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For the third time since I started my workout I heard the door open and someone come in. As I was between sets I looked up and this time I was pleasantly surprised. The first time had been a young couple who looked as if anything more complicated then a stationary bike would be beyond their ability. The second time was a teenaged boy who watched me exercise for a minute before leaving.

This time however a very attractive lady who appeared to be in her late thirties had entered the hotel fitness center. She scanned the room once she was inside but she looked ready to go. She was wearing a pair of blue snug fitting sweat pants with the word PINK emblazoned on her round, full posterior. She also had on a black scoop neck tank top and cross training shoes. Her outfit was completed by a pearl necklace around her slender neck and a gold ring with a large rock on her left hand.

She seemed to me to be the type of lady who would be at home at a country club or other wasp-ish enclave. From her pale good looks to her short blond hair styled in a bob cut and her perfectly manicured nails she looked as if she was born into money or perhaps married it.

I smiled at her and said “Good morning” in a low tone as I filled my water bottle from the cooler before resuming my exercise. She returned my greeting, flashing her pearly whites in a dazzling smile directed at me. As I resumed doing bench presses on the universal the woman began to stretch her leg muscles, first doing some standing quadriceps stretches. As she did these her back was towards me and as she pulled on her ankle it highlighted the shape of her leg and butt. It distracted me enough that I actually lost count of my reps.

Because the walls of the room were mirrored I realized that the woman could tell that I was admiring her body and in fact as I looked at her reflection I actually saw her wink at me. Rising from the seat I removed a towel from a pile of them and wiped my brow before asking her a question.

“Since I’m up would you like some water or a towel?”

“That’s very thoughtful of you. Yes I could do with both please.”

First I lifted another towel before filling a plastic cup with water which I brought to her. She took the towel and draped it over her shoulder before taking the cup. When she did her fingers lightly brushed against mine giving me a jolt that I felt all the way to my groin.

“Thank you. By the way my name is Payton” she said as she extended her hand daintily in my direction.

“A pleasure Payton, I’m Rob” I replied as I took her hand.

“Umm, pardon me for saying so but it’s not hard to pleasure you it seems” she said with a twinkle in her grayish eyes. “I on the other hand can be hard to please though it is very worthwhile if you succeed.”

My jaw dropped from her innuendo and I was so flabbergasted that I couldn’t think of anything to answer what she’d said so I reluctantly released her hand and resumed my seat. If I thought her last stretch was distracting what she now did totally threw me off my game. Payton lay on the floor mat no more than two feet away with her feet pointed straight in my direction as she stretched her hamstrings. With one leg bent at the knee and her foot on the floor she lifted her other leg to her chest.

As my eyes were helplessly drawn to the nexus of her thighs I was shocked as I realized that Payton couldn’t be wearing panties because a prominent camel toe clearly showed. She smiled as she saw the look I must have made when I discovered this.

“Rob I hope me being here isn’t distracting you too badly” she said smiling wickedly.

“To be honest you are very distracting Payton and not only do you know it I believe you enjoy it immensely.”

She laughed throatily to my response as she switched the position of her legs and as she did she spread them a little further apart. That was more than I could take at the moment as my blood was flowing to a part of my body that I wasn’t exercising and in my position I knew would clearly show to Payton. Standing I quickly turned so as not to reveal my growing erection and pretended to study another piece of equipment.
When I had deflated somewhat I started to work on my triceps as that way I wouldn’t be facing her.

“Are you in the city for long?” she asked me.

“Just here for a long weekend” I truthfully told her.

“And your wife isn’t interested in working out?” she asked as she had obviously noticed my wedding ring.

“No shopping is more her idea of exercise. She and her mother will get in a good session today with all the boutiques.”

“We’re in town so that our son can acclimate himself as he’ll be attending university here this fall. Of course he and my husband are golfing today. I’ll be lucky if I see them before dinner the way they play and they think nothing of leaving me all alone.”

There was no way I could respond to that opening she had left me unless I was looking for trouble and I was already tempted as it was. I just made a hmm sound as I continued my workout when Payton spoke to me again.

“Rob I hope you don’t mind but its plain to see you’re in great shape and know your way around a gym so I was wondering if I could ask you for some advice.”

“I’ll be glad to help if I can Payton but you look to be pretty fit yourself.”

“I’m not in horrible shape but my regimen is mostly tennis and walking so my practical knowledge isn’t great. There are a couple of exercises I want to do but I’m not sure if I’m doing them right and maintaining proper form.”

“No problem, the best thing to do is try them where I can see how you do and correct you if I see something wrong” I said as I stood near her.

“Thanks, would you mind helping me up?” she asked while extending a hand.

Reluctantly I reached down and helped her to her feet but she waited longer than necessary before letting go of my hand. Then as she made her way to the universal her thigh brushed against me even though there was plenty of space. Payton attached a collar with Velcro fastening and a D-clamp to her ankle and connected the D-clamp to the low pulley before turning to me.

“I’ve been trying to firm up my backside as now I’m getting older and I don’t want to fall apart but I don’t think I’m doing it right Rob.”

Facing the pulley she moved her leg back in a straight line and when she finished she turned to me. Watching her technique I hadn’t noticed any flaws in her approach.

“That’s how I do it but I’m not feeling it in my butt so I must be doing something wrong” she said.

“Try this Payton, use the leg that isn’t connected to the pulley and slowly go through a full range of motion and squeeze your gluteus muscle the whole time” I told her as I came closer and crouched down by her side.

She swung her leg back slowly all the way, paused and returned her leg to its starting position.

“How was that?” I asked.

“Much better thanks.”

“Try it with the other leg Payton.”

When she brought her leg back I placed my palm against her buttock and felt its contraction. Payton sighed as I felt her quivering flesh with my fingers. As her leg paused my hand slipped around to the front and ran toward her delta and as I did she actually whimpered. My fingers ran over her covered, plump pussy lips with the edge of my hand sliding between them. Payton brought her leg back to its starting position as my free hand worked its way up her leg. Unable to resist I buried my face against her taut ass, my lips brushing the material.

“Rob I told you I was a married woman” she gasped out.

“Yes you did.”

I stood and pressed my body against hers and as I did my fingers continued teasing Payton’s pussy while my lips felt her hair against them as they searched for her neck. As soon as my lips found it they nuzzled against it making her lean into me. My other hand took Payton by the head and turned her my way and I brought my mouth to hers. I kissed her hard and when I did her soft lips parted involuntarily allowing my tongue to dart inside. Payton seemed to melt into me but a moment later she broke our kiss by taking a step backwards though I managed to move my right hand with her keeping it rubbing against her mound.

All of a sudden Payton slapped me right across my face. It wasn’t very hard but for a moment I wondered if I had been wrong. However when I looked in her eyes I saw my answer. My fingers continued teasing Payton and as I again closed the distance between us my left hand grasped her right wrist and pulled it behind her back.

“You brute” she managed to get out before I kissed her again.

Payton eagerly responded to my kiss and her free hand soon found its way to my short dark hair where it stroked away. I brought my hand up and slipped it underneath Payton’s sweats where it slid down to her sweet treat. On the way I encountered no hair as she must be clean shaven down there. She was soaked and my finger easily went inside her tight opening sliding in all the way. At that moment we heard the door opening.

“I’ll never get over the look on that poor kid’s face” Payton said about the hotel worker who had walked in on us as we scrambled to disentangle ourselves. We were now on a hotel elevator when the car stopped on the seventh floor and the door opened.

“This is my floor” I said as I stepped off and the door closed between us.

I watched the door open and saw Payton standing there dressed in the sweatpants she had been wearing but her tank top was gone and she only had on a flimsy bra and her feet were bare. She held the door open as I strode in and closed it behind me and kind of leaned into the door.

“Here I am a helpless woman left alone by my husband and a strange man has barged into my hotel room. Oh whatever should I do?”

I actually had to fight from laughing from that bit from Payton but I managed to keep a straight face through it. My hands pushed my workout pants down to my knees along with my boxers and I stood with my rampant erection freed from its captivity.

“What I think you should do Payton is get on your knees and suck my hard dick” I told her in no uncertain terms.

She sank down to the hotel carpet and knelt in front of me and then reached her hand out and wrapped it around my swollen shaft. Her head tilted up and she looked me straight in my eye before she brought her mouth to it. Her red lips parted wide enough that she took the tip between them and also ran her tongue against it so I could see.

“You mean like that” she answered as she pulled her head back a trifle “ but it’s so thick I don’t know how much I can take.”

Grabbing her head I forced it back in her mouth but I pushed it much deeper. When she tried to pull her head back I held it in place.

“Let me amend what I said. What you should do is kneel there while I face fuck you and of course assist as you are able.”

With that I started to jam my thick erection as far as she could take without choking her. Payton’s hands now held my legs as I thrust back and forth into her pretty mouth. More than a little saliva escaped as I was as rough to her as I could be. I’d seen in her eyes a look familiar to me and that I knew well. Payton liked to, no, craved to be shown who was boss and luckily for me for this morning I would be the one.

“Payton stop wasting time and take off your bra” I barked at her.

Immediately she reached a hand back and unclasped her bra and slid it off to reveal her pert breasts. With what her mouth was doing to me at the moment I wasn’t about to stop Payton but I knew before long I would lavish all the attention that those two tits deserved. They were certainly more than a mouthful but were small enough that they didn’t really need a bra to keep them high on her chest with no sagging at all. The nipples were marble sized and proudly erect on the quarter sized areolas.

My cock continued to go to the back of her mouth but it seemed to me that it would never fit down her throat. More than once she gagged but I pressed on as we both enjoyed what was happening. On one occasion she gasped and had to pull her mouth off me and after she did Payton ran her slim fingers along my shaft which was slick from her spit.

“It’s so big and hard, does it always get like this Rob?”

“It has been like that since you teased me in the fitness center Payton.”

“You mean little ol’ me caused this?”

“Yes and I’ve been meaning to punish you for being so naughty.”

On hearing the word punish a gleam appeared in Payton’s gray eyes that decided my course for me. I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to her feet before leading her to the large bed that dominated the room. First I sat at the edge then I pulled her over my lap with the word PINK facing me printed on her firm ass. My hand yanked her sweats down revealing her smooth cheeks. Before I could proceed I had to touch, feel, squeeze and caress those beautiful butt cheeks. Once I got my initial fill of playing with them I was able to move on. My fingers forced Payton’s thighs apart enough that they could touch her wet little pussy and she trembled as I grazed her lips.

They slid across the wet slit a few times building the anticipation until I pushed two fingers up her slippery snatch making her squirm. As Payton writhed from the feeling I suddenly brought my free hand down hard on her perfectly shaped tush causing a gasp to escape her mouth. Relentlessly I spanked her making sure to equally distribute my blows so no area received more than another. The whole time I did this my fingers continued plunging deep in her tight, wet pussy with an occasional rub of her clit from my thumb.

From the sound of her increasingly ragged breathing I figured that she was getting close so while I continued with her chastisement I buried my fingers in her welcoming hole and wiggled them about so my thumb could maintain constant contact with her hard, little nub. After a short amount of vigorous rubbing Payton gasped and I felt her cunt clamp tight on my fingers as her thighs also contracted from the force of her climax. I relented my spanking as she reached orgasmic heights and drifted back to earth.

Payton turned her head sideways so I could see her lovely face in its bliss, her eyes narrowed and her lips curled into a half smile. I withdrew my fingers from her and brought them to her lips and without prompting she sucked on them removing all traces of her internal juices. After I removed them she licked her lips as if she had enjoyed her own womanly taste.

“That’s enough rest Payton. Now I want you to get on the bed on your hands and knees with your ass sticking out by the edge.”

As she speedily complied I undressed myself and moved behind her. Her juicy cunt looked so good and I wanted nothing more than to ram my erection deep in her but I decided to taste Payton first. My body crouched so that my face was level with her ass and pussy and I ran my tongue from her juicy opening between her wet lips and beyond until I reached her puckered back opening. When my tongue touched her anus Payton shuddered and pushed back slightly.

Shaking my head I realized here was another area I had to explore with her. My tongue began making little circular movements as it zeroed in there and she moaned in appreciation of the attention. I alternated licking her sweet slit with her tangy hole until I was unable to wait any more. My hands grasped Payton by her hips and I rolled her onto her back where I saw her pussy for the first time from that angle, all bald and soaked. There was no time to pause and enjoy the view however and as soon as she was on her back I placed my thickness to her lips and drove forward.

My need was great by this time and I dispensed with any niceties but instead forced my cock as deep as Payton could take it. Her legs I grabbed by the knees and I pushed them to her chest while pounding her pussy hard. I made no attempt to be subtle or to last long, I just wanted the relief my balls were demanding. My hips moved as fast as they could, driving my dick in and out of her clinging pussy.

It didn’t take long before I felt the familiar, welcome feeling growing and with one final deep thrust I felt my release begin. As swiftly as I could I pulled out of Payton and climbed onto the bed and straddled her as my cum started to shoot from me. The first shot sailed wide and far of her but my second I managed to aim so that it hit her cheek flush. Further spurts landed on her before Payton grasped me while tilting her head enough that she could lick my overly sensitive head. Now it was my turn to squirm as she took me into her hot mouth. When she realized that I was done cumming she released me after giving my head one more lick.

“You are a talented little cock sucking slut, aren’t you Payton?” I said while grinning at her.

She just shrugged in reply to my observation but her smile was bigger than mine. As I moved off her I took the opportunity to taste her cute little nipples, sucking and nipping each in turn which she seemed to greatly enjoy. That reminded me of something I had brought from my room so I retrieved my workout pants and slipped my hands into the pocket removing two items. In my hand I held two mini hair clips that could hold a small braid or strand of hair. With a smile I opened one and clamped it on Payton’s nipple and I repeated the procedure with the other.

“Do you like how they feel on your cute nipples Payton?”

She just nodded yes and I saw the mixture of pain and pleasure they brought to her face. She was a wild one, no doubt about that.

“Now get back on your hands and knees for round two.”

As soon as she was in position I gave her ass one hard swat before again drving my prick to her pink depths making her shudder. One hand grabbed her hip and I pulled her back with it as I pushed forward with my pelvis for a satisfying motion. My other hand worked its way to her lips where she eagerly sucked my fingers. Once they were good and wet I pulled them back and started to tickle her anus with my index finger. Payton visibly trembled as I teased her back hole and when I pushed my fingertip in her ass while continuing filling her pussy with my shaft she appeared to have a mini orgasm.

My finger slid in deeper as I probed her backdoor and once I was all the way in I began to push a second finger in as well.

“Oh yes please don’t stop” she pleaded with me as if there was any chance I would but by this time I had lost any control I had as well.

Once I’d built up a good rhythm finger fucking her tight ass I pulled out of her front entrance with my swollen prick and also removed my fingers from her butt as well.

“Payton I plan on fucking your tight ass with my thick cock. What do you think of that?”

“It’s so big, I’ve never had one so big back there but I’m ready for it I think.”

I spit right on her hole then I pressed my head to it and started to push against her but it was tough going to enter her.

“Payton your hole is so small I’m having a problem fitting in. Grab hold of my cock and hold it steady while I work it in.”

She reached back between her legs and her fingers encircled my girth and placed it right at the entrance as my hands held her hips. When I pushed forward again her hand held me steady and the head battered its way past her ring and inside her. Payton moaned loudly from a combination of pain and desire as my shaft drilled deeper. I only managed to get halfway inside her when I paused to give her time to adjust while also preventing me from losing it and going crazy too fast.

After a minute I started to move again by first sliding back a few inches and then forward. Slowly she opened up as her tight channel stretched to this invasion. For a minute I slowly moved in her and managed to get a bit deeper but an idea came to me. With one smooth movement I slid out of Payton’s ass, grabbed my prick and pushed it back into her pussy and began to fuck her hard. My unexpected assault made her cry out as I sank deep into her wet pussy. It almost seemed as if her canal was tighter as if it was competing with her back channel to please me but either way I was the winner.

Our flesh slapped together creating a song of desire and lust as we again built up a good rhythm but before I could push myself too far I withdrew causing Payton to moan with disappointment. Before she could even finish I was again working my way into her backdoor and with her pussy juice as added lubrication I sank all the way into her back passage.

My hands guided her hips back and forth as she swallowed then released my hardness repeatedly. We continued like this until I realized I might be getting close so I again pulled from her. This time I waited a little before again sliding deep in her sweet pussy. Again we built up to a good pace before one more time I withdrew. This time I climbed onto the bed and crouched behind Payton and once more worked deep into her ass.

The fingers of one hand clasped her hair and pulled her head up while I also steadied myself by leaning the other hand on Payton’s back. This time I pounded her as fast as I was able to sinking all the way in so my balls slapped her ass before I would pull halfway out. She was making little grunts as I bottomed out in her ass repeatedly and I was delirious from pleasure.

Knowing how close I was to cumming I increased my speed more and with a loud grunt my cock spewed deep up Payton’s guts. It was quite intense and I collapsed on top of her so that we were both sprawled on the mattress spent and gasping for breath.

The next evening while having a fine dinner with my wife and mother-in-law in the hotel restaurant I noticed the hostess seating Payton and her family. Her son was a fine looking young man whose features definitely came from his mother while her husband seemed to be a somewhat bland, grayish man who appeared to be best described as a wet blanket. After our main course was brought out I excused myself from the table to use the rest room.

As I passed her table I managed to catch her eye with a sidelong glance as her son and husband talked. No sooner had I reached the entrance to the men’s room when Payton appeared right behind me. She was wearing a little black dress and looked incredibly sexy to me. Opening the door I seized her arm and guided her in before me. Luckily there was no one in there so I led her to a stall and pushed her in and followed closing the door behind us. I was unzipping myself with one hand as I lifted up her dress with the other. Payton wasted no time in pulling down her silk panties to mid-thigh.

“Are you wet?” I asked her and she nodded yes.

I pushed her so that she was bent over the bowl and drove my prick home. Payton bit on her hand to muffle her noises as I rapidly worked in and out of her. Knowing that I couldn’t take long I went hard as soon as she loosened up a little. My finger found her clit and I stroked it rapidly in time to my thrusts. Just knowing anyone including her husband could walk in turned me on unbelievably and as soon as I felt her tense my cock swelled and started emptying my cum in her pussy. Her muscles clamped on me tighter milking every last drop from me.

Once I was done I pulled out and wiped my dick off with some tp before zipping up. Without looking back I opened the stall and headed out. I heard her words before I left the bathroom.

“Rob I gave you my number yesterday so remember to call me if you’re ever back in Connecticut some time.”


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