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I have no idea where she came from. One day there was nobody and
the next day she was there. Every inch of her was pure beauty, from the top of her blonde hair to the tips of her 5″ high heels.

She often wore low cut blouses, made of materials that had silk like shine.
The curves of her breasts were tantalizingly visible. Her skirts were short and often tight revealing her shapely legs. Her legs. Her legs were already long, and the high heels accented their length and well proportioned curves, from her thighs all the way down to those calves. Most women wear flat sole shoes that don’t form the leg shape as well as high heels do. She had nothing to worry about.

Her name was Sandy and she had just transferred in to our office from out of state. Being a supervisor, I had my own office away from everyone else and I didn’t hear all of the gossip that I am sure that went around about her. I did hear that she was divorced, and that she discourage contact with any of the males around her making everyone think that she was stuck-up or too good for them. I didn’t pay much attention to it since we were going to have to work together and I wanted to maintain a good relationship. But I wasn’t blind either.

They had moved her into the office across the hall from mine. And I often left my door open so that I could look up and see her working. I didn’t stare and I didn’t make a habit of it, the last thing I wanted in my life was a sexual harassment suit.

I would look up from time to time and notice that she would be looking at me. I would pretend not to notice and I could only assume that she reacted the same to me. Our conversations were always very neutral and about business. Our occasional glimpses of each other were all we had. The worst, or best, part was that neither of our desks had backs to them so her long legs and were always visible as well as mine up to my waist. It made it difficult to hide the occasional erection that I got thinking of her One day she was talking on the phone, absent mindingly swinging her chair back and forth. The result was that I had a pretty good view of her legs all the way up to where her stockings fasten on to the garters. I couldn’t remember the last time that a knew a woman who wore gartered stockings on a routine basis. The long, black sheathed legs were hypnotic and I had to adjust my position to allow for the growth of my sex. I could she the shining blue material of her panties. She placed one of her hands on her lap and began to run it from her waist down to her knee in a nervous gesture. A gesture that I wish I could repeat for her. But it was getting a
little too uncomfortable so I got up to shut my door.

Just as I reached for the handle she looked up. I could feel her eyes on me and then down to bulge in my pants. She smiled and waved as I shut the door. This was going to be harder than I thought.

Over the next few weeks the scene repeated itself till I finally decided to leave the door open. If her actions caused me a hard-on then I suppose she should get the benefit of seeing it. And she must have had the same idea.


Once again, late one afternoon, she sat swinging in her chair. Her dark stocking legs ending in bright red high heeled shoes. But this time there was something different Something… She wasn’t wearing panties! Her hands that normally ran on the top of her legs were now moving along her inner thigh, from her knee to almost her crouch. She leaned back in the chair as she talked and propped on foot on a box beside her desk I could easily see her passion from where I was sitting. The pinkness was stark agains t the color of her stockings and the black of her skirt. I could see the lips, slightly parted.

Her hand ran higher until it swiped at her slit. I don’t think I imagined it! No! There she done it again. Her fingers were gently probing her lower self. Then as I watch he r hand it moved up, from beneath the desk to her face. I saw her smile at me and lick the tips of her fingers.

My hand unconsciously fell to my lap and my fingers ran the length of my
hardening cock. I watched her move her hand back down to her slit and spread her lips. A tip of a finger reached out and brushed against her clit before disappearing into her hole. She then removed it and again took it to her mouth. But this time on the way down, it stop and the finger becounded to me.

Without a second though I crossed the hall, shutting her door behind me and locking it. Neither of had spoke as I circled the desk, Sandy still seated. She turned her chair toward me spread her legs and lifted her skirt. I fell to my knees and immediately placed my mouth on her cunt.

“Ohhhhh that feels so gooood. ” Her voice was low and husky. “Lick my clit … right there! Yes!” My tongue found her spot and began to toy with it. Her smell was sweet with perfume and her sex. Her juices were warm and plentiful as her stockings rubbed on the side of my face. She used her hands to spread her cunt lips as I poked my tongue into her hole and then out again to run the length of her slit. “Keep it up. Make me squirm, baby.
Lick my cunt and make … ” , her body shuddered. ” … make me cum!”
Her hips had bucked up off the chair as I caught her clip in my lips and began to suck on it. I then took a finger and placed it on the outside of her hole so the next time she bucked up, my finger entered her. I held my hand still and let her fuck it with her hips.

“Oh yess …. I?m so close ……. Baby …..” I felt her hands on my zipper and
she easily removed my prick. “Wait….” She bounced out of her chair and sat on the desk, her pussy wide open. “Suck it now! Eat me and make me CUM!” She was propped up on her elbows watching me lick her pussy. “Ssoooo Cloossse. Faster, Baby. A littllleee faastter….. Oh yes…. yesssss…… Oh now, fuck me… put you dick in my cunt….
I’m cuuummminng.”


I jumped to me feet and slid my hard cock into her waiting hole. I could feel her muscles squeezing me as she orgasmed. I pumped into hard at first then slowed a little as she came down from her experience. She placed a hand between her legs and on my waist and pushed me back.

I must have looked a little dejected as I watch her lift herself off the desk and sit back down it the chair. “Don?t get upset baby, there?s more.” With that she grasp me at the base of my cock and pulled me forward until the tip was just in front of her lips. “I love the taste of my pussy juice and I want to suck it off you.” See looked up into my face then quickly took my entire length into her mouth. She played with my balls as her lips ran up and down the entire length of my dick. It took all I had to keep from filling her mouth with my cream. “That?s good!” she finally said. “All nice and clean!” Again she stood up but this time she leaned over the desk. “Take it! Take that hard prick of yours and stick it in my cunt! Come on and fuck me!” “Unnng” I grunted as I slammed my prick back into her hole. “Oh yeah, that?s tight!” I pulled my cock out and the slammed it back in, again and again. “Damn that?s good!” “Oh yeah!? She looked back over her shoulder. I could see her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the experience. Her breath was coming in gasps. ” Fuck it, fuck my cunt. Shoot your cum way up in me …. I?m gonna rub my clit and cum all over your hard prick.”

I felt hand brush my balls and she must have found her clit because she began to push back harder against me. “That?s it …… I can feel how deep I am in you! …. Oh yeah.. I?m getting ready!

She raised the upper part of her body and my hands quickly found her tits beneath her blouse. “Oh yeah play with ?em baby. Play with my tits while I drain your prick with my cunt. ….. Fuck me baby, fuck my hot pussy and shoot in me …. I?m ready … Give it to me … Give it now … Oh you bastard cum in me .. fill me ….”

One of her hands covered mine on her tit and the other moved mine to her clit. I stroked both hard and fast keeping in rhythm with my dick in her pussy. I felt her hand between her legs playing with me balls and it was all I could take.

“Here it is!” I gasped with one last thrust. Her hand milked the cum out of my balls as I spurted deep into her belly. That sent her off and she squirmed her butt back against me.

One hand playing with my balls and the other pulling her nipple away from her tit. I finally pulled away from her and close my zipper. She collapsed back in the chair. “I think I need a rest.” She smiled at me. “If you will excuse me I need to clean up.” I headed for the door. “By the way I?ll be by later with a phone number.”
What a day!

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