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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in mid-July. My partner, kids and I were camping with some family, friends, friends of friends and the like at a private campground where we go every year.

I was full of sexual tension, my partner is a limp-noodle, small-dick- suck in bed kind of guy and I had cut him totally out of my sex life months before. Other than the odd fuck here and there, I wasn’t getting much action or satisfaction.

I had been watching couples in the crowd and strangers meet, thinking how lucky they all were- most would be getting laid at some point during the weekend. It was making me incredibly horny. How I wanted a good fuck. There was two people that kept catching my eye- her name was Tracy and she was older than me by about ten years- early 50s- pretty lady and was in great shape, I was secretly hoping that I would be able to maintain my body like that as I got older. The guy- early to mid 20s- named Jake, had been walking around most of the two days we were there without a shirt; he had a hot body, great abs, big chest and arms, with just the right amount of chest hair. These two seemed like an odd match, but yet- they seemed to keep meeting up, flirting and smiling at each other. I began to think that there was more than meets the eye. Both were there with their significant others, and I didn’t think they had met before this mini-vacation.

I couldn’t stop thinking about sex. My kids were busy playing with other kids, I went and told them that I was going for a little walk. Their father was having a nap in our trailer, sleeping off too much beer the night before. I quietly went into our trailer, changed into my bikini, putting my towel into my backpack- I thought of the vibrator I had snuck along that was in my purse. “Oh hell”, I said to myself, as I stuffed it in with my towel- I might just find enough privacy to fuck myself in the woods and find some release. Toys of any kind were forbidden by my partner, but I’ve always kept a secret stash- a girl has to do what a girl has to do. So I felt rather excited and naughty as I closed the door and donned my backpack- setting off to see what the afternoon would bring.

As I walked along the trail, lost in my own sexual fantasies, I was getting hotter and hotter. I was alone, and I began to pinch and rub my nipples through my bikini and tank top. Harder and harder I pinched, and the wetter and wetter I became. My clit was begging for a good rub, but I now was enjoying being so damn turned on that I wanted to punish myself and make it last. I veered slightly off the main trail, headed up a steep hill which would take me to a private little swimming hole which I thought would be the perfect spot for me right then. When I reached the top of the hill, I stopped and got a drink of water- spying my vibrator, I was thinking- you and me are going to have some fun shortly…….I could now smell myself I was so hot and horny. I paused there for a few minutes- pushing my shorts and bikini bottoms to my knees. I ran my finger through my sex, grazing my clit- I was slick and starting to drip, and my clit was swollen and when I pressed on it- it was pulsing and throbbing. Begging for me to use and abuse it. I said “Hold on girl, not yet”. I leaned one hand on a tree as I stroked myself and felt the breeze against my bare ass- I dared stick a finger inside my cunt. I was putting myself through hell, but it was sweet torture. I pulled up my bottoms and walked a little further.

Then, I got the surprise of my life. I thought I heard a voice. So, I was walking super quiet now- even more turned on as the thought entered my head that I could fuck myself with someone very close, but they would never know. Holy shit, this was always something I had dreamed of- was a fantasy going to come true? I couldn’t help but wonder who was there??? So I walked a little further and dared take a peek towards the shore and the river. You’ll never believe what I saw- Tracy and Jake- skinny-dipping- caught in a passionate embrace.

Oh.My.God. This was total heaven on earth. I have always wanted to watch real-live sex and not just porn videos. This opportunity could not be wasted, nor could I fuck it up. I sat down under a big fir tree, there was a bit of brush too, so I was fairly well concealed- they were so busy with each other I was pretty confident they wouldn’t notice me anyway.

I sat there- fascinated, turned on beyond belief watching the two of them make out and enjoy each other in the water. I refused to touch myself as this was incredible. I slowly and quietly got my towel and vibrator out of my back pack. Laying them both out, I slipped out of all my clothes and sat there naked, playing with my nipples and wishing I had a big cock in me right now. I could see their arousal heightening as they came up on shore and stood over their towels- Jake had a huge hard on, must have been 7-8 inches of thick beautiful cock- and she was dropping to her knees- about to take him in her mouth. She said “I want you to cum in my mouth and I’ll swallow it all, then you can fuck me”. Somehow she swallowed it whole, for a little lady, she sure could fit a big dick in her throat, she sucked and slurped and he was moaning and groaning- his head thrown back in sheer pleasure. She stopped and took his hand- “Cum for me, give it to me” I still have yet to rub myself, I am enjoying this show so much that I think I might just cum without touching my clit or using my vibrator at all. I was squirming on my towel though, could hardly keep still and quiet. With her sucking and licking the end, and him stroking himself he yells “I’m going to cum” he grabbed her head and shot his load down her throat. What a beautiful sight.

“My turn” she says, as she lays down on her towel “Eat me”, and he did, he buried his face in her crotch and I could feel what it felt like. She was bucking and panting as she had a hold of his head and was guiding him to exactly where she wanted him. I could feel every lick, my clit was on fire, throbbing, pulsing begging for touch, I was panting, sweating- trying to maintain somewhat control for a few more minutes. I sat up on my knees and reached for my vibrator- turning it on low- I positioned myself over it and lowered myself down so I had it partway in me, kind of sitting back on my heels. Jeez, it felt good to be full- even if it was a cold, rubber dick. Sitting still, with the vibrator barely buzzing, I was lost in the sensation.

I was high on the show, I reached down and put the slightest pressure on my clit- feeling it pulse in want and need. Right then – Tracy says “Fuck me” as she flipped over onto all fours. He was rock hard again, how I would love to have that cock buried in me. I changed my position, laying on my side so I could fuck myself using my left hand and rub my clit with my right- but still have a full view of the live show happening in front of me. I was done, no holding back now- I began to fuck myself in earnest, like a savage animal- pounding in and out, my right in a frenzy on my clit. I watched Jake fuck Tracy hard and fast- bodies slapping together. Her yelling “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me- don’t stop, don’t stop”- that was exactly what I was saying to myself. I was totally lost- wanting to cum so badly, but not wanting it all to end. I was fucking myself hard and fast, on the brink of an orgasm that I knew was going to rock me and exhaust me. Jake was slamming Tracy, her face now down on her towel and her hand rubbing wildly at her own clit, she began to scream “I’m going to cum, don’t stop, fuck me hard.”

Jake now slaps her ass, good and hard- I feel that slap and I feel my release. I pound myself a little harder and I’m there, on the brink, seeing colours and stars and having the orgasm of a lifetime, all by myself watching the show. Tracy is there too, one more good slap and I see her tense then yell and shudder, she quickly turns around on her knees, face upturned to the sun saying “I want your cum, cum on my face” and Jake does not disappoint- she shoots his cum all over her face. All of a sudden, it’s over, the show is over, my body and mind returns to reality. I realize holy crap- how am I going to get out of here without them seeing me? Tracy says- we better have another dip and wash off…..this is my ticket out. I quietly get dressed, pack up my stuff and start to make my way back to the campground and the kids.

This was going to be a trip to remember, as I secretly smile to myself. I can’t help but wonder if I’ll get this lucky again? Or maybe I should try to find a willing partner? Somehow, I don’t believe this was my only orgasm of the weekend.


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