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Finally landing the Teacher I always wanted


*This is my very first story. I have never posted anything before but decided it was about time I did. I apologize in advance for my errors in grammar and spelling. I have tried very hard to correct them, but this is not my first language. I hope you enjoy this story. It is based in on true events. Obviously, names have been changed to protect the guilty 🙂

I am a third generation Japanese Canadian. I come from a more or less typical family. I have an older brother and a younger sister. Being in the middle actually is actually not that big a problem for me. My parents are really good people and have been an inspiration to me in many things. I was raised Roman Catholic so of course went to Catholic schools all my life.

I once had a crazy dream of wanting to attend Notre Dame in the States but that didn’t happen. It was too far away for my family and to be honest I really didn’t want to leave Canada. I did get to see the Campus there though and would have enjoyed it I think. I have since graduated from College and work in medicine now.

I am 5’3” tall, 105lbs and I have long black hair. I am slender measuring 32b-22-30. I have brown eyes. No tattoos or piercings, other than my ears. I have loved swimming all my life. I still swim everyday.

I studied violin all the way through elementary school and high school. I also was active in gymnastics. To my mothers dismay I didn’t really take to figure skating but instead wanted to play hockey. I was always the smallest girl on the team and eventually found myself playing goal. I am still good at that and have excellent reflexes and enjoy playing. I still play for fun to this day. My father enrolled me in martial arts when I was five. In school I always did my best and enjoyed high school for the most part.

One of my favourite teachers was Mr. Redman. He was my science teacher three times. He was my home room teacher the very first day. Like any Grade 9 student my first day was hell pretty much. I didn’t know anybody and everyone seemed to be in such a rush. The place seemed huge to me and kind of cold. I was excited to be there but was also nervous with all the typical self doubts.

As the school collectively began the walk to the church for opening Mass I looked around at all these people and felt daunted by it and was focused on my doubts when a shadow fell over me. I looked up and Mr. Redman was staring down at me. He smiled at me and said “First days always suck.” I just laughed. He said “Dont worry so much, its written all over your face. I have two secrets for you. First, all these kids are just as nervous as you and probably wondering about things just like you. Second, even teachers get nervous on the first day of school.” I smiled and said “You don’t look nervous.” He chuckled and said “I am, its my first day teaching.” he smiled and then moved off to go deal with some guys who were horsing around. I watched him go and that was when I decided I liked him.

During that semester in his class I spent a lot of time watching him. He was funny, very popular with all of us, and he was a really good teacher. I think being new made him really enthusiastic and we were all caught up in it. I did extremely well in his class. He was right about other things too. I made friends, had fun and got involved in all sorts of things such as sports and some club activities. Even at that age I noticed he was not married. Of course, all the girls had crushes on him. Smart, good looking, funny as hell and genuine.

I lucked out due to scheduling issues and class volumes, and in grade ten ended up having Mr Redman as my teacher again in second semester. He had not changed at all and I was so happy to have him as a teacher again. He was my favourite teacher that year and I admit I had a silly crush on him. I don’t know if he realized it or not, nothing he ever did indicated it. Of course he was friendly and did a great job as a teacher, but nothing beyond that.

In Grade 11 I didn’t have him as my science teacher, but of course always said hi when I saw him and he would stop and ask me how things were when he had time. I just liked him more and more. I choose to do summer school classes during each summer in order to ensure I had every opportunity to boost my marks and up my credit count. I was on the honour roll and I admit, total geek, loved school. I had friends in every clique in the school and basically seemed to know everyone.

During that summer I was lucky enough to have Mr. Redman as my teacher for Biology. During the summer we don’t wear uniforms and don’t even use our regular high school. Students attending from all over the board went to one highschool for it and they always used a centrally located one. I was the exception in many ways. Few people attended voluntarily, most were trying to make up for a course they got burned in. It was funny how many people from my own school would come to me for help and I enjoyed it. If I could help someone I did.

Mr. Redman noticed this and started a peer tutoring sort of program. He paired up stronger students with those who were struggling. About a week before summer school ended Mr. Redman asked me to see him after class. It was weird because he served tea and asked me all about my plans for after graduation. He was particularly interested in if I had decided to become a teacher perhaps. I told him that I hoped to get into the medical field and he was happy about that too. We talked for about a half an hour. At no time did he try anything, he was just really cool to chat with and never did anything that made me feel uncomfortable. He had left the door open and just seemed interested. He told me I was an excellent student and how proud he was of all my hard work. I left there on cloud nine. I still had the crush on him and he was proud of me. I was so happy and distracted that I did the ultra cool move of walking into a pillar. I’m so glad no one saw that.

In Grade 12 I took two advanced science class and was lucky enough to get him in second semester for Chemistry. It was my final semester of high school. I worked my butt off to be honest. I knew I had a good shot at three really good universities and didn’t want to screw it up. I got my letters of acceptance and that is when it hit me that high school for me was basically over. I remember looking at Mr Redman while he was teaching and thinking I would probably never see him again. It was actually upsetting to me and hurt. As we came closer to final exams I focused hard on that, but every time I would see Mr. Redman I felt loss.

As the last day of classes approached I had decided to say something to him, anything, to let him know how much he meant and how grateful I was for everything he had done for me. I knew he liked tea and often has a cup on the go in class. So, I went and bought him a tea set that I thought he would appreciate and carefully wrapped it. I figured if I chickened out I would just hand him the gift and make a break for the door. Basically I was really nervous.

That last day I walked into class and everyone was wired. It was the last day before exams. Some people were panicking looking for anything his final review might do to help them. I was panicking for my own reasons. I had never acted like this. I should point out I had been a dates but was by no means some sort of secretly skilled seductress. I didn’t even know what I wanted from him. I had some pretty wild ideas, like I would give this to him, he would confess his love sweep me off my feet and carry me off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Pretty ludicrous stuff.

When class ended I hung back a bit and waited. Mr Redman said his farewells to some and was wishing everyone luck. I just waited until the room emptied. Mr. Redman just smiled as I walked up to him. He told me he would miss having me in class and wished me luck in University. I could not even look him in the face. I just pulled the gift out of my bag and handed it to him. I was so nervous I even bowed slightly as I gave it to him. He said that the gift was not necessary and asked if he could open it. I mumbled something eloquent like “Um sure.” and he unwrapped it. I had to look up to see his face and did so as he saw what it was. He got a huge beaming smile and asked how the hell I knew he collected tea sets. I stammered out that he is always drinking tea and I thought a new set for him was a good idea. He smiled at me and said it was lovely and extremely kind of me. We stared at each other and I saw his eye brow move slightly. It was like he just realized how I was staring at him. I quickly spoke really fast saying how great a teacher he was and how much I admired him and loved having him as a teacher and how he was the kindest teacher ever and just rambled on like I was an auctioneer on crack. When i finally stooped speaking i looked back at the floor. I was screaming at myself inside about being a dork, a moron, an idiot, how stupid I look.

Then he put his hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him and he was smiling and said “Sachiko you deserve every good thing this world has to offer. You have been a joy to teach and I will miss you.” He gave me a hug and it was just a friendly hug, like a brotherly one. I know I took a really deep breath and exhaled. He let me go and was still smiling and said he had a staff meeting to attend about exams, he was sorry to hurry this along but he had to go. I managed a smile and picked up my bag and walked toward the door. I turned back and he was staring at the tea set. I said “You were right about everything.” He looked at me and raised an eye brow. I said “The first day we met you told me not to worry. You were right. These last four years have been amazing.” I turned and walked out.

I left feeling like we were never going to see each other again. I graduated and Mr Redman was not there. He had gone on a teaching exchange to some place in Australia for a year. I was sad but moved on. I admit that I often looked back and thought of him whenever I walked into a lab. He was sort of my science happy place.

Two years later I went out with friends. It was a typical Friday night. We had dressed to kill because we planned to go to a good club after having dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant. University was going really well and I was happy. I was single at the time and hoped I might meet someone. I had my hair and nails done and was wearing black cocktail dress, nylons and heels. It was nice to get out of jeans and track pants for a change.

We had dinner and went to a really nice wine bar before planning on heading to a club. We all walked in and found a really nice seating area. I had a wine in my hand and decided to go for a tour and check the place out. It was really nice. The main floor was all wood and so beautiful. The lighting and varying ceiling heights made seating areas seem so intimate and warm. I went up to the second floor and there was a piano player and that area kept the lighting and other themes from the main floor. The bar up there was not straight, but had what looked like a wave motion as it curved around beautifully. As I walked slowly along looking at the art work they had chosen I glanced over and my heart stopped dead.

Mr. Redman was sitting at the bar talking on a cell phone. He looked kind of perplexed as he spoke. I wanted to rush right over but decided to wait until he was off the phone. I stood there and saw that he was drinking a red wine. I walked over to the farthest part of the bar away and asked the bartender what he was drinking. The bartender to me it was a Yellow Label shiraz. I asked him to get me two and he did so.

I waited nervously and when Mr. Redman hung up and placed his cell phone in his blazer pocket I saw he looked sad, almost hurt. I thought to myself “okay, your not his student anymore, your old enough to be here, go talk to him.” I also noticed he looked amazing in his blazer and that he really dresses well.

I approached him and he seemed oblivious. I reached out with my right hand and set the wine in front of him. I said “Well someone looks like he is not having a good evening.” He didn’t look at me but started to say as he was turning slowly “Thats really very kind of you but I’m…” and he just froze when he saw me. I started to laugh and said “Well gee Mr. Redman its good to see you too. I’ve been well, how are you?” He smiled and started laughing. We gave each other a hug and he was a sea of questions about University, my life away, and just seemed so happy to see me that I know I was beaming. I asked him about Australia and he told me all about his experiences, including a nasty one about a spider bite that he was hospitalized for. He looked me over and said “Wow, you look amazing.” I complimented him as well and we just sort of stared until we both laughed a bit. I said “Um, I just really wanted to say hi and talk to you. If you have someone coming I can go.” He looked kind of upset and said “Well, I was supposed to be meeting someone, a lady from work, but she decided to wait until I was here to call and say she wasn’t coming.” I asked if she said why and he replied “Apparently she feels its too soon after her breakup to be hanging out with me.”

I was about to say something when one of my girlfriends came up and said “Sachiko, where have you been? We were worried.” She was laughing and staring at Mr. Redman smiling. I said “Oh sorry, this is… “ and I started to laugh I had never called him by his first name, even though I knew it. She figured I had forgotten his name and said “She really is smarter than that usually… I’m Christine and you are?” as she was holding out her hand. He shook it and said “Peter… Peter Redman.” I watched as they shook hands and she smiled at him and at me. “So are you joining us this evening?” I just smiled at Peter and said “Could you excuse us for a moment”

I took Christine aside and said “I’m staying here with him.” She started to protest and I said “I have never ever bailed for a man or any other reason. I need you to let me do this. Please Christine don’t be mad or hate me for this.” She smiled and said “Your right, okay. I’ll let the others know. Do you know this guy?” I just smiled and said “I have trusted him for years.” She hugged me and wished me luck and left. To be honest she also said he was hot, had killer eyes, and was sexy with nice hands.

I took a deep breath and turned around and started walking back. Some woman was talking to him and laughing and touching his arm. I stopped for a second and then started walking again toward them. I didn’t care who she was I was not going to walk away this time. When I reached them I swear I saw relief in his eyes and he said “Everything okay?” as he drew me in and put his arm around me, standing next to me. I smiled up at him and said “Couldn’t be better” and turned to her and said “I don’t think we have met. I’m Sachiko.” She just stared at me with “Bitch” written all over her forehead and made her goodbyes and walked away. I looked up at him and he turned to face the bar with me. “Sorry, she came over as soon as you walked away and that was so uncomfortable. I apologize.” I laughed and said “I can’t fault her for her taste in men.” He looked down at me smiled and started laughing and rubbed my back as we sat on our stools.

We spent the next couple of hours just talking. We learned a lot about each other and the more I learned the more I liked him. At my suggestion we moved to a couch seating area that was more intimate and had a nice view of the outside. We sat down and kept chatting.

It was so easy and we were laughing a lot and just really enjoying ourselves. I had made the transition to thinking of him as Peter and he seemed very happy. He was talking about a trip he took to Banff National Park and was so into it, and happy. It sounded so beautiful and romantic that I took his hand and leaned toward him. I couldn’t help it, I leaned in toward him and I saw it. The sudden deer in the headlights panic in his eyes. I stopped and said “Are you okay?” He didn’t move away, just stared at me. He cleared his throat and looked down at the couch. I didn’t want this to stop.

I put my other hand on the side of his face and said “Peter, I have known you a long time, but I’m not your student anymore. I’m finishing second year and I know what your thinking. Please… I have always… always wanted to kiss you… I know what I’m doing…” He looked up at me and was looking me in the eyes. I said “I don’t know if you want to kiss me but I swear..” and that was all I got out. He put both his hands on the side of my head and drew me in and kissed me.

It was so soft, and so gentle and so sweet and so everything I had ever imagined and hoped for. Nothing and I mean nothing else existed for me at that moment. All I can say is it felt as if I had never been kissed before. It gradually became more passionate and soon our tongues began to dance. All I could feel was him. I could smell his cologne, feel his skin and hair and taste his sweet breath and nothing else mattered. When it ended I don’t know who drew back first. I just sat there and slowly opened my eyes.

He was staring at me with genuine caring in those beautiful green eyes and all I could think was “Perfect”. I smiled at him and caressed his face and held his hands with both of mine. He shook his head and said “Wow” as a smile grew across his face and he hugged me. I turned toward his ear and kissed it and said “Thank you” and held him tight. I felt his shoulders shaking and he was actually starting to laugh. I sat back looking at him and he said “Thank you? Oh my God Sachiko.” he was smiling and squeezing my hands and continued “That kiss… oh my God” and he kissed me again. It was just as magical and I felt my heart melt.

I was so happy, so content, so absolutely taken with him. We moved apart again and he looked around and then back at me and said “Your simply amazing, but I don’t want to…” and he trailed off looking at me. I said “You don’t want to what?” feeling a knot growing in my chest. “I don’t want to make out with you in a bar.” I relaxed and realized it made sense and was not really my thing either.

He ran his hand through my hair and said “I would change nothing about that first kiss, but I’m not comfortable here doing this with you.” I smiled and leaned my head on him for a moment trying to get some composure… I had an idea where this was headed but never dared hoped. “Where would you feel more comfortable?” He smiled and said “I’m nervous and I don’t want you to think I’m after anything beyond what we have already done, but would you consider coming to my place with me?” I just smiled and said “I can’t think of anywhere I want to be more.”

We left the bar walking hand in hand. I leaned my head against his upper arm as we walked. We didn’t say much as we walked and we got to his car. He unlocked my door and held it open for me and I was just smiling. I could not stop smiling. I kissed his lips lightly and got into the car. He came around but I noticed he stopped at the back of the car. I looked back. He was standing there talking to himself. I smiled because I thought “I’m not the only one trying to hold it together”. He came up and got in the car.

He started it and looked over at me and I was smiling back at him. I couldn’t stop myself and said “For a biology teacher you seem really nervous.” with laughter in my voice. He started laughing and said “First day nerves” laughing with me. I smiled and said “Don’t first days usually suck?” and he almost choked. Must have been the way I said “suck”. He looked over at me and said “Your bad” laughing. I just smiled and squeezed his hand. He started driving and I let my hand rest on his thigh. We kissed at every red light. I don’t recall ever hoping for red lights before.

When we pulled up to his building I reached for the door handle and he smiled and said “Could you wait a moment.” He got out and came around the car and opened the door for me. He helped me out of his car and closed the door. Holding my hand we walked through the parking to the elevator. When we got in he turned me to face him and kissed me again. We kept kissing until the bell for his floor sounded. He held my hand and walked him to his door and unlocked it and held it open for me.

All I could say at the time was wow. His condo was tastefully furnished and so immaculate in appearance. He walked in and took my hand and lead me to the couch and seated me there. He then went to get us some more wine and put the stereo on. I sat there looking around thinking how amazing his place was. His furniture was all dark brown leather, really nice pieces. It was obvious to me he liked the influence of Tuscany in his decor.

When Peter came back to the couch and handed me my wine we sat and began chatting again. The main topic was family. He clearly loved his parents and his sister and spoke of them with great affection and respect. I admired his clear feelings for them.

I told him about my family and he was fascinated by our traditions and close support of each other. He was well aware of the pressure placed on Japanese children by their parents to succeed in school and many other areas. We were quiet for a time. At this point I had curled my feet up under me and he had his arm around my shoulder as I leaned against him. I didn’t mind the quiet. I was trying to determine what I expected from tonight and what happens tomorrow.

As if he was reading my mind he said “Sachiko… I don’t know how to say this… I don’t want to offend you or in anyway… is it possible that maybe we could go out again tomorrow?” I turned to him smiling and moved up to kiss his lips and said “I can’t imagine anything that would make me say no.” We then began kissing again and it became very passionate. He lifted me on top of him placing me on his lap.

We kept kissing and my hands were touching his face, hair, arms, chest, back… wrapping around him and just feeling this man I had been crushing on in school but was crazy about now. Peter let his hands wander over me, but never onto my breasts. When he began touching my neck under my hair line with his finger tips that was it for me. Its my weak spot.

I turned on him, straddling his legs and facing him still kissing him. My dress rode up onto my ass and I didn’t even notice. I kept kissing and only realized it when I felt his hand slide down my back onto my ass. His fingers touched bare flesh, exposed by my thong, and he froze. I moaned into his mouth not wanting him to stop. He let his hand slide down and cup my ass. Grinding on him I could feel his full erection. He pulled me hard against him and lowered his mouth to my neck and bit it lightly. I held his head there and moaned again as he kissed and licked my neck, his hand squeezing my ass and caressing it. His other hand slid down and began caressing my ass as well. I leaned back and pushed my lips to his again. My whole body was on fire and I was kissing him as hotly as he returned it. He cupped my ass firmly and seemingly without effort he stood up and I wrapped my legs around him never breaking our kiss.

He turned around and laid me down on the couch gently, kneeling between my spread legs, setting me near the edge. He broke our kiss and pulled back looking at me. He caressed my face and said “We don’t have to do this.” I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him toward me until we were eye to eye and said “Peter, I want this, more than anything.” He kissed me hotly again and when he broke the kiss gently pushed me back so I was resting my shoulders and head against the back of the couch.

He slid his hands down my body, cupping my breasts and kissing my neck. He kissed his way down my body, kissing and licking my cleavage as he moved down, kissing my stomach through my dress. When he moved back a bit he looked up at me. I was so on fire and wanted him to keep going. I spread my legs further and lifted them up setting one foot far to the left, the other leg I curled around his back pulling him down. He kissed and caressed my thighs and pulled my thong aside. His lips made contact with my pussy first. I swear I almost came right there. He cupped my ass in his hands and lifted it slightly as he started licking and probing. His tongue pure magic as he flicked it along my lips, drove it inside then would pull back to lick at my clit. I came fast and hard, arching my back off the couch and falling to the side, crying out in pleasure. He kept kissing and licking me gently taking me through three very fast and hard orgasms. I laid there looking at him and he kissed my thigh again and sat up gathering me into his arms. I kissed him and held him and almost cried. This was more than I ever dreamed of. He picked me up in his arms and carried me to his bedroom. I was kissing his neck as he carried me and was the happiest I had ever been with a man. I had no idea how much better it would get.

When we entered the bedroom he gently laid me down on the bed and kissed me and said he would be right back. Funny, but I remember thinking how awesome his mattress was. I sat up and undid my dress clasp and unzipped it and slid it off. I set it on the armchair in the corner and looked at myself in the mirror. I was still wearing my bra, thong and stockings. I hoped he would want to take them off. I jumped back onto the bed and laid back. I was watching the door when he walked back in. He was carrying the wine and our glasses and a tray of fruit and cheese. I smiled and thought how amazing he was. An uncomfortable thought entered me mind. I wonder if that woman he was supposed to meet was supposed to come back here tonight. He set down the tray and the wine and poured me another glass. When he handed it to me he looked at my eyes and sat down next to me on the bed.

He touched my hair and said “Whats wrong?” I didn’t want to lie but I also didn’t want to sound like a stupid paranoid silly woman. If he had hoped to bring her back here that was his business and before I came along. On the other hand I needed to know… I don’t know why. I just knew that in asking I was stupid and could ruin a great night. Not like I had any special claim or even a right to question him about it. Seriously, he had a life before I came along. It was very silly of me.

I looked down and was shamed to even ask. He turned my head up toward him holding my chin “Did I do something wrong… please… whatever it is tell me.” I looked at him and I know I had tears forming. He set down his wine and said “Woah woah woah, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Oh my God I’m so sorry… I thought this was okay… I should have asked… please don’t cry.” I looked at his eyes and he looked as upset as I was. He was genuinely shaken by what he thought was a bad thing on his part. I said “I’m being stupid… and I have no right to ask this… but that lady from work you were supposed to meet tonight… would she have had this wine and this food brought to her here tonight?” He looked shocked for a second and said “What are you thinking?” I said “I’m being stupid… I’m sorry… you just run into me and I’m being a bitch about a woman who I don’t know and have no right to ask about.” He stared at me for a moment and got up and walked to the window. I sat up thinking I have really fucked this up. But what could I say? I had already been an idiot. Kind of hard to pull that foot out when he had been nothing but gracious and charming and caring to me. What the hell was I thinking… that he owed me a ring? Peter turned around and looked at me. I felt about 2cm tall. He sighed and walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

He took my hand in both of his and said “Sachiko, all I can tell you is that she is history. Yes I bought all this in preparation in case things went well with her and we came back here. I never imagined in a million years I was going to run into you tonight. I can’t claim any special preparation for you being here. I never imagined before that I would ever, ever, have you in my bedroom. All I can say is this… I am so happy you are here and that we ran into each other. I don’t know why God picked tonight to smile down on me. You are so damn gorgeous and sweet and to be honest everything I could ever want. I’m not mad at you for asking and I definitely don’t think your stupid. I can only tell you that the way I feel about you now is way stronger than I ever thought possible and that I’m sorry I made you cry.” I put my hand over his and said “I’m may not be stupid but that was immature. It’s not like you owe me anything, and I think I made myself cry to be honest.” he sat looking at me and said “What do you see with me?” I actually gulped I think. He raised his eyebrows and said “This is a conversation about us… you and me. I would like to know what your thinking.” I said “You are going to think I’m delusional or maybe slightly nuts.” He laughed and said “Insanity has its own appeal sometimes.” So I went on to explain that I had a crush on him all through highschool, that he was a huge influence on things that I did and my love of science. That I had wanted to kiss him or something that last day and that I had found him again and I was not going to just let go and walk away. I told him that tonight at some point I realized that crush was changed forever and I thought of him with deep and honest affection and wanted to find out if it could be more. I said a lot of things to him. I can’t remember it all, but that was the important stuff.

He smiled at me and said come here. He stood up with his hand out to me. I got up and he lead me into his office. He said “What do you think?” I stared at him thinking what does this have to do with anything. I looked around and saw it. There, sitting in the prominent spot in a cabinet was the tea set I had given him. The card was neatly laying next to it. I looked at him and walked over and looked closer at the cabinet. Everything else in there was trophy related, nothing from any students or from school. I looked back at him and said “You told me before you collect tea sets.” he said “I keep them in the kitchen. This one was special and touched my heart. So I keep it in here where I see it everyday.”

I turned to him and just stared. I walked over and hugged him fiercely. I held onto him and every doubt I had, every stupid foolish notion vanished. I looked up at Peter and he gathered me against him lifting me and kissed me tenderly. He set me down and said “You can ask me anything, and I will always answer you honestly. I want to keep seeing you Sachiko. I know, deep inside, what a kind and compassionate woman you are. It may be crazy but there it is.”

I took his hand and walked him back to the bedroom. I turned to face him and undressed him slowly. The entire time he smiled at me and caressed my head. Of course there was something I was curious about. When I slid down his boxer shorts and I saw his erect cock for the first time… lets just say it hit me in the forehead. I sat back and looked up at him and laughed and he said “Sorry, should have warned you.” I looked up at him as I knelt there, his erect beautiful cock so close to me and thought to myself there was no place else I wanted to be.

I reached up with my hand and gently began stroking it while looking into his eyes. They were full of warmth and building passion. I kept looking at him as I slowly moved forward and began licking it. I licked along his shaft, ran my tongue over the head and lifted it higher so I could lick his balls. He said “Oh my god this is unreal” I moved back to the tip and took him into my mouth. Dont laugh but when your a Catholic Girl you do work at certain things to please a guy without giving “It” up. I slid down his cock as far as I could and felt him hit my throat. He gasped and I thought I want this and I’m going to do it. I went as far as I could and forced him into my throat, my nose hit against his stomach and when I pulled back gasping he shook. I smiled at him and said “Oh my God” and went back after his cock. I wanted it, I was so hungry for it I could barely think. I just lost myself in the moment. Taking him into my throat over and over again. I heard him say “Careful I’m close” and I used my hand to tease his balls while my other hand gripped his thigh. I began working harder and he yelled out “Im going to cum, please…..” I didn’t stop but looked at his eyes and felt it. His big beautiful cock throbbed and started shooting into my mouth. I kept going and took it all in. I felt his thighs shake and eased off slightly. When he was finished I swallowed and pulled back looking up at him.

Peter stared down at me and had such a look of wonder and happiness and he leaned over and scooped me up and took me to the bed. He laid me back and dove between my thighs with a vengeance. I was in a daze of pleasure as he started eating me like a starving man, drawing out every gasp from me like it was a precious gem. I heard him telling me how fantastic I was, how sweet I tasted, and how he could do this all night. He ate me through three wonderful orgasms I can only describe as completely mind shattering. As he slowly made his way up onto the bed above me my thighs were shaking, my heart was racing, and my breasts were heaving with the deep breaths.

He was between my legs and leaning over me. He gently leaned down and began licking my nipples and biting them gently. I arched my back giving him easier access, offering them to him. My hands flew to his head as I held him there gently. One of his hands moved to my wet pussy and began gently caressing me. In no time I was over the top and launched into another powerful orgasm. I could not believe it. I could see nothing but his eyes and the whole world faded away. He held me, gently kissing and caressing me. He was smiling at me and I finally managed to speak and said “Oh Peter… oh my God Peter… that was so beyond words, so amazing” he smiled down at me and said “Then this will really rock your world” and he moved between my thighs. He was hard as rock. I felt it the second the tip of his gorgeous cock touched my wet lips. He slowly slid into me, deliberately and without stopping. Each time I gasped thinking he was done he would prove me wrong, driving further into me than anyone ever had. When his cock was almost all the way inside he made contact with my cervix. I just stared up at this wonderful and heaven sent man and kissed his lips.

He held himself there for a moment while I adjusted to his deep penetration. When he started moving in me I melted. I wrapped my legs around him and put my hands on his shoulders and he began a strong deep steady pace. I was crying out in ecstasy and he gradually increased speed. He was hitting places I never imagined and I was a writhing in pleasure. My orgasm hit like a tsunami and he never faltered. He kept increasing the pace and was hammering into me and then it happened, the deepest I had ever been penetrated. He went past my cervix and as I screamed he kept drilling into me. I was so full of his cock my head was spinning and the pain faded away replaced with nothing but pure raw animal feelings of need. I looked at him and saw the fire in his eyes. As I exploded in another orgasm he kept going for a few more moments and then pulled out. I was still trying to get my bearings as he flipped me over and pulled me onto my knees. He slid his lovely cock back into me and began thrusting again. One hand reaching around me to my clit, the other on my hip. He well and truly deeply fucked me that night. He just kept pounding me and I didn’t know how much more I could take. I had orgasmed so many times I was being held up by him. His strong thrusts never stopping, my body laying totally open to him.

He pulled me back and up against him. He was thrusting like a madman and I was crying out in pleasure or pain. I don’t know, both maybe. I felt his hand leave my hip and gently encircle my throat, holding me fast. He screamed out my name and he came, so deep inside me and buried himself past my cervix. He held me that way for about twenty seconds and then gently laid me back on the bed. I was laying on my stomach, facing him as he laid beside me. He caressed my hair out of my face and said “You are absolutely amazing.” I stared at him and said “But you did all the work, your the amazing one.” He just smiled and said “You inspire me, but if your feeling guilty I’m sure you can make it up to me later” and kissed my lips.

This was really one of the best nights of my life.

This was my first attempt at writing. I am sure I made many mistakes. Please let me know what you thought of this. I do have more to share. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this when this site is filled with so many wonderful authors.

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