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Every year the company I work for sends an employee from the east

coast office as well as one from the Midwest office to the COMDEX computer convention held in Las  Vegas. I was selected to go from the Midwest office this last year. I talked my wife, Diane,  into using up some time-off and flying out with me, making a mini vacation out of the whole thing.

Once we arrived and checked into the motel I got in touch with Mike, the employee sent from the east coast office.

  After discussing our schedules for the next few days, we decided to unpack and relax for the rest of the afternoon and meet him later for dinner at the restaurant in the lobby.

Mike never took his eyes off Diane as I made the introductions. Of course she looked great tonight. Diane is a 5’4″ redhead with green eyes. She’s an

attractive lady, not a model but very sensual. She also has a few extra pounds here and there but that only adds to her feminine sexuality.

That night Diane was wearing a black knit skirt, red satin blouse, stockings, and heels.

 She looked fantastic that night and obviously felt so as well.

Throughout the evening Diane was having a great time, with Mike on one arm and myself on the other.

 Diane was the center of our attention, both of us flirting with her and Diane loving every minute of it.


 When we turned in that night Diane wasted no time in initiating sex.

During our lovemaking I noticed how hot and wet she was.

 When I asked her about this she blushed and admitted that being escorted all night long by two attractive men had really turned her on.

 I told her that I also enjoyed watching her flirt with Mike.

During the next several days this progressed along the same lines.

 Mike and myself lavishing attention on my wife, and later in the evening Diane and I would fuck like newlyweds.

On our last night in town we decided to do it up big. First we went to dinner. Then we went dancing.

 Diane was almost always on the dance floor, either with Mike or myself. Diane made it a point to dance several slow dances with each of us, each time holding us close to her body.

Heading back to the hotel we stopped in at the hotel bar.

  After a few drinks the conversation started drifting towards sex, jokes and subtle comments flying right and left. The electricity around the table was getting pretty strong.

Mike made it no secret that he was attracted to Diane but limited himself to heavy flirting. While Diane had her hand on my leg, I couldn’t help thinking where she would have her hands if I wasn’t with her. Just thinking about it was giving me a raging hard-on.

Diane and I had talked about fantasies where we have a threesome with another man, but we never found someone that we not only felt comfortable with, but that we could safely ask without risking our friendship with him if he refused.

I knew this was the perfect chance to make our fantasy a reality but I couldn’t figure out how I could ask Mike if he wanted to come upstairs and join us in bed.

  I was pretty sure both Diane and Mike would have agreed in a heartbeat, but if they didn’t I’d be the one looking like a fool.

So I suggested that we have a nightcap in our room before turning in, telling Mike we always pack some Irish Mist when we travel. He said it sounded great and would be up in a few minutes.

Once in the elevator I pulled Diane close against me, my hard cock pressing against her bottom through our clothes. Commenting on my obvious condition she asked what I was thinking of.


“Watching Mike’s cock slide into your pussy.”, I told her.

 “Are you sure about this?”

“What do you think.”, I replied and I held her hand tight against my cock. “OK then. Just hold that thought.”

As soon as we got into our room Diane removed her shoes, stocking, and panties, setting them on the table so that Mike would no doubt see them. She then sat one of the stuffed chairs, after she moved it into position to face the other chair and bed.

When Mike arrived he sat in the other chair and I took the bed.

As we drank and resumed our discussion from the bar, always centered around sex. Diane slowly rose one of her legs onto the arm of the chair, which raised her skirt enough that I knew Mike must be getting an eyeful.

Obviously getting worked up and unsure what to do about it Mike jokingly said, “Diane please either cover that pretty little pussy of yours up or let me get a good look.” “Well for a good look,” she said while raising her skirt “you’ll have to get a little bit closer.”

Mike started to get up but then paused and looked at me. “Sounds like an invitation to me.”, I told him.

Mike wasted no time at all in getting his ‘closer look’.

  He knelt on the floor in front of Diane and began licking her pussy, while I started kissing her while fondling her tits through her

blouse. In just a few minutes Diane began shuddering with orgasm, pulling Mike’s head harder against her pussy as she drove her tongue into my mouth. Standing her up we removed Diane’s clothes, and then she helped both of us strip. Turning around, Diane bent over grabbing the back of the chair she had been sitting in and spread her legs apart.

 Looking over her shoulder she told Mike, “Now it’s your turn.”

He moved up behind her, positioning the tip of his cock against her waiting pussy her entered her.

Holding her hips he fucked her, pulling almost all the way out, then driving his cock in again.

I stood close, mesmerized, watching my wife getting screwed by another man. Watching his cock, wet with her juices, sliding in and out of her pussy was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen.

 My cock was getting so hard it hurt. I was afraid to touch myself at all for fear I’d cum right there.

 Reaching his peak Mike still holding Diane’s hips thrusted harder and harder, finally holding her tight as he came.

As soon as he was out of her I laid Diane down on the bed. Putting her legs on my shoulders I rubbed the head of my cock against her slick pussy before thrusting myself inside her.

Her freshly fucked pussy was hot and wet with both his cum and hers.

 Knowing I was too excited to hold my orgasm back for too long, I started thrusting for all I was worth.

With our eyes locked together she mouthed to me, “I love you.” As my own orgasm overtook me I came saying, “I love you too Diane, oh god how I love you!”


As I rolled off her Mike came over to take my place between her legs.

  He had been stroking himself while he watched us fuck, making himself hard again. Holding her in my arms we began kissing deeply as Mike once again entered her pussy.

 He went much slower this time, his hands massaging her breasts as he fucked her.

Watching Diane getting slowly fucked by Mike, seeing her totally give in to her passion, was overwhelmingly erotic. Within minutes my cock was hard again.

Throughout the evening we were constantly trying new positions. Both Mike and I pleasing Diane with our hands, tongues, and cocks. Being the sexual focus of two men was driving Diane crazy with passion.

  Mike and I traded places several times, one of us fucking her, while the other one watched, sometimes pleasing Diane with our hands, sometimes having Diane suck our cocks.

When we finally reached the end of our endurance Mike returned to his room.

Diane and I took a long hot shower. Returning to bed we fell asleep holding on to each other.

The next Morning Diane and I spent some time discussing the previous night’s activities.

We both needed to know how we felt about what had happened before returning to our everyday lives.

We were able to accept the fact that adding another dimension to our sex life didn’t effect our love for each other.

What we had done, we did as a couple in love with each other. We met Mike at the airport and said our good-byes. He thanked us for a memorable evening and told me what a special lady I had.

We thanked him for helping us make our fantasy come true. While we haven’t had another threesome since, we both have kept ourselves open to the idea.

 I can’t wait to tell her that Mike will be coming to town on business this next Friday and will be staying over the weekend.

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