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There’s a cute girl that I pack groceries for and she is always buying condoms and cucumbers…


Paying your own way through college isn’t easy. I have worked a dozen different odd jobs from fast food to cubical slave, but right now I was a bag boy at big grocery store. Nothing to it, and sometimes I got tips, but it was a little repetitious.

Like this one girl, maybe still in high school, very small compared to me, would always come in every week and buy the same few things every time, a bag of cat food and litter, four or five cucumbers, and a pack of condoms.

She’d get some other stuff two, but always those four items every week. Once while packing her food and other items I joked about having an exciting weekend planned. She seemed shy and said quietly, “No” and left with her bags. Come to think of it she rarely talked at all when I’d seen her.

She kept to the same routine for months until one day she came in with one arm in a cast. When she came up to the register her cart didn’t have the cukes or condoms, which I though odd. “Would you like help with that to your car,” I asked.

She looked embarrassed but meekly said, “I don’t have a car. I live in an apartment just down the street.” She picked up the bags of food and litter in one good arm, instead of one in each like she usually did, and tried to grab her small bag of what was left with her injured arm, but winced in pain.

“Wait,” I told her and grabbed the cat products away from her. I ran over to my manager and explained what was happening and he agreed with me. I came back and told her, “I will carry this stuff home for you.”

She tried to protest, but I didn’t let her deter me from being chivalrous. I followed her out of the store and tried to strike up a conversion with her, “What happened to your arm?”

She blushed deeply and said quietly, “I fell out of bed.”

I think she was expecting me to laugh, but instead I tried to relieve her, “Beds are dangerous; my brother broke his pinky finger falling out of his, and I broke my big toe on one. Granted I was kicking mine at the time.”

She smiled and I looked at her fully for the first time as a girl instead of just another customer. She was under five feet tall as the top of her head didn’t even come over my shoulders. Her hair was a long straight dark brown that was almost black. Her skin was very pale, like she didn’t get a lot of sun, and I figured the she must be partly Asian. She didn’t have the slanted eyes, but have a very petite frame and tiny tits and ass.

I think she caught me looking at her ass because she sounded embarrassed as she said, “Here, I’m in number four,” as we approached the small apartment building.

It was a large blue building with several doors on it. I saw a one and two on the front two doors and as we walked around it there were two more doors, each marked three and four. She unlocked it and we went inside.

Her apartment was tiny; a real hole in the wall. There was a dresser with a TV, a tiny dorm sized fridge, a small counter with a sink and microwave, as well as her bed. One door led to what was the smallest bathroom I’d ever seen as it was smaller than most public stalls if you didn’t count the shower right next to the toilet.

The only other thing was a small covered plastic box and food dish for the cat, but I didn’t see a cat at first. After I set down her bags it came out from under the bed with a stretch, a solid black cat eager for more food. It twirled around my feet silently until I reached down to pet it, causing it to purr happily.

“Looks like he likes you,” she said happily.

“Aw, he probably just wants some food,” I replied. “This is a cute little place.”

“Just enough for the two of us,” she said happily before scooping up her cat to hold him.

“Maybe you should consider moving in with your boyfriend,” I suggested. She turned and looked away, “Oh, I’m sorry, did you just break up? That would be why you didn’t get…” She quietly sat down on her bed and pet her cat, not looking at me.

Then it hit me, “You don’t have an ex boyfriend that likes to eat cucumbers, and I’m the biggest idiot in the world,” I said trying to apologize while she refused to look at me at all, and who could blame her. “I just assumed, cute girl like you… I’ll stop bothering you, have a nice day,” I said like a dork and left quickly.

I felt like a jerk as I went back to work. It was so obvious now that I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed it before. That night in bed I imagined her cute tiny body naked on her bed while she held a condom wrapped cucumber and fucked herself with it all night long. I jerked off every night that week thinking about her doing just that.

When she came in again I made sure I talked to my manager before I made sure to jump to her register and bagged her groceries. She got the cat food and litter and other items, but once again no cucumbers or condoms.

I grabbed up her bags and just said as solemnly as possible, “Please, allow me to carry these home for you.” She still had her cast on, so just nodded and started walking with me in tow.

The walk was quiet, and I think we were both embarrassed about what to say, so I tried to say something normal, “How long are you going to have that cast on?”

That seemed to help relieve some stress, “At least another two weeks, maybe four.”

“Must suck having a hard time writing and stuff. You go to the community college here?” She nodded silently and I smiled glad to know she was older than she looked, “Me too. I’m going to be a writer so would hate losing my arm for that long.”

“I use the school computers. It’s kind of uncomfortable, but I get by,” she explained briefly.

We got to her door and stepped in, greeted once more by her cat who looked like it just woken up under her bed. She directed me to put down her groceries as she picked up her cat and kissed him. “Anything else I can do for you?” She just shook her head instead of answer. “You know, I get off work at six. If you need any help, you know, cause of your arm, I could come back over…”

“Um, I’ll be alright,” she said without looking at me.

‘Damn,’ I thought. “Alright, see you next week,” I said and left back for work. I thought she might have liked me, but I guess not in that way. Or if she did, I blew my chance last week by embarrassing her.

So the next week went by and I didn’t think much about her and didn’t see her at all during the day she normally comes in. I guess I was to forward, or scared her off. Then about five minutes before six she came in and did her shopping. I went to tell my manager about her, but he just said, “Have a good night,” with a wink. He knew I liked her, but I think he was more optimistic than I was about my chances.

She got her groceries and did buy the condoms this time, but no cucumbers. I said nothing as I bagged her items and she asked politely, “Carry these home for me?” I agreed happily and followed her out the door.

We didn’t talk the whole trip back this time. I was trying to figure out if she was hitting on me, and maybe did like me, or if I was just imagining it. She refused to look at me almost at all, so I wasn’t sure. Women never come right out and say what their thinking, and I didn’t want to ruin it by stepping over the line. I was still technically working, so didn’t want to do anything that would get me or my boss in trouble.

We entered her apartment and I was setting down her groceries while she pet her cat, as normal. Then I looked at her, and tried to formulate something to say to come out that I liked her and see if she liked me, she just silently looked at me while I mumbled, “So, I’m off work, and I was thinking, if you want…”

She then spoke up, “There is one thing. I’m right handed, so I haven’t been able to…in a while,” and she reached into her groceries and pulled out the box of condoms.

I looked at her again and now all the dots connected. Her right arm in the cast was why she’d stopped buying cucumbers and condoms. She couldn’t masturbate. Stupidly I asked, “You couldn’t with your left?”

She looked immediately flustered, “I’m sorry, never mind. I’ll see you next week. I…” and she went past me to open the door for me to leave, but I stopped her by placing one hand on her shoulder.

“No, I… I’d love to help any way I can. Really,” I said hoping I’d not lost my shot. My internal monologue said that she didn’t like me and just wanted a cucumber she didn’t have to hold, but I’d show her I was better than any vegetable. I bent down and kissed her lips softly.

I wasn’t sure if she would just pull away, but she stayed and we kissed softly for several minutes. She wasn’t my first girlfriend, and I’d even had lost my virginity with my last girlfriend, but this was the first time I felt like I was kissing for the sake of kissing her instead of just trying to get up a girl’s skirt. She wasn’t bossy or in charge like my last few girlfriends, and instead was almost completely passive, just responding to me.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and pulled her into me more and she dropped her cat to embrace me as well. My hands moved to her back and found a zipper to the dress she was wearing. It was the boldest I think I ever had done in my dating history, to try and strip her on our third date, if you could even call walking her home a date, but she didn’t stop me at all and soon her dress was just a floor decoration. I didn’t even stop kissing her when I did the same to her bra, and she just allowed me to take it off her.

That was when we finally broke away from our first kiss. She stood almost naked before me allowing me to gaze at her tiny pert nipples poking out of her small nearly flat chest, with only her plain white panties to conceal her sex from view.

We didn’t speak at all while she moved to her bed and I, feeling heavily over dresses, tore off my shirt and dropped my pants and underwear to the floor. She was sitting on the bed and just about to pull her panties when I stopped her saying, “Let me.”

She sat back as I approached her like a tiger to his prey and mounted the bed at her feet. My hands touched her soft tiny feet and caressed them softly. Then I moved up and ran my fingers over her smooth twig thin legs to her knees and higher. Once I was to her slight hips my palms massaged over her panties and belly, back and forth to her hips again for half a minute before going under each tight butt cheek to peel her panties down from the back and down her narrow legs. She lifted to allow me to do the whole thing, and I was really turned on now that my exposed hard-on bumped against one of her knees.

Once she was completely naked I had her legs in my hands and parted them, as she nervously allowed me to inspect her glorious naked body down to her completely smooth shaven groin. I’d seen women like that on pornos, but never seen it in real life. She must have just shaved earlier today, because her pussy lips were the only thing between her legs and was baby smooth as I caressed my hands over her skin before I nuzzled my nose over her clit.

She gasped, but otherwise let me have my way as I lapped her womanly flower petals, dipping inside to taste her nectar, then up to tease her pearl with my flickering tongue. I grasped her firm bottom with both hands and just explored every inch of her sex with lips and tongue and in only two minutes she was coming all over my chin. She quaked as she came, letting out only a groan that she tried to conceal until she could take it no more and gasped in a breath afterwards.

I stood and went back to the counter where the condom box was left and opened it. I ripped off one and was about to open it myself when sat up and asked softly from the bed, “Let me?” mimicking my previous words, but hers were still nervous and uncertain that I would let her.

I didn’t argue and walked back over to the side of the bed and held out the foil square. She ripped it open and pulled out the floppy plastic circle and placed the cold wet tip over my mushrooming head. Then with obvious practiced ease with her left hand rolled it down over my penis until it was fully wrapped in its latex jacket. Then she laid back on the bed and spread her legs again, inviting me in.

I knelt back on the bed between her thighs and poked my sealed member toward her honey pot. I had to watch carefully as I couldn’t feel my way in through the plastic coating, but once I was in the right position I was able to push into her and feel her tightness even through the condom. I don’t know why I was surprised, but I thought that since she’d probably been using cucumbers that were a bit bigger than me that she would be much looser inside.

I pistoned in a few times until I was fully inside her then grabbed one hand around her tiny waist and held myself up over her with the other as I gently fucked her with a smooth and steady rhythm. I ground my hips in deep and pushed my pelvis into her love button and I could tell she liked that a lot. She shifted slightly under me a few times, but then she just started gasping, and soon started shaking as I guessed she was cuming again. I pushed in deep to let her ride through it and she eventually gasped as she started breathing again.

I decided to get a little more action now and began thrusting harder and tried to get my turn to experience heaven, but after about ten minutes found I was getting more tired and sore than explosive. I think she could sense something and asked, “What’s wrong?”

I hated to feel inadequate and was embarrassed to say, “These condoms are really tight, they are cutting off my blood flow.” I withdrew from her and sat up on the side of the bed to peal the sticky rubber from my choked penis. Figuring that was it for tonight I said, “It’s okay, I had a really great time.”

She sat up next to me and I kissed her cheek before standing up to get dressed again, but she said as soft as a mouse, “I’ve never… You don’t have to wear it.”

I looked back at her, unsure if she really meant what she said, “Are you sure? I don’t have too…” By way of an answer she just laid back down and spread her legs open again and looked at me with a smile. I was too horny to turn down that invitation and came back to bed and her splayed thighs. This time I didn’t need to look, and my erect tool slid easily into her pliant sheath fully in one gently motion.

“It’s so hot,” she said softly. I wanted to take it easy again, build her up once more, and give myself time to pull out before cuming, but I lost my control. I rocked as slowly as I could for a few moments, but she gasped and scrunched her face as my naked cock pressed her interior button and I couldn’t hold back. I began bucking into her wet cooch with reckless abandon.

I was getting really close and mentally slapped myself to remember to pull out soon. When I slowed up she said, “I’ve never felt it inside before. I’d like to…with you.”

I could tell she was inviting me to do just that but I couldn’t risk that I wasn’t hearing her correctly. Again I asked, sounding like a reluctant broken record, “Are you sure?” She grabbed my sweaty ass cheeks and pulled me into her meaningfully as she closed her eyes. ‘Good enough for me’ my conscience said and I truly let go and let nature take its course.

I went back to nailing her hard for all of fifteen seconds when I finally let loose. My cum surged up, seeming to come from my toes, through my brain, then back to my balls before shooting out into her womb. Hot glorious white light blinded my eyes and I jerked hard into her with every shot, and she gasped with each one as it splashed against her inner walls. The first half dozen were quivering explosions of passion, but I stayed firmly embedded inside her for another half dozen oozing aftershocks.

When I was finally empty, I found myself collapsed atop of her and felt like I was pealing myself off and out of her as I rolled over, being careful of her arm in the cast between us. We both just breathed and then it hit me, I still didn’t know her name, and she didn’t know mine.

I felt really stupid saying it, but someone had to, “I’m Ed, by the way.”

She was breathing just as hard, but just said, “I know.” That threw me, but then she saw my puzzlement, “You’re shirt has a name tag.”

“Oh, right,” I said realizing I’d been an idiot. I was working every time I’d every meet her. “But I never…” I started to say.

“Yuri,” she said with a smile, “My name is Yuri.”

I felt embarrassed to have not asked earlier, but her cute smile made me smile and I couldn’t resist kissing her again. Half an hour later she was riding my revived manhood to two more orgasms before I deposited another cream coat to her uterine walls.

After that day I gave her my work and school schedule, and almost every day she would come by when I got done work and we would walk home, hand in hand, to her tiny apartment where we would fuck like bunnies for the next hour.

A few weeks later she got her cast removed, but still had her arm in a sling, so we kept taking it easy, but I eventually realized that even though she is quite shy and even really quiet during sex, she has a wild side. We started having quickies in public, and I even once did her in the handicapped stall of the grocery store men’s restroom.

Eventually we didn’t just sate our lusty needs, but our emotional ones as well and actually began dating. She confessed to me that she’d actually broken her arm while masturbating and thinking about me, and I told her about jerking off after the first time in her apartment. Also while she’d long ago started masturbating regularly since she was sixteen, I was actually her first lover, and not just the first one to go bareback with her as I had understood. This made me really happy, knowing that she was only mine, and we made love a third time that night.

Now it’s coming up on our first anniversary of that day and we are living together in a different apartment, just us and her cat. I know that she is making dinner for us to have a special night, but before I left work I decided to buy a single condom and a cucumber to finally make her show me how we got together in the first place.

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