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It was 6:30 pm. I had my last client coming in to go over the interior design selections for their new home. They had purchased the Penthouse suite so I knew that I could sell them on the most expensive interior selections I had designed.

I called my husband and told him I would be late, he said, “not too late”. We had a night of steamy sex planned. We had been teasing each other all week and we were both very horny the last few days.

My appointment was for 7 pm. I was alone in my office, everyone had left by 5:30 pm. It was very quiet which was nice; I had a lot to catch up on.

I heard a knock on the door, I went to open it and let my 7 pm appointment in. He introduced himself, “Hi, my name is Tomasso, I’m very sorry but my wife couldn’t make it.”

I said, “No problem, did you want to reschedule the appointment to another night?”

He said, “No it’s alright, I don’t think it would make a difference.”

I found that interesting but I wanted to get this done and go home so I didn’t inquire.

Tomasso was very nice to look at. He was about 6’3″ Dark hair, greying at the temples, Blue eyes, he appeared to be about 55 years old. He was impeccably dressed, tight dark grey suit, you could tell that he was in great shape; his white shirt was tight to his body.

His voice was strong and deep. When he walked into the room, you knew he was always where everyone’s eyes focused. He was confident. He came across as very powerful.

Maybe it was all the teasing that my husband and I were doing to each other all week but I was very attracted to him.

“Have a seat”, I said.

We started talking. We both had very similar backgrounds. We talked about our spouses; our kids were similar in age and going through the same things. He was an owner of a construction company. He was very to the point, something I really appreciated. My husband never seemed to be able to make up his mind about things. Everything with Tomasso was yes or no. It was refreshing.

I kept looking directly into his eyes, they were mesmerizing, between that and his voice, I was hypnotized.

After about an hour I realized that we had not talked about anything having to do with his suite. It was going to be a long night but I didn’t mind. I completely forgot about my husband’s date night.

I started going over what I suggested for his Penthouse suite. He was very sure of himself. Yes, he liked this. No, he didn’t like that. It turned me on. You could tell he made decisions all day.

I suggested a look for the suite that he wanted to see samples of, so I brought them up on the computer. I told him to come to my side of the desk to see what I was talking about.

He walked over and bent over me. I could smell his cologne as he hovered over me. My heart skipped a beat and my breathing was shallow. I hadn’t felt like this since I started going out with my husband. I could feel myself getting wet.

I was having a very hard time concentrating and catching my breath. Then I felt his hand on my shoulder. I could feel my cunt getting soaked. My heart was pounding. I think I let out a little moan, but I can’t be sure. At this point all I wanted was a deep kiss and his hard cock.

He lowered his hand from my shoulder and cupped my breast. He knew exactly what I wanted; everything about this man was perfect.

He bent over to kiss me, he put his hand under my chin and brought my lips close to his mouth. He kissed me soft at first then his tongue started to feel the tip of my tongue. Every sense in my body was heightened.

I turned my chair around to face him and I said, “I want your cock in my mouth.”

I unbuckled his belt, pulled down his pants, and lowered his underwear. I pulled out his thick cock. It wasn’t completely hard yet but it was at least 7″ already and so much thicker than my husband cock. This was going to hurt. I couldn’t wait.

I started sucking and licking the head. It was like I hadn’t had sex in years. I devoured his cock. His pre-cum was dripping from his cock. I licked it off. I would have swallowed his cum if he had cum in my mouth now. I would never do that for my husband.

I just wanted to please him. I would do anything he wanted. I wanted to be his whore.

My mouth could barely fit around the head of his cock. His cock was about 8 inches when fully erect, all I could think about was that it wouldn’t fit into my cunt.

He stopped me from sucking his cock; he picked me up and put me on my desk. He was strong. I am a bit heavier girl and he picked me up like nothing.

I sat at the edge of the desk with my legs dangling over them. He took off my top and lifted up my skirt. He sucked my breast biting it a bit. He said nothing to me the whole time. He got down on his knees and put his face between my thighs. I could feel his tongue lapping up all my cum, there was a lot of cum.

He said, “You seem to be excited, you’re so wet. I’ve never eaten someone this wet before.” I just moaned and pulled his head deeper into my crotch. I lay back on the desk and felt his tongue lick the inner lips of my clitoris. I never wanted this to end.

I was about to cum when he stopped. He stood up and grabbed his now massive cock. I wanted him to stuff it into my wet cunt.

He played with my clit with the tip of his cock. I was moaning like crazy. I yelled, “Fuck me, hard!”

He slowly slid his cock inside. I could feel every ridge on his cock as he slid it inside. I could see my cunt lips surround and grab onto his cock. I thought he was doing it slowly so he wouldn’t hurt me but he didn’t care about hurting me. He wanted me to feel everything. He knew how to fuck a woman.

He got all his cock inside me, it actually slipped in pretty easily, I was so wet. He started to fuck me hard. His cock was like a rock. I could feel it pound inside every part of my cunt. It hurt but I loved it. It filled me up completely.

I had never been fucked like this before. It was like every other time was practise for Tomasso.

He started speeding up his pace. I was moaning louder. He started to moan which turned me on even more, I wanted to cum now!

Tomasso said, “I want to fuck you from behind.”

He picked me up and turned me over. He was so strong. I didn’t think I could get wetter but I did.

He bent me over my office desk, shoved his cock into my cunt and started ramming it hard. It hurt but I loved it. I could feel his pace speeding up and he was breathing faster. He was about to cum.

I said; “Don’t cum inside me.”

He said, “Shhh”.

I started to cum, so did he, pounding my cunt, we were both yelling. I could feel his warm cum spurt inside me. It was such a turn on, I came harder. It felt like we came for hours.

He pulled his cock out and thanked me for a great fuck.

I said, “No, thank you. I have never cum like that before.”

He said to me, “Don’t clean up, I want you to go home with my cum dripping from your cunt. I want you to think of me all night.”

I gulped, my heart skipping a beat again.

I said, “Thank you, Tomasso.”

He left for the bathroom. I started to think of my husband and how I would explain how wet my pussy was. I started to feel guilty but I started to get turned on as well. This was something no one knew about. It was just about me and Tomasso.

When Tomasso returned from the bathroom, he was dressed beautifully again. God, he was so sexy.

I said, “Tomasso, I didn’t even get to really show you the interiors I had designed for you.”

He said, “We will have to book another appointment and do this again.”

I smiled and said, “I can’t wait.”

He said, “Next week then, same night, but wear something sexier next time.”

I said, “Oh, I will Tomasso, I will.”

He owned me from that night on. I did whatever he wanted.


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