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In the summer of 1946 I was working at a music store in

Milwaukee where I had graduated from high school in ’41. I’d

reestablished contact with two old friends from school days, Lloyd

and Janice F., who had got married about a year ater graduation. We

got together quite regularly after I came back to town and went pub

crawling; sometimes I would bring a date along but often as not just

the three of us would go out on the town. I thought I knew them

pretty well, but one night I got to know them much better than

before to my surprise and delight.


  The F,s picked me up at the rooming house I was living at at about

8:30 one evening. Lloyd had mentioned when we set up the date that he

and Janice wanted to take me to the north side of town to see an

interesting act at one of the localclubs. When I asked what it was

all about he said, “You’ll see; I think you’ll like it.” I didn’t

pursue the matter, figuring he had something up his sleeve and I’d find

out what in due time.

  The act was introduced as “Miss Crimson Love” and was a

statuesque brunette who went into a strip routine. Beautiful

face and a most voluptuous body. Lloyd and I were thoroughly turned

on and the odd thing, I noticed, was that so was Janice! We’d had

several drinks before the show but that gleam in her eyes was not

all booze; no question about that. The dancer got down to bra and

crotch patch (she was well endowed in the titty department) and, with

a flourish on the drums and a cymbal crash, finished with a bow all

around. Then she dramatically swept off the wig she was wearing and

announced, in a deep baritone: “SURPRISE!” “She” was, of course, a


  I’d never seen a female impersonator before and was really

amazed at how completely I’d been fooled. Lloyd and Janice were

grinning at my naivete but I was positive that they’d both got a

kick out of the act. We had another drink and left the club. When we

were in the car Janice said, “I feel like doing some more drinking.

Why don’t we all go to our place? We’ve got plenty of booze.” I had

a hunch that something was afoot here; just a feeling that this might

turn out to be an even more interesting night. “Good idea”, I agreed.

  When we got settled in the living room Lloyd went to the

kitchen and came back with glasses, an ice bucket and an almost full

quart of bourbon. We all had several stiff ones on the rocks

discussing the performance.

  Finally Lloyd looked at Janice and said, “Well, let’s liven up the

party Shall I get the cards, Jan?” She gave us both a big smile and

nodded; Lloyd got a bridge deck out of a drawer in the end table. “We

play strip blackjack; it’s faster than poker,” he announced. “No sense

wasting time,” was Janice’s comment; “Go ahead and deal, Lloyd”.

I suddenly got a very warm feeling at the pit of my stomach. I’d

thought before, from time to time, that the F.s were dropping hints

about having sex lives of more than conventional interest; it looked

now as if my hunch was right and that they wanted me to join in the

fun. I was more than ready! The warm feeling spread to my groin as we

picked up our cards. “One thing,” Lloyd told me; “we have the rule

that when the first one gets bare-assed the others get bare-assed

too. Then we change the stakes. I’ll tell you how then.” He looked at

Janice.”But Jan only strips to garter belt and stockings. She looks

great that way. OK” I nodded in eager assent; I was a garter belt and

hosiery freak from way back. We began playing.

  Within about 15 minutes Lloyd lost the final hand and pulled

off his last item of clothing which was, of course, his shorts. I was

down to pants and shorts and Janice had lost everything but bra,

panties and, to be sure, her garter belt and hose. She and I wasted no

time in stripping off what remained.


  “Let’s have another drink around before we go on with the

game” Janice said, and Lloyd poured out three on the rocks. They

looked to me like triples! Well, I thought, let’s get good and

loaded. We sat back and drank, Lloyd and Janice on the couch and me in

an easy chair. We all took a good look at each other; I sure liked

what I saw and it was obvious they did too.

  Janice was a tall gal, slender but beautifully put together

with fine firm tits, shapely long legs and a neat looking little bush

of pussy hair. I could just see the hood of her clitoris peeking out

from the top of her slit. I’d seen her in her swim suit many times

and had drooled over the marvelous curve of her ass. But, of

course, she was “Lloyd’s girl” and I’d never made a pass at her. Now

here she was, in nothing but garter belt and stockings, giving my

stiff cock the eye as she drank. Wow! I was so horny my hand trembled

as I raised the bourbon to my mouth. I shifted my gaze to Lloyd.

  He was about five feet nine or so (Janice was the same height)

and had a body that was the product of many hours spent with the

barbells. He’d been a state champion in his weight class when he was

in high school. Right now his rather thick 7 inches of circumcised

cock was in full erection and I saw that he had a larger than average

set of balls, really a big sack. Neither of us had seen each other

naked before; he was giving me a good once-over, too. Janice, I

noted, was dividing her attention between Lloyd’s prick and mine; she

was obviously getting hornier by the minute and began almost absent-

mindedly playing with one of her nipples.

  At this time of my life (I was 21) I was built fairly well. I

weighed about 160, was five feet eleven and rather athletic looking,

though I was never a jock. My cock, now standing up stiff and strong,

was about the same length as Lloyd’s, but was not as thick and so

looked a bit longer than it really was. I was not circumcised and both

the F.s seemed to get a bang out of that; only half an inch or so of

glans peeked out from under the foreskin.

  “How do you like that cock, Jan?” asked Lloyd. “Ain’t it a nice

one?” He took a pull at his booze. Janice nodded and smiled at us;

“Makes my pussy wet just to look at it” she said. Lloyd finished

his drink and said, “Drink up kiddies; the game goes on!” We downed

the last of the bourbon; I was getting pretty loaded and so, I

could see were the F.s. Lloyd picked up the deck of cards and

explained: “Now we just cut the deck; high card gets the action and the

action is licks and sucks! OK? Here we go.”

  That announcement took my breath away for a few seconds; this

was going to be a real, no-holds-barred party! My pecker

throbbed in anticipation as we made our first cuts. Lloyd got the high

card. He looked at me, then at Janice.

  “Be sure to dig this action good, Jan.” Then, to me: “She gets

horny as hell watchin guys suck dick.” He knelt between my legs,

grasped my cock and went to work; Janice took it all in with an avid

expression on her face. Lloyd gave me about a thirty second workout

and then got up, went over to Jan whose legs spread wide as he knelt

between them. He buried his tongue in her cunt as she held his head

down with one hand and played with one of her tits with the other. I

found myself slowly stroking my own cock. Lloyd had got me going all

right. About a minute or so of this had Janice making little grunting

sounds of pleasure. Lloyd got up then, picked up the deck and handed

it to me, saying:”Cut the cards! The game goes on.”

  Janice got the action the next time and she gave both Lloyd

and me some really expert cocksucking. My turn soon came and I found

that I really enjoyed using my mouth on both Lloyd and Janice. We were

all three reaching a terrific state of horniness with all this sucking

and licking; finally Lloyd lifted Janice’s head (or was it mine? I

don’t recall) up from his prick and said:”Hold it! Getting too

close to blowing my balls! Let’s have another drink and cool off for a


  We settled back and he mixed up another trio of whoppers on

ice and handed them around. “OK”, Janice announced, “down the hatch

and then we go into the bedroom! I’m ready for two cocks at once!”

“I’ll drink to that” was Lloyd’s rejoinder and I nodded eager

agreement. We gulped the booze and trooped into the bedroom. Janice

turned on the light: “I like to see everything we do. Hornier that

way.” She lay down in the middle of the king-sized bed and turned on

her right side, facing me, while Lloyd tucked himself tight against her

back on the other side of the bed. She grinned and crooked her finger

at me; I stretched out next to her, face to face with her. He lifted

her left leg and slid his cock into her pussy while she pulled my head

tightly to hers and began flicking her tongue inand out of my mouth

while her left hand began slowly pumping my stiff prick. After a bit

she took my right hand and guided it between her legs;I could feel

Lloyd’s cock thrusting in and out of her wet cunt. “Can you feel us

fucking?” she asked; ” do you feel his cock going in up to his

balls? Doesn’t it feel good?”


  I could hardly talk so I nodded andwent back to trading tongues

with her. She released my dick and reaching around my hips slipped

her finger into the cleft of my ass and began probing insistently at

my asshole. Then I could feel my cock being pumped again. It was

Lloyd’s hand now!

  “Stick your tongue out as far as you can; I want to suck it!”

Janice hissed. “Does it feel good when I finger-fuck you in the ass?”

  “I love it! Do it faster!” was my breathy answer and I gave

her as much tongue as I could; she nipped up and down on it with

pursed lips. Her pussy moved faster now, in perfect time with Lloyd’s


  We were in silent motion for a few minutes then. Finally

Janice released my tongue and said:”Now the other way around; you fuck

me and play with Lloyd’s cock.” She turned around on her left side

facing Lloyd; I slipped my cock into her doggy style and she took my

hand and placed it on Lloyd’s stiff pecker. “Fuck me slow and deep”

she told me. “Go in to your balls!” I began doing just that, fondling

Lloyd’s balls and slowly pumping his cock which was slick with

Janice’s juices. My own balls were beginning to show the first signs

of getting ready to produce their load of semen but I knew I could go

on for some time yet. I wanted to; I wanted this to last.I hoped we

could all cum together; it could be done if we timed it right. I could

feel Lloyd’s hand on Jan’s pussy; his fingers were spread and my

dick slid between them as I fucked her.

  “Keep fucking, L..” she said, “and Lloyd, suck my tits now. Suck

’em good!” He complied instantly and I kept up my slow rhythm, all the

way in and almost all the way out, leaving just the head of my cock

between her pussy lips. Then in again to the balls, then out

again. Slowly but steadily. “Oh Jeez, that’s good, that’s it, keep

it up… fuck me!” Janice’s cunt was slippery with her juices; I had

to be careful not to let my pecker slide out of her what with all the

lubrication. At the same time I continued to stroke and slowly pump

Lloyd’s cock which remained big and hard in my grasp. I could feel

his fingers gently grasp and press my balls as my dick sank into Jan’s

wet cunt.


  Finally Janice moved her hips forward just as I pulled back

and my dick came free. She lifted Lloyd’s head from her tits and sat

up; Lloyd and I did the same. She was breathing fast and shallow now,

almost panting. She licked her lips and said: “Now I want to take both

of your cocks at the same time. I want you both to go off in me.

Lloyd, fuck me while I suck L.. off. And give me all your cum, both of

you! I love it in my pussy and my mouth at the same time!”

  She looked at me; “Do you know I just came two times with

Lloyd fucking me and three times with you fucking me?” I shook my

head, amazed. “Sure,” said Lloyd; “she goes off lots of times in a few

minutes. Hottest cunt I ever knew.” Janice nodded and said ” Lie on

your back, L…” I did and she was on her knees over my stiff

prick in an instant. Lloyd immediately mounted her from behind as

she grasped my cock and began to lick and suck it.

  “Tell us if you’re close to blowing your balls” said Lloyd

as he pumped hiscock into Janice; “she likes to have us shoot

our loads together.” “OK”, I gasped; “not too long now!” He fucked

faster then and Janice was taking my cock’s full length between her

tight lips. I knew it was a matter of a minute or two before my

orgasm began.

  “I’m almost ready!” Lloyd exclaimed and I began pumping my hips

as Jan sucked me; faster and faster. “I’m cumming!” I almost shouted;

I could feel the juice begin its powerful surge. Janice’s finger had

been up my ass since she started sucking me; now it moved in and out

with real speed, increasing my sensation enormously. She humped her

hips backwards faster, meeting Floy’d fucking cock’s every stroke.

Her lips never left my prick as I literally fucked her mouth.

  Then the orgasm gripped me; I could feel my balls contract and

shoot great spurts of cum up through my cock and into Janice’s

eagerly sucking mouth. Again and again it came! Lloyd grunted and

said” Take it Jan! I’m shooting my load, baby! Here it is; take it

all!” He rammed his pecker in and out of Janice like a trip hammer.

With a few final thrusts he released the last of his cum deep into her

cunt and I could feel my spasms come to a shuddering end. Still Janice

didn’t release my cock for almost a minute.

  Finally Lloyd slipped out of her and I did the same; the three

of us lay back on the bed, spent but glowing with the satisfaction

of a powerful orgasmic experience. Finally Janice sighed and said:

“God, but that was good! I came four times! But the best was when

you both shot offin me. Oh,I LOVE it!” To me: “You tasted so good!”

After a while we had some more drinks and then did it all over again

with Lloyd getting sucked and me doing the fucking. Janice was

as ready and responsive the second time as she was the first; she was

a truly amazing gal. This was the first experience of many I had

with the F.s over the course of the next 20 years or so and many of

them were far more exotic than that first one. But I remeber it

with great pleasure now; it helped me tremendously in resolving my

essential bisexuality which had been a troubling thing since it

first became apparent to me in 1942. But that’s material for another

story at another time.

  Sad to say, the F.s have been divorced now for some 15 years and

we’ve lost touch with Janice but I still see Lloyd every now and

then and he still manages to find gals who get turned on by two guys!

  Believe me, you can’t beat friends like that!

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