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Where one job happily becomes a better one…..



As he finished showering and dressing he left me with a quick, sweet kiss.

“I’d love to see you again,” he said softly, “soon, very soon.”

“Not a problem, you know how to contact me, I’d be happy to. In case my uh, wetness didn’t let you know, I had a very pleasant time myself.”

He laughed softly. It was about the only ‘soft’ thing about him. He was about six three with a toned, but not bulky set of muscles and an eight inch cock that didn’t seem to ever want to go down. He’d come twice in my mouth, and once inside me and seemed to get hard again instantly. He’d known how to use it, too, as I’d had a solid three orgasms while he fucked me so sweetly. And his wife didn’t ‘like’ sex? Silly, silly girl. I’d asked and he’d said she was roughly the same size as I was, so his larger than average cock couldn’t have been painful, but he said she had a bunch of hangups about sex. The little fool.

He left moments later and I eagerly added him to my ‘can’t wait to see again’ list, which is starting to get to be a sizable list. Oh, me? Yes, I’m a ‘working girl’, but no, I’m no hooker or streetwalker. I’m a courtesan, and a damned good one. Men come to me because they can’t find the intimacy they seek elsewhere. It’s not always about orgasms, (although there are plenty of those) it’s about a guy forgetting his troubles, his bad marriage, his crappy job, whatever, for a little while. With me, he knows tenderness, caring, and, I might add, mind blowing sex.

How did I end up here?

I have a terrific family, so no issues there, other than a snippy mother who expects me to be close to perfect, I’ve never done any drug of any kind, and I rarely drink. So no other vices led me to this path, but I did want an education. I’d had one growing up, as we were well off, but not rich. Good schools, and Mother insisted one summer that I attend finishing school because she’d never done anything of the sort. She’d grown up poor, and wanted her daughter to be a Lady with a capital L. So at sixteen I got sent off to a ritzy school in Sussex, England for a year of learning to be a lady. The school was a blast as my English and European classmates taught me as much as the school did. I’d learned about the joys of other girls from my German roommate and a sweet girl from London showed me how to suck a cock perfectly with the help of her more than willing boyfriend. We’d also explored a three way which seemed like it was good fun as well. I came back to America with all the polished good manners you’d expect. I knew all the social graces, knew all the right people, and all the right things to say and do.

My schoolwork hadn’t suffered at all, either, flawless grades abounded, and it was time to look for colleges and universities. My grades alone would get me accepted anywhere, but money had become an issue as father had suffered some financial setbacks. No huge losses or foreclosure on our home or anything, but my college fund had been hit in order to stave off other problems. I entered my senior year of high school quite a bit poorer than the previous year and I needed a job.

With all my social skills, and the fact that I’d attended a finishing school in England I got a job as a nanny. The mother would deal with the kids in the mornings, and after school I was in charge until bedtime, plus it gave me time to study when they were napping. Once school let out, I could put in more hours and have a nice sum stashed away so my student loans wouldn’t be that bad for my freshman year.

I loved my job, and I loved the kids, but Lee Cooper was a problem. He was their father, and he was just incredibly gorgeous. I wet my panties every time I saw him just about, and as I has my own room with bath, I did a hell of a lot of masturbating thinking about him. However, it was obvious that he and his wife Claire weren’t getting along. She was nice as could be to me, and loved her kids very much, but her husband who worked his butt off to provide them with everything was somehow an asshole? He was nice to her, loved his kids as well, and never fooled around. He did put in a lot of hours, but the man was the president and CEO of a financial firm that made millions. He always made it home to kiss his kids goodnight, there was always time to play with the kids, etc. She just didn’t seem to care.

One day on my day off, I was going to spend a few dollars on some shoes, and I’d carefully figured it out so I wouldn’t waste too much of my cash. It was Nordstrom’s annual shoes sale, and I was ready for it. it was crowded, but I’d gotten two pairs I wanted at less than I’d hoped to pay! Win for me! Go me! With about twenty dollars left over from my shoe fund, I deserved a treat, and a big gooey dessert from one of the fancy downtown hotels beckoned. While enjoying my 37,000 calorie bliss, I heard a familiar voice.

“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a dump like this?” It was Lee.

“Hello, sir. It’s nice to see you. I was just enjoying my day out and got some shoes at a great price.” Inwardly I chided myself, I was a professional, and I’d said too much.

His smile lit up the room.

“You’re off the clock, you don’t have to be so formal, you know.”

“I’m supposed to be.”

“Well, I pay your salary, so I make the rules, no formality. Did you get a killer deal and did you have to beat up any other shoppers to get it?” he asked with a grin.

I couldn’t help but laugh as the annual sale had produced some epic battles over the years.

“No, no,” I said giggling,”I didn’t have to cut anyone, but this one girl looked like she wanted the red heels and I would have taken her down if I’d had to.”

He laughed out loud at that. It was a pleasant sound to hear as I didn’t hear it at the house that often.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, I’m taking a rare long lunch, let me order up one of whatever you’re having and we’ll talk about your war in the trenches of Nordy’s. And I’ll pick up yours, I know you’re saving for school.”

“Thank you.” I said, somewhat shyly, after all he was some kind of good looking.

The snack provided an interesting conversation as he kind of unburdened himself to me. Claire was indeed a bitch, she only cared about how much money they had so she could brag to their friends. He said she considered her children to be ‘part of the package’, and would rather have not had them.

“That’s so sad, they’re great kids, she should treasure them. I do!”

I thought I’d said too much and said so.

“No, you’re honest, which I get little of in my life. I appreciate it, it’d be nice if I could spend more time with someone who’s totally honest with me.”

“Keep on buying me desserts, and I’ll keep on being honest with you.” I quipped.

He laughed at that and promised to schedule me for “dessert breaks”.

Our joking led to a comment about not telling the wife, and I said I’d never squeal about spending private time with him. His face got serious and once again, I’d said too much.

He looked at me and couldn’t meet my eyes.

“Did I say too much again?”

“No,” he said quietly, “it’s just that I can’t say anything right here.”

“if I upset you, I’m very sorry, I certainly didn’t mean to. It was just a joke.”

“No, it’s just that….damn it, why can’t she be like you? Why can’t she care?” He was starting to lose control, and his cool facade was starting to crumble.

“She doesn’t give a damn about the kids, she doesn’t give a damn about me, the only thing she cares about is money, and the only person in the whole goddamned world that will be honest with me is my kid’s nanny? That’s a helluva thing.”

I was worried this might become a problem, and I really did want to comfort him, so I took his hand.

“Is it work things, too?” I asked softly.

“Yes, my partners are all conniving swine who would sell their mothers for a buck, and I’m trying to manage people’s retirements and college funds, and treat them fairly. It seems like no one gives a damn anymore about doing things the right and honest way.”

“I do. Why do you think I’m going to law school some day? I want to be one of the good ones.”

“You already are. Um, this is getting kind of, uh, open, can we go somewhere else to keep talking? A park or the waterfront? I just want to talk with someone who’s not lying to me.”

The poor man was falling apart, and not just because I wanted to sleep with him, I wanted to help him, to at least be a sounding board for his troubles. I made a decision I’d hoped wouldn’t be a disaster.

“Look, my house isn’t that far from here, my folks are out of town this week, I’ll make you some tea and be honest with you 100%. You can let it all out, and I won’t be a bitch, or judgmental, or anything like that. I’ll just be your friend who will listen.”

“Would you really? I don’t want you to think, that well, I’m putting moves on you or anything?”

“Not at all. Honest conversation. Honest answers. At my regular wages, I might add.” I finished with a slight giggle.

“Well, hell, your wages are a lot less than I’d pay a therapist to listen to my problems. You’re on!”

At my house, I fired up the stove and had a pot of Earl Grey going in a minute. Mom always kept the house well stocked with food and some fancy cookies and crackers made a nice touch. I poured our tea and prepared to listen.

Listen I did, the man poured out his worries, hopes, dreams, and then some. He’d been on the edge for some time, and I was glad someone, anyone had been there before he’d gone over it. However, his failing marriage was an issue that I knew there was one way I’d love to help him, but that would be a huge can of worms to open. It opened anyway when I kissed him. He kissed back, and it got hot and heavy pretty quickly, with our staggering up the stairs to my room, and we’d gotten my blouse and bra off and his shirt with my shoes flying away before we got hold of ourselves.

“Ah, this isn’t going to be right.” he said.

“I….really would like to, but that would mean something that I don’t need, and I’m pretty sure you’re too classy to be ‘the other woman’. The ‘nanny who seduced the perfect dad’, and other things like that.”

I thought for a minute and realized he was 100% right. I didn’t want that, and just to get my rocks off with a hunky guy?

“Yes, that wouldn’t be good, but…” my mind was furiously working.

“You’re paying me to be a sounding board, right? I mean, we joked about it, but I’ve been that. There are women who listen to men’s problems and make them feel better. I don’t want, or need a relationship with you. I’m hot for you, yes, but you do have a wife and kids, and it’d be nice if you could get it worked out, especially for the kids’s sake. If we keep it professional?” I left it hanging.

He looked at me for a minute and thought.

“You know, that’s actually a pretty good idea. Keep it away from the house and kids, and no promises or gifts, no expectations other than you listening to my problems and if something else happens in that time, well, it’s time I don’t mind spending money for.”

“OK, if we’re going to keep it professional, I honestly have no idea how much I should be getting.” I said with a grin. “I’ve never made it a business.”

He laughed again, long and loud, and it was a sweet sound.

“Well, one of my partners visits a woman in Bellevue and he pays her 800.00 for a night, so would 300.00 for our, ah, time spent be fair?

Better than nearly a week’s salary in a few hours? Oh yes, my girl, you may have found your calling.

“That… sounds fair, so can we get back to the kissing?”

We kissed passionately for 20 minutes and I could tell the orgasm wasn’t what he needed, it was this, the passion, the gentleness, the caring. His mouth eventually found my dripping wet pussy and he tasted me with a happy sigh. He licked me thoroughly, going back to flick my clit from time to time, and I didn’t last nearly as long as I’d hoped, I came with a scream and I had to have soaked the poor man’s face, but he looked up at me with a smile after I’d cooled off.

“Like that? There’s more where that came from!”

He kissed me all over, making my breasts tingle like they never had by sucking on them so perfectly that I almost came from that, and then he went down on me again, licking, kissing and sucking my pussy until I exploded with another pair on monster orgasms. He was an incredible lover, and I couldn’t believe his idiot wife didn’t appreciate this?

After several monsters, I had to cool down, and I really wanted to taste his cock, it wasn’t huge, maybe seven inches or a bit bigger, but it was rock hard with his pre cum glistening on the head, and I licked it gently and very ladylike which caused him to giggle a bit. The I dove down on it and took it as far as I could, and he gasped with pleasure as I took him again and again, stopping after a few strokes to play with the head and suck it as hard as I could. He was very gentle, softly stroking my hair while I sucked him and softly saying sweet things to me. It was glorious and then he finally came with a grunt and a huge jet of cum I almost gagged on because I’d never had so much in my mouth. I got control, and swallowed it all in gulp and then daintily licked my lips. Which caused him to groan again as another spurt shot out his cock!

I continued my ladylike licking and cleanup as I got it all off of his stomach, and came up for kisses, hoping he wouldn’t be one of those guys who wouldn’t kiss a girl after he’d come in her mouth. He didn’t disappoint, kissing me with fiery passion and I know he had to taste his own juices, but he didn’t seem to mind a bit. He also didn’t take long to rise again, as I felt his cock rubbing against the edge of my pussy and I looked down at it.

“He’s ready for another round?” I asked with an arch smile and he only responded with a sheepish grin. I slipped a condom on him and gently lowered myself onto him. He felt really good inside me as it had been several months for me, and I just savored the feeling of his erection in me before I rode him slowly, taking my time as I built a nice pace for us both and I could lean back and see his face as I rode that beautiful cock. I rode him hard, I slowed down, I sped up, and I worried that he would come again too quickly, but that was not the case as that perfect tool fucked me to a lovely smaller orgasm and then I sped up again, knowing I could have a huge one if I played my cards right, and without me saying a word, he knew what to do as we rolled over and and I pulled my knees up towards my head and he started to pile drive my aching pussy.

Unlike some guys, he had no problem paying attention to the rest of me as he pounded away, kissing my nipples a bit before coming up to kiss me deeply and as our tongues intertwined again and again I had an absolutely incredible orgasm that had to have drenched him, but he still pumped away, slamming himself into me with abandon before he let out a huge scream as he came deep inside of me.

We collapsed, spent, and our arms went around each other as he burst into tears.

I’m fairly intelligent, and I knew it wasn’t anything I’d done wrong, it was his own issues and guilt hitting him.

I held him close while he sobbed himself out, and oddly I felt very powerful as this big strong man, who was a titan in finance, and a respected man in the city was a helpless little boy in my bed.

After he stopped, he gently asked me if I’d enjoyed it.

“I certainly did. You were, well, very satisfying. That many orgasms isn’t something I usually get. You were also incredibly gentle, and sweet. That makes women very happy.”

“The problem for me, though, is why can’t it be like that with Claire?”

I wasn’t being paid to just fuck, I was being paid to listen and possibly help if I could.

“Well, I don’t know. Does she enjoy cunnilingus? Because that was….wow. Really good. Most women rarely get it like that.”

“She does, but it never seems like it’s enough for her. I don’t think she likes giving head either, which is kind of a problem as what guy doesn’t enjoy it?”

I thought for a moment and tried to reason it out.

“Was she a virgin when she met you?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, she was.”

“So yours in the only cock she’s ever taken like that?”

“I think so, she’s very conservative that way.”

“Then how do you expect her to be any good at it, or how she can enjoy it herself? She looks at it as a duty, not a thing to please both of you.”

“Do you really think so?”

” I know so. My first cock scared the hell out of me, but I was with a good friend in school and she showed me how to please a man that way, and how to feel sooo sexy as I do it. Does she have gag reflex issues? Another girl in school did, and we coached her with bananas until she could handle it, her next boyfriend said she was amazing where she could barely get the head of it in before.”

He looked astonished.

“I never thought of it that way before.”

“Uh-huh, you’d been around the block, and expected her to know everything? Not very fair. I’m being honest with you here.”

He laughed at that. We spent another hour cuddling and talking, and I gave him several pointers on things to try with his wife to see if they couldn’t get it fixed. I advised him, and listened to him, and had myself several incredible orgasms. When all was said and done, he gave me the agreed upon 300.00, plus another 100.00 as a tip. We had another dozen “professional” meetings before I went off to college, and by that point, he’d gotten much of his marriage repaired, and the last two meetings were for old time’s sake.

I got introduced to several associates of his in similar circumstances, and made it clear I wasn’t just a fuck for sale. They understood my rules, my extra apartment only, no outcalls, and they had to be referred by two of my previous gentlemen. Contact by e-mail only, and you’d also better have two references from other girls, otherwise, you weren’t seeing me. Not just a fuck, indeed, I was their salvation. I made them feel wanted and needed, and in several cases, there was no sex whatsoever. One guy was a widow who simply wanted the warmth of cuddling and gentle kisses to make him feel “whole”, as he put it. It worked out fairly well for me, I made a good deal of money, and took care of a few kids from time to time to cover the income. Plus, there was zero debt after four years of college. I bitched to my mother and father about my student loans, just to make it look good. Now I’m looking at law schools, and I expect to be accepted wherever I apply as my college performance was fantastic.

However, life, especially in this, ah, business, can throw you a few curves.

I’m enjoying the afterglow of my previously mentioned caller, and a little masturbation is called for. He got me very, very well, but I’m a little bit horny. What girl doesn’t get that way from time to time?

After that, it’s e-mail, and news from mom is good, dad has a fabulous new position, with the stock options alone worth quite a bit. His severance from the old company was excellent as well, and he looked to run the new place for a mere three years before retiring. Yay! He and mom worked damned hard to give us everything, and a reasonably early retirement was well earned. Going home for Christmas would be extra fun this year!

What’s this? Kevin Marsden has a new referral he’d like me to meet? And the guy also knows Blaine Hammond? Both of them are 60+ pillars of society who haven’t traded in their wives for trophy wives, but they’re tired of their uninterested wives and so they treat me very well, Hammond also credits me with helping him with an ED issue that his wife had no interest in helping at all.

The guy’s a top flight exec, certainly in the financial ballpark, (I’m easy, but most certainly not cheap) and was a “good guy who’s wife stopped giving a crap a few years ago” according to Marsden. I quickly call Marsden because at this point, I know he’s likely golfing.

“Heya sexy, how are you?”

“I’m good,” I reply, “tell me more about the new guy.”

“He’s pretty cool, we’ve already golfed together, he’s a hotshot in the finance world, but is ultra worried about being found out. I told him you were the soul of discretion.”

“Did you also explain I’m not just a piece of ass? You know my rules.”

He laughed.

“Yeah, yeah, he knows. He’s been getting the cold shoulder at home, he’s very bright, and interested in opera which ought to get you going in itself! I know that you like the talk part as well, and he’s also a big fan of first editions, and I told him you were a book lover. Sound good?”

“Mmmm…so far, looks?”

While I’m not about to discount a possible client, I won’t see a young guy, or someone who’s in terrible shape. The last thing I need is for some overweight guy to have a heart attack while trying to keep up with me.

“I dunno, six one, maybe two ten, the dark iron grey you go for, not muscular but in decent shape.”

“Sounds good to me, pass along the info, and we’ll see if he musters up. Now how about you? I know your wife is off in the Carribbean, maybe a nice bit of dinner and some fun?”

While I hardly expect them to buy me dinner, Kevin Marsden enjoys taking me to new places, however, they’re usually two or three cities away.

“I do believe that would be perfect for….. say, Thursday night? Seven o’clock?”

“You’re on, and I do like my food spicy!”

He promises me a treat for dinner and I’m off. Less than two hours later the new man e-mails me, he’s using a very generic sounding name, but some do. Others trust me with their real names, knowing they can torpedo my college dreams as well as I can ruin them. Discretion, darling, it’s worth it. He does sound pretty nice via e-mail, and describes a marriage that’s all-too familiar to me. His wife just stopped caring. Maybe he got out of shape, maybe the change took her appetite for sex, who knows, but he wasn’t happy. He described his ideal scenario as ‘lots of kissing, caressing and a lot of foreplay” as he really enjoyed it. That sounded perfect for me, so we set it up. I asked for any personal requests, with a general description of myself, because some guys want me in black lingerie, some like white, one guy wanted me in jeans and my sorority sweatshirt, it’s all up to them and I do try to accommodate them. They trust their friend’s recommendation, because no one gets a picture of me, and their cell is confiscated upon arrival. He wanted lots of candles, soft music, and me dressed very ladylike in a full length outfit. My favorite way to go, he sounded like a real gentleman. I gave him my somewhat complicated ritual of knocking in code, and announcing himself, and entering my door at the correct time, and told him my address would be forthcoming an hour and a half before our meeting.

Two weeks later, I’ve gotten showered and ready in one of my favorite outfits, it’s an off-white silk outfit that looks like it might have been worn by Rita Hayworth or someone like that. Lots of lace, and just a hint of skin, the tease is so important in these scenarios. A dab or two of my favorite perfume, and I set Pandora to some smooth old school jazz. The candles are lit and I am ready, I recline on my bed and wait.

One-two-three, one-two, one-two comes the knocks.

“Yes?” I ask in a loud enough, but still ladylike voice.

“Uh, it’s..Martin.” He’s awkward with his assumed name, how sweet.

“Do come in, I’m in the bedroom.”

The door opens and closes, and the footsteps come to my room, the lights are down, and the candles blaze.

“Hello, Melissa, I’m Martin and I…..oh….MY….GOD.”

I look up and the man standing in my bedroom is none other than…my father.

Oh shit.

Oh shit.

“What the….HELL are you doing? he asks, raising his voice with each syllable.

“Me? What are YOU doing? Running around on Mom? What’s going on?”

He just stands still without moving a muscle. Then he seems to collapse and he shuffles over to my big chair and sits down heavily.

“Well, I guess you can figure out things aren’t so good at home, right?” he asks with a pained look.

“Um, yeah, I got that all right.”

“But this? You’re selling yourself? A hooker?”

Whoops, daddy, you just pissed me off.

“For your information, I’m not a hooker, I am a courtesan. While sex is involved, it’s more about the connection, the closeness, some guys have never actually had sex with me, but they pay me well to listen to their problems and be a non-judgmental sounding board. A service you found yourself in need of, right? And did you look on some sleazy adult website to find it? Craigslist? Did you pick me up on a streetcorner? No, you wanted something unique, and special, and you found it. Not that you expected it to be me, I’ll grant you.”

“Are you even….going to school? or is this your education or career or what?”

“Oh, I’m going to school all right, and the “loans” I’m paying off don’t actually exist. I’m paid all the way until law school. Every penny of it earned by me. 4.0 average, tops in my class, and eagerly awaiting the next step. All paid for by me. I’m don’t owe anyone a dime except for my Nordstrom’s account which I’ll pay tomorrow. I do ‘nanny’ a bit to hide the source of my income, and I do pay my taxes. Your little girl learned finance well, wouldn’t you say?”

He gave me a half relieved, half stunned look.

“Well, that’s not bad at all from the money side of it, but doing this…for money?”

“Daddy, I’m what they want me to be, that’s all, like I said, sometimes there’s not even any sex. I listen to them, comfort them, offer advice on bedroom matters to the guys who might be able to fix things, and so on. I’m extremely careful, and have never caught anything, nor will I, and no, I don’t do anything disgusting. I have certain limits, and they’re respected.”

“When I’m done with law school, I will also have a vast network of professional men that know me well who will provide me with excellent contacts throughout my career. The circuit judge I see once a month will certainly be a helpful man to know, wouldn’t you say? Above all, I’m discrete. No one will ever find out, about me, or about them.”

“Unless, of course, it’s your father who drops by to try to forget his problems.” he answered morosely.

“Actually, what is going on? You’re here, we should at least try to talk about your problems there. I do that part of it quite well, believe it or not.” I said with a small smile.

Like my first, he broke down at that point. A storm of weeping as he detailed mom’s lack of interest, her devotion to charity work, her seeming ignoring of the fact that he’d kept himself in good shape and never said a word about her not looking like she did when she was 25. He let loose with torrents of emotion, and I comforted him, I held him close and let him get it out.

Then I kissed him. Yes, yes, I know, my own father? Indeed. I was always daddy’s girl, and once when I was twelve I’d accidentally opened the bedroom door to find him standing there sporting a huge erection. We both pretended it had never happened, but many years later I’d wondered what might have happened, and proceeded to fantasize about it. He was a very handsome man still, and it awakened a hunger I’d never known could truly exist. Like Lee, he stopped.

“This isn’t right, we shouldn’t….”

“If I was working in a salon and you saw me cutting hair, would you have a problem with me cutting your hair? No, you wouldn’t…think of me as a professional, think of me as the woman you were expecting to meet tonight, and only call me Melissa, and forget I’m Jane, Jane’s not here, but I am, and melissa will make you feel very, very good….”

With that I kissed him deeply and let my tongue slip into his mouth, and when he slipped his own tongue into my mouth, I knew we were going to have a very different sort of relationship from then on. We kissed passionately, and he gently, ever so gently stroked his finger across my left breast and my achingly erect nipple, and it felt soooo good. He did it again, and then caressed my other breast in his hand, and slip his hand down to my hip before pulling me close to kiss me again. My arms were around him, and I pulled his glasses off, and reached into undo his tie, and tossed it onto the floor. With a smile, he helped me out of the robe to reveal the full gown, and then caressed my hips down past the split at the side. His shirt came off quickly, and then his pants, and he and rolled together, kissing with flaming passion, and then he slipped his fingers under the strops and pulled the gown down to reveal my breasts. My nipples were begging for attention, but he simply admired the view and softly told me how beautiful I was, which warmed me up even more. He gently sucked one, then the other, before drifting upwards to kiss me more while softly tweaking them with his fingers. He was the most gentle man I’d ever know then, and I couldn’t wait for more. I wanted him now and I wanted him to hammer me, but he wasn’t doing anything of the sort.

After a bout of kisses and flying tongues, he pulled the gown down further, and I lifted my legs so he could take it completely off. I lay there naked before his gaze, and smiled and asked him, “Enjoying the view”?

“Oh yes, sweetie, very much…” as he pulled up and removed his boxers to reveal his rock hard cock. When I’d seen it years before it had seemed huge, but I’d always assumed that was not really knowing what one was supposed to look like. My adult eyes revealed to me that my father was extremely well hung, eight plus inches, and very thick. Oh god, that was going to feel so incredible….

He continued to kiss me but then slid down next to me, and began to kiss the back of my neck as he turned me to spoon me. His arms felt so good around me, and he softly kissed me as his cock slid between my legs, just slightly rubbing the edges of my wet lips. I wanted to just arch my back and drive him into me, but he was taking the lead, as his fingers explored me, one hand rubbing my nipples, and the other slowly snaking down to explore my aching pussy. He ran his fingers though my neatly trimmed strip, and around the edges of, but he didn’t actually touch it, he just caressed the area, making me want his touch all the more.

He used his left hand to pull my leg upwards, and then his right finally made contact, just slipping between the lips, ever so slightly. I let out a low moan of pleasure and he slipped the fingers a bit deeper, but then pulled them out, using my juices to get the rest of the area soaking wet. He tweaked my clit just a bit, enough to send a shock of pleasure through me, and I was so horny that I orgasmed, ever so slightly. My soft gasp made him chuckle, as he continued to spread my juices around, and then with his pinky finger, he slid it all the way around, and just brushed against my quivering ass. I couldn’t help it, I thrust against him trying to get him inside me, but he knew what he was doing, better than any man I’d ever been with. He slowly turned me again so he was on top and then he licked my pussy bottom to top, and gently sucked on my clit as I lay panting, waiting to get fucked, but to be denied yet again as my legs spread wide. He dove into eating my sweet wetness, licking, sucking, and teasing me, but then he did something I’d never done, and pulled my legs further up, and I felt his tongue slide into my ass!

While anal was never offered, I’d played with toys quite a bit, and was actually waiting to find a guy to try this sort of thing with, and I kept myself extremely clean. He used his tongue to please me in ways I’d never really believed could feel good, and he was apparently a master of it. I got wetter, and wetter, and wetter still as he came around to suck hard on my quivering clit, and gently bite down on it, as I screamed out an orgasm, soaking him in the process, but I was too far gone to care about anything else at that point!

Again and again, he sucked me to wave after wave of pleasure, and was more intense than it had ever been. Then he pulled my legs up again to go back and spread my wetness with his tongue all over my ass, which I would have happily given to him if he’d asked for it. He could have just rammed himself in and I wouldn’t have minded a bit.

The he flipped me over, and I assumed the doggy position, and he took his place behind me, gently running his fingertips across my wet and waiting ass, I was wet enough, he could have slipped in easily, but he didn’t as I could feel him trying to do something. I looked around to see him unrolling a condom and I knew that wasn’t what I wanted.

“I’m protected, just give me all of your love, all of it, every sweet drop…please?” I was begging him and I knew it was what I wanted.

He obliged me by slowly sliding his cock deep inside of me, letting out a soft grunt of pleasure as he filled my waiting vagina with what I wanted most, and I let out a soft moan to match his grunt. He grabbed my hips and slowly rocked us back and forth, not going any deep or pulling out at all, but it felt so damned good, just feeling us move like that. Then he smoothly extended his rocking to stroke me deeply, my intense wetness made for some squishing sounds, but it was just so incredible feeling him moving with me. He picked up his pace and was now pumping me with long deep strokes, and pulling almost all the way out, which I knew from previous experience would make me come very quickly, even in doggy.

After only a few minutes, I was shaking, knowing a monster orgasm was moments away, but he was thrusting smoothly, and I wondered how long he would last? My shaking got worse, and sure enough, I came with a vengeance and a yelp, but he still pounded away, maybe two or more were going to be my treat from this most incredible of lovemakings, and then I came again, with a squeal, but he wasn’t finished, he pumped me a few more times, then pulled out and flipped me around quickly, but gently, and plunged deep into me in the missionary position. The change of position cooled me for a few moments, but soon I was achingly expecting another orgasm, and he did not disappoint me, as I came, but with less intensity than before, and I knew I couldn’t take much more.

Another two or three minutes of deeply filling me, and then he switched positions again, and I prepared for more doggy, but it was not to be, not at all, as he took his rock hard cock which had been ramming me for some time, pulled out, and slammed it into my ass!

“Aaaaaaieee!!” I yelped as he drove deep into me, I had never taken anal, and hadn’t expected it! Now his hands, which had been so gentle, grabbed my hips roughly as he hammered my ass deep. It hurt, but it felt good, exciting, knowing he was taking me, knowing I was doing what he wanted, that I was satisfying his deepest urges, that I was his, totally and completely. As I got used to it, it felt better and better, and I knew that the mix of my juices and his pre-cum had me lubed up well enough, so I relaxed and enjoyed it, and even when his hands started slapping my ass cheeks with each thrust, I enjoyed it more and more. Pain? What was pain compared to this pleasure? The pleasure of being his? The thrill of being taken by the man I loved more than any other?

My pleasure built, and I came once more, just before he groaned loudly and slammed himself as deep as he could into my ass. He held me tight, rocking like we had earlier, as I could feel his ejaculation in me. Back and forth we rocked, until with a long, aching sigh, he pulled out of me and collapsed onto the bed. I fell forward, and lacked even the strength to prop myself up with my elbows, and I rolled over to pull myself close to him.

LIke Lee, he cried, but this was from a guilt far, far deeper than any the caring Mr. Cooper might have suffered. I held him, and let him weep, for things could never be the same again, perhaps different wasn’t so bad?

“Oh god,” he finally sobbed, “what have I done?”

“Shhh…it’s all right.”

“How can it be? What I just did?”

“Nothing happened that I didn’t want to happen. Ever since I saw you naked that day with an erection, I’ve wondered, now I know. I know what kind of pleasure you can give me, and more importantly, what kind of pleasure I can give you. I know you enjoyed that. It was rough, it was wild, but it felt good, and I could feel your love for me every second of it. Maybe that’s wrong by some people’s rules, but not by mine.”

“But it was so…uncontrolled…”

“Mmmm…and someone else can’t handle that? I’m not surprised. She always seemed so uptight. I’m not, you know that now, although that was my first anal. I’d been looking to try it, but never found the right guy, and he was much closer than I’d ever dreamed.”

“And now?”

“What about it? Unless you’ve forgotten, this was an exercise in you having your way with Melissa. You did, and she enjoyed herself as well. You want more? We can do that, but the thing is to not let guilt tear you up. You wanted an escape, a wild time, you got it, so why worry? You can go on your way and we’ll pretend your knowing who I am never happened. We can keep it totally professional.”

He seemed okay with that, and with an awkward embrace and kiss he left after we showered together.

Keep it professional?

Maybe he can.

I can’t.

That was the most incredible sexual experience of my life.

With the man I love the most.

I see therapy in my future. After all, doesn’t every girl love Daddy?

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