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At the sound of an unfamiliar car engine rumbling into the driveway, a puzzled Jennifer stood up and walked to the window to identify the source of the noise. Surely Dave hadn’t bought yet another car?

Being married to a confirmed petrol-head had some advantages, such as always having an exciting motor-car to ride around in, but it also had some disadvantages, such as their garden, garage and often the kitchen filled with oily rags, oil, tools and various scattered automobile parts, strange looking rings, pistons, nuts, bolts and all sorts of engine detritus.

Her brow furrowed at the sight of a 1970’s Ford Capri parked outside the front door of the semi-detached house where she had lived for the past five years, since she had married Dave. It was certainly a classic British sports car, but did they really need it?
Although Dave had a decent job, earning good money, times were tough enough as it was.
Jennifer’s part-time job at the local pub didn’t bring her in a lot of spare cash, and she was always asking the boss for extra hours, just for the money for a few personal luxury items.

She breathed a gentle sigh of relief as she saw Dave’s best friend Andy climb out of the car. Andy was also a car addict, and had been Dave’s pal for years. He’d been best man at their wedding, and had been responsible for organizing an honor guard of men in overalls holding large spanners aloft when she and Dave had left the church – a fitting (and humorous) touch. Jennifer grinned at the memory.

As she walked towards the front door, the doorbell rang. She swung the door open and greeted Andy with a smile.

“Hi Andy! He’s not here at the moment, and he won’t be back for a little while yet.”

“That’s ok Jenny, but I kind of needed to see him. Any chance I could come in and wait?”

“Sure, sweetie, come on in and sit down. I’ll put the kettle on.”

Andy walked through to the lounge whilst Jennifer went into the kitchen. Whilst the kettle boiled she added the coffee to the cups, four sugars for Andy as usual, black with no milk for her own.

With the coffee made, she carried the cups through to the lounge. Andy was sitting comfortably in the armchair, so Jennifer set them down on the coffee table, and sat down on the sofa facing him.

The pair of them chatted, making small talk and generally having a gossip. Jennifer asked about the Ford now parked outside, and found out that Andy had only bought it yesterday. It needed a bit of work, but it was basically a clean motor. Whilst they talked, Andy ran through his normal string of jokes and gags, making Jennifer laugh, as he usually did.
Although she hadn’t been unfaithful to Dave since they first met eight years ago, Jennifer had always wondered what would have happened if Andy, and not Dave, had come over and chatted her up that night in the pub.
It was entirely possible that she might’ve ended up dating Andy instead, as Jennifer had always had a soft spot for him.
As they talked, she smiled inwardly as she occasionally caught Andy’s eyes straying downwards to where her boobs nestled under her vest-top. She felt a tinge of embarrassment when she realized that his gaze was also occasionally wandering down to her crotch. She crossed her tight denim-encased legs, but she also felt a slight flush of excitement at the thought that Andy was ‘checking her out’.

She was used to guys ogling her at work of course, she had a good figure by all accounts, and usually wore low tops and short skirts to work – she had found that men bought her drinks a lot more often if she did so.

The coffees now long drunk, she was giggling at yet another of Andy’s wisecracks, when her mobile phone beeped it’s text alert. She scowled slightly as she read the text from Dave out loud – “Gonna be hour yet, see you soon”.

“Oh well, it’s up to you if you want to stay and wait Andy,” she continued “I’m going to have to go and get ready for work in a bit, but I can make you a sandwich or something if you’re going to stay.”

“No, but thanks anyway Jenny, guess I’ll have to get going soon.” was the reply.

Jennifer blushed as she realized that Andy had spoken the words directly to her breasts, no longer even keeping up the pretense of looking her in the eye.

Looking up, Andy caught her eye, and stammered his words hesitantly “Um…er…Jenny, can I … ah … er… ask you something?” As he spoke the words, he fumbled for something from the pocket of his trousers.

“Yeah, go on!” Jennifer answered brightly, feeling all at once embarrassed, flattered and slightly aroused by Andy’s obvious appreciation of her body.
Unthinkingly, she flashed a glance at Andy’s groin, and caught her breath as she realized that he had a very visible erection straining in his trousers.

“Er…um…well, it’s like this Jen,” Andy continued “I’ve always kind of been a bit jealous of Dave, ’cause he’s got you, and you’re a good-looking bird alright.” Jennifer felt her face flush with warmth as her cheeks reddened.

He continued to stammer “I’ve..I’ve…um…I’ve always thought you had great…er…tits.” As he spoke the words, Jennifer saw that he had a roll of twenty pound banknotes in his hand, and he was peeling off some as he spoke “If I gave you a hundred quid, would you show them to me?” he tilted his head to one side, pulled a face and gave one of his daft winks, which always made Jennifer laugh.

She fought hard not to giggle, and attempted to affect an air of shocked indignation, but somehow she knew she was failing to do so. In truth she was by now feeling more than slightly aroused. However, she was for the moment tongue-tied, unsure of exactly what to say or do.

Andy pulled some more notes from the bank-roll. “Ok Jen, two hundred!” He made another face, gurning madly. Jennifer’s facade finally slipped and she giggled out loud.
‘I know it’s wrong, but what possible harm could it do?’ She thought to herself. ‘It’s not like guys don’t stare at my tits and arse all night when I’m at work, and it’s only Andy, not complete strangers.’

She fought a brief mental battle with herself, trying to find reasons to justify why she should or should not comply with Andy’s request.

Finally, she made a snap decision. “Two hundred?” she blurted out “Ok then, you’re on!”

She crossed her arms in front of her and, grasping the hem of her vest with both hands, whipped it off, throwing it up into the air, where it landed on the floor a few feet away. Inwardly she was glad she had one of her nice bras on, she would’ve hated to have been wearing one of her old graying sports bras.

Her hands flew round to the middle of her back, and unclasped the eye-hooks holding her bra strap. She hastily flung the garment into the air, where it’s trajectory traced a brief arc through the air, before landing close by the discarded vest.

Smiling, she raised her arms and clasped her hands behind her head, spreading her elbows wide so that her breasts stood proudly towards the broadly grinning man opposite her.

She slowly rotated her torso to the left and to the right, her boobs swaying gently as she did so.

Andy stared wide eyed at her chest for a full minute before he spoke. He swallowed hard, gulping air before he spoke “Um…If I gave you another two hundred Jen, could I…er… touch them? Maybe play with them a bit?”

Jennifer’s jaw dropped in surprise, she knew it was totally wrong to be doing this but in truth she was secretly enjoying the charged sexual excitement she was feeling. She hadn’t been unfaithful to Dave in the eight years they’d been together, but this didn’t really count, did it?

Now it was her turn to stammer as she spoke “Er… ok, Andy – that’ll make it f-four hundred pounds, y-yeah?”

“Sure!” said Andy, as he deposited the notes on the coffee table. He stood and walked around the low table, sitting himself alongside Jennifer. Nervously, his hands shook a little as he began to gently caress Jennifer’s chest. His warm hands grasped the ample breasts, squeezing and stroking them, his fingertips tweaking her erect nipples, lightly at first, then more strongly.

Jennifer gave a light moan of pleasure, and closed her eyes as she let the pleasurable sensations sweep through her body.
Her eyes suddenly opened wide as she felt Andy’s mouth close around her right breast, his lips clamping down on her soft flesh, whilst his tongue flickered to and fro across her nipple. His hand swirled around her left breast, his fingers simultaneously imitating the stimulation his tongue and teeth were now performing on the right one.

Jennifer intended to say ‘No!’ but the only sound that emerged from her mouth was a low moan of delight. She could feel the warmth inside her groin now and, guiltily, she knew she was soaking wet down below.

After a while, Andy’s hands and mouth released their grip on Jennifer’s body, and he sat back a little, smiling.

Jennifer’s mind was a whirl of confusion – guilt and doubt wrestled with exciting thrills and sexual arousal. She was astounded at Andy’s next move.

He pulled the roll of notes out once more, and cast it onto the table. “Er…if I made it a thousand pounds, Jen,” He hesitated, then continued “…would you…um…er…give me a blow job?”

Once more, Jennifer’s jaw dropped in astonishment. She knew she shouldn’t, but by now she was so turned on that she would’ve agreed to almost anything.

She amazed herself by wordlessly climbing from the sofa, then kneeling in front of the still seated Andy. Her hands trembled as she unzipped his trousers and, fumbling inside them, pulled out his stiff member.
It throbbed magnificently in her hands as Andy undid his belt and unbuttoned himself, to give her easier access to his erect penis.
It stood proud in her grasp, the end already glistening with pre-cum.

Jennifer eagerly dropped her head onto the cock and set to work. Pursing her lips, she slurped noisily at the droplets of semen oozing from the meatus at the end of the hard rod. She put out her tongue and pushed the tip of it firmly to the tip of the cock before her, flicking it around the top, then working her way around the purple bell, before lifting the shaft with her hand and using her tongue to tickle the frenum, knowing that that area where the foreskin attaches to the shaft is a very sensitive spot.

Andy groaned out loud, his obvious pleasure only serving to increase Jennifer’s own excitement. She began to work her whole mouth over the end of the cock now, bobbing her head up and down as she did so.
At first she simply took the bell-end into her mouth, then released it quickly. Repeating this several times, she began to work it further into her mouth with each short stroke, every time sliding her lips a little further down the shaft.
She began to alternate the length at which she reached down the cock, one short stroke followed by one deep one, then one short one followed by first two deep strokes, then three.

Her free hand fumbled with the waistband of her own jeans, and she wriggled her fingers inside her knickers and began to slide a couple of fingers in and out of her moist vagina, then stroking her clitoris before plunging them back inside herself.

She felt Andy’s hand begin to caress her hair, and then firmly grasp the crown of her head. Jennifer needed very little encouragement, angling the penis towards herself to enable her to shove her head all the way down the shaft, right to the base.

Although it felt to be about the same length as Dave’s it was noticeably wider, and she gagged a little as the girth of it seemed to fill the back of her throat.

Andy’s hand lifted from her head, and she gratefully withdrew for a moment. A long drip of semen extended humorously from the end of the penis to her lower lip and she smiled as she theatrically lapped at it with her tongue.

The smile fell from her face to be replaced by an expression of surprise as, to her chagrin, she saw that Andy had his mobile phone in his hand, and was filming her – she realized that he was making his very own POV movie!

Confusion reigned in her mind, and she froze hesitantly as Andy, still filming, stood and moved around behind her as she continued to kneel in front of the sofa.
She felt his free hand tug at her loose jeans behind her and, to her own amazement, she found herself using one hand to support herself on the sofa and the other hand assisting Andy in removing her jeans, pulling at her knickers as she did so, and raising first one leg then the other to facilitate his removal of the last vestiges of her clothing.

Now completely naked, she continued to kneel unresistant as Andy fell to his own knees behind her. Reacting to an unspoken command she obediently parted her legs further to easier facilitate the penetration that she both expected and desired.

She wasn’t disappointed, as she felt the tip of Andy’s penis rub up against the wet lips of her pussy. She realized that he was using one hand wrapped around the base of his cock to steer it in as it nudged it’s way into her, and that he was probably still filming her with the phone in his other hand.

Involuntarily she groaned loudly as the length of it pushed deep into her, the extra girth giving unexpected but welcome extra sensations as Andy began to fuck her, gently and slowly at first, then harder and faster, harder and faster.
His free hand pushed down firmly on the small of her back, and then moved around to grasp her hip tightly as he banged his manhood in and out of her.

Jennifer’s own hands slid down her body. She pressed the side of her face onto the sofa to support herself while she used one hand to play with her jiggling breasts, and the other to stimulate her clit as the cock rammed into her from behind.

She began to squeeze and contract her vaginal muscles, both to heighten her own pleasure and instinctively desiring to give further pleasure to the man penetrating her so forcefully.

It proved more than enough for Andy, and Jennifer heard him cry out loudly whilst she felt his hot load shoot into her insides. The warm load, the stiffening of his body against her, and the pleasure of knowing that this man was enjoying her body so much also proved enough for her too, and she moaned as her own orgasm rippled through her body, like a series of electric shocks.

Gasping for air, Jennifer slumped forward onto the sofa. She heard Andy, panting hard, sit heavily on the carpet behind her. As her excitement began to subside, the realization of what she had just done began to dawn on her.

Sudden pangs of guilt flashed into her mind, and she thought of Dave, and how hurt he would be if he knew what she had just done.
She felt too ashamed to turn around and face Andy as she heard him, his breath now back to normal, stand and zip himself up.

She cringed inwardly as she heard him speak “Um, ok then Jen, I’d better be going. I’ll leave that money on the table. Tell Dave I’ve called in will you, and I’ll see him down the pub tomorrow night, yeah?”

Embarrassed, Jennifer found herself unable to speak or even move as she heard him walk to the front door and let himself out. She pulled herself up to a sitting position on the sofa, clamping her legs tightly together lest the load of semen inside her should leak out.

She glanced around the room.

Her clothes were scattered across the floor, her knickers still entangled in her jeans, her vest and bra to one side. The empty cups still stood on the coffee table, alongside the pile of banknotes.

She stared unmovingly at the scene, still unable to believe what she had just done. She remained motionless for several minutes, then suddenly she leap to her feet. She gathered up the money and looked around.

Indecision gripped her mind as she began to panic, wondering what to do next.

She knew she had to shower before Dave got home, to cleanse the dirty things she had just participated in, to purify herself for him, but she also had to tidy up, and hide what she had done.

Her stomach turned somersaults as she put the money back down on the table and gathered up her clothes from the floor. She tucked her clothes under one arm, and grabbed at the handles of the cups.
Jennifer dashed into the kitchen, shoving the clothes hastily into the washing machine, and placing the cups in the sink. She ran back into the lounge and saw with alarm that her bra had fallen on the floor.
She grabbed at it, and dashed back to the washing machine and threw it in.

Her hands shaking, she washed the cups, then dried them and put them away.

She returned to the lounge, but suddenly remembered that she had left a paper tissue in the pocket of her jeans so, not wishing to have it disintegrate in the wash she ran back and fumbled with the clothes until she removed the offending article.

Ironically, as she did so, a glob of semen dripped from her, clinging stickily to her thigh. She used the tissue to wipe herself, then hastened upstairs to flush it down the toilet.

She pulled the handle to empty the cistern, then turned the knobs to start the flow of water in the shower. As she briefly waited for the water to heat up to the correct temperature Jennifer realized with horror that the money was still on the table in the lounge!

Panicking, she dashed downstairs. She snatched the notes from the table and raced back upstairs. Unsure of where to hide it, she burst into the bedroom, and hastily tugged her underwear drawer open. She stuffed the roll of notes in, hiding them beneath her collection of lingerie.

She returned to the bathroom, and showered thoroughly, spending much longer than usual soaping down her body, and slipping shower-gel encrusted fingers into herself to ensure that all the foreign sperm inside her would be gone.

Jennifer sponged her body hard whilst the jets of warm water shimmered over her nakedness. She paid special attention to her breasts, her back and her hip, all the places where Andy had touched her, as if she could wash away the feel of his hands on her skin, the sensation of which still lingered in her mind.

She had spent so long in the shower that she had only just emerged when she heard Dave’s key rattling in the lock of the front door downstairs.

With an electrifying jolt of terror and guilt, she grabbed a hand-towel and arranged it turban style around her wet hair, then wrapped a bath-towel around her still-wet body.

Nervously, she ran down the stairs to greet Dave in the hallway. As she descended, in her mind she attempted to compose herself, to justify her actions to herself. Although what she had done was terrible, a thousand pounds was a thousand pounds – more money than she would’ve earned in several months at the pub.
She made a promise to herself that she would use some of the money to spoil Dave, to make up for her terrible secret betrayal.

“Hey, baby!” said Dave, smiling. His eyes took in her body, barely concealed by the towel, making Jennifer blush guiltily.
He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately on the lips, his tongue seeking it’s way into her unresistant mouth, as his hands strayed underneath the towel behind her, his fingers caressing her bare buttocks.
She could feel his erection bulging in his trousers as he pressed her tightly against himself.

He released her from the embrace and said inquiringly “Has Andy been here this afternoon?”

A sudden flash of panic shot through Jennifer. Did he already know what had happened? Had he somehow guessed? Had Andy phoned him and told him? God forbid, Andy might’ve even sent him the video footage of her unfaithfulness!

Her stomach churned as she momentarily hesitated, unsure of what to say. Andy’s parting words had been ‘Tell Dave I’d called round’ weren’t they? There was no point in denying it, and if Andy told Dave that he’d been around then her lying would be suspicious.

She tried not to blush as she stuttered “Um, yes, but he couldn’t wait, he said he’d see you in the pub tomorrow night.”

Dave breathed a sigh of relief.

Once more Jennifer’s jaw dropped in shock and horror as Dave asked “Did he leave the thousand pounds I lent him yesterday so’s he could buy his new Capri, then?”


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