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Gee, guys, lots of hot stories on this board. feel inspired to tell

mine, but, it’s not as exciting as the ones i’ve read here. almost

feel a little embarrassed to tell mine cause my first time was with

my sister. I read you guys’ brother stories, especially that last

one and it makes me fantasize how cool it’d be if i had had a brother.

 I had a guy cousin, but he was a real skag. we got along ok, i

just never thought of takin down his pants like i did about some

of the guys in my music class, for example. But I did see his dick

once when he spent the night.

 i had a large room with two double beds that used to be my mom’s

and dad’s beds before they got married. i sleep in the one my dad

had and guests usually slept in the other. after the lights went

out and we were laying there in the moon beams, my bed being closest

to the window, my cousin jim asked me if i was jacking off. I told

him I wasn’t but i probably would if he wasn’t spending the night.

he told me he told me he was used to doin it around bed time, too,

and he wasn’t going to do it if I was looking at him. i was looking

out the window, anyway, and told him i wouldn’t turn around.

i heard the slapping sounds of another guy jacking off for the first

time. i got hard but didn’t stir in my bed. jim was two years younger

thann me and i suppose i just assumed the twirp had a two year smaller

dick than mine. just before my 16th birthday my dick was 5 3/4 inches

at rock hard. the thought of jim slamming his little pecker in my

mother’s bed crossed my mind and i wondered if he had much of a load

yet. also feeling slightly annoyed by his ability to so freely indulge

in himself, i chided him by making a few wisecracks, of which i can’t

remember, except for the last comment i made, to which he answered

something about his dick length reaching his navel. my memories

of details of the events preceding that moment are mostly a blur

blinded by the vivid thoughts that followed in my imagination of

how big that would make his dick. because although jim was only

14, he was already as tall as me and i estimated that if my dick

reached my belly button, it would have to be about 9 inches long.

 i’d head about guys with 9 inches, but i’d never seen one until i

leaped out of bed, turned on the light and revealed my cousin for

full inspection, i had to see this. as the light blinded him, he

shielded his eyes with his hands exposing his genitals for to my

full view. he wined at me to turn off the light, it was too bright.

i did. after climbing back into bed i laid there with the inage

of that 9 inch cock wishing it was on me and not him, courteously

despising him forevermore.


 Easter vacation over, my cousin gone, i remember the following weeks

and subsequent summer very well. I was obsessed with the thought

of long cocks. the thought of how the head of my dick would feel

resting in my navel became a fantasy i mastrubated to as the weeks

passed. toward the end of the school year, i had a lot of half days

or days i wouldn’t have to go. one day i came home early and i saw

my sister’s boyfriend’s car parked out front. the thought crossed

my mind that i might see them having sex. my heart pounded loudly

as i walked through the house and didn’t find them, leaving only

my sister’s room for them to be in. my cock was hard as stone and

throbbing in anticipation of catching my sister and her boyfriend.

 I had a suspicion that my sister fucked with lots of guys. she

dressed so sexy, always making herself look desirable. before i

became obsessed with fantasies of having a big dick, i would fantasize

about my sister, wondering if shw was fucking any of the guys she

dated. she dated a lot. she was in college and went to lots of

parties. she probably thought that she’d have the house to herself

till mom got home, several hours away. she couldn’t have been expecting

me cause the door to her room was wide open.

 I saw everything, but, most of all i noticed is her boyfriend’s

dick. i had a perfect view of it as my sister was giving him head,

licking it like a lollipop. she was kneeling in front of him and

their profile was such an erotic sight i rubbed myself to orgasm

in my jeans only a moment after he came all over her face.


 One of the jets of cum Todd was shooting flew over my sister’s head

and landed on the bare flesh of her back. i don’t know why, but,

as it flew it caught my eye and as it landed i could feel it land

on my sister as if it was landing on me and the pleasure of that

sight while i was already orgasming, trying to do it silently, made

me gasp in euphoria as i flinched when the glob of cum landed. They

heard me and both turned their heads almost as fast as I darted out

of the doorway and flew down the hall. Once behind the closed door

of my bedroom, i remained silent wondering if i was going to be busted

and was awakened by my mother that evening when dinner was ready.

 My sister behaved normally through dinner and i was very quiet.

i couldn’t tell if she had figured that the noise she heard was me.

all i could think about through dinner and that evening were thoughts

about the scene i saw and the length of Todd’s dick. i even felt

a little depressed about how small my dick was, doubting that it

would get big, wondering if i’d have a chick kneeling before me like

my sister did for Todd. as my mother was telling me i looked a little

tired, i volunteered for bed immediately. Behind the closed doors

of my bedroom i laid in the moonbeam naked carressing my soft rubbery

shaft and massaging my balls.

 i was reaching for the ruler in my nightstand drawer when there was

a knock on the door that stopped my heart as i flew under the covers

saying, “come-in” fast enough before my sister would suspect that

i was enjoying myself that way. i knew her knock and was not surprised

that it was her as she came in my room, but, i was a little uncomfortable

about any confrontation about what i had seen earlier that afternoon.

when she closed the door behind her, i felt a hot flash through my

groin that tingled seeming like something i never felt before. as

she crossed the room she said that mom and dad had gone to bingo

and she thought she’d check if i needed anything, since i looked

a little under the weather. As she sat on the bed, i was laying

on my side, half curled up, noticing that my subsiding erection was

oozing a stream of juice down my leg. the way she sat herself next

to me, her hip was lightly grazing the tip of my dick. I thoughg

about whether it would noticibly be pressing against her if it got

fully hard again and it started to swell. i didn’t move as she spoke.

 then she told me that i looked like i was getting to be quite a man.

 she told me how she noticed girls admiring me. i played volleyball

and lots of girls hung around the courts and watched us. my sister

had a great voice, i loved to hear her talk. she brushed a lock

of hair away from my forehead like she did when i was a kid with

long hair. she took a hug and even though a little late, i reciprocated

squeezing her firmly and suddenly felt the sensations of her breast

against my bare chest and my cock throbbed and oozed. she felt it

against her hip and said, “heh, what’s this,” as she reached under

the covers and wrapped her fingers firmly around my cock and under

my balls. “OOO, little brothers’ got a hefty one there,” she chided

as she smirked about how she used to change my diapers and I can

show it to her. i only resisted a little as she slid the covers

down, pushing my hands out of the way as my naked body was exposed

to her full view. even if it was just flattery from a sister, the

look in her eyes made me feel like she was really admiring my body.

upon gazing at my cock and gently stroking and fondling, the look

in her eyes was the same as that reverent look she had in her eyes

for Todd’s cock as she carressed him with her tongue. the thought

of maybe she would do it to me, too, as she continued her massage

with her hands on my nuts made me moan as i rolled flat on my back

and thrust my hips shoving my cock and balls deeper into her fingers.

 “you are really becoming a handsome man.” were the last audible

words i heard from her before she began licking my balls like a lollipop.

 she sucked the into her mouth and got me all slobbery and slippery,

her hands working on the exposed flesh of my cock or balls that her

mouth wasn’t sucking. When she first wrapped her lips around the

tip, i thought i was going to go out of my mind. i released myself

totally to her as i squirmed from the sensations she was giving me.

 eventually she had my whole shaft sucked in her as far as i could

deliver and held me still for a few moments as i felt that i was

about to go into orgasm. even though we were motionless, i felt

the orgasm coming at first like it was far away. she held me very

still but real tight. for about a minute during which was one of

the most glorious climaxes i can remember. as orgasm got closer

and closer, my body went limper and limper to try to hold it off,

but my rock hard cock couldn’t handle the excitement of the sensation

my sister gave my cock. i yelled and grunted as cum shot from my

dick like an exploding geyser and groaned and purred when it felt

like it was flowing out like lava. my sister drank me up and licked

me soft and clean, making me feel like a real man.


 Gradually she worked my dick back hard again and i was able to talk

a little and we laid side by side, her fondling me continuously,

casually, and gently, ocassionally, rubbing my hairless flat belly

which felt tighter, like after a workout. She praised my body and

i confided in her about how i thought my dick was too small. she

asked me if i had a ruler handy and i reached for the drawer i was

headed for when she first came in. she took it from me and measured

only 5 1/2 inches. She said, well, at least you’ve got enough to

please a woman.” I couldn’t tell if she was being sincere. it must

have shown in my eyes. She got up and removed all her clothes as

i watched. Her breasts were so nice. “wow,” was all i could say

as i stared at my first live vagina. my eyes remained fixed on it

as she climbed up and straddled me positioning herself above my hard

dick. she reached down and took hold of my dick and rubbed the tip

between the folds of her vaginal lips. it was very slippery and

the thought of what i knew was about to happen sent thrills all through

my body. i watched as the head of my dick went in my sister so easily

and a moment later my entire shaft was imbedded in her and i felt

our pervic bones grinding each other and moaned deeply. she lifted

herself till our pubes grazed each other and slowly rotated. the

thrills i was having must have been happening to my sister as she

started moaning, tears streaming down her face as she cried in pleasure.

 Her whimpering stunned me into realizing that it was me and my dick

that could give so much pleasure to a woman. i began girating my

hips and she wimpered more. i coud see that the more rapid strokes

made her moan and writhe the most, but i slipped out of her a few

times. when i did, she squeeled, and sounding like she was both

begging and ordering, she’s say, “put it back,” in that sexy voice

that drove me more crazy until i must have been fucking her wildly.

 I started to cum and stopped. Motionless I lay there waiting a

moment for a second wind, and felt her cunt grip spasming around

the shaft and head of my cock. that sent me over the edge and i

began pumping a load in her that she must have felt as she cried

out in a loud moan, “Ah God, I’m Cumming, too,” and she thrusted

her hips forward embedding me in her as far as i could go as my cock

spassmed, and pumped my hot juices in her. I could feel the jets

erupting through my shaft and as they blasted inside her she cried

out at each surge of my scorching blasts of juice. As my cock and

the inside of her shaft calmed down, she rolled off of me and said,

“don’t wory, you’re plenty big enough. I felt like the guy wearing

the crown in the Blue Bonnet margarine commercial.

 We talked for a while about different things that turned us on.

When she left, she told me to consider “it” an early 16th birthday


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