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Author’s info Gender: male

Chapter one – The celebration of defeat


I was lined up in the launch tube. The check system for my Combat Armor, Tactical, Heavy, was running. Our last ditch assault on the Instagian home world would launch in a few minutes. This war had lasted far too long. I had been a CATH pilot for twenty-four of my thirty-two years in service.

I watched the last of the system lights switch to green and thumbed the intercom system to life. “This is Field Admiral Adam ‘Rock’ Drake. I am green and hot across the board and ready for launch at your command.”

My intercom answered from the bridge of the carrier. “Rock, we are a go for launch in T minus seventeen seconds. Hang onto your hats men this is an all out assault. No matter what happens the war ends today.”

I watched the timer count down. We were under radio silence once the umbilical cut loose. I listened to the last minute chatter as the nineteen other CATH suits reported green lights. Then the timer hit zero.

It felt like someone stuffed a rocket engine up my ass, as the launch system slammed me down the length of the tube. Faster than it took to think about it, the launch sabot was packed around my suit, and I was ejected at mind numbing speeds towards the planet below.

Two minutes after launch, we passed the moon of the planet Instag. That was when the first layer of the sabot wrapped around my suit started its function. The braking rockets fired and we started to slow. We would still hit the atmosphere at more than eighteen thousand miles per hour. Much slower than our current speed.

I looked at the combat clock. In four minutes we would enter the outer atmosphere. I had expected enemy fire by now. The fleet was moving in behind us with the landing craft and space defenses. But there was no resistance. Not even a scanning beam to detect us.

The job of my men and I, was to establish a landing zone to bring the troops in. It is what we do. First in, last out, and never give ground. These combat suits had been designed and upgraded so many times. The current model weighed eighty-one tons and held the firepower of a full artillery division. At the current rate we were going to make ground fall with a full compliment of ammo.

I felt the first layer peel off and disintegrate as we passed the edge of the outer atmosphere. Then the first of the flower petals bloomed. The pod extended the next layer out and started using the atmosphere to break our fall. I watched the display for my speed. I was slowing rapidly as the friction heat burned away the petals of the flower I rode in. Then a sudden jerk as those petals collapsed and broke away.

The third layer spread and I bloomed again in the springtime of our planet fall. I watched as my indicators drifted into the range of acceptability. Layer after layer peeled off and slowed me until I came down to terminal velocity. Then the last layer broke away and I was in daylight. Five thousand feet above the ground I was now hanging from a massive air foil.

Still we had encountered no resistance. Not even a single projectile had been fired. My Radio crackled and a voice came on. “Cease fire! Cease fire! It is over, the Instagian people have surrendered! Do not fire, we are under a cease fire command!”

It took a few seconds for it to register. I was going home. I was going to see my wife. I had not touched her in thirty-two years and I was now only a few short weeks from being home. I activated my radio for transmitting. “Men put your weapons on standby, do not power them down. Word of the cease fire may not have reached the ground troops at the landing zone.”

I turned my active scanners on and scanned the landing zone. Below us stood four men and none of them were armed. More than five miles away was a group of soldiers and none of them carried weapons. My mind began to truly grasp that this was real. The war was over.

Then it came over the radio. “All troops, we are under a peace treaty. Men and women, we are going home. The war is over. Soldiers this comes by direct order from the president of earth, Lady Damina, power down and holster all weapons. You are to treat anyone you meet as honored friends. The war is over and we are not to hold grudges. Talks are proceeding for trade agreements and cultural exchanges. Men we are leaving for home in fourteen days. Yes you heard that right, we are going home!”


I was back on the carrier. There was an air of excitement here. Everyone had come to believe. We had been treated as honored guests by the Instagian people. They had truly surrendered. We were completely unprepared for what we found when we hit the ground. The population of their planet had been hit hard by the war. At the beginning of the war there had been almost a trillion people on the planet below. Now they numbered less than one hundred million. They had no choice. They did not have enough people left to fight. It was going to take them millennia to rebuild and they were going to need help.

I was waiting my turn to make a call home. I refused to use my rank to jump the line. No one here was less important to someone back home. As the line slowly diminished I thought back on the war. I had expected some of the other fleets to be here for the final assault. At one time there had been over one hundred fleets. Only ours was committed to the final battle.

Could we be the only fleet left? That thought hit me like a ton of bricks. Had we come that close to being defeated? My thoughts were interrupted by my turn at the communications panel.

I thumbed my home contact number into the panel and made my recording. “Baby, we are coming home. I can’t wait to see you. I hope you haven’t given up on me and moved in with the milk man. We go into Jump-Space tomorrow morning and will be making Earth orbit in twenty-three days. As always my heart is yours. I love you Danni.”

When I hit the send button, I looked at my chronograph. My meeting with the admiralty staff was in fifteen minutes. It was supposed to be a big deal but there was too much of an air of festivity aboard for me to worry.

I walked into the conference room and looked at the smiles on the command staff’s faces. It even invaded here. We all waited for Fleet Admiral Stinson to enter the room. As I sat down I noticed an ice bucket and a collection of alcohols sitting in the center of the table.

“Please help yourselves.” Stinson said as he entered the room. “We have something to celebrate after the orders are handed out.” As men and women reached for the bottles and glasses, he continued. “We have orders to return home ASAP. There are also a couple of strange orders along the way. All soldiers are to have their anti-impregnation implants removed immediately. Rank fraternization, is not only no longer prohibited, it is now encouraged. As a mater of fact the order states and I quote, ‘the men and women on the ships are to make as many conquests and pregnancies as possible on the way home.’ I am not sure about these orders but they come with a presidential seal on them. Any pregnant female soldier will be given a full pension for the rest of her life when she arrives home.”

One of the staff asked a simple question. “Sir, are we to assume from this, that the women back home are eager to start having children again?”

“I think that would be one way to put it. If I am reading the orders right they not only are eager but are impatient to start. The orders also continue with the statement, ‘married men are not excused from this duty and must participate.’ The statement I received is that they want all female soldiers pregnant by the time they get home.”

I asked out of a true sense of foreboding. “Sir I have noticed a few things and I am afraid of what we are going to find when we get home. When was the last time this fleet received a male recruit when replacements arrived?”

“I can’t answer that. I am under orders…”

“How many soldiers comprise the compliment of this fleet?”

“Thirty-one thousand, five hundred?”

“How many of those soldiers are male?”

“Ten thousand.”

“When was the last time we communicated with another fleet?”

“You are correct in your thoughts, Rock. We are the last Earth fleet.”

“If I am right, then the entire male population of the human race is on these ships…”

“Not quite, but the only men left on earth are in nursing homes. We made a mistake, during the war the draft was made mandatory for men, no exceptions. Every man was inducted at the age of eighteen or older. The mistake wasn’t caught until the last male soldier left Earth. There have been no children born on earth in the last eighteen years. I expect every man on these ships to do their duty and have sex, as much sex as possible.”

“What about the men that have taken vows of faithfulness?”

“Tell them their vows are canceled, under orders. It is really simple; we have twenty-three days to get more than twenty thousand women pregnant. We need every man we can get. I expect every soldier to do his duty and sleep with at least one woman per day until we have accomplished our mission. One final thing, the soldiers need to know, any woman giving birth to a male child will be given a five million credit bonus…”


I was sitting in my cabin. My rank got me a private room instead of the barracks bunks, my argument with the fleet admiral still running through my head. I had been through thirty-two years of being faithful. I had resisted every temptation except my hand. Now I was under orders to sleep with the women that drew me from the pool. My team was all men, so I had no women to command. I had thought to use that as a loophole. But little did I know we were celebrities among the crews. CATH pilots were like rock stars.

The fleet admiral had created a pool and the women got to place their names in the ring. If they drew the lucky number, then they were given us for the night. I had been told that if a woman came out of my cabin without a smile on her face I would face a court marshal. The fleet admiral had gone so far as to place a subnet call to my home. He had explained the situation and orders to my wife. That was when I got the shock of my life. My wife was aware of the problem. She had figured it out when she had not seen a man in almost twenty years. She told me she was not exactly happy about it but she understood and she was proud of me for keeping faithful as long as I did.

Now I lay here freshly showered and waiting for the first winner of the lottery. My chime rang and I answered, “Enter.” Into my room stepped a young blond woman, she was a buck recruit. My mind reeled at what was happening. Yesterday morning I would have been court marshaled for even thinking about this young woman in the way I was supposed to think of her now. Today I was a gift to her for drawing a lucky number

“Oh my god! I can’t believe I drew you first. I feel like I won the lottery.”

“Surely you would rather have a younger man.” I asked thinking about my fifty years of age over her youth. “How old are you?”

“I am nineteen, sir. I can’t believe I drew the commander of the CATH pilots. I want you to give me a son, that would be so perfect.”

I was stunned, how was I supposed to get an erection with this bubble head. She was young and beautiful but she reminded me of an over excited child.

Before I could even finish my thoughts she was stripping out of her uniform. “I don’t need any foreplay, just get inside me.” She said as even the thought of an erection started to fade from my mind.

I tried to calm her down a bit. “We have all night together. Take it easy and let’s enjoy this a little.”

“We can enjoy the second round, I want that cock!” She exclaimed as she yanked the sheet off of me to reveal my nakedness. Before I could even react she was on her knees next to the bed and had my cock in her mouth. Well she managed to bypass that problem, my long neglected cock was more than happy to respond to her tongue. As I grew in her mouth she moaned out. Now my mind joined the excitement. God that felt good. She pulled me out of her mouth and purred as she stroked my cock with her hand. “It is even bigger than my vibrator. Oh this is going to be great for my first real one.”

Her words struck me. Almost all of the women on board were younger than the men. The anti-frat rules had caused most of these women to never experience a real cock. The pleasure centers had sex toys and pleasure holos, but most of the men had not had real women either. This crew was going to be in jump for twenty-three days. Most of the crew would have nothing to do for that time.

While I was thinking she had removed the last of her clothing and was climbing on top of me. I felt her hand guide me into place. This impatient woman was going to take me. Then her warmth began to slide down my rigid shaft. My mind faded into a haze of lust. I thrust upward feeling my stiffness imbed into her hot moist tunnel. She let out a moan of pure pleasure. I joined her in the moan. My god she was tight on me. I had not wanted this to start with but now I was filled with a lust I could not deny. The silky pleasure of her flesh was so inviting.

I began to thrust up into her, driven to give her everything I had. I could not get the leverage I wanted. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled her onto her back. I began to control the rhythm as I drove into her. I tried to deny the pleasure I felt as I drove towards our lust, but I couldn’t. It was so intense to feel that tight pussy wrapped around my cock. Then it changed, I felt her pussy begin to quiver around my cock. She let out a scream that sounded like the passion of an animal. Her whole body began to convulse beneath me. She threw her legs around my waist and ground hard against me. I could feel her clit grinding against me. My lust reached its peak as I began to spew my semen inside her.

As we relaxed in the aftermath she looked at me with soft eyes. I rolled off of the top of her and lay back. As she smiled she slid down my body and began to lick and suck on the flesh of my cock once again. I was not even middle aged at fifty years old. I was considered a young man by the average life span of two hundred years. It did not take much of her activity before my cock was cheering her on again.

Once she had Mister Happy’s attention completely she got onto her hands and knees. It took very little to convince my mind to slide in behind her. I intended to at least truly enjoy this round. I began by reaching down and slapping my cock up against her clit. I watched as she arched her back and cried out. A second slap made her quiver and moan. Several slaps against her clit had her quivering as she started into a small orgasm. As she reached her peak I thrust into her completely. Her animal scream of lust must have been heard several decks away.

I thrust into her with force, as she quivered and screamed her way through her orgasm. Then as she began to come down from her peak I reached my hand around her and pinched her clit between my thumb and forefinger. I felt her pussy clench down hard on my cock as she began to rocket into another orgasm. She rose up on her knees as her body convulsed with her pleasure. I reached my free hand around and pinched one of her nipples as she screamed out again. Then to add to her sensations I nipped my teeth into the side of her neck. Her back arched away from me as her shoulders leaned back into me. I took this new opportunity to remove my hand from her clit and run my fingernails along her back from ass to mid back. The resulting explosive orgasm left her head spinning as she tried to fall forward onto the bed.

I was having none of that. I drove into her hard as she wilted in my arms. Each thrust lifted her knees upward. She was moaning and crying. I did not know if it was pleasure or pain that caused her tears. I was lost in my lust and only sought my own completion. When my thrusts brought me to my peak I held her against me and released deep into her womb. My mind faded and my knees grew weak. I had not experienced an orgasm that intense in years. Not since I left Earth. I held her against me as we both wilted down to the mattress.

“Oh god! I did not know a real cock could feel that good.” She said between pants for breath. “How long before you can do that to me again?”

“Give me a few minutes and I will try.” I said with a light laugh.

She smiled and then she got a look of surprise on her face. “I forgot to give you your pills.”

“What pills?”

“The medical techs gave me some pills to bring to you. They are in my pocket. They are supposed to make you have incredible sexual stamina.” She reached down and pulled the bottle out of her uniform pocket, on the floor.

I took the pills from her hand and set them on the table next to the bed. “I don’t think I need those right now.” I said as I pressed my already re-hardening cock into the crack of her ass.

“Oh wow!” She exclaimed as she felt what was growing behind her.


I was in the launch tube again. This time, our planet fall was part of a welcome home display. We would each launch over the city, then walk our CATH suits to the parks we were designated to stand them in. They would stand as monuments to our heroism. I felt like an idiot. I am not a hero, I am a soldier who did what he had to do. Placing a monument to myself made me feel like an idiot glory hound.

There was only one city on earth now. It was big, with a population of five hundred million. Mankind’s ecology problems were over. There was now more than enough farmland to support our population. This is what was truly scary, below us in the city were five hundred million women that had not seen a man in almost twenty years. Up here were ten thousand men.

We had also failed in our mission. Why did we fail? It turns out that the radiations we were exposed to during the war had left most of the men sterile. Only one thousand of us were fertile. The CATH suits had protected me and my men. We were the lucky ones. Now we had to go home and a thousand men had to try and rebuild the population, while nine thousand had to keep the women entertained.

This was going to be hell.

We had close to succeeded in our mission. Most of the female crew was pregnant. There were eighteen thousand women returning to earth in med shuttles. They were getting a hero’s welcome as well.

We received the final call and then there was a rocket up my ass again. After all these years, that part of launching bothered me the most. You would understand if you ever experienced it. It was like being shot out of a cannon with your ass on fire. Twenty minutes after launch my airfoil collapsed behind me, as my CATH touched down. It was a ten mile walk to the park I was assigned to place the suit in.

I felt like I was leading a parade of women. I was followed the entire distance to the park, by thousands of them. They all wanted to get a glimpse of me. I did not want fame and fortune. I wanted to feel the arms of my wife wrapped around me. I strode into the park among cheers and music. Up a set of stairs to a platform made especially for my suit.

Once I was in the position I was given the disembarking clearance and a touch of a control opened the tank that had been my home in combat for more than twenty years. I stepped down to a fanfare that would embarrass god. Then I had microphones thrust all around me as my wife ran into my arms. I took her into my embrace and tears filled my eyes. I had two weeks with my wife before I was expected to open my doors to any woman that requested pregnancy. I wanted to feel her love every one of those days.

I gave my little victory speech as prepared by the public relations officer and then was escorted to a waiting limousine. On the walk to the air car the women close enough touched me whenever they could. To many of them, I was a foreign creature. The youngest of them saw me as a legend out of mythology. I was not only a man, but I was a CATH pilot. Many of these women had never even seen a man outside of pictures and videos.

Once in the limo the sounds of the crowd were quieted. The driver turned and looked back. “Welcome home, sir. I have been assigned as your driver. If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask.”

I looked at the young red headed girl smiling back at me. “Thank you, Miss?”

“Starla kane, sir.”

“Thank you Starla, my name is Adam. I am pleased to meet you. Could you please take us home now, I am quite anxious to spend some time at home with my wife.”

“Of course, Adam, it will take us about twenty minutes to get to your condo.”

As she pulled away from the crowd I looked over at the woman I loved. We had married just before I shipped out for basic training. We had only had two nights together as man and wife. I intended to try and make up for that in the next two weeks. I reached out to her and she came to my arms like sunshine in a dream. As we kissed, the tears once again came to my eyes.

Danni leaned back and wiped the tears from my eyes. “Your home now, it’s all over. No more fighting. You’re here with me now.”

“It all seems like a dream. There were times I was sure I would never see home again.”

She leaned in and kissed me deeply. After all these years this woman still affected me like no other. My heart leapt into my throat at her kiss. I would do anything to make her happy.

Chapter two – A new job.

It had been almost nine months since I arrived home. I had finally gotten accustomed to the deluxe high-rise penthouse condominium. Being driven to everything was harder for me. I was a CATH pilot, I was used to plowing the road. The matter-mit stations used for distant travel were really new for me. I stepped in and dialed a destination number, and then with a slight tingle I was halfway across the city.

One thing had made me happy beyond belief. My wife was pregnant. She was expected to deliver near the end of this month. We had elected not to know the sex of the child.

I was headed to my new job. I was breeding stock. The government had come up with the idea of the breeding center where the women could come to get the attention of a man and possibly get pregnant. There were only a thousand of us that were on the pregnancy floors. The lower floors were the entertainment only men.

My wife had become quite a celebrity in her own right. It turned out we were the last married couple on earth. She was invited to talk shows and everything else to try and get her point of view of what it was like to sleep with a man every night. She refused most of the invites.

She had also come to fully accept the fact that I had to have sex with other women to help rebuild our world. She knew she held my heart in the palm of her hand.

Today I was headed for the breeding center, I had my day off yesterday and today I was again ready to face my roster of women. It was almost funny, a few years ago I would have thought having as many women as I could every day, would have been a fantasy. It was actually turning into a chore and a job. I averaged five women per day and got two days a week off. Those days were spent entirely with my wife.

The doctor at the center had us all on a vitamin and drug regiment to make us produce more semen and increase our sex drive. It helped a lot with getting women pregnant, but it caused some other problems. For one I spent most of my day so horny I would fuck a tree if it had a knothole.

I arrived at the matter-mit station just as my phone rang in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw my wife’s picture on my phone. I hit the button and put the phone to my ear. “Hey, babe, what’s up?”

“Adam, there are agents here from the government. They want to take me to the hospital for tests.”

“What kind of tests?

“They want to do a three dimensional sonic imagery test.”

“Tell them to wait, I am on my way.” I turned and headed back to the house. When I started walking two women in dark suits stepped in front of me.

“Sir, we are going to have to ask you to continue to the breeding center. Your wife is perfectly safe. We just need to determine the sex of her baby.”

“I should be there, she will need me.”

“We will bring her to you at the center just as soon as the tests are finished. Please, Sir, this is really important and may be more important than you know at this time. You absolutely must continue at the center.” As she spoke my phone rang. I glanced down to see an unidentifiable number on the phone. “Please, Sir, answer your phone.”

I pushed the button and placed the phone to my ear once again. “Hello?”

“Mister Drake, this is Damina Storm. I am pleased to get the chance to speak with you.”

“Miss Storm? The president of the planet, Damina Storm?”

“One and the same, Sir and please call me Damina. I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to cooperate in this. It truly is important. After work today I would like to invite you and your lovely wife to the Capitol Building for dinner and a conversation. We have a problem brewing that you and your old team may well be able to help us with. I have dispatched several members of the secret service to protect your wife and if you choose I will even connect a video link for you while she is having the test. After we speak tonight I will talk to the other members of your team.”

“I really don’t like this, Ma’am. My wife is the only thing that kept me fighting for so many years. She has been so understanding about our crisis, and I really don’t want anything to make her uncomfortable.”

“I absolutely understand and agree with you. She is a national hero in my eyes. But I would truly like to talk about this in a more private and secure location. It is going to be public knowledge entirely too soon anyway. I will not go so far as to force you to cooperate with us. I just need you to understand this is really important.”

“You will have her brought to me?”

“If I need to, I will escort her personally.”

“Has she been made aware of this?”

“Yes sir she is in the care of the best women in my service and will have a private caregiver with her at all times. They have been instructed to give her anything she needs at all times.”

“I still don’t like it but I will cooperate.”

“Thank you, Sir.”


I was with my last appointment for the day. My wife was waiting in a lounge on the ground floor. They had brought her everything her heart desired all day long. I had a video link that I could use to talk to her any time I needed. She kept telling me not to worry she was fine.

Here I stood, in a posh bedroom, with another woman. She was not a looker as most would say. She was more of a plain Jane. But the pills in my system were doing their work. I was more than ready for her.

I watched as she dropped down onto her knees and began to fondle my cock. It had amazed me just how much these women just wanted to touch me. At times I felt like a piece of artwork. Other times I felt like a prostitute. This woman began by caressing my shaft then she started to rub it on her face. She reminded me of a cat loving on its owner.

I felt her tongue run from my sack to the tip of my cock and it made my muscles tense and relax. When she closed her mouth and savored the pre-cum that she had gathered she gave out a light moan. Then she wrapped her lips around the tip and began to suckle gently. She looked up into my eyes. “This may be my only chance to get pregnant. I have taken fertility drugs to increase the chance of multiple births. Please, if my begging can get anything, get me pregnant.”

I reached down to guide her up to me. “I will do my best.” I took her into my arms and guided her to the bed. If there was one thing I had learned it was the fact that the forty-five minutes these women had with me was usually enough for two attempts. The drugs made it possible for me to try twice with each.

As she lay back onto the bed I began to caress and touch her. My wife had insisted that I treat each woman as if they were her. They had come begging for this chance and I needed to give them something to remember it by. I started to kiss and lick my way down the body of the woman in the bed. She shivered at my touch and moaned with pleasure. Those sounds let me know she was enjoying the attention.

When my tongue ran through the folds of her pussy she jumped and squealed out her pleasure. Her body reacted by giving me the nectar that would ease our sexual contact. I had thought that all women tasted the same. In my time here I had learned that each woman had an aroma and a taste all their own. This woman was no exception to that rule. Her honey was as sweet as the honey it was named after. I found myself wanting more of it and drove my tongue deeply into her. I felt her hands entwine in my hair and pull me against her as she cried out in delight.

“Oh god! You are better than my girlfriend! Don’t stop, god don’t stop!”

Her cries spurred me on. I started to brush my nose across her clit and rub my finger on her wet anus. She bucked into my face and began to quiver. As her body shook I moved up and sucked her clit in between my lips. I flicked my tongue across the nubbin in my mouth and was rewarded with a flow of her sweetest nectar so far. I continued to drink from her cup until she collapsed back onto the bed panting.

This woman watched me as I began to move up her body with butterfly kisses. When I reached the level of her face she smiled and nodded her readiness. With a slow gentle pressure I pushed my way past her entrance and filled her with my solid staff. She moaned and whimpered her pleasure as my cock seated in her fully. With a slow deliberate pace I began to fuck into her. She began to moan and grunt with each stroke into her satiny depths. I could feel her body start its climb towards her orgasm. I was beginning my climb towards mine.

Soon she was quivering in my arms. “I am coming again!” She cried out as our bodies locked up and my thrusts poured my seed deep inside her. Our bodies rocked together as we rode out or orgasms. Slowly we relaxed and fell into a light stupor. I rolled off of her and lay behind her as she spooned into me.

“Thank you,” she whispered softly.

“You are more than welcome, but your time is not up.” I could feel her surprise as her body tensed. She had finally registered the fact that my cock lay hard between her legs. When she turned to look into my face I whispered softly. “We should make sure.”

As I began to kiss her neck I felt her hand slide down to caress the head of my cock. Then she guided me into her depths.


I entered the lounge to see my wife sitting with a cup of tea in her hand and several women standing around her. One of these women I recognized from the street that morning. “Sir, I know you just got off work, but the president is quite anxious to speak with you.”

“Can I have a couple of minutes to talk to my wife please?”

“If you will come with us you can have some time to talk in the limousine. We need to be at the large matter-mitt station in twenty minutes.”

My wife stood behind me. “It’s alright, Adam. We can talk in the car. I am fine if a little freaked out.”

The ride to the Capitol Building was a bit intimidating. We were in a motorcade with secret service cars in front and behind. Something made me feel like we were being taken prisoner.

We were shown into a dining area in the seat of the government. The table was covered with exotic foods and drinks as we were shown to our seats. The secret service women had no sooner returned to the edges of the room when the president of the world came into the room. “Please, Mister and Missus Drake, be comfortable here. I have some things to tell you after dinner and I am hoping to get your cooperation in getting us past a major crisis.”

“I am not sure how we can help, but I am sure we will do all we can.”

The dinner was amazing. Some of the dishes served to us were the best I had ever tasted. Whenever we were not eating my wife’s hand clung to mine under the table. All too soon the meal was over and the president was ready to talk. “May I call you Adam and Danni, please? What I am about to ask should not be couched in such formal talk. I am about to beg you for the human race.”

“That will be fine, but please my wife and I are quite scared, and this is not helping.”

“You have nothing to fear from us, it is actually the opposite. As the leader of the remaining human race, I have so much to fear from you.”

“I cannot inspire that much fear. I am a simple man and I just wish to live my life in peace.”

“No matter what your decision tonight, you are at peace with us. I must tell you some facts and spoil a surprise for you in order to allow you an informed decision. I am not sure if you are aware but the first births from the female soldiers in your fleet have started. There is a problem that we did not see coming.”

“What is the problem?” Fear for my child gripped my heart. I could feel Danni’s hand tighten on mine as her fear echoed the emotions in me.

“So far there have been around seven thousand births. They all have been healthy happy children and the women are ecstatic. We are more than happy with that. The problem was noticed by a clerk at the records center. Of these seven thousand births only one hundred and forty of them have been male. If you look at that statistically it is impossible. We ordered the doctors at the hospitals to run tests on most of the men that returned and to track the baby’s parents by liaisons dates and see if any patterns emerged.”

My wife asked softly from beside me. “What did you find?”

“Most of the men that returned are infertile. This we already knew. What we learned is that of the fertile men almost all of them are incapable of fathering a male child. Something about their systems made them half sterile and the sperm carrying the male gene dies soon after formation.”

“Then I am going to have a daughter?”

“That is the point. Your wife’s tests today confirmed our suspicion. She is pregnant with a son.”

“How?” I asked.

“When we tracked back the lineage of the sons, we came to one conclusion. Your team was somehow protected by your suits in an odd way. You can only produce male children. All of the male children are born from one of the men on your team”

“How can we fix this?” I asked wondering what they had planned.

“We have to increase your workload. We are going to have to get you to impregnate as many women per day as you can. There are drugs we can use that will allow you to perform at higher levels. But it will mean you and your men must increase to sixteen women per day. We are not even sure if it is possible for you to maintain that pace and for how long. It is the projection of our scientists that if we do not do this the human race will fall to so low a level, society will collapse within one hundred years.”

“That is going to be problematic. I am so tired when I get home as it is that my wife only gets attention a couple times a week.”

“That is going to be part of the problem. The drugs we will give you will not have worn off by the time you get home. Your wife is going to have to keep you from losing control. She is going to have to be willing to give you relief most nights.”

“I can’t ask her to do that.”

As I spoke Damina dropped out of her chairs and to her knees. “Please, Adam, I am willing to beg for the survival of our race. I will do anything, even if I have to come over every night your wife is not in the mood, and relieve you myself. If you show the strength to preserver, your men will follow. Your world and your race need you.”

I turned to look into the eyes of my wife. When I did she took my face in her hands. “Adam, you have to. I will survive and I will be there for you.”

The love I felt for this woman made my heart swell. The sacrifices she was willing to make astounded me. “I will do it until you tell me to stop. On that day I will never touch another woman again.”

“I know, Adam, I know.”

I turned back to the president. “Madam President, I will do as you ask. I will however still demand one day a week off. On that day I am not to be contacted by anyone for any reason. That day is for my wife and my wife alone. What we do and where we go are hers and hers alone.”

“Thank you.” She said simply.

“I will talk with my men tomorrow, please allow us an hour in the morning to talk with no prying ears.”


“And one final thing, I want the recipe for that delicious oyster stew.”

The president looked up at me and then started to smile. “It is yours, I want you to know you will be moved to the best penthouses in town and the government will supply you with a complete staff for your daily needs. You will live like kings.”

“I never wanted that kind of life. I am not better than anyone else.”

“There you are wrong, Adam. I have read the records of your men and you. In over five hundred conflicts you never broke orders. You stood in the face of some of the worst hell any man has ever seen. For that alone you should be treated like kings. But when your race needs you in its darkest hour, you again rise to the challenge. Please allow us to do this for you. The sacrifices your wife is making for our race has earned her at least a life of leisure. Let us hire a staff to take care of her needs.”

“For her I will do anything.”

Chapter three – Drugs

It was now the first day taking the new drugs. I sat in a room naked as a young nurse administered the shot. “How long till the drugs take effect?”

“They should take effect quickly, sir.”

“My name is Adam, not Sir.” As I spoke I felt a stirring below my waist. Quickly did not describe the effect, within seconds I was as stiff as steel.

“Thank you, my name is Becky. I need to put a protective coating on you so you will not suffer from friction burns.” She reached back and retrieved a spray can behind her. Then she lifted my cock and began to coat it in a spray of cold mist. The mist rapidly turned warm and as it did my mind started to cloud over. She turned her back to me and bent over to put her supplies away. That was all it took to set me off.

I reached out my hands and tore her skirt away revealing the stockings and suspenders she wore underneath. My mind lusted after her dainty body as I positioned myself and thrust into her. She moaned out a scream of pain and passion as I began to thrust into her.

There was an animal in control of my body. That animal wanted to mate at any price. I grabbed a handful of her hair and began to use it to pull her back onto me as I thrust. I could hear the animal screams she was making and the cries of pain. But I didn’t care. I wanted to cum in her pussy and drive it into her womb. I wanted to pound her until she begged me to quit.

“Oh my god! Harder! Please!”

Her cries burst into my mind. They had to be my imagination. No one could want the animal lust that was driving through me. I was powerless to stop what I was doing. I thrust until her screams sang in my soul. My thrusts so powerful they were picking her up off of the ground. Only my fist in her hair stopped her from falling over in front of me.

I felt the head of my cock force its way past her cervix. The scream that came from her was the sound of a wounded animal. I forced my way as deep as I could and held her there, suspended from my cock and her hair as I began to pump my seed into her. I seemed to pump gallons into her as I felt it start to flow out around my cock. My mind started to return and I instantly let go of her hair. “Oh my god! What have I done?!”

Becky slowly slid to the floor at my feet. “Shhhhh! It’s okay. We knew this would happen with the first rush of the drugs. I volunteered every nurse that comes in here for this will be a volunteer. I was already lubricated and ready.”

I fell back onto the examination table. “You knew? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Would you have gone through with it if you knew?” She said as she worked her way to her feet. “We need to get you to your room. If you are not with another woman quickly the violence will reclaim you.”

I started to stand. “No, I would not have gone through with it. I raped you.”

“You cannot rape the willing. The nurses that will come to you are all volunteers and they like the rough stuff. You just gave me one of the most amazing experiences of my life.” She smiled at me as she guided me down the hall. She was walking in only her torn uniform top, stockings and suspenders. “All of the nurses will not only be expecting you to take them forcefully but they will want it.”

I entered the room I was assigned and she guided me to the shower. “How often will I need to perform if I don’t want to be that violent with them?”

“You are scheduled for a visitor every half hour. You need to shower in between. The ladies know you are not here to give them pleasure. You are here to get them pregnant.”

“How long will the drugs last?”

“Twelve hours. At lunch a volunteer nurse will be here to help you. She will be like me so take her as rough as you can. Now, shower and get ready for your first client.”

I did not care what they told me I did my best to make each one of the women feel pleasure. I knew my men felt the same. Some of these women would never have a chance to be with a man again. We would send them home with a good memory.

My lunch hour came in a blur. I sat at the small table in my room as a young blond woman came in. “Hi, my name is Lindsey. I am here to feed you and help break your lust. We have a fine meal for you today.” She set the tray on the table in front of me. “The act of eating will help balance the drugs but it is only putting off the effect. Once you finish eating it will take over. I am here to take care of you at that time.”

“Are you truly willing to take me under those conditions?”

“Trust me, my girlfriend does things to me that would make most men cower in pain. I will be fine. Before you ask, yes I am pre-lubricated and ready in an instant.”

I lifted the lid off of my tray to see an oyster salad and T-bone steak. There was also a green salad, bread rolls, and a bowl of soup. “I see they want to feed me well.”

It has more to do with the drugs, they cause you to burn energy pretty quickly. While they are in your system you will be eating enough food for around four people. You will also probably burn that in calories. Your body is producing semen at a rate about ten times normal. Plus your hormones are just as high. That adds up and would cause you to lose weight at an incredible rate if we didn’t over feed you. Take your time and enjoy the meal.”

I looked down into my lap and noticed that her perfume was already affecting me. “I think I am going to have a problem.”

“Start eating it will calm it down quickly.”

By the second bite of food my snake had gone back into a nice nap. It was nice to know I could find some peace while here. I relaxed and enjoyed the food. I really did surprise myself when I realized I had eaten everything on the tray. As I looked down and wondered where I had put it I started to feel my groin reacting. I was not eating, so it wanted something else. I looked over to see Lindsay standing there, wearing only her stockings and high heels. She nodded to me and I rose from the table.

By the time I reached her the animal was in full control. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. My lips took possession of her as my free hand clutched her ass and lifted her upward. I pushed her body against the wall and felt her wrap her legs around me. I was not gentle or caring as I thrust into her. My first thrust drove past her cervix and drew a scream out of her and past my lips. With her pinned against the wall, my hands were free to do other things. I raked my fingernails down her sides forcing another scream past our lips.

I drove my cock into her with such power the sheetrock of the wall behind her gave way. Her head snapped back as she let out a howl that was a scream of pure passionate pain. “Force that cock into me, you bastard! Make me feel every inch of it! Oh god! Becky was right! Fuck me until I bleed!”

I drove myself into her tight cunt until she started to whimper. Then I grabbed her breasts and began to squeeze them. When I did this she let out a howl of pain and began to vibrate on my cock like an earthquake. I drove my head downward and sank my teeth into her shoulder. Her quaking turned into full body convulsions as my cock jerked and began to spew.

As the animal started to go back to sleep I looked into her eyes to see tears. “Did I hurt you too badly?”

She shook her head no. “I just want to do that again and I will never get the chance. We can only volunteer once and it is our only shot to get pregnant.”

“Why would it be your only shot?”

“Your particular seed is very valuable. It is sought after by every woman on the planet. They all want to have male children.”

“We still have fifteen minutes. Maybe a second time will ensure the act.”

“Please.” I could hear the begging in her voice.

I began to move against her as my cock re-hardened inside her. “Do you want the beast again?”



One of the new perks of our position was a matter-mit station in our penthouse. I arrived home only a minute after I finished my final shower of the day. My wife was sitting on the couch and something hit me like a ton of bricks. With her almost nine months pregnant there was no way she could ride out the last three hours of the drugs. I saw her and my heart cried out. I started to turn towards the matter-mit and go back to the breeding center. I was stopped by one of the agents there.

“Sir, it has been taken care of. The president made a statement when you had dinner with her. She is here to fulfill that promise.”

I turned around to see Damina Storm standing in my living room. “Madam President.” I greeted her.

“I think you can call me Damina, given what is about to happen here with your wife’s consent.”

I looked over at the woman I loved and saw her smile and nod. I knew the others were staying at the breeding center until their drugs wore off. Now I had my outlet. I watched as Damina started to remove her clothing and walk towards the spare room. She knew already that the bedroom I shared with my wife was sacred to us.

I followed the president into the room and admired the fine body she had. She was a beautiful woman. “What about the secret service?”

“They will not interfere. They know I am here willingly and why I am here.” As she spoke she dropped to her knees and looked up at me with eyes smoking with lust. “Take me and use me as you will.”

I stepped up to her and dropped the pants I wore. My already hardening cock sprang to full life as I saw the fire in her eyes ignite. She reached out with her hand and began to caress my hard shaft. Her tongue extended outward and flicked the drop of pre-cum from my cock. I could hear the moans of delight that throbbed from deep in her throat.

“What won’t you do?” I asked as her mouth began to kiss and lick the object of her desire.

“I offered myself for your relief. Use me as you will. My mouth, my pussy, my ass, and my hands are yours until the drugs wear off.” When she finished her painted lips closed around the head of my cock. I felt her tongue begin to work in her mouth, as she wet my shaft. Each time her head bobbed back and forth, a little more of my cock would slip between her lips. Then I felt her cough as the head of my dick hit the back of her throat. On the next downward stroke I felt her swallow and my cock slipped into her warm esophagus.

I few more strokes and her nose touched the skin above my cock. If anyone had told me a year before that the president would be deep throating me, I would have told them to see a doctor. Now I stood, as that very same woman swallowed me to the root. I felt her hands come up and cup the cheeks of my ass as she started me moving in and out of her throat. Her tongue worked a magic I had never believed possible. I was climbing to a peak within minutes. I could not hold back much longer and I told her. “I am going to cum.”

When I said those words she sped up and started to pump me in and out of her throat with a hunger I could not believe. My knees nearly buckled as my first spurt shot straight down her throat. By the time my second shot exploded out she had pulled back until the head of my cock was in her mouth and she took the full shot into her mouth. She pulled my cock out and took the third shot across her face. My fourth shot sprayed across her chin and breasts.

I was looking down at her covered in my cum as she rolled my semen on her tongue. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed what she held in there. As I watched she began to scoop up and lick the cum off of her body and face. The sight of this powerful woman acting like a common whore kept my cock as hard as steel. The words of my wife came to me. “Never treat them like a common whore, make sure they enjoy themselves as well.”

As Damina scooped the last of my cum into her mouth, I scooped her up off of the floor and carried her to the bed. I dropped her onto the bed and she lay back and spread her legs waiting for me to mount her. The look of shock in her eyes when I dropped to my knees was priceless. I was going to taste this woman and I was going to savor it as long as I could. I snaked my tongue out and caressed the shaved pussy in front of me. The musky sweetness of her arousal was salty and sweet. I would devour this meal with great relish. I lifted her legs upward as she moaned out her pleasure. She had offered me her ass, I could only be a gentleman and make it relax. My tongue caressed her anus as she cried out and gripped the bedspread with her hands. “Oh fuck me, it has been way too long!” She cried out.

I pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her tight rosebud and began to wiggle it. Her hands reached down and knotted in my hair. She started to guide me where she wanted attention. First her ass, then her pussy, a moment later her clit, then back to her pussy. I let her control my mouth and gave her what she desired. It only took a minute for her first orgasm to rock through her. As she relaxed she let go of my head and waited for me to rise. I was not done. I continued to lick and carry out her rhythm. Within a minute she was rocking into a second orgasm, then a third. I lost count of the times her body rocked and quivered. Then it finally hit her. Her legs locked around my head and she arched her back. Her hands began to pull on my hair as she tried to fight me away from her over sensitive pussy. I had driven her into continuous orgasm.

She tried in vain to fight me off as I continued to carry her through wave after wave of pleasant torture. Her screams of pleasure turned into begging. Still I drove her onward. I wanted to hear her say one word. Only that word would stop me. Finally she spoke the word. “Please, I surrender!” She screamed out.

I lifted my face away and watched her collapse backward. “You said you were mine to do as I pleased.” As I stood, her eyes fixed on my hard cock. She watched as I pulled her to the very edge of the bed. Then as she tried to relax I lined my cock up and started to push into her velvety pussy. She moaned out her pleasure as she felt herself stretch around me.

“Please fuck me till I can’t walk anymore.”

I began to thrust into her gathering speed and momentum. Soon she was panting and moaning her way through another orgasm. I fucked into her until she was crying out with every thrust. Then my peak hit and I emptied myself into her.

I rolled over and lay beside her on the bed. Her panting was music to my ears. When she rolled up onto her side to face away from me I pulled her into me and spooned up against her.

“Oh my god! Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“Practice. Before I shipped out, my wife and I had been dating for a while. She taught me everything I know about oral sex.”

She snuggled back into my arms and started to purr lightly. Then she felt my cock still hard against her bottom. “Doesn’t that thing go down?”

“Not with the new drugs, it just takes short breathers.”

Then she felt it start to throb against her. She looked back at me. “I said everything and you are in the right place for the only hole you have not used.” She reached back and took my throbbing cock in her hand. I felt her guide me to her rear entrance. A few soft pushes had the head of my cock entering that new heaven. Within a few thrusts I was drilling into her tight ass for all I was worth.

I thrust and listened to the music of her moans. I wanted to try and make this last as long as I could. I had always loved when I could get anal sex. This woman was willing and wanted it. Our moans made a symphony of sounds as we fucked until she was cumming hard and long. When I could not hold back any longer I thrust into her anus hard and emptied my balls once again into her. We lay there and relaxed as I let my body try to gather some energy.

“I have to admit that is an amazing performance.” She said in a soft whisper.

“That was just act one, I have about an hour and a half before the drugs wear off…”


I came out of the spare room closing the door behind me. I had left Damina unconscious on the bed. She fell asleep exhausted after the second time I fucked all three of her holes.

As I walked into the living room one of the secret service started towards the door for the spare room. I shook my head, “she is asleep and she can stay there for the night.” I said softly.

“It is my duty, I have to check on her, Sir.”

I nodded and stepped out of the way. I made my way to our living room to see my wife with a shit eating grin on her face. I smiled and leaned in to kiss her. She took possession of my mouth and owned my soul with her lips. Her kisses still affected me so deeply. Within seconds I felt weak in my knees and started to tremble. When she let go the hold she had on my heart she smiled and spoke softly. “You are probably hungry.”

“Starving, My Wife.”

“They said the drugs would affect you that way. The new cook is preparing something it should be ready in a few minutes.”

“I can fix something for myself.”

“Baby, from what I understand you will not fix yourself enough to eat. They explained it to me today. The drugs leave your metabolism at a very high rate. You will need to eat five to seven times as many calories as normal while still maintaining a low quantity of food over all. The cook is versed in high calorie, high fat foods. She will keep you healthy.”

I held up my hands, “I surrender, My Love.”

Chapter four – Learning the truth

The president lasted a week before she had to call in reinforcements. She couldn’t handle a three hour fuckathon six days a week. I knew she wanted to get pregnant like most of the women in the world. That didn’t bother me. My evenings became a parade of volunteer women. Each night and sometimes several nights they would bear the brunt of my lust.

After the birth of our son my wife would even take the punishment I would dish out on at least one night a week. As promised, Sundays were for her, and her alone. Sometimes we would make gentle love, others we would go out and enjoy some sights in the world. The president and her staff kept the deal and we were never bothered on these days.

It was a Monday, and my wife had decided she would blunt my lust after work. I came home to a bit of a shock. Sitting on the couch next to my wife was the young nurse Becky, from my first day on the drugs. It took less than a second for me to register the tears running down her face. “What’s wrong?”

My wife turned to Becky and said softly. “I need you to tell him what you told me.”

Becky sniffed back a few tears. “My pregnancy didn’t take and now I have lost my chance.”

“Why have you lost your chance?” I asked as I moved over to sit next to them on the couch.

“We can only volunteer once and I can’t afford to pay the fee for another try.”

“Fee?” I asked trying to hide the anger in my voice.

“Yes if a woman wants to get pregnant there is a twenty thousand credit fee to go on the waiting and testing list. If they are picked then it is another one hundred and eighty thousand credits to complete the deal. That is if they want a female child. To have a male the price is two hundred thousand for the waiting list and then another one million, eight hundred thousand for the completion. I am only a nurse I could never afford those fees.”

Anger closed around my heart, they were charging for my services at an exorbitant rate. It was extortion and insured that only the very rich could have male children. “Do they give a reason for these fees?”

“They say maintaining the Breeding Center and the health of the men there is very expensive.”

I looked into my wife’s eyes and saw the understanding of what I felt. I stood up from the couch and looked at Becky. “When is your cycle due?”

“The end of this week.” She said as she tried to cover her face and hide her tears.

I bent down and scooped the young lady up into my arms. She gave a startled cry as I began to carry her towards the spare room. “You will be staying with us this week. We will make sure it takes this time.” As I entered the spare room I saw my wife headed to the vid-phone on the wall.

I kicked the door shut behind me as I headed for the bed. “If I remember correctly you like it a little rough?”

She looked up from my arms with, what I could only describe as, hope in her eyes. “Yes, Sir.”

“My name is Adam,” I said as I dropped her onto the bed and forced her to roll over onto her stomach. I pulled the belt off of my robe, I now was in the habit of wearing, and started to tie her hands behind her back. I heard her whimper as she realized she was actually going to get her chance again. I reached down and tore the dress she was wearing into shreds baring her bottom and legs. Then as she gasped, I dragged her off the edge of the bed so she was bent over with her chest on the bed. “I never got the chance to taste this the last time, so now I am going to have you for a snack.”

She cried out as she felt my face push into her from behind. I began to lap at the honey that poured from her. You can say anything you want about eating pussy. Some are sweet and some are tangy. Some women have a musky taste, they are all different. The one thing that is more exciting than anything is the first taste of a pussy you have never tasted before. There is an excitement that comes with the word new.

Becky did not disappoint me with her flavor, it was a new one. As I sucked on the delightful flower my tongue was buried in, I moved my hands up and began to push a finger into her little pink rosebud. She started to squirm as my finger tried to enter her. I slapped her bottom hard and told her, “Don’t squirm!”

She settled down and moaned out, the sound of the pleasure in her voice drove me to new thoughts. I slapped the other cheek of her ass. “They have to match.” I said as I began to caress the sting away from her rapidly pinking skin. Then I wet my finger in her nectar and again started to push it into her sweet rosebud.

She moaned and then started to push back against my finger and face. Soon I was pushing two fingers into her pussy as well. Her moaning and whimpering had grown to the point that I knew she was on the edge of cumming. When I felt her go over the edge I forced a second finger into her tight ass and listened to her scream of pleasure and pain. I did not let her finish her orgasm before I stood and slammed my cock balls deep into her. She let out a scream of passion and pain. I felt her cervix stretch around my cock as she moaned. “Oh my god! Harder please!”

With her cry to arms, I began to fuck into her as hard as I could. I began slamming her ass with my hips. Each time she would start to quiver into an orgasm I would slap her ass hard on each cheek. Then rub them to spread the heat. Soon she was begging me to fill her with my cum. I heeded her cry and pushed into her so hard I lifted her hips from the bed and began to spurt my seed into her womb.

The animal had snuck in as she called me to battle. Without warning I pulled my still spurting cock from her pussy and sprayed her rosebud with a shot of my cum. Then I pushed into that rear entrance slowly, feeling her tense and try to relax at the same time. She cried out as my cock finally seated fully into her tight anus. For a half hour I pumped her tight ass until she was begging me to cum again.

When my orgasm came I pulled out and slammed my full length back into her pussy. I was going to pump enough cum into her this week to make a hundred babies. She would get her child.


After the drugs had run their course, I left her sleeping and smiling on the bed. I walked into the living room and saw my wife. She was smiling as per usual, that was one of the things that drew me to her when we first met. Her smile could melt a snowman in Alaska. “Baby, I have to ask a few questions before I plan what I am going to do.”

“Did Becky come here looking for me?”

“No, I took little Adam to the park and while I was there I saw her watching the mothers with their new babies and crying. I sat down next to her and asked her if I could help. She had no idea who I was until I mentioned that she needed to talk to my husband.”

“So she did not seek you out?”

“Not at all. What are you going to do?”

“I am going to call my men and ask them to come here tonight so we can talk.”

“I have already called Damina and told her you wanted to talk with her. She said she would be over in about another two hours.”

“Good.” I stood up and walked to the vid-phone on the wall. It took all of ten minutes to get my men headed to my house.

We sat around the table and I told them what Becky had told me. I could see the anger in their eyes. It was Sharky that spoke first. “What are we going to do, Rock? They are the government.”

“It is really simple; our penises belong to us and no one else. If they think they can charge such a price for our services without our permission then they are sadly mistaken. I want all of you to be hiding in the house when the president gets here.” Then I turned to my wife, “I need you to gather Becky and little Adam and take them somewhere safe. This could get messy if they want to play hardball.”

“Where exactly do you think will be safe if they want to get us?”

I told her where I wanted them and watched as her eyes widened. “Trust me you will be safe there.”

She nodded and headed for the spare room as I looked at the smiles on my men’s faces.

Twenty five minutes after my wife told me they were in position I watched the arch flash and the president and several of her secret service people stepped out of the matter-mit. “Ma’am, I think we need to talk, my men and I are not happy about something.”

“Please, Adam, tell me what is wrong, we will do anything to fix it.”

“It seems that our services are being withheld from people that desire it.”

“I assure you, no one is being turned away.”

“Unless they can’t afford the fees?”

I saw her face darken. “Adam, we have to charge for your services. If we didn’t then the system would go bankrupt. We could not afford to keep the breeding center open.”

“I have serious doubts that it takes thirty two million credits a day to keep that small room and that one shot for me. I am here to tell you how it is going to work from now on.”

“Adam you don’t have any choice in how it works from the other end.” I watched as several of the secret service women unbuttoned their jackets. This was the signal I was waiting for.

“Did you forget exactly why we were protected and we can have male children?” As I spoke the roar of the jet engines on twenty CATH suits could be heard, as they took up hover positions around the building. The final insult came when my suit landed on the balcony outside. “We are always linked to those suits. It is part of why they work so well for us.”

One of the secret service agents started to pull her weapon. She stopped with it only half drawn when my suit turned to focus on them and its weapons whirled to life.

“It is simple; we have done a little math and calculated the costs. The Breeding center is going to be run as a break even proposition. The applicants will be charged for running the tests to see if they are viable. If they are viable they will be placed into the queue and scheduled for a date of maximum fertility. Then they will be charges a simple upkeep fee of one thousand credits. They will also only be charged on a successful attempt. If they don’t get pregnant there will be no fee.”

“And if we refuse.”

“Then I and my men will go into hiding and leave you to try and fix it again in another seventeen years, when the first round of children start maturing. That is with the hope that the genetic defect does not pass along. It is entirely possible that none of the children born will be able to have male children. Or worse yet they won’t be able to have female children. If we work together we may be able to fix the problem by then and help us survive.”

“I also have the choice of taking you into custody and then your men will never know about this.”

The smile I gave her was one of pure pleasure. As she spoke the remaining suits dropped down into view of the windows and my men stepped out of the rooms behind us. “Or we can go wildcat and decide who we sleep with and who we don’t. I am sure every woman on the planet would be willing to go to war with the government, for the chance to have children of their own.”

Damina motioned for her guards to relax. “Adam, I am under pressure from people to give the rich and famous their shot first. If we do what you want then I am sure to be committing political suicide.”

I smiled and my armor lowered its weapons. I walked over and lifted her face in my hands. “Damina, I know how good a person you are. Don’t you realize your military is home now? All you ever had to do was ask for our protection. Did you think the rich had a chance against a CATH suit if they threw enough money at it? Start recording and arresting those that would put pressure on you, if the others try anything…” My armor suddenly bristled with the firepower of a full artillery division. “Then we will protect and serve as we have, all our lives. The human race cannot be saved by the rich; it has to be saved by the common man.”

“Would you really support me that way?”

I stood back and bowed. “We are the military of the Earth; it is our duty, honor, and pride to protect the people of this planet and the government that serves them.” When I stood back straight I and my men saluted the woman that the people had decided would be their leader.

Damina smiled at me. “Thank you, Adam; maybe I should have believed more of what it said in your record.”

“Go make the policy changes at the breeding center. If you need help, just call.” As I spoke my suit again relaxed its stance and the front of it opened. From out of the suit stepped Becky and my wife. In my wife’s arms was my new reason for life, my son.

As soon as they were safe in my arms our suits flew back to the parks they stood sentinel in.


It took a couple of weeks for the system to change. But it did change, a standard question I was heard to ask was, “how do you like it?”

The rich and famous fought us, but the realization that the military was assisting law enforcement brought that to a halt. It only took one time of the CATH suits showing up on the lawn of an estate before people realized law was not something you could buy any more.

At the end of those two weeks it was announced that my wife was pregnant again. The talk show requests started coming in again. We tried to move to a lesser condo to save money for the system but the people wouldn’t have it. I was stuck in this place. It became a routine for me that someone would be invited to my house on a nightly basis to help me ride out my drugs. Often it has been friends of my wife. Sometimes it was friends of Damina. Others it was friends of Becky.

We did manage to wheedle a second day off for all of us men when it turned out our bodies were losing ground and we had to get more rest. The drugs were very hard on our systems.

The problem of genetic stagnation started to be a worry and to fix that the Bureau of Breeding Control was established. Its job was to keep track of who fathered what child and to make sure that relationship lines were not crossed for breeding purposes. Their services would not be needed for a while but it was important to get all the groundwork laid in now.

Becky got her wish and gave birth to a baby boy three weeks after Damina gave birth to hers. They are all regular fixtures in my house. Danni doesn’t seem to mind as long as she gets her one day a week every week.

There was a bit of an uproar when Damina became pregnant again. People wanted to know why she got to have two. A resolution to the problem was passed when an idea went through my men. They were all a jealous of my getting to ride out my last three hours with one woman. The policy became that any woman wanting a second child would have to apply for an after hours pass. Those we agreed could be sold at a much higher price. Provided there was one ticket per man given away in a random drawing each week.

Needless to say the rich took full advantage of this and were willing to pay through the nose for a three hour stretch with a man. I was left partially exempt from this, two nights a week I burnt off with a customer. The other three nights I chose my partner. Well I say I chose but in truth it was my three ladies that chose for me. Because of the demand for my two nights a week, the tickets were usually auctioned off. It seems everyone wanted my seed because of my being the leader of the CATH pilots and the fact that I had a near one hundred percent success rate.

It was two years after the confrontation in my living room, to the day, when Becky gave birth to our second child. That was the day all hell broke loose. She gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. She swore I was the only one she had been with and with those words I found myself going through tests at an unbelievable rate. Right down to a young nurse insisting she needed to collect a semen sample herself.

The tests came to one conclusion. Whatever had affected my semen to make me only have boys was gone. All of the men started going through tests again. It seems that we were all healing; it had been a temporary effect. Even the men that could only produce females were reverting. Two days later a woman that had only visited the pleasure part of the house turned up pregnant. Those men were reverting to normal as well.

Suddenly there were ten thousand men that could breed.

We found out that our children will have fully reverted by the time they reach puberty. The human race had dodged the biggest bullet ever fired at it. We were going to survive and recover.

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