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This is inspired by other stories I read. I am exploring my creativity and hope to be able to post more.


“Do you love me?” I asked Jeff.

My name is Jennifer. Jeffrey, Jeff for short, and I are best friends. We lived close to each other since birth, attended the same schools, and hung out together. Jeff shared everything with me and talked about anything that came to mind, including his past loves. I was the one to patch him up after each one when he came to me with his broken heart.

Jeff had several girlfriends and had gone all the way with some of them. We would talk about his experiences. He would ask me about what turns girls on and I would reply what I thought other girls would enjoy. I even gave tips on how he could improve himself. Through it all, I never shared my deepest desires or how hot it got me.

Jeff was athletic, strong, and a natural leader both on and off the football field in high school and college. Watching him take charge made me weak at the knees. It also made me wet!

I had a crush on him since the fifth grade. I had needs and didn’t know how to share that information with him. I had a few dates, but earned a reputation as an “Ice Princess”. The reputation was well deserved. While many of my other classmates lost their virginity, I didn’t let the boys get to second base with me. I just couldn’t trust myself. I knew once that I got started I would surrender completely to my needs and the will of my Master.

I needed to be dominated!

It was the beginning of summer and Jeff and I just graduated from college. We went to the same college, I majored in bioengineering and Jeff went into finance. We both had job offers with local companies so we were staying close to home. I was working for a startup company using nano-technology for medical applications. The company could not pay well and instead gave me stock options.

Jeff worked with a local investment firm and his decision-making skills proved to be valuable to his clients and his firm. He was quickly a rising star with his company and was well liked and respected by everyone. It also helped that he kept himself trim and looked hot in his outfits.

We were hanging out in my bedroom listening to music and talking. My mother never remarried after Dad died. She was out for the weekend on a business trip. She trusted me to be home alone and trusted Jeff. I think she secretly wanted us to be together and would be happy for us to be a couple.

There was a lull in our conversation when I asked Jeff that question. “Do you love me?”

“Huh?” he exclaimed in surprise.

“A simple question,” I explained. “Do you love me? We’ve been friends forever.”

He thought about it for a moment and then said, “Of course! I’d do anything for you!”

I pounced on this, “Really? You would do anything for me?”

“You know I would,” he replied quickly with a smile on his face.

I paused for a long moment and then said, “Ok, I have a favor to ask.”

“Sure, what do you want?” he quickly responded.

“It is a very, very big favor,” I said with a warning tone in my voice.

“Ohhhhkaaay,” he said cautiously.

I took that as an ok to go on. “First, I want to explain something to you that I haven’t talked to anyone else. You know I don’t fool around on my dates. It makes it hard for me to get dates, but that is my rule. And you always wondered why, right? Well, I’ll tell you why.

A lot of my friends think it is because I don’t trust the boys, but that is not the completely true. It isn’t the boys; it is myself I don’t trust. The reason that I don’t let the boys touch me is because I get excited by certain things that would make other people disgusted. And I know that if I let myself go even a little bit, there would be no turning back.”

“You are confusing me, Jenn,” Jeff said. “What are things that get you off and why would there be no turning back.”

I sighed as was quiet for awhile. Finally, I reached over to my bedside table, pulled some items out of the drawer and silently placed them in his hands. He examined them carefully. They looked like alligator clips, the type used in our physics lab with our wiring experiments.

“What are these?” he asked.

“Those are clips,” I said quietly. “I use them on my nipples and sometimes my clit when I masturbate in bed. Do you know those dreams people have, where they are in class and they realize to their horror and embarrassment that they are naked? For me those are wet dreams.” I went on, “most girls think of a movie star or a rock star when they masturbate. I think of Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark, except he is using the bullwhip on me while I have an orgasm!”

I was crying now, sobbing uncontrollably. Jeff, gather me in his strong-arms. His musk overpowered my senses and I could feel myself getting weak. I felt compelled to surrender myself completely to him and while enjoying his power over me.

“Jenn, it’s ok. Everyone has fantasies,” he said. “If I told you half of my fantasies you would think I was a degenerate. These fantasies don’t make you a bad person. I still love you and I don’t think badly of you.”

I could feel my heart beating wildly in me. I was hoping he would be the One. Drying my tears I said, “I knew you would feel that way.”

“Then why were you so worried about telling me?” he asked. “Why were you crying?”

“Because I’ve never told anyone this,” I said. “And besides, I’m not done.”

“What else do you want to tell me?” he asked in an understanding voice. Hearing these words I felt comforted but also compelled to continue.

“Jeff, it’s not just that I have these fantasies,” I said. “Remember the psychology class we took? Remember we laughed about domination and submission? I am a submissive and need to be dominated. I am reluctant to take the initiative, which is probably the reason why I am paid at the lower end of my company. I need someone to take charge and make decisions for me. The thought of a strong master using me as his sex toy makes me wet and I can almost come thinking about it.

Nothing is too extreme. He can fuck me in the mouth, pussy and ass in the same session and I would enjoy it. Nothing is too perverted. If he wanted me to clean him after sex or even after he pees I would willingly suck his cock clean.

While in school, I could keep the boys away. But the feelings are getting stronger. Without the school environment, someone will figure me out and in all likelihood take advantage of me and may seriously hurt me. If I don’t do something before then, I won’t care. Being dominated and forced to serve will fill my thoughts and needs to such a point I won’t care about my well being, just my needs and the enjoyment of my master. Even now, just thinking about it is getting me hot and wet while giving me a happy, giddy feeling.”

After a long pause, Jeff finally asked, “So what can I do for you?”

“Jeff, I need to know what it’s like to be with someone that loves me, that cares for me, and will do what I need, but still think about me. Jeff, between now until next year, I want you to own me.”

“Own you?” he asked, shocked.

“I promise you that if you do for me, I will never say no to anything you ask of me. I will be your slut, your fucktoy, your plaything,” I said with a deliberate voice.

“And why do you want me to do this?” he replied with an incredible look on his face.

“I want you to fulfill my fantasies; it is all that I think about now. If I don’t do something affirmatively to make this happen, I will fall for the first guy that treats me strongly and dominates me. If he hurts me, beats me, and permanently scars me, I will like it and beg him for more,” I replied with a slight pleading in my voice.

Jeff was quiet for awhile and I thought I lost by best friend. “Please Jeff, do you hate me?”

He smiled at me and looked straight into my eyes. He could see directly into me, like I was naked in front of him. “No, Jenn, I don’t hate you. This is a lot to ask of me. On the other hand, this is every man’s fantasy. I’ll admit it turns me on, but if you want me to do this you are going to tell me exactly what you are looking for.”

My heart raced, I started my rehearsed speech, “One, I don’t to be permanently damaged. I am on the Pill, so pregnancy is not an issue, but I don’t want to be disfigured in any non-reversible way.

Two, don’t do anything would make you lose respect for me. If you want a slave for your personal enjoyment, to serve your every pleasure, that is fine with me. It would also turn me on a lot and I would enjoy it. But if you ever ask me to do something that causes you to lose respect for me, I’d rather have my fantasy left unfulfilled that have you lose respect for me.”

Jeff though for a minute, then said, “I am new to this and you must be patient with me. I could live with those conditions and I’ll add one more. Your fantasy begins when you say, ‘My fantasy begins now!’ and ends when you say, ‘My fantasy is over’. Whether you say it after ten minutes or after a year. That way you will have ultimate safe word and have confidence that you would never get in over your head.”

I couldn’t believe he was willing. He even understood me so well and though of my well being. Jeff’s third condition proved the psychology class was correct. The power of the relationship belongs to the submissive and this was a real-world example. Here he is thinking of my benefit, even beyond what I proposed. He was so caring and so totally understanding of my need that I blurted out, “Does this mean you will do it.”

“Not just yet,” he said with a wry smile. “Jennifer, do you have something to say to me?”

I looked at him confused, then it dawned on me, my hear soared and I shouted, “Jeff, my fantasy begins now!”

I shivered and my pussy released a surge of fluids. I may have even had a mini-orgasm, all from four little words – my fantasy begins now. For months I had been contemplating this, and now I was committed. Could I go through with this? Could Jeff? I loved Jeff like a brother or a platonic friend and trusted him completely, but we would start a new relationship. I just signed my body over to him. I gave him carte blanche. I know he is my best friend, that he loves me. However, I just handed him the keys to my body.

The more I thought about it, the hotter I got. I realized that Jeff owned by body and in all likelihood he would be fucking me in moments and take my virginity. Just thinking about it was getting my pussy slick with my juices.

“Stand-up,” Jeff said, snapping me out of my reverie.

I stood up in front of him.

“Take off your clothes,” he said in a no nonsense tone. I started to awkwardly, but in my best demure fashion, follow his orders and strip off my clothes.

“No, no, no!” he exclaimed. “If I want a sexy striptease, I’ll take you to a strip club and have the professionals teach you on the stage. Now just take clothes off.”

I quickly complied and removed all of my clothes like I was preparing to take a shower at the gym. Jeff signaled with his hand for me to turn around. I turned in front of him, as he appeared to evaluate my body. I kept myself in shape and was proud of my body. My B-cup breasts were symmetrical and could fill certain C-cup style bras. My breasts were firm and the nipples sensitive to my ministrations. Sometimes I could just come by playing and pulling my nipples.

“Go stand in the corner with your nose touching the corner of the room,” Jeff ordered me.

My mouth dropped open. He was sending me to the corner like I was a naughty girl. I went to the corner, naked. I should have felt embarrassed, but I felt my pussy getting slick with fresh juices. I was getting excited! I heard him leave the room and then come back. Then I heard him rummaging through my drawers.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Did you tell me you would do everything I asked of you?” Jeff said in a harsh voice.

“Yes,” I responded in a soft voice.

“Then shut up and keep your body pressed against the wall,” Jeff replied in a no nonsense tone.

I pressed against the wall, tears dripping from my eyes. It had already started. He lost respect for me. Then I realized I was dripping from my pussy.

“Ho, ho!” he exclaimed, “What have we here?”

I heard a familiar buzzing sound. He found my vibrator! The few minutes I heard other drawers open and a variety of activities as he continued his search as he continued his search through my most intimate possessions. Through it all, I could begin to catch a scent of my pheromone as this complete invasion and surrender had an effect on my body. My nipples were becoming erect and more sensitive. My clit felt engorged and I desperately wanted to touch myself.

“I have few questions to ask you,” Jeff said. “First, tell me what you’ve done in your life, sexually

“You know what I’ve done,” I replied, still facing the wall. “Not much at all. I haven’t let a boy fondle my tits. I’ve kissed a couple of times but that is it. I plat with myself, but just on the outside. My hymen is still intact. I’ve played with my ass a little but I’ve never put anything in. I’ve never seen a real life grown-up’s cock.”

He seemed to consider that for a little bit, then he ordered, “Turn around.”

I turned and saw what he had been doing. There was a box on my bed and some clothes were in it while others were scattered around it.

“I put all of your clothes that I did not like in this box,” he told me. “You will put it away and not open it until this fantasy is finished. I think you will find most of your underwear gone. You can look at what remains to see what is acceptable.” I saw that what remained were thongs and g-strings.

He handed my vibrator to me saying, “You may use this but only when I am around. You may cum as often as you wish I want you to enjoy your fantasy. I’ll also buy you additional toys that I’ll enjoy using on you.” I shuddered at that last statement and could feel a tingle originating from my clit, spreading through my body.

“Drop your hand,” he said. He was clearly evaluating my body. He briefly touched my pubic hair and said, “This will have to go.” Then he spun me around towards the bathroom and announced, “Time for a shower and your first lesson.”

The warm pulsing water always relaxed me, especially now that Jeff was in the shower with me. I giggled when I saw the water streaming off of his penis. It looked like he was peeing in the shower, even though I knew it was just water.

The giggle wasn’t lost on Jeff who said, “The first lesson is you will learn to love all fluids from me.” That was an odd statement, but before I could think about it, Jeff wrapped his arms around me and he hungrily, passionately kissed me. Relaxing, I opened my mouth and accepted his tongue. His wet tongue explored, tickled and stimulated me. The moist saliva lubricated him and I knew I could learn to love it. In return for receiving I also shared this dance within my mouth. My tongue touched and explored him, feeling his warmth and passion flow from him.

With the symphony of attack on my senses, the warm pulsing spray, Jeff’s passionate kisses, I could feel my body begin to respond. My nipples and clit became more sensitive and erect, wanting more. I became light-headed and felt like I was floating in the sea of stimulation.

Jeff broke through the reverie and said, “Your second lesson is you will learn how to keep me clean without your hands.” Again that sounded odd when Jeff pointed to his chest with the water droplets on his skin. Adjusting the showerhead so the water hit the wall besides us, it created a sauna effect. “This will be easier in the beginning and I will be patient. You may start by licking the water off of my chest.”

I was glad for the order and started to lick the water droplets off of his chest with relish. Licking the water felt almost as if I was tasting him. Emboldened I worked my way lower until I came up close to his cock. The cock had texture along from the skin and veins. The underside had a central tube that was sensitive to the flick my tongue. The shaft felt huge in my hands and I wondered if it would fit in me. Working my way to the tip I noticed the spongy feel and then flicked my tongue around his piss-slit.

“I will take your three cherries,” Jeff said out loud, “the first of which, will be your mouth. You will learn to suck my cock. You must trust me and give into me. Do not panic, I will be firm and gentle with you. If you trust me and give your body complete to me, you will enjoy the experience.”

I felt his hand touching my head, guiding me. I opened my mouth and took it in. It was soft at first and I flicked my tongue along his sensitive underside. I could feel the cock harden! It was wonderful and turned me on so much I knew I was dripping and wet from my own fluids. Bobbing my head up and down the shaft I could feel all of the ridges and textures. I could tell Jeff was getting excited and I delighted knowing he was using me.

“Precum will come out of me first,” Jeff warned me. Remember my rule.

Precum leaked into my mouth, the fluid was salty and warm. It almost pulsed in as I felt his cock beginning to strain and harden as a steel rod. Now he was beginning to drive into me, using my mouth as his instrument.

Giving in completely, I relaxed my throat. On one of his thrusts I felt his cock reach down into my throat. I was deep throating him! Surrendering completely I took my hands and wrapped them around his ass, giving him complete access to my mouth. Now he took his hands, grabbed my head, and started to fuck my mouth. I knew he was closing to coming.

The more he pumped into me the hotter I became. I didn’t think I could come this way but Jeff’s passion inflamed me. More and more he pumped his cock into me and more and more I oozed more of my own fluids. Then in a final burst he pushed deep in, spasming and shooting is sweet cum directly into my throat. He withdrew slightly so the head was in my mouth. I could taste his sweet fluid as he continued to pump his semen into me. Feeling his pulsing cock in my mouth triggered a mini-orgasm within me.

I felt a little dizzy and the warm pulsing water felt good. I closed my eyes to enjoy the spray and tasting his sweet cum. Jeff held me for a moment and then slipped out of the shower. “After you finish drying, come to bed,” he told me as he was leaving the bathroom.

I quickly finished the shower, then dried myself including my hair, preparing myself for him. After leaving the bathroom, I obeyed Jeff’s instruction and lay down on the bed. Jeff came over and with my sash tied it firmly covering my eyes. With my eyes blindfolded, I found it heightened the rest of my senses. I became more aware of my body, my breathing, the sounds, the scents, even the feel of the bed and room became more intense.

“I wonder what Jeff is doing?” I wondered silently to myself. “Will he take my virginity now?” I could feel my nipples becoming more erect in anticipation; my pussy felt slick with new juices even though I just finished showering. My pussy released more pheromones and the room became thick with my scent.

“You will learn you are mine,” Jeff’s voice instructed me. “Your mouth, breasts, pussy and ass are mine for my enjoyment. Through me, as you learn to trust and give yourself to me, you will find the enjoyment, ecstasy, and peace you are seeking.”
Suddenly I felt Jeff roughly grasp my left nipple and felt the familiar alligator teeth clamp onto my areola. In my heightened state the clamp felt firmer, stronger that I remembered. Although the clamp bit into my breast my mind did not register it as pain. It fed my desire more. Then he roughly attached the second clamp the nerves were sending constant signals to my brain. I wanted more!

“Spread your legs,” Jeff ordered me. I quickly complied, exposing my sex to him. “Will he take me now? Will he just thrust himself and take me?” I wondered. Suddenly I felt his hot breath on my pussy. “OMG, he is going to eat me!”

“Ahhhhh,” a slight moan escaped my lips. I can’t believe the feelings and sensations of Jeff’s lips and tongue on me. Even his hot breath was stimulating my nerve endings causing more juices to flow. Each lick along my pussy sent small jolts of electricity throughout my body. Like an orchestra conductor, Jeff was coaxing my body to respond to him in ways I never though possible. He was such an expert I knew I would follow and obey him, just like my body was following, responding, and obeying him.

I felt his arms reach under and around my legs lifting me up. He continued to eat me then went higher to my clit. Then his hand reached over and grabbed my nipples. CONTACT! “OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, I AM COMING SO HARD!” I yelled. My tits and clit became connected through Jeff’s hands and mouth. The simultaneous stimulations took me over the edge with one of the biggest orgasms I ever had.

Jeff continued to hold me firmly in his hands and mouth while I spasmed around him. He then slowly licked lower to my ass and started to lick my sensitive anus. In my heightened state, his licking on my erogenous zone took me over again. “I Am Coming Again!” I knew my ass was opening and closing around his tongue as it spasmed through the orgasm. The wonderful sensation of his soft tongue was unbelievable as I felt it penetrate me and caress my sensitive opening.

He then released me and I felt him spreading my legs as he came up higher. His cock was stroking along my pussy, coating my slick juices along it. It felt enormous and didn’t even penetrate me yet. Gently and firmly he held me in his arms. “When you are ready,” he whispered to me. “Yes”, my mind screamed out, “Yes”, my body yearned for him. My pussy was oozing rivulets of cum; heat emanated from my body. I wrapped my legs around his waist, “I am ready”, I replied back.

Jeff then firmly and steadily pushed his cock passed by labia. After going part way in, stopping before my hymen, he pulled back. He advanced again, this time I locked my legs around him and pulled him into me. “Yaaah!” I exclaimed, the brief moment in pain escaped my lips. “You are mine,” he told me. Yes, I am his, he took me and I willingly gave myself to him. In all manner of mind and body I am his.

He then firmly and deliberately started to fuck me. It was a wondrous feeling, his cock skin sliding along my walls. I could feel his cockhead reaching deeper and deeper with every stroke. His cock touched my cervix at the apex of his stroke. His penis stimulated all parts of my womanhood. My clit was tugged as he stroked back and forth, the G-spot felt the pressure of his cock, my vagina, though firmly gripped his cock, gave way with each incoming stroke. More and more the symphony started to build, more and more my body reacted to his direction. Yes, yes, I could feel my orgasm building. “Don’t stop, that’s it, yes, yes, I AM COMING!” and again my body reached an apex of ecstasy. By surrendering to Jeff I could achieve so much more.

Jeff didn’t come yet, instead he lifted my legs higher and aimed his cock towards my ass. “I am ready,” I said to Jeff. His cock and my ass were coated with my slick juices and I felt his pressure against my anus. I relaxed my opening and he firmly pushed in. His cock pushed past my external sphincter then he waited, letting me adjust to him. Then he pushed further past my internal sphincter and I felt him completely in me. I felt so full. His cock was so huge.

Slowly and firmly he worked his cock in and out of my ass. My tight orifice gripped him firmly but the slick fluid lubricated him so he could easily slide in and out. They say there is an A spot in the ass, similar to the G spot in the vagina. He reached it and I could feel another orgasm building within me. Faster and faster he pounded into me, slapping my ass with his thighs. More and more I felt the heat building in me until I cried out, “I AM COMING AGAIN!”

The anal orgasm took me higher than I thought possible. Convulsions wracked through my body and time stood still. Jeff brought my body to new heights and pleasure I ever thought possible. My ass milked his cock until I heard him exclaim, “I A COMING,” and immediately I felt his hot fluid coat the inside of my walls. That triggered another mini-orgasm within me as I continued to contract around him. Our muscle spasms were in synch and we mutually bathed in the afterglow of our ecstasy.

My pussy continued to ooze fluids, something I never was able to do when I masturbated. A sheen of sweat coated both of our bodies as we breathed deeply to recover from our intense effort. Jeff gently removed the clips from my tits, allowing blood to flow back into them. He then lay beside me breathing deeply and cuddling with me. The tingle of pain blood returning to my tits was dulled by my body’s endorphins, which still circulated and gave me a feeling of floating softly and gently above our scene.

I remembered my earlier lessons and Jeff’s prophetic words from the earlier shower. I immediately knew my duty. He was right, it was a lot easier in the shower but now I turned around and faced his cock. After lovingly kissing the tip of his cock, I made an “O” of my mouth took his entire shaft down to my throat. Bathing his cock with my tongue I cleaned it without my hands and at the same time drinking in all of his fluids.

I felt Jeff gently stroke the back of my head and he said, “I am proud of you, you have learned your lessons well.” Hearing Jeff’s praise my pussy leaked a few drops of fluid and I had a warm feeling deep within my core. “I am so happy and glad that Jeff was willing to be my master,” I thought quietly to myself.

After completing my task I curled up and spooned against him. He spoke quietly and lovingly to me, “I have now taken all three of your cherries. All three of your holes will be accessible to me whenever and wherever I want. You must keep your body prepared at all time for me.”

“Yes,” I replied and silently fell asleep within his arms. “I will do everything he asks and willingly give myself to him whenever he desires me,” I thought to myself, hypnotically implanting these commands deep within my subconscious as I drifted into sleep.

Shortly after Jeff agreed to help me live my fantasy, I told mom that Jeff and I started a new relationship. Mom muttered something like, “about time”, kissed me and said she trusted both Jeff and myself.

Almost as quickly as I started living my fantasy, I almost ruined it. The following week, Jeff surprised me and came over. Since mom was busy working I did what I could to maintain the house. I was in the midst of dusting the furniture when he came in.

“Hi Jenn, you look good, you would look sexier naked,” he said cheerfully with a wink.

Unfortunately dusting was not one of my favorite duties and I replied curtly, “Hi yourself, what you do you want.”

His tone changed immediately and became stern, firmer, more in command, “I came to you and you will be sexy doing that naked. Strip now,” he said in a no-nonsense tone.

I was still naïve in our new relationship and hesitated to comply with his command. I didn’t understand why he wanted me to do this. Instead of trusting him completely and doing what he asked, I hesitated.

Jeff didn’t hesitate. In a fluid motion he came to me, sat in a chair, and pulled me over his lap. He was going to spank me!

“Jeff, I am sorry!” I begged.

“You will learn to trust me completely. There will be times when I want your opinion and insight. In those times you may speak up. When I have made a decision you will honor it immediately, passionately follow me. Your failure to obey me in this simple task, to strip in the comfort and security of your own home in front of a man you wanted to own you. It is my failure to teach you properly. I will correct that now. I am spanking you to make you better in this relationship. You will receive ten spanks, count them out loud as you receive them.”

He then stripped off my pants and underwear and struck me hard on my ass. “One….I-am-so-sorry-I-won’t-do-it-again,” I cried out.

“Did I tell you to apologize? I gave you a simple task to count as I spanked you and in this you failed. I’ll add another ten for this, Now Count!” Jeff spoke.

“Pack, pack, pack” came the strokes and promptly I called out the numbers. Around ten I realized that he was not hitting me out of anger but out of love. Love for me, love for our relationship, love to make me a better submissive. At that point I started to give in and accept the punishment. My pussy started to ache. Each stroke was now like a jolt of electricity, sparking and turning on my body. After the tenth one I blurted out, “Ten, Green light!” Jeff paused for a moment and then continued on. By eighteen I was dripping and almost had an orgasm on his lap.

After the twentieth stroke, I almost regretted it was over. He then pulled me off his knee soaked with my pussy juices and said, “You have a job to do.” I quickly got off his lap, stripped off the rest of my clothes, and licked my pussy juices off of his lap. I wanted to go higher and looked up at him expectantly. He shook his head and said, “You haven’t earned it today, continue with your chores.” With that he left the house.

Jeff called me the next week. “Jenn, we are going for a drive and enjoy the day. Wear your blue mini skirt, a tube top and no underwear,” he told me. “I’ll be over in 10 minutes.”

“Ten minutes,” I said to myself. “At least the choice of clothes made changing easy.” Just thinking of no underwear made my pussy slick with anticipation.

Right on time, Jeff came over. I was dressed in the clothes he specified and he took me to his car. He lined my seat with a towel, I though that was odd at that time but learned to accept whatever he did. We started down the interstate at a leisurely pace when we slowly caught up to a large 18-wheeler came along our right side.

“Pull down your top and let him see your gorgeous titties,” Jeff ordered me. I immediately complied and flashed both my tits and a bright smile to driver. He must have appreciated it because we heard a loud blast of his horn and he gave us a thumbs-up. As we past the truck Jeff told me to put my top back up as we continued down the freeway.

A few more miles down the road we came across another truck. As we pulled along side Jeff ordered, “Pull your skirt up and start playing with your pussy, show him how wet you are.” Eagerly, I pulled my skirt up and stuck my fingers into my vagina coating them with my juices. Then I brought my fingers up to my mouth to suck and clean them while using my other hand to furiously rub my clit. The driver must have also enjoyed that show and blasted his horn, too.

By this time I was so close to cumming I didn’t realize we passed that truck. We continued to drive on passing driver after driver and they could all see me rubbing myself. The drivers all honked their horn and smiled appreciatively at us.

When I was about to come, I begged, “Jeff, Jeff, please….”

Jeff generously responded, “You may cum.”

“THAAAANKYOUIAMCUMMING!” I yelled and enjoyed one of my largest orgasms. I must have squirted because the front of the towel was moist with my juices.

“Thank you, Jeff,” I said, “That was one of the most wildest experiences I ever had.” I appreciated him looking out for me. We were safe in his car, yet I could be as wild as I wanted and act out one my fantasies. The rest of the ride I fell asleep exhausted, clinging to his arm with a smile on my face.

The next few weeks were an adventure in discovery. I kept myself ready for him, my ass was always clean and lube and I was ready for him to fuck me in any hole. Under Jeff’s careful and protective orders I learned more about myself. I didn’t have any limits or Jeff was able to anticipate them for me. He was firm and patient with me. With each new discovery I learned more about my needs, how I benefited from the relationship, the wondrous joy and ecstasy I could feel, and how I could grow and expand my horizons. I learned under Jeff’s careful tutelage and I knew this relationship was becoming more than an experiment and a temporary release for me.

Later in July, mom had to take another extended business trip. Jeff came over to keep me company and help with various home repair and maintenance projects. It was late in the afternoon, Jeff came in from mowing our lawn. He was hot and sweaty and the smell of his musk acted like a pheromone to me and I could feel my pussy leaking juices in response. I knew he would enjoy a refreshing shower so I dutifully grabbed a set of towels for him. He had already started his shower when I came in. I wordlessly stripped and joined him. I still giggled when I saw the water stream off of his cock like he was pissing. I remembered his commands to me and my mind was swirling with thoughts of engulfing his cock, while pretending it was really piss!

I kept my hands and mouth busy and soaped and scrubbed most of his body. After rinsing him off, droplets of water still clung to his body like sweat. Hungrily, I started to lick them off his chest, alternating between light flicks and broad sucking with my tongue and mouth. I worked my way lower and knew I was having my desired effect on him.

I looked up at Jeff and asked wordlessly if I could suck and service his cock. With a nod he gave his permission to me. Jeff’s cock was growing longer and harder. It was so beautiful as it grew to its full length. With my careful ministrations, I soaped and cleaned his cock, delicately pulling back the foreskin then rinsing the soap away. At full strength, his cock was like an antenna to me, sending me signals directly to my brain and body, compelling me to serve him.

In obeyance, I was on my knees and lightly kissed the tip of the cock head. Then I started to work down the side, lightly kissing every inch. When I reached his scrotum, I delicately took it into my mouth and bathed it in my warm saliva. Lovingly, I used my tongue to clean and touch all parts of his nut sack.

I continued my cleaning by lightly flicking my tongue along the underside of his cock. His urethra tube, which functioned like a canon to shoot his semen deep within me, was sensitive to light flicks of my tongue. Up and down the tube I fluttered my tongue, acting like a living vibrator for him.

“You have learned well,” Jeff said has he gently stroked my head.

“You are a good Dominant, I am happy you have accepted me, “ I replied.

I was rewarded for my ministrations with the first of many drops of his precum. Curling my tongue into a tube, I accepted his gift and let it slip along my taste buds so I could savor the full flavor of it. The first drop cleansed the inside of his cock and always had a complex flavor.

With the tip of my tongue I teased his piss slit and was rewarded with more precum. This time I opened my mouth to engulf his cock, letting the slippery fluid mix with my saliva in my mouth. I then used it to coat his cock, making it slippery for next phase.

“Jenn, I am going to fuck your mouth,” Jeff warned me.

He firmly grabbed my head with his two hands and started to stroke his cock with my mouth. Surrendering myself completely to him, I relaxed my jaw and throat. With complete submission my throat opened up and with the slick precum fluid mixture, his cock easily slipped down into my throat. Back and forth I felt the full length of his cock along my tongue. In and out I felt the cock slip past my mouth into my throat.

Jeff considerately adjusted the spray to hit the side of the walls, creating a sauna effect. I could look up into his eyes while he fucked me. My arms reached around to grab his ass cheeks, giving him complete, unhindered access to me. I was rewarded with my subservience with stronger, more urgent stroking of his cock. My mouth was his sex toy and he was using it for his pleasure. More and more, firmer and firmer, he grasped my head and banged my lips and tongue against his body.

With each stroke, stretching my throat, my nervous system reacted with signals of its own. It sent tiny shocks to my tits and clit. Each stroke was another shock and as he was going faster and faster, the shocks also increased in speed hurling me towards my own orgasm.

I could feel his balls tightening, signaling his oncoming orgasm, and I knew I would be rewarded for my service. Firmer and deeper I felt his cock pound me when at the apex of his deepest stroke, he firmly ground my lips to his pelvis and he came in my throat, shooting his first shot of wad directly into my stomach. Retracting slightly he continued to shoot his cum into my mouth allowing me to savor his sweet semen. Feeling is cock pumping in my mouth was enough to push me over the edge with a small orgasm as my pussy contracted rhythmically in time with his pulses.

I remembered my duty and continued to suck gently from his deflating cock, taking in the final drop that were still in the tube. Jeff then adjusted the shower spray, which broke both of us out of our post orgasmic bliss as we both finished our shower.

After drying I turned to Jeff and asked, “You have worked hard on the yard, please allow me to massage you.”

He assented and led me to my bed. He lay face down and waited for me. I grabbed by body lotion and spoke softly to him, “My dear Jeff, you have given me so much and taught me so much. I know I should wait for your instruction but I want to give and share some of the pleasures you have given me. Please allow me to service you and your body.”

“Jenn, thank you for asking, you may use your imagination and your heart to guide you, I will trust you in this,” Jeff responded.

My heart soared and I then warmed the body lotion and started to massage it into his muscles. I started at the neck and shoulders working and massage all of his muscles. My hands and fingers worked and kneaded the muscle fibers, searching and relaxing every knot. Along the back I continued down and I noticed Jeff was becoming visibly relaxed. Emboldened, I continued and worked the outside of the thighs, calves and feet, making sure his body every inch was serviced. I then worked my way up the inside of his thighs and came back up to his ass.

I massaged his ass cheeks and in doing so his rosette center was open to me. I remembered how he kissed and made me feel. I drew myself closer and could feel his heat. Extending my tongue I used the tip to gently tease along his opening. I was rewarded with a slight groan from Jeff. Taking this as permission, I parted his cheeks and pushed my face flush to his tush. Using the tip of my tongue I fluttered it up and down his crack.

Since we just took a shower it smelled clean but even if we didn’t I would have enjoyed his earthy smell. I dove further into my work and started to use my tongue in earnest. Although I didn’t have a cock I could use my tongue to piece his opening. With persistence and determination I pushed and thrust my tongue as deep as I could. Using my spit as a lubricant I continued to push, lick, and flutter around his rosette opening.

I thought I knew Jeff well. He recently came from the blowjob in the shower and men normally take about an hour in their refractory period to recover. Jeff was a superman. I felt a drop of precum developing on the tip of his cock. Then I heard a small grunt, I realized it was becoming uncomfortable for Jeff with his stiffening cock. He signaled that he was turning over and allowed me to move out of the way.

As Jeff turned over, he looked me straight into my eyes and nodded and smiled. He understood me so well! This was my gift to him, a gift given out of love as much as my desire and need to serve him. He knew he could have me and willingly I would do his bidding. By nodding and giving me permission, he showed he understood and appreciated my gift to him. We were both in synch.

“Thank you, Jeff,” I said, and quietly mounted him cowgirl style. My pussy was slick with my juices and his cock slid easily, naturally inside. I prided myself by keeping in shape and routinely did my exercises, including Kegels. Using my pussy muscles alone, I was able to milk his precum into my hot box.

“Please use me to give you pleasure,” I begged Jeff.

“Jenn, thank you, I will honor your gift. Today we will make love together,” Jeff replied lovingly.

I was naively confused by Jeff’s response but trusted him completely. Jeff had taken all of my cherries; we had sex numerous times. All I knew was I would follow him anywhere and do anything he asked. I wanted to show and demonstrate that to him the depths of my feelings for him.

Together we kissed passionately, then I started to ride him in earnest. Jeff’s cock rubbed my G spot perfectly and his girth pulled by clitoral hood back and forth over by clit. He used his hands to rub by body, massage and pull my nipples, and pull me down to him. We spoke, we moved, we were in synch. My pussy juices were flowing and I felt many mini-orgasms rip through me. Suddenly Jeff grabbed my hips with both hands and pumped by body up and down his cock. I could feel the tightening in his body, his oncoming orgasm sent an energy bolt through me causing me to squeeze and grasp him firmer. Following his lead, my body bounced up and down until at the crescendo of his stroke, he thrusts his cock to the entrance of my cervix. Deep within me, within my core, I felt his pulsing cock shooting his hot sperm deep within me. It caused my body to convulse in time with him and I also convulsed rhythmically with him. Now I understood his statement.

I collapsed on his strong chest and both of us breathed deeply recovering from our exertions. His entire body started to relax and his cock slid out of me. I knew my job and dutifully cleaned him then curled up beside him to bask in our afterglow. We spooned and his cock was tucked snugly between my asscheeks.

A few hours into our nap I felt his cock grow and push firmly against my ass. I recall looking it up one day, it is called nocturnal erectile tumescence, and is used as a test if a man has ED. In a man’s semi-conscious state their cock will spontaneously become erect. Jeff certainly didn’t have ED and his cock was growing larger and more insistent against me. I was glad I kept by ass lubed, ready for him whenever he wanted. I relaxed my opening and gave myself to him.

I felt his cock glide into me. My heart started pumping firmer and faster when I realized in his semi-conscious state, he desired me. I pushed back against him helping drive his cock deeper into me. Then I felt his arm come around me, helping to push my ass back and forth on his cock. This was raw emotion and desire on this part. He wanted my body, he wanted me! After a few more pumps I felt him begin to stiffen and I felt his hot come bathe my interior. His heat permeated by body and a warm glow that started from within me spread throughout my body. He then relaxed and I felt his cock slide out. I remembered my duty and cleaned him then continued to cuddle beside him.

The next weekend Jeff came over and helped with some repairs around the house. That day was especially hot so I prepared ice tea for us and made sure we were well hydrated. After he completed the repairs that he affectionately dubbed, “Honey Do List”, he went to take a shower. I felt daring and wanted to do something special for him and followed him to the bathroom. He was about to take a pee when I asked, “Can I help you with this?” I then held his cock gently in my hand and pointed it down to direct the flow into the bowl.

I know I surprised him with my action. He looked at me and smiled. The he gently caressed my head, relaxed and let his stream go. Holding his cock like that was so wild for me; I also started to get wet. I was careful to make sure to direct the stream into the bowl so it wouldn’t make a mess. Doing so forced me to look closely at his cock and feel the piss shoot out of his cock. It was so wild! When his flow slowed, I knew he usually gently shook his cock. Instead I remembered my duty and used my mouth to take in the final drops. His fluid was salty yet sweet, probably from the ice tea.

After that we took a shower together. When I saw the water stream off his cock again in the shower I went down and engulfed it, reliving our wild episode earlier.

The rest of the summer was hot in the temperature, in our passion for each other, and in our business. My body was always ready for him and he safely guided me to new sensations and experiences. I wanted to show him my gratitude and would surprise him when I took the initiative and wild sex adventure for the two of us. Under his love, guidance, and protection, I grew stronger and had more confidence in myself.

My new found confidence also helped me at work. I was willing to speak out and suggested solutions when our team hit a roadblock. My approaches were not tainted by previous discoveries by other scientists and my ideas helped our company find a new way to treat many medical conditions without surgery. Because of our finances, I received stock options instead of a cash bonus for my contributions. Our company was in the midst of a groundbreaking nano tech project and it was capturing the attention of larger medical equipment companies. Our approach was so novel that no one had any projects remotely like ours. We held all of the intellectual property rights without challenge and any company that wanted to use our technology or ideas had to work with us. One large company in particular decided that the easier way was to buy us out and own all our patents. They hired Jeff’s firm to negotiate the sales. If the transaction was successful Jeff stood to make a hefty bonus from the transaction fee and I would become an instant millionaire because of my stock options.

Nature provided the backdrop and like the change in season our relationship also started to change. It was October and we were in the middle of fall. Jeff noticed the change in me first. After a torrid session initiated by me, Jeff said, “Jenn, I love you deeply and dearly. You have gained a lot of confidence in yourself. We started this relationship because you wanted to safely explore your fantasies and be dominated. I have fulfilled my part by helping you to explore this side of yourself safely. I also enjoyed guiding you, but you have grown so much in these past few months. Do you still have the need to be dominated?”

“Jeff, I have grown so much because of you,” I said quietly. “If I have strength, it is because you were there to provide it for me. I realize that this started when I said ‘let my fantasy begin’ but I do not want this to end. I am afraid that if I say the words, ‘my fantasy is over’, you will leave me. I love you so much I would do anything to be beside you. I offered to let you own me and I mean it. If want me to call you Master, I will please let me be part of your life.” I was sobbing and tears were streaming down my cheek.

“Jenn, as a true submissive you must trust me completely,” Jeff said while caressing my cheek and drying off my tears. “Trust me now.”

I looked at him with my eyes shining and moist. He was right, I needed to completely let go and trust him completely. “Jeff, my fantasy is over.” I looked up at him as tears welled up in my eyes.

Jeff reached over and grabbed a small case on the nightstand. He gave it to me. Inside was a gold choker necklace, almost like a dainty collar. Jeff said, “Jenn, I love you. Let this necklace be a symbol of my love to you. We started this relationship with your desire to be submissive to me, let this necklace remind you of that. Later, we will go shopping for a more traditional ring and I’ll ask you to be my wife.” With that he took the necklace out and clasped it around my neck.

I cried as we hugged and kissed. I heard him whisper, “We started this to meet your needs and fulfill your fantasy, we will now begin a new journey with our lives and live this fantasy together.”

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