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Its early spring, but it’d be hard to tell from the weather. Its still
really cold outside, and after dark the urge to be inside somewhere warm and bright is pretty strong. We’ve gone to Scotti’s, an odd name for a small
downtown Italian restaurant, good food, multi-colored candles in Chianti
bottles, soft white tablecloths and rather empty on a Tuesday night. I feel
good, the cold has reddened up my cheeks and candlelight is flattering to
everybody. You look marvelous to me, and kiss the top of my head as you sit down.

Food comes and we talk of this and that, how things are at work, your new
book. Eventually the conversation turns to missing each other. You’ve been living out of town for work reasons, and come back every few weeks. You lean over the table and say, very low, “Ah, Alice, you are beautiful, I’ve missed having your beauty”. I smile and sip at my glass of wine. “Having your beauty, Alice, owning it.” You want to play, and that alone raises my pulse and brings a flush to my cheeks. I incline my head, trying to ask what next, without words. I want you in control, I want to do what you want of me, I want to give myself to you. The desires threaten my composure, and you know me well enough to understand.

“Look at me, Alice, raise your eyes”. I look up and see a gentle smile, but
sparkling eyes suggest that you’ve already thought through what comes next. Your thought-throughs are always dangerous, strong enough to fill your needs and mine, both. But I always have my doubts, an my doubts always get me into trouble. Trusting you completely is my guide, now. “Go downstairs, to the ladies room, take off your underwear and bring it back to me, now”.

I sigh to calm myself. I once thought that taking off my underwear for you
would get easier, but it doesn’t. It gets me excited and makes me
uncomfortable and nervous. But I know you love it, watching my breasts sway under my blouse, always watching to see if I leave a stain on my pants or skirt. I go downstairs, quickly counting in my mind the number of people in the restaurant. Alone is bad, you will be willing to push me much more, but lots of people mean means more people watching. I fear being watched, I am afraid of someone seeing me. You are the only one, in my view, who thinks my body is grand and my embarrassment erotic.

There is no one else in the women’s room. Under my skirt, I quickly strip
off my panties, and undo my bra. I can get it off without taking off my
sweater all the way. Damn, I have no pockets, so I quickly crumple them in
my hand. Maybe I can get back to the table without anyone noticing. I
breath deeply, to gather myself together and think of your touch. In my
head are ideas of what might happen, even though I try and remember that anticipating makes it worse.

I step out of the womens room and you grab me from behind. I nearly scream, I am so startled. “I’ll take those, and not another word”. I am shaking with fright as you reach around the front and push up my sweater to touch my breasts. The warmth of your hands is incredible and I can lose myself in your touch. I could live in your caresses for hours.


There is a small table in front of the phone here, and you push me face down over it, till my feet barely touch the ground. My heart is pounding. Not here, please not here, I think. My love for you serves as discipline and I
hold still as you position me. You lift my skirt over my ass and push my
legs apart. I am now torn between anxiety and desire. I think about people
coming by, but your fingers stroke me, eliciting all the responses you know
you can. “Very wet, rather open”, you muse. And you bring something around for me to look at. Its a zucchini, not terribly large, but enough so I will feel it. “This is for you Alice, I know you like presents”. And as I am
leaning over the table you start to work it into my cunt. I feel myself
stretching to accommodate the squash, and squirming and hoping that your fingers will touch me. I think of being spread out and exposed like this in a nice restaurant, as you fuck me with the zucchini.

“Let’s quit here, you’ll get plenty later” you say, stopping before I can
come . You spank me a few times, just enough to redden my ass and I bite my lip so I don’t cry out. “I want you to enjoy sitting without underwear” you say, pushing my skirt back down. “I’ll follow you upstairs, and Alice,”
with a grin I can hear in every word “don’t loose the zucchini, it would be
very hard to explain to anyone”. I stop, with suddenly thinking how the
hell am I going to keep this thing in me, with no underpants on. I push my
thighs together and find that slow little steps and a solid pull of my
vagina seem to keep it in. I involuntarily wiggle as I walk, not at all my
normal stride. My breasts bounce in rhythm up the stairs and to the table.

As I sit down, rather gingerly, you say “Very nice, now lift your sweater
and show me your breasts”. What? Show myself? I shake my head. “Alice”,
you sternly say, and I remember my earlier desire to submit to you. I look
around, and when no one is near, I quickly lift and lower my top. My
nipples are hard, crinkled rocks, and the cold air is like icy fingers on
them. “Alice, you have no appreciation of how much *I* like that, now, do
it again, slower, and touch your nipples”. Blushing, I push my top up, and
with each hand, touch a nipple. I start to pinch them, knowing that you
would like it, when the door facing me is opened, and people come through, bringing a draft of cold air with them. I quickly lower both my top and my eyes. Embarrassed, yes. I don’t want to show myself. I do want to be touched, and I’m left frustrated, not by accident I suspect.

You pay the bill and say its time to go. I get up, quickly at first, and
then feeling the zucchini start to slither out, more slowly. I walk slowly
to the door and down the block to the car, you behind me, watching. “Get
in, Alice, and drive”. We get in the car and before starting it, I lean
over to kiss you. You pointedly pull away from me. “Alice, this is for me,
not for you.” I must look disappointed as I turn back to start the car,
because you grab my jaw, hard and pull my face towards you. “Understand, you will get kisses and pleasure when I want to give them to you. It pleases me to show off your body, to touch you. I will. Now, as you drive, touch me,
make me come”. I see that you have unzipped your pants and your very hard cock is standing out. The cold has never bothered you as much as me.

We start the drive home, and I stroke you with my free hand. You are nearly throbbing, and moving your hips rhythmically. My desires subside a bit, and my energy is split between driving carefully and pleasing you. We stop at a light, and you grab my head hard, pushing it down into your lap. “Suck on me, now”, and I do. You are getting close to coming, when the car behind us honks. “Drive” you say, a little softly, “and touch me”. I do.


Finally, we get to Jon & Carol’s where you are staying for tonight. Its a
busy street, although not a main one. There are houses only on one side, and woods on the other. I pull up across from their house, and leave the car
running, for the heat. “Turn off the car, Alice” you say, “Take off your
coat, your shirt”. The car is warm enough, and I twist and turn and pull
them off. We are not under a street light, so its dim in the car. “Sit on
me, with your back towards me, facing out”. It takes me a moment, but your seat is pushed back and I settle onto your lap. The zucchini feels very
full inside of me, as you reach around me to pull my legs apart and caress
my breasts a bit. We’ve steamed up the windows and no one can see into the car, the darkness feels safe to me. I am aroused, but content, and start to make deep sighing noises. Probably a mistake, content is seldom one of your goals when we play.

I start to rock back and forth on your hard cock, letting it rub along the
crack in my ass. As you reach around and pull out the zucchini, you give me instructions: “Stop that and lean forward, Alice”. I do, but not enough
for you. You push me up against the window of the car, so that my breasts
painfully touch something cold. I’m in an awkward position with my hips are forward and off of your lap and I wedge my arms up on the roof to support myself. I feel you caress my ass, and then the zucchini, still slick with my juice, rubbing at my anus. You start pushing the zucchini into my ass, and I think it is certainly too big to fit. It hurts and I squeeze out tears,
almost silently, as you are determined to have your way. Slowly, you push
and pull the zucchini until most of the length is lodged inside of me. When
you are finished, you touch my checks to see if I have cried, and I hear you
gently kiss your fingers covered with my tears.

You grab my shoulders, pulling me back onto your lap as you thrust your hard cock into my cunt. I have to arch my back strongly to stay on you, and the position forces me to hold my breasts out. They are cold and wet from
having been pushed against the dashboard. My cunt and ass are entirely
filled, with no room to spare, as you startmoving beneath me. You seize my breasts in your hands, and squeeze in the same rhythm as your hips, till I cry out. One hand drifts down my belly to my cunt, as a car approaches from the other direction. It shines its lights into our car, lighting up my
breasts for a brief burst. You notice the lights on the fogged up windows
and shift forward to wipe them clean, giving a clear view into car. I
almost pull off of you, but your hands around me hold me fast.

We continue fucking, as cars seem to speed by, flashing their lights
quickly. My face is in the dark, but my breasts with their dark nipples
shine in the light. Finally one car comes, far more slowly and seems to
linger as it nears. I imagine that the driver had a glimpse before, and was
coming back to look again. The headlight’s glare on my breasts stays, and
you put your hands under them, holding them up to the light, to show the
world. “Don’t stop, Alice” you warn me “they *will* see your breasts. I
want them to”. One hand returns to my cunt, and presses on my clit,
stroking me, teasing me. The world may be watching, but I no longer have a choice, your insistent fingers have brought me to the edge and as you pinch my clit, I explode. You can only continue for a few more strokes, before you too, give in and finally come.

The car has moved on, and you tell me to turn around. It takes a minute in
the confines of the car, and as I settle around you stroke my hair. You
pull the zucchini out and I sigh in relief. The windows are steamed up
again, and we are safe together in our dark cave. “Oh, Alice, I’ve missed
you more than you can possibly know”.

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