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You ever seen a hot classmate stranded on a gravel road out in the

country? I did. Let me tell you about it.

  We won the game. Our team was going to the state playoffs. Baseball has

been an important part of our community for all of my 18 years on this

earth, and probably many years prior. I wasn’t a player, just the

average fan going to a game before the usual weekend party. What a party

it would be.

   “Hurry up, Jackass, we’re going to be late!” cried my best friend

James. We had both just graduated from AHS four weeks prior.

   “Just a minute!” I yelled back. I had stopped to get a drink from the

water fountain. I planned on drinking alot of liquid that night, but

none of if would be water. We climbed into my piece of shit car and

pulled out onto the highway. James spent about 5 minutes fumbling with

radio, trying to get a decent station to come in. We settled for some



   It would be an hour drive back to our town. There are many different

routes, some more creative than others. We decided to take the first

gravel road we came to.

  “You know where you’re going?” James questioned.

  “Yeah, this should take us to highway 61”, I replied.

  35 minutes and about 8 songs passed. We were cruisin’ along bored bored

as hell. I slowed as I approached the peak of a hill. On the other side

was a car. This car wasn’t moving. It was halfway on the grass shoulder,

and halfway right in my path. I had to swerve hard to avoid it.

   “Son of a bitch!” I exclaimed with fear and excitement. I laid on the

horn. James quickly turned his head.

   “Hey, isn’t that Megan Loftan’s car?” he said. The words “Megan” and

“Lofton” took away some of the fear, but left the excitement.

   Let me stop to tell you about Megan. Jesus Christ, where do I start?

She is drop dead gorgeous. She is the lucky holder of the tits and ass

that could make you scream, then break down and cry like a baby. A

summer’s tan covered her body. I’m guessin’ she was about 5’5″, 105 lbs.

 They had to be about 34 c’s. She had beautiful dark brown, shoulder

length hair, blue eyes that could melt you, and nice moist lips that

tested my will.

   “It is her’s”, I said. I slowed down, stopped, and started backing up

to the black 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix. Its hazard lights were on, but she

picked her stopping point obviously without thinking. I looked in my

rear view mirror. It looked like she had a friend with her. Perhaps it

was Jennifer. I can’t remember her last name.

   Walking up to her door, I could see what she had chosen to wear that

hot June day. I couldn’t have picked it better myself. A short blue sun

dress reaching to mid-thigh was what covered her, teasingly making

imaginations work overtime. She rolled down her window.

  “Hey Adam”, she said.

  “Hey”, I replied.

  “Looks like your having trouble”, I teasingly joked.

   “Looks like your having some trouble yourself”, she replied. She was

looking directly at my crotch. Through no fault of my own, I had started

to get a hard on. I instantly turned red and headed back toward my car,

acting as if I’d forgot something.

  “I think it’s my battery!”, she shouted as I made my retreat James, who

was just getting out, must have heard her cause he was chuckling.

  “Pitchin’ a tent?” he squeezed out between chuckles.

   “Shut up”, I half consiously replied. I opened the trunk and got the

jumper cables out. Heading back to my embarassor, now readjusted, I


   “Let’s take a look at it. She got out of her car, a grin still on face

and met me at her open hood. What she said next were the most shocking

words I had ever heard in my life.

   “You take care of my problem, and I’ll take care of yours”, she

whispered into my ear. It took me a second to realize what she had said.

I turned to face her. Her face was blushed, and she had a sexy look in

her eyes. My knees felt weak. I thought I was having a heart attack.

  “Is that the way you want it?” I managed to calmly say.


   “That’s the way I want it” she replied. I headed back to my car,

walking on air. I explained the situation to James, injecting him with a

mixture of curiosity and jealousy. On my way back to my damsel in

distress I passed Jennifer, who was walking toward my car. She winked at

me. I stopped at the front of the dead Pontiac, as James and Jennifer

drove off in my piece of shit.

  “Hey!” I yelled.

  “Don’t worry”, said Megan, “I sent them off for a nice little drive.

   “I think your problem is more urgent than mine”, she said, “so let’s

hop in back seat and see if I have the right tools for you”

  “Sounds good”, I managed to stammer out. I could see her nipples poking

through her thin, light dress. They were reaching for me. I got in the

back seat with a big smile on my face. She climbed in after me and shut

the door.

  “Jeez it’s hot in here”, she teased, “You don’t mind if I take my dress

off do you?”

   “Not at all”, I replied in a squeaky voice. With that, the dress began

its journey. To her upper thighs, past her damp, white, panties, up her

trim stomach, over her mouth watering, braless tits, and finally, over

her head. I couldn’t stop myself. I pulled her on to me. She let out a

quick gasp as I took her and met her lips with mine. They parted,

letting our tongues make love inside our mouths. My cock was now at full

attention. She placed a hand on my crotch, squeezing and rubbing as we

passionately kissed. I didn’t know how it could get any better. Her

mouth was so warm and wet; I never wanted to leave it. I managed to

break away, so she could turn and sit on my lap. We were both facing the

front. Her perfect ass was now grinding on my prick, dry humping me.

  “Keep that up, and you’ll start a fire” I moaned.

   “Its already been started”, she replied with passion. My hands reached

around and placed themselves on her tits. She let out a deep moan. I

grabbed, rubbed, pinched, caressed, and did everthing else you can do

with your hands. Her nipples were solid, about a quarter of an inch

long. I gently pinched and twisted them, as she started breathing heavy

and moaning like she was in pain. She turned to me and told me to take

my pants off. Just as the zipper was going down, a car came over the


   “Shit!” I exclaimed. I had forgotten about being parked right over a

hill. Luckily they didn’t hit us, and luckily they didn’t stop. I

continued stripping; pulling my pants and boxers down to my shoes and

taking off my shirt. My cock, a healthy 6 and a half inches, sprang


 She turned and started jacking me off. I grunted loudly.

   “God, that feels good”, I moaned. I leaned up and started sucking on

her bright pink tits. My tounge danced around the left, then right, then

back to the left one. After about 2 minutes of her prick beating and my

breast nuzzling, we were both very worked up.


   “I want to taste you”, I demanded. She sat up and took her soaked

panties off, revealing her perfect tan ass. Immediately, a sweet smell

filled the car, and my lungs. It was one of the best smells my nose ever

let me have. She sat on the seat with her head propped up against the

door and spread her sweaty tan legs. A supernatural force brought my

head to her sweet wet crotch. I kissed her inner thighs, lightly at

first, then with more assertiveness and passion. She was panting like my

dog. I couldn’t hold off anymore. I drilled my tounge into her soaked,

tight pussy as she pulled my head down into her. My free hand played

with her dark bush as my tounge probed the folds of her womanhood. She

now gave up the panting for light screaming as my mouth found her

jumping clit. I sucked on it, and lightly bit it. Her legs started

shaking, as she gave up the soft screaming for light crying.

   “Eat my pussy, Adam!” she cried as she came on my face. Her body shook

violently as I drank her love juice. When her first orgasm ended I knew

it was time for my turn. She got up and sat down on my iron cock, her

juice dripping off her legs onto my pelvis. She was tight enough to

choke a mule. I went an inch at a time, until I filled her gripping

twat. It felt like a vice was wrapping around it. I started pumping in

and out now, harder, and harder. She quickly started to moan again. I

joined her. I can’t explain how it felt when she crashed down to meet my

explosion upward. I couldn’t hold it off anymore. Fuck, I didn’t want

to. With final primal thrust, I shot my load deep in her sucking cunt.

It didn’t stop. Spurt after spurt, I filled her up. My universe

exploded. Nothing mattered to me or her, except for our mind blowing

pleasure. My legs went limp as I spent the last of my seed into her

soaked box. I came so hard, I thought I could never walk again, but I

didn’t care. After I caught my breath, I turned her around and kissed

her passionately, putting the cherry on top of what we had just

experienced together.

   We got dressed. After I got my energy back, I open the door and got

out. Just as I helping Megan out, another car came over the hill. It was

my car. I later found out that James had a pretty good time while he was

gone, too. I got her car going, and we both drove off. I still couldn’t

believe what had happened. I dropped James off at the party and drove

home. I was to tired to do anything. I fell asleep before I hit the

pillow. I had good dreams that night.

   Megan and I are dating now. We are both in college. She goes to a

school about half an hour away from mine, so we see each other often.

The lovemaking gets better each time we meet. I love baseball.

 The End (well, its not THE end because it’s a continuous story) hehehe

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