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Now, don’t hold me to any dates or ages. I’m going to fix my age to 18 and the time to the summer of 1990. Also, the events will not necessarily be in the proper order. The facts will be as accurate as my memory will allow. The names will not be changed to protect the guilty! I will need to set up the scene some:

               Back in the 1980’s my folks had a “summer house” in Spring Lake, Michigan. The house was on the lake, and the lake had access to Lake Michigan via the Grand River. Look on a map, Central West Michigan just north of Holland. We had 3 boats, a 21′ cabin cruiser with 2 40 horsepower outboards, a 12′ Boston Whaler with a 40 hp. outboard, and a sailboat (butterfly class). I raced the sailboat once on Wed. and twice on both Sat. & Sun. I spent 3 summers here, and many week-ends during the school year. We sold the house a few years ago, but I still go there to visit as often as I can.

               I had 3 girlfriends; Tommy, Laura, and Terry. Tommy (I usually call her Tom) was my next door neighbor and still is my best friend.

Laura & Terry are sisters and lived 4 houses over. Tom is one year younger than myself, Terry is about my age, and Laura is about 2 years older. Tommy & I spent the whole summers together except from Sat.

sundown to Sun. evening (she is a Dutch Reform & they can’t do ANYTHING during that time except sit & pray & go to church). When we got bored, we got Terry & Laura. We spent much of the time water-skiing, driving the boat to town, and swimming. I slept in the boat almost every night and Tommy joined me much of the time. There were 2 boys (Tom & Stu) in the neighborhood. They were real pests, peeking in our windows and playing tricks on us. Typical 18 year old boys…. enough set-up.

               Tommy and I were excited that we got the magazine. She didn’t think that I would do it. It was easy. I just put the Hustler inside the over-size Life Magazine, and the lady didn’t need to touch it when she rang it up. Now, sitting in the boat, we had it open to the nicest picture.

               “How can these great looking women pose for pictures like that?”

Tommy says, looking at a picture of a lady with all of her private parts showing. “I would just die if someone was looking at pictures of me like that!” We examine the picture very closely. She has really big breasts and she is holding both of them up like a bra would. She is sitting with her knees apart and her pussy in all it’s color is in full view!



              “I can see some wetness down there.” I say, pointing at her pussy.

“I think it makes her excited, having her picture took like that!” My little cunt begins to stir and I become flushed. I wonder if Tom is feeling the same. I turn the pages until I stop at a picture of a women with her finger half inside the lips of her pussy. “Oh! look at her!” I scratch some kind of a itch on my pussy threw my pj’s and Tom catches me.

               “This getting to you?” she asks. “Maybe we better take a dip?”

We slip out of our night cloths and open the cabin door. It’s a nice warm evening and the moon is full. We look up at our houses and see that they are both dark. I figure that it’s not quite midnight and few boats will be out on the lake. We hop on the dock and look at the water. The air feels great on my nude body, but the water looks dark and cold. I climb on the piling and grab the flag pole. From here it’s a nice 6 foot dive to the water.

I want to make my first crash into the water a great one.

So I stand on one leg, hold the flag pole with my right hand, and stick my other arm and leg out as far as I could.

               “Watch this!” Tommy, right under me looks up and her eyes land right on my crotch! She remains focused there for a moment, and I feel those juices stirring again. I let go of the flag pole and perform a sloppy dive. Tom jumps in after me. The water feels not only great but very sensual on my naked body and I begin thinking about Tommy in a very different way. We both have the same kind of bodies. We are skinny, hair-less, and little boobies just starting their journey outward. I wonder if she plays with her cunny like I sometimes do. I wonder if I should try to find out. I’m afraid that I’d get really embarrassed or that she might think that I’m wierd.

               A half hour later we were sitting and air-drying on the floor in the stern of the boat. I was leaning back with my arms resting on my upturned knees and I notice Tom looking at my crotch again! “Do you think I have a neat looking cunt?” I ask.

               Tom looks up and acts embarrassed that she was caught. “You have the nicest looking pussy I’ve ever seen!” Like she’s seen a lot! “How about mine?” she says as she pulls her knees apart. She is sitting in a dark corner, away from the moon’s light, so I move in for a closer look.

I can see the beginnings of her pubic hair, but it’s essentially hairless.

Her clit is sticking out of the folds of skin and her slit is most definitely damp. Using her right hand, she separates the folds around her clit with two fingers. I see that it is swollen and very moist.




               “This is turning you on, isn’t it?” I ask, “I’m feeling something too!”

              “Ya! Lets go into the cabin where it’s totally private. Maybe we

can compare cunts!” We seat ourselves in the cabin on cushions and face each other. The light in the boat cabin is bright compared to the moonlight outside.

 We position our pussy’s facing each other about a half a foot apart and begin our examination. “Open yourself up like this.” Tom, using both hands this time, opens all of her pussy lips. Her skin is white and inside her pussy, it’s very wet and dark pink. She watched as I do the same. “My button is bigger than yours but it looks like your slit is longer.”

               “But, I’m just as wet as you!” I interrupt. “Watch this!” I slowly slip a finger into my pussy and move it in and out. I’ve done this before, but it feels a lot better with Tom watching me. I close my eyes and continue slowly finger fuck myself for a few moments.

               Tommy breaks my concentration with “Can I try that!?” I expect her to begin working on her own pussy, but instead, she slides her finger into me! After the shock wears off, I relax and concentrate on the feeling of someone else stimulating me. She slowly finger fucks me just as I was doing. At one point, she stops with her finger all the way inside and begins bending and turning her finger around. Just as I feel the familiar quiver in the walls of my pussy start, she removes her finger. “Here, now you do me!”

               My voice is weak from the near orgasm and abrupt stop, “OK, lie back and let me have at you!” I figure that Tommy didn’t know what she was creating inside me. She surely must have never frigged herself all the way to orgasm before, or she would have tried to get me off. Well, I guess she is going to have a surprise! I sit on my hip to her left side and begin by rubbing her whole crotch with the palm of my left hand. I move my hand in circles and push gently down. She begins to move her lower body up and down. I hear a small grunt from her. With my right hand, I relieve her clit from the folds of skin and move some moisture up from her cunny onto her little swollen clit. With the finger of my right hand, I begin by lightly rubbing the very top of her button. She begins to squirm a bit.

Then I circle it around and around, and then quickly flick the top again.

I feel her hand on my arm, trying to push me away. She must be very sensitive right now. I hear a little giggle come from her. So I move my finger down and slide it into her very wet passage. I slide it out, and then using two fingers, begin to slowly finger-fuck her.

               “Oooh! That’s nice!” Tom’s chest is heaving as she speaks.

“Faster!” she pleads. I pick up the pace and begin to rub her clit with my other hand. “Mmmmm!” She is really squirming around now. I feel a great deal of juice gathering around my two fingers. I continue working on her.

 After a minute or two, her upper torso lifts up, her eyes are close tightly, and her mouth opens. I feel her pussy walls contract and much more wetness comes out onto my hand as I pump in and out. Then I feel it begin to spasm.

 “Oh! Oooo! Eeee! Ah! no, no, YES! No, stop” Her knees come together and she lowers her legs trying to push my hand out, but I just stop plunging and keep my two fingers buried deep in her. I feel the contractions slow down and then stop, so I begin again to slowly move them a short distance in and out.

 She squirms and giggles, “No, no, stop OK?” When I sit back up and look at her she asks, “What was that??? Wow!”

               “You came! You had an orgasm.” I’m unconsciously fingering myself as I talk. “I’ve been making myself do that for a while already.” I’m really wet and flushed. My nipples are hard. “Now, you do it to me, OK?”

               Tom kneels between my legs as I settle back on a pillow. I’m really hot and ready for some fun and I wonder if her inexperience will hinder my adventure. I close my eyes, “OK, let’s see what you can do for me!” My stomach gets butterflies because I know that she is examining my pussy in every detail. I feel the back of her fingers rubbing up and down my wet slit. A finger slides down the slit and back up to my clit. It hits it sharply and I jerk a bit. “Are you teasing me, Tom? Hurry up, I’m going nuts here!” I wiggle my butt down into the cushion and grab my knees opening myself up as much as possible. I feel two hands now, one knuckle is spinning on my butt hole, and the other hand is sticking it’s two fingers into me. She slides them in very easily. Once in, she turns them 180 degrees around and back for a while. Then the in and out motion starts. Her other hands finds my clit. She’s doing me now exactly like I did to her, good girl! My orgasm rockets through out my body. The pleasure is tremendous.

It’s much better than when I do it myself! We are both wondering to ourselves if we are now lesbians.

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