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A young woman forced to marry a horrible man finds joy in her life.


*This is a work of pure fiction and a new story for me. Not part of any other series. I hope you like it. Sorry I was away for a couple of months and thank you to everyone who sent me PMs asking me to start writing again. I assure you there will be more All for Mr. Redman and Yukio’s Adventures.

English is not my first language but I am trying to improve!**

A Teacher’s Release

My name is Sugihara Seiko. Since moving to North America I have had to explain many times that my first name is Seiko. Sugihara is my married name, the name of my husband’s family. I come from a traditional family, one that has a long history.

My marriage to my husband’s family, which was not as esteemed as my own, was one of politics and business. My father was business partner’s with my husband and had urged me strongly to consider marriage into my husband’s very wealthy merchant family. I was not pleased by it. My husband was 20 years older than I was, a very controlling man, and he had a tendency toward perversion when it came to sex.

At age 24 I was married to him, having freshly graduated from University. I graduated from Todai, the University of Tokyo, generally regarded as Japan’s most prestigious University. It had been my intention to be a Sensei, a teacher, but my marriage to Hiro ruined that dream. I harboured much resentment to that, but did as my father had asked and married Hiro anyway.

My wedding day was not joyous to me, but I appeared as a happy bride and made sure that Hiro never sensed any of the resentment I had toward him. My wedding night was a nightmare and I discovered for the first time what my husband was like.

To help you understand, I was always considered a beautiful woman. I have long black hair, stand 5’6” tall, and weigh 115lbs. My measurements are 34C-22-33. My skin is flawless and silky smooth, with only a hint of tan to it. My eyes I have been told are mesmerizing. They are large and are amber coloured. This unique feature captures the attention of men almost as much as my body. I am very fit from regular work outs and swimming daily.

My husband was 5’4” tall, had a pudgy build, and an ugly face with a perpetual scowl on it. His eyes were too close together and the set of his brows made him look just what he was, cruel. Although only 44 years old he looked 54. He smoked constantly and drank far too much on a regular basis. His stocky legs, sagging belly, and flat ass were in no way attractive to me. His cock was also a thing of great disappointment. It was small, about four inches at most, and was not very thick at all. Normally this would not have been an issue, but he would cum in less time than it took to boil an egg at the best of times. Usually, he would cum after perhaps ten thrusts.

On our wedding night we stayed at a very upscale hotel. It was exceedingly modern, and our three room luxury suite was the best they had.

When we entered the lobby many people looked at us probably wondering how he had managed to marry me. I have always been able to control my facial reactions and appeared to all as a happy bride. As soon as we got on the elevator Hiro turned to me and began pawing at my body with his pudgy hands.

“Such a good wife, now you will learn how to please me Seiko… are you going to be a good wife?” he asked leering into my face. All I could smell was the stink of bad cigarettes and alcohol on his breath, and when I saw his darkly yellowed teeth I almost lost composure.

“Of course my husband, I am so happy you wanted to marry me.” I said and managed to sound convincing.

When we left the elevator I found out that his lack of manners was almost complete. He practically dragged me by the arm to our suite and once the door was open he pushed me inside, nearly causing me to loose my balance.

Pushing down on my shoulders he ordered me to take off his shoes. I did so, but did not dare look up at him. I did not want to see his leering eyes watching me do this for him. Slipping off my own sandals I was left in my tabi socks.

He pulled my to my feet and began roughly yanking on my obi, trying to remove it so he could open my kimono. Deciding to save my beautiful clothing from harm I offered to get him a drink and disrobe for him. He smiled at that and said simply “Go”.

I walked over to the bar and prepared him a triple scotch, knowing what he likes. I walked over to him and offered it to him properly. He took it from my hand and said he needed a cigarette. I smiled and turned around and went to the bar and opened a package for him. I selected one and put it between my lips and lit if for him, before walking over and placing it gently between his lips. I do not smoke and find the practice of lighting his cigarettes offensive, but he likes my lipstick on them and enjoys making me do it for him.

I walked back and stood about six feet away from him. I slowly disrobed, making it as sensuous as I could, revealing my body to him teasingly, trying to make this pleasant for him, while at the same time protecting my clothing. All the while I was imagining I was a Great Lady and that I had just married a great and handsome Daimyo (Lord) of old. My imaginary husband was noble, samurai, and all that the romantic stories promised. My Prince Charming in western terms.

I was brought back to reality when my real husband snapped “Enough Wife” and got out the chair quickly. He advanced on me rapidly and grabbed my wrist pulling me to him. He locked his mouth onto mine and began kissing me, his tongue invading my mouth, while he held my head in place. He was twisting my hair in his fist, ruining the hours of time spent making my hair perfect for the wedding. It hurt and his kiss tasted foul.

Leaning back Hiro looked at my flawless breasts and said “I am going to enjoy using you Seiko, you are lovely, a body likes your will look so perfect when I begin to do all the things I have planned for you. Women are nothing but sluts inside, and you will be my perfect and obedient slut.”

Hiro pushed me to my knees and tore his own clothes off quickly, revealing his unattractive body to me for the first time. I knew why my father had wanted me to marry him, but for the first time I felt hatred for my father. How could he do this to me? How could he ever think I would be happy with this pig of a man? I know that my happiness was not of primary concern, but I had to wonder if my father had deluded himself into thinking this low bred smelly bastard was even capable of pleasing me.

His cock was already hard and he grabbed my hair again and said “Open you mouth.”

I did so and he rammed his cock into my mouth. I was easily able to accommodate it’s size and he suddenly pushed me back on the floor. “You fucking slut!!! You whore… I was told you were a virgin, but you have done that before!” How to explain that I had not, that he simply had a cock that was easily taken orally because of it’s limited size?

“But husband I am a virgin! I have never seen a cock before and yours is so beautiful. I don’t know anything about this and thought I was doing it right! I’m so sorry husband if I have done something wrong.” I pleaded in my defence.

Hiro slapped my breasts hard causing me to fall backward and knelt over my legs. “We will see and if you are lying you will suffer! I will not tolerate a wife who has given herself to another man!” He snarled at me, as he roughly jammed his fat finger into my dry pussy. It hurt badly and I felt his finger hit my hymen. I turned my head away and brought my hands to my face hiding the shame that was flushing my cheeks. So many older men were gentle and considerate lovers, my friends had said so, but this evil man was clearly the exception and now I was married to him.

He grabbed my hands and pulled them away from my face, he then grabbed my chin and screamed “Look at me!” I opened my eyes, tears streaming from them and regarded his seemingly black eyes, seeing the cold dead heart he had clearly in them.

“You are lucky slut… if you ever allow another man to touch you I will kill you for being an unfaithful wife… for being a dirty whore. You are my whore, do you understand?”

“Yes husband!” I screamed in fear.

“Good… never forget who’s wife you are!” He roared. How could I? This was hell and he was a demon sent to torment me.

He got off of my thighs and roughly shoved them apart. He positioned himself between them and leaned down licking my face and neck. I turned my head away and he appeared not to care. There was no need to pretend being a devoted lover. He did not care if I wanted him or not, I was being a good wife in his mind by simply spreading myself for him.

When his mouth reached my perfect breasts he seized one of my nipples in his teeth and bit it very hard. I screamed loudly and felt his cock suddenly try to shove into my dry pussy. He sat back and spit on my pussy and jammed a finger into it, making me cry out again. He spread his saliva around and lined up again and without ceremony or warning shoved his cock back into my poor virginal pussy. He tore my hymen with the thrust and my pussy burned in pain. He started thrusting immediately without any care for the pain he was giving me. I was still crying loudly when in a short time I felt his body go rigid and he spewed his foul seed deep into my battered pussy.

He fell downwards, laying on my body panting. I was not sure how I was supposed to feel at this point. So many of my girlfriends had told me wonderful stories of their adventures sexually, but this was not a wonderful story. It did not reflect any of the things they said. I had defended my virtue and protected it until the age of 24, only to have it brutally taken from me by a rutting pig of a man.

He climbed off of me apparently very satisfied with himself and said “You were good wife… did you enjoy that? The first cock into your heavenly gate?”

I muttered “Yes husband, thank you.” and wondered how stupid was he to believe that. I saw his chest swell with pride as he went over and got himself another drink. I was left laying on the carpeted floor, his cum and my blood leaking out of my agonized pussy. At that moment I knew I hated my father for this. I also hated my husband.

He lit another cigarette and sat down to enjoy his drink and turned the television on.

I slowly got up, and with my hand cupping my wounded pussy, I walked slowly to the shower, bent over. He paid me no mind at all. I went into the shower and turned it on and sat on the toilet. I did what I needed to do, feeling the tears still streaming down my face. Marriage is not supposed to be like this, I knew that.

I got into the shower and began washing his stink and cum off of me. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard him open the bathroom door. He came to the shower and slid the door open and walked inside, naked with his ugly cock hard.

“Bathe me” he said. I did so as dutifully as I could manage.

When I was finished rinsing him he began pawing at my breasts again, capturing the nipples between his fingers and twisting them painfully. I was crying out and whimpering which only seemed to inflame him more. He began slapping them and said “I love seeing the redness on them, it looks so good on your skin.”

“Turn around and bend over” he added.

I did so, hating it, but glad he could not see my face anymore as my hair fell down over me, covering my shame. He began spanking my vulnerable ass, laughing and commenting on how good it looked. I was crying and wondering why he had to be so cruel. When he spanked my sore pussy I almost dropped to my knees. He seemed to be spanking me everywhere, my ass, pussy, and thighs.

“It is so good to see you can be an obedient wife. Your worth everything I had to do for your family… and now I get to fuck your high class body, use you, and punish you for all the times I was looked down on by women like you.” he said with clear joy in his voice.

I felt his cock rubbing along my pussy lips and up to my ass. The only lubrication was the water and the soap still on my body. I did not feel anything for him and was not juicing up on my own. When his cock head began hitting my asshole and I realized his intention I screamed out “NO! Not that please!”

He slapped my ass hard and said “You will take whatever your husband gives you!”. He grabbed a hold of my hips and rammed his cock into my ass. I screamed and nearly collapsed, my ass was on fire and felt as if it was being torn open. He began rapidly pounding my ass and I was screaming the entire time.

Fortunately for me he finished quickly in my ass. His cum filling my sore bottom and he pulled out laughing.

He grabbed my hair and turned me around making me kneel before him and shoved his cock into my mouth. I tried to pull away. He responded by grabbing my breast painfully and yelled “Clean your husband’s cock!” I resisted for a moment, but when he began crushing my breast in his hand I relented. I cleaned his wilted soft cock and he just turned and walk out of the shower.

I sat there feeling completely violated, tears running down my cheeks. He yelled “Get out here! Don’t be lazy!”

I managed to come out of the shower and he made me towel him off. He kissed me roughly and left the bathroom whistling happily. I knelt there and then slowly made my way back into the shower to clean myself again.

When I came out he was already asleep. I crawled into the bed as far away from him as I could and curled up. I fell asleep eventually, only to find my dreams tormented by what I had endured.

In the morning he got up and dressed. I was awakened when he yelled at me to get up and get his coffee. I did so and served it to him. He refused to let me dress and kept running his hands over me. He said he had to go out, but to make sure I was faithful, he had something for me.

He produced a chastity belt, an old style and ornate looking one. He fixed it to me and locked it, placing the key in his pocket. “This will prevent you from giving in to your slutty desire to cheat. A whore like you needs cock all the time and I will not have you spreading yourself for anyone but me.”

He then left and I looked at this cage he had affixed to me. It was not comfortable to wear and I hated it. This was not the middle ages and my loathing for him grew. I gradually dressed and was forced to wait for his return.

That wedding night set the tone for our marriage. He was vile, controlling in all ways. I was not even permitted to leave our house to buy groceries. He had a service that I could call and made sure only women delivered anything to me. My clothing was also dealt with. Using his wealth he had women or very old men come to provide me with the finest in carefully tailored clothes. The majority of the time he insisted I wear expensive traditional kimonos at home as he did not want me getting crazy western notions.

As a result of my dutiful behaviour my father’s wealth increased dramatically, my husband investing in all my father’s business ventures. I understood that my happiness and body had been traded for wealth. It did not reduce my loathing for the situation, but at least I had the satisfaction of knowing I was doing my duty and that my own personal honour had increased as a result. The only visitors I was permitted were my family and women of my husband’s choosing. The ones he chose had only one objective, I soon realized, to try and bait me into saying anything negative about him. I did not as I caught on quickly to their games.

My husband informed me one evening that he had made a purchase of controlling shares in a company located in the United States, and that he had purchased a home there. We would be moving there for at least a year so that he could closely oversee things there. I knew I would be living under basically house arrest there, as I had for the four years of marriage hell I had endured to that point.

I was not excited at all. My husband strongly warned me about how American men are evil and will try to seduce me, how all they think about is football, beer, and fucking pretty Asian women. That was the only time my since my wedding night my husband had said anything remotely suggesting I was pretty. I did think that I was not worried about American men, how could they be any worse than the cruel beast I was married to. I was completely deprived of any sexual satisfaction by the combination of the chastity belt and his pathetic fucking. I used to masturbate regularly, but even that had been taken away from me.

By all appearances I was a happy wife. Inside I was dead and barely clinging to my desire to live. The only thing keeping me going was the knowledge of what I was doing for my family. If I took my own life Hiro would use everything he had to destroy my father.

We arrived in America and moved to New York City. The best part of the move was that I spent an entire day without my chastity belt. It would not have passed airport security. I managed to bring myself satisfaction a few times in the aircraft bathroom, but that was all, and only when Hiro was asleep.

New York City seemed exciting, and I wished I could have seen it. Hiro kept me secluded and I settled into a truly lonely life, deprived of my family and anything resembling a social life. Hiro would take me out with his business associates, but during those times I was paraded like a trophy and not permitted to speak to them. He forbade me from speaking any English in order to “Keep the dirty minded American’s from getting any ideas,” he said.

Hiro was full of shit. The men and their wives seemed very kind and I detected that they realized what a beast my husband was. Whatever they thought was not even close to the truth, but they were always kind to me despite the apparent language barrier. Hiro did not allow me to accept any invitations to spend time with the wives, since “American wives are all sluts, spoiled and undisciplined.” he would claim.

I knew he was lying, he just did not want me out of his sight. His obsessive jealously and his temper would not allow it. He was a profoundly insecure man.

Everything changed for me one evening. I was alone at home, as usual, and was taking care of the laundry. There was a knock at the door and I looked at the monitor and saw two uniformed NYPD Officers standing there. I hesitated, having been forbidden to open the door. But they simply kept buzzing.

Deciding I had better speak to them I made my way to the door and opened it. They both removed their hats and one nodded at me by way of greeting.

They were both Caucasian, but the one officer bowed deeply and then said in flawless Japanese “We are very sorry to disturb you. I am Sgt. Daniel Martin, this is Officer Joseph Prelazzi. Do I have the honour of speaking to Mrs. Sugihara Seiko? ”

I responded in Japanese “Yes, I am Mrs. Sugihara. How may I help you?”

He looked uncomfortable for a moment and said “Mrs. Sugihara, may we please come inside. We have some rather distressing information for you concerning your husband and these matters are best discussed in private.”

The other Officer clearly did not understand what was being said. I looked back at Sgt Martin and said “Yes please, welcome to our home. May I offer you both some tea Sgt. Martin?”

They came inside and Sgt. Martin slipped his shoes off. Officer Prelazzi watched him do this and mimicked his action.

“No thank you Mrs. Sugihara. Is there someplace we can sit down and talk?” he asked.

“Of course, if you would both please follow me.” I replied and lead them to the living room.

I heard Sgt. Martin say to Officer Prelazzi “Remember what I said. You wont’ see any emotion on her face. Just accept that. It means nothing to us… everyone reacts differently. With her it is cultural, keep your face clear and for the love of god don’t hug her or touch her, no matter how bad you feel for her.”

“Sure Sarge, thanks.” he replied.

When we reached the living room and they were seated I carefully sat and said “What information concerning my husband do you wish to share?” I asked calmly realizing what they were about to tell me, practically praying for it. I continued in Japanese as it was clear someone had told them I only spoke Japanese.

“Mrs. Sugihara, it is with the deepest regret that I have to inform you that your husband, Mr. Sugihara Hiro, died this evening of an apparent heart attack. We are profoundly sorry to tell you this, and you have the deepest sympathy of the City of New York and the New York Police Department.”

I waited a few moments and said “You are quite certain it is my husband who has died?” I managed not to smile. This was the best news I had received in a very long time.

“Yes Ma’am. He was with a man he works with at the time of his death.” He replied. “We would however like to request that you come with us. We need to positively identify your husband and we can then provide you with his personal property and other items you will require.

“I understand. Thank you Sgt. Martin for the kindness of coming here to do what is a very difficult duty I am sure. May I ask you a question?” I replied.

“Certainly Mrs. Sugihara.” he replied very professionally.

“At the time of my husband’s death, where was he precisely and what was he doing?”

Sgt Martin looked a bit uncomfortable and said “He was at a hotel in Manhatten. He was there with the other gentleman and they were in the company of two female escorts. Your husband… your husband passed while… sharing company with one of them.”

I did not react and mentally figured that made sense. I wanted to send her a thank you card for fucking that bastard to death. I was free of him, I did not think of money or anything else, only that I was finally free of him… and far sooner than I dared dream possible, and in a manner that meant my family was safe.

“Thank you Sgt. Martin for telling me that. That also could not have been easy. I will change to come with you now if that is your wish.” I offered.

“That would be best Mrs. Sugihara. Please understand that we are very sorry and that this has happened. You have our deepest condolences.” he replied. I could tell he meant it and felt bad that he would go home feeling he had told me something horrible when this was one of the best days of my life.

I stood and both the Police Officers stood and remained standing until I had left the room. As I was changing I heard them talking.

Officer Prelazzi said “What did you say to her?”

“I told her everything… broke the news of his death. She asked where he was and what he was doing when he died. I was not going to lie to her, never do that by the way. If they ask you tell them no matter how shitty it might be. They will always find out and be very pissed off if you lied to them. You think you’re doing them a favour, but your not.” Sgt Martin replied.

“Okay, I don’t get it. She is drop dead gorgeous and he is out banging some hooker? I saw the hooker and she was nothing special. What an idiot.” Officer Prelazzi said.

“Let me tell you something, I’ve been doing this job 15 years and I don’t think I will ever figure out why people do the dumb shit they do. I can tell you this… she has a very upper class manner of speaking and is very traditional. She is one cool customer. That’s a Japanese Lady my friend, so just keep your eyes to yourself and don’t stare. She is a real looker, but you don’t look okay?”

“No problem Sarge, I won’t. I was just making an observation.” Officer Prelazzi replied.

I changed into a black pencil skirt, white blouse, and black jacket. The tailored outfit looked good and I enjoyed the way it made me feel. I was wearing black and yet I felt like wearing my best party dress. I actually laughed to myself and when I looked at my reflection I allowed my happiness to show and did a little dance. I composed myself and went back out to see the Officers.

They both stood again as I entered and we put our shoes on and left my home. I immediately decided that I was going to redecorate and make it the kind of home I wanted. I was not going to move back to Japan. I would have my husband’s ashes sent to his family. I pondered that and decided I better go back with them for the sake of appearances.

At the morgue I saw to my great satisfaction it was my husband. I signed for and received his personal items, including a small key they has listed as “Antique Key – possibly safe.”

Sgt. Martin and Officer Prelazzi drove me home afterwards. They were both very polite and professional. Sgt Martin offered to help me if I needed any assistance or had any other questions. When they left I immediately sat down and wrote a letter, by hand, to the Chief of the NYPD to commend their conduct during this “difficult time”. I laughed as I sealed and addressed the envelope. Difficult time, I could not have been happier.

That being done I took off the chastity belt and smashed it to pieces with a hammer. I then spent close to four hours masturbating and looking at porn on the internet. That was something I never did before because the torture of not being able to touch myself was too great. I climaxed loudly many times and only stopped due to exhaustion.

I arranged for my husband cremation at dawn the next day and booked a flight back to Japan.

Once in Japan I ensured that my husbands ashes were interred in a manner befitting his public image. Personally, I thought about flushing them so that he would mingle with the filthy shit in the sewers. It was a pleasant mental diversion.

Having done all the things required of me I eventually found time to be alone with my parents. They actually thought I would be grieving the loss of my husband. I was surprised they thought I had been happy, actually believed what they had been told.

I was not prepared when my father said that I was too young to stay a widow and he would help me find another husband. I just stared at him and decided to go right back to America. Anyone he suggested would be for only one reason, gaining the family an advantage. I had been a dutiful daughter long enough and told him not to worry, I had no desire to remarry. I then told them the truth about my husband and my marriage. They were shocked, crushed, and that was how I wanted to see my father. I did not want him living with the illusion he had in any way made me happy.

I left Japan and returned to the United States. I immediately went to the Immigration Office and submitted my application to stay and become a citizen of the USA. My education, wealth, and perfect English made sure I was going to be accepted, I would be no burden on my new Nation and told them of my desire to be a teacher. Given all the factors I presented I was assured that I would be accepted. I had never been happier, a new life of freedom in the Country I had lived in for almost a year without ever having the pleasure of experiencing it.

Over the next month I had decorators and renovators turn my home into one I wanted. It had a splendid combination of Japanese and modern influence and I loved it. I admit that I got wet watching the contractor’s working. The movements of their muscles, their strong bodies and the rugged nature of them appealed to me. None of them, knowing I was a widow, was anything but polite… but my imagination ran wild and added spice to my private pleasure sessions.

One morning I decided to look at employment advertisements for teaching positions. The public schools in my area were well rated and some of them were looking for teachers. I also realized that I would need to satisfy some requirements in order to have my teaching certification recognized. I contacted a Human Resources representative, who I sent my resume to, and was assured that it should not be a problem. I was invited to an interview and after a few courses and some further demonstrations of my qualifications and some practical work I was told I was welcome to apply.

I was contacted almost immediately by a high school not far from my home and asked to come in and meet the Principal. Finally, 5 years after graduation and at the age of 29, I was going to be starting my teaching career. Pay was not even an issue. I had enough wealth that I did not need to ever work, but I wanted to and that was the difference. Teaching was my dream occupation.

When I arrived I made sure I was dressed conservatively. I wore a navy blue suit jacket, a white blouse, and a skirt that came to just above my knees. I did not go in flashy, but knew I looked good in this outfit. I chose sensible low heels and tan coloured nylons. I made sure my makeup and hair was done properly, but not over done. I went with a healthy and natural look.

I walked to the school, as it was close to my home. It was nice to be outside and enjoying the sunshine. I know I was smiling as I walked, but I could not help it, freedom had come to me at last.

When I arrived at the school I walked past some students who were outside enjoying the sunshine and they all seemed to be in a good mood. The school uniform was traditional and had the boys in tan coloured or grey pants with white shirts and ties, their blazers had the school crest on them. The girls were wearing either tan pants or kilts and white blouses with school blazers as well.

I did notice that the male students took a good look at me and some whispered or nudged their companions. I did not mind, I was too happy too care and to be honest, enjoyed the looks I was getting from them. It was nice to feel my beauty appreciated.

When I got into the Office and met the Principal, Mr. McCormick, I found him to be a polite and dedicated person. He was in his fifties and had a good sense of humour as well. We went over my credentials and he admitted that he had to look up my University. He was very impressed and said it was like the Harvard or Yale of Japan.

After discussing my history, he was very sad to hear I had lost my husband recently. He decided to offer me a position as an Asian Studies Teacher, and with my ability to also teach Math and Geography, decided that I was going to make me a wonderful addition to the faculty.

I was told I would be teaching only Seniors, as he had an opening due to sudden retirement in those positions. He promised me that the following year we could reexamine my class load and subjects. At first he had planned to use me part time, but seeing my credentials and having met me, he would inform the Board that the full time position was mine.

He pointed out that they were short of teachers as the pay did not lend itself well to living close to the school. Many teachers chose to work elsewhere as soon as they could manage since the commute was a pain for many of them. Quite a few chose to endure the commute to avoid working in less desirable schools.

Mr McCormick gave me a tour and I liked the school. It was an older facility, but had a definite charm to it and had not been allowed to fall apart. Fortunately, there was enough demand for this school, and the parents who had children going here enjoyed a level of affluence. It therefore gave them some influence with the Board.

The next day I arrived bright and early and met other staff and a few Department Heads with whom I would be involved.

My first period was Geography, followed by two Math classes and finally Asian Studies. In my first three classes I found myself well engaged. The students seem to like me, although they seemed to like my teaching style, my strict intolerance for foolishness was at first hard to take for them.

It was in my final class that the most interesting part of my new career took place.

When I entered the room I looked at the students and they all turned to face me. I smiled at them and went through the administrative process, before beginning the class. I asked them where they were in the course and found they had a great deal of ground to make up. They had covered China, and then just sort of stalled as substitute teachers, changing almost daily, came through one after the other.

I thanked them for the information and set diligently to correcting the situation. Many were very keen to learn this subject as for one reason or another it interested them.

When I asked the to call me Sugihara Sensei, my last name and the word for teacher, they actually loved it. This is how I would have been addressed had I taught in Japan and I liked that feeling. Over the coming weeks I found this class was my favourite. Having little to no personal life I lived for my work and dedicated myself to my students.

It also became my favourite for another reason. A student named Alan Bowden. Alan was a very good student. He worked hard on any task given to him, was never anything but polite, and was a bit shy. I was not sure why. He was about 5’10” tall, had what appeared to be a good physique, weighing about 180lbs, and had soft brown eyes. He was not the most handsome student in my class, but he had a charm about him and a gentle spirit that I found attractive.

At first I was shocked when I found myself happy to see him, more than the simple happiness of a Sensei seeing a good student. It was mildly alarming, but I decided it was alright. It’s was perfectly acceptable to like him and even consider him as a friend in a way.

Later, when I was masturbating and realized it was his cock I was imagining fucking me, I knew it was more than that. I did not know what to do, I had to stop thinking this way. Alan had done nothing to encourage such notions and I reminded myself I had to remain professional. I was allowing my loneliness to influence me.

As it turned out, Alan did not make it easy on me.

I had assigned an essay to this class. It was no easy assignment, but I was preparing them for University and expected much more of them than my other classes. They knew this and welcomed the way I treated them as adults. American students may be different, but it is cultural. A few were lazy and deserved to be regarded as such, many more were hard working and wanted to succeed at school I found. The conduct of a teacher can have a profound effect on the conduct of the class.

Many students came to me for help on this essay. Of course, I provided whatever guidance they needed. One day after class Alan asked to speak to me. I invited him to bring a chair over by my desk and be seated so we could talk. He did so while I was putting some items away in my bag.

I was bent at the waist as I did this and when he was seated I noted he was staring right down my blouse. I knew in my head that he had a lovely view of the tops of my breasts encased in a white lace bra. I don’t know why, but I made sure I stayed in that position, enjoying the fact he was clearly appreciating the view. I could tell that by the nice bulge forming in his pants, and the fact he rapidly set his book over it to conceal his growing hardon from view.

Sitting down I smiled at him and said “How can I help you Alan.”

He brought his eyes up and blushed. He knew he had been caught staring and his lips moved slightly but no sound came out.

“Are you alright?” I asked with a slight smile and a raised eyebrow.

He snapped out of it and said “Yes Sugihara Sensei.”

“Then how can I help you?” I asked gently leaning forward and bringing my hands together on the desk. I let a smile come to my face and tilted my head slightly as I asked the question.

His eyes went to my full lips for a moment and back to my eyes and he said “I’m kind of jammed. I want to write about the cultural emphasis that developed among the Samurai class in Japan following the rise in Japan of the Shogunate of the Tokugawa . You know, how the Samurai were encouraged to master more than just martial skill. But… I think I am biting off more than I can chew. How do I pare this down to meet the essay length parameters?”

I replied “Focus on one aspect. Perhaps the emphasis on poetry that developed, or one of the other arts. Perhaps pick some examples of those and expand on how they reflected on the time, how poetry as a form of cultural expression became a method for capturing the feeling of a given event. Poetry was important before that as well, you just have to focus on that one period. Competitions for poetry composition became very popular among the Samurai Class. Maybe chose another cultural aspect and explore that if poetry is too difficult or not to your taste.”

We spent some time talking about the essay and eventually about the class. He dreamed of landing a job in the State Department and working at the Embassy in Japan. He even admitted that he was studying Japanese language using a software program and taking classes at night school. I was shocked.

“You have never mentioned this before Alan. That is a an excellent extra effort on your part. I am very impressed by this. Have you progressed very far?” I asked.

He spoke Japanese saying “I am very sorry, but my Japanese is not that good. If you speak very slowly and simply I may be able to understand you better.”

I raised my eyebrows and said back to him “You are doing better than I thought. You are a good student. I am impressed by your hard work.” I said it slowly and clearly enunciated my words.

He smiled immediately and blushed and said “Thank you Sugihara Sensei. It is not easy. I work very hard to be better. You are a very good teacher. I hope to speak Japanese well.”

I laughed lightly and said “How much does trying to understand all I am saying hurt your head?”

Alan smiled sheepishly and said “Sorry, but it hurts me very much.”

I switched back to English and said “You’re doing very well.”

“Thank you, I get farther from the software than I do from the class. It is very picky and I can work on it more. In class I would only get a few hours a week. With the software I get to practice all the time.” he replied smiling at me.

I was sitting there smiling at him and liking his initiative and desire to succeed. His bright eyes were looking into mine and I decided then and there that I liked him as a friend, more than just as a student. I wanted to help him with his language studies.

“Alan, I am very willing to help you with your language studies if you wish. I can tell it means a great deal to you and would enjoy helping you to succeed. I normally would never make such an offer but you are a special student.” I said smiling.

He blushed again and said “Oh, I… I don’t want to take up too much of your time. You work really hard for us already.”

“Please Alan, I would not offer if I did not have the time to be able to help. I would not make a commitment to you unless I could meet it.” I said.

He smiled at me and I could tell he was happy. “Okay, thank you so much Sugihara Sensei. I promise I won’t waste your time. I will make you proud of what I can do. I swear!”

I laughed lightly and said “You do not have to be so serious, I already believe that.”

We sat there for a moment looking at each other and not saying anything at all, just smiling.

“Surigama Sensei… can I ask you something?” he said carefully.

“It’s about your husband.” he said timidly. “I heard he… he passed away. Is it okay if I offer you my condolences? I just… I’m sorry. That is horrible.” he looked genuinely upset for me.

I sat back and turned my head away. I heard him take a deep breath. What do I say to this? Even accepting condolences from him, for something that made me so happy, made me feel deceitful. I had played the dutiful widow. Acting anymore for Hiro’s benefit was something I decided I would not do, not with Alan.

Turning back to face him I said “Alan… thank you. I… I want to be honest with you. I am sorry but I want to say something I have not said to anyone but my parents and… well it may not be very nice for you to hear, but I can’t do this… charade anymore.”

Alan looked concerned but said “Please… you can say anything to me.”

I nodded and said “My husband, he was a devil, a demon who tortured me and made my life hell on earth from the day we married. When the Police told me he was dead… I was happy. I almost smiled. He was a pig and a horrible human being and I am glad he is gone. I was not upset at all.”

Alan’s jaw went slack and he stammered “How could he do that to you?… your… your one of the nicest and smartest people I have ever met…. your so..” and he fell silent blushing.

“I am so… what were you going to say Alan?” I asked softly. I had finally let go of this burden and I had opened myself honestly, and I know my face was now easily read. I wanted to hear him say it.

“I… I hope it’s okay… but your just so beautiful and kind and how can anyone treat you badly? He should have fallen on his knees and thanked God for every moment he spent with you!” he said with a lot of conviction.

I was surprised he said all that and it showed. He immediately blushed deep red and said “I should not have said that… I’m sorry.” looking down at the floor obviously embarrassed.

“Maybe… maybe you should not of, but I am very glad you did. Thank you.” I replied softly.

He brought his head up and looked at me and I could see so clearly that he had many feelings for me. He was looking at me in a way that no one ever had. I felt it right in my heart.

I turned away and said softly “Please… I am not used to being looked at in that way Alan.”

“What.. I’m sorry… I…” he was stammering.

I looked back at him and could not help it. I could not stop what I did next if I had tried with every fibre of my being. Reaching out my hand I took his and held it and gently pulled him forward. He brought his eyes to mine and we moved together, I closed my eyes as our lips gently touched and kissed him lightly and softly. He brought a hand up and gently cupped the back of my head as our tongues emerged and we began kissing in a soft and caring manner I had never experienced before. He must have felt it to as he moaned softly into my mouth.

We were slammed back to reality by the sound of a door closing down the hall. We pulled apart rapidly, both flushed and looked at the door. It was open. I had not even thought to close it. I quickly got up and went and looked in the hall. No one was around, except a teacher walking the other way. He was putting his keys in his pocket clearly having just come from the room where the door had closed. I breathed a sigh of relief. What the hell was I thinking? Kissing him was bad enough, but getting caught would have been terrible for us both.

Turning slowly I softly closed the door and turned the lock.

Alan was on his feet looking completely shaken by our near discovery. That was good as we could not do this here. I walked over to my desk and sat down.

“Alan… I… I should not have kissed you. I put you at risk by doing that. I do not regret kissing you but for that I am sorry.” I said looking at him.

Alan looked stunned and said “You don’t… you liked it?”

“I liked it very much but it is too dangerous to do these things here. We cannot ever do that here again.” I said.

“Wait… you’re not saying we can’t do that again… you’re just saying we can’t do that here. Is that right?” he said sounding hopeful.

“Yes… I would like to kiss you again. I… have only kissed one man before and it was nothing like that. You are a wonderful kisser Alan. Do you… do you have plans tonight?” I asked him.

“No… I was going to watch television… do you… do you want to do something?” he asked tentatively.

I stood up and said “Alan, I would like to make you dinner at my home. A real Japanese dinner. Would you like that?” I said feeling so nervous. I had never asked anyone out before and this was a new world opening to me.

“Really! Oh my God that would be so cool!” he said with a big smile on his face.

I smiled at his enthusiastic response and said “Okay. Should you call your parents or something?”

“My Dad is in L.A. And my mother is visiting my aunt in Chicago. They won’t be back until next Sunday. I don’t have to call anyone. I have my cell, they call me on that.” he said.

“Do your parents often leave you home alone for long periods?” I asked.

“Well this time it was only two weeks total. When they went to Europe last summer they left me for two months. I got bored and went to summer school.”

I nodded and said “It must be hard on you.”

“Not really, I have gotten used to it. I pretty much stay home. I go out with friends for movies and things like that, but mostly I just study.” he replied.

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” I asked.

He blushed and said “I just… well… girls make me really nervous.”

“We should go, we have been here too long and it will seem very strange.” I said.

We left the classroom and I told him where to meet me at my car. I walked to the office and submitted a variety of items. Mr. McCormick was there and asked “Seiko, your here late. Everything is alright I hope.”

I took the initiative here so easily I almost had to laugh. “Everything is fine. Do you know a student named Alan Bowden?”

“Yes, good student. He is on the honour roll. Very responsible young man.” he replied.

“He is studying Japanese and actually speaks it fairly well, if in a limited fashion. I am going to help him improve. His ultimate goal is a position with the State Department.”

“I did not know that about him. Well you are the best person to help him with it. That’s kind of you.” he said.

“Thank you. I think he has real potential. He does well in all his classes and this will help him in University with his language classes.” I said.

We made our goodbyes and I headed out to the car. Alan was standing there by the passenger door and looked relieved when he saw me coming.

We got in the car and drove to my home. I told him of my conversation with Mr. McCormick and
we agreed that it was best that the seed concerning that be planted.

When we arrived at my home we parked and went inside. I slid my heels off as Alan was removing his running shoes. I stood back up and was beginning to walk away when he took my hand in his. I turned to him and smiled and he stepped closer to me, looking into my eyes.

“May I kiss you Sugihara Sensei?” he asked while looking at me the way I had come to adore.

“Not until you have asked me by my first name.” I said softly caressing his face. “It’s Seiko.”

“May I kiss you Seiko?” he asked again.

I nodded and slipped my arms around him and we kissed. It was so sweet and so soft, his tongue slowly emerged and began teasing my lips. I opened my mouth and pulled him against me as we kissed and our passion began to grow. I felt his hardon return, his swelling cock pressing against me. I ground myself against it kissing him with all the passion building inside of me. I slid a hand down to his ass and squeezed his butt, taking a firm hold of him. It felt wonderfully fit and strong. He moaned into my mouth and brought his own hands down, grabbing my ass and pulling me hard against him. As we kissed he began firmly kneading my ass, causing me to moan into his mouth.

I was on fire with the passionate way he was kissing me and touching my body. It was all so new and now I understood what my friends had been saying when I was younger. I was soaking wet between my legs and so hungry for him, my student.

I felt his other hand come up my back and he gently tilted my head back and began kissing my neck. I moaned out loud. This was the first time that anything sexual had been romantic or even remotely erotic for me.

Feeling the passion threatening to carry us away I slowly pulled back, breaking the heated embrace. Alan was completely flushed and breathing hard, as was I.

“Alan, we do not have to hurry, please let me make you dinner.” I said thinking inside forget the food, I want him so badly.

He nodded and ran his tongue over his lips. He laughed a bit and said “Yeah… we should eat or something I guess.”

I smiled and turned and walked to the nearby closet. After removing my suit jacket and hanging it up I turned to Alan to ask if he wanted a drink. He was simply standing and staring at me. It was not a the focus stare of someone about to say something. I could see wonder in his eyes as he was looking me over. It made me feel warm inside. I simply stood in place smiling he looked me over. When his eyes moved up to my face and he realized I was watching him he blushed and looked at the floor.

“Alan would you like something to drink?”

“Yes please… anything is good.” he said.

I gestured with my hands to encouraged him to come with me. I seated him in the living room. I left to get him a drink. When I returned I said “I hope you will like this.” as I brought him a lovely mango juice blend I was very fond of. He accepted it with both hands smiling up at me. I watched with expectation as he took a sip. He smiled and said “This stuff is amazing.”

Sitting down next to him I explained how much I prefer to make blended juices. We chatted about that for a short time. I glanced at his eyes and saw that Alan was giving me that precious look again. I felt my heart thump and he suddenly leaned forward and took hold of me kissing me with tremendous passion. My own arousal exploded and I grabbed the back of his head with one hand pulling his mouth hard against mine as we kissed feverishly. My other hand ran down his arm and into his lap. His cock was hard as a rock inside his pants. Alan was pushing against me and I let myself fall backwards, my skirt riding up and hugged him tightly as we kept kissing. Writhing under him I managed to wrap a leg around him as his right hand found my breast. His gentle cupping and gentle treatment of it added fuel to my raging fire and I realized I was totally losing control of myself. I pushed gently on his chest and he lifted up and looked at my face with a slightly worried expression.

“Alan… please.” I said and he quickly sat up and began stammering an apology.

I laughed lightly and said “No Alan, you don’t understand. I don’t want this to happen here. Please will you come to my bedroom?”

Alan smiled and said “Yes… yeah sure we can do that.” he then looked worried and said “What about dinner?”

Laughing I said “Forgive me, but fuck dinner. We can order something later.”

Alan burst open laughing and I got up and took his hand. I lead him upstairs and into my bedroom. I had a brand new bed. No one had ever been in my bed with me and I wanted him to be the one. The first man who ever made love to me. The first man I could give my body to without fear.

Standing next to the bed I started to unbutton Alan’s dress shirt when I noticed he was trembling. I looked up into his eyes and asked “What is wrong? Are you okay?” I was worried I was moving to fast for him and that he would change his mind.

Alan stared down at me and said “It’s you. Oh my God I can’t believe it is going to be you. I never imagined this could ever happen.”

“What do you mean by it’s you?” I asked gently.

“Sugihara Sensei, I mean Seiko…. I’ve never…. I’m going to be a disappointment.” he said with his voice shaking almost as much as he was.

“Alan… I’ve never been made love to. I am not a virgin, but I have never made love. I have only bad experience… not good experience. You’re the first person I have ever been able to give myself to with honest desire. This will be like a first time for me and for you. You cannot possibly disappointment me… you have already done more than anyone ever has.” I leaned in and kissed him and hugged him tightly to me. I felt him shaking but it gradually stopped.

I leaned back and continued to undress him. When I slid his shirt off I found he was in good shape as I had thought. He had a smooth hairless chest, clearly defined muscles and a nice flat stomach. Three things I had never seen before in person. I leaned in and gently kissed his chest and began licking his nipples and kissing them. I heard his moans of approval and a softly muttered “Oh God.” come from his lips.

I kissed my way down his smooth white skin and undid his belt and pants. They fell to the floor with a gentle tug and pooled at his feet. I had him turn and sit on the side of the bed and removed them completely for him. When I looked up and saw the impressive erection threatening to tear through his boxers I sighed in pleasure. I looked at Alan’s eyes and saw them clouded with lust and expectation. I gently took hold of his boxers and slid them down.

His cock looked absolutely gorgeous. Standing proudly erect, 7”long, thick looking to me and with a beautifully circumcised head. It was throbbing already. I kissed his thighs and stood up. I wanted my clothes off right now.

I pulled off my blouse and realized I needed to slow down for him. I smiled and turned my back to him and slid off my skirt. I made sure to bend all the way over as I slid it down. I heard him gasp and I knew he was enjoying the sight of my black thong nestled between the cheeks of my taunt ass. I remained in that position as I slid my thong down allowing him his first glimpse of my soaking wet shaved pussy and tight little rosebud.

I glanced back and saw he had his hand on his cock and he seemed oblivious to the fact he was stroking it. His precum was glistening on the tip and his balls looked so full.

Standing upright I turned to face him. His eyes ran up my body and looked into mine. He was trying to speak but I could tell he could not form words. I reached back and unhooked my bra and let it go. It hung in place clinging to my long erect nipples. His eyes flew to it as I gently slid it off letting it drop and exposing my full breasts to his view.

I saw the wonder in his eyes as he looked at my body and when he said “Your the most beautiful woman on Earth.” and hearing the sincerity in his voice I blushed.

Stepping toward the bed I knelt down and looked up in Alan’s eyes. “May I please use my mouth on you?” I asked gently.

“Seiko you can do whatever you want” he said in astonishment.

I smiled and reached for his big hard cock taking it gently into my right hand. It was so hot and so strong, so much better than anything I had ever experienced. I lightly stroked him as I stared at it. Noticing a rush of precum I leaned forward and licked it off the side of his shaft and off the tip. I heard Alan moan in lust and pleasure and took his cock into my mouth. As I began sucking his cock, moving my mouth around it, up and down, relishing it being in my mouth I felt his hips jerk and suddenly he flooded my mouth with shot after shot of his hot cum, flooding my mouth and making me swallow repeatedly to get it all. I couldn’t and it dripped down the sides, landing on his balls and my breasts. Hid scream of orgasmic pleasure filled the room as I kept sucking gently until his hips stopped bucking.

Leaning back I licked his balls clean and looked down at my breasts. I cupped them and brought them to my mouth licking up all his sweet hit cum. I loved it’s taste and it showed.

Looking up at Alan he was flat on his back panting. His proud cock was still hard. What the hell? I had never seen that before. “Oh the joys of youth” I said out loud my voice heavy with lust.

Alan looked up at me and started to apologize for cumming in my mouth. I said “I wanted you to, I want all of the hot seed you can give me Alan.”

I stood and realized I was so wet the juices were running down my thighs. I had never been this turned on before. Looking at my devoted student naked, laying on his back panting and his cock hard with his passion for me, I was on a sexual high. I never wanted to get fucked so much before in my life.

Helping Alan slide up the bed I straddled him and said “That should help take the edge off… I am going to make love with you Alan… please I need to feel something I have never felt before… pleasure.”

Alan looked up at me and said “Can I try something?”

“Of course… anything.” I said leaning down and kissing him lightly.

“I want to try using my mouth on you.” He said.

“Yes please… I’ve always wondered what that would feel like.” That was something I had never had done and quickly climbed off him and laid on my back as he got between my thighs. Maybe it was his age, the fact he was so turned on, or just the lure of my soaked shaven pussy, but he dove in with a vengeance.

Feeling his lips on my pussy, his tongue probing my insides and then sliding up to flick at my engorged clit was all it took. A powerful new feeling tore through my body, a mighty wave of pleasure that carried me along with it. Alan has just given me my first orally induced orgasm, and the first orgasm I ever had with another person. I was crying out in pleasure as I flooded his face with squirt after squirt of my hot pussy juices. His face was covered but he never let up. As my hips arched off the bed he cupped my ass with his hands and did not stop. I thrashed and cried out through my orgasms. I was beyond reason and when the sensations of pleasure became too much I pushed his head back and begged him to please stop. Alan gently moved back and I laid there whimpering and shaking with sensations I had never dreamed possible.

Alan crawled up beside me and he gently kissed my cheek and cuddled me to him. I was in shock that this could ever be this good. I had watched porn on the internet but never dreamed the real thing could be so amazing. I could feel Alan’s hardon pressing against me and knew what I wanted next.

I gently turned so he would roll onto his back and straddled his waist, my pussy was literally dripping on the head of his cock. We were both breathing hard and I looked into his eyes as I slowly lowered myself onto his hard cock.

Feeling the head contact my hot pussy was heaven. As his hot cock slid into my tight pussy I could feel its girth stretching my hungry cunt. I was shaking and fell down onto it, impaling myself fully on his manhood. I cried out and heard him do the same yelling “Oh my God!” at the top of his lungs. I froze there, my poor neglected pussy trying to adjust to this new presence… a real cock.

I looked down into his eyes and saw Alan was watching me closely. I was shaking now, it actually felt like this was my first time again. A tear ran down my cheek and Alan pulled me down to him and held me. He kissed the tear and said “Sorry I hurt you.”

I kissed him with all the passion and heat I was feeling and said “You didn’t hurt me… you made me whole.” and started to gently ride him. He was hitting places in me that had never been touched and I was once again feeling that wave coming. I sat upright and kept riding on his pleasure stick, loving everything it was doing to me as it churned me up inside. I went to heaven quickly and felt it hit me hard. I cried out his name and came all over that beautiful cock.

Alan kept fucking up into me and his hands flew to my breasts, cupping them as he squeezed my nipples. I leaned forward into his grip and kept riding him looking down into his eyes, my long hair flying with the energy of our coupling.

I was starting to orgasm again when I noticed he was close. I rode him with renewed energy and reached back to fondle his balls. That was all it took and with a mighty thrust he shoved upwards into me, almost bucking me off. We clung to each other, his cock buried deep inside me as he filled my pussy with his hot cum, rope after rope of it.

I collapsed downward onto him and we lay together panting and kissing gently.

“You are so amazing Seiko… I’m the luckiest guy who ever lived.” he said as he kissed my cheeks.

Smiling I licked his lips and said “Alan… you’re the amazing one. I’ve never… I’ve never cum before during sex. You made me do it more than once.”

I felt his cock twitch inside me. I looked into his eyes and said “You want more?”

“Like a starving man wants food. I don’t ever want to stop doing this with you.”

Kissing Alan, I let him roll me onto my back. He got between my thighs and impaled his cock deep inside me again. As I began whimpering in pleasure I knew that I was in for a long and pleasured filled night. The first of my life and the first of his. Hopefully, the first of many to come….

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