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It was a summers night. I was in my room on my laptop watching some amazing gangbang porn and pleasuring myself with my fist. All of a sudden my sisters husband sticks his head around the door. “Wow.” I was cumming all over the carpet. I shut my legs. “Daniel, you weren’t meant to see me!” He looks at me hornily. “Vanessa is out. What do you say we have a party of own?” He unzipps his fly and a MONSTER of a cock flys out. 10 inches. Rock hard. I smile and start deep throating His dick. hmm, my clit is throbbing when i think about it. He starts thrusting hiS solid cock into my mouth faster and faster until I can barely breathe.

He starts moaning and eventually pulls ou. He grabs me and pushes me onto my bed with force and rips my dress off. He takes à look at my d cup fake boobs and burries his face in them. I start massaging his cock and daniel starts moaning even louder. “Fuck me” i say quietly. “What did you say?” He shouts in my ear. “FUCK ME!” “That’s better.” He lays me down and inserts his cock into my dropping pussy.

It was heaven. I start whimpering and he gets faster and faster. Soon I’m in intense orgasm, the best in my entire life. He gets even faster and soon I’m in another orgasm. He turns me over and sticks his finger into my ass. “Ughhh!!! Fuck me HARDER!!” I scream. he starts thrusting into my ass while playing with my pussy and the juices flow out of both holes.

I’m in double orgasm heaven! He pulls out of my ass and jizz squirted out into my pussy. he comes back for a second taste a few hours after. We’re fucking even harder, I’m riding his cock, he is cumming in my pussy. the Vanessa walks straig into the room. We stop. “I want to play too!” I look confused. She strips and come towards me. She gently massaged my pussy and i start getting we. ” ooh your wet!” She throws her leg over an S she star ts scissoring me. That was the Life. the three of us fuck hard for tye est three hours. That was ones og the best nights of my life.


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