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I couldn’t remember when I started to like her. She was a mother of my daughter’s friend. She didn’t look different to other Asian mothers who collecting their kids from school. But there was something from her that attracted me.

My family lived in different city and I worked in the capital. I came home every two or three weeks to visit my wife and daughter. More to visit my daughter, actually. My wife and I were more like housemates. We were only discussing domestic issues and school. There was no more sex between us. She was not interested at it. I was the opposite. I was horny all the time.

I had few girls I occasionally hooked up with for some sex. Not a paid sex, it’s more a mutual thing. Both parties needed sex with no string attached.

I didn’t really enjoy collecting my daughter from school. I didn’t like chatting with the mothers at the gate. They were nosy with everything.

Then things changed when I met Zara. She looked sexy in her hotpants. Her English was really good and fluent, without asian accent. And she had a good sense of humor.

Later on I found out that she was a smart woman too. I think I fell in love with her.

Apparently my wife was a friend to Zara, so it wasn’t long until we were invited to her house for a drink. Her husband was a pleasant, nice man. Four of us had drinks and chats.

Arriving home, I masturbated imagining fucking Zara in various positions. I wondered if she was good in giving blowjob. I imagined having my cock in her mouth, and let her suck it nice and slow while stroking it. Her wet tounge would circle my cock head and lick my pre cum. I was sooo horny just by thinking about it.

I wondered if her pussy was shaven or not. I couldn’t imagine the feeling ramming her pussy. It must be very very good. I cum loads as I wanked fantasizing fucking her from behind. It was a good wank.

I came home more often since I knew Zara. I was sure my wife noticed the difference. She didn’t really mind. In her mind, it’s better that I hung around with people she knew rather than total strangers in the capital.

My mission was to sleep with Zara, as soon as possible.

But Zara was not easy to get. She had so many admirers circling her around whenever her husband was not near her, of course.

And those admirers were mostly single men, not married like me. I didn’t know whether she slept with any of them or just fooled around.

One time I saw her kissing a 26 years old boy in the night club. She looked so hot. I was jealous, wished it was me kissing that full lips and playing with her tongue.

I was so jealous that I got horny. A friend of mine came over and saw my erection. She whispered if I wanted to go get a room.

The boy slided his hand inside Zara’s top, reaching for her handful size breast. She didn’t stop him. I didn’t think anybody pay any attention to them except me. And I was so jealous and horny.

Natalia touched my arms and gave me a sign to get out of the night club. I agreed with her. We went to a motel and I fucked Natalia senselessly full of jealous at the lucky boy.

I wanted to fuck Zara not Natalia.

Mission was not accomplished.

The following week, I was more proactive. I collected my daughter on Friday with a hope to catch Zara at the gate. And there she was, in her hot pants showing off her beautiful legs. Legs I would open widely to see the pussy in between and burry myself in it.

I couldn’t make a move as she was with her husband. We chatted about boring stuff until we saw our kids approaching us.

‘Come anytime for a drink.’ Said Mark, Zara’s husband. Zara nodded.

I said I would.

So that evening I came over to their house, bringing few couples of beer for Mark and I. Zara only drink vodka.

Zara opened the door looking fresh and she smelled really good. I had to hold myself not to touch or kiss her.

We had good chat that evening. Zara was a bit tipsy after few glasses of vodka. She wanted to go out clubbing, but Mark was not into clubbing.

‘I’d go by myself, then.’ Zara showered and got ready. She was wearing a halter neck red dress showing off her neck and her back.

‘I can go with you, if you want.’ I said.

Mark looked at me and then looked at Zara. ‘That’ll be a good idea. So you won’t be alone in the nightclub’

‘I am never alone, sweetheart. I have lots of men guarding me there.’ Zara said to tease Mark.

‘Ah, don’t you try to make me jealous now. I am still not going with you.’

Zara shrugged her shoulders and smiled. ‘Ok, I’ll go with Leo’

We took a taxi to the nightclub and I could smell her perfume. She was so close to me I wanted to kiss her neck, her lips, and feel her breasts. I wanted to be the lucky boy.

‘So, I guess I have to keep eye on you tonight, ma’am’ I said jokingly.

Zara laughed. ‘I wouldn’t go anywhere. I would be next to you the whole time that no girl would have opportunity to come to you.’ She moved closer to me and she put her hand on my thigh. I joined her laughing and put my arm around her and held her thight. I could smell her hair and I could feel her soft arm.

We were dancing on the dancefloor. I could see few men tried to dance with Zara, but she said no.

She put her arms around me and smiled at me. She was gorgeous. I could just kiss her there and then. I pulled her closer. My hands were on her hips, she pulled it and placed it lower on her bums. I could feel her bums over the dress, and I noticed she didn’t wear any panties under it.

She gave me a naughty smile. I squeezed her bums and pushed her closer to me. My cock was getting hard knowing that her pussy was so close.

I pulled her closer so our bodies touching one another.

‘somebody has a hardon’ said Zara when my hard cock touch her belly, behind our clothes.

‘Yes.’I admit.

‘Which girl got you so hard??’ asked Zara.

I thought she was joking, but she really didn’t think I was madly in love with her and wanted her for so long.

‘You. You are so hot, you know that?’

Zara laughed. ‘Haha. you’re just drunk.’

I pulled Zara tighter and kissed her. She was surprised but she didn’t reject my kiss. She kissed me back. And as I expected, she was a good kisser. Her tongue was warm and wet. I could kiss her all night long. She tasted soo good. I was wondering if I could fuck that mouth, but I was too scared to ask.

‘I want to fuck you’ I said to Zara, which she answered with a smile. I still thought she didn’t realize how much I wanted her. She gave me a tap on my shoulder and a kiss on my cheek.

I was so frustrated cause I wanted her so much. I wanted to be inside her and pumping her hard. I wanted to see her naked so I could suck her nipples while fingering her pussy.

I dragged her out,’Let’s get a taxi.’

Zara didn’t complain. She might think I would bring her home. I asked the taxi to bring us to the night motel. Zara was a bit confused.

‘I want to fuck you, Zara. I liked you from day one and I have been masturbating about you. Please let me fuck you.’

Zara gave a friendly pat on my thigh. ‘I can’t. you are my friend’s husband.’ Zara asked the taxi driver to change direction to her house.

I was frustrated but decided not to show it to Zara.

We arrived in Zara’s house and she invited me to come for a coffee to freshen up. i followed her inside. The house was quiet and dark. Mark must have been asleep.

Zara made me cup a coffee and we sat outside by the pool. Zara had a glass of vodka for herself.

She still looked gorgeous. I could see her nipple poking out under her halter dress. She was horny too, I said to myself.

I put down my coffee and asked if i could have a taste of her vodka. She handed over her glass to me and I took a big gulp.

I came closer to her and said,’I really want you, Zara.’

‘Yeah, you told me. But I just can’t do it. You are my friend’s husband.’

I ignored her words and I started kissing her neck, she didn’t reject it. I kissed her lips which she returned with greediness. I reached for her breasts while kissing her. The beautiful breasts with hard pointy nipples. I knew she was drunk that’s why she was horny and i wasn’t supposed to take advantage, but I was drunk and horny too, and I wanted her so much.

I undid her halter lace and pulled her dress down so I could release the horny nipples. She didn’t stop me.

I squeezed her right breast, and I so wanted to suck them. I stopped kissing Zara’s lips and started kissing her neck, her sternum and managed to get to her breasts. I licked her hard nipple, which gave her a shiver. She looked so horny. Her eyes were half closed while enjoying my tongue on her breasts. I gave a little bites on them and Zara let out a silent moan. I put them in my mouth one after another, sucking them hard. I devoured every moment of it. Her body was so delicious.

I could feel my erection was getting hard. I didn’t think my trousers would be able to hold it any longer.

I pushed Zara against the wall, and while sucking her beautiful tits, my right hand was reaching for her between legs. She tried to push me away, but I was too strong for her. I held her body and my finger was exploring the wet pussy between her legs. She was so horny that her pussy was so wet.

‘Zara, you are so beautiful and hot. you know that? I adore you.’

‘You can’t do this. You’ll get addicted to me.’ Zara tried to push me away again, but she was horny at the same time, so she kinda wanted me to continue with what I was doing.

I kneeled down and found her shaven pussy, wet and so inviting. I started to lick her clit. She tasted soo juicy, and she squirted while I licked her. It turned me on very much.

Zara undressed herself now she was only wearing her red high heels. Woman of my dream was naked in front of me. I couldn’t restrain myself anymore. I unbuckled my belt, pulled down my trousers and let out my rock hard cock.

Zara took it with her hand, stroked it gently before asking if she could taste it.

I nodded. She pushed me againts the wall, knelt down and started to lick the head of my cock. My fantasy came true.

She took it all in her throat. my penis was gone disappeared in her tiny mouth. I thought I was in heaven until she started to move her mouth, she basically fucked my cock with her mouth. I didn’t have to do anything at all. She did all the work and she seemed to enjoy it. She played with my balls while sucking my cock. After five minutes, she started stroking my cock, which was covered by her saliva by then, and circling the shaft with her tongue. I could feel my cock was about to explode. I held her hair, tried to ask her to swallow my cock again, but she pushed my hand away. she wanted to be in charge. Her stroking was getting faster and more intense. My cock was pulsating faster too. It would be any second now before I would cum. I didn’t want to cum, I didn’t want to end this, but her stroking was so good and her tongue was so wet it lubricated my cock nicely.

She knew I was about to cum, so she held my butts and she fucked me again with her mouth. It was so hot. And I just couldn’t hold it any longer. I shot my cum in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

I’ve never felt so relieved before. It was so good. Zara put her dress back on, pulled up my trousers and gave my crotch a pat.

‘I’ll show you where the guest room is. You can stay here for the night. I’ll let your wife know.’

I stayed in her guest room that night, sleeping happily after the nice treatment from Zara. She told me not to get addicted, but I knew I wanted more. and more. and more. but for now, i was more than happy with her amazing blowjob.


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