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My wife Brenda and I enjoy plenty of rampant sex and we’re always keen to try new things. It was Brenda’s idea to see what a swingers club could offer us. We did lots of online research and finally arrived at one that seemed to offer a randy, broad minded couple like us just what we were looking for. After that it was just a matter of plucking up the courage and arranging a weekend in the city where the club was.

It was down a side street in the “red light” part of town. Its entrance was down a flight of steps and just inside the doorway were a couple of bouncers in DJ’s and reflective sunglasses. They looked us up and down, obviously decided a cool looking guy with an attractive leggy blonde in a mile high mini skirt and high heels both in their early thirties were the kind of clientele they wanted, and let us through.

A corridor with its red painted walls covered with pictures of men and women nude or all but nude in horny poses led to the desk where we paid the fee. After that was the cloakroom where we left our top clothes behind. I felt very self conscious just in my skimpy black briefs. I have no problem with erections but to make sure I’d be on form I’d taken a viagra before we left. As a result my penis wouldn’t stay down and I felt as if I had a steel bar sticking out between my legs pushing out the front of my briefs in a big black cone. Brenda was in a tiny black and red patterned see through lace bra barely big enough to sling her big breasts and a matching thong that only just covered her neatly furred cunt, with just a thin strap nestling between her bum cheeks. We also swapped our shoes for the sandals provided so regretfully Brenda had to leave her sexy high heels behind. Then, ready for anything we stepped through the final door.

The deafening, pounding music hit us almost like an explosion. The place was packed with men and women, and I needn’t have worried: most of them wore less than us. Behind the bar were girls in tiny silvery bikinis. We bought drinks and stood taking in the scene around us. Around the walls were screens showing porn videos. My eyes lingered on three girls who looked barely more than the 18 age limit just wearing tiny thongs, their cheeky young backsides swinging to the beat of the music as they stood watching a screen showing an office scene of a well hung guy giving it to a naked woman as she bent over a desk. I felt a hand pat my backside. I turned to see a guy just in black leather shorts. He looked enquiringly at me then grinned and moved away when he realised I was with my wife!

The place was gloomily lit only by dim wall lights, all except for a raised platform in the corner lit by stroboscopically flickering red spotlights. Smoke was billowing from vents in the platform floor, making it look like a scene from hell. On the platform people were dancing to the music. Most of the dancers were nude, and the dark shadows of their pubic hair swayed hypnotically in the flickering red light. I felt my wife touch my arm. She yelled in my ear. Though her voice was almost inaudible in the din I heard her clearly.

“Come on darling! Let’s strip and join the dancers!”

Brenda’s always been the one to take the initiative sexually in our marriage, and she always has an instinct for where the fun is. She also loves to dance. She took my hand and led me to the platform. In an instant she’d slipped her bra and thong off and tossed them onto a shelf by the steps. I slightly nervously slipped off my briefs so I was naked too. I thought I’d be embarrassed being naked in a crowd, but most of the people around us were naked too and my sex kit is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, especially when I’m having a boner like I was having then! Just for fun Brenda hooked her thong over my hard up cock and used it to lead me like her slave up the steps onto the platform where we joined the dancing throng.

As we danced close together, around us penises swung, hard up erections swayed stiffly and women’s naked breasts bobbed with the beat. Stiff penises and women’s cunt bushes brushed against my buttocks and thighs, women’s boobs brushed against my arms, men’s and women’s hands fondled my backside, my erect penis and balls and explored Brenda’s naked body too. I noticed a dancing couple were staying close to us. The woman was brunette with loose dark hair almost down to her shoulders, nude except for black fishnet seamed stockings, ever so slightly plump in that way that makes a woman look even more appetising, with big heavy breasts that swung sensuously as she danced, a big bottom and a neat little landing strip of almost black pubic hair above her vagina slit. Her partner was a muscular guy with a goatee beard. He was also naked, a gold medallion on a chain hung against his chiselled six pack, his sex kit was shaved hairless and his huge circumcised penis bent up almost vertical to its big round helmet, with a cock ring round his shaft and his balls. They were about our age. Realising we’d noticed them they moved even closer.

The woman snuggled up to Brenda so her breasts were against Brenda’s arm and ran her hand down Brenda’s front till her hand was cupped over Brenda’s cunt. The man got so close the head of his erect cock was poking my hip. He yelled in my ear above the pounding music.

“Join us for some fun!” I heard him say.

Brenda obviously guessed what he’d asked. Her big grin and enthusiastic nod showed me her answer was the same as mine. The woman took Brenda by the hand and led her off the platform with me and her partner following with my briefs in my hand and Brenda’s bra and thong hung on my cock!

In the relative silence of another red walled corridor lined with pictures of naked couples having straight, gay and lesbian sex I learned our new friends were called James and Karen. Doors opened off the corridor. James tried a couple and found they were locked. The next door opened, we saw the room was free, the four of us went in and James bolted the door behind us.

The room was largely filled with a huge bed, the walls were pink and lined with big mirrors, and there was a big mirror on the ceiling. There were condoms and tubes of lube on a shelf. I tossed my briefs and Brenda’s bra and thong into the corner.

“Nice sex kit you’ve got John,” said James.

As he spoke he gave my penis head a little flick with his finger. My lust and viagra fuelled erection was as big as James’ and was sticking up every bit as hard and upright as his from my thick dark bush. Brenda got on the bed and knelt with her legs spread spread wide, her stretched thighs pulling her brown fur lined vagina open so her pink inner labia peeped out. She hungrily fingered herself between her legs and looked straight at me.

“Darling …. I’ve never done it with another woman …. Karen said she wants to….. Can I?”

I felt my erection strain a couple of notches tighter. Without waiting for my answer, but correctly guessing I was more than happy to watch my wife having lesbian sex, Karen joined Brenda on the bed. Brenda lay back with her legs wide and Karen got on all fours with her big breasts hanging down and her bottom sticking up, and got her head between Brenda’s legs to kiss and lick Brenda’s cunt, getting Brenda squealing and squirming with pleasure. Karen worked her way up Brenda’s body until she was kissing and sucking Brenda’s nipples and had her hand down between Brenda’s legs fondling Brenda’s pussy. Brenda moaned and gasped and breasts quivered as she thrust her pussy against Karen’s hand in her sexual pleasure.

“Ooooooh Karen! Let’s play with each other!” Brenda gasped.

Karen and Brenda got into a position kneeling with their legs wide, facing each other so close their nipples were brushing together. They kissed passionately, mouth to mouth, fondled each other’s breasts and cupped their hands over each other’s sex mounds with their fingers playing between each other’s vagina lips.

“Ohhhh Karen! That’s so good! Finger fuck me!” Brenda moaned.

Karen began rhythmically stroking Brenda’s vagina lips, sliding her fingers between Brenda’s juice glistening labia, and reaching right under to finger her between her vagina and anus just the way I’d fingered Brenda to hot arousal so many times. Karen’s big heavy breasts swung with the rhythm of her hand pleasuring Brenda’s cunt. Brenda whimpered and cried out with sex pleasure and fondled Karen’s breasts and reached between Karen’s legs to finger her cunt in response. Watching my wife having sex with another woman got my shaft so hard I thought it would snap. James was gently stroking his erect shaft. I guessed he was edging for when he came later. I wondered if I’d be watching him fucking Brenda later, and what position she’d want.

“Hey John. Let’s give these lovely ladies a helping hand,” said James, with a big grin on his face.

He began to fondle Brenda’s bottom, tickling her with his fingertips down the length of her bum crack between her buttocks and caressing her thighs, stroking the insides of her thighs where I know she especially likes me to touch her, and reaching right under her between her legs to finger her between her anus and vagina. I did the same with Karen, exploring her big soft round bottom, the delicious smooth flesh of her bare back, her nylon clad legs, slipping my hands down inside her stockings, caressing her bare thighs above her stocking tops and of course her pussy between her spread legs, getting her labia and pubes wet with her sex juice. Brenda’s nipples were peaking like deep pink wine bottle corks, and as I ran my hand over Karen’s breasts I could feel her own nipples were up tight too with arousal. Brenda suddenly cried out.

“Coming! Coming! Ahhhhh!” It was that so familiar cry I’d heard every time my hard thrusting penis, stroking fingers or tongue took Brenda to orgasm.
Karen was licking Brenda’s erect nipples, and her fingers were in Brenda’s vagina stroking and circling her clitoris to orgasm the way I’d done so many times. Brenda’s legs spread even wider, she rammed her pussy forward against Karen’s hand and her breasts swung up and forward as her back arched with the thrust of her hips. Her eyes closed, her head fell back and her mouth opened wide in her orgasm cry. James clutched her bottom as her naked body juddered and her breasts bobbed with the pulses of what was obviously an explosive orgasm. Her orgasm cries faded to gasps and sobs and she flopped against Karen with her head on Karen’s shoulder. Karen wrapped one arm round Karen’s shoulders and held her other hand cupped over Brenda’s sex mound, just like I do as Brenda enjoyed her afterglow.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Brenda whimpered again and again.

After a minute or so Brenda and Karen let each other go. Karen turned to face me, looked at me and reached out to fondle my hairy balls and ran her fingers along my shaft to tickle my nozzle. She grinned as she spoke.

“Such a lovely big cock! Well boys, you’ve seen some girl on girl. How about showing us how boys play?”

I looked at James. His erection was even more upright and his grin showed Karen’s question wasn’t unexpected.

“Hey John. How about jacking me off over that sexy lady of mine?”

James formed his thumb and forefinger into a ring and bobbed it up and down at the angle of a guy’s erect cock in case I hadn’t got the message. He took a tube of lube from the shelf and smeared some over his cock from its base to its big round head then stood there with his sex kit shoved forward.

“Ooooh yes!” Squealed Brenda, bobbing with excitement on the bed “Go on darling!” Brenda loves to watch me masturbate and I guessed watching me do it for another guy would really turn her on. Karen smiled at me and moved in front of her husband so his penis was pointing straight at her, and swung her breasts in front of him so her arousal hardened peaking nipples flicked its big purple head. Kneeling wide kneed in front of him she slid her hand down her front, played with her belly button for a moment, briefly ruffled her bush, then slipped her fingers into her vagina slit and began to pleasure herself. James thrust his penis so its head was just touching Karen’s belly.

“Give me a good hard one John. Splash her for me!”

As I touched James’ hard up penis he growled softly with pleasure. I’d often admired other guy’s cocks in gym changing rooms (and sensed them admiring mine!) and wondered what it would be like to wank another man but I’d never done it. I stood next to James so close the head of my own penis brushed against his thigh. I decided I’d play with his cock the way I liked Brenda to play with mine. James grunted as I ran my fingertips lightly along the taut, smooth skin of his erect shaft, then down to gently tickle his semen swollen balls. I reached under him from behind to tickle his anus and fondle his balls and cock from underneath. His grunts told me I’d touched the right spot. Droplets of pre cum oozed from his nozzle and smeared on Karen’s flesh.

I gently fingered his shaft to iron hard erection before I wanked him the way I masturbate. His cock was big enough for me to wrap my whole fist around to squeeze it, stroke and tug it. I ran my stroking hand right up over his helmet, catching the ridge round the base of his knob and that so sensitive spot underneath the way Brenda wanks me. My hand patted against Karen’s soft belly with each upward stroke of James’ shaft, and I fondled James’ bum with my other hand. As I hand jobbed James, Karen continued to masturbate, gasping and grunting. James fondled her big boobs, running his fingers over her nipples peaking from her big pink areoles, and Karen fingered his balls and the insides of his thighs with her spare hand. Brenda joined in too, caressing Karen on her bottom and between her legs from behind.

Brenda must have got Karen really aroused because I was still hand jobbing James’ cock when Karen’s orgasm exploded. Her gasps became a climax of sobs and squeals, her hand went frantic between her spread legs before she yelled and her breasts bounced as she shook with the pulses of her orgasm.

“Over her tits! Over her tits!” My wife squealed as I carried on wanking James.

James grunted and I felt his shaft suddenly become even harder in my hand. He grasped Karen’s shoulders, pulled her toward him and rammed the head of his penis up between her breasts. I took James through with just my thumb and forefinger in a ring stroking him up and down across the base ridge of his helmet. His body stiffened and he let out a deep long growl as his hefty spurt of creamy white semen splashed over Karen’s breasts and into her cleavage. James staggered back panting and groaning with a strand of semen hanging from his suddenly flaccid swinging penis, while Karen stayed kneeling on the bed, whimpering and panting with her afterglow, with semen dripping from her nipples and running down her cleavage and front to catch in her belly button and pubic hair.

My own erection was so taut I just to start masturbating. Still standing next to the bed I wrapped my thumb and forefinger round my shaft, spread my legs, shoved my cock forward, braced myself, and began to stroke myself off.

“Ooooh darling, no! Let me!” Cried Brenda and she quickly got on all fours in front of me on the bed.

The wall mirror behind her treated me to an erotic view of her bottom, the backs of her spread thighs and her pink, juice wet vagina lips below her bum cheeks. Brenda began to kiss and lick the sensitive head of my penis, flicking my nozzle and the underside of my knob with her tongue, then slowly took my penis into her mouth massaging my shaft with her lips and tongue the way she knows drives me crazy. Karen got off the bed and stood beside me, snuggling her naked body against me so her big soft breasts, still wet with James’ semen pressed against my arm and her juice and semen wet pubes brushed against my thigh. My hands almost involuntarily went to her bottom and breasts and began to play with them.

“You suck him and I’ll tickle his balls!” said Karen.

Karen reached down and ran her fingers lightly over my balls and ruffled my pubes. Brenda rocked back and forward on the bed in front of me sliding her wet lips tightly up and down over my helmet and sucking my cock. Karen’s fingers stroked my shaft in unison with Brenda’s lips while her other hand fondled my bum and tickled my bum crack and the inside tops of my thighs. Karen sure knew how to send a guy up hard! All the time Brenda and Karen pleasured me my eyes were locked on the view in the mirror behind Brenda of her bottom and thighs as she swayed to suck me off, and my hands explored Karen’s naked body. Brenda knows how to make me wait for my sex pleasure and it was exquisite ages before my cum rose. In the final moments before I squirted my load I grabbed Brenda’s shoulders to pull her against me so hard my bush was pressed against her face as I shoved my semen spurting cock as far down Brenda’s throat as I could.

We were all shagged out by then. Brenda and I put on what little there was of our underwear, but James and Karen didn’t bother, and we all made our way along that porn lined corridor back to the bar. Glancing back I saw a big black guy with the most massive erect penis I’ve ever seen go into the room we’d just left, accompanied by two nude girls.

We bought drinks, chatted, exchanged email addresses and agreed to keep in touch. James and Brenda wanted another session with us, suggesting we had straight sex with each other’s partners. I certainly wouldn’t have minded getting my cock up Karen, but had been our first experience of swingers sex and we felt it was time to leave. James and Karen left us and joined the dancers, and it wasn’t long before we saw them step off the platform with another naked couple. Brenda and I headed back to our hotel where another big wide bed awaited us, ready to try some of the kinky ideas the pictures on the corridor walls had given us, before the effects of the viagra finally faded!


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