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Karen twisted her neck, but still couldn’t see the knots that bound her wrists tightly behind the chair. Connie had done a thorough job and there was no hope for escape. Karen’s wrists were bound palm to palm, cinched, and anchored to the front rung of the chair she sat on. Her ankles were tied to the back legs of the chair and a rope around her waist held her tight against the chair back. No, she would be here until Connie decided otherwise.

   Karen sighed and wondered aloud, “How did I get in this position? Tied to a chair in my best friend’s party room wearing only my bra and panties, with Connie in her bedroom watching TV.”

   She relaxed. What else was there to do? and thought about the events leading up to her current predicament.

   Karen and Mike moved to Houston from Phoenix 2 years ago when Mike got a promotion to branch manager. Mike’s career was taking off and Karen had no trouble getting a job selling Real Estate. She worked hard and soon became the top salesperson for her company. Of course it didn’t hurt that she was blonde, 5′ 4″, 115 pounds, and had the body of an aerobics instructor. They bought a home in a new subdivision that featured large lots with secluded privacy, and after they moved in, their new neighbors became their best friends.

   Connie and Steve live next door and their backyard has lots of privacy and a swimming pool. Steve is a pharmacist at Providence Hospital Center and that’s where he met Connie. Connie graduated from Nursing School 3 years ago and fell in love with Steve within 1 month of  starting her first job at the hospital. Connie was a natural redhead, 5′ 7″, 125 pounds.

   The two couples became inseparable. Mike and Steve played golf together, Karen and Connie jogged together, they went out on the town together, and spent many sunny afternoons at Steve and Connie’s pool. Karen and Connie always wore skimpy bikinis and delighted in the obvious effect that it had on their two guys. There was a lot of sexual teasing, but up to now it only served as foreplay for each couple’s own sexual activities. The two couples shared a passion for sports and that is where Karen’s current predicament began.


   Unexpectedly, Karen and Mike’s Phoenix Suns were matched up against Steve and Connie’s Houston Rockets in the NBA playoffs. Even though they now lived in Houston, Karen and Mike still had an allegiance to their old team. The matchup produced a serious disagreement between the two couples as to who would win. Phoenix had the better season record and Mike and Karen were sure that this was the year Charles Barkley would win the championship. Steve and Connie felt that the Rockets were coming together at just the right time and would repeat as Champions. They decided that as friends and rivals, they would watch each game together and go to dinner afterwards courtesy of the losing team’s backers.

   They met at Karen and Mike’s to watch the first game.

   “You know, since Houston re-united Clyde and Hakeem, they have jelled as a team, and they’re going to kick your butts,” Steve loudly proclaimed.

   “No way Steve,” Karen countered. “Sir Charles and the Suns are going to sweep and you’re going to go broke buying us dinner.”

   Connie said, “The winners get to pick the restaurant and I think Steve & I want to go to that fancy new Italian place near the Plaza.”

   “Since the winners get to pick, I guess that Karen and I need to decide which restaurant you’ll be picking up the tab at,” Mike declared.

   The verbal jousting continued and the emotions got higher and higher until Connie couldn’t stand it any longer.

   “You’re crazy if you think the Suns will win, and I think we ought to up the stakes a little to make this bet more interesting.”

   “Since Mike and I are going to win, what did you have in mind?” asked Karen.

   Mike said “Steve, how about this. If the Suns win the series, then you have to treat me to a round of golf at that new course down at Corpus Christi. That includes breakfast, golf, and dinner on the way back. We’ll do it on a Saturday and make a day of it.”

   “Sounds good to me,” said Steve. “But of course you’ll be the one doing the treating. It’s a deal.”

   “Well that’s fine for you guys, but what about us?” asked Connie. “Karen, what do you want to lose?”

   “I….don’t know”, stammered Karen. “Maybe we could wager a trip to the beauty parlor, a movie, dinner, or something like that.”

   “Boy, where did all your confidence go? chided Connie. “Are you having second thoughts?. I’ve got an idea. On the day that the boys go golfing, you’ll be my slave if you lose or if I lose I’ll be your slave.”

   “What do you mean..slave? Be your maid, servant, wait on you all day?”


   “I mean be a SLAVE. Slaves don’t ask questions, they just do whatever their masters tell them to do. What’s the matter, cold feet? Are you chicken?”

   “Not me,” answered Karen. “I’ll just start making a list of things that my Slave for a day will do for me when I win…..It’s a bet.”

   The dye was cast, so to speak, and the outcome was in doubt for a full seven games. For a while it looked as if Mike and Karen would win, but in the end of course the Houston Rockets prevailed in the seventh game and Steve and Connie were the winners.

   The Saturday after the series ended, Mike arrived at Steve’s place at 9 am in the morning. They planned breakfast at 9:30, a 3 hour drive, a round, of golf, dinner, and a 3 hour drive back home. They told their wives that they planned to be back around 10 or 11 PM. Connie and Karen decided that Karen’s time of enslavement would be from 11 AM until about 9 PM.

   “Bye honey,” Mike said, kiddingly. “Have a good time.”

   “Yeah, right” replied Karen. “You’re going to be playing golf and having a good time while I’m busting my ass being Connie’s slave. Get out of here….GOOD-BYE.”

   At 11 Karen showed up right on schedule at Connie’s house. She wore her Phoenix Sun’s t-shirt, red jogging shorts, white socks, and tennis shoes. She was sure that Connie would keep her hopping for the full 10 hours.

   “Hi Karen, glad to see you’re on time.” Connie wore her Houston Rockets t-shirt, black shorts, & sandals.

   “I always pay my debts. What do you want me to do first?”

   “First of all, relax. Let’s have a glass of wine and discuss your … enslavement.”

   Connie poured the wine and on the second glass, Karen questioned her, “What’s going on. This is just 2 friends having a glass or two of wine together. When do I start paying off on the bet?”

   “You’ve already started. I wanted you to have a glass of wine and you’re doing that. We’re friends, Karen, and I hope that after today we’ll be even closer friends. I’m not going to make you suffer today. I intend that we both will have fun, even though at first you may not believe it. You did lose the bet and you did agree to be my unconditional slave until 9 tonight. Remember that and remember that I’m your best friend. Don’t question my commands. Let’s get started. Stand up.”

   Karen sat her glass down and stood up, wondering about what Connie had just said. She snapped back to reality when she heard Connie say “Take off your shirt, shorts, socks, & shoes.”


   “Slaves don’t question, remember that. Now do as I told you!”

   Karen was slightly aghast, but a bet was a bet, so she stripped down to her underwear as Connie watched. Even though they had seen each other naked many times, this was different, and both of them knew it . Karen felt embarrassed to be standing there in bra and panties while her best friend was fully dressed.

   “Wearing basic white today I see” commented Connie as she opened a briefcase that had been sitting on the coffee-table between them.

   “Yes,” was all Karen could mutter as she watched Connie pick up a piece of rope that was about 4-5 feet in length.

   “Turn around and put your wrists together behind your back,” commanded Connie as she approached Karen.

   “What are you going to do?”

   “Come on now Karen, you can see that I’m going to tie you up. Now do as I say or you’ll be welching on our bet.”

   Karen turned around and put her wrists together behind her back. As she felt the ropes Karen’s mind drifted back to when she was 10 or 11 years old and she played Cops and Robbers with the other kids. She was almost always the Damsel in Distress, but she didn’t mind. It made her the center of attention and the other kids had to take care of her since she was tied up. And then there was the sorority initiation where she was spanked in front of 50 other girls. She was 19 then and she remembered the embarrassment and the excitement. She was embarrassed when her panties had been pulled down to administer the spanking and surprised at how wet her pussy got. She used those memories a lot when she masturbated during her years at college.


   “Follow me slave,” was Connie’s command as Karen was jerked back to reality. The extra length of rope from her wrists had been pulled through her legs and as Connie pulled on it. Karen sucked in her breath and followed.

   In her party room Connie had a simple kitchen style wooden chair facing a storage closet at a 45 degree angle. She sat Karen in the chair and took another length of rope from the briefcase and used it around Karen’s waist and the chair back. Then she knelt to the left of Karen and took out a short piece of rope. She tied it around Karen’s left ankle and gently pulled it back and secured it to the back chair leg. She moved to the right side and tied the right ankle the same way.

   Finally, Connie knelt in front of Karen and reached underneath the chair and grabbed the loose end dangling from Karen’s wrists. This put Connie’s face next to Karen’s pussy and she couldn’t mistake the smell of Karen’s feminine wetness. She tugged the wrist rope taut and secured it to the front rung.

   Connie stood up and admired her handiwork. Karen was a pretty package. Her shoulders were pulled back which made her firm breasts stand out even more. Connie was tempted to remove Karen’s bra now, but decided to stick to her original plan. Her legs were invitingly wide open and the crotch of her panties was becoming wetter.

   “I have a surprise for you Karen.” Connie opened up the closet doors and Karen saw her image clearly in the mirrors attached to each door. “I want you to see what a pretty slave you are. “I also want to tell you the new rules. I’m going to keep you tied up all day long. At no time will you be totally free until 9 tonight. I will however, offer you a sporting chance. If you ever do get free on your own, then I will be your slave for the rest of the day. You will be bound in many positions and most of the time you will be nude.

   “I told you that today would be fun for both of us. I’m having fun and I can tell that you are too.” With that comment Connie slowly ran her fingers along the inside of Karen’s thighs. Karen closed her eyes as Connie’s fingers reached the wet crotch of her panties.

   Connie leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Later,” and then she was gone.

   Karen had no idea how long she had been left alone, alone with only the ropes and her reflection for company. She struggled for release, from both the bonds and the sexual tension building up inside her, but no release would come until Connie provided it.

   ‘If only I could get one hand free, I could get myself off.’

   Suddenly Connie was back. “You really want to cum right now, don’t you?”

   “No, I’m fine. It’s just a little warm in here, that’s all.”

   “Well, maybe you’re right” agreed Connie. “It might help if you didn’t have so many clothes on. Let’s take them off.”

   “No, that’s OK” pleaded Karen. “It’s not really THAT warm in here.”

   “Let’s not argue, Karen. I told you that you would be nude for most of the day. Besides, we can have more fun that way.”

   Connie took Karen’s bra off, lightly brushing her fingertips across each nipple. Karen closed her eyes and sighed as her nipples hardened. Connie then knelt and untied both ankles. She danced her fingers up Karen’s tanned legs until they reached the waistband of her panties. Connie slowly pulled them down and Karen involuntarily helped by lifting her butt off the chair. As Karen’s dampened blonde pubic patch was revealed, Connie only said one word.


   Connie quickly retied Karen’s ankles and stood behind her, looking into the mirror. She reached down and as she and Karen both watched in the mirror, she gently massaged Karen’s breasts, paying particular attention to her sensitive nipples.

   “Please, Connie,” Karen gasped. “I’ve never done it with another girl. I don’t know if I can.”

   “I know that you can. Just give in to your feelings.” Connie picked up Karen’s panties and got a scarf from her briefcase. “I want you to concentrate on your feelings and quit talking. Open wide.”

   “No, don’t gag me. I’ll be quiet.”

   “I know you will,” Connie said as she pinched Karen’s nose shut.

   Karen held her breath for about 30 seconds, and finally had to gasp for air. Connie shoved the wadded up panties inside her mouth, tied a knot in the middle of the scarf, put the knot squarely over the mouth packing, and tied the scarf ends tightly behind Karen’s head underneath her blonde hair.

   “Now you can’t talk, so just let yourself go. Don’t be ashamed of your feelings.”

   Karen saw herself in the mirror, nude, bound & gagged, legs spread apart–she hated and loved Connie right now. She also desperately needed to cum. She squirmed in her bonds and pleaded with Connie through her gag. “mmmpppfff” was all she could manage.

   “Just a second, we’re not quite through yet,” Connie said as she picked out another length of rope. “I think you’ll like this one.” Connie held the two loose ends in one hand and pushed the looped end under the rope around Karen’s waist. She threaded the loose ends through the loop and pulled it snug. Then, after smiling coyly, she spread Karen’s pussy lips and threaded the two ropes down through her crotch and up the crack of her ass. Connie made sure there was no slack and tied it off on the chair back.

   Now Karen was really going crazy. The feelings she felt were overwhelming. The sight in the mirror of the rope disappearing into the folds of her pussy and the friction on her clit were too much. “mmmpppfff”, “mm…fff”, “mmmpppfff” she moaned into her gag as she squirmed in an attempt to climax.


   “Connie to the rescue,” Connie whispered into Karen’s ear as she reached around and gently massaged Karen’s breasts. Karen’s nipples were hard and distended and Connie rolled her fingertips over them. Connie moved in front of Karen and continued playing with her tits as she licked between them, down her stomach, and her inner thighs.

   Karen lost all track of time; she was consumed by her need to climax. She moaned and squirmed as Connie brought her to the brink again and again only to stop briefly.

   “My, oh my! Aren’t you the hot little slut now? Need it bad, don’t you?”

   “Mmmpppfff” shouted Karen into her gag. She nodded her head towards her pussy and looked pleadingly at Connie. “mmmpppff”

   “Alright, I think you’ve earned it”. Connie leaned forward and licked her way down from Karen’s stomach to her bush. She pulled the crotch rope aside and dived in tongue first. She licked and nibbled and sucked while Karen moaned and squirmed. Finally, Karen stiffened as a long awaited orgasm erupted through her body. Connie continued playing with Karen’s pussy and Karen had another orgasm and then another. Connie pulled back to watch and as the orgasms subsided, Karen melted in her ropes like ice cream in summer. She was exhausted and deliriously contented.


   Connie took the gag out of Karen’s mouth and untied her except for her wrists. “Come on. We’re going to the bedroom.”

   “Connie, that was tremendous. I’ve never came like that before. I’ve never felt like that before.”

   “I always thought that you might get off on bondage, but I’ve never been able to work it into our friendship until now. I couldn’t just say…let me tie you up and eat you. I figured that when you lost the bet I might not get another chance, so I took it.”

   When they got to the bedroom, Connie had Karen sit on the bed and scoot her butt to the middle. Connie and Steve had a four poster for a bed and now Karen wondered if they had it so they could play their own bondage games.

   “What now?” said Karen as she leaned back and rested on her bound wrists. Her embarrassment at being naked and tied had vanished.

   “First of all,” answered Connie, “I’m going to tie your ankles and wrists to the four corners of the bed.”

   As Connie tied her left ankle Karen noticed that each poster of the bed already had scarves attached and ready.

   “And then what?” asked Karen

   “And then I will do whatever I want to. It’s more delicious when it’s a surprise.” Connie finished tieing Karen’s right ankle and helped her sit up. Karen’s wrists were untied and she layed down and stretched out. Each wrist was secured with the scarves.

   “This is called a spreadeagle;” Connie explained as she reached down and cupped Karen’s pussy with her right hand. “You are at my total whim. Every orifice you have is mine to play with…and I will, but first I think I’ll gag you again.”

   Karen didn’t protest this time. She knew it wouldn’t do any good and anyway she kind of liked it before; after she got used to it. Connie brought out a small rubber ball and Karen opened her mouth willingly and Connie popped it in. Another scarf was folded and used to hold the ball in place.

   “Remember what I said about surprises being sweeter? Well that’s what this is for;” Connie said, showing Karen another folded scarf. “It’ll keep you guessing.” She placed the blindfold over Karen’s eyes and, lifting her head, tied the ends together.

   Karen heard footsteps going away from the bed and then music began playing and that was all she heard. She tested her bonds, and nothing was loose. She wondered how Connie had gotten the idea for this wonderful surprise. She felt the cool breeze flow over her breasts and down through her pussy hair. She wondered what else Connie would do to her.

   Connie had turned the music on to set the mood, but also so Karen couldn’t hear her move around. Then she retrieved a feather duster and also her briefcase of goodies. She returned to the bed and lightly brushed Karen’s entire body with the duster. Karen undulated gently as parts of her body reacted to the duster’s touch. Connie also licked, sucked, pinched, and fondled Karen randomly. This all produced the desired result, Karen became wet and her nipples were hard. Connie rolled a nipple between her teeth and ran her fingers playfully through Karen’s bush. Karen lifted her pussy toward Connie’s hand, but Connie denied her what she wanted. Then Connie pulled away and sat down in a chair at the side of the bed and just watched. ‘God’, she thought, ‘Karen really is a beautiful woman.’

   Karen expected her stimulation to continue. “Mmmpppfff” she voiced her disapproval through the gag. She listened for sounds, but all she heard was the music. She tried to peek under the blindfold, but couldn’t see anything. ‘Where the hell is she? Come back and finish me off, please. Jeez, I can’t stand this.’

   Suddenly Connie’s touch on her nose reassured her. Connie traced her fingertips across Karen’s gagged mouth, her chin, between her breasts, and down her stomach. Her fingers lingered in Karen’s crotch, playing with her pubic hair, darting in her pussy, rubbing her clit.

   Karen’s breathing filled the room and her hips undulated gently.


   Connie pulled away again and pulled more items from her briefcase.

   A low hum mixed with the music and then Karen felt the tip of a vibrator touch her right nipple. It traced around her nipple of her right breast and then on to her other nipple, then down her flat stomach and came to rest on her pussy. Connie moved it all over but never inside.

   Karen strained upward and shouted through the gag “mmmpppfff”.

   Connie put the cock-shaped vibrator into Karen’s pussy and began a rhythmic fucking motion. Karen pushed back and her breathing was shallow and rapid. Connie lubricated her index finger and traced around Karen’s anus. The vibrator rested on Karen’s clit and then began fucking her again. Suddenly Connie pushed her finger into Karen’s ass and Karen climaxed as never before. One, two, three, she lost count.

   The vibrating cock slid out of her pussy, the finger came out of her ass, and Karen lay exhausted in a post-orgasmic state. She lay there and thoughts rushed over her. This was a part of her now. She needed it. ‘Thank you Connie, we are closer friends now. What would Mike think if I tell him?’

   Connie turned the music off. “I’m going to relax and have a drink. I’d invite you to join me, but it seems that you’re tied up right now,” she laughed. “Don’t go away, I have other surprises. It’s only 5 o’clock.”

   After a while Karen regained her strength and wondered why Connie had not returned. Karen pulled on her bonds and to her surprise the scarf holding her right wrist came loose. The blindfold came off next and she quickly untied her other wrist and both ankles. She removed the gag and Connie still had not returned. Karen looked in the Party room and the Kitchen, but no Connie. Finally, she saw her in a lawn chair by the pool sipping a drink.

   “Ohhh Connie, I have a surprise for you,” Karen gleefully shouted as she opened the screen door.

   “How’d you get loose? I’m not through with you yet”

   “Looks to me like you are through with me and now it’s my turn if I remember your new rules correctly.”

   Connie got up and started back in. “But..but I didn’t think that you would…could actually get free.”

   With a smile Karen said “Well, you did say that surprises were more fun, so surrrrprise”

   “Allright, I made the rules and I’ll stick by em.” As she walked through the door Connie said “OK, what do you want your slave to do first?”

   “First of all, strip. I want you naked.” Karen watched as Connie kicked off her sandals and removed her t-shirt. “Get that bra off and then stop….. Good. Now I’ll finish for you” Karen walked over to Connie and pulled her shorts down, leaving her with only panties on. “Spread your legs” she commanded. Connie did as she was told. Karen slid her hand down inside the front of Connie’s blue cotton panties. “My oh my, wet already. That’s good.” Karen pulled her hand out. “Legs together.” Karen pulled Connie’s panties down and had her step out of them.

   “Turn around, cross your wrists behind you, close your eyes, and wait,” Karen said. Connie did as she was told and Karen opened the briefcase full of bondage supplies and made her plan. She tied and cinched Connie’s wrists first, then used another rope to bring Connie’s elbows as close together as she thought Connie could stand it. One more rope was wound around her upper arms and across her breasts. Karen liked the way the white rope contrasted with Connie’s tanned body. Karen wadded up Connie’s panties, shoved them in her mouth, and used a scarf to hold the packing in. Karen looked around the room and saw what she was looking for, a hanging plant. She stood on the kitchen chair she had been tied to and removed the plant, and then secured one end of a rope to the hook in the ceiling. Karen guided Connie underneath the hook and looped the dangling end of the rope around her bound wrists. She gently pulled until Connie was bent over at the waist with her wrists up in the air.

   “That’s perfect,” exclaimed Karen as she stepped back. “What a perfect sight. Connie, spread your legs a little…..good. Your boobs hanging down, your nipples hard, your red bush peeking between your legs, and your ass SO inviting.” Karen stepped up to Connie’s left side and reached under her to fondle her breasts. Grasping Connie’s left nipple, Karen asked her “Now don’t you think that you should be punished for what you did to me?”

   “Mmmpppfff…mmmpppfff. “

   “I’ll take that as a yes, ” said Karen and she twisted the nipple and smacked Connie’s ass with her right hand. Connie tried to move her butt out of the way, but Karen’s tight grip on her nipple wouldn’t let her.

   “By the way, you’re not being punished because you kept me tied up and gagged for almost 6 hours. You’re being punished because we’ve been friends for 2 years and you didn’t do this sooner.”

   SMACK…SMACK…SMACK. Karen’s hand reddened Connie’s ass cheeks. “That’s enough. Let’s see if you enjoyed that,” said Karen.

   Karen twirled her finger through Connie’s pussy hair and easily inserted her finger. “Yes, you did enjoy it…..well there’s more pleasure to come, yours and mine.”

   Karen released Connie from the ceiling and Connie moaned with thanks. She sat Connie on the floor and crossed her ankles and bound them with rope. Karen turned Connie face down and secured her ankles to her wrist bondage.

   “I’ve seen this in the movies and I think it’s called a hogtie. I crossed your ankles so I could play with your pussy, but first I need a cool drink. Don’t go away, I’ll be right back.”

   Karen went into the kitchen and Connie tested her bonds. “Mm..ff, mmmppfff;” she grunted as she rolled around, trying to pull loose. She couldn’t turn all the way over since her ankles were crossed and the friction of the rug on her nipples kept her feminine juices flowing.

 She gave up about the same time that Karen returned.

   “Pretty good job, huh.” commented Karen. The musky odor coming from her bound friend told her that Connie’s pussy needed her attention. “Let’s roll you over and have some fun,” giggled Karen as she helped turn Connie. Soon Connie was resting on her arms and hands with her wide open pussy facing Karen.

   Karen knelt down and ran her hands and fingers up and down Connie’s flesh, paying particular attention to her most sensitive areas. She massaged her breasts and rolled her nipples between her tongue and teeth. Connie moaned her approval. Karen blew in Connie’s ear, nibbled on her earlobe and licked her way down Connie’s abdomen. Using her fingers to spread Connie’s pussy lips she used her tongue skillfully to excite Connie even more. Karen’s tongue darted in, flicked Connie’s clit, and out again. Karen played with Connie’s entire body until Connie was glistening with perspiration and moaning through her gag for a climax.


   Connie and Karen both lost track of time. Karen brought Connie to the brink of coming and then teased her by stopping. Then she did it again, and again. Karen looked at the clock and saw that it was eight already. It was time that she let Connie cum.

   Karen leaned back again and smiled at the pleading Connie. “By the way, where is that dildo you used on me? I didn’t find it in the bedroom and it wasn’t in the bathroom either. Is it in the living room?” Connie shook her head from side to side. “Is it out by the pool?” Connie breathed hard and shook her head again. “Maybe it’s in the kitchen.” Connie wiggled her hips and nodded with her head. “OK, I’ll get it and be right back.”

   Karen returned with the dildo and turned it on. Connie’s face lit up as Karen knelt down beside her bound form. Karen kissed Connie on her gagged lips, kissed her breasts and tugged on her nipples with her teeth. She lightly ran the vibrator up the inside of Connie’s thighs and then slipped it inside of her. Connie sighed loudly and Karen giggled. Karen fucked Connie with the dildo while she used her tongue on her clit. Finally release came and Connie exploded in climax, and followed that one with several more before collapsing with exhaustion.

   Karen held her friend and stroked her hair until Connie’s breathing returned to normal. Karen began the process of untying Connie by ungagging her first.

   “We have to return to normal now, the boys will be home in about an hour,” said Karen.

   “I know. Get the rest of these ropes off, we’ll shower and maybe the rope marks will become less visible.”

   As she continued untying Connie, Karen said “When I untied myself, it was because you loosened that scarf, wasn’t it?”

   Connie smiled. “Well, it wouldn’t have been fair for you to be the only one having fun, now would it?”

   “No, I guess not. I’m glad you did, because it gave me a chance to be on both ends. I had a great time when you had control over me. My pussy tingled with your touch, but I also got off on tyeing you and being able to give you pleasure. Have you done this before?”

   “No,” admitted Connie, “but I’ve sure thought about it. Every time I thought about tieing you up I’d get horny as hell, but I was afraid of losing your friendship if I told you what I wanted to do. When you lost that bet I said ‘Connie, it’s now or never.’ If you didn’t enjoy bondage,

 then it would have just been our one day lost bet deal.”

   “But it won’t be just a one day deal, will it?” Karen asked as they headed for the shower.

   As the two naked women walked into the bathroom Connie put her arm around the shorter Karen’s shoulders. “It’s a part of our lives now and we are closer because of it. This is only the beginning.”

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