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A teen loses her boyfriend and finds herself in a Halloween attraction


She feared it would be a waste of time, but Nikki finally acceded to Jake’s suggestion they tour the new “Haunted House” he’d visited with some of his other friends. It wasn’t the sort of thing that interested her, but Jake wanted to do it, so here she was. She wanted to wait for Sara, who was late, but Jake was impatient, so they were going in now and Sara would be on her own.

It was the story of Nikki’s relationship with Jake, and the boys before him. She might be an attractive, intelligent young woman, but for some reason, if a boy was standing in front of her, it was as if she had no spine. The only exception was that she didn’t put out — at all. They were boys, but her father was a man and the prospect of disappointing him was unthinkable.

Nikki took another look around, hoping Sara would show at the last minute, and wondered if Jake was going to break up with her. She felt they were drifting apart, possibly because he was starting to understand that her uncharacteristically stubborn refusal to hook up wasn’t going to fade. The teen hoped he wasn’t going to try pawing her in some dark hallway within this place.

The operation was set up in an emptied former grocery store, evidently leased for the month. People of all ages milled outside, drawn by the large and lurid “Little House of Horrors” sign surrounding the entrance. The admission seemed steep to Nikki, but Jake didn’t hesitate to count out the cover for both of them; she reminded herself he’d already been through and evidently felt it was worth the price.

Once inside, she became disoriented almost immediately and stumbled along through the darkness, flashing lights, and artificial fog. There was lots of fog. Knots of people worked their way through the maze, alternately screaming in surprise and laughing at some of the almost comically stereotypical scenes they encountered.

Nikki grudgingly admitted to herself that the quality of the effects and costumes almost justified the admission, and that she was enjoying herself more than she’d expected. In fact, she wished Jake wasn’t hurrying them past some of the cleverer scenarios quite so quickly.

She was about to complain when Jake exclaimed and pulled her sideways, off the route most of the people were following and through a passage that wasn’t particularly obvious, even without the darkness and ever-present fog. A chill draft raised goose bumps on Nikki’s arms. The teen wondered if they’d taken a wrong turn, but new screams sounded ahead of them and she could see the passage opening onto another room.

The pair, part of a much smaller eddy of guests, moved more slowly now. The tableaux were just as violent as before, but missing the element of sardonic humor that had colored the earlier scenes, and so sexually graphic Nikki had difficulty believing her eyes.

They passed through a room where a masked man, drenched in red and waving a hatchet, chased screaming, half-clad coeds back and forth around a table. Nikki had seen more T&A on cable TV, but it still seemed awfully graphic for kids. She looked around, but there weren’t any youngsters present — just more of the black-clad bouncers than she’d seen in the first rooms.

A curtain of drifting fog showered over them as they moved into the next room. Nikki stopped short, shocked at the scene. Several black men surrounded a white girl, apparently gang-raping her. It had to be make-believe, just like the others, but they were all completely naked and it sure looked like their hard cocks were penetrating her…

Ready to be done with this, Nikki uncharacteristically grabbed Jake’s arm and tugged him in the direction of the exit. Unfortunately, it merely opened into another room. Gaping, Nikki realized that if the previous scene had left nothing to her imagination, this one far surpassed her imagination. A young man, sporting a raging erection, was chained up and being whipped by a dominatrix. As they watched, a last blow landed and he came violently, spraying semen everywhere.

Nikki was grossed out by the sticky droplet on her forearm, but Jake laughed hysterically, gasping out, “that’s gotta hurt!” He started to move closer, but a bouncer stoically herded them towards the room’s exit.

Lights strobed in the darkness and Nikki screamed as a pair of shapely, and scantily clad, vampires accosted them. One of them, a brunette, smiled widely at Nikki, baring gleaming fangs, and leaned forward to lick the still-warm scum from the teen’s arm. Her blonde companion pressed herself against Jake’s body, groping him roughly.

Nikki wriggled free from a wet kiss and the blonde straight-armed Jake. The provocative girls shouted “trick or treat!” in unison as the lights went out again. This time the doorway led to a short dogleg passage and the welcome relief of daylight.

“Damn!” Jake cursed, pushing at the obvious wet spot at his crotch. Any ambivalence Nikki felt disappeared when he suggested, “let’s go through again!”

“Now?” Disbelief warred with disgust; a year would be too soon. “You can go by yourself. I’m going home.” Both of them stared at each other, equally surprised by her impertinence, before Jake whirled away and stalked off. Luckily for Nikki, it wasn’t that long a walk.

Mr. Poplin’s lecture the next day was completely wasted on Nikki, who spent the entire hour seated in the back of the classroom whispering to her best friend, Sara. Sara’s news was riveting — she’d gotten to the Little House of Horrors late, and seen Jake with some other girl!

Convinced he wouldn’t just cheat on her like that, but shaken, Nikki probed for details; they weren’t reassuring. Sara had arrived in time to see Jake near the head of the line, but he’d gone inside before Sara could catch him; she’d just assumed that Nikki was with him. He hadn’t exited until after she did. When he emerged, it had been in the company of an older blonde. Nikki’s eyes narrowed as she thought of the blonde vampire.

Under repeated questioning, Sara remained confident that she hadn’t passed him inside the House; and she hadn’t seen anything remotely like the veiled descriptions Nikki provided of the latter rooms. Unfortunately, Nikki’s vagueness served only to inflame Sara’s curiosity, and she found herself agreeing to accompany her friend on another visit after school.

Later that afternoon, Nikki stood in line with Sara, wondering why she was blowing off her homework and squandering her hard-earned disposable income to revisit such an offensive, and probably illegal, attraction. She forced a smile as she paid her admission and soon the girls were making their way inside.

Finding the turnoff was not as easy as Nikki imagined; she hadn’t paid close attention the previous day, and apparently some of the exhibits rotated; no wonder people kept coming back. Just when Nikki began to think she must have missed it completely, an apparently out of place bouncer drew her attention to a familiar-looking corner. He watched them carefully as the girls approached, but made no move to interfere as they walked through the cascading fog and out of the room. Nikki could already hear labored grunting ahead as they felt their way down the dark passageway.

“Jesus!” exclaimed Sara, sounding shaken, when she caught sight of the naked sweating bodies. Nikki felt the same way, but had known roughly what to expect and was able to remain silent. It was another gang rape scene, but this time it was a guy at the center of attention, taking it in the mouth and ass as another pair of burley goons held him down while waiting their turns.

“You saw this yesterday?” Sara whispered as they squeezed behind a man who was opening masturbating as he watched and found the passage to the next room.

“Sort of — it was a girl then,” confirmed Nikki. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” A scream, definitely feminine, sounded through the smoke-filled hallway. She thought about turning around and just going back, but the silent bouncer behind them met her gaze with a forbidding look. The teen walked a little more quickly to catch up with Sara.

Nikki had to push her friend the rest of the way into the next room so she could see what was happening ahead. The stupid fog obscured everything before a draft wafted it aside. A screaming girl, wearing only a bikini top, was backing away from a large German shepherd. The growling dog, shredded bikini bottom in its mouth, paced slowly toward the girl. It sported an obscenely large red erection.

“I so do not need to see this,” Nikki hissed under her breath, tugging at her lead-footed friend’s arm. “C’mon, Sara, let’s go.” She swore the watching bouncer almost cracked a grin, but she spared only a momentary glare at him while struggling to get the other girl moving. “Are you okay?”

Sara nodded weakly. Nikki could only imagine what was going through her head; her friend’s mother had an absolute phobia about dogs, and a lifetime of “cautionary” horror stories meant that any canine, no matter how meek and inoffensive, was enough to make Sara uncomfortable. Nikki shook her head. “Hey, I’m sorry — if I’d had any idea…”

The next stop in the physically and mentally dark and twisty madhouse provided a surprising resolution to their quest. The room was blessedly quiet, although it meant Nikki could hear it when the girl in the last room stopped screaming and started moaning. There was a man chained atop a table in the center of the room. The blonde vampire bent over him, sucking his blood-stained cock, and the brunette vampire crouched atop his face, hissing and displaying her fangs. She smiled widely as she recognized Nikki and rose.

Fury burned through Nikki as Jake’s moisture-slicked face was revealed. Whether it was directed at Jake or the vampirette was something to think about later.

“Did you bring your little friend for me?” the fiend asked, leaping to the floor with catlike grace and advancing toward the girls.

If she seemed blithely unaware of her nudity, Nikki certainly was not. Her mind screamed “run!” but her feet felt pinned beneath her.

The girls shrieked like damned souls when hands fell upon their shoulders. “That’s enough, ladies,” the bouncer announced, and moved them inexorably in the direction of the exit.

“Happy Halloween,” offered the brunette, blowing Nikki a kiss. Jake looked like he was about to say something, but lay back with a moan when the blonde renewed her attentions to his erection.

The sunlight outside seemed grey and Sara was uncharacteristically silent when the girls parted company. Nikki nursed her anger through dinner, and finally boiled over when Jake called later that evening.

“I’ve had it,” she snapped at the phone. “I can’t trust you and I don’t like you. We’re through!”

“Fine!” Jake shouted over the line. “At least I can find a girl who knows how to please a man!”

Stricken, Nikki hung up immediately. He’d always claimed to respect her desire to wait, but apparently that had been a lie, too. Well, she was better off without him.

Nikki slept restlessly, disturbed by dreams. She was blowing Jake, better than that fanged-up blonde ever had, and then he was eating her. It was something he’d never done in real life, her dream-self reflected, but it felt really good. There was something about the feel of the smooth soft skin gliding across hers… Nikki realized it was a girl’s face buried in her bare crotch, orgasmed, and woke up.

She tried to put the entire experience, and Jake, out of her mind and behind her, but it seemed like half the school had nothing better to do than talk about the Little House of Horrors — even if it was clear few, if any of them, knew about the real horrors there.

It didn’t help that apparently everybody knew Jake had dumped her — but I broke up with him, she fumed every time — and was hanging out with the blonde. Sara was silent during school and nonexistent outside of it, apparently more shaken than she’d let on.

Nikki lasted two days before unwanted but lingering attraction to Jake, half-remembered erotic dreams, and jealousy of the blonde finally overcame her better instincts. Mad at herself even before she left home, Nikki headed down to the Little House of Horrors early Saturday before opening to look for Jake.

Nikki had circled the building twice, watching the back entrance used by the staff, and still hadn’t seen him. She was surprised to be greeted by an older girl.

After a long moment, Nikki recognized the brunette vampire — in street clothes, with no makeup or fangs, and with a dark most unvampire-like tan, she looked quite different. “Hi,” she responded uncertainly, “I’m Nikki.”

“Nice to meet you, Nikki; I’m Liz,” smiled the brunette. “Are you looking for your friend?”

Nikki nodded, not comfortable with saying anything more.

It apparently was answer enough for Liz, who smiled again and gestured towards the entrance. “C’mon; I’ll walk you in.” Together they passed a gauntlet of security and entered the building.

The maintenance halls were better lit than the public passages, but still winding and filled with the same drifting artificial fog and smoke. They passed a number of performers, not in character but for the most part scantily clad.

Liz stopped to peer through a peephole, and moved on. At the second peephole, she nodded and stood aside for Nikki to look. Muted grunting and panting filtered through the closed door.

Nikki looked through the small window; it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the lighting on the other side. It was Sara, on all fours, getting fucked — by a dog! She was facing away from the public passage so her face was hidden from the gaping onlookers, but Nikki could see the arousal written on it.

She whirled away from the window, face flaming, and her initial outrage faded as if it were wiped away by the passing fog.

Liz eyed her with thinly veiled amusement. “You think you know somebody…”

“I…” Nikki had to swallow and try again. “I, I meant Jake.” She took another breath and felt calmer. “You know, the boy, with your friend?”

“Oh. Oops, sorry,” Liz apologized, without looking particularly apologetic. “Let’s keep looking.”

The next window revealed a man, masked and chained into a stock, being whipped by a woman while the blonde, in dominatrix drag, pulled his face into her crotch. The lighting wasn’t good, but Nikki recognized the birthmark on Jake’s back.

Her hand was on the knob before she realized it, but Liz restrained her before she could turn it. “You can’t go out there like this,” the brunette explained, stepping between Nikki and the door. “You have to stay in character and reasonably unidentifiable.” She shrugged. “Those are the house rules. You want at him, you change.”

Nikki let herself be herded away, to what turned out to be a large coed dressing room.

“Is she old enough to be here?” inquired a seedy-looking man who didn’t seem to be doing anything in particular.

“Yes, boss,” Liz assured him. “I’m just borrowing her from the slumber party.”

It was a little disconcerting to be changing in front of so many people, but they didn’t seem to be paying much attention to her. Nikki just faced the wall and tried to pretend they didn’t exist.

She ended up in a brown leather miniskirt that came to about an inch below her crotch — just enough to hide her black hip hugger panties — heeled boots that came within a hand’s width of the skirt, and a matching leather halter top that emphasized her bust. Liz helped cover her hair with a long auburn wig, and a small black mask obscured the top of her face.

Liz got her back to the right doorway and pushed her into the room before Nikki had time to think. The woman behind Jake handed the flail to Nikki and walked around the stock to take the blonde’s place. The blonde swayed out the door to join Liz.

Was this real? Nikki wondered. She hesitated, looking down at Jake’s reddened ass. The few people watching shifted restlessly, and the dominatrix looked a silent question at her down the length of Jake’s exposed body. A streamer of fog spilled from the ceiling, its coolness somehow comforting her.

Nikki landed the flail, watching Jake’s buttocks clench and his erection quiver. “Don’t know how to please you, do I?” she muttered under her breath, and proceeded to lay into him more forcefully.

She couldn’t say later how much time had passed, but eventually Jake jetted his cum onto the floor and Nikki orgasmed at the sight. Biting her lip and catching her breath, she raised her arm again, determined to draw blood from the inflamed ass before her.

The other dominatrix captured her upraised wrist, breaking Nikki’s concentration. The teen transferred her gaze to the woman, who flinched; another rush of moisture dripped into Nikki’s sodden panties.

Somebody got Nikki “off stage” and back into the service hallway. A girl, obviously intended as a replacement for Jake, was waiting there. She looked composed, apparently uncaring of her nudity, and a few years older than Nikki. The teen fought an urge to pull the girl’s face into her sopping gash, and settled for slapping her ass as she moved past toward the dressing room.

Changing back into her street clothes was like sliding back into her previous life; feeling drained, Nikki walked home nursing a splitting headache and barely touched her dinner before falling into bed.

Nikki awakened late the next morning after another night of erotic lesbian dreams. I am not a lesbian, she told herself, and concentrated on Jake’s cock. Or maybe squeezing his balls… Without having thought about it, she knew she was going back to the House. But, knowing what she did now, it didn’t seem like her wardrobe was up to snuff. A visit to Victoria’s Secret seemed in order.

She browsed the bra and panty sets, looking for something sexy and skimpy and not too padded; her own assets were more than adequate, if not overly generous. Nikki’s attention kept wandering to the other shoppers in the store, gauging them the same way she did the lingerie.

A clerk finally approached her, offering to help with sizing and fitting. There was something about her Nikki couldn’t place, but she decided to accept; it wouldn’t hurt to make sure she hadn’t changed cup sizes. A few minutes later, they were in a changing room with a few likely choices and Nikki was topless.

The teen felt hot with the clerk’s eyes on her stiff nipples. Something about the other’s stance clicked and Nikki recognized Jake’s replacement from the previous night — obviously minus a wig.

Without stopping to consider the impulse, Nikki pulled the girl forward, roughly guiding the other’s face to her breast. Lips parted and a tongue teased her nipple. It was so hot, she wanted more.

Her hands found the girl’s shoulders and pushed down. “Suck me!” she hissed.

“No,” the clerk demurred, but Nikki didn’t let up on the pressure. After a timeless moment of uncertainty, delicate fingers began unfastening her jeans. A rush of power filled the teen’s body before turning to molten nectar that flooded her pussy and, shortly afterwards, the clerk’s hungry mouth.

That afternoon, Nikki strode confidently through the staff entrance without a second look from security and headed straight to the changing room. Her new lace thong was soaked before she finished dressing.

On stage, there wasn’t quite the same frisson of excitement she’d felt the previous day. Possibly it was because Nikki didn’t know either the woman jerking beneath her lash or the man who was fucking the woman’s face. Not quite bored, and slacking off a bit so their victim wouldn’t accidently bite her partner’s cock, the teen scanned her audience.

A couple about her age caught her attention. They were both kind of cute, and had the same wide-eyed look Nikki realized she must have worn on her first visit. She caught and held the girl’s eyes and felt her own arousal increase.

Nikki reversed the handle of her lash and inserted it slowly into the glistening folds of the grunting slave and began to pump it in and out. She never looked away from the girl, whose eyes widened further as she realized she’d attracted Nikki’s attention.

The girl began furtively rubbing her crotch, unnoticed by her boyfriend, and her lips parted. Nikki was creaming her panties, trying to beam the heat inside her across the width of the room.

Her partner panted as he pumped a load into the slave’s mouth; she artfully let some of it spill out while conspicuously swallowing the remainder. The boyfriend jerked back to awareness and dragged the girl with him out of the room, leaving both her and Nikki unsatisfied.

Nikki was back in the changing room after her shift when the boss strolled in and announced, “We need more bodies for the harem set.” He looked around, absentmindedly pushing his greasy hair back, and pointed. “You — new girl — we need you now.”

Reluctantly, Nikki joined some of the other girls who were donning gauzy outfits and veils. She wasn’t really interested, but didn’t want to call attention to the fact that her “employment” was, at best, irregular.

Unlike the other girls, Nikki had sturdy cuffs locked securely around her wrists and ankles. Not liking where this was going, she struggled but found herself easily restrained by a pair of burley guards. They obviously were security guys, clad in mufti; rather than pretending to be eunuchs, the two sported ostentatious cock cages.

They dragged her down to the “large room,” now swathed in wall hangings, accompanied by the crowd of harem girls. Nikki looked around, wondering what was going to happen next.

“We must make her ready for the Sultan!” proclaimed one of the women. Nikki screamed and fought unsuccessfully to pull free of her captors. Appreciative catcalls from the audience demonstrated their approval of her “acting.”

The harem clustered around her, ripping away Nikki’s costume until she was left with only the cuffs and veil. The men forced her down onto a low Y-shaped platform and secured her cuffs to short chains before stepping back.

Several women moved forward and began to massage oil onto Nikki’s squirming body. They took care to position themselves so the audience had a good view, and spent much longer on her breasts and privates than the rest of her. When they finished, Nikki’s nipples were erect and her lips had flowered open.

Nikki’s initial thrashing had largely subsided, and she stilled entirely when she caught sight of the straight-edged razor brandished by the senior wife. “No,” she moaned, although she knew the plea was useless.

The woman had a steady hand and gracefully denuded Nikki’s mound without obscuring the spectators’ view of the action. More oil soothed the newly-shorn flesh and was worked gently but thoroughly into the teen’s tight pussy and rosebud. Summoned by an imperious gesture, the youngest — well, most petite — member of the harem approached and knelt on a tufted pillow between Nikki’s legs.

She dipped her head and began lapping delicately at the folds of Nikki’s sex, and then her swollen clit. The girl remained totally silent and never moved her hands from her sides, but eventually Nikki was arching her back in a futile attempt to drive the maddening tongue deeper into her creaming gash while using anachronistic language that didn’t seem to bother anybody.

“The Sultan!” exclaimed one of the women. Nikki’s tormentress backed away, leaving the teen gasping and unsatisfied, and she opened her eyes and looked about. The harem cleared a path between the Sultan and Nikki; he approached with a slow, imperious swagger. Nikki took in the rich fabric of his costume, the jeweled turban covering his stringy hair, and the improbably large codpiece he wore. She jerked uselessly at her chains, mouth suddenly dry again, as he stopped and surveyed her with frank approval.

At a small gesture from their master, two of the harem approached. The first unfastened the codpiece, revealing an erect cock with a slightly larger metallic duplicate suspended below it. She backed away, bowing, as her companion began oiling and stroking both of the Sultan’s organs. Soon the natural penis had enlarged slightly to match the dimensions of its artificial twin, and both shone in the uneven lighting. He waved the woman aside.

Without further delay, and ignoring Nikki’s frantic protests, he stepped closer and unceremoniously thrust himself into the screaming Nikki. She was tight, but the copious natural and artificial lubrication did its job. There was a momentary resistance as Nikki’s hymen gave way, and then he was buried fully in her cunt and ass.

The briefest hint of surprise crossed his face, but the Sultan’s composure returned immediately. Back in character, he boomed with delight, “aaaaaah, the feel of a virgin!”

“Fuck you, motherfucker!” Nikki screamed. “Rape! Get off me!”

Displeased, he gestured and Nikki’s face was immediately covered by a bared female mound. The cocks inside her began pumping back and forth while the pussy, leaking fragrant nectar, rubbed against her face, muffling Nikki’s protests.

At some point she gave up and extended her tongue. The pace of her fucking picked up, and a delicate finger began teasing Nikki’s clit. The Sultan rammed himself all the way inside her, and she felt him cum, shooting his load into her body. Then, thankfully, he was gone.

Nikki’s view remained blocked by the girl creaming into her mouth, but she felt it as the rest of the harem clustered around her. A tongue began cleaning her open gash, reminding her of her dreams, and other knowing touches began stroking her flanks and breasts. The teen’s arousal ratcheted higher. When her rider shuddered and flooded Nikki’s face, she was not far behind.

She realized her cuffs had been removed when the others moved her arms to place one hand on an anonymous breast and inserted fingers of the other into moist folds of flesh. The girl atop her finally climbed off and Nikki could see again.

Her eyes settled on Liz, for once minus fangs and clad only in a harem veil. “Trick or treat,” the brunette teased, before leaning in for an aggressive kiss and tweaking Nikki’s nipple. A different mouth fastened on her other breast, and hands raised her legs, moist tongues running down their length. Somebody who really knew what she was doing began fingering her clit, and a warm breath warned Nikki just before a tongue brushed her tender rosebud.

The teen orgasmed hard, and began gasping again almost immediately under the delicious stimulus flooding nearly every inch of her body.

Nikki awakened in her bed, with no memory at all of how she’d gotten there. She was sore all over, especially inside, and had a ring dangling prettily from one nipple. If she’d been a drinker, she would have thought she was nursing a hangover. The teen ran a hand thoughtfully across her bare mound before getting dressed. Dad would have a heart attack if he knew about this, she mused, but the thought didn’t have much urgency behind it.

Jake approached her between classes; she realized it was the first time he’d wanted to talk to her since their first visit to the House. “Hey, Nikki…”

Her last throbbing nerve twanged. Cutting him off, Nikki grabbed Jake literally by the balls and squeezed, slamming him against the wall with weight of her body. “I don’t want to hear it!” she snarled.

“You wanted us to be over, fine. Go see your blonde slut, why don’t you? Just leave me alone!” She twisted and felt him cum in his pants.

Nikki walked away with a smirk on her face, heedless of the respectful onlookers parting around her. Boys, she thought, who needs them?

She was on her way to the Little House of Horrors right after the last bell; homework could wait for some other time. It wasn’t like Halloween was going to wait on her convenience.

The teen was curiously pleased to see the locker she’d been using sported a “Nikki” nametag on it. It contained the outfit she seemed to have inherited, and she started undressing as Sara wandered over. Nikki opted to leave the halter in the locker, the better to display her stiff nipples and ring. Besides, Sara was wearing only a collar and leash.

The lights flickered briefly in the pattern Nikki had come to realize meant a shift change was approaching. Sara handed her leash to Nikki and led off into the maze. Maybe, the teen mused as she followed her friend, after this shift she could figure out how people knew what rooms were going to be used.

A few minutes later, Nikki was creaming on Sara’s tongue. She really didn’t need to pull on the leash at all because of the way the pistoning German shepherd forced her friend’s face into her wet gash, but the audience liked it. The fog-laden air felt pleasantly cool against her bare skin, and Nikki’s head was finally clearing. The teen sucked in a deep breath and held it, feeling the tightness in her body increase, and then gasped into her first orgasm of the day.

The remainder of the afternoon demonstrated some logistical cleverness on somebody’s part. The assignment board was glaringly obvious once her attention was directed to it, and it clarified the rotating offset shifts and rooms that allowed for cast and set changes without interrupting the lucrative flow of visitors.

Nikki learned she was on “ALIEN I (PG)/II” and “SHOWER I/II”, along with a healthy fraction of the other cast members. Costuming involved donning flimsy form-fitting silvery jumpsuits slightly reminiscent of old, bad Sci-Fi movies. She and the others trooped down a short hall to their destination, which bore a large “PG-13!!” sign on the door.

Inside, the prop guys were just finishing up the set. A few heavy dollies sprouted clusters of long purple tentacles that, by the looks of it, were remotely controllable. Strategically placed furniture, and the ever-present drifting fog, obscured the dollies and the hoses and cables running to them. The overall effect was that of a lab or spaceship ripped from some B-grade black and white movie.

One of the men secured a mock tentacle around a leg and lay down on the floor; a rope led from it to a pair of hidden handlers.

“Remember, families here!” warned one of the bouncers as he prepared to open the doors. One of the other girls let out a blood-curdling scream, and the tentacles came to life, waving slowly but menacingly, as the first viewers entered. It was harder than Nikki thought not to laugh as she cringed in mock fear and some of cast ad-libbed lines that had members of the audience chuckling.

Thankfully, the doors closed not too long after Nikki started getting bored. She stretched and looked around to see what to do next; they were supposed to stay in this room.

“Let’s rough it up, people,” called the defacto stage manager, “I want to see T & A!” The others started ripping out seams in their uniforms, paying particular attention to their crotches. Nikki found it didn’t take much effort to rip the cheap fabric, especially once she got a tear started. The teen pulled too hard trying to expose a breast, and her suit tore all the way down the front; what was left wanted to slide off her shoulders unless she held it in place.

“Nice,” smirked the boss, startling Nikki. She hadn’t realized he was there, and couldn’t decide whether to be angry or flattered at his attention. “Get her on number 2, boys.”

Uneasily, Nikki let herself be guided in the direction of one of the dollies; at least she didn’t appear to be getting singled out this time. Three of the prop geeks carefully unwound a coiled tentacle and let it flex back into shape around Nikki’s waist so that it pinned her arms to her sides and held her uniform mostly in place. She strained unobtrusively and was pleased to see it looked tighter than it actually was.

They didn’t stop there. Four smaller tentacles, this time attached to the dolly, were routed her way. Two of them were swabbed with jelly along their tips and inserted gently into her pussy and ass. Another had a small clip concealed in the tip that was snapped to the ring in her nipple. Finally, a transparent lanyard was looped around her neck and clipped to the last tentacle, holding its tip perhaps a foot in front of her face.

After a thumbs-up from the tech boys, the tentacles began to oscillate slowly. A moment later, goo began to drip from the tentacle in front of her and Nikki felt moisture inside her. The overall effect was to leave the viewer with the impression that Nikki was being graphically violated by an alien that also suckled her breast and menaced her face.

The lights flickered, the tentacles picked up their pace slightly, and the stagehands cleared out. Nikki was the first to scream this time, giving her best, “oh my God, no!” It ended with a half-choked gasp as the tentacle unexpectedly jetted goo over her face and into her mouth. Nikki eyed it with increased respect as the doors opened. Black lights concealed overhead made the goo fluoresce as it dripped onto her chest.

She was still a little sore inside, but the smooth movement of the tentacles and the rhythmic throbbing of the pumps inside them heated Nikki. The teen gasped and added another scream for good measure as her nipple was pulled further inside the tentacle clipped to it and then partially released. The person on the remote was good, Nikki conceded, as the apparatus brought her closer and closer to release. She bit her lip, and just as she started shuddering, the tentacles gushed inside her and sprayed goo on her face and breasts.

Nikki felt slick liquid flowing out of her, and regained enough sense of her surroundings to look around and see how the others were doing. Nearly everybody was alight with glowing liquid. Liz’s blonde friend had so much liquid gushing out of her cunt it looked like she was pissing herself, and one of the guys was dry-humping the floor while glowing fluid sprayed from his stuffed ass.

The teen felt full and almost painfully bloated when the shift ended. Helpers emerged from offstage to disengage and disentangle her from the tentacles. She looked with surprise at the older gentleman who extracted the intruder from her cramping bowels and quickly replaced it with a small plug.

“Just minimizing cleanup,” he sighed, shaking his head as he mournfully regarded the glowing puddles everywhere on the floor. “This crap looks great, but it’s a cast-iron bitch to get off the floor. I wish we’d stop using it.” Nikki looked at the glowing back of her hand, where she’d absentmindedly brushed her forehead. “Dump your uniform and get yourself cleaned up.”

It didn’t take much effort for Nikki to strip off the remains of her coverall and toss them in the large garbage can by the door. After that, she scampered naked down the hall, following the girl ahead of her. Away from the black lights, she just looked wet. The teen passed Liz, who waved a greeting, but her bowels weren’t going to wait much longer — plug or no plug.

One of the security guys played traffic control, steering the guys and gals through separate doorways. This time, the audience was there before her. Nikki paused to get her bearings, and hurried toward the bathroom stalls ahead of her. They were typical institutional fare, except there were no doors and they faced the roped-off viewing gallery. She passed stalls that looked like they might have more tentacles or other unpleasant surprises in them, and chose the next-to-the-last stall.

Nikki pulled her plug and voided herself into the toilet, the relief overwhelming any possible reluctance to perform such an intimate act before an audience. She slumped on the seat, relaxing and glad to be off her feet for a few minutes.

Sucking noises from the neighboring stall suggested the glory hole in the back wall was in use. A muted thumping behind her alerted Nikki to the presence of a penis poking through the hole in her stall. Distaining to take notice of it, she stared brazenly at the onlookers and worked to push as much tentacle juice as possible out of her body.

The sudden stream of hot urine raining on her back and hair jerked Nikki to her feet and out of the stall. “Motherfucker!” she yelled, to the jeers of two boys who were watching. Muffled laughter sounded from the other side of the wall. Why had she ever thought she liked boys?

She stalked to the shower room, where a lesbian orgy was in progress under the spray. The floor-length “mirror” probably was a one-way window concealing an axe murderer or something, but Nikki didn’t care. She dove into the mass of soapy soft skin, inquisitive fingers, and parted lips. Nikki came twice; once after pinning that blonde and squirming on her tongue — take that, Jake! — and again when she realized the girl from last night was watching her.

The girl’s hand moved slowly against her crotch and they locked eyes again; the girl’s eyes widened and Nikki’s rolled back as she was hit by her unexpectedly intense orgasm. The girl disappeared before Nikki could focus her eyes.

It was growing dark by the time Nikki was dressed in street clothes and ready to head home for dinner. She was nearly at the corner of the building when the teen discerned a figure in the shadows, just outside the illumination filtering from the busy front of the House. It was the watching girl.

Nikki approached her slowly, feeling a fluttering inside. The girl leaned back against the wall, arms crossed protectively, and looked at Nikki through the fall of her long bangs.

“You like watching, don’t you?” Nikki asked softly. It was hard to remain calm.

The girl gave a nervous shake of her head.

Nikki knew that much was a lie. There was no reason for the girl to be here like this if she didn’t want something… “You like being watched. Show me.”

The girl shook her head again, but Nikki could see the girl’s nipples poking against her top.

“Show me,” Nikki repeated, more forcefully. “Show me your tits; you’re already showing your nipples.”

The girl looked down, as if surprised to see what she surely could feel already, and visibly considered. She dropped her hands to her sides long enough to grab the bottom of her top, and then drew it up and off in a single quick movement. She also turned slightly so her back was mostly to the street; in the dusk, it would be difficult for anybody except Nikki to recognize what had happened.

Arching slightly to make her slight but shapely breasts stand out more, the girl tossed her hair out of her face and looked expectantly at Nikki.

“Nice,” Nikki complemented her. “I bet you like to touch them. Show me how you do it.” Her own breasts were tight, too. She reached out and gently took the top from the girl.

The girl’s empty hands fluttered uselessly a moment, and traced up her tummy to cup her tits firmly. She spread her fingers until her nipples popped into view between them, then trapped them and dragged them slowly taut. When the dark nubs popped free, they were visibly longer than they’d been a moment before.

Both girls exchanged heated looks. “Go on,” urged Nikki, “that isn’t the only way you like to touch yourself, is it?”

One hand ghosted back down the trim frame to press against the front of the girl’s jeans. When Nikki reached out and pulled on her wrist, the girl flinched and tensed up, but didn’t pull away.

“That’s not fair,” Nikki chided with a faint grin. “You want to be touching yourself, not your clothing. And I think you want me to see it, the same way you watched me, right?” She moved the girl’s hand up to her waist and released it.

The girl’s body remained visibly tensed, and her eyes shifted; Nikki suspected there were other people behind her, but she forced herself to remain focused on the girl’s face. “You know you’re hot, right? Show me how hot you are. Show me how hot you can make yourself.” She shrugged. “Drop your pants — if you aren’t as wet as I think you are, you can go.” Nikki’s grin cracked slightly wider. “Or, you can watch me get off. If showing off doesn’t excite you.”

It could have been the chill October air that was keeping those nipples hard, but Nikki didn’t think so. The girl’s hand hovered indecisively a moment longer, and then unslipped the button beneath it. The rush of power took away Nikki’s breath — the psychological control was so much better than mere physical coercion or restraint.

The girl pushed down her jeans until they fell about her boots and looked up again at Nikki, lips parted. Even in the fading twilight the large wet spot on her dark underwear was clearly visible.

“Those, too,” Nikki gestured, and this time the girl complied immediately, pulling her bikinis below her knees and revealing a sparse pubic patch. She shifted her weight, spreading her legs as much as her clothing allowed. The girl’s hand moved back to her mound, but Nikki could see it was to cup rather cover herself.

“Show me how wet you are.” A slim finger inserted itself and was retrieved for display. “Taste it.” It disappeared between pursed lips and emerged wetter than before.

Nikki was dripping but didn’t dare break eye contact or distract either the girl or herself with a little self-pleasuring. “Show me how hot you are. Show me how you like to get yourself off. I want to see what you look like when you cum.”

The girl obediently began pleasuring herself, stroking her clit with one hand while the other caressed a breast and plucked at the swollen nipple capping it. As her breathing got heavier, she began murmuring softly, talking to herself just loud enough for Nikki to make out most of the words.

“God, I am such a little slut!” She paused, apparently to jam her fingers as far inside herself as possible, before resuming the increasingly urgent stroking. “This is so fucking twisted … Oh, I need this! … Oh yeah!” She swayed, and shuffled a half step so she could lean against the wall. “Oh! … Fuck! … Everybody is … wa-a-a-atching me!”

The girl shook, grabbing herself, as she orgasmed and Nikki knew she’d have to seek her own relief soon.

Scattered applause and low wolf whistles sounded behind her, and Nikki glanced over her shoulder. It appeared perhaps as many as a dozen of her coworkers had witnessed the encounter. Perhaps it was the teen’s imagination, but it looked like her boss was looking at her instead of the panting girl propped against the building.

Nikki turned back to the girl, who had ducked her head at the attention but hadn’t made a move to cover herself. “Very nice. I’m Nikki, by the way.”

“Rachel,” answered the girl. “Oh My God, I can’t believe I just did that.” She looked more intently at Nikki. “Did you like it?”

Nikki smirked. “Come back tomorrow, and I’ll show you just how much I like it. Ask for me. But I think you’d better get decent now.” She nodded in the direction of the front sidewalk. Rachel hauled up her jeans and grabbed her top when Nikki tossed it to her.

Everybody waved welcomingly at the police cruiser rolling slowly down the street.

“Oh, Rachel?” It was a spur of the moment thing, but Nikki went with her sudden inspiration.

“Yes?” asked the girl, on the verge of turning away.

“Tomorrow I want to hear all about how you shaved yourself bare. Make sure you do it somewhere where somebody might see you.”

“My pussy?” Rachel inquired, a little uncertainly. “How am I supposed to…?”

“Sssh, don’t spoil the surprise,” Nikki warned her. Repressively, she added, “I hate being disappointed, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Rachel scurried away as if she were afraid Nikki might give her another assignment.

Nikki frowned; she was way too young to be a “ma’am.” On the other hand, it was nice to get some respect for a change.

She was almost late for work on Halloween. First there was the need to remove a hint of stubble above her mound, and then Nikki needed to throw together a “costume” that would satisfy her parents, and then convince them she was going trick-or-treating with Sara. The teen raced to the House and changed into her leather as quickly as she could, but still missed the beginning of her first shift. Unfazed, she crashed her set and shouldered aside her replacement; there was no way Nikki was going to pass up a chance to give Jake the whipping he deserved — and apparently wanted.

Nikki was about to start changing into a harem outfit — without cuffs, this time — when the boss found her. “Leave that alone, Nikki,” he ordered peremptorily, “we need you on `True Lies’ now.”

“Sir?” It was faintly embarrassing, still not knowing his name after all this time. “I didn’t see that on the schedule.” She hoped this wasn’t going to be another unpleasant surprise.

“It’s a contingent piece; just decided to use it. Don’t worry,” he assured her with a sly grin, “you’ve seen the movie, right? You just sit — you’ll do fine.”

He ushered her into a darkened room, smaller than most of them, and propelled Nikki into a low armchair. The teen could hear doors opening and the rustling of spectators, and checked unobtrusively for restraints or anything else out of the ordinary.

A MP3 player on the table next to her started playing, and the lights started to come up just a bit. The long table was littered with adult toys, and the room was filled with fog, but Nikki’s attention was captured by the figure facing her, perhaps 10 feet away.

It was Rachel, wearing a wispy white slip dress scarcely more substantial than the drifting mist. It was obvious she wore nothing more than the dress, pumps, and some jewelry.

Nikki leaned forward, entranced. “Show me!”

Rachel cast a quick sideways glance at the appreciative audience, and then obligingly raised the hem of her dress to reveal her bare sex. The fabric was so fine that the maneuver was completely unnecessary, but she held it about her waist until Nikki nodded.

“Very nice,” Nikki murmured approvingly. “Tell me all about how you did it.” As Rachel’s mouth opened, she added, “And touch yourself while you talk.”

There was a pause, and Rachel whispered, “I did it in the library.” She was barely audible over the background noise. Her hand traced a path from between her breasts down past her navel and pressed the dress against her slit.

Nikki wondered if she would go on, but Rachel took a deep breath and resumed talking, slightly louder. “I wore a skirt and took my razor and shaving cream in my backpack.” Her hand moved in a small circle.

“I found a table on the second floor, over on one side, and sat so I was facing the aisle.” Rachel absentmindedly twisted a nipple through her dress and Nikki felt a trickle of moisture run down her crack. A scream sounded somewhere in the background, but the audience was deathly silent.

Rachel continued, “My panties were soaked by then, just from thinking about it. I pushed them down my legs” — she gestured, skimming both hands down her thighs — “and kicked them off.” She aimed a smoldering look at Nikki. “I remembered what you said about getting caught, so I just left them on the floor beneath the table.”

Rachel ran her hands back up her legs, catching the hem of the dress again and dragging it upwards. “I pulled up my skirt and spread my legs wide open.”

“Like this?” inquired Nikki. She pulled her feet in, but the high boots didn’t flex enough for her to nestle her heels on the seat; she settled for draping one leg over the arm and leaning back to expose herself to Rachel.

The other girl nodded, and began stroking her bare mound with one hand while the other held the dress out of the way. Nikki began dipping a fingertip into her own dripping slit and eyed the still — and growing — audience; if she was any judge, at least one of them would be cumming before the show was over.

Nikki returned her attention to the sexy girl in front of her. “…and wiped my fingers on a Kleenex. Next time I’ll remember a washcloth. I, um, I…” Rachel’s gaze followed every twitch of Nikki’s finger as it disappeared and reappeared. “So, I started at the top with the razor and went real slow and carefully, although I was pretty excited. I didn’t want to miss a single hair.”

Both girls were stroking themselves in unison. “Nobody saw you?” Nikki asked

“No,” Rachel gasped, teasing herself more urgently. “But I went to the bathroom, to clean off the last of the cream and wash my hands — when I came back, my panties were gone!” She jerked involuntarily. “Somebody took them; I don’t know who. Maybe they watched. Maybe they sa-a-a-aw ev-everything. Oh God!” She clutched herself and shuddered violently as she climaxed.

“Fucking A,” whispered somebody behind the audience rope.

Nikki’s pussy was molten, but she wasn’t ready to cum yet. She waited a minute for Rachel to recover, and ordered, “Show us all. Take off that dress and show us how hot you are.” She resumed stroking herself; this was the good part. “Tease us — make us want to watch as much as you want to be watched.”

Rachel’s eyes darted sideways to the crowd, which had grown to more than a dozen, before returning to Nikki. With lips parted, she began swaying gently with the music and ran her hands roughly up her body to cup and squeeze her breasts. From there they rose again, to tease first one and then the other tiny strand of white off her shoulders.

The thin material didn’t droop much, until Rachel wound her thumbs in the straps and pulled them downward. The edge of the bodice slipped slightly lower until it caught on her stiff nipples. Rachel unconsciously chewed her lip as she pulled one hand down, trapping and tugging her turgid bud, only to release the pressure just before it could pop free.

Finally the fabric lost its grip and one breast was revealed, to be quickly followed by its twin. Rachel’s chest was flushed with arousal as she freed her hands and let the top of the dress drop to her hips. She returned her attention to her erect nipples; the twisting and pulling was accompanied by soft, sharp moans.

There really was no surprise waiting, but Nikki watched with anticipation as Rachel worked the bunched dress slowly downwards. More and more smooth flesh was revealed beneath her navel until the top of her deep pink slit came into view, and Rachel released the garment to fall to the floor. She stepped out of the puddled dress and widened her stance slightly, displaying herself to Nikki.

“You like showing yourself to these people, don’t you?” asked Nikki, as she continued to stroke herself. Rachel nodded.

“I’m getting off watching you,” Nikki admitted. “Does knowing that make you hot?” She pushed two fingers deep inside herself.

Rachel nodded again, touching herself too.

Nikki crooked a finger. “Why don’t you get a closer look?”

Rachel took a few steps forward and hesitated, looking uncertain.

“Come on,” Nikki urged her. “Get really close. Don’t you want to see how wet you’ve made me? Are you worried what people will think, seeing you between another girl’s legs?”

After a slow final step, Rachel abruptly squatted in front of the chair and looked closely at Nikki’s fingers as they dipped in and out of her glistening slit and transferred the slick moisture to her clit.

“Oh yeah,” somebody sighed. Nikki wasn’t sure if it was a guy or girl talking, but she felt the same way. Rachel transferred her gaze to Nikki’s face.

“Taste me,” Nikki commanded, extending a finger. Rachel swayed backwards away from it, but Nikki kept her arm outstretched. “Taste me!” she repeated.

“Don’t make me do this,” Rachel whispered, but she was rubbing herself again as she said it. Nikki merely waited, eyes intent on the other girl. With a small moan, Rachel leaned forward again and sucked Nikki’s finger into her mouth.

Every touch of Rachel’s tongue or her soft lips on her finger wound the tension in Nikki’s belly higher. She withdrew her finger and cradled Rachel’s head. “More! Lick me!” she gasped.

“Noo…” objected Rachel, but there was no resistance as the feather touch of Nikki’s hand on her head drew her closer.

The first faint warm breath against her slick skin was more than Nikki could stand. “Oh God!” she screamed, and convulsively trapped Rachel against her creaming sex as she climaxed explosively. A surprised Rachel struggled briefly, and then began vigorously probing Nikki with her tongue. Nikki’s arousal quickly peaked a second time and she jerked helplessly in her chair. This time, Rachel held her pinned in place until the tremors subsided and Nikki caught her breath.

Rachel rocked back on her heels and looked at Nikki; her body was flushed with arousal, her face wet with Nikki’s spend, and her hair in complete disarray. The girls smiled at each other.

“Oh God, you’re good,” Nikki admitted. “I bet you want to get off now, right?”

“Definitely,” allowed Rachel, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

Nikki considered. “You deserve it. But I think the audience does, too.” She noticed the crowd had grown so large that it filled the end of the small room, and the staff had closed the entry door to newcomers. “Pick a couple toys from the table — make sure one of them is something you don’t recognize.”

Extra security finally succeeded in shooing the audience out of the room after Rachel reached one last drawn-out, screaming orgasm while working herself up and down on a vibrator that Nikki held motionless while one lucky spectator slowly withdrew a string of anal beads from her clutching ass.

Nikki felt drained, but Rachel looked like she could barely stand. Nikki very nearly poured her into the armchair.

“We generally frown on audience interaction,” her boss commented, but he didn’t look displeased as he surveyed the scene. The cleaning crew was already at work mopping the floor, which was splattered in several places with what looked like semen. “Let’s talk, Nikki,” he announced, gesturing for her to follow him.

“Certainly, Mr…” Nikki wasn’t sure how to proceed, but hurried after him down the hall.

“Call me Bob.”

Bob didn’t seem like a fitting name, but at least she had something to call him. “Okay, Bob. Look, I didn’t mean to get out line,” Nikki apologized. “We were just a hand short and security was busy just keeping people behind the rope.”

“Whatever.” He waved her off. “I wanted to talk to you about something else. You seem to have an aptitude for this.”

“Um, thanks,” Nikki replied. They walked through the dressing room, where she was greeted by scattered applause and whistles. According to the clock, she’d spent more than a double shift with Rachel; no wonder she was tired!

Bob led her into his office and closed the door. The ever-present fog trailed down from the ventilator, and he irritatedly waved it away from his face. “How long do you think Liz has worked here?” he asked.

“What?” The unexpected turn in the conversation took Nikki completely by surprise.

Luckily, it appeared to be a rhetorical question. “Eight years!” Bob announced.

“Eight?” Nikki echoed weakly. Liz didn’t look that old; if she’d been doing this for eight years, she must have started at…

“Eight. And you’re the first recruit — maybe — she’s brought on board. I’m not saying she’s not a good worker, ’cause she is, but that’s no way to grow the business. Now, you” — he jabbed a finger at Nikki — “you’ve been here what, a week?”

“About,” admitted the teen. Apparently he paid more attention to things than she’d thought.

“Right, a week, and you’ve already got this Rachel girl eating out of your,” he smirked and winked broadly, “hand. That’s the kind of thing I’m looking for!”

He seemed to be waiting for a response, so Nikki said, “thanks, I guess.”

Bob rummaged through the trash on his desk. “Now, it’s a little early for you, but Halloween only comes once a year and it’s our biggest night. You could make a big difference. Especially this year, with so many football widows. You were planning to go out trick-or-treating, right?”

She had, actually, but… “Yes. I’d meant to ask earlier about borrowing this…” Nikki plucked at the leather skirt.

Bob laughed, a gravelly chuckle that verged on a cough. “That’s my girl! I knew I could count on you.” He produced a small leather-bound booklet and a bag with the “Little House of Horrors” logo on it.

“Here,” he handed them to Nikki, “just visit the addresses in your book. Remember to show the bag and say, ‘trick FOR treat’, and just do what comes naturally, okay?”

“Sure,” a puzzled Nikki responded. She eyed the bag, which had “LHOW” emblazoned below the logo. “Shouldn’t this be ‘LHOH’?” she asked?

“It’s a typo,” Bob assured her with the same broad wink he’d used a few minutes earlier. “And get some stockings — you’ll rub yourself raw walking in those boots. Now get out of here!”

Nikki walked down Crestwood Avenue, a solo disturbance in a sea of trick-or-treaters. She kept to a comfortable stroll, comfortable despite the autumn chill. In addition to some thigh-high hose, she’d acquired a leather jacket and biker’s cap, and very little skin was exposed to the evening air. The upscale neighborhood had attracted what Nikki suspected was more than its share of visiting guests, and she amused herself by watching as they passed by.

Her first stop was a large colonial with enough jack o’ lanterns and pumpkins on display to stock a farm market. A few butterflies fluttered in Nikki’s stomach as she started up the driveway, passing a small group of departing Jedi knights. The teen recited Bob’s instructions under her breath one last time. Really, what was the point?

Dutifully, Nikki checked the orientation of her bag and pressed the doorbell button. The door was opened almost immediately by a woman wearing a “sexy witch” costume. She could have been Nikki’s mother, although she was better preserved. “Oh, aren’t you sexy!” the woman chirped.

“Trick for treat,” Nikki announced, brandishing her goody bag.

The woman looked suddenly uncertain. “Excuse me?”

“Trick for treat,” the teen repeated, taking care to enunciate clearly.

The woman’s eyes dropped to the bag and grew wide. “Oh!” she gasped, “come in, Mistress!” Nikki stepped inside. A group of kids at the foot of the driveway paused as the porch light went out, and then moved on toward the next house.

An hour later, Nikki emerged from the house, glowing and sated. It had been a trip to tan the woman’s ass and then make her eat out Nikki on her daughter’s bed, and she’d been pathetically eager to use her tongue in all of Nikki’s holes.

The teen hefted her bag, feeling the weight of the stuffed envelope inside it. She didn’t grudge Bob the money; Nikki knew she’d do this for free. She opened her book to check the next address.

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