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This is a true story about my first happy ending massage. Cities and businesses names have been left out to protect anonymity.


I always had fantasies about getting a happy ending massage at one of those rub and tug places, but never had the chance. For one I live out in the middle of nowhere, so there aren’t many of those places around, and two, even if there were, I wouldn’t want to do that close to home for fear of being caught or recognized.

I was spending a few days in the city visiting a friend of mine, and one of the days he was working, so I had lots of time to myself. This seemed like the perfect time to find a place to get the happy ending massage I’d always wanted.

The happy ending massage experience seemed perfect for me for a few reasons. First, I am turned on by Asian women, and they seem to be the ones in this line of work. Second, the whole “naughty” aspect of getting a back room, massage parlor handy was a real turn on. Third, I have a possible weird fetish, that I enjoy being naked around strangers. Like locker rooms, doctors offices, even changing rooms at the mall, knowing I’m undressing and people are a few feet away.

Having never done this before, I didn’t know where to begin. Google seemed like a good start. I did as much research as I could to find out how to go about getting one. It’s not like these places can just advertise hand jobs on their website or storefront. I guess like anyone doing something for the first time there is some trial and error.

My first step was to walk around the city and scope some of these places out. Lucky for me, it was loaded with massage/spa places. I quickly found most of these places fell into two categories. First were places that were fairly large, with lots of windows and professional signs and displays out front. Second were much smaller places with no windows, poor quality signs and advertising out front, and locked doors where you had to ring a buzzer to be let in. It didn’t take a genius to figure out which places housewives go for Swedish massages, and which ones dudes like me go get a nice stroke job.

So, the first place I went to I rang the buzzer and was let in by an attractive Asian woman, probably in her mid twenties. I’m talking cute Asian girl not smoke show Asian girls you see in porn movies. The place was very small and you could see a smaller area sectioned off by curtains with the massage table. There was no soothing music or fancy cucumber infused water, this place was beyond basic. It was obviously not a place where most women would go for a massage, but it was just the kind of place I was looking for.

Again, this was my first time, so without coming out and saying it, I wanted to be clear why I was here. I did not want to pay for a massage where nothing happens at the end. So first she says massage $35 for half hour, $60 for hour. I say, is it a full body massage? She seems confused with the question and I realize her English is very poor. She just says massage. So I repeat, is it a FULL BODY massage? She looks more confused and says, I don’t know, massage. So I say, will I be HAPPY at the end of the massage? With each question she seems more and more confused and mumbles something in another language to me. So finally I just ask, will I get a happy ending with my massage? That she understood. She vigorously shakes her head, says no and escorts me out of the small room and onto the street.

The second place I tried was different. Same ring the buzzer to get in, but the inside was much larger and more professional looking. It was well lit, with a waiting area, but it did have similar small rooms curtained off. Also, a man answered the door here. I said I was interested in a half hour massage and he said it was $45. I asked if he did the massage, or were there women to do the massage, and he said women. I asked if it was a full body massage. He said half hour massage just back and feet, hour massage is full body, and he kind of gave me a dirty look as he answered. I did not get a good vibe from this place, so I said I’d think about it and left.

After the bad feeling I had at the second place, I realized I really blew it at the first place. I’m sure it was a rub and tug joint, and if I just went with the massage I think I would have got my happy ending. The minute I came right out and asked, she probably thought I was a cop. These seemed like the two best places so I thought I might be out of luck.

I found that if I ventured a little farther from my friends apartment there was a third place that looked promising. Same locked door / buzzer system with no windows like the first two. This time I was let in by a little older, maybe later 40’s, Asian woman. She was not quite as cute as the younger woman at the first place, but she was pretty large breasted, and this may sound weird, but she seemed very sweet. The inside was almost identical to the first place, very small room with a smaller curtained off area with the massage table. I asked how much for a massage, and she said $40 for half hour, $65 for hour. I asked if it was a full body massage, and she said yes! Very good start. While she didn’t speak English very well, she seemed to understand it just fine. She kept telling me to go into the little room and take off jacket. I said what do I take off for the massage, everything? She says yes, everything off. Good sign number two. I was very confident now that this was going to happen. Just to be sure, I also asked if you do a very good job can I give you an extra tip? She kind of smiled and said yes! Ok, I’m in!

I told her I’ll take the half hour massage, so she wanted the $40 up front, cash only. I happily gave it to her, and there was no way I was using a credit card at this place anyway. So she takes me in the little room and similar to a doctors office, pulls a fresh paper onto the massage table. She tells me get undressed, lay on table face down with my face in the hole on the table. Being my first time for any type of massage, I asked if after I’m undressed should I put a towel around myself before I lay down. That was probably a dumb question, but any movie I’ve ever seen with a massage, they have that little towel around their waist. She says if you want, towel over there. She leaves the tiny room, and gives me a few minutes to get undressed. Once I was completely nude, I looked at the towel and thought, screw that, I want to be clear why I’m here, so I just layer face down on the table totally naked and told her I’m ready.

When she came in, she closed the little curtain, was completely unfazed by my nudity and started massaging my back. I already had like half a hard on because just laying nude in front of this strange woman I had met 5 minutes earlier was a real turn on. The massage itself was actually very nice. It was not the “deep tissue” type massage where they push really hard into your muscle, it was more like a nice firm back rub, but all over your body. She would do each side of your back in halves, from the shoulder to the ankle, spending a nice amount of time rubbing my ass. I read on line that when they massage your ass you should spread your legs a little to tell the masseuse you’re down for some action. That didn’t seem to faze her as she went up and down both sides of my back and legs a couple times. They had that soft music playing and it really did feel good and was relaxing. Her hands were very warm. If she was using any oil it was extremely little, because she was not getting me oily or greasy.

She then started getting down to business. She started caressing my ass crack so I lifted my hips a little. She then starts rubbing the spot between your butthole and nuts, the taint area. This felt really good. She then reaches under and starts caressing my balls, which also felt really good. After a couple minutes I ask if I should turn over and she says yes. Now she gives my chest, stomach and the top of my legs a very brief massage. Just laying face up with my half hard dick laying there in front of this woman massaging me was such a turn on, I don’t know how my dick wasn’t straight up fully hard. I think even though I was very turned on, I was so relaxed my plumped up dick just laying there. But not for long. She now went back to rubbing my balls and massaging right above my penis and in the little spots between your legs on each side of your junk. With all the attention on my groin area, my plumped up half boner rose to about three quarters. And then finally the moment I had waited so long for.

She points at my 3/4 mast dick and says, you want me to take care of that for you. I quickly say yes, and she just as quickly says she needs an extra tip for that. Talk about a salesperson knowing the right time to hit up the customer for more cash! Just kidding, I knew to get the happy ended you needed to tip the girl extra, so it was no surprise. I said how about $20, and she said $40, so I said ok. I was in no mood to haggle. To be honest she probably could have asked for more because at this point I wanted it so bad. I was afraid she would want the $40 right now, which would have been a big buzz kill, but luckily she didn’t and she headed straight for the lube.

She grabbed the base in one hand and started working my shaft with the other. She went at a nice medium pace, and damn it felt really good. Laying there nude as this sweet woman stroked my dick was so erotic and such a turn on for me, I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did. After about 3-4 minutes of the nice stroking, she started picking up the pace. I could feel myself get a little harder, it felt so good. After another 3-4 minutes she started quietly saying, come on baby, come on baby over and over. I was guessing by the way she was acting, most of her guys have popped by now. Again, I was surprised my self I was lasting this long. After another few minutes I told her I was getting close, she got a little louder with the, come on baby, and went to top speed on the stroking. At that point I held off for about a minute, until I blasted my hot load. She says good baby, good and gently milks the rest of my cum out of my cock. Then she grabs a bunch of paper towels and wipes her hands. I expected her to hand me some paper towels, but instead she grabbed some and starts cleaning me up. I really enjoyed laying ther while she clean the lube and cum off my stomach and penis.

Once she cleaned me up, she said ok you can get dressed now, and she left the little rooom. When she left, she didn’t close the curtain, so I had to get dressed with the door open and her walking around right in front of me. I enjoyed that too. Once I was dressed, I gave her the $40 and said thank you and that I enjoyed my massage very much. She smiled and said thank you.

I have to say, I enjoyed the whole experience very much. The nervousness, the naughtiness, the nudity, the massage, the stroke job, the cleanup, I enjoyed ever bit of it. It’s something I hope to do again when I have the chance.

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