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Paulette was just coming home. She was tired of such a long day from work, and she hoped to be able to have a peaceful night. She had been unable to get comfortable in her own home for at least a week. This is because her husband Craig had been unusually horny in the past month. At first, Paulette enjoyed the attention she had been getting from Craig but wondered where the extra libido had been coming from. But then, he needed to have sex twice a day. When that was not enough, he would bang her three times in a row. Plus he was no longer gentle and would force her against her will.

She became afraid of her husband and even confided in her mother about it. As Craig was very charming and a great provider, Paulette’s plight fell on deaf ears. She told her that sex was a marital right–no matter when he wanted or how he wanted it. She told her of the importance of him wanting her so much and that by objecting, she would drive him into another woman’s arms. Paulette then resigned herself a little longer to Craig’s demands–until last night, when he tried to tie her to the bed. This form of sex was too much for her, so she ran away to the basement, ran into the extra study, and locked the door. That is exactly where she woke up in the morning.

When she slowly opened the door to the kitchen, she seemed relieved when she did not hear anything. Good, she thought. At least a few hours of peace. Maybe Craig got the message. She closed the door behind her and put her purse down. When she walked towards the kitchen table, on her way to the den, she saw a note hanging on the fridge. Her heart sank and she felt her blood run cold when she saw a note written in red marker. It said, “Guess what? We’re having sex tonight!”

She suddenly felt the same fear she felt last night, when Craig tried to tie her to the bed. She shook when she remembered the evil chuckle he had when he told her all of the things he planned to do to her, like put his whole hand inside of her, then hold her pussy lips open, pour scotch inside, then suck it all out. She never thought she would have to fear her own husband. She doesn’t know what happened to the gentle cassanova Craig was when she first married him. He is now a sex-crazed animal. She didn’t know whether to leave the house, lock herself in the extra study again, or just submit to his desires, sick and depraved as they are.

Before she could decide what to do, she felt two strong arms roughly snake themselves around her. It was Craig; she KNEW it had to be him. One of his hands reached into her blouse , pulling out one of her tanned, fragrant, firm breasts. He stroked her breast and nipple gently at first, but then gradually rougher until he began to twist and pinch her nipple. His other hand began to hitch up her skirt in search of her panties. He reached into them from her left thigh, stroking her pubic hairs in search of her pleasure hole. Upon finding it, he commenced stroking her clit. When they were first married, such touch invoked strong desire in her, but now it only invoked fear. She then noticed how his fingers seemed to become coated with her vaginal juices, and she became ashamed and upset at how her body betrayed her. She tried very hard to get away from him, but his grip on her was too strong.

“So, sexy baby,” he said huskily, “Did you read the note? Huh? Did you? Did you read it? It’s gonna be a blast. You’re not getting away from me this time!”

In a frenzy, Paulette kicked Craig in the shin. Stunned, he loosened his grip on her, and she pulled herself free, running for the door. Before she could unlock it, he grabbed her hand, pulling her towards him. She wrenched her hand away and desperately shoved him against the armoire, causing him and it to fall over. She then tried to open the door, but she could not in her frightened condition. When she saw Craig try to get up, she gasped and took to the basement stairs, running down them as quickly as she could. When she was almost at the bottom of the stairs, her stilettos cause d her to trip and fall, scraping and bruising her knee. She cried out in pain, but when she heard her husband’s footsteps, she quickly arose and ran to the basement study, locking the door behind her.

Though she felt safe, she seemed frustrated that she would need to spend another night in the study. I should never have come home, she thought to herself. She felt that she would need to wait until he went to work in the morning, and then she could pack some things and run away. But, where could she run to? She couldn’t go to her mother; she would either make her return to Craig or tell her she was spoiled and did not deserve Craig.

“You know,” Craig broke through her thoughts, “your mother and I had a good laugh yesterday. She told me about how you think I demand too much sex from you. I buy you this fancy house, I buy you that car you wanted, and I always foot the bill for your shopping trips. I never cheat on you, and I am at home every night. Beside a good dinner once in a while, all I ask from you is sex from that hot, gorgeous body of yours. The average woman would think they are in paradise. So, what’s your problem?”

“It hurts, ” Paulette answered through the door. Your version of sex hurts me too much!”

Craig laughed heartily at this.

“Yeah, I’m a real rascal, aren’t I? What can I say? Love hurts. Now, open the damn door!”

“No, please, Craig! Not tonight! Please!”

“Alright, fine,” Craig said. With a hopeful look, Paulette approached the door. “Here it comes!” yelled Craig. Paulette jumped as she heard something loud crashing against the door. Then, she heard it again, only she then saw a piece of metal being imbedded in her side of the door, before it disappeared and reappeared. Craig was breaking down the door with an axe.

Afraid and helpless, Paulette backed into a corner and sobbed silently as she slowly sunk to the floor. When Craig finally broke the door down, he threw the axe to the side and walked into the study. Paulette became horrified by the look on his face. He was not even the slightest angry. In fact, the struggle and pursuit made him even more lustful and animalistic. Eying his wife like prey, he slowly approached her. She quickly stood up and tried to reason with him.

“Craig, please. Not tonight. Come on; I’m still sore from the other night .” Craig just smiled and pulled a tub of Vaseline from his pocket. “Please don’t do this. I’m begging you. I’m your wife; why would you want to force me?

“Because you’re my wife,” Craig answered, taking off his shirt and untying his belt. “It’s what married people do–what they did since the beginning of time. And you’re the one always talking about how you want to have a baby. Well, how do you think that happens?”

“Please, no!” Paulette sobbed as he stepped out of his pants and pulled her towards him. He then tore off her blouse and bra, exposing her succulent breasts. He pulled her down to the floor with him and forced her to lay down. She was so paralyzed with fear that she could not fight him anymore. He then pulled her skirt at the seams and tore it completely off. She noticed his eyes getting wilder and his mouth watering as he did this. She just turned away in resigned despair. She then felt him pull off her panties, leaving her completely naked. Then she felt him just kneel there, and she knew his was looking her body over–especially her pussy, which he insisted she keep shaven and smooth at all times. After all and obviously, this is the part of her body he admired the most.

Then, she felt him kiss the insides of her thighs–first one, then the other , then the other again, working himself upwards.

“No, no, no, no…” she pleaded each time he kissed her.

When he finally reached her pussy, he spread her lips and licked at her clit, licking rougher and rougher, until he started sucking on it.

“No!” She pleaded louder. Before she knew it, she felt her entire vagina become cold and very wet.

“Why does your mouth say no when your body says yet?” Craig giggled monstrously. “Okay, enough games.”

Craig took his boxers off, exposing his big, hard boner. He then positioned himself over her and slowly sunk his enormous manhood into her glistening loins. He then pulled out, and quickly slammed himself back in. He continued doing this with increasing force.

“Please, please stop,” she sobbingly pleaded, even though she knew her pleas were falling on deaf ears. He continued drilling himself harder and harder, enjoying his wife’s body as much as he could. Soon, he felt himself approach climax, and his grunts turned to moans, and his moans turned to shouts. When he finally reached orgasm, he screamed so loudly that the neighborhood would hear him if the room were not soundproof. They both felt his load gush into her like Old Faithful.

A satisfied, glazed over smile on his face, Craig dismounted Paulette and laid next to her, catching his breath.

“See, I knew you wanted this!” he triumphed. “Your pussy was as wet, hot, and tight as it always is. Playing hard to get; that just excites me more. What we just did is worth what it will cost to fix the door, and then some! How was it for you?”

Paulette just rolled over, crying weakly, not having the strength to do anything else.

“That’s right; you always enjoy my fun stick. Yep, I need a little rest too, but in a few minutes, we’re going for round two. I love you, baby. No man can ask for a sexier wife.” Paulette, knowing that her nightmare with her delusional husband was far from over, just cried louder as he stroked her body with pleasure.


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