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I’m Gary, in my late forties, in good shape and like most men my age, So let me tell you about a fantasy I have about my young hairdresser.



Her name was Deena and she’s about thirty years. She’s a little chubby, not much but I find her “FUCKING SEXY!” Why? Because when she cut my hair, she rubbed her body against mine, which caused my cock to stir. When she shampooed my hair, she’s rubbing her thighs against my shoulder. When I’m in the chair getting my hair cut, she’s rubbing her body against mind and while my hands are resting against the chair armrest, she puts her stomach against them. I WANT TO FUCK HER SO BAD! So begins my fantasy. Maybe she reads erotic sex stories and will think of me! I had an appointment with Deena on Wednesday night around nine that night. She wanted this time as I haven’t been with her in a while and she wanted to cut my hair again. I arrived at her hair salon to find most of the hairdressers were already gone.

Deena saw me waiting and gave me a smile, as she was finishing up a female customer. The last hairdresser gathered up her belongings and walked over to Deena. “I’m out of her, will you be okay?” Deena looked at me, then smiled at the hairdresser. “Sure, Gary’s an old customer” she replied. “Cute little joke”, I thought to myself. The hairdresser left. Ten minutes went by and Deena finished up with her female customer and let her out the door, then locked it behind her. Deena then closed the blinds of the windows. “I don’t want people to know I’m alone,” she told me. My heart started racing with thoughts I shouldn’t be thinking since I’m married. “So, are you ready for your shampoo?” she asked. “I’m all yours,” I replied, which caused her to give me a cute smile. I followed her into the backroom where she sat me down, laid the back of my head in the sink and started to shampoo my hair. We chatted while she washed my hair and she didn’t let me down by rubbing her thighs up against my shoulder.

Then she did something she never did before, she leaned over to reach for a bottle of conditioner, and she let her breast rub across my forehead. “Oops, I got shampoo on me,” she playfully told me. I looked and saw her wipe the shampoo off her breast, wishing I could do that. She rinsed my hair, put a drape over me, escorted me to her chair and covered my clothes with the protective cover. She cut my hair and we did the usual chatting with her rubbing her body against mine. She trimmed my eyebrows and rubbed her stomach against my hand resting on the chair armrest. I thought about this for a year, and decided to take a chance. If she complained, I could come up with an excuse that my hand was cramping. So I extended my fingers out and lightly rubbed her stomach. She didn’t move back or yell, but I could see a little smile growing on her face.


So I continued. “Looks like I missed a spot,” she said as she leaned forward to cut some hair off my ears. That gave me the opportunity to lightly rub lower towards her crotch. I could sense she’s enjoying it as she took her time trimming that piece of hair. My breathing was getting heavy and my heart was racing. Not to mention my cock was starting to swell. “Well, that’s that,” she told me, which disappointed me because I wanted this haircut to last forever. She removed the drape in a way she never did before, and some hair fell down all over my crotch. She looked. “I can’t believe I did that. I hope it doesn’t affect my tip,” she said. “Depends on how well you clean it up,” I replied. She gave me a smile, reached down and picked the hair off my crotch. She then brushed my crotch with her hand and removed all my hairs. That gave me a hard-on, which caused her to smile. “Oh, I seemed to have stirred something up,” she said with a smile.

I didn’t know what to do, so I reached out, and I lightly rubbed her one arm. “You’ve been stirring me up for a long time.” Deena smiled and I took that as a signal, so I got up out of my chair, and I planted a light kiss on her lips. She didn’t resist and even stuck her tongue in my mouth. We parted lips and we looked at each other. We knew what we wanted and didn’t have to say it. A huge smile grew on her face and she took my hand and walked me back to a room where massages are given. “This room should do fine,” she told me. I looked around the room. “Deena, may I have the honor of fucking you?” I asked her. “Please. I need a good fuck,” she answered. I sat her up on the massage table and removed her shoes then socks. I rubbed her feet. “That feels so good after being on my feet all day,” she moaned. “Maybe you’ll like this,” I told her. I then started sucking on her toes, which caused her to lie back, as she loved it. “Yes, suck my toes! I fucking love it!” she moaned. I sucked all her toes and she moaned loving that feeling.

I removed all her clothes. She sat on the table bare ass naked with the sweetest hairy pussy I’ve ever seen, and the nicest D cup tits with nice big nipples I removed my clothes while she was rubbing her nipples with one hand and rubbing her pussy with her other. I stood before her with a nice 6-inch hard cock. “Nice cock for an old man,” she said with a smile. “Sweet hairy pussy Deena. May I eat your sweet cunt?” I replied back. Deena smiled, lied on her back and opens her legs. “Eat my twat, old man,” she begged while she spread her legs apart. I got on my knees and licked my way down her inner thighs to her pussy. I then licked all around her pussy then ran my tongue up and down her slit. She moaned while playing with her erect nipples. The more I licked and sucked on Deena’s clit and wet pussy, the louder she moaned and squeezed my head with her thighs. “YES! EAT MY PUSSY GARY! EAT ME! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH” she screamed out.

I continued to eat her pussy making it so wet. Then I licked my way up her stomach, stopping to run my tongue into her belly button, then I worked my way up to her tits. I sucked her nipples for a few seconds. I kissed my way to one of her ears. “Suck my cock you fucking bitch,” I ordered. “Yes sir,” she responded. I stepped back, she got on her knees and I put my cock into her waiting mouth. She sucked and was a pro at it. “That’s it…suck my cock your fucking slut,” I grabbed her head, held while I fucked her mouth. “That’s a good cunt,” I complimented while she sucked my cock for a few minutes. “Get on your fucking feet,” I demanded and she obeyed. I turned her around, bent her over the massage table with her ass staring at me. I got on my knees and started to lick and kiss her ass cheeks. I ran my tongue up and down the crack of her ass. She moaned indicating she liked it. I spread her ass cheeks apart and I licked her inviting asshole.

“Yes! Lick my asshole!” She moaned as she wiggled her ass to the rhythm of my tongue licking. I couldn’t resist and I forced my tongue into her asshole. “YES! TONGUE FUCK MY ASSHOLE!” she screamed as I tongue fucked her ass. I quit that, stood up and I spread her ass cheeks apart and looked at her wet pussy. “Are you ready to be fucked?” I asked. “Yes, fuck me, make me your bitch,” she answered. I slapped her ass cheeks a couple of times, then I inserted my hard cock into her pussy with her moaning as it slipped inside. Then I picked up the rhythm and pumped her pussy. “AHHHH! FUCK ME! FUCK MY CUNT!” Deena screamed. I continued to pump her pussy for about five minutes.

“AHHHHHH!” Deena screamed out having an orgasm and I could feel her body shake. The feeling of her cumming was too much for me. “I’m going to cum, where do you want it?” I asked. “In my mouth,” she answered. I pulled my cock out of her pussy. She got on knees in front of my cock and proceeded to suck on it. “That’s it Deena, suck my cock until I cum!” I told her. She sucked for a couple of minutes and I couldn’t hold back. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, she opened her mouth wide opened and I jerked off letting cum fly into her mouth, lips and chin. “You’re a great fuck Deena. A great fuck!” She smiled at me with cum on her lips and chin. I got her up, looked into her eyes, then licked the cum off her chin and kissed her. We French-kissed and I could taste some of my cum inside of her mouth. It tasted good. She smiled, gave me a hug and walked me to the front door holding my hand. She gave me another hug and we kissed. “See you next month,” she said. I smiled and left the salon with a huge smile on my face and a spring in my step. END

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