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Author’s info: Gender: male


I stood in front of the mirror and I had to admit I didn’t look too bad for a forty-four year old woman. My frizzy black hair hung just below my shoulders and I wore a simple gold chain around my neck, shiny against my skin and in stark contrast with my dark eyes. The V-neck of my silky red dress pointed to the cleavage between my breasts, which aren’t huge but large enough to get a look or two, and the only makeup I wore was a bit of lipstick to match the dress.

I’d kept myself in good shape the last few years since my divorce and people often think I’m eight or ten years younger. I’m about five-seven, thin with a nice rump to go along with my tits, and the dress clung to my curves. I was getting ready to go to a New Year’s Eve party at a house three doors down the street. It had been a tradition on our block for many years and the tradition had continued even as children grew up and families moved away. My ex-husband and I hosted the party in our house a few years ago before our divorce. I don’t know as many people in the neighborhood as I used to so the parties are a good way to keep in touch and meet new people. I’d be going to the party alone as I had been since my divorce. I’d had a few relationships since then, but nothing serious or long-term. I enjoyed my freedom after so many years of marriage, much of which was not so great.

My name is Danielle, my friends call me Dani. I live alone in the same old house and my two children are grown and gone. My son Greg is twenty-four and is in the Navy stationed two thousand miles away, so I don’t see him much these days; I just get emails and the occasional phone call. My daughter Jessica is twenty-two and is married to a cop; they live about an hour away and we see each other on holidays and birthdays.

I made one final series of poses before the mirror, turning this way and that and decided I was ready for presentation. It was about ten p.m. and time to go. I usually would go a little after ten and then leave shortly after midnight. Long enough but not too long.

I walked down the street to the party at the Fullers’ house. The Fullers, Bob and Jean, were a wonderful couple, very active and one of the oldest families on the block. Their kids were all in their thirties and this was at least the third time they had hosted the party that I could remember. They greeted me instantly when I entered and made me feel welcome as always. Holiday music was playing, the house was still decorated and the Christmas tree in the corner reached all the way up to the nine foot ceiling. Bob handed me a glass of white wine and I began chatting with a few neighbors I knew, and then was introduced to a new couple that had moved in a few months before. But I won’t dwell on that part of the evening because it doesn’t really relate to the story I want to tell.

I’d been at the party almost an hour when I heard a male voice call out to me. “Hey, Miss Dani!” he said. I looked in the direction of the kitchen and walking toward me was a young, familiar face, although I hadn’t seen him for a few years.

“Jackie?” I asked. “Is that you?”

A big grin spread across his handsome face. Jackie’s family had lived across the street from us until his parents separated and divorced when he was fifteen or sixteen. His father had always been kind of an ass but Jackie was always a sharp and witty kid and he was close to my kids when they were younger. His mother and I had been very close up until she later remarried and moved away once Jackie graduated high school.

“Yes. Well, it’s Jack nowadays,” he said with a smile, as we hugged.

I laughed and said, “Okay, Jack.”

Jack was about five-eleven with medium-length blond hair, baby-blue eyes and a couple days of sandy fuzz on his strong chin and face. He was broad-shouldered with long sinewy arms, but the rest of his body was thin and wiry. He always was athletic and played soccer and baseball in high school. He wore blue jeans and a red casual shirt with the collar unbuttoned. He had a thin gold chain around his neck as well.

“So what are you doing here?” I asked. “I thought you moved away and would never come back to this place.” When he had left after high school it was to attend the state university about three hours away.

“I’m visiting a buddy for a few days. I visited my Mom in Florida for Christmas, and then I came up here. The school’s closed over the holidays and I go back the week after next. I saw Mr. Fuller in the library and he invited me. So here I am.”

“Really….where’s you’re buddy?”

“He had some big date planned with his girlfriend.”

“So you came to party with the old folks?”

“Yeah, I thought it might be fun to see who was still around. Plus I didn’t want to be driving around too much on New Year’s Eve. You know what I mean?”

“Yes, I do, and I think that’s smart of you. When the neighborhood started these parties years ago it was to give everybody somewhere to go without having to go anywhere.”

I looked at Jack’s eyes and they were a bit bloodshot so I knew it was a good decision on his part, although he seemed okay to me. I sipped the last of the wine from my glass and he took it from me. He returned in a moment with two glasses.”

“A toast,” he said, “to Miss Dani, always the hottest mom in the neighborhood.”

I blushed, a bit surprised and flattered by his comment, but I drank. “Okay, cut him off,” I said, “He must be drunk.”

We laughed to ourselves and for the next half hour continued to talk and reminisce about the old days in the neighborhood. I found I was very relaxed with him and was enjoying our conversations and recollections much more than mingling with the older folks. When we had about finished our wine he surprised me again.

“Want to get high?” he asked me.

“What? Jack, are you kidding? Behave yourself. It’s been years since I did that kind of stuff. I don’t think the Fullers would appreciate us lighting up in their house.”

“What the hell, it’s New Year’s Eve,” he said, pulling a joint out of his shirt pocket. “We’re not driving, so come on.”

I just laughed at him. He grinned wide and said, “Look, I’m slipping out the back. In a minute pretend like you’re going to the bathroom and then go out back and I’ll wait for you behind the tool shed. It’s nice and secluded back there. See you in a minute.” Then he was gone.

I shook my head and knew I probably shouldn’t. But I also knew I would.

When he saw me walking toward the shed he lit it up. He took a deep hit and when I got to him he handed it to me and I did the same. We traded back and forth a couple times without saying anything. I was the first to speak.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” I said.

“Feels good though, doesn’t it?” he said.

I had to admit it did.

“Remember that time you had the New Year’s Party at your house? When was that, six, seven years ago?” he asked.

I remembered it well. At a little after midnight I had gone upstairs to check on the kids and found Jackie and my daughter in the middle of something naughty.

“Oh, I remember it all right. I remember going upstairs to check on you kids and saw you with your favorite body part in my daughter’s mouth!”

“Ah shit, you knew about that?” he exclaimed, sounding embarrassed in the dark. “Jessie never told me you knew.”

“I spoke to her about it. I knew you were both pretty good kids so I tried not to overreact.”

“What happened was Jessie asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said a blowjob, you know, just kidding around. But she said okay so I just went along with it.”

“Can’t blame you there, I guess,” I said, inhaling deep. “That’s right, I forgot. Your birthday is…”

“Tomorrow,” he interrupted. “January first.” He looked at his watch which glowed in the dark. “In about twenty minutes I’ll turn twenty-one. A consenting adult!”

“Oh shit, we better get back in there,” I said. We both took a couple quick hits and finished the joint.

“So, do I get a new year’s kiss at twelve o’clock?” he asked.

“Ya never know,” I said. We then walked to separate doors to reenter the house.

Back in the house we kept our distance for a few minutes. I got another glass of wine although I didn’t really need it. Just before twelve the countdown started, then the ball dropped and ‘Auld Lang Syne’ filled the speakers. Everybody started giving out kisses and before long Jack headed for me. I had to be careful here.

Jack marched up to me, said ‘Happy New Year’ and pressed his lips to mine. As I expected his lips parted and here came his tongue. My lips were slightly parted but I stopped his tongue with my teeth.

“Whoa, down boy,” I said, gently pushing him back. “You want to start a scandal? All these busybodies in here tonight, we don’t want to give them anything to talk about.”

“Sorry, Miss Dani, I just…”

“Call me Dani.”

“Okay, sorry Dani. I just always thought about what it would be like to kiss you.” He reached back into his pocket and pulled out another joint. He held it so only I could see it and with a sheepish grin said, “Wanna go out back again?”

I smiled and shook my head. As I was looking around I said, “Do you have a car?” He said that he did. “Okay, look. I’m going to say my goodbyes and leave. In about a half hour you leave and drive away. Park your car a couple blocks over and walk to my house. The porch light will be out but knock on the door and I’ll let you in you’ll get your kiss then. And bring that with you.” I squeezed his hand and left him standing there.

Back in my house, I went back to my bedroom and stood before the mirror. I debated whether to keep the red dress on because it did look fine, but decided against it. I took it off and hung it up and stripped naked. In the bathroom I shaved and cleaned myself really well; I wanted to be ready for anything with the birthday boy. Then I reapplied my red lipstick, which if the kid showed up would be transferred to his lips and perhaps other parts of his body. I put on a dark pink satin robe which came down to just above my knees and fit snugly, showing off my body even better than the dress. I combed my hair but with my curls there’s only so much I could do.

I went down to the kitchen and poured two glasses of wine and then took them into the living room and put them on the coffee table. I also brought a small saucer since there are no ashtrays in my house. I turned on the stereo and tuned to an easy jazz station that was playing non-stop music all night, and then I sat back on the sofa and sipped my wine. I felt truly loose and relaxed, partly because of the wine and weed but also because of what I hoped was about to come. It wasn’t long before I heard a light tapping at the door.

I let him in and closed the door quickly behind him and locked it.

“Happy New Year, Dani,” he said.

“Happy Birthday, Jack,” I replied.

“You look really great!”

“Thanks,” I said. “I poured us some wine. Come sit on the sofa with me. We sat down and I picked up the glasses and handed one to Jack at my left. “I’d like to make a toast to the New Year’s kiss you are going to be getting soon.” We clinked our glasses and drank. “And to the birthday kiss after that!” I added and we drank again.

Jack lit up the joint and we traded tokes. I was getting happily buzzed. I turned halfway toward him as we smoked and sipped our wine. He told me about college and how he’d be staying in the area until a week from Sunday when he would head back to school. It was now Thursday January first so he’d be leaving on the eleventh.

When the joint was done Jack put it on the saucer and I took a sip of wine. Then I said, “So Jack, are you ready for your New Year’s kiss?”

He nodded and I scooted close to him and moved my head toward his. He leaned into me and I gripped the back of his head with my right hand and pulled him to me. Our lips met and I plunged my tongue into his young mouth. He sucked me into him; our tongues did a spongy dance, exploring. He put his arms around me and pulled me tight, his left hand moving to my right breast as our mouths fucked. Maybe it was his age, maybe it was my need, but it was electric and goose pimples covered my arms, a sexier kiss I never had. It was soft and deep. After a long time we parted. His hand stayed on my breast for a second or two and then he lowered it to my hip and kept it there.

I turned a little more to my left and scooted closer still. My right hand was still behind his head. I said, “Now for your birthday kiss,” and pulled him close again with both hands. This kiss was hard and forceful. I pressed my body to his and mashed my breasts into his chest. My tongue was halfway down his throat, both his hands were wrapped in my hair and massaging my scalp. This kiss, like the first one, went on and on. The fierceness of it began to subside, became gentler, and as it did I slowly moved my hand down his body, to his shoulder, to his chest, to his side, and then finally between his legs where I felt his hardness. Even through the thick denim I could feel that he was large.

We parted our lips and I looked him in the eye. With my hand on his member I asked, “Are you ready for your birthday present, Jack?” He nodded and I started massaging him. “No one can ever find out about this. You know how people gossip around here. They’d have a field day with it.” He said he’s a consenting adult and it was our secret.

I moved the coffee table over and knelt in front of him. I unhooked and unzipped his jeans. He lifted his ass and I pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles. I couldn’t believe the size of the piece of meat he’d been hiding in his pants!

“Jesus Christ, Jack!” I blurted, “Look at the size of that thing!” He giggled and my wide-open eyes must have looked like saucers. I looked at his cock as it rested on his body pointing toward his chest, completely hiding his navel. It was the largest cock I’d seen and fat too. “How long is that fucking thing?” I asked.

“Nine and a half inches,” he said. “An old girlfriend measured it.”

“Well, damn boy, it looks like we’re both getting a present tonight!”

I moved in close between his legs and slid my hands under his butt. I kissed his balls and took them gently into my mouth. I ran my tongue along the long shaft. I rose up higher on my knees so I could put my mouth around his gorgeous circumcised cock. Jack was moving it subtly deeper into my mouth but I was taking it slow. I had deep-throated guys before but none were packing heat like this. I sucked him and rocked my head up and down, taking in a little more with each move, his hands again immersed in my curls. My right index finger was still lubed and he let out with a loud groan as I inserted the whole finger into his ass in one quick thrust. We continued our lusty three-way rhythm, my mouth, his cock and my finger. I took more and more of his rod into my throat, six inches, six and a half inches, seven inches, as I continued to finger-fuck his asshole.

I felt his cock swell in my mouth so I knew he was about to blow. I backed off so that I just had a couple inches in my mouth but I increased the speed of my finger. He moaned louder, he moaned faster, “Fuck I’m gonna come,” he hissed loudly. I rammed my finger in as far and as hard as I could and squeezed his ass cheek with my other hand. With a raucous grunt he started to come and my lips gripped his shaft with a cushioned strength and held on through seven or eight violent spasms as he emptied his hot, oily load into my mouth. When he stopped quaking and I was pretty sure he was done I took my mouth away and moved up onto him and with a mouthful of his cum I kissed him with open lips and pushed my tongue into his mouth. We kissed deep, our tongues skiing on a slippery slope, his mouth now slick with his own juice. We swallowed while still enmeshed, and only then did I pull my finger out of his ass.

I lay back on the sofa. “Phew. Happy birthday, kid,” I said. “Sorry I couldn’t take it all in. I tried.”

“You kidding? That was fucking unbelievable! You are fucking unbelievable! And you did take most of it, all but an inch maybe, I was watching. More than anybody else ever did, anyway, and what a fucking turn-on watching you. And if I hadn’t started to come I bet you would have gotten it all. You wore me out.”

I leaned forward and took a sip of wine and then turned to him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. I started unbuttoning his shirt and said, “Let’s get this thing off of you. No man should have to eat pussy with his shirt on.”

He flung his shirt on a chair and yanked off his pants which were still at his ankles. He stood before me and bent down to kiss me, our tongues doing a quick pirouette. I opened my robe and with his red lips he worked his way southward over my naked body, pausing to kiss and lick and nibble and suck my nipples, then he traced his tongue over my tummy as he lowered himself onto his knees before me. He reached over and grabbed a pillow from the end of the couch.

“Lift up,” he said softly, and I raised my ass. He slid the cushion under me to give himself total access. I was already sopping wet.

He placed his hands on my sides just below my hips. He kissed my left thigh for a moment, then the right. His face moved close to my crotch. I felt his warm breath on my clit. His tongue licked my lips and toyed with the rim of my ass. I let out with a yelp when his tongue dove into my asshole, deep and brief. He inserted his tongue again and I whimpered helplessly as he wiggled it around and gently sucked for a few seconds before pulling out. I thought to myself, this kid is okay. He eats his own cum and now he’s tonguing my ass.

“You like that?” he asked.

“Oh yes, Jack,” I wailed. “Eat my ass, boy. Suck my wet cunt. Eat me.”

He had no sooner slipped his tongue back up my ass when I came in a seismic rush, my fluids gushing into his face, my body spasms uncontrolled.

“Oh my God,” I said as I shook.

Jack moved his mouth to my pussy, his strong tongue slithering in, exploring my marshy tunnel. Then his lips surrounded my swollen clit as his tongue continued its investigation. I felt his finger glide into my ass an inch, and then back out. Back in another half inch, and then back out. Again, a little deeper. He repeated the process a few times until his entire finger was inserted in my anus. I tightened my sphincter around his finger and he wiggled it in response. His tongue kept licking and he kept his lips wrapped around my hard love button. Then he began to hum.

I moaned with the vibration radiating inside me. I screeched as he hummed louder. As his tongue skated in my pussy, his finger did somersaults in my ass and his mouth serenaded my clit. I cried out in a loud voice with every word I could remember from the unabridged edition of Dani’s Dirty Dictionary. Soon I came again, soaking his mouth and face with a fluming flow of my pent-up liquor. He drank me in.

Jack came up for air and said, “You taste good.”

“Fuck me Jack. Put that big fucking cock inside me.”

“Do I need a rubber?” he asked.

“No, it’s okay,” I replied. “Give it to me, boy. Give me that beautiful cock. Let me feel your hot cum inside me. Fuck me.” I swiveled so I was lying back on the seat of the sofa and Jack mounted me. I wrapped my fingers around his huge dick and guided it into my seeping slit. I felt him push it in and felt its girth against the walls of my pussy.

His mouth came to mine as he started a slow, gentle back-and-forth movement inside me. I rocked with him and put my hands behind his neck.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he said to me. “You have no idea how many times I fantasized about fucking you.”

I pulled his mouth to mine. We started slow and easy, then built up speed and force. We fucked and our lips never parted, our tongues bucking and our mouths sucking. His finger found its way back into my ass so I made sure mine found his. Our bodies picked up more speed and intensity as our fingers and tongues and Jack’s cock found greater depth. I came once and Jack’s mouth muffled my scream, but he continued to bash my gash for another couple of minutes until he released his fresh payload with a long primitive grunt and a spasmodic orgasm. He shook on top of me as I felt the warm rush of his semen deep inside and I immediately came again.

He stayed on top of me for a moment and we kissed while his size lessened inside me. When he pulled out he lowered his head to my breasts and sucked my swollen nipples for a minute and I ran my fingers through his thick blond hair. Finally he sat back on the sofa. I rose up, tightened my robe around me and sat up beside him. I picked up my glass of wine and sat back.

“Wow,” I said, sipping the wine and stretching my legs out. “I can’t remember the last time I felt this good.”

Jack pulled on his jeans and zipped them up but didn’t fasten them. He picked up his shirt and pulled another joint out of the pocket. He tossed the shirt back on the chair. He sat next to me shirtless and lit it up. He took a couple hits and handed it to me. I shrugged and took it.

“I don’t really need any more of this,” I said, “I feel too good already.” But I thought so far so good, and I went with it.

In between tokes I refilled our glasses. As we recovered we sipped our wine and talked. He asked me about my job in real estate and I reminded him again how important it was that no one find out about this because it could affect my job; nobody gossips more than real estate agents. He told me about life as a history major and his on-and-off girlfriend who was Honduran and bisexual. He told me how he had been in three-ways with her and her roommate and how turned-on he’d get when he’d see both of them go at it. He asked me if I ever had sex with women and I told him yes, I had experimented some in recent years. I didn’t tell him that his mother was one of the experiments.

After a while he reached to me with both hands and pulled my robe wide open. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“I love to look at your body,” was all he said.

I edged closer and ran my right hand over his bare chest, smeared with lipstick. “I like looking at yours too,” I said.

He pulled me close with one hand and palmed my tit with the other and we mashed our open mouths together and kissed. My hand went to his crotch. He pinched my nipple and squeezed my hair into his fist and I rubbed his cock and balls and felt it grow again in my grip. I went for his zipper with both hands and yanked his pants open. I took his pole into my mouth and massaged his balls. I sucked him with a wolfish force I never knew I had and he made animal sounds and I felt him bloat in my mouth. After a minute I backed off and looked at Jack’s face.

“I’m going to take it all,” I said.

“Oh yeah. Oh God, do it.”

“Okay, here goes.” I took a deep breath and opened my throat as wide as I could and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and in one slow steady movement enveloped all of him into my mouth and throat.

“You are so fucking hot,” I heard Jack say.

I came up for breath and then went deep three more times in order to give Jack a good show. His cock was nice and fat so I climbed up on his lap facing him and with my right hand steered his pecker into my soggy slot and I began moving my body up and down. He arced his body with each push, shoving his cock into me with his hands on my hips to guide us. After seven or eight jolts he ejaculated into me and I squirted myself shortly thereafter. We kissed briefly before I lifted off of him.

“I’ll be right back,” I said, and I didn’t even bother to retie my robe. I walked to the bathroom with Jack’s cum dripping down my inner thigh.

When I returned I walked up behind the sofa and put my hands on Jack’s bare shoulders and massaged them a bit, then the sides and back of his neck. He rotated his head as I did so.

“Ah, that feels good,” he said.

I leaned over and ran my hands over his chest and stomach and whispered in his ear, “Would you like me to give you a birthday massage?” He said yes of course and I told him to follow me. The kid was going to make it into my bedroom.

While Jack was in the bathroom I spread a heavy blanket over the bedspread, lighted a couple candles, dimmed the lights and got out the oil. The bathroom door opened and he reentered the room naked. I pointed at the bed and said, “On your belly, boy.”

I started with his head and worked my way down his back. I used the oil liberally and spent extra time on his ass. He moaned as I spread his cheeks and ran my tongue up and down his crack. Then I stuck my tongue into his asshole, in and out a few times and he moaned some more, louder. I poured oil into his crack and pushed my finger into his ass and kept it in there for thirty seconds or so, moving it around as much as I could.

“Does that feel good?”

“Oh yes, yes,” he said.

“I want to massage every part of you,” I said.

I did his legs one at a time and told him to flip over. I massaged his arms and chest first, and then lowered to his stomach. I got as low as his navel and made sure I bumped his half-turgid penis several times. I worked around it to his upper thighs as he oohed and aahed. I enjoyed watching it grow before my eyes. I rushed my way through his legs so I could return to that beautiful cock which was now at full salute and hard as a rock.

I couldn’t resist sucking him again so I took it in my mouth as I kneaded his balls. I sucked gently at first then opened my throat and took it all in slowly so Jack could see, then pulled back and did it again. I could feel his scrotum tighten so I stopped.

I took the oil and filled the palm of my hand. I cupped his balls and massaged the oil in, then took his cock in one hand and poured more oil and started rubbing his shaft up and down. When it was nice and smooth and greasy I started sliding my hand up and down a little faster. I stared at his manhood, diligent in my work. Jack let out with a guttural sigh and continued assorted whimpers and moans as I jerked him off. After about thirty seconds he uttered a wailing grunt and shot his jizz over his stomach and chest in four quick spurts. I turned to look at him and his eyes were already glued to mine. Bit by bit I scooped up his sperm from his body and dabbed it into my mouth.

After a moment he sat up and he kissed me. He started unwrapping my robe and said, “Take this off, it’s your turn.” And I did.

I lay on my back and said, “Do my front first. I want to see you.”

“Your wish is my command,” he said, and grabbed the oil with his dick flopping around.

He dripped oil onto my chest and shoulders. He rubbed my temples and the sides of my face first, and then my neck and shoulders. He massaged my breasts and then lowered his mouth to my right nipple and gently kissed, then licked, then pinched with his teeth; then he repeated the pattern on my left side. As he moved south he rubbed my stomach and as I had, skirted the middle and moved to the lower part of my body.

“You have sexy legs,” he said when he was feeling his way back up.

My eyes were closed and I was half in a dream when I felt his fingers enter me, massaging the inside of my pussy. It wasn’t long before his tongue joined the party. I let out with a squeak and pushed my groin to his face. I moaned as I gyrated, trying to feel with every tiny sensor inside me. In a minute he pulled out of me and I bemoaned with the loss. But he was hard again and quickly mounted me. In no time he had his whole cock inside me and I have to tell you, he was slinging it pretty good. We both fell into a fast, hard tempo and I sucked his cock with my cunt. I was going to squeeze another load out of him if I had to.

I didn’t have to. We fucked hard for couple minutes, grunting in unison with the rhythm of our rut and then I felt Jack tense up so I knew he was close. Sure enough then I felt his first spasm and with that my surge started. I came in a flash just as he discharged into me, and we both let out with a yell and rocked and rolled in simultaneous orgasm.

He rolled off and lay down next to me, spent.

“Goddamn!” was all he said.

“Boy, I think you’re about to kill me with that thing of yours,” I said. His hand was resting on my leg so I grabbed his hand and held it.

We didn’t say anything for a while. Then I rolled over onto my belly and said, “Okay. Now do my back.”

He knelt beside me and poured some oil on my back, rubbing it into my shoulders and arms and gradually down my back. He moved to my legs and stroked the back of my thighs and calves liberally with the oil and slid his hands up and down from my ankles to the brim of my bottom.

He slid off the bed and onto the floor and kissed the tops of my feet and licked my insteps. I felt my sex sizzle when he sucked each of my toes one at a time. Then he spread my legs and moved up between them on his knees. Then I felt the warm oil being softly poured over my ass.

“Now for the best part,” Jack said.

He kneaded me softly at the base of my spine and around my butt cheeks, squeezing hard intermittently between his soft caresses and pinches. He kept it up for a while, teasing me by avoiding my crack. So I just enjoyed it, knowing he’d get there. It was worth the wait.

First I felt his warm breath, and then his silvery tongue as it traced along my long dark cleft. He spread me apart and his tongue pranced around the rim of my asshole making me squeal with anticipation. When he inserted his tongue I bucked with pleasure and he took his time tasting the innards of my ass.

When he finally withdrew I immediately felt an oily finger dive into my hole, then it was gone. Then in, then out, then in and out again. Then again and again. My groans became louder with each plunge.

I gripped the blanket tightly in both fists and screamed into the pillow when I felt two fingers power deep into my dusky pit and pull outward, stretching my bunghole to never-known widths and holding it spread. Then a third finger got into the act, massaging me, extending me.

“Jack…” I rasped.

He removed his fingers and quickly sprung up atop me onto my back. I felt the hardness of his upright organ pressing against my rear.

Jack put his mouth to my ear and whispered. “I’m ready, Dani. Are you ready Dani? You ready for my cock in your ass?”

“Damn boy, I believe you are trying to kill me!” I said. But I wanted it.

“That’s the best birthday gift I could ever have. To ram my cock into Miss Dani’s sweet tight ass. All of the times I fantasized about you, about kissing you, about making love to you, about putting my dick into you. And tonight it’s all coming true.” The whole time he was talking he was grinding me from behind.

He put his tongue into my left ear and then he sucked my earlobe. His lips moved to my cheek and I turned my head closer so our lips would meet. It was a tasty, soft kiss.

“Yes,” I said softly.

He kissed me again and then moved back off of me and I felt his stiff rod drag off me at the same time. I felt his fingers applying some more oil to my hole and then I heard him slather some onto himself. I reached back with both hands and spread my ass for him.
Soon I felt his dick against my opening, and he pushed with cushioned force. I felt the tip enter me.

“Ugh…” I grunted.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Fuck me, boy.” I breathed deeply. “Fuck me good.”

He did. We slowly found a tender rhythm. I moved my ass in conjunction with his motions, and with each stab his lode eased deeper into the shaft. I rubbed my clit with my right hand trying to get off as he poked my behind. It felt huge inside me. I couldn’t imagine taking any more.

“How you doing?” I asked.

“I’m fine, how are you?” he said.

I had to laugh. This kid has his twenty-one year old dick in my forty-four year old ass and he wants to make conversation. “No. How are we doing?”

“Halfway there,” he said.

“Oh Lord Jesus,” I said.

“It’s okay,” he said. He picked up the pace and I went with it. “I’m fucking your ass, Dani. I used to dream about it. You are so fuckin’ hot. I’m gonna shoot my dirty cum into your hot sweet ass.”

“Fuck my dirty ass!” I said, louder than necessary.

Then in one quick hard shove he hammered it home. It felt like somebody shoved a tree trunk up my ass. I let out with a scalding yell but he kept Jack-hammering me. It was painful at first, but as he kept sticking me over and over my body adjusted and his cock started to glide inside me. Then the pain was a memory and my body quaked and then erupted, spewing a hot puddle of my secretion onto the blanket beneath me. Jack kept pelting me from behind until a minute later when I felt his warm sweet syrup discharge into my ass.

After a few seconds he kissed the back of neck several times and then he backed himself out. He rolled onto his back and so did I. We were too exhausted to speak. The last thing I remember was glancing at the clock on the nightstand and seeing that it was ten after five in the morning.

I woke up at eleven with that 21 year old on the bed next to me. He was lying on top of the blanket sleeping peacefully with a huge erection. Now I had a decision to make. I had two options. One, I could get up, take a shower, get dressed and when he awoke we would say our awkward goodbyes; or two, I could suck that beautiful cock. I went with option number two.

I put my lips around that boy’s pecker and went down. He woke up right away and I felt his fingers combing through my hair. Then he maneuvered himself around so his head was between my legs and we were doing a 69. I felt his kisses on my thighs and his tongue once again teased my ass. Then he buried his face in my snatch and ate me. I whimpered with his dick in my mouth as he chowed down. I found it hard to finish what I had started because of the pleasure I was feeling and my imminent gush that was soon to come. I pinched his head between my thighs tightly and squeezed and propelled my cunt harder into his face. He sucked my clit hard and deep into his mouth.

“I’m coming, oh shit. Here it comes, baby. It’s gonna be big, get ready baby…” I moaned.

I screamed over and over as I let loose my wall of juice. Jack kept his head plastered to my pussy and squeezed my ass like he was riding a bronco and didn’t want to fall off. His cock muted my howls. When I stopped shuddering he whirled around and was on top of me in an instant and he shoved his throbbing cock into my trembling twat and started ferociously trying to bang the bottom out of me.

His face and his hair in front were soaked with my spray. I ran my long fingers through his hair as he fucked me. After a while he slowed, pacing himself. I removed my hands from his head and put two fingers in his mouth. He sucked me as he fucked me. I moved my groin with him. Our eyes were locked. With my fingers in his mouth I pulled his face to mine and we shared our first kiss of the new day, tender and deep and long, and my tongue licked my nectar from his. Finally I pulled away.

“When I ran into you last night I never suspected you liked old pussy so much,” I said.

“I like yours. Soon as I saw you I wanted you,” he said.

“Jack…” I breathed. “Do me a favor.”


“My ass.” I gave him a quick hard kiss. “Fuck my ass again. I want to watch you fuck my ass.”

He withdrew and leaned over and picked up the oil. He rubbed some on his cock and then slipped two fingers in my ass and lubed me. I spread my legs wide and enwrapped them around him. He pressed the head of his cock to my asshole.

“That’s it, baby. Shove that fuckin’ anaconda all the way up my fuckin’ ass. I want to feel your young cum inside my ass again.”

I stared at his face as he pushed his way in. It burned a little at first but it didn’t last long as he slowly slid in. Once he had a few inches in he started really fucking me. I massaged my clit and rocked with him and we were both bellowing as he screwed his way deeper and deeper. I saw lines of sweat on his forehead and above his upper lip and watched his pensive face as he concentrated on pummeling me. Here was this kid from the neighborhood, on his twenty-first birthday seriously buttfucking Miss Dani, that old hot mom from across the street, now his lover.

Jack started slamming me harder and faster, and it felt big, it felt hard and it felt tight, but his huge penis moved inside me with a velvety friction and damn child, did it feel good. I worked my hard clit hard, ready for him to blow his top so I could feel his warm creamy soup way back deep in my inky trench.

He grinded me, he banged me, his fingernails dug into my back as he flung his tough meat into me. Then he snorted like a bull in front of a red cape and emitted a long loud groan. His body convulsed with untamed tremors as he delivered his package and I felt those honeyed hot shots in the back of my ass.

After he came he continued to fuck me slowly, in and out, in and out, and I felt every inch of him as he glided back and forth. I squeezed his cock with the walls of my ass and he gave me his cute schoolboy smile. When his cock vacated my rectum he fell down on the bed beside me and I felt his cum dripping out of me. I reached down with my right hand and spooned some of it from the rim of my asshole and then playfully rubbed it into my breasts and onto my lips and teeth. Jack smiled again and kissed me.

I had my head on his shoulder and my hand on his chest as we rested. I was hungry because I hadn’t eaten for eighteen hours so I told him I was going to take a shower first and then he could take his after me while I fixed us some food.

After my shower I threw on the same pink robe and headed to the kitchen. When Jack arrived he had on his jeans but no shirt. Breakfast was ready so I served it up: big plates of eggs, sausage, grits and toast with coffee and orange juice. We both ate ravenously and had a pleasant talk as we caught each other up on the families. I got the updates on his mom and sister Gina and he heard all about Greg and Jessie. I wondered, and I’m sure he did too, what they all would think if they knew what Jack and I were up to.

When we were done eating I picked up the dishes and began scraping them and putting them in the dishwasher while Jack finished his coffee and juice. After a few minutes of chit chat I was standing at the sink when I felt his arms surround me from behind. He buried his nose into my twisted hair, still damp from my shower, and he tenderly kissed my neck. His hands explored the front of my body briefly and then his left hand slipped under my robe and fondled my breast while his other hand settled on my bald pussy. I absorbed his kisses and savored his touch.

“Let’s go back to bed,” he whispered in my ear.

I turned to face him and he was naked; his jeans were in a heap on the floor. We kissed softly, his hands full of tit and ass. I reached below to find his cock and balls. He was already stiffening.

“Boy, I do believe you must be a sex maniac,” I said as I began stroking him.

“You’re turning me into one,” he said quietly, and then he filled my mouth with his tongue. We kissed with a buttery force, ready for more.

We pivoted around and I sat in the chair and he stood before me, his now rock-hard bazooka right in front of my face. I licked his balls and kissed his cock from end to end and I felt the tickle of his pubic hairs on my face. I flicked my tongue up and down the shaft and then I took him in my mouth and milked him gently, feeling him fatten.

I took my mouth off and stood up. I walked three steps and opened a drawer and pulled out a tape measure, then sat back down.

“I got to measure this thing,” I said.

Jack laughed and then I sucked him again for ten or twelve seconds before taking my mouth off of him and then I held the tape along the side of his cock.

“Damn, boy,” I said. “You’re still growing!”

“Huh?” he asked.

I showed him the tape where I’d marked his length with my thumb. “You’re over nine and a half inches. Looks like a 9.6 or 9.7!… Aw hell, let’s round it up to ten!” He beamed and I tossed the tape onto the table and said, “And now I’m getting back to my creamy dessert.”

I took him back into my mouth and dug the fingers of both my hands deep into the crack of his ass. I sucked him with every muscle in my mouth, and I deep-throated him a few times too so he could watch that rod of his slip all the way in and out. Then I dipped my fingers into my wet pussy for a little lubrication. I put two fingers at the rim of his ass and wiggled the tips of them in. I started sucking harder, my other hand on his butt cheek. Then in one quick jolt I rammed my fingers into him. I felt the walls of his asshole reluctantly give and my fingers made it maybe a couple inches in. He screamed like a dying puma. I moved my fingers inside him, back and forth with an even pulse. I knew he was close so I moved my mouth to the tip of his penis and sucked that little hole with all my might. In a moment he yelled again and he shivered on wobbly legs and while in his throes he dumped another load of his heated seed into my mouth. I tasted his tang and then swallowed my dessert. He collapsed into the chair beside me.

“Jesus Christ, Dani!” he said loudly.

“What, no good?”

“What? Are you crazy? Incredible. Unbelievable.”

“What can I say, boy? Unh, unh, unh. Blowjobs in the kitchen. You’re turning me into a whore, Jack. What’s next, you gonna fuck me on the table?”

“I’ll fuck you anywhere you want,” he said, leaning over to kiss me and copping a feel at the same time. “I have to go to the bathroom.”

He went into the bathroom right off the kitchen and closed the door. I went back to the bedroom to wait for him. He knew the way.

I was naked on the bed when Jack entered the room holding up a joint.

“Last one!” he said. He stood before me with his long dong hanging and lit it up. He inhaled deeply, handed it to me and sat on the bed next to me. We sat on the bed and passed it back and forth and talked, and when it was used up Jack hopped up and went over to the bathroom and tossed it in the toilet.

He ran and jumped back into the bed, almost knocking it off the frame. We laughed and he took me in his arms and kissed me.

We made love all afternoon. We sucked and fucked in various positions, the highlight being me on my back with my legs up the wall and Jack facing the wall with his dick in my pussy. I had a nice view of his young tight ass on that one, not to mention it was easy to reach. He ate me, he kissed me, he licked me. He sucked my tits raw and had his way with my asshole, again shoving his massive member into my shadowy cave. I even took out a dildo and fucked him up the ass with it and although he howled a lot he took it like a champ.

Eventually we tired and took a break, perhaps briefly napping. At around 4:30 he said he had to get going soon because he had to get to his friend’s house because they had a little birthday dinner planned for him. He went to take a shower and after a couple minutes I couldn’t resist and I went into the bathroom and opened the door to the shower stall. I told him I wanted to help wash him and I did. But damn it, I went overboard and did too good a cleaning job on that cock of his and that boy fucked me again right there standing under the hot spray.

I washed myself quickly and got out to let him finish. I dried myself and threw on some jeans and a sweatshirt and went downstairs.

I poured a glass of water and laughed to myself as I picked up his pants from the kitchen floor and folded them. I went into the living room and picked up his shirt from a chair and his boxers from the floor and folded them too. I waited with his clothes in my lap. A minute later he came down the stairs naked. I handed him his clothes and told him to stay away. He laughed.

I watched him dress and I escorted him to the back door. It was now dark outside. We embraced and we kissed soft and deep.

“Goodbye, Jack. This was wonderful, I’m so glad you came over but no one can know about…”

“I know, I know,” he interrupted, “Don’t worry. Why would I want to screw everything up?” He paused and asked, “You sick of me yet? Can I come back?”

I kissed him hard. He’d said what I’d hoped he’d say, although I didn’t realize it until that moment.

“Tomorrow night,” I said. “Seven o’clock. I’ll fix you a belated birthday dinner. You know where to park, and walk here and don’t let anybody see you. This door will be open.” I kissed him again. “I’ll be waiting. Now go.”

With another quick peck on the lips and a squeeze of my hand he went out the door.

The next afternoon I baked him a cake. I knew that boy loved chocolate so I made him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Then I took some banana icing and on top of the cake drew a giant erect penis and scrotum, making it as close to his actual size as I could. I even added a little spray of banana semen flowing out of it and a big JACK 21. I saved the extra icing because I thought we might be able to have some fun with it later on.

When I was fixing the dinner—grilled chicken, spinach and carrots—I sliced the last couple inches from the fat end good-sized carrot. I buttered it up and wedged it into my asshole for Jack to find. I threw the rest of the carrot into the pot.

I arranged a “picnic” in my living room. I set up the fireplace and spread a large quilt and some pillows on the floor in front of it. I set out wine and glasses and plates and napkins and silverware and put on some soft jazz music. I lit two candles and made sure the oil was handy.

I showered and cleaned myself inside and out and when I dried off I lubed myself and re-inserted my carrot. I only put on two pieces of clothing: very short blue jean cut-offs that showed off my legs, and a tight cream-colored t-shirt that showed off my nipples.

I poured a glass of wine and went into the kitchen to put the finishing touches on dinner. Right on time Jack knocked on the back door and let himself in. He entered the kitchen and I turned to greet him.

“Damn, you look great!” he said with enthusiasm and put his arms around me and we kissed. Quickly his hands started roaming to my ass and tits and I pushed him away.

“Control yourself, boy,” I said. “I cooked you a nice chicken dinner and baked you a cake, so I’m gonna feed you first. If you’re still hungry after that you can have me for dessert.Grab those vegetables and follow me.” I picked up the chicken and walked into the living room.

“What’s all this?” he asked.

“A picnic, Jack.”

I lighted the fire and Jack poured the wine. We drank and talked and laughed for a few minutes and then we uncovered the food and ate. I showed him his cake and he roared when he saw my artwork and we each ate one of his balls.

“Thank you, Dani,” he said, as we piled the dirty dishes on the bricks in front of the fireplace. Then he kissed me and added, “That was a great meal. But now I’m ready for dessert.”

We kissed again and he was all over me. He kissed my neck and sucked my tits through the cotton fabric of my shirt. His hand was in my crotch and he made me wet. He took my shirt off and laid me down and covered my breasts and flat belly with plush sucks and kisses. He ran his tongue across my stomach just above the belt line of my shorts. Then he started unzipping them.

“I’ve thought about you all day,” he said.

He yanked them off and started to go down on me. He kissed and licked my thighs and then he stopped.

“Hey, what’s that?” he asked, sounding afraid.

I cackled with laughter. “It’s a carrot.”

“A carrot?” He scrunched up his face in a surprised look.”

“Yeah. It’s saving your seat. I don’t have a butt plug.”

He shook his head and laughed. He slid a pillow under me and dove into me. He took a quick taste of my pussy and then yanked the carrot out of my ass with his teeth and spit it into the fire. He went back down and licked my ass for a short time and then got up on his knees and unbuttoned his shirt. Then he rolled onto his back and yanked his pants off. He wore no underwear and his cock looked immense on his lean body. He saw the oil and squirted some on me playfully before basting himself. Then he assfucked me.

We spent the next three and a half hours on the floor fucking. He ate banana icing off of my tits and out of my armpits. I sucked it off of his cock and licked it from the crack of his ass. He loved me like a lady and then fucked me like a dog. He dripped hot candle wax on my tits and tummy that gave me quick burns that made me squirt and then he buried his face into my pussy until I came again. When he slipped out the back door it was almost midnight and I had the taste of his cum in my mouth and a fresh load oozing from my asshole. I scraped the dried wax off of my body and threw it into the fire. I went to bed and slept like a rock.

The next morning the phone rang and it was him. He told me he had woken up and masturbated while he fantasized about me. Then he proceeded to talk dirty and told me all the different ways he was going to Jack-hammer me when he saw me next. I’d never had phone sex before but I wasn’t hanging up. He said he was jerking off again right then as we spoke and asked if I was. I told him yes, and I did, and I had the soaked sweatpants to prove it.

Then he asked if could come over for a little while that night because he wanted to show me something. I said okay and he came right after dark. When I heard him slip in the backdoor I walked down the steps and met him in the walkway to the kitchen. We kissed and he took my hand and led me to the living room and then he turned on a lamp by the sofa and stood next to it. Then he dropped his drawers—no underwear—and damn if that boy hadn’t shaved off all his pubic hair! Every single strand was gone from his body, not even a short one left on his balls. I took that thing in my hand and looked at it really close, too. I started rubbing him and we kissed as he enlarged in my hands. That cock of his was now even more beautiful and looked even bigger as it stood pointing at his hairless chest. I just had to have it. I went to my knees and sucked it as Jack stood with his back against the living room wall. His hands held my head as I throated him and he gently fucked my mouth until he ejected with an intense shiver and I tasted his first loveload of the night. I held on until I knew I’d gotten all of it, then I stood and kissed him with my mouth full. Then I took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

Over the next couple of hours Jack’s mouth and cock found all my holes, the highlight being a loud and luscious 69 where while I sucked him and he ate me, and then I got to fuck his ass with the dildo and hear him scream again. Once again, when he left for the night I lay in bed with a fresh load of his sperm in my ass.

The next day was Sunday and Jack called me on my cell phone; I guess he’d gotten the number off of my business card or checked my phone which was always on the kitchen counter when I’m at home.

“Dani, I have a little present for you,” he said.

“Jack, you’ll make up any lame ass excuse to get in my pants, wontcha?”

“Well, yeah, I guess I would.”

I chuckled and said, “You don’t need to be giving me gifts, Jack.”

“It’s just something small; I think you’ll like it. You know, to say thanks for the dinner and cake and everything. And because I like you.”

This kid is too much I thought, now he’s getting sentimental on me. I told him to come over again that night. I had to go back to work the next day so I figured another sex romp with him would be a good wrap-up of the vacation.

Again I dressed sexy for him. No undies and tight-ass paper-thin sleek black pants that just about showed the outlines of my ass crack and my pussy lips, and a red tube top. It was wintertime but so what, I knew that shirt wouldn’t stay on me too long with that boy around anyway.

When he showed up I poured some wine and we sat on the sofa for a few minutes sipping and talking. Then he took a small gift-wrapped package from one of the pockets on his cargo pants and put in on the table and took out a joint. What the hell, I thought. We drank more wine while we smoked the reefer.

When it was gone he said, “You sure look hot, Dani.” He kissed me and felt a tit through the fabric of my top. Then he handed me the gift.

I opened it and it was a butt plug. We both laughed and he said, “No more carrots for Miss Dani! It massages your ass for you.” He took a tube of KY jelly out of another pocket and put it on the table.

“Thank you, Jack,” I said as I inspected it. “It’s nice to know you can still massage my ass even when you’re not around.” I stood up and started peeling off my pants. “Oh well, might as well try it on for size. Anything to give my anal-retarded boy toy a thrill!”

I stood in front of him wearing a tube top and no pants. He put his hands around my rear and pulled my cunt to his lips and suckled me until I came in his face, then he licked the excess from my thighs. He told me to kneel on the sofa facing the back. Then his tongue entered my ass and he lick-sucked me as he pulled my cheeks apart. I groaned in ecstasy while he did this for a minute or so and I must have said the word ‘yes’ and ‘fuck’ a dozen times. Then he opened the tube of jelly and lubed his finger and stuck it into my ass and I leaned into him. He then lubed the plug and screwed it in. He wiggled it and rotated it and so did I. It felt good. I played with it a little bit and I could hear him taking his pants off behind me.

“Stay in that position,” he said.

He circled around to the back of the sofa to face me. He bent over and we kissed. His lips massaged my lips while I massaged my asshole with my new gift. Then he put his big hard cock to my face. I locked my hands on the back of the sofa and opened my mouth wide. With his hands on the back of my neck I gave him head. I sucked him and felt him grow even more in my mouth. I opened wide and he fucked my face. When he let go I felt his flow in my mouth and a tingling down south. We spent the next couple hours in bed.

I managed to see him almost everyday that week. It wasn’t necessarily planned that way but it just kept happening. On Monday morning he called me on my cell phone and asked me to meet him in the park at lunchtime. I tried to make an excuse but the kid is persuasive. The park is pretty dead in the winter time so I met him and sure enough no one was around. I hopped into his car and we smoked a joint and I ended up giving him a blowjob. I went back to work with a light buzz, wet panties and the taste of his cum in my mouth.

On Tuesday he called and asked how the butt plug was working out. I told him fine, in fact it was inserted as we spoke. He said perhaps he should come over and do a safety inspection on my new apparatus. I laughed and told him to come on over that night. He did and in no time we were in my bed. I’d no sooner turned down the lights and he was fucking my lights out. Three hours later after he’d pulled his dick out of me for the umpteenth time he gave me a passionate kiss goodnight and rolled me over on my stomach, kissed my ass and screwed the plug back in. “Sleep tight,” he said with a laugh and he left.

Wednesday afternoon I called him for the first time and told him playfully that I was having trouble with my apparatus. I told him he must have screwed it in wrong and asked could he come over that night and do another safety inspection. He said no problem; all I needed was a butt plug-ectomy and a Jack-whack, and not to worry because he made house calls. He asked if seven-thirty was a good time and I said it was. Then that frisky boy gave me what he said was a very important instruction: to leave the backdoor open and wait for him naked in my bed.

That night I was sipping wine in bed, and right on time the backdoor opened and I heard his footsteps in my house. A moment later I heard him running up the stairs, and then he entered the room naked holding a can of whipped cream. He jumped onto the bed and took me in his arms and he kissed me long and soft. He reached his hand to my rump and felt the plug.

“Are you ready for your plug-ectomy, Miss Dani?” he asked.

“Yes, Doc,” I said with a laugh.

“Okay,” he said with a serious tone. “This is a very delicate, three-part procedure and you must cooperate with me while I operate.”

“Is it life-threatening, Doctor?”

“Not if you cooperate,” he said. “First I need to remove the apparatus. Then once it is out I need to do a very close examination to make sure you haven’t lost any feeling in your crave cave. Then I may need to do a deep dark probe with my joystick.”

I giggled and asked, “Is that all?”

“No,” he said. “The third part is a total, complete and comprehensive frontal massage. It could take hours, but if successful you will feel as good as new when I am finished. And don’t worry about the cost, it is all covered by insurance. The only cost to you is a ten blowjob co-pay.”

I laughed and told him I accepted the terms. Then he rolled me onto my belly.

“Uh oh, this could be more serious than I thought,” the doctor said.

He started twisting and turning and pushing and wiggling the plug, grinding it in my ass. It felt good as it massaged my anus. He did this for a minute or two as he grunted in mock effort. Then with one yank he pulled it out and popped his lips loudly at the same time and it sounded like he was uncorking a champagne bottle. I burst out laughing.

‘”No laughing!” he scolded. “This is a delicate surgery.” I felt him spread my ass cheeks wide. “Uh huh,” he said, “Just as I thought. I think I need to medicate the area.”

I squealed like a pig and bucked like a bronc when he shot a cool hard windy stream of whipped cream up my asshole. Then he shot a long line of it along the whole crack of my ass. He spread my cheeks again and started eating.

His tongue felt wonderful, and the feeling of it slipping in and out of my crack with cool warmth made me come onto the blanket under me. I pushed my ass into him as he licked and sucked me clean, then he opened me wide and plunged his tongue into my asshole and licked me out for what seemed like a long time. I was breathing fast and hard with ecstatic bliss.

“Oh, Jack…” I mumbled breathlessly.

A minute later he moved up above me and kissed my ear. I could feel his cock hard against my ass. He whispered, “I think I better do a deep probe, you know, as a precaution.”


I felt the tip of his cock at my opening and leaned into him as he pushed himself in and started fucking me. We fell into it easily, and I felt that big rod slide back and forth inside me as he screwed me slowly and kissed my neck. I was moaning with every one of his kisses and each hypnotic shove. Then I felt his hot discharge, the second milky flow that had been shot into my ass that night. My pussy exploded again as I came onto the bed beneath me.

He rolled me over on my back and said, “Now this is the recovery phase of the procedure. It is very important that you just relax and let me work, and not give me a hard time. That would only slow down your recovery.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

Jack knelt at the foot of the bed and started shaking the can of whipped cream. Then he started spraying the cool white stuff all over my body in generous heaps. He started with my feet and toes, covering them till it looked like I was wearing thick white socks. Then he sprayed streaks up both of my legs and inner thighs and built a huge pile on top of my pussy. Then he covered my stomach and ringed my tits and heaped it on my nipples. He used up pretty much that whole can. He sprayed my shoulders, my neck, my ears; my mouth, my nose, my cheeks, my eyelids and forehead, even my hair. Then that boy put down the can and started to eat.

He took his sweet time eating that sweet stuff off of me. He licked it from my ears and face, kissed it from my mouth and chewed it out of my hair. I was squirming with delight as he ate from my neck and shoulders. He took his time eating my tits and tummy. He skipped over you-know-what and licked and slurped his way down both legs before devouring my creamy feet, savoring each toe one at a time. Then he moved up and took aim on my pussy and muff-dived into my mound of suds.

He ate me ravenously and slipped his tongue inside my sloppy slit. I came in his face and throbbed and my legs gyrated uncontrolled as I screamed and shouted dirty talk.

“Fuck me, Doctor. Fuck my fucking pussy.”

Jack moved on top of me, his face lathered with the cream. “Yes, Miss Dani,” he said somberly, “I believe another deep probe with my joystick is in order.”

“Uh, yes. Fuck me,” I said and grabbed his cock rammed it into my pussy as quick as I could.

As he fucked me we kissed and I sucked the cream off his face. He fucked me slow and easy, just as he had earlier in my ass. I tried to speed him up but he kept it nice and smooth.

“Fuck me hard, Jack,” I said loudly, “Give it to me.”

“This is a slow recovery…”

“Fuck me, Jack,” I hissed, as I rammed my finger into his ass with a jolt. He squeaked loudly and he picked up the pace and started slamming me hard. I grunted with every thrust and squeezed his cock with my cunt as he hammered me, the bedpost banging into the wall over and over. When I came again it was a huge rush and he took that as a cue to pound even harder and I fingered his ass faster and faster. When he came he let out a loud, long high-pitched moan into my mouth and pounded me four or five final times as he shot his seed. When he was done he rolled over onto his back. We said nothing at first.

“Goddamn, boy,” I said. “What you gonna come up with next?” I rolled onto my side and looked at him.

He said, “I’m proud to say the operation was a complete success, Miss Dani. And your recovery is off to an excellent start.”

I smiled and kissed him. “What am I gonna do when you go back to college?”

“I wish I could take you with me. Then you wouldn’t have to hide me anymore.”

I felt sad when he said that and then a thought came to me.

“Jack, when do you have to go back?”

“I have to be back on Sunday night.”

“Why don’t we go away for the weekend? We could go to the beach where nobody knows us.” The town by the ocean was about an hour and a half drive. “Could you do that?”

“Really? Sure, I could do that. I’ll just tell my friend I have to go back a couple days early.”

“Okay, good. I’ll make a couple calls in the morning. Call me in the afternoon and I’ll tell you the plan.”

We started kissing some more and before long our bodies were meshed and I felt his steely baton pressing against the skin of my groin. I broke our kiss and lowered my lips to his waiting stiffness and took it into my mouth, and went to work on the first installment of my co-pay.

Thursday morning I put a call in to a friend of mine, Joanne. She and her husband are both also in real estate and they own rental properties, one of which was a condo at the beach. They rented it by the week in-season, but in the winter it was usually empty. I thought that would be much more comfortable and private than a hotel.

She said yes, it was available and I was welcome to use it, just stop over after work and pick up the key. When Jack called that afternoon I told him the plan. I would be taking off half a day on Friday and would probably get there around two or two-thirty. I gave him the address and said to come around three o’clock. He said that would be fine and asked me to bring my black pants so he could tear them off of me. I told him I would.

On Friday I left work around noon and headed to the beach. I stopped on the way and picked up some groceries and beer and wine. When I got to the condo it was a little after two. I unloaded the luggage and stored the food and drink. Then I changed clothes and I put on only one piece clothing: a light blue t-shirt dress that only covered my crotch and ass by several inches. Then I inserted my butt plug and I was ready for inspection.

Jack called at a little before three and said he was running a few minutes late, so I poured a glass of wine and sat down on the couch to wait.

It was about 3:30 when Jack rapped on the door. I called for him to come in and I stood up. He entered the door and he looked cute in his baggy jeans and college sweatshirt. He tossed his ratty gym bag on the floor and came to me. We embraced and he kissed me hard and our tongues did their thing as his hands found their way under my dress in back and front.

He stepped back and said, “Damn, you look sexy in that thing! Too bad it won’t be on you for long.” Then he kissed me again and ran his hands under my dress and began to massage my breasts as he dropped to his knees to lick me. I pushed into him and held his blond head in my hands and soon I was all wet.

“Bedroom…” I said.

I led him to the bedroom and as he was whipping off his shirts I was taking off his jeans. His cock was already hard and I kissed it as he stepped out of his pants. I scooted back on the bed and he fell on top of me and instantly he slid his cock into my pussy and his tongue into my mouth. I’d only gone one day without him, but it sure felt good to have him inside me again. I groaned like thunder as he kept striking me with his lightning rod over and over, and I fucked him back with fierce abandon with my dress still on. With each tingly slam of his dick into my pussy the plug twisted and poked as it screwed me in my ass, DPing me toward a savage orgasm. We both came big at about the same time and we both let out animal sounds as we released, hugging and sweating and shaking together. I just laid there in his arms for a few minutes and then I removed my dress.

We spent three hours in bed having our way with one another every which way we could. Then I suggested we take showers and then I would take him out to dinner, and he was up for that. I headed to the bathroom and Jack tried to follow me in but I said, ‘uh uh, no way boy, you take you and your penis into the other bathroom, ‘cause I know if you shower in here with me you’ll just try to stick that thing in me some more and we might never get out the house’.

I dressed in my tight-ass satiny black pants, although I did wear a thong in case somebody stared at my crotch. And I wore the red tube top with red pumps. Jack wore his best pair of jeans—which isn’t saying too much—and a nice tan shirt.

I took him to a nice seafood place right on the bayside of the island overlooking the water. We decided to have some fun because we surely knew an odd couple like us would turn some heads. We played it up so people would know we were a couple, and not some other type of relationship. Jack was great. We ate our dinners and he touched my hand and arm from time to time, putting on a good show. We sat so we had a good view of the room and we saw people stealing glances our way. We joked about what the people were thinking and saying at the other tables.

“That guy over there probably thinks I’m a hooker you picked up on the boardwalk,” I said.

“That guy by the doorway wishes he was sitting here in my seat,” Jack said.

“Look at that woman over there,” I whispered, “She’s disgusted and jealous at the same time.”

We went on like that throughout the meal and had a great time. Then we went out to a bar that was known as a meat market and decided to have some fun. I went in first by myself, taking my time so folks would notice, and then took a seat at one end of the bar and ordered a drink. It was off-season, but it was a Friday and there was a decent crowd but not uncomfortably packed like it would be in the summer. A couple minutes later Jack entered and went to the other end of the bar. Before long a guy hit on me, a nice looking guy about my age. I gave him the brush but he hung around. Soon another guy did the same and tried to make small talk and offered to buy me a drink but I said thank you, but no. Another guy a couple seats down was watching and listening to all of it jealously, but he didn’t have the balls to do anything. When my drink was almost gone the bartender put another one in front of me and said, “This is courtesy of the man at the end of the bar,” pointing in Jack’s direction.

I turned and said a little louder than necessary, “Who bought me a drink?” and my body language changed in a heartbeat. I looked down the other end, and so did most everyone else at the bar, and there was Jack staring at me and holding up his drink. I mouthed the words ‘thank you’, and a moment later waved him over.

With everyone watching Jack walked up to me and I said, “Thank you, Handsome,” and I kissed him on the cheek. Then we introduced ourselves and drank our drinks and chatted and touched each other throughout our performance. Then I paid my check and we left together, my hand on his arm, barely able to keep a straight face as the green-eyed guys stared at my crack from behind.

Outside we burst into laughter and he kissed me. We decided that had been so much fun we’d do it again. We found another singles bar but reversed our roles. I made sure the guys noticed me and sat at the bar. I ordered a glass of wine and waited while some guys started to hit on me, then I sent Jack a drink, and I picked him up. Once again we put on a good show and again left the room with all eyes upon us.

We got back to the condo around 11:30 and Jack got his wish and peeled off my pants. He pulled off my top and threw it across the room, then threw me onto the bed. He munched my thong until it was soaked with my juice then took it off and threw it aside, and we proceeded to fuck and suck for the next three hours before falling off to sleep.

In the morning I left Jack a note and went out jogging. When I got back and walked in the door he was standing there naked and walked over and kissed me. I put my arms around him and tasted his toothpasty mouth and then I felt him pulling down my sweat pants. He knelt and ate my hot sweaty snatch. I soaked his face and then he laid me down and fucked me on the living room floor.

I walked out of the shower still damp and Jack was lying on the bed with an erection he had evidently just prepared for me. I knew by now I was addicted to that titanic tool and I climbed on the bed and went down on him. I sucked him slow and easy for a while and he squeezed my ass. I then stopped and sat up.

“What?” he asked.

“Masturbate for me,” I said.


“Go ahead. You started when I was in the shower, so finish.”

“I just did that to get ready for you.”

“It’s okay. I want to watch you. Show me how you jack off, Jack.”

He started stroking his stiff staff and talking to himself. “The easiest way to get off is to think of Miss Dani, and how I wanted to fuck her ever since I was thirteen. I think of that pretty face between my legs and running my hands through her hair and the way she sucks me and I see my cock slipping in and out of her mouth and her lipstick on my cock.” He stroked faster. “I think about licking her sweet pussy and feeling her cum on my face and ramming my cock into her over and over until she squeals with delight and I come and…” He then groaned loudly and yanked harder still and then shot his jizz all over himself.

When he stopped shaking I sucked up his cum off his stomach and chest and kissed him. “Damn boy, that was hot.”

“Now you,” he said.

“It doesn’t take much to get me off these days, Jack,” I said, grabbing his dick. “All I gotta do is think about this damn thing!”

“Go ahead. Show me.”

I went to work. I dipped my fingers into my dewy cunt and started rubbing my clit. “Hard to believe that when I first saw you again on New Year’s Eve you’d end sticking your dick into me for the next ten days, that skinny boy from the neighborhood! I remember the first time I pulled down your pants and that monster popped out.” I kept rubbing myself, a little faster now. “I just wanted that whole fuckin’ thing in my mouth, I wanted you to ram it in me hard. I wanted to taste your cum and fuck you with my wet pussy.” I was breathing heavy and got on my knees on the bed, rubbing myself harder. “When I felt your tasty tongue in my ass for the first time it didn’t take no time at all and I started to come and…” I then squirted a forceful steady stream of my bubbly brew all over Jack, the bed, the floor and the lower part of the wall.

We never even got dressed; we just stayed in bed and fucked all day. I did throw on the t-shirt dress when we had a pizza delivered for dinner but that was it. We both felt a wave of passion and we rode it. We fucked and talked and sucked and talked and screwed and talked and made love and talked some more. I took it up the ass twice and Jack got the dildo up his ass too. We drank beer and ate pizza in bed and then fucked some more. Our jaws ached from sucking and licking and we were both sore from all of our various penetrations. We both stunk with funk when we finally fell asleep.

We woke up around nine the next morning. Jack had a long drive to school from the beach and had to leave around two o’clock. We skipped breakfast and made love all morning. It was all very slow and gentle. I relished the time I took when I sucked him, kissing his balls at a snail’s pace and kissing his cock one square inch at a time. He fucked me slow too, and as he did I hugged him from within. We both took our time saying a long goodbye.

At a little before noon we took our showers and went to brunch and it was a solemn time. We’d come to the end and had no idea when or if we’d see each other again. We’d had a wonderful time but knew there’d be no future to it.

We got back to the condo and Jack gathered up and packed his things as I watched. Then we walked to the door.

“Jack, will you do me a favor?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said.

“I want you to do one thing for me before you go,” I said. I’m going to kiss you goodbye now. Then I’m going to drop my skirt and lean on the back of that sofa and I want you to fuck me from behind in my pussy and my ass as hard as you can. Then when you come just button yourself up and walk out the door. I don’t want to see you leave.”

Then I kissed him. Long, hard and deep with my arms bundled around him as tight as I could, his hands latched to my locks. Then I turned around and walked to the sofa and stepped out of my skirt and panties. I gripped the back of the sofa.

“Dani, are you sure you…”

“Yes, Jack. Believe me, I’m sure.”

I heard his zipper go down and the rustling of clothing. I felt his hand move between my legs and his fingers slip into my pussy and he stroked me for a bit until I was good and wet. Then he entered me and started pumping me slowly and we moved in unison.

“Harder, Jack. Fuck me hard. I want to feel it for a week.”

He started banging me harder and harder as he flung his body at mine. I gripped the back of the sofa as tight as I could, my body jerking each time he pounded me, and soon I gushed, spraying on the floor. He pulled out and kneeled down and then his tongue licked my rim and then it went into my asshole. His hand went to my pussy and three or four fingers sopped up some of my juice and then were gone. A moment later he did it again. Then his tongue left my ass and a couple slick fingers went in. I soon felt the tip of that beautiful cock at my ass rim and he pushed himself in. I closed my eyes and savored the fat full feeling for what I knew would be the last time. Then he started fucking me. He eased himself in deep with five or six swings, and then the Jack-hammering began. My knees banged the back of the sofa as he pelted my ass with a violent groaning strength and I held on for dear life so I didn’t go flying over the couch.

When I felt the final flux of his college boy sperm enter me I came again with a cool shiver. Jack kept fucking me for another minute or so, spreading his warm cum around. When he took that cock out of me his cum seeped out and down my leg.

I heard him pull on his pants and zip up. I heard the door open and then Jack said, “Thank you for everything, it was great being with you. Goodbye Dani.” Then I heard the door latch shut.

“Bye, Jack,” I whispered to myself.

I wandered to the bedroom, wet with the mix of our cum. I noticed there were three joints on the dresser next to my cell phone, a final gift from Jack. I took a nap and when I awoke I cleaned up the place, packed by bag and left for home.

That evening I was a bit tired and took some wine, a joint and a pencil and paper into my bedroom and got into bed. As I sipped the wine and smoked the pot I made a list of my days with Jack, and just for fun I added up all of the sex we had, day by day. I had never fucked so much in my life and I was curious. I was amazed at the numbers. Over eleven days I sucked Jack’s cock 27 times. Jack ate my pussy 24 times, and he fucked my pussy 25 times. He fucked me in the ass 19 times, and I fucked his ass with the dildo five times. I couldn’t even count all the other things we did to each other with our lips and tongues and fingers.

I took my vibrator out of the drawer on the nightstand and turned it on and started massaging myself. I thought about Jack and imagined his head between my legs. As I buzzed my clit I thought about how I would rub my hands through his thick blond hair while he was down there, the same way I had with his mother years ago.

I pushed the vibrator into my pussy and closed my eyes, pretending it was Jack. I fucked myself with a steady cadence wishing it were Jack. I tried to feel him, I tried to smell him, and I tried to taste him. I thought about all the times I had wrapped my long bronze legs around his trim light body and loved him.

I increased the speed of my pulsating counterfeit Jack, and I thought about how pitiful I was. A horny, 44-year old black woman lying in her bed masturbating, craving the cock of a 21-year old white boy. I soon reached my climax, and shot my cum all over my legs and bed. I put the vibrator on the table, turned out the light and fell fast asleep.


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