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Kim wants to make her husband feel bad so she leaves the house dressed like a slut, but is picked up by a John thinking she is a hooker.


Kim had always been the kind of girl who liked attention. After highschool, she really found herself and the realization that tits and ass could get her all the attention she wanted was a dangerous thing. She liked drama despite her telling other people she didn’t. She was attracted to bad boys and she broke a lot of hearts. She knew the nice guys were the ones she was supposed to like, but it never lasted more than a year with anyone. First, she would get bored with Friday nights at home. Then she would decide to go out for the night with a girlfriend to a club where she would have a couple drinks, a couple lines and dance and flirt. These nights would usually end with her giving somebody a blow job in a bathroom stall or stumbling home arm in arm with her girlfriend.

She had been unhappy for a while now. Her husband didn’t have much of a sex drive and although he was loving and caring in so many other ways, she wanted him to want to fuck her constantly. Not much of an exaggeration either, Kim could fuck several times a day. She got off on how hot other people thought she was.

After one particularly nasty argument about this, Kim dressed up in her sluttiest outfit and threatened to go to a club, hoping to make her husband jealous. Of course it worked but she was still unable to get him to fuck her right then. Exhausted, she left anyway, hoping to teach him a lesson.

Other women might have gotten self conscious being in this neighborhood wearing a cheap spandex skirt that rode high up her thighs, forcing her to keep tugging it back down every few seconds so she wasn’t revealing anything in public. She wore shiny boots, her hair was done and she felt sexy, so she did what she often did and she strutted up the street imagining that everyone in traffic was staring at her and thinking about fucking her.

She got about three blocks, wiggling her ass with confidence, when a car pulled up alongside her and the window rolled down.

“How much?” The voice from the car was male.

“Excuse me?” She was offended that someone would make that kind of joke.

“How much? What do you think I’m asking here?” She had to bend down to see the guy in the car.

In the blink of an eye, Kim realized what was going on. She looked like a street walker in this outfit and this guy was trying to pick her up! She turned to him outraged, “Excuse me, but I am not a hooker!”

“Really? Sorry, but the way you’re dressed, I just thought…” As he talked Kim looked him over.

He was much older than her, probably in his late forties, early fifties, not particularly good looking or sexy, he was a little over weight and his car was a piece of shit. He was clearly poor and Kim wasn’t attracted to him at all, but she suddenly realized how wet she was.

She interrupted his babbling. “So you really wanted to pay me money so you could fuck me?”

She was always a little brazen and liked to do shocking things and loved to flirt, especially if it was naughty or made her feel dirty and this definitely qualified.

“Fuck yeah I would!” He clearly liked this turn in the conversation.

“How much?”

He cringed slightly as he said, “Sorry, but girls in this neighborhood are usually only twenty bucks a shot.”

He immediately tried to say that she looked like she’d be worth more, that’s why stopped; he thought it was his lucky day, but it didn’t matter. Kim was now stuck on the price.

“Twenty bucks? Shit! That’s nothing! What do you get for that? A quick feel?”

“No, usually you get a little sucky in the car or if you’re in the really bad areas you get to bend them over the hood of your car, if you’re in an alley or parkade. There are so many girls working in this area, they have to stay really cheap to get work. Of course that means that they have to push ass a lot in one night to make that money, so they burn out fast. They get used up and turned out so fast, you always have to keep an eye out for the new fish. Fresh meat, you know?”

Disgusted and somehow completely turned on, Kim thought about how filthy this man was to be fucking hookers.

“You fuck hookers often?”

“Sure, maybe twice a week. Difficult not to, at that price anyway.” He looked her up and down again. “You wanna get in?”

“What? I told you…”

“Look, I know this is your first time and you’re nervous, so I tell you what; I’ll give you fifty so you can feel special. That’s more than you’re gonna get from anyone else out here.”

She felt how wet she was and realized how turned on she actually was at the prospect of prostituting herself. “You’re gonna bend me over the hood of your car?”

He smiled and looked her over like she was a piece of meat. Maybe she was. He held out the crumpled money and said, “Get in.”

She grabbed the handle and pulling open the door she looked around to see if anyone was looking. A car full of teenagers slowed to honk their horn and whistle as they passed. One of them yelled, “Whore!” She felt dirty and excited. As she sat down her skirt slid up her thighs to the crotch. He put his old hand on her young knee and they sped off into the night.

Taking only a twenty with a wicked smile Kim tucked it into her bra, saying, “I don’t want to overcharge…”

He slid his hand up her leg to the damp patch on her panties. Pushing them aside he began rubbing her clit roughly. Kim bit her lip and put her hand on the crotch of his pants. He was hard, she felt dirty but she wanted to feel even dirtier. She eagerly unzipped his pants and took out his cock.

“Good girl.” He said approvingly as she stroked him. She gushed a little at his comment and his fingers slipped a little deeper.

Kim wanted the full hooker treatment, so she gobbled up his cock, slobbering all over him in a messy blowjob. She was so eager now, she felt electrified and excited like never before! Her body was so pliant and accommodating, she waited for whatever came next.

It was odd to feel any sense of pride now, but she really wanted him to be impressed with cocksucking skills, so she worked his smelly knob with her fist while her head bobbed up and down, using her tongue to clean her filthy John.

She was shocked to find despite how disgusting this man or his greasy cock was, or maybe because of it, she was hornier than she could ever remember being.

“Take off your panties and give them to me.” She pulled them down to her ankles and passed them over, still taken back by how wet and stained they were.

He hung them from the rear view mirror and then put his hand on the back of her head, guiding her back to her work.

“Now get up on the seat. I want people to see your big ass while you suck me off.” Kim was turned on and quickly did as she was told. This was so extreme and intense, she was creaming down her legs thinking about other drivers seeing her panty-less crotch, wet and glistening as she devoured this guy’s cock.

He hit a button and her window went down. A cold rush off air kissed her ass and she would’ve questioned what he was doing but suddenly a horn sounded and she realized that someone was staring at her dripping lips right now. He kept his hand on the back of her head and that was okay. She decided she better keep her head down in case somebody recognizes her.

Another honk and he slapped her ass.

“I told you people would pay to fuck you. Those guys would have.”

She guessed the other car was gone now. She was literally dripping with excitement as he soon found out. With her face buried in his crotch he reached around and started to touch her. Feeling how easy it would be, he took initiative plunging two fingers into her. She loved it!

She loved it so much she didn’t notice the car slow to a standstill. Not until she heard other men’s voices did she understand what was going on.

Apparently he just pulled up to a bus stop to give them a nice long look at her lips spreading, wet and juicy as she speeds her way to a climax on his two fingers, rooting around inside her.

“What the fuck? Holy shit!” She heard this from no less than three different male voices

Ass up in the window for people to see, she kept her face hidden, but spasmed every once in a while as she neared an intense orgasm, heightened by this exhibition she was being led through.

“What do you guys think?” He asked them slapping her tight ass. “Grade A blonde pussy meat or what?”

The responses were positive but so entirely degrading that she couldn’t help but get even hornier, even wetter and still scared out of her mind, exhilarated. One voice in particular sounded very familiar, but she couldn’t quite place it. Not her husband but someone she knew well.

“Look at how wet she is! Fucking slut loves it!” One said. “She’s fucking dripping wet,” said another.

She was so fixated on what they sounded like instead of what they were saying, that she wasn’t prepared for the random fingers that spread her open and started fucking her pussy. She came on them instantly, letting out a vocal moan unintentionally but she couldn’t help it. As her hips jetted back and forth she heard the guys laughing as they watched in awe. She felt so fucking slutty and filthy, but she loved being treated like a piece of meat. She sucked her john’s cock harder and faster to show her appreciation. He groaned as she picked up the pace. If he didn’t want to blow his load right there, he was going to have to drive off right now, because she was going to cum soon and if she was going to cum again in front of these guys, then so was he.

He made his excuses and pulled away from the curb. She sat up and slapped him lightly, “You’re so bad!”

“You loved it! And we’re not done yet!” He pulled into some building’s underground parking lot and drove down to the most secluded level. She was getting a little nervous now. She really didn’t know what this guy would want or if he was dangerous or not.

“Get out.” His words were short and as she opened the door and stepped out she wondered if she should just run. Even though her stomach was flipping she just walked out in front of the car and stood obediently, waiting for him.

He flipped the headlights on and she was under a spotlight in the abandoned concrete bunker. Looking around, she didn’t think she could see anyone else, but it was still pretty wild to be out in the open like this.
“Give me a show. I want to see what twenty dollars is buying me.” He flashed his high beams and turned up the music on his radio. It echoed throughout the parkade, but rather than be intimidated, Kim started to wiggle her hips to the music and pull off her top.

Leaving the car running, he got out of the driver’s side and pushed her over the hood of the car. The hood was hot with the engine still running beneath it. She didn’t try to stop him at all. She wanted this raw fucking John between her legs now. He obliged her.

He kicked her legs apart and pulled her skirt over her ass. Then, spitting in his hand, he rubbed the head of his cock and slid it between her ass cheeks until he found the wet spot. He was rough, but she wanted it rough and rugged and he gave her more than she thought she could handle.

His cock found its mark and rhythm and started to enjoy her with sharp strokes that slammed her ass cheeks and ground her knees into the sharp edges of the bumper and license plate while she tried to steady herself. When she tried to use her hands to get some leverage, her filthy John just pulled her arms behind her back and pinned her wrists with one strong hand. She tried to struggle a little to get control back, but her desperate moans betrayed her pleasure to him.

“I never had a whore like you before baby,” he said grunting while grinding into her. “Most of the girls out here don’t like it as much as you do.”

He spit on her ass and she felt it run between her cheeks and then his thumb from his other hand rub her puckered asshole. She did like anal but most guys she had been with were too shy so she had only had it once or twice. When his thumb found its mark and plunged into her, she let out a guttural moan and came.
She tried to pretend that she hadn’t just cum on this hooker fucker’s thumb in her ass, but he knew.

He waited for her to stop twitching and spasming and then he pulled out of both her holes. She couldn’t believe that had happened! It was all she could do to not collapse and let her knees give out under her. Except that he still had her pinned. Kim then realized that he wasn’t done.

His prick started rubbing against her tight little asshole now and she wasn’t sure she could take his cock in there. She struggled a little more but clearly had no leverage. Instead, he forced his way in while her little legs flailed around him ineffectually. She felt like she was being raped now, but she took his money and she had even cum on him. And although her ass hurt, she never actually said stop.

In fact, the more he fucked her ass, and the harder he pummeled away on her, the more she felt that sickening feeling rising in her body. She liked this too! It was wrong and she wanted it to be wrong! She fought back her urge to cum through gritted teeth but the fact that her reaction to his sexual advances meant nothing to him, that she meant nothing to him, was even more fulfilling to her.

So Kim started letting out her grunts of pain and pleasure as she and her sore, stretched out little asshole got closer and closer to cumming again. But right at the moment she thought she couldn.t hang on any longer, her greasy, old john didn’t something she never had done before, something she never would have expected; he pulled out of her ass and leaving it gaped open, he plunged into her dripping pussy and back and forth, over and over again, double dipping both of her holes while she peaked with the most extreme and painful but satisfying orgasm she had ever experienced! She cried out. No words, but complete loss of control until it was over and she went limp.

Her paying customer must have been satisfied because he threw all his weight onto her and unloaded inside her now loose asshole before he got up. She lay there for a minute feeling his cum run out of her destroyed ass. Her knees were scraped up from the license plate, her hands were numb from being twisted behind her back and she was dirty and sweaty.

She didn’t have the words to say anything, but got back in his car, pulling the hem of her dress down and picking her shirt up off the ground. He kept talking the entire way home about how great that was and how good she was, but she didn’t know what to think.

She couldn’t believe how much she loved it all. What would she tell her husband when she got home all dirty and sweaty and bruised? She couldn’t ever do this again… could she? What kind of a person was she?
As he let her out where he had found her, mere blocks away from her house, he told her that he’d be looking for her again next week and then drove away with her panties hanging from his rear view mirror.

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