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We go out dancing, I meet you at the bar. I can spot you across the way and already have a guy talking to you. You seem uninterested, but you have nothing better to do so there is some playful banter.

I come up to you, brush the hair over your ear and kiss you. As I kiss you, I give him a look.

You are caught off guard by it but don’t want to stop kissing me. I pull you by your hand onto the dance floor where you begin seductively dancing on me. I can feel your ass against my cock, every movement getting harder and harder.

Hey! “Do you want to get out of here?”. I whisper in your ear

You grab my hand now and I lead you to my car. I push you up against the car and kiss you, all while I slide my hand down your skirt. I can feel you aren’t wearing underwear so I push my fingers slowly into your moist pussy.

“Take me back to my place and fuck me.” You tell me.

We get in the car and you can’t wait. As I drive your hand unzips my pants. I can feel your tongue playing with the tip of my dick. You slowly move your lips down and around my cock. I feel like I’m going to explode in you but I contain myself.

It’s so tempting as you play with my balls to just cum in your mouth, I can tell you want to taste me. I let you finish me off as I finger your pussy in the car so that we can go upstairs.

On the ride up in the elevator I push you against the wall and suck on your neck. The doors open, I lift your thighs around my abs and hold you against the door as I kiss your neck.

I can feel your pussy moistening my shirt. We get inside and I slam the door behind us. I sit you up on my counters in the kitchen and can’t wait anymore.

I stick my finger deep inside your pussy as my tongue plays with your clit. Your hands run through my hair and hold onto the counter as you can feel like you’re going to cum.

I can taste your cum as I keep licking. You pull my head up to kiss you and you taste yourself on my mouth.

As I kiss you I take off my pants. I continue kissing you as I slowly push my head into you. You want it so bad. Each time I pull all the way out I push back in deeper and deeper.

You need me now. Once you can feel every inch of me inside you, you tell me to fuck you harder. Your legs are shaking as I keep going in harder and faster.

Your hands are around the back of my neck. I play with your gorgeous tits as I keep fucking you. The counter is pounding as I move in and out of you.

I want to hear you scream my name babe. Hell I want the whole complex to hear you scream my name.

I pull you off the counter and bend you over it. I slowly push into your ass. You push a little back on my abs wanting more

Hey! “Do you want to stop?” I ask you.

“Never”, you reply.

I can feel you worried I’m too big so I slowly push in and out. I slap you ass hard, I can see my hand print. I pull back on your hair to where you aren’t bent over but just slightly arched like we were dancing earlier.

I slowly suck on your neck as I fuck you.

I reach around with my left hand to grab your bouncing titties. My right hand moves down to your clit as I take your ass.

I play with your pussy nice and slow. I can feel you ready to cum for me babe. I feel you cum on my hand and I put it in your mouth to see if you like it.

You lick your juice off my finger and push me back against the fridge. You begin sucking my cock really fast as you play with my balls. You know I’m close. You stroke my dick with your hand as you suck and play with my tips. You grab my hand and push it on the back of your head so I can control you.

I am ready to cum so I pull out and you stroke my dick to finish on your tits. My legs shiver for a second as I cum and you put my dick back into your mouth ever so slowly that you can taste whatever didn’t come out.


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