress over her head, exposing her body to the very surprised attendant and Sheila. She tossed the dress at the attendant.

“There. Now I’m going to have to buy something. Satisfied?”

The attendant just stared. Brittany got tired of him after a few seconds and just went to the back. She closed the door and fell against it. This was the biggest rush she’d ever had. Exposing herself to a total stranger made Brittany so hot that she knew instantly that she was addicted to the feeling. She reached down to stroke her engorged lips, and came almost instantly. She sprayed her juices all over the floor.

She shakily turned around, overwhelmed by the climax. She calmed for a few seconds and opened the door. Wobbling back into the shop, she found that the attendant was still staring at her, and may have never stopped. Sheila was flushed with embarrassment, standing with her hand over her eyes.

Brittany asked the attendant where the pants area and he seemed to snap out of his stupor. He pointed at a rack on the far wall, out of his sight. Sheila and Brittany made their way over there.

“Are you crazy?” asked Sheila exasperatedly.

Brittany barely had to consider this. The answer was yes. She had stripped in a public store in front of a strange man. Worse though was that she wasn’t done. In the aftermath of her climax, she hadn’t realized that the ball of warmth that seemed to now rule her, had only diminished. Now in her present erotic state, she could feel it growing again.

Why hadn’t an orgasm been enough? Normally it could banish the ball of warmth for hours without additional stimulation. The only explanation seemed to be that she had gotten so aroused during the walk that one orgasm, and by her own hand, could not suffice. She was becoming so horny again that she knew her hand would not be able to do it. She looked back out at the attendant, he was craning to get a look.

“I’m going to have to fuck him.” Brittany said.

Sheila’s mouth gaped open. “WHAT?” She whispered angrily.

“Look, I’m too horny to make it all the way home without another orgasm and I don’t think my hand will do it. Also, did you bring money?”

“No, did you?”

“Nope. So how do we plan to pay for my new clothes?”

“Oh, fuck Brittany.” Exclaimed Sheila, to which Brittany very nearly responded “Precisely” but did not. “Why are you so impulsive?”

“Doesn’t matter now. Oh mister attendant!”

The man came back, “How can I help you.”

“Can you help me try this on?” Brittany held up a pair of pants and a top.

“Of course.” The man followed her to the change rooms, but stopped outside, clearly expecting to only be a voyeur. That would not do. Brittany needed a cock right that second. She pulled him inside and kissed him on the mouth. He was a good kisser, much more experienced than her.

He started to undo the buttons of his shirt, revealing a lightly haired chest with decent muscles. Brittany started to pull his pants down and a big erect penis flopped out of his underwear. She grabbed it awkwardly, still a little unsure of what to do with it. He started to push down on her shoulders. He wants a blowjob, she thought, wouldn’t that be awful.

“No, no, fuck me.” He grunted and Brittany felt her leg being lifted. The strange man pulled a condom out of his pants on the ground and quickly applied it. Then he rubbed his cock on her slick pussy lips and entered her. He felt so good inside of her, waves of pleasure coursed through her body as the ball of warmth radiated throughout her. He fucked her for ten minutes, during which she had her much needed orgasm. When he was done, Brittany slumped against the bench, exhausted.

The man took out his phone and was about to take a picture of Brittany’s naked body when she said “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Just capturing some memories.” He smiled.

“I wouldn’t keep those if I was you. It might be against some child pornography laws.”

“What? How old are you?” The attendant suddenly had a terrified look on his face.


“Oh Shit. I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it; I seduced you, remember? And if you delete those pictures and promise never to tell, then I won’t either.”

“Thank God.” He set about in his phone, deleting the evidence.

“That’s not all. I may want to do this again in the future. Probably not with fucking, but certainly being naked in the store. You will let me. Also, I’ll be taking these pants and top. I won’t be doing this without paying again, but I want to wear something new when I leave here and I don’t have any money.”

“Done. All done.”

“Good. Now get out of here, I want to get dressed.” The attendant picked up his clothes and shuffled into the next dressing stall. Brittany put on the new clothes and stepped out. She looked for Sheila and saw that there was a small puddle of liquid in front of a bench near the door to the stall. She had been masturbating, thought Brittany with a smile.

“There you are. Can we go now?” Sheila walked up from the front.

“You masturbated. How’d it feel, knowing that someone could walk in at any moment?”

Sheila looked guilty, “I did, but I’m not stupid either. As soon as the stall closed, I turned the sign so people would think the shop is closed too. No one is walking in on me masturbating.”

“We’ll see if we can’t change that attitude.” Brittany grinned lecherously. The two girls walked outside, turning to go home. “Do you think I’m a slut?”

“I don’t know. If you are what a slut is, then I want to be more slutty. You seem to have so much fun… and WAIT A SECOND! You lost your virginity! You must of! Just last week we admitted we were both virgins, and you just threw it away on that guy!”

“How do you know it wasn’t someone else?”

“Because we have been hanging out every day and you haven’t seen any new guys.”

“Except my brothers.”

“Well, yes, but… NO. No way! Which one?” asked Sheila incredulously.

“Let me start from the beginning…”

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