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As I lay in bed that night, I experienced many new and strange
feelings. I was interested in my changing body and had seen each
day the developments that were occurring, but I had not explored
myself by touch except by the necessary touching of daily personal
hygiene. As I lay there my right hand slowly moved up under my
nightgown to touch my left breast. It was only a small swelling,
but it had definitely begun to take shape. I touched the bottom
curve and began circling around the perimeter of its rounded shape.

With each revolution around my breast, I moved closer to the center
and slowed down. As I felt the size increasing nearer to the
center, I would pause and gently push. This pressure caused
sensations that I had never experienced before. I continued to
work my way to the center of my breast until I felt the areola of
my nipple. My nipples were still small, like they had always been,
but tonight I noticed something different. The areola was very
tight and when I found the nipple, It was erect as if it were cold.
I continued to play with the nipple fondling it with my fingers and
pinching it between them. My excitement built rapidly and each new
touch of my breast brought on sensations that I found exciting and
wonderful. My right hand wandered over to my right breast and my
left hand found its way to my left breast. I continued to caress
both of my breasts and eventually had to stop to catch my breath.


After I had recovered for a few minutes I realized that I was
hot and decided to take my nightgown off. I took it off as well
as my panties. I was somewhat sweaty from my activity, but I was
quite surprised at the moisture that I found in my panties. I lay
back down, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this unusual
moisture. I knew that I had not accidentally wet my panties and
I never had experienced sweat between my legs like that. The more
I thought about it the more curious I became. My right hand slowly
started to work its way down my stomach to my pubis to satisfy my
curiosity. As my hand reached my pubis, it touched the new blonde
pubic hairs that I had recently developed. They reminded me of the
recent changes that had been happening. My hand continued down
but avoided touching ‘that place’ that you aren’t supposed to
touch. I touched my inner thighs, but they weren’t very wet. My
curiosity mounted until it was enough to cause my hand to slowly
move up to rest on my genitals. They were almost dripping wet!

As soon as my hand rested against my private area, A flood of
wonderful sensations ran over my body. Almost instinctively my
hand started to move back and forth, round and round on my mound.
As I continued the sensations mounted until I reached a point that
the flood of sensations was too great. I felt something deep
inside me pounding as my entire body tightened. This feeling
persisted for a minute or two and then I fell limp. My hand and
sheets were soaked in liquid and I was quite excited. I had found
a new joy that I would develop and enjoy for the rest of my life.

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