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One afternoon, I was almost ready to leave for work when
Roger called. The twins must have been listening when we
arranged to meet in the alley behind Tommy’s house, later that
night – which was on my way home from work.
As I entered the alley, I saw two boys step out of the
shadows. I recognized Sam and Arnie, because of the ring that I
saw on Arnie’s finger.
They ran over and grabbed me. Then they blindfolded me.
Then they took my hands and lead me into a back yard where a
blanket was laid out in the grass. Without saying a word, the
boys take my clothes off. When I was naked, they stripped too.
They started by playing with my breasts. I grabbed a penis and
jacked it off. When he was ready he pushed my face down and
forced his penis into my mouth. I sucked him till he comes.
While I suck one I jacked off the other one. When the first was
done, I sucked the second till he comes too.


They left, and I got dressed.
The next day I asked the twins how Sam and Arnie knew that I
would be there. They denied telling the boys anything.

A few days later I did meet with Tommy, and he asked me to
join in a strip poker game being hosted by Rita Delany. I
refused at first. But, Tommy told me that he had already
promised that I would be there. After a lot of arguing, I
finally agreed to go to the game with him.
On the night of the game, I lost badly. I had to run around
the house naked many times and had my picture taken in many poses
showing everything.
When the game is over, they forced me to walk home nude.
When I finally was close to the house, two boys stepped out of
the shadows and forced me to suck each to orgasm. The blindfold
they put around my eyes prevented me from seeing his face, but
the ring Waves him away. It had to be Sam and Arnie.
When I got home, my mother was waiting up for me. She was
livid when she saw me walk in naked. I had to bend over and
received the worst beating of my life. Her strap whipped my
buttocks, back, and legs before she was finished. I fell to my
knees from pain and exhaustion. I crawled to the stairs and
climbed them with difficulty. The twins were giggling as I
passed their room.

Roger asked me to the fall formal. I bought myself a
gorgeous strapless gown. Roger picked me up in a rented
limousine. We were the best looking couple at the dance. I
didn’t know it, but Kathy and Kristy had planted a portable
microphone in my purse.

At the dance we had a great time until I had to go to the
powder room. When I walked in,someone grabbed me from behind and
forced a paper bag over my head. They held my hands while
someone else unzipped my dress. I felt them unhook my bra and
removes it. They reached up and pulled off my slip, panties, and
stockings. When they left, I put my dress and shoes back on.
The dress was cut low, to show a lot of my breasts, but,
without the bra it doesn’t want to stay up at all. I had to keep
pulling it up.
For the rest of the night, I had to fight to keep the dress
up. I danced with a lot of boys, and they all got their eyes
Roger seemed to be enjoying the dance, so I don’t press him
to leave. When we finally fo leave the dance, Roger drove to a
lonely street and parked. Then we kissed and Roger put his hand
in my dress.

I pushed him away, but he insisted. I like the feel of his
hands on my breasts so I finally relax and let him play with
Roger reached around and unzipped my dress and really gets
into feeling and fondling my generous breasts. He kissed them
and gently sucked each tip. But, when Roger put his hand on my
leg and starting feeling his way up to my panties, I asked him
to stop.
‘I thought you liked me,’ he said.
When I thought of what Sam, Arnie, and Tommy have done, I
decided I couldn’t deny Roger at least as much. Finally, I
stripped and sucked Roger to climax.

When Roger insisted on intercourse, we had a fight. I
explained that I wanted to save that for my wedding night. Roger
laughed. I dressed and got out of the car. Roger was mad and
let me walk home.
I called Tommy, and asked him to come and pick me up. While
I waited for Tommy the boys showed up. After they blindfolded
me, they forced me into their car, and they drove around for a
while. They took my clothes off.
(Please take me home.)
They parked and I was forced to kiss one of them, while the
second one took liberties with my breasts. Then the seonds one
kissed me while the first one sucked my nipples. When the first
one started to finger my pussy, I quickly knealt, and sucked him
to climax.
I couldn’t let them finger me or I’d melt into a groveling
jellyfish. Finally, I suck the second one to climax, and begged
them to take me home.
The first one was aroused again and started to finger my
pussy, I begged him not to rape me. He fingered me until I was
wet, moaning, and started to move with his rhythm. I reached up
and really kissed him.


(Please, I’m a virgin.) I begged him to take me home.
The first one forced me to suck him to climax one more time.
As they drove me home I sucked the second one off, again. We
drove up in front of my house, but I was not allowed to dress.
No one was home, because mother is out of town, and the twins
were staying with a friend. They let me out and drove away.
I didn’t notice the motion in the twin’s window. I removed
the blindfold and let myself in.
I undressed and got ready for bed. What a night! I brushed
my teeth and hair. After I finally climbed into bed someone
joined me.

I recognized Sam from the ring on his finger.
(How did you get in here?)
‘Nevermind. You came home naked as a jay bird. I figured
you would want company tonight.’
(You figured wrong.)
Before I can protest further, he kissed me. The kiss was
warm and tender. I was lonely after Roger dumped me that night.
I guess that explains why I did not throw him out of the bed.
Sam fondled my naked breasts and the kiss grew. When Sam
touched my pussy, I begged him to stop.
(I am a virgin, Sam, like I told you earlier, I want to be a
virgin on my wedding night.)
Sam was beyond careing. He seemed to be wild with desire.
He fingered me through the material of my panties, until I moaned
and helped him pull the panties off. I was wild!
I pulled his finger into me and used his finger to rub
myself. When Sam can’t take it any longer, he forced his large
penis into me. It doesn’t go in very far.
(Please stop.)
Sam pushed harder and there was a painful tearing inside me.
I scream, in terrible pain. After Sam finally comes inside me,
he seemed disgusted with himself.
‘Please forgive me,’he said. ‘I didn’t think you really
were a virgin.’
I turn away and he leaves me.

I couldn’t sleep and took a walk to help me sleep.
Tommy’s light on so I signalled him, and he cames out. We talked
for a long time. I told him everything that had happened to me.
I undressed for him, but asked him not to touch me tonight. As I
walk back home the boys intercepted me again, and drove me home.
I noticed the ring before the blindfold goes on again. The
boys took me to my house, and up to my room. They took offtheir
clothes, and mine as well, and pulled the bed open.

I could hear someone in the hallway. The boys pointed at
the bed. I kneeled in front of the first one, and begged him not
to rape me again.
The first one lifted me and put me in bed. I fought with
him in the bed until the second one helped him. When the first
one finally penetrated me, I felt pain in my pussy. I moaned, as
the first one pumped me for a long painful time.
The second one raped me next. I just lay limp for him.
They left and I went into the bathroom, and vomit.
Kathy and Kristy come in. ‘Were you really a virgin’, they
‘You’re not anymore.’ they giggled and went back to their
I dressed and called Tommy.
I explained to Tommy what happened, including being raped.
Roger drove up in front of the house, and I walked out to him.
(Do you still want me?)
Roger drove me to a deserted spot and made love to me. When
he is finished, I explained about being raped.
(I am no longer a virgin so why wait. You can have me
whenever you want me. I am soiled goods now.)
Roger told me he loved me and wanted me to marry him.
(I am only fourteen.)
‘I’ll wait for you to graduate.’
We made love again and then he took me home. I cleaned up
and went to bed

Just as I got into bed, Sam climbed into my bed naked. I
resisted him but not hard. Sam was gentle this time. He was
slow and made it special. When he fingered my clitoris, I showed
him how to make me moan. He fingered me and I moaned several
times as he brought me to a new high. I had an orgasm that I
thought would blow the ceiling off.
After I cooled for a minute, Sam started again, and that
time, when I am almost ready, he put his penis into me, and we
shared a new high together. This was a new side of Sam. I knew
I could very easily love this man. Finally I slept.
When I opened my eyes in the morning, I was looking into
Sam’s blue eyes. He kissed me and sucked my breasts. Finally he
fingered me and sucked my clitoris until I was crazy with lust.
Sam mounted me from behind and fingered my clitoris while he was
fucking me. I came right along with him as he pumped me full of
come. Then, Sam cleaned up and left.

Tommy dropped by and I told him everything. I took Tommy
up to my room for his usual ‘look and touch’session. When I was
naked and he was sucking my breasts his finger slipped into my
pussy. I tried to resist, but Tommy knew that I was not a virgin
anymore, and besides his finger was driving me crazy. I let
Tommy fuck me.
Kathy and Kristy walked in
while Tommy was riding me. They excused themselves and left,
laughing together.

Tommy rode me several times while we had one of our long
talks. Tommy asked me to go to another strip poker game with
him. I didn’t want to go, but I finally agreed to make him
happy. Tommy left in time for me to change my sheets.
After mother got home, two packages arrived. One contained
my dress and shoes, and the other my bra, slip, and panties. The
notes in each package told mother to ask me what I did after the

I didn’t have any defense. Mother had me strip, and beats
me. When I couldn’t stand up any longer, I kneeled and then fell
to my hands and knees.
I crawled to her feet, and grabbed her leg while she beat
me. I blacked out. When I woke up, my mother was standing over
me, looking frightened.
‘I thought I had killed you’, she said. Maybe that would be
a good thing. Just look at the example you’re setting for the
(Mama, am I really a bad person?)
‘You’re a spoiled brat. Can’t I leave you in charge for one
I stood up slowly, and took my clothes upstairs. The mirror
showed my wounded back. No more bathing suits for me. The scars
looked like they would permanent.

Tommy picked me up and took me to Carl’s poker party.
There were two couples there. Tommy, me, Carl and Toni. Toni is
older than me, but not as good looking. Her breasts are not as
large either. As the poker game progressed, I caught Carl
staring at me. I am a poor player and pretty soon I was down to
my panties and bra. When I lost my bra, Carl asked to climb onto
the table and crawl around so each player could see me. When I
lost my panties, he had me spread my pussy for everyone to see
and to squat in front of each player.
After that, I had to kiss the winner of each hand, allowing
him or her to fondle my privates, suck the winner’s penis. or
Finally, when the game was over, I had to sign chits. I was
the only naked one, and I had signed chits for everyone.
(What do I do now?)
Carl took me downstairs and put me on rack. I was in pain
because my legs were forced back past my head. The three of them
fondled my open pussy. I cried out. I wasn’t going to cry, but
the pain was severe . They fondled me again. Their hands and
fingers were right in front of my face. They fondled my pussy
and then my face and lips. Carl asked me to open my mouth, and
he fondled my tongue, lips and cheeks.

Carl told me to kiss myself. I was very uncomfortable,
when Carl parted my pussy hair, but I kissed myself and sucked
myself. I experienced a rare feeling. I was exciting myself
without using my fingers. They allowed me to suck until I come.
I was excited and truthfully, enjoying myself.
Everyone was watching me. They all felt my pussy while I
was sucking myself. Carl bent down and sucked my pussy along
with me. We kissed and sucked, and even did both at once.
Finally, I screamed with pleasure. I kissed my asshole, and
sucked it for them.
Finally they relax the rack’s pressure and it felt
wonderful! They told me to kiss myself again, which I didn’t
mind at all. I sucked my own clit while Carl or Tommy, or Toni
licked or sucked on my pussy. I came several times. They
watched me enjoy my pussy, and I enjoyed having them see and
touch me.

I was dissapointed when they freed me.
The next thing they did was put me on a machine with
projections that were shoved into my pussy and asshole. A breast
plate is put over my chest. When the machine was turned on, I
felt motion in my pussy, not really painful, more stimulating,
really. The rubbing of the plate on my breasts excited me
After a short time, I come from the rubbing. when I was
really breathing hard, Carl walked over and kissed me. I
returned the kiss hard, because of my lust.

Again, I was dissappointed when they turned it off. But
just the look of the last machine excited me! It had all kinds of
tubes extending from it. Carl inserted two tubes into my pussy,
and one into my asshole. There was some pain and discomfort
while he slowly pushed them in.
I had to take a large metalic thing into my mouth. It was
strapped onto my head, over my face.
Carl started the machine. WOW!!. Fluids were pumped
everwhere. I needed to urinate, but I didn’t. I need to shit,
but I didn’t. A tube slid down my throat, and I gagged for a
moment. Then I felt my stomach swell up and then contract.
The overall effect was really rather pleasant. Very strange
but really kind of pleasant. Later I learned that all of the
machines had been set for minimum discomfort. When they finally
released me, I still owed them all lots more chits.
After they let me rest for a while, we went into the family
room, and I was asked to make love with each, while the others
watched. I suppose I blushed, but I didn’t really mind by then.
The night was somehohow special for me by now.
I started with Carl. We kissed, and I undressed him. Then,
I mastrabated him until he was ready. Finally, I sucked him to
climax, and then sucked him some more, until he was ready again.
Then, I sat on his lap and guide his penis into my pussy.
I moved up and down on him until he came into me… all hot
and gushing, then I moved over and went to work on Tommy, where I
repeat the action.
When I approached Toni, I hesitated, but her smile and open
arms invited me in. We kissed and then I undressed her. She had
marvelous small breasts. I kissed them and sucked her nipples
until they were hard.

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