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Two friends admit their love for each other after many years


Alison and I are at a café one summer afternoon, sipping on iced mochas under a patio umbrella.
“Are you going?” Alison asks.
“Sure, why wouldn’t I go,” I reply.
“Well, Elaine might be there,” she says.
“It’s okay. I’m over it,” I tell her.

Just so everyone is in the know, I’m Kevin and I just finished my first year at NYU. My good friend, Alison, just finished her first year at Columbia. We are both from New Jersey, which is where we grew up. I have known Alison since I came to America from Korea at the age of 9. She was the only person who didn’t treat me funny at the time for being from another country. She is pretty much my best friend and I’m glad we’re both in New York during the best years of our lives so I could at least see her when we weren’t too overwhelmed with midterms or assignments as I couldn’t imagine going through this without her.

Sometime in July after our first year, a friend is having a birthday party in his new apartment, which both Alison and I are invited to. Apparently my friend’s roommate met her one night at a party and they hit it off decently so he invited her. My friend also happens to be good friends with Elaine, who is my ex.

Also, no one knows this but I used to have a huge crush on Alison when we were thirteen. Let’s face it, thanks to puberty and all the hormones that were running through us, all guys would start looking at their female acquaintances differently, let alone someone as sweet as Alison. One day in the eighth grade, the school had an assembly where her class formed a ballet troupe and performed and I just remember at that point in my mind, she went from little Alison with pigtails and rainbow long stockings to, well, still little Alison as she never grew any taller than 5’1” but other parts were and are definitely not so little anymore. I started to notice her blossoming bosom and her butt was starting to take a curvy form. That was also the first time my dick had an erection. At first I thought I was only physically attracted to her but I found that I was really digging her bubbly personality, how she always smiled at everyone. Despite the personality clashes that come with the high school experience, no one dared mocked or disrespected her because of how awesome she is. Puppy love had a way of torturing me and I was practically head over heels as were many others, I’m sure. Of course, I never acted on these urges as I didn’t want to risk our friendship. However, there was a time in ninth grade where we were playing truth or dare with a bunch of friends and she was forced to kiss me. That was one of the most memorable kisses in my life.

As time went on, these feelings faded and we both started dating other people. She was in high demand, with a guy asking her out every other week. Her dating history’s a bit more extensive than mine, having had around 9 boyfriends during high school but none of them were serious, lasting probably no more than two months each. I even started to make fun of her for not being able to hold on to a man. Whereas with me, I didn’t really start seeing anyone until my junior year when I started going out with Elaine, one of the popular girls at school who could pretty much be a walkway model. When I say model, I mean it as she’s stick thin with long legs, barely a bust but an incredible set of blowjob lips. Everyone at the time thought I was getting the best head of my life but the truth is, we never did anything. I didn’t mind though since I really did like this girl. She and Alison had a mutual friend but Alison didn’t really like Elaine all that much and vice versa. Alison would tolerate her for my sake but there were many times when she would let slip about how much she didn’t like her but she would always bite her tongue before she gets too far. Elaine was always jealous of the relationship between Alison and I but I think it’s more the fact that Alison with her 5’1” frame managed to fill out quite nicely with a really nice bust whereas the 5’8” Elaine is practically flat-chested. Just imagine Elaine’s figure as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s where it’s stick thin with no breasts whereas Alison is like Sarah Michelle Gellar from 15 years ago when she was still meaty, juicy and had ample bosoms for her small frame. Alison is not one to show off either – despite being quite fashionable, she always covered herself up but Elaine, being an aspiring model, always had something form fitting on with a pushup bra and would try to expose as much skin as possible without getting into trouble.

Anyway, long story short, Elaine broke up with me a week before prom so she could go with this tall white guy who is some amateur photographer and supposedly had “contacts” in the modeling industry. Rumors have it that they hooked up that night at the hotel. Needless to say, that felt like the worst night of my life. Thankfully summer went by busily and before I knew it, I was moving to New York City and even met someone at school, Lena, but it didn’t work out. And here I am now, back in Jersey after finishing my freshman year. It feels good to be back, to meet up with some old friends and trade stories about our year.

“You want me to go with you?” Alison asks about the party.
“Nah, I’ll be fine. What time are you going?” I ask.
“Probably around 8,” she says.
“I told him that I’ll be there by 7:30ish,” I say. “So I guess I’ll see you there?”
“Yah. But you know what you should do? Load your iPhone with tons of pictures of Lena. She’s hot and has brains. It would totally piss Elaine off,” she says.
“I’m not gonna stoop that low,” I tell her. “Plus, Lena and I aren’t even seeing each other anymore.”
“Whatever, Kev,” she says. “Just sayin…”
We both finish our drinks and head home.

That evening, I arrive by myself dressed in a simple plaid button up with sleeves rolled up and a pair of jeans to an apartment playing hip hop off an iPod and there are about fifteen guests or so in the living room, munching away at some pizza, chips and the usual student party assortment of junk food. Everyone there seems cool for the most part. The roommate however looks like a pompous hipster with his white tie on black striped shirt and suit, wearing shades inside the apartment and a dumb looking top hat. The thing that bothers me most is that one line of hair that runs down his chin from his lips and it just SCREAMS douchebag! I can’t believe Alison might be going out with this guy now.

I make the usual greetings and high fives before I hear some rowdiness coming out of the kitchen. And suddenly, I see Elaine stumbling out of the kitchen with a beer bottle in hand and her face red as a tomato. She’s gained weight since high school. Either she packed on the freshman fifteen or that so called modeling career is not working out and she’s now drinking herself to death. She’s certainly filled out, which I guess is what she’s always yearned for but along with it, she now has gained a bit of a baby bump, which I assume is from the beer and not her being preggers as she is happily gulping down the bottle in her hand.

“HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY, KEVIN!!!!!” she screamed out.
“Hey…” I say awkwardly. “Nice to see you again, Elaine.”
“Dude, I’m sorry,” my friend says. “I forgot to tell you she was coming.”
“It’s all right,” I tell him. “No worries.”

I turn around to see this big hairy person shoving his tongue down her throat and I mentally throw up a little in my mouth. Suddenly, I hear a familiar voice say out loud, “Whoa, when did a grizzly bear knock up your ex?” It’s Alison and holy mercy, she is looking absolutely FINE. A form fitting purple sleeveless dress with a v-neck that exposes a hint of cleavage, all tucking to her with form fitting precision that expertly shows off her curves and turning many heads in the room. I don’t remember ever seeing any cleavage on her, not even from wearing her prom dress last year. Her hair is down from her usual ponytail, split in the middle and falling to her sides at about slightly lower than her shoulder in length. She’s standing slightly taller than usual due to a pair of heeled boots that gives her an extra 3 inches. James walks up to her and tries to plant a kiss on her but she turns her cheek to him instead.

I go up to her and give her “the look” – no, not the “hey baby” look, but the “really, him?” look.
“What?” she says.
“Okay, I know you’re studying art at Columbia and that crowd can get a bit hipster-ish but c’mon, him?” I tell her.
“Since when did you start getting so defensive?” she asks.
“Hey, you had your comments on who I dated so as your best friend, don’t I deserve the same courtesy?” I reply.
“We’re not dating,” she explains. “I’m just coming to his party.”
“That’s some dress for just a party,” I tell her, pointing up and down.

Throughout the party, I try to have a good time but everywhere I go, Elaine and her man-bear would always pop up and be going at it with their mouths. Both of them stink with alcohol and the guy is sweating so bad, he needs a shower. I thought that since I keep on bumping into them, I should try to make conversation.

“So, when did you two start?”
“About two months ago,” Elaine tells me with a slur. “I was going through a rough time with my last boyfriend and along came Pauly who is so gentle and nice. And BIG if you know what I mean.”
And “Pauly”, as classy as he can be, chimes in with a “Yah, she has the tightest little asshole ever! Mmm nm.”

Great, I thought. Two years when she still had a decent figure and I got nothing but three months with this guy and she’s shitting all over his dick. I look in disbelief as he asks “So how do you know Elaine?” I get up and head over to the kitchen, saying “I need a drink.” “Mind getting us each one?” asks Pauly. Before I could grant such a request, I boldly ask “Elaine, you’re not pregnant, are you?”
“Hell no! I pull out every time,” he says. And with that, I turn around and walk into the kitchen where Alison and the roommate are sitting. The way she’s looking at me, I’m pretty sure she saw the whole thing.

“Are you okay?” she asked.
“Yah, I’m fine…” I’m not fine and she can tell.
“Let’s get out of here,” she suggests.
“No, it’s fine.” I tell her.
“Hey bro, if you’re fine then be on your merry way and leave us alone,” says Mr. Douche.
“Shut up, James!” Alison yells out.
“No, he’s right. I shouldn’t be bugging you guys,” I tell her.
“Don’t worry about me. Just make sure you’re okay and if you need anything, I’m here,” she says as she puts an arm around my shoulder to give me a hug.
As soon as she releases her hold, I nonchalantly say, “So Elaine might be giving birth to the child of that man-bear in about 6 months.”
“REALLY?” Alison asks.
“Well, no,” I reply. “But judging from their lack of safety contraceptive methods and that god awful baby bump, it’s highly probable. Though if she is preggers and keeps drinking the way she does, her baby will either end up dead or looking like a monkey.” Alison giggles from hearing that. I don’t look too pleased and she stops after seeing my face but her bubbly personality is infectious and I can’t help but let out a chuckle myself. I grab a beer from the fridge and just as I take a sip, I hear Elaine puke all over Pauly the Bear and I almost spit out my drink. Alison looks happy at seeing her so miserable like this.
“Dude, you used to date that?” James the douche asks. “Guess I shouldn’t expect much with your fashion sense.”
“Well, no one can pull off that awesome goatee like you can,” I say sarcastically and Alison laughs at his expense.
“Seriously, and what’s up with the shades?” she asks. “We’re indoors!”
Her rays of sunshine are pouring onto me and my night doesn’t feel so bad anymore.

Toward the end of the night, I’m checking out my friend’s room when Alison comes in to escape from the crowd for a sec. I’m looking at all the grad photos, award plaques and prom pictures that cover his walls.
“Can’t believe it’s been a year, huh?” she says.
“Yah…feels like just yesterday,” I reminisce.
“Any regrets?” she asks.
“Nah,” I tell her. “I went through a lot of experiences and through it all, I managed to survive high school, made it to an awesome school for college and my best friend is still my best friend. What more can I ask for?”
She steps close and lean on me as I wrap an arm around her, holding her close and leaning my head on top of hers as we stare at the wall and bask in the memories that it brings us. I poke her on the side of her waist and she jumps and lets out a yelp. I laugh.
“Gets ya every time!” I say.
“Not funny!” she says, trying to look threatening, which makes it even funnier because she’s tiny. Seriously, if Alison tries to fight me, she would win because I would be dying from laughter.
“Any regrets from you?” I ask her.
“I wouldn’t mind a proper prom dance,” she says. “My date missed the last song because he had the runs. It was Lifehouse too, which is my favourite.”
I let out a snort at her expense and she elbows me gently in the gut for doing so. “At least you had a date,” I tell her.
“You’re better off without that bitch,” she tells me.

Suddenly, the typical rap and hip hop stops and a slow ballad plays. Either someone did not set the play list on their iPod properly or someone up high is giving me a much needed break because the song happens to be Lighthouse’s You and Me.

I unwrap my arm from around Alison and extend my hand. “How about that prom dance?” I ask her. She looks at me somewhat confused and I tell her, “I may not be in a sweet looking tux but at least you’re all glammed up in a pretty dress.”
She smiles and takes my hand and we both embrace. She places her head on my shoulder, which she can barely reach with those heels on. We spin slowly in the comfort of each other, surrounded by the sooth voice of Jason Wade, knowing that we’ll be there for each other always. She feels warm and I could feel her heart beating heavily as if it’ll be ripped right out of her heaving chest. I give her a friendly kiss on top of her head. I never want this moment to end but alas, the song is cut short abruptly by the rowdy crowd outside who wants to pick up the pace with some more hip hop. Just as I’m about to stop and let go, Alison clings on even tighter and we continue to slowly spin on the spot, ignoring what’s going on outside.

At about 11pm, I decide to call it a night and Alison decides to join me in leaving. “What about James?” I ask. “I think he’ll be all right,” she says. I don’t even see him in the room. I say bye to my friend and we leave.

It must’ve been raining earlier in the evening as the streets are soaked with puddles all over the place. We stroll along the street as I walk Alison home.

“So, I’m going on record to say that I am not a fan of James,” I tell her. “And it’s not just the stupid goatee.”
“Duly noted,” she tells me. “I wasn’t too keen either.”
“You seemed like you were interested,” I say.
“What makes you think that?” she asks.
“Well, I’ve never seen you dress up so nice before,” I reply.
“Who says I did this for him?” she asks with a sly smile.
“If your reason is to make Elaine insanely jealous, then I think I love you,” I tell her jokingly, to which she laughs.
“Someone needed to put that bitch in her place,” she says. I laugh. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…I mean, things may not have turned out the way you wanted to but I know you still…”
“No,” I tell. “It’s okay. You’re right, someone did need to get her off her high horse.”
“By the way, I still don’t believe you when you say she was jealous of me during high school,” she says.
“Why not?” I ask?
“Well, I mean she was this hot model chick. I’m just…me.”
“And what’s wrong with you?”
“Nothing, I guess. But I wasn’t a hot model chick either. She had the popularity that made people worship her and an inexcusable bitchiness that no one bothered to mention. What would she want that I have?”
I take a moment before answering. “A sense of absolute comfort,” I say. She looks at me, curious as to what my answer means. “I mean, yes, she was someone special but let’s face it, she can be quite a bit to deal with at times. She always had to have this front compared to you who could be yourself. I suppose now that high school ended, she doesn’t need to put up that front anymore. Maybe that drunken puke of a mess we saw back there is the real Elaine, suppressed all those years.” Then I try to make a bold statement without coming off as being too assertive. “Plus, if you really think about it on an objective level, you’re actually really pretty compared to most girls at school and she HATED that.”
Smiling, she gushes out “Haha! If I was so pretty, why didn’t you ever ask me out?”

An awkward silence falls upon us and suddenly, heavy rain comes pouring down on us. Alison lets out a light scream and we both make a run for her house down the street. Once we make it over to her place, she fumbles with the keys under the heavy rainfall. We finally make it inside and she starts groaning on how wet we are.
“Keep it down,” I tell her. “You’ll wake up your family.”
“They aren’t home, silly,” she tells me. “They went to the west coast on vacation.”
We both run upstairs to her room where she grabs me a pair of her dad’s workout shorts. Her dad’s a small guy so when I see what she plans on letting me wear, I tell her “you’re kidding me, right?”
“It’s all I have!” she says.
“What about a shirt?” I ask her.
“I have nothing that will fit you. Unless you want to wear one of my camies,” she jokes. “Plus, you’re a guy and it’s not like I’ve never seen you topless. Now get into the shower before you catch something. It’s just down the hall. I’m going to use the bathroom here. You can throw your clothes into the bin and I’ll give them back to you when they’re washed.”

I go into the bathroom and chuck my clothes into the laundry basket under the sink and hop into the shower. The flow of warm water feels amazing and I let it run for ten minutes, feeling absolutely refreshed afterward. I dry myself off, put on the pair of tight kaki shorts she gave me and walk back to her room and wait til she comes out. I take a seat on her bed, which are littered with her bras. She’s a 34C, which is bigger than I thought she would be. I thought she’d be no more than a high B-cup. Out of curiosity, I poke around a bit, mainly looking at the different class pictures of Alison from when she was a kid that’s on her desk and walls. They bring back a lot of memories for me like how she was the first to say hello to me and offer to eat lunch together at the cafeteria in fifth grade or how she taught me a lot of the American customs we didn’t have back home like trick or treating on Halloween. I also remember the time I got suspended for pushing a kid and scraping his knee because he knocked an ice cream cone out of her hand. That went real well with my parents but I felt like the king of the world at that time, the hero protecting his princess so to speak. I make my way to her later photos such as the ones of her prom and graduation and all I can think of at the moment is how my best friend is pretty much the most beautiful person I’ve ever met and not just because of her physical beauty but her whole package. I’m really surprised she managed to stay single after starting college.

I hear the shower turn off and after a few minutes, she walks out with a towel wrapped around her.
“Geez, why didn’t you get dressed inside?” I ask her.
“Sorry, force of habit. This is my room, after all,” she says.
I turn around so she can change into some clothes.
“No peeking, pervert,” she jokingly says. I distract myself with the photos on her wall, the glass frames giving off a fuzzy reflection of Alison’s naked body. I feel a hard on coming and I try to think of something else to get my mind off her.

After a few moments, she tells me she’s good to go. I turn around to see her wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts on. I can tell she’s not wearing a bra because her nipples are somewhat poking through her shirt.
“Still reminiscing?” she asks.
“Nah, just checking out your pretty face,” I reply. She smiles at the comment. Am I flirting?
“Do you miss it?” she asks.
“Somewhat. Times seem simpler then. But college is so much better than high school,” I tell her.
“Do you miss her?” She looks at me, waiting for an answer.
“I did,” I start off. “I’m not gonna lie, there were times when I would imagine how I could’ve done things differently, how I could’ve changed to make her not change her mind about me. Was it something I did wrong? What triggered it? All questions I’ve asked myself for a good few weeks.”
“You don’t need to change,” she tells me. “Especially not for someone like her. She’s the one who missed out. Never tell yourself otherwise.”
“I know that now,” I tell her. “After seeing her like this at the party, I know now. We belong in different worlds. We’re just not meant to be.”
She places her head on my shoulder and gives me a hug. Loud thunder cackles from outside the window.
“Looks like you’re stuck here for a while?” she says.
“I don’t want to bother you,” I tell her. “Do you have an umbrella?”
“You’re gonna walk home half naked,” she asks. “Plus, it’s a thunderstorm. It could be dangerous.”
“You’re sure I won’t be a bother?” I ask.
“Don’t worry, it’s Saturday night,” she says. “I got nothing to do in the morning.”

Just as I’m about to plop my butt on her bed again, I realize the pile of under garments that’s on there.
“Oops,” she gushes. “Sorry for the mess.” She takes them and dumps them all on a stool by the closet.
“They’re…colorful,” my voice cracks.
“You pervert,” she says jokingly.

We both lie on the bed sideways, feet hanging down from the side, talking to the sound of falling rain and occasional thunder. The conversation is mainly about our high school days and she brings up the time we kissed during truth or dare.
“I can’t believe you actually went through with it,” I tell her. “I was such a nervous wreck at that time because I thought you were gonna say I had cooties or something and no girl in high school would ever touch me.”
“First off, we were in ninth grade,” she says. “We were beyond cooties at that point. And secondly, I was glad that it was you rather than pimple faced Anthony. Oh god, imagine one of them popped while it happened!”
We both started laughing uncontrollably at that image.
“And plus, we’re best friends so it wasn’t as weird as it would be compared to one of the others who only want one thing. Not to mention the fact that you were a pretty good kisser,” she says.
“Why thank you,” I tell her with a coy smile. “I try.”
“Seriously,” she says. “Amongst the top 3.”
“Did you have a crush on me,” I jokingly ask.
She doesn’t answer. She probably thought I meant it as a rhetorical. A moment passes and she asks me, “Hey, Kevin. Truth or Dare?”
Not wanting her to make me wear one of her camisoles and then maybe even get a picture of it, I chose “Truth.”
“You never answered my question earlier…why didn’t you ever ask me out?” she asks.
I take a moment before answering. I look at her, trying to see if this is some kind of trick question.
“I was afraid,” I said. “Afraid that if anything happened…like if you said no or heaven forbid you said yes and things don’t work that I would end up losing you. I mean, you were…are my best friend. You complete me in ways that I never thought a person can. I couldn’t take the chance.”
“So…you did wanted to at one point?” she asks.
“I did,” I reply.
She rolls over and gives me a kiss on the cheek. It feels really nice. She stays huddled next to me.
“Truth or dare?” I ask her.
“Umm…dare!” she responds.
“I dare you not to scream,” I tell her.
She looks at me with a confused look before I poke her in the stomach and she jumps before letting out a loud “EEIIEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!”
“I said no screaming!” I say while laughing.
She slaps me a few times on my arms. It’s hilarious to see her try to fight me. “You fight like a chipmunk,” I tell her with a laugh. Her damp hair is covering her face as she continues to slap me and I brush it apart to reveal the most adorable face in the world. “Okay, since you failed, I get another one. Truth or Dare?”
“Truth,” she says.
I decide to have a little fun with this one. “Do you masturbate?”
“Wow, you’re so perverted!” she says.
“Well?” I ask.
“I’m not saying anything!” she says.
“Well, I guess I’ll just have to find out myself then,” I tell her. I get up off the bed and start opening a random drawer on her desk. “I wonder if I will find any special toys in here,” I jokingly say.
“Kevin, you are so stupid,” she says with a laugh.
“Does someone have some alone time thinking about…James?” I continue to joke.
“God, that’s disgusting!” she blurts out.
She gets up off the bed herself to try and stop me from looking through her drawers. During our struggle, we both end up wrestling each other while laughing really hard. She somehow manages to push me onto the bed and I pull her down with me. As she falls, her face lands on mine and our lips touch. Suddenly, the memory of that kiss we had in ninth grade rushes through my mind. She lifts her head in shock from what just happened.

Suddenly, I got stupid. I use my hand to brush her hair behind her ear and I lean up to give her a kiss on the lips. It is a stupid impulse as I am putting ten years of incredible friendship at risk by doing this. But the crazy thing is, I don’t feel any resistance. In fact, I just realize that her arms are around my neck. I wrap my arms around her and pull myself up so that we’re both in an upright position. Her hands lean gently on my chest as my heart beats like crazy to the dance of our lips. I pull back so I can see that I am not dreaming this. I look into her eyes and she into mine. We both stay silent as I hold onto her shoulders while the sound of rainfall fills the background. It seems like forever has passed and I finally break the silence.

“Please say something,” I say with a slight humorous tone.
“What took you so long?” she asks with a smile. At this moment, those dimples of hers are melting my beating heart.
“Me? I have a feeling that you’re not telling me something,” I say.
“Kevin…” she says softly. “I thought it was just a stupid crush at first. I even tried dating other guys but…it just never works. At the end of the day, I think I always knew that you’re the one I want to be with.”
“How long have you felt this way?” I ask.
“Since I was 11…” she replies.
“ELEVEN?!?!?” I blurt out. She blushes and laughs. I can’t believe this. This whole time she was into me of all people? With her looks and personality, she could’ve had anyone she wanted but she wants me? Oh man, seeing me with Elaine must’ve drove her crazy. How could I have been so stupid to not have seen this the whole time!
“So…if you did ask me out like you wanted to before, when would it have been?” she asks.
“Probably ninth grade,” I tell her. “I started to notice you in a different light since eighth grade. You were in Ms. Ramirez’s dance recital for the spring assembly and when I saw you dancing, I noticed you uh…well, let’s say suddenly, I found you to be very attractive.”
“Oh god, don’t tell me you have a tutu fetish,” she says.
“No no, it’s not that,” I say. “It’s just that…well, the tight uniform made certain…attributes apparent.” I hold my hands out and form a cup with them in front of my chest.
“You are SUCH a pervert!” she says with a giggle.
“Hey, give me a break, I was a twelve year old kid,” I say. “I mean, at first yes it was that but then I noticed how awesome you are. How you’re always so cheery and nice to everyone. And that no matter what happens, you’re there for me.”
“You are such a girl!” she says jokingly.
“Well, then you like girls, you big lesbo,” I joke back.
“You’re a real dummy for not asking me out back then,” she says.
“I can make it up to you right now,” I tell her with a smile.

We both start kissing again and it feels like an absolute fantasy come true. Never in a million years did I think this will happen. The passion we exhibit seems to know no bounds. It all feels very natural, like we are meant for this. I brush one hand through her soft silky hair while other gently explores her back. Our tongues gently caress each other between our lips, each stroke like a tender step of a waltz in our mouths. It all feels like a wonderful dream.

Then she works her way up the side of my neck and start sucking on my earlobe. She gives it a gentle nibble while I stretch the neckline of her t-shirt to reveal a shoulder, with skin as smooth as it can be. I explore her neck and shoulder with my lips and suddenly she bites my earlobe.
“OW!” I scream out. “What was that for?”
“So you know it’s not a dream,” she coyly says.
Just for that, I put my hands around her waist and flip her onto the bed so she lays down flat on her back and she lets out a light scream as I do it. I pin her down onto the bed, my hands on her wrists and I give her a gently peck on the nose before working my way around her neck. I crawl around her neck with kisses before hitting a sweet spot on her left side just under the jaw and I give it a gentle suck and her entire body shakes, trying to break free of my grip so she can ravage me. I rhythmically apply and release pressure on the spot using my lips and occasionally give it a soft flick with my tongue and she lets out a few deep breaths. I release my hold to see a nice light purple spot on where I was sucking. I sit up over her.
“How do you like THAT?” I tease.
“Not bad,” she says. “But I got something better.”
She pulls her upper body up with her legs still under mine and she places her hands just under my armpit and she brings her face to my chest and sticks out her tongue. She takes her tongue and touches my chest, swirling it around my left nipple. She’s right – this IS better! Between nice wet swirls, she would give it a suck and it’s driving me crazy. While she’s doing that, she uses her hand to play with the other one and I can feel my penis struggle to come to life being trapped in the tight pair of shorts it’s in. My breaths become shallow as she licks, sucks and even gently bites my nipples. My penis is now throbbing from the sensation.
“Looks like my magic is working,” she says. “Though it hardly seems fair that I get to have all my clothes on.”

And with one swift motion, she pulls her t-shirt off to reveal the greatest pair of breasts I have ever seen. They are teardrop shaped perky mounds that point out towards you, topped off by a pair of puffy pink nips that are to die for. They give off an amazing jiggle every time she moves. I have only dreamed about what they would look like and the real thing is just so much better. I can’t stop staring at them and even though we just made out, I act like a shy doofus when it comes to handling her assets.
“May I?” I ask.
“Yah, why do you think I brought them out,” she says.
I take my hands and start exploring the outline of these amazing boobs with my fingers, which sends a shiver up her body. I cup them in my hands and using my thumb, I massage her nipples in a circular motion, which turns her on. I bring her close and kiss her again as my hands play with her breasts. Not before long, I wrap my left arm around her back and hold her tight as I lower myself to the perfect angle and height and I start kissing the top part where her cleavage would meet and work my way down the right breast, exploring every nook, cranny and curve with my lips. I start moving towards the nipple without touching them. I take my tongue and go around the edges of the nipple, never once making any contact with the beautiful pink puff and it’s driving her insane.
“Stop being a tease and just suck on it!” she demands.
With a request like that, how can I refuse? I lick her nipple with my wet tongue and blow a small gush of cool air from my breath onto it, causing it to immediately harden. I take the entire nipple into my mouth and as I apply pressure with my lips, my tongue goes on a frenzy, attacking every sensitive nerve ending it can. I lay her down flat on her back again while her nipple is still in my mouth and using my hand, I flick my index finger back and forth in quick swift motions across the other nipples and Alison starts moaning. I take that second nipple that my tongue has been neglecting into my mouth and continue. For a good ten minutes, I do nothing but feast on these wonderful as her hands grab onto my hair and back, anything they can get a hold of to get through this pleasurable experience. I put a nipple between my front teeth and gently give it a bite and she softly says, “yes, bite them…bite bite…” Her nipples are so sensitive that each touch is pushing her over the edge. My hard on is about to explode from my tight pants. This is such an incredible moment that I never want it to end. I never thought in a million years that I would be doing what I’m doing with Alison.

I finally stop so she can breathe properly and I bring her up to kiss me. Our arms caress our touching naked upper bodies as I gently suck on her upper lip while she licks my lower lip. My hands make their way to her shorts and I pull them down to reveal a pair of black cotton panties that are soaked. I place a finger on top of the damp spot and with a bit of pressure, I brush it up and down her vaginal line.
“Wow…” she pants.
“Oh, I’m not done with you yet,” I tell her.
I take her shorts and panties off to reveal a small slit of pink flesh that is clean from any hair with a shiny bright pearl on top. Her scent is so alluring that I can’t wait to taste her. I turn her over so she’s on her knees and I arch her back down to raise her cute bubble butt up in the air. I sit by her side and take my hand behind her. I warm her up with my fingers first, massaging her clit with my thumb as my middle and ring fingers penetrate her wet but tight vaginal hole. I wiggle my fingers inside of her with rapid motion and I can feel it fill up with liquid instantly.
“Kevin, you are amazing!” she screams out.
I bring my head down to kiss her along her back while my fingers work their magic inside her. She brings herself up with my fingers still inside her and as she comes up, she licks my body from the stomach up to my left nipple and clasps it in her mouth. She lets out moans of pleasure and my shorts are now bulging massively. As warm liquid falls down my fingers, she bites harder and a sudden spike of sensation hits me that make me shiver in delight. I pull my fingers out and Alison collapses on the bed.

“You peed your bed,” I say jokingly with a laugh.
“You’re so stupid,” she retorts as she blushes. “Oh my god, this is so embarrassing!”
“Don’t be embarrassed,” I tell her. “You’re beautiful.” And I give her an eskimo kiss before planting a gentle kiss on her soft lips.
“Why am I the only one naked here?” she asks.
“Good question,” I say. “These shorts are starting to piss me off, especially with this hard on.”
“Awww…did I do that?” she teases. “I’m so sorry life is so “hard” for you.”
I poke her on the stomach and she jumps and screams. “That’s for using such a terrible pun.”
“Well, if those pants are so hard to bare with…” she says as I look at her, threatening her with another poke. “UNINTENTIONAL!” she screams. “But seriously, why don’t you take them off?”
I guess by now there’s no point in being shy. I whip them off and my throbbing hard on bounce up to relish the glorious freedom it has been given.
“HOLY SHIT!” she screams.
“What?” I ask.
“It’s huge!” she says. “Not gonna lie, I was expecting like maybe 4 inches or something cuz you’re…you know.”
”Alison, I’m not a dwarf. Why would you think that?” I ask.
“Well, you are Asian…” she says.
“That is a terrible stereotype and you should be ashamed for thinking it,” I tell her and poke her in the stomach again, causing her to shriek and jump.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I stand corrected,” she says.
She looks at it with acute curiosity and amazement. I give it a twitch, which surprises her.
“Geez, Kevin!” she lets out and I chuckle.
“You act like you have never seen a dick before,” I tell her.
“Well, not one like this…” she says.
“What do you mean?” I ask her. “I thought you and Kenny…”
“No…Kenny never managed to get it up,” she tells me. “And he had a crazy case of premature ejaculation. And he’s a grower so…I never saw squat.”
“You’re telling me that I am your first…?”
“You poor girl,” I tell her.
“Shut up!” she screams. “Wait…did you and Elaine…?”
“NO!” I blurt out. “No…absolutely not. No!”
“Good, cuz I don’t want her sloppy seconds,” she jokes.
I bring her head up to me and I give her a kiss. We embrace and make out for a little while longer and my hardened dick pokes her in the stomach and she jumps.
“Oh wow, that’s awesome!” I say.
“You are having WAY too much fun with me being ticklish,” she says. She looks at my penis again and fascinated by it, she asks “Can I touch it?”
“Yah, why do you think I brought it out?” I retort, imitating her earlier when she said it about her boobs.
She wraps her tender right hand around my shift and just holds it for a moment before she starts to gently jerk it. She brings her mouth to my right nipple and starts nibbling as she starts pumping faster. The combination of her tongue swirling around my nipple plus her gentle hands stroking my hard cock is intense and I force her to let go.
“What’s the matter?” she asks.
“I just need to slow down,” I say. “After all, guys need to recharge after and I’m not done with you yet to finish so soon.”

I lay her down on the bed and kiss her before working my way down. A gentle suck on her neck, a nibble on her puffed-up nipple and a wet stroke from my tongue down her stomach and I reach her engorged clit at the top of her tight slit. I raise her right leg and start kissing my way down from her foot. Once I reach the part where the thigh meets her vagina, I start sucking the way I did with her neck earlier, giving her an inner thigh hickey that shocks her body. I give the lower part of her soaking slit a gentle flick with my tongue, brushing the insides of those tender lips for a sec before making my way back up to the clitoris. I give it a lick and she lets out an “ooooh.” I take the whole thing in my mouth and start sucking on it.
“Oh geez,” she moans.
I eat out every inch of her sweet wet snatch, even occasionally brushing my tongue across her butt hole and lapping up every bit of juice that comes out from her pussy. Her musky smell is turning me on like crazy and I swallow up every ounce of liquid that flows out. I start working her clit again as my hands massage those tender breasts and puffy nipples of hers. Soon she can’t take anymore and a gush of vaginal juice spray my face and I lick and slurp up every drop that is on her.

I sit up and ask, “Alison, do you have a condom?”
“No, it’s okay,” she says. “I’m on the pill. I didn’t want our first time to be with a rubber.”
I place my penis on the outer opening of her vagina and gently thrust my way in.
“Oohhhhhh…” she lets out.
I go slowly at first, kissing her lips as I thrust in and out. Soon, I start going faster and faster and her tight pussy is giving me a crazy workout but it’s no problem thanks to how lubricated she is from her juices. I position myself to suck on her boobs while I stuff her snatch with my cock and she screams in ecstacy. Her tight pussy walls cling tight around my bloated cock and our hands and lips go wild, trying to touch every inch of our bodies that’s not being pleasured. Her pussy is gushing wet as every thrust I make creates a slushing noise.

After a while of this, I pick her up and turn her around on her knees and penetrate her from behind. She has the cutest butt ever and I give those plump cheeks a squeeze while I hump her. Our hips start moving in perfect rhythm with each other. She brings her body up and pulls her arm up and back to wrap them around my neck while one of my hands squeeze her tit while the other massage her clit.
“Oh god, I can’t feel my legs!” she screams out.
“Alison, you are so beautiful and amazing,” I tell her.
“You are too,” she softly moans.
Juice drips down her thighs and I continue to thrust in and out of her gushing wet pussy. A few more minutes later, I’m exhausted and ready to fall down. Our bodies are soaked from the workout and I’m barely hanging on from exploding myself. Wanting to give me a breather, she climbs on top of me and starts grinding me, her clit being pleasured by my abdomen. After a bit of cowgirl style grinding, she brings her legs up while I’m still inside her and she maintains a squatting position and bounces up and down on my cock. I place a finger on her clit to massage and she lets out “don’t do that, I won’t be able to stand!” and brushes my hand away. I lay back as I enjoy the view of her pouncing me and her bubblelicious breasts bouncing up and down in hypnotic rhythms. The view is amazing as her chest is heaving from deep breaths. As she continues to bounce harder and harder, she’s closer to exploding and juices drip more and more down my cock. Moments later, she lets out a scream and plops herself on top of me as she cums once again. I gently brush her hair and caress while she lies on top of me with heavy breaths. She climbs off of me and tells me to stand up.

I get up on the bed and she sits up on her knees. Her height puts her at the perfect level and she takes her mouth and wraps it around my swollen cock, barely able to take it all in. She takes one hand and jerks the bottom of the shaft while sucking on the head, flicking her tongue on the spot just under the opening. I can feel the heavy sensation filling up my shaft. I try to warn her.
“Alison…I’m about to…”
She just continues to suck, thrusting in and out with greater speed as her tongue licks my head. A moment later, I unleash a wave of cum into her mouth, coating her throat with creamy white goodness which she swallows every ounce of. But she’s not done. Before my hard on could fade, she drags me down on my knees and starts sucking at my nipples while jerking my cock rapidly. She then starts sucking on my cock again and uses both her hands to stimulate my nipples and I can feel a second urge coming. I pull her down as I lay down flat and take one of her puffy nipples in my mouth and she strokes my cock faster than ever. She starts licking my nipple again and a second gush of semen flies out from my cock all over the bed. We both collapse and lay there still on the bed with her on top of me to the side and my arm around her.

The rain dies down a little and the only sound in the arm is the heavy

“So…I guess we’re not friends anymore,” she cheekily says.
“We haven’t been just friends for a long time,” I tell her. “Somehow, I think deep down, we both knew that. Like I said, you complete me in ways that no one ever can.”
She gives me a kiss from hearing that and places her head back down on my body. I brush her hair behind her ear and gently stroke her arm.
“I love you, Alison…” I tell her.
She blushes and gives me a kiss on the cheek before saying “I love you too, Kevin. I always have.”
I gently raise her chin up to me and I give her a passionate kiss. We slept through the night in each other’s arms and from that moment on, Alison and I start dating and life could not be better. I always knew that Alison is special and figured that she would be a big part of my life no matter what. Two years after we finish college, we get married and pretty much live out our lives with a happily ever after ending.

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