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Two delinquents target respectable mother. Part 1


Dave springer and Tony Selby had been friends since infant school and have been a right couple of trouble making bastards ever since.
Living on the towns only council estate that was a blight on an otherwise lovely Essex town, the two fifteen year olds were the scourge of their comprehensive school and town.

Both the product of broken homes and families with a history of operating on the wrong side of law and order, they were never going to grow up to be leading lights in the community or captains of industry. Well, perhaps the drug industry.

The Wilson family had been forced to relocate to Essex due to the company their father Martin worked for merging with another Essex based fibre optic company.
Martin had been one of the few lucky ones to be offered the chance to relocate thanks to his highly specialised knowledge of fibre optic design. Eighty five percent of the workforce had been made redundant.

It was a big wrench for the three of them having lived in Shropshire all their lives, leaving behind friends and relatives.
Wife Debbie and son Brian would find it the hardest to adjust, Debbie being a housewife with only the turning of their new five bedroom house into a home to keep her occupied and fifteen year old Brian having to start a new school and try to make new friends.

Martin would be immersed in organising the specialist department he was heading, keeping him at work for long days as well as many late nights involved in conference calls with their parent companies in California and Japan.

It was Monday morning and Brian’s first day at his new school, he felt like a fish out of water. No one took any notice of him when he asked which way the office was and when he did find it and was given his timetable and introduced in his first class as the new boy nobody took him under their wing and showed him the ropes.

At break he sat on his own on a playground bench trying to phone his mates he’d been forced to leave behind.
He did however unbeknown to him attract the attention of Tony and Dave.
“Look over there, that’s that new kid Brian, looks like he’s got a nice new iphone for us”. Tony tells Dave.
“Yeah, and he looks kinda posh, reckon he’ll have a few quid he’d like to share with us too”. Dave says laughing.
“Lets follow him home after school, check out the lie of the land before we see what we can mug him for”. Tony smirked.

Brian bemoaned his shit new school to one of his old mates unaware he had become a target of the two baddest thugs in school.
Come the bell at three o c Tony and Dave were the first out of class and hanging about outside the gates as Brian left for home, unaware he was being followed, Brian made the ten minute walk thinking what a shit life he was going to have with no mates and nothing to do outside school.

Reaching his house he was met by his mum cutting back an overgrown rose bush in the front garden. Giving him a hug and a peck on the cheek she asked. “How was your first day love”.
“How do you think it was, it was shit. It was like i was invisible”. Brian told his mother angrily.
“There’s no need for that kind of language thank you very much. Just give it time, things will get better, you’ll just have to tough it out for a while, it’s hard for me and your father too”. His mum replied.

” Fuck me, is that his mum, she’s fit as fuck”. Dave proclaimed.
“Fucking hell, she looks like a model or film star”. Tony told Dave.

Both boys carried on walking past Brian’s house so as not to be noticed or raise suspicion, it was another twenty minutes to the council estate that they lived on and the Wilson family had no idea it even existed.
” She was beautiful, the only thing that could improve her looks would be my bollocks banging against her chin”. Laughed Dave.
“I’d fuck her so hard, she wouldn’t walk for a week “. Added Tony.

Both of them continued to exchange the ways they would fuck Brian’s mum all the way to Dave’s house.
“I think Brian has just found two, new best friends”. Said Dave with an evil grin on his face.
“I think you’re right and the best thing is, he has no idea what a couple of horrible cunts we are”. Said Tony bursting out laughing.

The Wilson family had no idea that their world would be torn apart by the decision the two delinquent friends had just made.

The following day at school had gone the same way as as the previous one up till break.
Brian was doing he’s best ‘Nobby no mates’ impression alone on a bench when Dave and Tony sat either side of him.
“You’re new round here ain’t ya?”. Said Dave.
“Yeah, only moved here on saturday “. Replied Brian.
” Well i’m Dave and he’s Tony, we’ll get you up and running with what’s what, anything you need to know, feel free to ask us”. Said Dave, putting him at ease and making Brian feel a bit better about his forced upheaval .

Over the two breaks and lunch time Dave and Tony found out everything they needed to know about the Wilson family. Brian only to willing to foster the chance of making two new friends. He was totally unaware he was supplying them with the ammunition they needed for their designs on his mother.

Being in different classes for the most part due to the gap between Brian’s academic brightness and Tony and Dave’s lack of interest in academic achievement suited Dave and Tony fine, not wanting to spend more time than necessary with the drippy new kid.
It wasn’t that they were thick, they were highly intelligent when it came to playing the system, both were street and worldly wise, they new all the angles. The pair of them were budding Al Capones.

For the whole of their last lesson they sat at the back of the class plotting ways of seeing more of Brian’s mum.

After school the three of them walked back together, arriving back at Brian’s house just in time to see his mum on all fours weeding a flower bed.
Dave nudged Tony and silently mouthed “Fuck me” unseen by Brian.
“Hi mum” greeted Brian.
Debbie got to her feet and turning to greet Brian was pleasantly surprised to see him accompanied by the two other boys.
” Hi love, looks like you’ve made a couple of friends, that’s nice “. Said Debbie, her beautiful face radiating a big smile.

“This is Dave and Tony”. Brian announced, pointing to each in turn.
“Hello boys, pleased to meet you both”. Greeted Debbie extending her hand.

“Hello Mrs Wilson”. Said Dave, shaking her dainty hand.
“Pleased to meet you Mrs Wilson”. Said Tony, taking his turn to shake her hand.

“Come into the house and i’ll get you all a drink and a snack “. Offered Debbie, eager to create a warm welcome and good impression on her sons new friends.

Dave and Tony followed her checking out her cute arse and sexy body.
Debbie was certainly a looker, 5ft 7in, long slender legs and tiny arse squeezed into her tight fitting faded jeans. A tight tee shirt hugging her medium sized tits and flat stomach.
Her face was truly beautiful in a soft natural way, no need for lots of makeup, her complexion was flawless. Her beauty was topped off by long shaggy, dirty blonde hair.
No way would you guess she was 38 years old, you would be hard pressed to book her down as anything older than late 20’s.

The four of them chatted for a while in the kitchen while they drank cola and snacked on crisps and biscuits, then Debbie headed back into the front garden to carry on weeding and the boys headed to Brian’s bedroom to play on Brian’s new playstation.

Debbie was so pleased her son had made some friends, they were a bit scruffy and rough around the edges but seemed polite and friendly enough.

While Tony and Brian played the game Dave was looking out of the bedroom window at Brian’s mum on all fours weeding the flowerbed. He was imagining himself fucking her doggy style as Tony face fucked her, giving her the perfect spit roast.

“Where’s the toilet Bri? i need a piss”. Dave asked.
“Last on the left “. Answered Brian without looking up.

Seeing that the fuckable Debs wasn’t gonna be finishing anytime soon Dave headed out the bedroom and winking to Tony closed the door behind him.
After looking into two smaller unlived in bedrooms he struck third time lucky and entered Brian’s parents bedroom. He soon deducted Debs side of the massive bed by the contents of the bedside cabinet.
The bottom draw of the three containing her sexy underwear and a big pink dildo. Dave got his erect cock out and wrapped a pair of purple french knickers around his rock hard six inches.
He used his phone to take a photo of his silk wrapped cock above her open underwear and dildo draw, sending it to Tony as he wanked his cock while extending his search to the wardrobes.

Debbie had some seriously sexy dresses hanging in her walk in wardrobe. Satisfied with his search so far dave headed for the ensuite bathroom and seeing her pink electric toothbrush wiped a drop of precum on the bristles.
Next stop was the dirty linen basket and finding a dainty little thong had a good sniff of her pungent aroma as he wanked his cock faster. Feeling himself about to cum he stuffed the thong into his pocket and went back into the bedroom he pulled back the quilt and shot his load on milf Debbie’s side of the bedsheet about halfway down.
The three blasts of sticky cum made quite a mess, Dave laughed as he cleaned the last of his dripping cum on the gusset of her french knickers and replaced them in the draw knowing his dried cum would be rubbing against her sexy moist cunt the next time she wore them.

He smeared all his cum over as wide an area of her side of the bedsheet as he could knowing it would be dry and probably go unnoticed as she slept on it that night. That would be as close as he could get to fucking her for now. Dave carefully made the bed, washed his hands and returned to Brian’s room.

Tony had almost pissed himself as he opened the photo text from Dave. Once Dave was back in the room they played for another half hour then made their excuses and left telling Brian they would knock for him in the morning.
Stopping for a quick chat with Debbie in the front garden before heading into town to hangout with their real mates.

The following morning Dave and Tony left for school thirty minutes early for the first time in their lives, knowing if they knocked for Brian before he was ready there was a good chance they would be invited in to wait by Debbie.

It worked a treat, Debs invited them in saying. “Brian’s only just started his breakfast, would you like a cup of tea or coffee”?
“Thanks Mrs Wilson, we’ll both have whatever ever you’re having” replied Dave.

“I’m having a coffee, i can’t begin the day until i’ve had a mug full to get me going”. Said Debbie.
Those fateful words triggered the beginnings of a plan in Dave’s devious mind.
The following few hours at school Dave and Tony would work out the details and a phone call to Dave’s drug dealing older brother Billy, would supply them with the ammunition they needed to implement it.

They both knocked on Brian’s front door at the same early time the next morning.
” Hello boys, cup of coffee “? Debbie asked, inviting them in.
” Only if you’re having one Mrs Wilson”. Replied Dave.
“Of course, can’t start the day without one, remember “. Laughed Debbie.

As Debbie made three mugs of coffee Tony asked. “Doing anything nice today Mrs Wilson?”.
“No, just housework and i want to sort out as much of the garden as i can while the weather is nice “. Answered Debbie, unwittingly giving Dave and Tony the vital information they needed to put their evil plan into operation.

While Brian was getting his homework from his room Tony distracted Debbie by going to the patio doors overlooking the large back garden and asked her what she was going to do to the garden.
As Debbie pointed out the changes she wanted to make, Dave unwrapped the silver foil and emptied it’s powder contents into her mug of coffee and gave it a stir.

A wink from Dave and Tony says. “It will look lovely when you’ve finished it Mrs Wilson, let’s drink our coffee before it gets cold “.
They both return to the breakfast bar and finish their coffee.

Brian comes back into the kitchen ready and saying their goodbyes the three boys leave for school.
Debbie clears the breakfast things into the dishwasher and heads for the bedrooms to make the beds.
Fifteen minutes had passed and Debbie was starting to feel a bit strange. Her body felt a bit washed out and she was having hot flushes.

Dave and Tony had parted ways with Brian once they got into school, Brian headed for his first class of the day, Dave and Tony head for the schools side gate and slipped out so they could make their way back to Brian’s mums house.

“It takes about half hour to work, Billy says it will make her open to suggestions and horny for about four hours before she’ll get tired and sleep for a couple of hours. When she wakes up she won’t remember much and it will seem like it was all a hazy dream “. Dave explained to Tony.

Debbie was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on making her bed when she heard someone knocking on the front door. She made her way unsteadily downstairs and opened the door.

“Hi Mrs Wilson, i think i left my phone here, can i come in and look for it?”. Asked Dave.
” Of course “. Said Debbie, gesturing for them to head to the kitchen and shutting the door behind them.

Both boys went through the motions of pretending to search for the phone, all the time they were checking out Brian’s mum to see if the date rape drug had taken effect.
Once they were fairly sure she wasn’t acting her normal self Dave went for it. “I think i may have left it in your bedroom Mrs Wilson, shall we all go up and look for it?”.

Debbie was a bit confused trying to work out why it would be in her bedroom but at the same time it seemed a reasonable request and she answered. “Sure, follow me”.

Both boys knew by the way she agreed to their ridiculous request that she was feeling the full effect of the drug. They followed her upstairs laughing behind her back and making rude gestures to each other.

Once in her bedroom Dave made out he found his phone under her bed. “Here it is Mrs Wilson, let me see if it’s working properly by taking a photo of your beautiful face “.

“Oh err, ok”. Said Debbie, feeling very strange.

“Have you ever done any modelling Mrs Wilson?”. Asked Tony.

“No never” replied Debbie.

“I think you should do some modelling for us now, you’ve got a very sexy body and it would be a shame not to have some special photos to show your husband. We’re both very good photographers and wouldn’t charge you any money “. Tony said as if he was doing her a big favour.

“Well if you think my husband would like them, then i suppose it wouldn’t do any harm “. An easily coerced Debbie responded.

“That’s a good wife Debs, start by pushing your hair up with both hands and pushing your tits out “. Tony told her, as they both wondered how she would respond to being called Debs and hearing the word tits.
To their astonishment she did as was told and looked as hot as hell. She was wearing a pink tee shirt over a bra, sexy grey jogging bottoms with the word pink across her arse cheeks and pink flip flops.

Both boys took photos with their phones and decided to up the stakes.

“Okay Debs, now cup your tits and squeeze them for the camera “. Dave ordered.

When she complied they both knew Brian’s mum was there for the taking. ” Tony’s going to take your tee shirt off now Debs, you need to show more of your sexy fucking body to the camera “.

Dave was now videoing as Tony got behind Brian’s mother and eased her tee shirt off revealing her medium sized tits sitting snugly in her purple silk, half cup bra. Tony reached through her arms and started to juggle her bra covered tits, telling her. “Let me help you show your husband how fucking sexy your beautiful tits are “.

Debbie was now at their mercy, whatever they said or told her to do seemed totally reasonable and logical in her drug induced state, there would be no reprieve from the day the evil duo had in store for her.

“Debs while i play with your tits i want you to slide your bottoms off and then play with your pussy for me”. Tony instructed.

Debbie kicked off her flip flops and slid her bottoms down and off to reveal her matching purple french knickers. She then slipped one hand inside them and proceeded to rub her pussy for Tony.

“That’s a good slut Debs, you’re wearing the same knickers i used to wank my cock with the other day. Do you want to take them off and wank my hard cock for me with them?”. Dave asked, filming her every move.

Debbie was feeling extremely turned on, the fact she’d not had sex for three months because of all the stress and upheaval of their relocation, having her tits played with by Tony, fingering her own pussy and the powerful drug she had been plied with, all added up to a lost cause. “If you think it would look good for the photos then okay “. Answered a compliant Debbie.

Dave paused the phone and told Brian’s mum. “Tell me you want to watch me strip off so you can wank my schoolboy cock”.

Filming again he captured her self condemning words.

Dave quickly stripped, relieved to free his throbbing hard on from the constraints of his tight school trousers and pants. He approached Debbie, picking up her discarded knickers and handed them to her. Brian’s mum wrapped them around Dave’s average sized cock and slowly began wanking him off. Dave filmed her ringed and silk covered fingers expertly tugging his prick for a couple of minutes then stopped filming and told her to. “Tell Tony to take your bra off for you , then tell him to strip, because you want two hard schoolboy cocks to play with “.

Dave again filmed her law breaking words, he filmed as Tony uncliped her bra and slid it from her body, it slid down her arms and hung from the wrist of her wanking hand.

” Stop wanking my cock and get on your bed Debs”. Ordered Dave.
Brian’s mum did, kneeling in the middle of the bed watching as Tony shed his clothes. Soon he was naked proudly sporting his erect six and half inches.

They both looked at their prize, naked on the bed, her 34 c size tits looked bigger than they were because of her gorgeous slim body, they sagged a little and her little berry sized nipples were rock hard. She had a little strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair above a perfect glistening pussy. Her face was stunningly beautiful, her big green eyes stared intently back at them.

“Debs, tell us you want us to get on the bed and fuck you with our lovely young cocks”. ordered Dave.

Both boys filmed as she answered. “Boys, get on my bed and fuck me with your lovely young cocks”.

Dave set his phone on her dresser pointed at the bed to film the downfall of their drugged submissive housewife. Then climbed on the bed with Debs and Tony.

“Lay on your back Debs, i’m gonna fuck your cunt while you suck Tony’s cock, it will make a nice porn film to show your husband”. Dave told her.

Debbie lay on her back trying to think why her husband would want to watch her being fucked by the two schoolboys, ‘perhaps he told them’. She thought to herself, she was feeling very aroused by the attention she was receiving from her sons school friends.

Both boys phones were filming as Tony used his free hand to grab a handful of Debbie’s hair, then violates her mouth, forcing his hard cock all the way to the back of her throat causing her to gag and splutter. She had never experienced rough sex before, she was about to be educated.

Dave not to be outdone knelt between her legs, gripped her arse cheeks and lining up his throbbing prick entered her with all the force he could muster causing her to buck from the pain of being penetrated so hard without much in the way of foreplay.

Right from the off they both fucked Brian’s beautiful mothers mouth and cunt with hard powerful strokes. Within three minutes both boys were on the brink, first to cum was Dave as he held his cock as deep in her desecrated pussy as he could and spewed four powerful blasts into her. “Arrrrgg fuuck you dirty whore, take it all bitch”.

Dave’s orgasm set off Tony and he blasted away straight down her throat nearly choking her in the process.
“Fuck me, you really are one filthy slag Mrs Wilson, you must love the taste of underage cum”. Tony said, adding to the shame she was being subjected too.

Debbie coughed and spluttered as both cocks slid out of her abused body, her cunt was leaking cum and her face looked a blotchy mess. Her watering eyes had made her mascara run and her nose and mouth were dripping thick drool and cum.

“Fuck me you look a right state “. Said Tony videoing the mess they had made of her close up. “What would your husband say if he saw you like that?”.

Dave chipped in. “Get off the bed and look in your mirror “.

Debbie did as she was told and stood looking at herself in her full length mirror. She was struggling to recognise herself, it almost felt like she was looking at another woman. She had never felt so weird and spaced out.

“Well, what have you got to say for yourself “. Asked Dave

“I’m sorry i’ve made a mess of myself “. Apologised Brian’s mum.

“Well you’re gonna have to be punished, you’re gonna get fucked up the arse as punishment and seeing as i got to fuck your cunt first, i think it’s only fair Tony fucks your arse first . Now tell him you want him to fuck you in the arse”. Dave told her, pointing his camera phone at her again.

“Please fuck me in the arse Tony”. Asked Debbie looking at Tony standing behind her in the mirror.

Being fifteen Tony had no problem getting rock hard again at the chance of fucking Brian’s beautiful mum up the arse. “Pull those arse cheeks apart you sexy slut”.

Debbie did as she was told, exposing her wrinkled anus to the pair of them. Dave filmed as Tony bent down and spat a gob full of sylvia at her shithole. Standing back up he aimed his bellend at her spit covered bum hole and pushed home until he was buried balls deep forcing her against the cold glass of the mirror, he pushed her face side on against the glass and roughly sodomised her.

Dave captured every thrust into her tight rarely fucked arsehole, he filmed her tits squashed against the mirror. Dave filmed the grin on Tony’s face and the grimace on Brian’s mums. Three minutes of furious arse fucking later and Tony erupted in Debbie’s shitter.

Tony exited her arse causing it to fart which created a perfect cream pie in her gaping brown hole. Dave videod a close up of Tony’s spunk leaking out of her arse then ordered her. “Get back on the bed on all fours, just like you’re weeding the flower bed”.
The beautiful housewife did as asked.

Tony manoeuvred in front of her on his back and filming told her. “Look at the mess your dirty arsehole has made of my cock. Now use that slutty mouth to clean my spunk and your filthy arse juice off it, you whore”.

“Sorry “. said Debbie and went to work on his dirty flaccid prick.

Dave hard again after watching the arse fucking show got on the bed behind Brian’s mum and told her.”I’m gonna fuck your cheating wife cunt doggie style, like the slag bitch you are, while you get Tony’s cock hard again”.

Dave lined up his cock and easily slid balls deep into Debs sloppy cum filled pussy. He took his time and steadily ploughed the full length in and out.

After five minutes of steady fucking Brian’s mum was responding, receiving pleasure for the first time since the sexual assault by the pair of delinquents had begun.

Debbie’s moans of pleasure increased as Tony’s cock responded and started to grow in her mouth. It was rock hard two minutes later as he filmed The milf explode into orgasm, removing her mouth from his clean hard cock to vent her release. “Arrhhgg fuuuck
cuuuming, ooooh god, fuuuuuck”.

Dave pulled out of her satisfied cunt and ordered her. “Now climb onto Tony’s hard prick and ride him like the horny slag you are”.

Brian’s mum moved up Tony’s body and mounted his cock, she started to bounce up and down regaining the pleasure she had received from Dave’s fucking of her. Tony played with her tits and sucked on her small rock hard nipples.

Debbie’s moans of pleasure suddenly rose a few octaves as her already fucked rectum was filled with the full length of Dave’s throbbing six inches of meat.
Debbie took a minute to adjust to the feeling of being double penetrated as both boys fucked their cocks into her cunt and arsehole.

As the discomfort in her stuffed holes rescinded, she once again felt her interrupted pleasure returning and began riding both cocks as a steady rhythm built between the three of them.

Dave put Tony’s phone to good use, explicitly filming Brian’s mum’s exposed cunt and arse getting fucked by two hard cock’s.

Fuelled by his success Dave started to go to town. Increasing his speed, he battered her shithole and started taunting the drugged housewife. “How does it feel to be fucked by two schoolboys in your married cunt and cheating shithole Debs?”.

Debbie panting and moaning answered. ” Oh god, it feels so good, never been fucked by two cocks before “.

Tony joined the verbal abuse. “Do you think your husband and Brian will be proud of how good you fuck two cocks at once. Do you think they would enjoy watching a porno film of their filthy slag mother and whore wife fucking Brian’s schoolboy mates and cuming on their cocks”.

Debbie was on the brink of another big orgasm. “Yes, sooo proud, filthy slag, sooo good, sooo full, fuck meee hard, make meee cum”.

Dave slapped her arse cheek hard. “That’s it you filthy fucking slut, you dirty old spunker, ride our cocks and beg us for our cum you cheating bored housewife “.

Tony squeezed her tits and bit her nipple then told her. “Come on you dirty cunt, milk my cock until it’s empty. Show me what a dirty slapper Brian’s mum is. I want you to fuck us better then you fuck your husband”.

Debbie was in a state of intoxication, her body betraying her. “Oh god, fuck my dirty slapper body, pound this whore’s cunt and dirty arsehole. Arrrggghh shit, fuck and sodomise this begging mums slag body, empty your schoolboy cocks in me, fill me with spunk, fuuuuuck cuuuuumiiiing”.
Brian’s mum rode furiously as she had the biggest orgasm of her life, she shook and trembled uncontrollably as her climax ripped through her.

It was all too much for the two fifteen year olds as they gripped her tightly, forced their cocks as deep as they would go and emptied yet another load of their virile young spunk deep into their respective holes.

Debbie didn’t know it yet, but the sperm that Tony had just fired deep inside her vagina contained the winner of the tadpole race that would in the next few days fertilise her unprotected egg.

After Brian was born, Debbie and Martin decided they would pour all their love and hopes into him. They talked it through and agreed that Martin should have a vasectomy.
The timing of her drugged sexual ordeal couldn’t have happened at a worse time, Debbie’s was at her most fertile and with the amount of spunk the two virile youngsters had fired up her, it was inevitable one of their swimmers would knock her up.

The three of them recovered from the intense orgasem’s they had just shared, both softening cocks fell from Debbie’s well fucked gapping holes followed by a steady stream of accumulated cum. Dave getting a nice close up of Mrs Wilsons sore and leaking holes, courtesy of the pair of drug administering rapists.

Dave ordered Debbie. “Get off the bed and kneel on the floor, your gonna clean our cocks you dirty slut”.

Brian’s mother obediently obliged, licking and sucking until both boys cocks were spotless. Both boys remained flaccid and needed a rest before they could inflict anymore sexual abuse on Brian’s drugged mother.

“Go and clean that slutty spunk filled body of yours slag. I want you cleaned up, then you’re gonna wear what we pick out for you, is that understood ?”. Tony ordered with contempt.

Debbie got up and headed for her bathroom replying. “Yes Tony, i’ll clean up and dress up nice for you both”.

While Brian’s mum was in the bathroom Dave laughed, telling Tony. “I told you it would work, how fucking good was that. I knew she would be a great fuck, better than all those sluts our own age “.

“By the time we’ve finished fucking her, she won’t walk for a week, trouble is neither will we”. Said Tony and they both cracked up laughing.

” My phone battery is getting low, how’s yours?”. Asked Dave.

” Low too, all that video has run it down. look they’ve got iphone chargers on their beside cabinets, touch “. Tony said pointing.

Once their phones were on charge they set about finding what they would get her to dress up in. They both agreed on some black silk suspenders with little pink bows on, white silk stockings and red high heels. They decided not to bother with bra and knickers, they would only be coming straight off anyway.

Looking through her walk in wardrobe both their eyes lit up. Hanging up in a clear plastic cover was her wedding dress.

“Perfect, how hot will she look getting fucked wearing that “. Grinned Dave.

“Holy fuck, my cocks getting hard just thinking about it “. Laughed Tony.

The boys laid out their chosen outfit on the bed and went downstairs to find Debbie’s phone and handbag. They returned upstairs and went through her handbag taking out her purse. Inside that they took the £180 cash she had and her bank debit card.

Dave called out to Brian’s mum. “Debs, come here a minute “.

Debbie came out in a bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her head like a turban. “What is it boys, i’m all clean, i was just about to do my makeup for you “.

“What’s the pin number for your bank card and phone “. Asked Dave.

“They’re both the same 4545”. Debbie told him, the drugs making the question seem totally reasonable.

“Okay bitch, now hurry up with your makeup we want to fuck you again and don’t forget to use your best perfume “. Ordered Dave.

“Will do, won’t be long”. She answered.

Tony put the debit card and cash in his school jacket pocket and Dave got into her phones contact list. He put Debbie’s husband, her mum and her dads mobile phone numbers into his own phone. He already had Brian’s number.
Her rung his own phone from hers, so he had her number too.

It was now 10.45 and both boys were pleased with the plan so far. Dave said. “I think we should get dressed again in our uniforms and make her strip us, it would make a great porno, ‘ the beautiful older bride and the two schoolboys ‘. What do you think?”.

“Yeah perfect, imagine how that would look in court, a 38 year old married mother asking two 15 year old schoolboys to fuck her in her wedding dress “. Laughed Tony.

The two of them were dressed and horny as hell as Brian’s mum came naked back into the bedroom. She looked stunning with her hair and makeup fixed perfect, her perfume was intoxicating. Both boys were rock hard as they watched her tits gently bounce as she walked towards them.

“Fucking hell Debs, you must really want to get fucked if you’ve made such an effort “. Tony said, open mouthed.

“That would be nice, are these the clothes you want me to wear?”. responded Debbie.

“Yeah, thought it would bring back happy memories of your husband fucking you on your wedding night “. Sneered Dave.

“My husband has never fucked me while i was wearing this dress “. Replied Debbie. “I only ever wore it for the wedding ceremony and changed for the reception. I’ve never worn it since “.

“Even better Debs, we can show your husband what it would have been like to have fucked you in it. Now get dressed cos my cock needs fucking bitch”. Dave told her.

“Oh, okay “. Smiled Debbie and started getting dressed.

Dave filmed her getting dressed, his rock hard cock almost ripping through his boxers and trousers. Once she had finished Dave told her. ” Now look at my phone and tell us ‘ it’s always been my sexual fantasy to be fucked by two underage schoolboys, i’m so glad you’re both only fifteen, now come here and give me a proper good fucking’. Is that understood you dirty fucking slag?”.

Debbie looked at the phone and repeated Dave’s recital word perfect. This would be the final nail in her coffin, the snippet of film footage that would leave her open to blackmail and under their control.

Tony put his still charging phone on video mode and pointed it at the middle of the bed. Dave would use his for close ups.

“Stand beside the bed and strip our clothes off us and act like the dirty cock hungry slut you are, got it slag”. Tony ordered.

Both boys stood beside her and let Brian’s mum do all the work. The blushing bride started by kissing them both passionately while rubbing their hard cocks through their trousers. Then she slowly stripped them both and sucked both their cocks, she even got both cocks in her mouth at the same time.

Satisfied with the show so far Dave told her. “Get on the bed on all fours and tell us ‘I want my horny schoolboys to spit roast me hard and rough ‘. Got it you dirty old slapper”.

Again Debbie did as told and didn’t fluff her lines.

Tony pulled her tits out of the top of her low cut dress then told her. “Suck my cock, get it nice and slippery so i can stuff it in your married slag cunt”. Brian’s mum soon had her throat full of choking meat. After giving her a rough face fucking all filmed by Dave he got behind her and lifted the back of her wedding gown revealing her cute arse and suspenders. Tony spat on his fingers and pushed two of them past her puffy cunt lips and finger fucked her fanny hard and fast.

Dave was capturing some great footage and egged Tony on. “How many fingers do you think you can get up that filthy whores cunt. I reckon if you get it wet enough, you could get your whole hand up there”.

“What do you think Mrs Wilson, do you think Tony can fit his whole hand up your dirty, sloppy cunt?”. mocked Dave.

“I don’t know, it depends how hard he tries”. Debbie answered matter of factly.

Tony and Dave kept spitting on her cunt and Tony’s hand as he forced it as hard as he could, stretching the lips of her pussy as wide as they had been stretched since giving birth to Brian.
Finally the widest part of Tony’s hand made it past her seriously stretched cunt lips and tightly clamping muscles.

Brian’s mum was grunting and breathing hard as Tony fisted her in short, steady thrusts.

Dave had an idea, he paused his filming and told Debbie. “Tell us how much you like being fisted and want your arse stuffed full with your big pink dildo that’s in the bottom of your bedside cabinet “.

Filming again Dave captured her perverted request. Taking her large dildo from the drawer Dave offered it up to her grunting lips and ordered her. “Suck it like the porn star you are, slag, deep throat it and show your husband what a cock sucking scrubber you are “.

Dave kept forcing the fat 10 inch dildo further down her throat, she was gagging and choking. Her mouth was aching from being stretched so wide. Dave had managed to force seven inches of firm rubber cock inside and was in danger of choking her to death when he relented and pulled it out.

They had never seen so much sylvia, it was thick and clinging, attached to her lips and nose, it beaded to the large dildo and Dave rotated it, collecting as much of it as he could.

“That’s a good slut, that should help it slide up your shitter, dirty Debbie, let’s find out “. Smirked Dave, he joined Tony and lined up the rubber bellend with her already sore looking sphincter. It seemed lmpossible that the large, life like dildo would gain entry. It was twice as fat as their cocks.

“Relax that tight arse you dirty slag, you asked us to use it, take a deep breath then relax as you breathe out hard”. Dave encouraged her.

She did as told and Dave pushed as hard as he could. Finally the bruised rubbery muscle relented and Dave rammed four inches up her shithole.

“Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh fuuuuuck”. Screamed out Debbie.

“Eerrgghhh shit, i could feel the veins on that thing rub over my hand “. Said a surprised Tony.

” Now we’re cooking”. Said Dave and set about working it deeper and deeper into her clinging arsehole.

Despite the powerful effects of the date rape drug she had taken, Debbie was in pain. Never had she been so stretched and full as she was now. Dave had managed to get four more inches up her arse. Both boys took a sadistic pleasure in thrusting fist and dildo into her grossly stretched holes.

” What a filthy fucking slag you are Debs, tell us what a great time you’re having with your schoolboy lovers “. Asked Tony.

It was all caught on film by both phones as Brian’s mum told them. “Ohh fuuuck, thank you for giving me a great time my schoolboy lovers “. Tears of pain rolling down her messed up face.

Dave left the dildo in Tony’s control and went up kneeling in front of Debbie, he grabbed two handfuls of her shaggy blonde hair and fed his hard six inches to the back of her throat. After the dildo Debbie had no trouble deep throating him.

” I think we’ve made the slag airtight “. Laughed Dave, face fucking her hard.

” Who’d have thought the poofy, posh boys mum would be such a dirty old spunker. She looks like an innocent angel in her wedding dress. I wonder how many underage schoolboys she fucked from gay Brian’s old school?”. Mocked Tony.

Tony slowly pulled his soaking hand from Debbie’s gaping cunt and wiped it on her wedding dress. He put his helmet at the entrance to her abused cunt and his cock disappeared to the balls without any effort. He fucked away telling Dave. “Fucking hell, it’s like throwing a banana up Oxford Street. I think my fist has ruined her “.

They both fucked her slowly, Tony filming with Dave’s phone. After a few minutes Tony removed the dildo from her ugly, distorted bum hole and his prick from her sloppy cunt. ” Okay our kinky, slut housewife, turn round and sit on Dave’s cock, ride him hard you filthy slut”.

Dave stopped his face fucking and lay down on his back and Debbie dutifully turned, mounted his cock reverse cowgirl and rode him hard. Tony filming her tits flopping about wildly and Dave’s cock getting a good fucking.

Dave stopped her after five minutes and pulled her down to his chest and swapping holes, started fucking her arse and abusing her tits. Tony put her legs on his shoulders a entered her sloppy pussy. Tony did his best to film and fuck at the same time.

Debbie was now starting to feel the pleasure of being fucked by two average sized cocks after the abuse of fist and large dildo. Her holes gradually regaining their natural size and shape.

Dave was getting close to filling up her arsehole with another load and gave Debbie some kind words of encouragement. “That’s it you filthy slag, fuck our cocks so we can squirt our spunk into that dirty skank, cum dump body of yours. Show your husband what a great fuck you are, bitch”.

Tony’s words were nearly as kind.”Cum on my cock you dirty slag cunt. You won’t look too beautiful after we’ve finished fucking the shit out of your manky cunt, arse and face. Your husbands going to love seeing you fucked stupid, with spunk dripping out of your well used, sloppy cunt and arse, your face and tits decorated by our cum shooting pricks”.

Their words didn’t really register with Brian’s mother, her body was responding to double fucking she was receiving. Debbie thrust back against the penetrating meat pounding into her until she came like a runaway train.” Aaaarrggghhh jesus, fuuuck that’s soooo gooood, shiit i’m cuuuummiiing, awwwwwhhhhh fuuuuck”.

Mrs Wilson shock uncontrollably, her tits wobbling and undulating, her cunt spasming on Tony’s cock, her arse muscles clamping and unclamping round Dave’s cock.

Both boys groaned loudly and pumped their jizz hard and deep inside the holes they were abusing.

Debbie’s situation looked like she’d been a porn queen for years, laying tits up on Dave’s chest, impailed on two cocks, her stocking covered, shapley legs over Tony’s shoulders, bright red high heel stilettos on her slender feet. Her beautiful white wedding dress crumbled around her waist, exposing her suspenders, her exposed tits gently rippling as her massive orgasm receded.
The smile on her face supporting all the evidence that showed she had instigated the seduction, the sexual abuse of two innocent, underage schoolboys.

Both boys untangled themselves, pushing Brian’s mum off them. Dave telling her. ” Clean up the mess u’ve made of our cocks you slut”.

Debbie set about the two kneeling boys cocks. On her hands and knees she did as told, licking and sucking each boy in turn as their spunk leaked out of her well fucked arse and cunt.

Tony was the first to be cleaned and turning round, getting on all fours told her. “When you’ve finished cleaning Dave’s shit covered cock i want you to eat my sweaty arsehole, giving it a good going over, i want your tongue right up inside. Got it slag?”.

“Okay”. Replied Debbie without batting an eyelid.

“My arsehole too “. Added Dave, liking where Tony was coming from.

“Will do”. Came Debbie’s reply.

Both their arseholes received a thorough tongue lashing. It was the first time they had both had a girl do this to them, Tony had got the idea, like most of his others from watching porn.

They were both getting hard again and Tony told Debbie to stick a finger up their arses and wank them off.
Debbie performed like a pro and soon they were on the verge of cuming again.

Both boys turned round and Dave instructed Debbie to. “Sit on the bed, play with your tits, finger your cunt and tell us to cum on your face”.

Both boys stood above Debbie frantically wanking their excited cocks with the beautiful middle aged housewife telling them.
“That’s it boys, wank your cocks and spray your beautiful young cum all over my face “.

That was all it took as both of them put on a display of synchronised shooting, splattering Debbie’s face with several ropes of thick sticky spunk, both verbally abusing her at the same time. ” Take it all you dirty fucking slag”. Said Dave.

“Do you like our present, you old spunker whore”. Added Tony.

Tony retrieved his phone and they both filmed close ups as they gripped her hair, wiped and slapped their spent cocks on her face and fuck her mouth until they were done.

“How was that dirty Debs, do you feel like a well fucked, cheating old slapper ?”. Asked Dave.

“Yes, that was very nice, i’ve never been fucked so much. I do feel very tired now, think i’ll just lay down and have a nice sleep “. Said Debbie crawling up to the top of the bed and laying her head on the pillows.

“Fuck me she’s asleep already. Think we should just leave her as she is and hope for her sake she wakes up and makes herself presentable before Brian gets home from school in about two and a half hours “. laughed Tony.

“Yeah, i’d like to be a fly on the wall when she wakes up and tries to remember what’s happened to her “. Smirked Dave.

“Leave her big dildo wedged in her cunt, so that when the old spunker wakes up, assuming she doesn’t notice all the spunk, will think she fucked herself stupid with it”. Added Tony.

Both boys got dressed, wedged seven inches of fat dildo up her minge and took a final photo of their drugged prize, returned her purse and handbag where they found it and headed off to town to find out how much was in her account so they could have a bit of a spend up.

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