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During our poker games the guys had told me how I was a lucky guy to have a woman that looks like crystal. The last trip she made bringing drinks the guys watched her all around the table. So when she left, I folded my hand and followed her to the living room. I asked her if she saw the guys checking her out and she blew it off saying they were just being nice. I said what if I told you that you could easily make $500 in tips, she said how, I told her to put on something sexier and flirt; she said what makes you think they’ll tip me. I told her to trust me loosen up have some fun with them and make some money. She smiled and said your on but how far do we let it go, I told her as far as she felt comfortable with. She went upstairs to change I went back to the poker game. One of them was making a comment on how he would give $50 just to see those tits I said well ask her and pay her next round.

He said I could never do that hell she’d never go for it, so when crystal walked back in she was wearing a tight pair of daisy dukes that showed the bottom of her ass cheeks and a tight tank top with no bra. Everyone stopped talking and stared at her. She asked who would like another beer and said you boys are gonna have to start tipping me if I’m gonna play waitress. She walked over and bent down to kiss me with her ass pointed at the table and from the looks they got an eye full suddenly everyone wanted a refill and started pulling out money. So Puffy said you really don’t mind if I see your wife’s tits, I told him they’re hers I don’t mind you’ll have to ask her. She came back in and you could see in her eyes that she felt sexy and was in control of the room as she handed each person their beer Ashe leaned in closer then before rubbing her tits on their shoulder or arms.

When she was through she asked if there was anything else they would like. Everyone looked at Puff, So crystal walks over and gets close to him and said what do you want from me big boy, not saying nothing I spoke up and said baby he wants to give you $50 to see your tits, she spun around and said let’s see the money. Puff pulled fifty from his stack and slid it over to her. She looked over at me I gave her a smile she pulled her tank top off and out came a beautiful pair of 36Ds perfect nipples already hard, none of the guys said a word, a couple of them you could see adjusting there crotches. She pulled her tank top on letting it rest on the top of her tits. She said anything else fellows then left the room. They all said those are the sexiest tits they’ve ever seen and I was a lucky man. One guy said those are nice, your are lucky man, I said you should feel them.
A few hands went through and one guy had to leave so that left me and two buddies, so when crystal came back she wasn’t wearing a top. She asked where did puff go I said he had to leave so we had a spot open if she wanted to play . She said I don’t have enough money to get started could someone loan me some then joey said I’ll give you $100 to feel those tits and Jason said and I’ll give you a hundred to pull these shorts, off she looked at me I smiled and nodded my head. She walk around the table stopped in front of Jason undid her shorts and bent at the waist push her shorts to the floor and she wasn’t wearing any panties Jason reached around her and filled his hands with both tits squeezing and massaging her nipples she love’s for her nipples to be played with, she let out a little moan and reached between her legs and rubbed her shaven pussy. Joey had already stood up and moved in front of her Jason stopped and said I’ll give you $250 more if I can taste your pussy, I looked at crystal and she was shaking her head yes. Jason slid $350 total to the middle of the table Joey then pulled out $500 and said, I would like a blow job. Jason laid yes crystal on the table so he could have better access to her pussy, Joey walked to where her head laid and pulled her legs up and held them open. She has the prettiest pussy with pink lips and always wet. Crystal reached above her and undid his shorts letting them fall to the floor joey wasn’t wearing underwear so his huge 9″ cock sprung straight out. By now Jason is eating her pussy and fingering all the right spots cause she was moaning and raising her hips to meet his mouth. She was trying to swallow Joey’s cock but only getting half in her mouth.


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