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Kristina has further adventures



The warm water cascaded down Kristina’s back before falling to the floor of the shower and flowing to the drain. She sighed from the pleasant feeling of being enveloped in a steamy cloud of wet warmth. Her flaming hair was piled high on her head to prevent it from being drenched from the steady stream of water. Though she liked nothing better than the luxuriousness of soaking in a bathtub, in the morning nothing could top a hot shower. It helped to waken her fully while at the same time massaging her muscles and warming them up.

As she turned and faced the spray she remembered something else she enjoyed about a shower. Her hand adjusted the nozzle so that the water was being directed in the area of her red pubic hair. She spread her legs so that the jet of water could stimulate ‘down there’. Kristina’s soapy hand slid over her breast making her tremble due to the stimulation her touch delivered. She gently squeezed her pink nipple between her fingertips causing it to harden while the steady beat of the water inflamed lower down.

Kristina’s mind went back to the previous afternoon and her encounter with Miguel the tire repairman. It had been the first time she had violated her marriage vows and she was unable to forget how he made her feel like a woman again. Her husband Carl had never been an affectionate or passionate man to begin with and after over ten years of marriage there wasn’t much of a spark remaining between them.

Miguel had dominated her fully including pushing her beyond her comfort zone but as Kristina was naturally inclined to submissiveness it filled a need in her. Now as both her hands and the water jet stimulated her lush body the memories of what he did to her and what he made her do pushed Kristina close to the edge of orgasm. The thought that she must return to the tire shop to hopefully recover her lost earring and what Miguel’s reaction to that would be was enough to push her beyond the edge.

As the water collided with her hard little nub Kristina bit her lip as the feeling flooded over her. She remained under the stream for another few minutes as her senses returned to normal following her climax before stepping out of the stall and wrapping herself in a large, fluffy towel. Though Kristina was eager to get going she maintained her routine to the letter instead of rushing. She carefully exfoliated, moisturized and followed the rest of her beauty regimen to a tee. She had been a trophy wife for long enough to never take her appearance for granted but to always put in the requisite effort.

Only after she finished her hair and applied her makeup perfectly did Kristina allow herself to smile. She knew she looked good and that any man with a pulse would be attracted to her stunning Scandinavian beauty. She nibbled on a muffin and a banana and drank half a cup of black coffee for breakfast and after retouching her lipstick she headed out on her mission.

Before long Kristina was behind the wheel of her Lexus and approaching the city. She had dressed simply that day in a pair of yoga pants with a black tank top and cross training sneakers and her long red hair was in a simple pony tail. Kristina sang along to Adele’s latest song of heartbreak as she piloted the luxury vehicle on the now busy streets. After yesterday she had made sure to locate the folder that held the vehicle registration as well as the roadside assistance card so that there would be no repeats of what had transpired.

When she turned onto the street that contained Miguel’s shop Kristina experienced the feeling of butterflies in her stomach from anticipation. She managed to squeeze in a last set of kegel’s as the destination neared.
When she arrived she saw that no car was being serviced and that Miguel was standing and talking with another man who also appeared to be of Latin American background. Kristina pulled in and deftly parked in an open area of the yard before shutting off the engine. A quick check in her visor mirror assured her that the makeup was perfect after which she climbed from the car.


While she approached the shop the other man began rapidly walking away although he did look back twice and on the second occasion Miguel called out to him in Spanish and delivered some phrases in a staccato fashion. He turned to Kristina with a broad smile on his swarthy countenance and his eyes again drank in her beauty. While his gaze swept over her Kristina felt her nipples begin to harden under her thin top.

“Senora it is good to see you today” he began “and may I ask how I can be of service again?”

Miguel put such emphasis on the word service that Kristina felt her cheeks redden with embarrassment because she clearly understood what he meant.

“Hello Miguel. I do hope you can help me. Yesterday while I was here I believe that I lost one of my earrings and I was wondering if you found it.”

He spread his arms wide as if helpless but she couldn’t help noticing the power they exuded even with such a simple gesture.

“I am very sorry senora but I haven’t seen any earring but feel free to look for it in the bed we shared.”

As Miguel spoke his eyes felt like they were burning her especially as they spent most of the time on her shapely bosom. He opened the door to the shop allowing her to pass inside but she was surprised when he remained outside. Maybe he had no knowledge of her lost jewelry and was simply allowing her to search for it she surmised. Kristina hurried to the back of the shop where the cot was located and began looking. She was unable to prevent herself from reliving what had transpired there yesterday and felt herself becoming moist from the memories.

Though she checked the cot even shaking out the stained blanket her earring didn’t turn up. Kristina actually crawled underneath the cot frame to search but it was an equally fruitless task. Since she had already inquired with the day spa she had also visited yesterday Kristina had now come to a dead end in her search for the missing earring.

She stood up at her wit’s end when the shop door opened and Miguel entered followed by two men. They were similar to him in features and stature but they remained just inside the shop while Miguel limped toward the back where Kristina stood.

“Any luck senora?” he inquired of her. Kristina just shook her head no in reply.

“I have an idea that might work. See those two men over there?” he said gesturing to the duo by the door. “They are day laborers who don’t have any woman at home so they are lonely. Maybe you can be extra nice to them and maybe your earring will turn up afterwards.”

Kristina’s mouth opened in shock from what Miguel suggested. He expected her to service these friends of his as the price for returning her property. She may well have returned with the hopes of again being with Miguel but he had another thing coming if he thought that she was a common trollop.

“How dare you suggest what I’m thinking you are Miguel. I don’t know what kind of woman you think I am…” she got out before he interrupted her.

“After yesterday we both know you are a puta so let us not play games senora. You no doubt returned today with the hope that I would again satisfy you in a way your husband cannot” he said with a smirk. “And once you are a good little puta with these men I will fill you again with my big dick. But if you don’t want to, that is okay too. If your earring does turn up I will contact Mr. Thorson and let him know that I found it.”

“How do you know who my husband is?” Kristina asked, surprise written clearly on her face.

“DMV records are public senora and all one has to do is ask about a license plate number to find out who the car is registered to. Your Lexus is under the name Carl Thorson who I believe is your husband.”

Kristina’s shoulders slumped as she realized that Miguel held all the aces right now. If he called Carl about the earring that would cause too many questions even if he didn’t reveal everything. At the least Carl would rage over her losing such valuable jewelry and if he told him everything? Kristina didn’t wish to even consider that possibility. She knew she was beaten and so did Miguel.

“What is it you want from me?” she asked in a quiet voice. Miguel smiled and his hand cupped her chin and tilted it so her blue eyes looked into his.

“Very good senora, what I want from you is obedience to start. Understand that from now on I am your master and you will do as I tell you. Your first job is a small one and very easy for a puta like you. All those two men want from you is for you to use your pretty mouth to bring them pleasure. Do a good job and maybe next time they will want more but that is it for now. Afterwards we can have a good time. If I was you I would remove your shirt so you don’t get anything on it if you understand me.”

Kristina choked back a sob as she pulled her top over her head. She hadn’t worn a brassiere in anticipation of getting physical with Miguel who now was walking to the two men. He exchanged a high five and some money changed hands with one of them as they passed each other before he exited the shop. Wordlessly she sank to her knees as the men reached her. They were both undoing their fly zippers but the older man assumed a position directly in front of her.

Once he freed his erection he wasted no time in guiding it to her open mouth. She closed her eyes and just tried to concentrate on the act of fellatio not why she was doing it or to whom. She felt his hardness with her tongue which she swirled around the head causing the man to groan loudly. He was of average size at best so she could easily swallow him deep with little difficulty. Kristina bobbed her head up and down his shaft, her lips clinging to the sensitive flesh as it worked along it.

The man was making a series of grunts and groans as she played his skin flute when with no further warning he cried out “Madre de Dios” as he exploded in her warm mouth. His creamy jism filled her mouth but Kristina swallowed it down as fast as he shot it. Within a minute he was finished and putting his satisfied cock back into his trousers.

His partner eagerly pulled Kristina’s head in his direction after which she then took him deep. The second man was both longer and thicker though not enough to give her problems. The biggest difference was that this one was much more aggressive in his actions. He thrust deeply into her mouth almost making Kristina gag and his dirty hand managed to reach down and cruelly pinch her nipple causing her to wince.

His other hand grabbed her ponytail with which he pulled her head forward. Trying to finish him as fast as possible Kristina managed to deep throat the man taking him in her mouth to the root. He pumped a few more times but when her hand fondled his balls he came quickly shooting his load straight down her throat. She glared up at him once he pulled from her mouth but in his post orgasmic bliss he didn’t even notice.

Kristina looked toward the door now and saw that both Miguel and the man she saw him with when she arrived were standing inside talking and looking her way. The two day laborers shuffled toward the exit and exchanged pleasantries with their compatriots as they passed out.

Miguel and his amigo now came her way with their motives written clearly on their faces as well as being revealed in their bulges. When Kristina attempted to rise Miguel laid a heavy hand on her shoulder keeping her in place.

“No don’t move senora as that is your place kneeling before men” he instructed her.

He spoke to his friend who then pushed his trousers to mid thigh before stretching out on the cot. Miguel gestured to Kristina for her to move closer to the cot. She crawled there where the man reached out and guided her mouth to his erection. It was again in the average sized range but it was somewhat curved like a banana. She began to run her tongue the length of it before swallowing the head. As she did Kristina felt her yoga pants and bikini panties yanked down and Miguel’s hand touch her pussy.

His finger slipped into her opening and in spite of herself she felt her wetness grow. Soon a second thick finger worked in next to the first at which point he rapidly thrust them in and out of her juicy canal. After a minute he removed the digits but they were almost immediately replaced by his thick organ. Kristina had to pull her mouth off the other man’s cock as Miguel drove deep inside her at first to prevent from accidentally biting him.

“Good puta, take my cock” Miguel said as he forced his shaft all the way in her viselike cunt. Once he was all the way in he slapped her ass hard with his open hand before he started to pump her good. After Kristina became accustomed to his pounding she resumed her oral attention on the other man. She was getting it from both ends for the first time in her life, and in spite of the reason why, in a purely physical sense she was enjoying it.

While he rode her doggy style Miguel stuck his thick finger in his mouth and wet it. Once it was soaked in saliva he pushed it against her brown, little hole as he continued with his thrusts. She moaned around the cock in her mouth as he forced his way inside. Kristina had been an anal virgin up to the day before when Miguel’s big meat had battered her there and she was still sore. She couldn’t help but whimper as he finger fucked her hard.

Miguel was fucking as hard as he could but her incredibly tight pussy was overwhelming him and he realized he couldn’t last long. Somehow he managed to increase his tempo and within seconds he felt his cum rushing forth. He withdrew from Kristina while at the same time pulling on her flame colored ponytail. She turned just in time for his first shot of cum to collide with the porcelain skin of her jaw.

His hand stroked his shaft rapidly sending rope after white rope onto her pretty face. Miguel laughed as he painted her with the fruits of his labor until no more came. He released her hair and pushed her back to his friend where she resumed sucking. Kristina was cradling the man’s balls as her lips caressed his tube, alternating sucking and kissing up and down the length. She heard the man was talking to Miguel in Spanish and a minute later she felt a sharp smack on her pale posterior. When she looked back at Miguel he had a crooked grin.

“Lift your leg puta” he ordered and once she managed to raise one off the hard floor Miguel yanked the yoga pants down and past her sneaker. They repeated the process with the other leg leaving her in just her sneakers.

“My amigo wants you to ride his cock puta, with your fiery pussy. So get goin’, okay.”


Kristina quickly complied and if she was partially motivated by the thought of the man’s hardness being buried in her pinkness, well who could blame her? She straddled the man before reaching back and grasping his shaft in her delicate hand. She guided it to the entrance of her wet, little pussy and after rubbing it a few times against her swollen lips she sank down on it. Kristina let out a low moan as the curved shaft worked deep inside her stimulating her internal nerves.

The man’s strong hands pulled her all the way down at which point he thrust up to meet her. Their flesh collided with a soft slapping sound as they built up a rhythm. She rested her hands against the material covering his broad chest as she rode him. Suddenly Miguel’s hand again slapped her ass and he laughed.

“Ride him fast baby like he is a bull.”

Miguel then pushed her torso forward bringing her shapely breasts close to the other man’s mouth. He took advantage by sucking the white flesh while gently biting her pink nipple. That sent a signal to Kristina’s already excited pussy exciting it further. Her eyes were closed tightly as she felt her pleasure increase between his mouth on her breast and his curved cock hitting her g-spot with each movement. She increased her tempo while at the same time squeezing her internal muscles.

The almost instantaneous result was a powerful orgasm centered deep in her core. His cock was soaked by her juices which flooded her canal before seeping out to his thighs. Kristina collapsed onto his chest, momentarily overcome by the intensity of her climax. The man under her continued with his short powerful thrusts extending the life of her orgasm. Just then she felt Miguel’s finger again playing with her tight back hole.

The cot groaned from the added strain placed on it as Miguel climbed on as well. His amigo wrapped his arm around Kristina’s waist holding her immobile as Miguel positioned himself behind her. His finger was replaced by his again swollen cock head as it attempted to gain entrance to her unfilled back door. Realizing was he was attempting filled her with trepidation.

“Miguel are you trying to do what I think…” she started to say before he cut her off with his hand seizing her chin in its iron grip.

“Puta I told you before that I was your master. It is not your place to question me but only to follow my orders and bring me pleasure.”

After saying that he pushed his hips forward impaling her ass with his thick slab. Kristina cried out but Miguel continued working deeper and ignored her cries of pain. Soon he was buried to the hilt in her booty and Kristina was filled like never before in her life.

“Now move it puta and show us a good time” Miguel instructed his submissive senora.

She started to move her hips up and down, swallowing then releasing both their erections as she built up a rhythm. The bottom man played with her sensitive breasts as Miguel’s rough hands squeezed the tender flesh of her thighs. Kristina had never experienced such a sexual overload before in her life. Both her holes were filled and other body parts were stimulated but beyond that by being thoroughly dominated, she was satisfied in her mind.

Two orgasms had already overtaken her when the man underneath her filling her pussy had cried out and stiffened. His cum filled her tunnel which gripped and milked his member. Miguel pulled out leaving her gaping for a moment as he guided her up. His amigo rolled off the cot laughing as he adjusted his pants. Miguel pushed Kristina onto her back on the cot once it was empty and as soon she was arranged to his liking he again slid in her ass.

“Play with yourself puta. I want to watch you touch your pussy while I fuck your ass.”

Her slim white fingers stroked her pinkness as his thickness pounded her little hole. His hands grasped her toned calves as he went balls deep with each thrust now. Kristina’s thumb made little circular motions around her clit while a finger sloshed inside her pink canal. In combination with his relentless anal assault she soon was at the brink again.

“I’m cumming” she cried out, her face reflecting the mixture of pain and pleasure she was feeling at the moment.

As Kristina’s face contorted from her orgasm Miguel increased his tempo until he was joining her. He grabbed her throat but not hard enough to restrict her breathing but only to let her feel it.

“Ah puta your tight ass is making me shoot my cum” he growled as he swelled deep in her.

Kristina felt each spurt as it shot deep in her bowels and Miguel grunted with satisfaction as his balls emptied their load. Once not a drop remained he withdrew his softening prick from her but left his hand on her neck. He managed to bring his cock close to her full, red lips.

“Kiss it” he simply said and Kristina responded by brushing her mouth against the sensitive underside before taking the whole head inside. Her tongue swirled around it making sure it was clean while also driving him mad with her teasing. Her lips released him and then she smiled up at him wantonly.

“Thank you master” she said simply.

His fingers stroked her throat absently as he tried to read her eyes and what she was thinking. Pleasure was reflected in them as well as something deeper that revealed part of her soul. Surprising even himself he leaned down and kissed her sluttish mouth with passion.

“That was nice senora but it is time for me to get back to work” he told her as he fixed himself.

Only after he was finished and heading to the exit did Kristina move.

“Master do you wish more from me or may I get dressed?”

He paused as he thought about it before replying to her.

“Get dressed then come to me with your cell phone.”

Miguel disappeared outside as Kristina dressed in silence. She felt the cum sloshing around in both her well used fuck holes as she pulled her panties up. For some strange reason she grinned like an idiot because of this, not that she could explain why. Kristina walked to the shop exit on legs that wobbled from the severe fucking she had received moments earlier.

Her eyes blinked from the bright sun when she left the gloom of the shop interior to go outside. Miguel was again talking with his friend as she approached. He held his hand out until she placed her phone in it. His fingers punched in some numbers causing the phone on his belt to ring out. He handed her phone back to her after that while also returning her missing earring.

“I will put you on my speed dial now. No matter when I call you will answer right away and if I need you I expect you to drop everything and come. Do you understand my puta?”

“Yes master” she said as she averted her eyes from his.

“Very good. You may go” he told her dismissively. Following that he simply ignored her and resumed his conversation with his amigo.

She walked to her car on shaky legs and climbed inside. Once she arrived home Kristina decided to she needed a hot bath not only to clean the sex from her but also to soothe her aching body. Fifteen minutes later as she soaked her phone went off buzzing. She managed to retrieve it and saw that she had received a message. Once she opened it she almost dropped the phone in the water due to what she saw.

A picture appeared on the screen that was obviously taken earlier in the day. It was of her on her knees as the two men stood there with their cocks in her face. That picture was followed by another even more shocking to her. It showed Miguel and his friend as they double penetrated her and her mouth was open in a moan.

The pictures were followed by a short text message. [My puta just remember I have many such pictures from my security camera. If you don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands – obey. Miguel your master]

Kristina’s finger hovered over the delete button but instead she stopped. Instead her fingers crept between her legs and started to busy themselves there as she stared at the picture. Before long she was biting her lip as she relived her earlier encounter.

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