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This is a fantasy story (based on real events) about making love to my sweet sexy sister-in-law. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please rate it and leave your thoughts. I am working on future installments. Thank-you.



I want to start out by saying my sister-in-law, Tabitha, is so hot. She is the kind of hot that does not realize how sexy she is, which is the best kind. She stands about 5’ 1”, has medium length, dark black hair, pretty light blue eyes, and is pleasantly plump (135-140lbs). Tabitha has full, beautifully shaped 36C breasts. Her skin would not be considered pale as she has some color and it is so soft. The kind of skin I would caress all night if given the opportunity. She thinks she’s fat, and in some people’s eyes she might be. She’s had four kids, so some weight gain is natural. Plump girls are sexy and I think she looks incredible.

It had been a long hot day walking around Disney World. This was our third day visiting the various parks in the Disney Empire. The first day was Epcot center. All around it was a pretty good experience. For me, the best part was at the end. Tabitha had been talking all day about a ride we had to go on called “Soarin’”. It was about 2 hours before the park closed and we made our way to the line. There was about a 45 minute wait. We had used all our Fast Passes and couldn’t get one for this ride. Tabitha’s husband Jim decided to stay behind with the younger kids. My wife Morgan didn’t feel like standing for another 45 minutes, so she stayed behind as well. That left Tabitha and me to go on the ride with her older two kids and my older two kids. The line wasn’t so bad and it gave us time to talk with each other. I loved it because for that hour between the wait and the ride, it felt like Tabitha and I were taking OUR kids on the last ride of the night.

By the end of the third day, we were all getting pretty frazzled. It was around 7:00pm and it was already dark (since we were there in December). Tabitha was ready to go and her two youngest kids were pretty worn out and tired of being in the stroller. Jim wanted to stay for the nightly Main Street parade at 10:00pm and maybe ride some rides after that since the lines would be diminished. Morgan and our kids wanted to stay as well. Due to the limited seating in our combined vehicles, if everyone stayed and only Tabitha left with her two youngest (twin 2 year old girls), there would not be enough room in our car for us all to ride back. So I offered to go with Tabitha back to the condo. I really didn’t want to stay anyway. It had been a long day and I was ready for some quiet time.

Tabitha and I made the long trek back to her car. “Thom, I’m so tired. Would you mind driving?” Tabitha asked as she handed me her keys. “No problem, anything to be away from the crowd.” I replied. We got the kids situated and I opened the passenger door for her and she got in. As we made our way out of the parking lot, Tabitha expressed how glad she was for leaving. “Oh, can we run through the McDonalds drive thru on the way back?” she asked. “I want to get the girls something to eat and I don’t feel like making anything when we get back.” I told her that would be a good idea. We were about 15 minutes by freeway to the condo. Even at 7:30pm in the evening, it was still pretty warm out, so we had the air conditioning on full blast. I found a smooth jazz station on the radio. Tabitha said she hadn’t listened to this kind of music much before, but she really liked it. With the AC going and the music softly playing, it made for a very pleasant drive.

We finally made it back to our condos. As we were getting her kids out of the car, she asked me if I would like to come up to her place to watch a movie and hang out together. “It’s going to be awfully lonely by yourself” she said. “Once I get the girls down, they’ll be out cold until morning. No sense in you being downstairs alone and me upstairs alone. Besides, if I know my sister and my husband, they’ll stay until the park closes at midnight. Then at least another hour and a half getting out of there and getting back here.”  I told her I would like that, but I wanted to take a shower before coming up. “I’ll leave the door unlocked, just come in when you’re ready” she replied.

I quickly showered and thought of the possibilities with nearly 5 hours of alone time with her. Although, I harbored numerous fantasies about Tabitha, I never considered the idea of any of them coming true. I have secretly loved her for so many years. She is the most perfect woman to me. She has a very outgoing and loving personality. She does so much for her kids and anyone who needs her help. Many times, I felt like I married the wrong sister. Morgan has relayed to me some of the intimate details Tabitha has shared with her about her marriage to Jim. Apparently, Jim does not like sex and is very cold and distant with her. Rarely is there any affection shown between the two of them. Due to his religious upbringing, Jim thinks intimacy is only for procreation. So, by that ideology, Tabitha has probably only had sex about two dozen times in her 22 year marriage. Poor girl was a virgin when she got married. I have always felt bad for her. She deserves so much more.

I put on shorts and a t-shirt with nothing underneath.  It had been about forty-five minutes since she went upstairs. I went up and sure enough the door was unlocked. I entered and locked the door behind me. It was quiet as I entered the condo. It was obvious the girls were fast asleep in their room.  “Tabitha?” I called out. “Here in the living room” she replied.

As I walked into the living room, I found her sitting on the plush cream colored sofa wearing a white oversized t-shirt. She had that fresh, just out of the shower look. Her black hair was pulled up and had that damp, frayed, towel dry look. The scent of strawberries filled the room. Tabitha’s soft smooth chubby legs were stretched out. I could see the curve of her breasts under her shirt and the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had been reading a book with the smooth jazz station playing softly in the background. The lights were dimmed except the reading lamp behind her. She looked amazing.


“Well, I was right” she sighed as she put her book down, “Jim just texted and said they were staying until the park closes. Said they’d be back around 2:00am and that I shouldn’t wait up” she told me. “Yeah, Morgan sent me a message along the same lines” I said. As she looked up at me, she said, “Well, it looks like you and I have a few hours of alone time. Come sit down.” Tabitha pulled her legs to her chest making room for me on the sofa. After I sat down, she put her feet in my lap. “I hope you don’t mind” she said with a cute little smile. “I can move to the chair if you want to stretch out” I said. “No, this is fine with me. Please, stay where you are” she implored. With that, I began to massage her small, soft, cute feet.  As I started, she closed her eyes, tilted her head back and let out a small moan of pleasure. “Oh Thom, that feels sooo good after walking around all day. We must’ve walked 10 miles or more today.” I agreed as I continued to rub her feet.

As I gently squeezed each of her little toes and massaged the arches of her feet, we talked about how the trip had been so far. With three days of vacation remaining, she was rather tired of the whole thing. Jim wasn’t much help with the kids. He and the older kids would wander off without telling anyone. At one point while we were at Epcot, she had no idea where he and her oldest two kids had disappeared to. We finally found them after about an hour of searching and trying to get them on Jim’s cell phone.     “I’m ready to be done with this trip” she told me. “Why? Disneyworld is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth” I replied with much sarcasm. “Well, I’m tired of being the only one watching the twins” she told me.  “Don’t get me wrong, I love my girls and am so glad we came here, but Jim is no help at all. At the end of the day, he comes back to the condo and sits down to watch a movie or surf the internet. I get the kids fed and down for bedtime. He rarely pays any real attention to me.” I took all this in as she went on about Jim’s shortfalls.

We had been talking for a little while when out of the blue, she asked me, “Thom, do you think I’m pretty?”  “Are you kidding? More than pretty” I replied. “Tabitha, you are one of the most beautiful and desirable women I’ve ever met.”  “What? You think I’m beautiful?” she asked. As she looked at me, she said “I’ve never thought of myself as a woman any guy would find attractive. I’m forty years old, have had four children, and never felt like I was very much to look at. Jim doesn’t like having sex; hasn’t since we first got married. It’s always made me feel like there’s something wrong with me. I’ve never felt desired by anyone.”

“Tabitha, I must confess, I’ve had a bit of a crush on you for several years now. I admire the strength you possess to raise four kids practically on your own. You are such a giving person. I love your personality and you are so much fun to be around when we all go out together.“  I continued, ”Secretly, I always hope I can sit across from you, or at least near you, when we all go out to eat. I was so excited when you and I wound up being “roller coaster buddies” on that design your roller coaster simulator we went on yesterday. When I said that, Tabitha blushed and gave me a cute smile and said, “Yeah, I liked the way we both tried standing together on that one little spot before the ride. I liked the way you squeezed me close to you.”  I replied, “I liked holding you close. I hope it wasn’t too obvious to anyone else that I was holding you a little tighter than I should.” “Well, if you’re worried about it, I didn’t mind you holding me. After all, we were trying to balance together on that little spot.”

During our conversation, I kept massaging her feet. After a few minutes, I slowly moved my right hand up to the calf on her left leg. Then my left hand took hold of her other calf and rubbed. As I slowly kneaded the muscles in her lower legs, I could feel goosebumps forming on her skin and hear her breathing softly. I could tell she was very relaxed. “Oooohhh Thom, you do some amazing stuff with your hands” she purred as her eyes closed and she placed her head against the sofa. I was going to reply with a “let me show you what else my hands can do” type remark, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment.

“I have to say, my most treasured memory of the trip so far has been when you and I took the kids on “Soarin’ ” the first night we were at Epcot.”  I said. Tabitha opened her eyes and asked, “Why is that such a great memory for you?”  I replied, “I like that one because for about an hour, it felt like you and me taking OUR kids on a ride.” She gazed dreamily at me and said, “Oh my goodness, I had no idea you thought that way about me” “Tabitha, you are an amazing woman.” I paused briefly before continuing, “I care for your sister, but there are times when I wish I could have met you first and married you instead. I often fantasize about what our life together would be like.” I stopped there. “I’m sorry, I’ve said way too much. I should have kept this all to myself. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in any way.”

She remained quiet for a moment or two while she looked down at her lap. I began to think I crossed a line I should have stayed away from. Finally, she took a deep breath as her eyes met mine and said quietly, “Those are some wonderful things you said about me. I love the way you’ve helped with the kids during this trip. I know it may not seem like much, but it has really made me feel wonderful having your help. Morgan always talks about how good you are with your kids, and frankly, you are my children’s favorite uncle. They always come away talking about how much fun you are with them. “

She continued, “Sometimes I wonder what a life with you would be like.” She repositioned herself and put her head on my shoulder. I was intoxicated by the scent of her freshly washed hair. I was further aroused by her soft, curvaceous body pressing against me. My right arm held her close, while my left hand began to softly stroke her hair. I closed my eyes and slowly inhaled the scent of her hair.

After a few minutes, I felt Tabitha rubbing my chest. The next thing I knew, her hand was tugging at my waistband and she took a hold of my rapidly hardening cock. Slowly, she started to stroke me as I got harder than I had been in years. “You know, it’s been over a year and a half since I’ve been penetrated” she lustfully whispered in my ear. “I want you to make me scream; my vagina is so wet. I want to feel you……..inside me…….. right now” Hearing this, I quickly reached maximum erection. “Tabitha, are you sure about this? If we make love together, we can’t take it back.” I said. I didn’t want to stop, but I also didn’t want her to have any regrets, I truly do love her and would never want to be the cause of any pain for her. “Tabitha, I love you. I don’t want to hurt you or for you to have any regrets” I said.

As Tabitha looked into my eyes, she said “Thom, I love you too. I’ve known it in my heart for a long time, but this trip has made me realize how much I truly desire you. I’m a little scared, because I’ve never been with anyone else sexually, but I trust you. I want to give you my heart and body completely. I endure a loveless and sexless marriage simply for the sake of my kids. For once, I want to do something completely selfish with someone I trust. I am so horny. I want us to be together. Please, make love to me, right now.”

With that said, she propped herself on the couch on her knees, her plump breasts mere inches from my face. She lifted her shirt up slightly, took my left hand and placed it between her legs. I knew instantly that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.  Her pussy was so warm and dripping with her wetness. Instinctively, my middle two fingers slid inside her while my thumb gently stroked her clitoris. Her vaginal muscles clamped around my fingers. I could tell she hadn’t had intercourse in a very long time. Tabitha closed her eyes and began to moan softly. As I slowly, deliberately finger-fucked her, she began grinding on my hand, all the while I could feel her vaginal wetness drip down my hand. “I love your hairless pussy Tabitha.” I said lustfully as my fingers continued to explore the inner folds of her pussy. “I like keeping it shaved.” She said, “It makes me feel fresher after showering. It also feels better when I masturbate”.  As my fingers slid deeper into her pussy, I could feel her cervix. I started to flex my fingers in a “come here” motion against the slippery upper wall of her pussy. With that, her groans became deeper and the pace of her breathing became faster.

After a few minutes, she stopped grinding on my hand and whispered, “Come on Thom, I’m a woman who has needs; primal, sexual needs.” She stood up and took me by the hand. By now, all reasonable, logical thought left my mind. The idea of getting caught in the middle of intercourse, the cheating on both our parts, the kids, everything…..went out the window. I was totally consumed in this moment with a woman I have truly loved and lusted for over a decade. Nothing else mattered.

As I stood up, I put one arm behind her back and whisked her off her feet. Tabitha let out a squeal of surprise. “I’ve never been carried like this before” she giggled.  Tabitha wrapped her arms around my neck as I carried her to the bedroom. As we entered her most private space, I turned around so she could close and lock the door. I loved the feel of her in my arms. After I gently laid her on the bed, she removed her t-shirt. My scant amount of clothing was quickly in a pile with her t-shirt. She considers herself fat and unattractive, but I found the sight of her soft naked body to be so arousing.

Tabitha’s condo unit was on top of mine, so we didn’t need to worry about disturbing the downstairs neighbors. Since her room was on the corner of the building, we didn’t have next door neighbors to disturb either. The window curtains of the master suite were open and the light of the streetlamps below bathed her room in a soft glow.

As Tabitha lay completely naked on her bed, I was breathless at the sight of her pale plump body. “Do you like what you see?” she asked lustfully. “Tabitha, you are more beautiful than I ever dreamed. You are the sexiest woman I have ever laid eyes upon.” I said. My eyes adjusted quickly to the dim light and I could see her soft pale skin in the light. For a moment, my eyes traced her every curve. From her small, soft feet to her calves, and up her chubby thighs. Tabitha had spread her legs and the pale light glistened off the wetness of her most delicate, private body part. As I continued my gaze past her plump tummy, I could see her amazing 36C breasts in their bare glory, so plump and full. They swayed gently as she adjusted her position on the bed. Her nipples are a light shade of pink with areola the size of a quarter.

As I laid down on the bed next to her, we began to passionately kiss. Her lips were so soft and tasted like strawberry. The sensation of our tongues touching for the first time was erotic and she smelled so good. I’ve yearned to touch her boobs for years. Finally, I reached over and gently massaged her left breast. Instantly her nipples grew to the size of pencil erasers. She moaned with pleasure as I kept squeezing. I ran my tongue over her erect nipple and began to suck. She gasped, “It’s been years since anyone other than one of the kids sucked my breasts! That feels so good!”  I switched breasts and got the same reaction. Tabitha was starting to breathe hard. I noticed she had her eyes closed and was slowly stroking her clit. I reached down and said, “Let me do that for you.” I cannot describe the squeal of pleasure she let out as I started rubbing her pussy. It was a mix of pleasure and surprise. After a minute of rubbing her clit, I slowly stuck two fingers in her pussy. By now she was moaning loudly and her body was gyrating to my slow finger fuck. I wanted to taste her pussy so bad. So I quickly shifted positions and had my mouth between her legs with my tongue going in and out of her bald pussy. The shriek of surprise she emitted startled me and I stopped. “Oh God ” she panted, “I’ve never had oral sex.” I asked her if I should stop.  “Oh God no, please keep massaging my vagina with your tongue. It’s amazing” “Oh Tabitha, you taste so good” I moaned as I licked the outer folds of her vagina.

While I ate her pussy, she squealed with pleasure. I would occasionally reach up and squeeze her ample breasts. Suddenly, she was breathing very hard, quick breaths, “Oh my…….I..feel…..like……I hafta…….peeeeeee”. “Sweetheart” I replied, “it’s ok, just let it go” “But I don’t wanna pee on you.” she protested. “Trust me, you’re going to feel incredible” I said as I started fingering her again. About 30 seconds later she started to writhe in pleasure, “oh my God…… oh my Goooood……….. oh Goooooooood …I think……I’mmmm……..cuummmming !!!!!!”. With that, she squirted her warm vaginal wetness all over the bed sheets. I’ve never seen a girl squirt like that before.

“Omigosh, THAT was incredible. Please don’t think I’m gross for squirting like that.” she said breathlessly. “You’re not gross” I said, ”Watching you orgasm is a huge turn-on” Not wanting to lose momentum, I started fingering her again. She was panting and moaning for more. When I started eating  her pussy again, Tabitha elevated her hips and I cupped my hands on her lovely ass. While I kept my tongue in her pussy and squeezed her butt, she had another breathless orgasm.

After a few intense minutes of going down on her, I changed positions and buried my face between her tits and teased the entrance of her pussy with my hardened cock. Slowly, I would rub the head of my dick on her clitoris and ever so slightly rub the wet outer lips of her pussy, being careful not to sink into her.

Finally, she uttered the words I had been fantasizing about for all these years, “I want you…..I want you inside me. Please Thom, make love to me.”  My heart was racing a mile a second. My cock was larger and fuller than it had been in years. She had her sexy, creamy white legs spread and was ready for me to enter her.

I teased her for another minute, all along she was pleading, “Please stick it in me, I want it so bad”. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. With one quick thrust, I was inside her, the head of my penis poking her womb. She let out a sound that I will never forget. It was the sound of pleasure and surprise together. “aaahhhh………oohhh…….…yyeeessss…….more……..more…… moooorrrre……..” I thought her initial cries of ecstasy might shatter the window. I had always wondered if she was a screamer or a moaner. She’s most definitely a screamer. Having not been flexed in over a year, her vaginal muscles squeezed my penis, resistant to letting me pull back for continued thrusting.

Tabitha felt amazing. The softness of her body was sensational. Her vagina was so warm and as soft as silk. Her wetness poured out like an overflowing river. To say being inside her was heaven on earth does not do justice to how incredible she felt. I never wanted to stop. I was past the point of no return. She breathlessly screamed each time my penis pushed its way through her vaginal opening. I thrust into her with more intensity than I have in years with Morgan. The fact I was making love to a woman I have secretly lusted after for twelve years and the fact it had been over three months since I had sex made it feel better than I have ever had it. “Oh my GOD Tabitha, you are so incredible” I moaned as I kept up the rhythmic thrusting. “Your pussy is so warm and wet. I feel your cum squirting all over me”

Between the sexy sounds she was making as I pounded in her, her soft breasts against my chest, and her warm pussy squeezing my cock, I wasn’t going to last long. I looked over to the mirror that was on the wall and I could see myself between Tabitha’s plump pale legs as they were wrapped around me. Her toes and feet were curled tight. I knew she was enjoying herself.

I felt my own orgasm building quickly. I could feel and hear her cumming again, “ooohhh Thom, harder……, harder……, I’ve never had it this good.” By this time she was shaking her head from side to side as she made noises in quick gasps, ”aaaahhhh….aaahhhh…..yessss……more…..aaaaahhh……” The headboard was tapping the wall as the bedsprings squeaked softly.

As I my rhythmic thrusts increased faster and faster, I shouted “oooohhhh  Tabithaaaaaaa ……I’mmmm…..gonnaaaaa……cummmm!!!!!”. “OH MY GOD YES! Please cum inside me” she wailed. “I want to feel you squirt in me….fill…me… up. ” That was it, I gave one more hard thrust, pressing my penis as far into her womanhood as physically possible. I buried my face in her neck as I squeezed her luscious body hard against mine. I could feel her whole body get tense with anticipation. Tabitha screamed loudly and she desperately wrapped her soft legs tight around me as I poured what felt like a gallon of my sperm in her. I thought I could feel her cervix as I squirted cum right into her womb. I can’t remember cumming that hard or for that long. As I my hot sperm filled her up, we both moaned together in the erotic pleasure of a simultaneous orgasm.


After my spurts of semen dissipated, I kissed her passionately. I was still semi-hard, so I slowly moved in and out of her well lubricated love canal. I continued the slow rocking of my spent cock in and out of her for about a minute. The whole time she was making soft squeaky noises as I slowly fucked her. I kissed her passionately as I rolled over onto the bed while rolling her on top of me. We laid there in complete sexual ecstasy. With one hand I ran my fingers lightly up and down her back, my other arm held her tightly to me.

After a few minutes of lying together and breathing heavily she said, “That’s the best sex I’ve ever had. It was so good. I want more, NOW.” With that said, she slid down and started sucking on and teasing my cock. “Mmmmmm, we taste good together” she said lustfully. I couldn’t believe what a little sex kitten my sweet sister-in-law turned out to be.

My God Tabitha is sexy, my recovery took very little time. I felt like a teenager after school with her. The next thing I knew, she was getting back on top of me. “I’ve never had sex on top and want to try it so bad.” She quickly impaled herself on my dick and started to slowly grind her pelvis against me.

It felt incredible, but I was already pretty spent from earlier. As she was riding me, I would reach up to squeeze and shake her tits while pulling on her nipples. This brought soft moans of pleasure from her. I ran my hands up and down her sides, over her legs and down to her feet.

I started talking to her as she ground her pussy on me. “Oh Tabitha, you are so good”, “Rub your pretty pink pussy on my dick”, “Ride me baby, ride me hard”, “I love your sexy body”, “Give me more”. She worked herself up to a healthy orgasm as she arched her back while screaming and grunting with pleasure. I could feel her pussy squirting its warmth all over me again. Tabitha tilted her head back, her face to the ceiling with her eyes shut tight. Suddenly, she took a deep breath and her mouth was open, but no sound came out. She just continued to rapidly grind her pelvis against mine. She leaned back with her hands falling to my knees. Her sweet, soft, pale breasts were wobbling in rhythm with her grinding. After about 10 seconds, she started to emit little squeaks of pleasure as she continued what looked like an amazing orgasm.  As her orgasm crested, she let out her breath and started screaming, “oh my…. oh my…. oh my…. oh my…yesssssss…….. Uuuuhhhhggggg……..I’m cuuuummmminggggg!!!!!!”. More grunting and grinding as she screamed, “Oh GOD Thom, please keep fucking me…..fuck me…….fuck me…..Oh God YEEESSSSS…FUUUCK MMEEEEE!!!” With that, I grabbed her hips and helped her grind harder on my dick. I watched her lose control in complete ecstasy and felt her pussy pulse in her orgasm. I could feel the wetness from her vagina run down my ball sack and all over the sheets. The combined visual and tactile sensations sent me over the edge and I pumped another volcanic load of my thick cum into her dripping pussy.

After we came together, she got light-headed, her body went limp and she fell down on the bed next to me. Her breathing was so hard, it sounded like she had just run five miles. “Oh…..my…. God” she said between breaths. “That……was…..soooooo……..good. My orgasms were so intense. I Love You Thom.” “Tabitha, Honey, I Love You too” I whispered in her ear.

We laid in bed and I held her while we cooled down. I really wanted to go again, but it was getting late. We dozed off for about 30 minutes. When I woke up, it was about 11:30pm.

“Hey Sweetheart, it’s time for us to get up” I said as I gently caressed her hair. “mmmm…….nnnoooo, I don’t waaaaannnnna get up” she purred softly, “I wanna stay like this with you forever.” she said as she pressed her body against mine. As I continued to hold her I said, “Honey, I’d love for nothing more than to stay in bed, naked with you all night, but we gotta get up. It’s 11:45 and everyone will be home soon.” As she stretched her beautiful pale body, she said “You’re right. Can’t let them find us like this.” With a mischievous grin she said, “Although, I’m not sure I care anymore” I drew her close and gave her another deep kiss and rubbed her breasts one more time.

“Tabitha, I love you. I want you more than anything in the world. Please know that I love you for more than just what we had tonight. I’ve had feelings for you for so many years” “Thom, I love you too. We need to figure out what we’re going to do next, but not tonight. Let’s just enjoy the rest of our trip knowing the feelings we have for each other. Not to mention the incredible love making session we just had.”

With that, we quickly got up and took a shower together. It was great being able to rub her soapy body. God, her soapy breasts felt incredible. With me behind her, I massaged her boobs for at least five minutes. It took all I had to not fuck her again right there in the shower. After we dried off and got dressed, Tabitha said, “I’d better change the sheets. We made quite a mess.” She was right. We both got pretty sweaty and she came a number of times. The sheets were thoroughly soaked. “Won’t Jim find that a bit strange?” I asked. “Not really, I’ll tell him I started my period this morning and just noticed a little messiness from that.” By the time we changed the sheets, it was almost 1:00am.

A short time later, Morgan and Jim texted to say they were on the way back. I told Morgan that Tabitha and I just finished watching a movie and that I’d see her downstairs when they got back.

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