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It turned out that the first time between my boyfriend and me was
his first time, period. I should have been more gentle with him, would
have perhaps if I had known. But there I was, naked already, and he was
so sweet, telling me how beautiful I was. I was feeling all achy and
butterflies and my legs would just not stay closed. Thank goodness I had
that condom.

He told me as we were lying there. His head was lying on my
breast, one arm thrown across me, one knee over my hips. We were drowsing in the afterglow, that time when you don’t feel like moving, when its enough to hold him and remember how he filled you, how well you fit together, how you held him as he came and how you made it the best for him you could and it felt so good for you too, stretching, open, feeling his stroke fill you, knowing he was urgent and close. You cradle his head, let him let go inside you, hold him safe til the ecstasy passes. Now you lie as one, drowsing, watching the afternoon pass in the movement of a sunbeam up the wall.

“You’re the best,” he said.
“Oh am I,” I said, “I’m very flattered.”
“You’re also the worst and the prettiest and the ugliest and the
tallest and the shortest.”
“Am I also first and last and only?”
“Oh, dear.” And I hugged him closer.

Your first, I thought. I’m going to have to take extra special
care of you. I can feel your fingertips touching my nipple, is this the
first time you’ve done that? Testing its fleshiness, running one finger
over the flat top, around the base, watching it spring back as your finger
passes over it. Please, keep playing with one breast while I pillow you
on the other. I want you to know me, my textures and surfaces. Learn me
with your touch and tongue, taste me too. Learn the curve of my breast
and how it weighs in your hand, how your hand curls naturally around me,
just like you’re doing now. Is the first time your hand has cupped a
woman’s breast? How very warm your hand is! Squeezing me, testing the
response of my flesh. You’ll have to learn that every caress touches me
in the head, also. Your exploratory touch is delightfully soft.

I sighed. “Your hand feels very nice on my breast. Not sexy, but
nice. If you keep doing that, it’ll probably turn into sexy. Your
fingers are being so delicate. You can be more forceful, I’ll tell you if
its too much. I like my nipple being squeezed. You can feel it grow and
harden between your fingers, especially if you make it wet. If you use
your teeth and nibble at my nipple very very carefully when you suck my
breast, you’ll make me a very happy woman, and very aroused. You don’t
mind my telling you this do you?”

I felt his smile on my breast.
“Of course not. How else would I know what you like?”
“Well, it seems that some men think they know everything already
and don’t want to hear anything that might imply that they are anything
but expert lovers. Other men don’t really seem to care, they already know
what they like, why should they care what I like.
“I won’t be like that. I’ll take every piece of advice you care
to give me. Please remember that up until twenty minutes ago I was a

The next day we went to the darkroom together. We couldn’t stop
touching as we handled the chemicals. I decided to give him his first
blowjob as we waited for the film. We were kissing and I knew he was
hard, I could feel it pressing against my belly. He trembled as my hand
crept over him.


“You’re going to make me come in my pants, Tammy.” I was running
my hand up and down the bulge in his jeans while kissing him.
“I can think of a better place to come, one that won’t embarass
you so much when you go to do the laundry.” I did my best to slither down
his front, rubbing my breasts along him as I went. Kneeling I undid his
belt and fly by touch in the deep red darkness. I slid his pants off his
ass, then took his shorts down slowly. His cock swung out to rub against
my chin as it came free. I felt the wet drops it left there, evidence of
his arousal. Kneeling in the dark, it seemed to radiate heat. I let it
trail across my cheek until I felt his head warm on my lips.
I put one hand on his ass and the other curled around his rod. He
felt so warm in my hand. My pussy gave a little squeeze as my hand
tightened on him. I was wetting his cock head as my own juice started to
flow liberally. I wanted to be so good for him. I wanted to make him
last and give him a virtuoso performance. As my jaw opened to swallow him my pussy throbbed.

With my hand on his ass I guided him in thrusting slowly into my
mouth. Then I pushed down on the base of his cock with the other hand and stilled him, giving myself the opportunity to let my head move up and down on him. I got my hand going and pretty soon his whole cock was getting stroked or sucked. He was totally into the feelings I was giving him, I could hear little whimpers of pleasure as my lips slid over the flare around his cock head.

I thought he was close to coming. He had reached behind my head
and was carressing my hair, urging me to take more and more of him. I
took what I could of him, and the rest I stroked faster and tighter. He
suprised me by putting his other hand over mine, slowing me down but
making me even tighter. He guided me now, I’m sure he knew how to
pleasure himself, and now I was learning just what kind of hand stroke he
liked. Together we held his erection, his hand on mine. I was holding
the tip of his cock between my lips, tongueing the little gap, waiting for
his wonderful explosion. I was trying to concentrate on how tight he was
holding my hand, how the speed and pressure varied. My pussy was
clenching as if it too wanted to be tight and slick around that warm stiff
flesh. In time, I thought, in time.

Suddenly his hand behind my head pushed in on me and his cock
popped into my mouth just as he came. His cum slid over my tongue as his
smell filled my nostrils, strong and heady. I squeezed his ass really
hard, feeling his muscles clench as he shot into me. That’s right, I
thought, come really hard into me I love giving it to you so good let me
milk every last drop out of you. You are so special, I want you to feel
it in the way I wrap my tongue around you, sucking licking I know you’re
so sensitive now let me just hold you in my mouth steady steady let me
swallow what I’ve got and breathe and feel so happy I’ve given you
something so special, made it so sweet for you, we did it together, let me
lick that last drop out of your cock you wonderful boy.

I cleaned him up and tucked him back in and we finished up with
the rolls of film. Then we practically ran back home to my apartment. I
showed him how to go down on me, how to make me shiver and twitch with a little flick of the tongue. He was a very attentive student, I think he
got it all right the first time through, but he insisted on practicing so
I endured his tender ministrations twice more before I collapsed into a
happy little puddle. We made love again that night and he found out what
it feels like to have a woman fuck you from above, driving her body onto
your cock, using her whole weight to impale herself on you, over and over
again until you both are coming and she stretches out on top of you after
you come and your lips meet and your kiss lasts until you sleep.

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