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The Girls Next Door



This all started about two years ago when I was 50 years old. My wife had died in a car wreck about six months earlier when a drunk driver, fleeing State Troopers, t-boned my wife’s truck killing her instantly. Turns out he was the son of a prominent politico who was very willing to agree to a large out of court settlement and 15-25 years in a Texas prison plea bargain to keep it out of the papers. That and the insurance payments made my future a lot easier.

We lived on 10 acres about 20 miles outside Austin, Texas. It wasn’t really rural. We lived at the end of the road and we had neighbors on both sides of the road about 300 yards away. Close enough to no but far enough for privacy. We had lived in L.A. and swore when I retired from the military we would never live that way again.
Two weeks after my wife’s funeral I was moping around the house on a Sunday morning and there was a knock on my door, something that was a very rare occurrence out here. I opened the door and there stood Anna and CJ, the daughters of my neighbors up the road, Ricardo and Mara Ramirez. Anna was 15. We had just attended her Castaneda a month before the accident. CJ was 17 I think. Hers had been a couple of years earlier I think. They were dressed in their Sunday best and each was holding two foil covered plates. I looked up and saw their parents in their suburban in the driveway. They waved and I waved back. CJ smiled and said her mama said they had not seen me out in a few days and were concerned about me. L said I was fine and just needed some time to think. Anna said “Mama thinks food fixes everything”. I had them put the plates in the kitchen and watched them get in the suburban and leave.

As they walked away I thought their parents should be very proud. They raised 4 daughters while we lived here and they had all been smart, attractive and never got in trouble or pregnant. Beside these two they had Marissa who was lining in a dorm at UT and her second year and Kat, short for Katrina that she hated, living in College Station finishing her third year at A&M.

I figured I wouldn’t see them again for a while. We typically had talked with the family about once a month but we waved and said hi every time we came home and they were out side. So I was surprised when CJ showed up on my back deck the next Saturday afternoon. It was late spring the weather was warming up nicely so I had just finished cleaning the pool and setting the timer on the solar heater. In another week or two it would be warm enough to use again. We had put in the pool three years before and a privacy fence down one side of our yard so when we used the pool and deck we wouldn’t offend the neighbor with our lack of clothes. Even though they were a ways off my wife didn’t want to take a chance.

I was sitting in one of the lounge chairs daydreaming about the good times we had out here when CJ said “Hi” and startled me back to reality. Turned around and there was this 5’ 6” brunette 17 year old in shorts and a tank top that looked gorgeous and gave me an instant hard on. She looked nothing like the innocent girl that was on my front porch last Sunday. She said “I didn’t mean to scare you; I just wanted to ask a favor”. I asked her what she needed. “Well since its starting to get warm out I was wondering if it would be alright if I used your pool during the day while you’re at work, just until school starts up”. I told her that I had a problem with her being here by herself and she said “What if Anna comes over to”? I said “Have your mom and dad call me and let me know they are good with it and I’ll say yes”. She said” Great” and then turned and ran off across the field toward her house.


Her dad called that evening and said he was sorry if CJ had bothered me but I told him it was no problem, I was gone all day but I wanted to make sure he knew where they were and that I was ok with it. He said thank and he would let the girls know.
By the time I got home the only way I knew they had been there was the chairs and table had been moved to give them room to lie in the sun. We shut down early on Friday and I got home about 2pm. I put my motorcycle in the carport and walked thru the house and looked out on the deck. There were two girls laying on the deck in bikinis, very small ones at that, facing towards the house. I slid the back door open and said “Afternoon ladies. Are you enjoying yourselves?” They both rose up to say yes. That’s when I noticed neither one had their top tied. CJ’s breasts looked like they would be two hand fulls and Anna’s looked to be about one and a half hands. Both of them had little t-back bottoms on that disappeared as soon as they got to their crack and covered none of their ass cheeks. With their golden tans they look perfect.
Anna said “Can I use your Bathroom”? I said “Sure come on in. She laid back down to tie her top and I went back in to my bedroom to change. I put on a t-shirt and shorts and went out ad satin my recliner in the living room. Just then Anna came out of the bathroom and I saw her bikini for the first time. The top was two triangles that barely covered her areolas and the material was so thin you could see the dark circles thru them and her nipples poked out like a stack of dimes under the cloth. The bottom was pulled up into her slit and almost didn’t cover her lips. Again the thin material revealed there was no hair underneath.

She walked right up to the side of my recliner with her pussy at my eye level, smiled and said “Do you like my suit”? I said “Yes, what there is of it. What do your folks think of it”? She replied “Oh they don’t know we have them. We only wear them over here to tan”. Then she turned and went outside. I watched those two ass cheeks shake all the way out the door and never saw the cloth between them.
CJ came in a few minutes later and what a vision. The bikini she was wearing was the same color and size as the one Anna was wearing but with her larger breasts the areoles were larger than the material and were exposed on both sides. Her nipples were almost as large as the triangle. The bottom barely covered her lips and was not pulled inside like Anna’s was. When she came out of the bathroom her nipples looked larger like she had been playing with then and the bottom was pulled into her slit, exposing her lips. She walked up to my chair standing where her pussy with the exposed lips was at my eye level and said “Can I ask another favor”/ I said “Anything”. She said “We have a couple of girl friends that would like to come over and tan with us. Is that ok?”. I said “Sure, the more the merrier”. She said “I’ll let them know” and headed out the door. Before I could compose myself and get the tent down in my shorts, CJ and Anna had gathered up their stuff and were headed home. I headed for the shower and a beat off session that topped any in recent memory.

The week seemed to drag by I worked late Monday thru Thursday but at lunch Friday I told my boss I didn’t fell good and went home. I parked my bike and ran in the house. When I looked out on the deck, no one was there. Damn I thought I missed them. Then I looked up and saw four figures coming across the field. Soon I recognized CJ and Anna but I did know who the two girls with them were. As they got closer I could see they were all wearing bikinis. Three of them were the same as the ones Anna and CJ had been wearing before but the forth girl was wearing a different, I guess bigger style. When they got to the deck CJ introduce them. The smaller of the two, she was the same height as CJ, was Alissa she was a senior at the high school with CJ and Anna. She had Blonde hair, an athletic build and her breasts were a little smaller than Anna’s, maybe one big handful each. Still very nice though.

The other girl was the one that caught my eye though. CJ introduced here as Amanda. She was Alissa’s older sister. She was 21, 5’9’ tall and had flaming red hair. Up close I could see why she was wearing a regular bikini. The ones the other girls were wearing would have looked like big polka dots on her breasts. They had to be at least2 ½ hands full each with no sag and areoles that that were 3’ across and nipples that looked like a stack of nickels. The suit may have been a little larger but the material was just as thin. You could easily tell she and her sister were clean shaven. At this point my dick was hard in my jeans and needed some relief so I excused myself and said I was going to get out of my work clothes. I went into my bedroom and closed the door. I got naked quick and grabbed a tube of lube. Five minutes later I shot a load that matched the one from being teased last Friday. Little did I know it was not over.
I put on some baggy shorts and a tee shirt and went back out to the living room to sit down. Just then Amanda came in from outside with her arms up pulling her wet hair back. This thrust out her breast and pulled the wet material tight over them. I didn’t see any scars so I figured they must be naturals. I was still admiring her breasts and her fabulous camel toe when she looked down and caught me staring. She smiled and said “See anything you like”? All I could say was “Heaven”. She giggled and went into the bathroom. When she came out she sat down on a couch across from me and said “I’m sorry about your wife. The girls told me about you and talked me into coming out here to help tease you out of you unhappiness. I will understand if you want us to leave and I’ll take care of the girls”. I said that’s ok. I was just start enjoying the show. Just don’t let them talk you into to much. They can be pretty persuasive. She laughed and said “Ok” and went back outside.


About a half an hour later I stepped out on the deck to find four beautiful girls laying on the deck with their asses facing me, only one had any visible fabric over it. I said “I’m going to go grab a burger and come back. See you all when I return if you are still here”. As I turned to leave on of them said “Can we go with you”. I said “Don’t you think you should check with your folks”? CJ said “They went down to the valley and won’t be back until Monday so let’s go”. They all jumped up and headed my way. I asked if they were going to put some more clothes on and someone said nope we’re good. I looked at Amanda and she just shrugged.

Everyone piled into my crew cab pickup and off we went. Amanda was in the front with me and the other three were in the back seat. As we headed down the road there was a lot of whispering and giggling in the back seat and Amanda caught me looking at her tits and crotch a couple of times but just smiled. It’s fifteen to twenty miles from my place to food, just to give you an idea how long this went on.
We finally got to the drive thru order speaker and I asked if anyone wanted anything. It seemed to take forever for them to order but finally he said pull around to the window. I pulled up to the window and waited for the guy to bring our food. He showed up with 5 bags and when he opened his widow he just stared. I know the bikinis were small but staring? I started to turn around a say something and there sat Amanda topless holding four tops in her hand. I looked in the back seat and the other three were sitting there topless and they started giggling. I looked at the guy in the window and he was standing there with a big grin on his face. I decided to go along with the girls and “So you girls think that’s cute? Well you can just stay topless until we get back home”. They started laughing and giggling again so I said “Keep it up and you loose the bottoms to”. They didn’t stop so I said “Get’em off now”. To my surprise I was suddenly bombarded by bikini bottoms including Amanda’s. I grabbed them up and threw them on the dash. I looked at the guy in the window and he was standing there with our food in his hands and his mouth open. I started to pay him but he just grinned and said “That’s ok this is on me”. CJ was sitting behind me and asked me to pull up a little. She leaned out of the window far enough to take his hand and place it on her breast, smile and say thank you. As I drove away the girls were laughing hysterically and saying they wanted to do that again.

I gave them their tops and bottoms back but when I got back home they were still naked. When we got out of the truck, they said there was no point in getting dressed since I had seen it all anyway.
We sat on the deck eating burgers and fries and watching the sun go down. I asked what time they had to go home and they said since their parents were out of town it didn’t matter. Alissa said she was spending the weekend with CJ and Anna. I looked at Amanda and she said she was off until Monday.

It was starting to get dark so I got up to turn on the pool and deck lights. Amanda said with a wicked grin “How come we’re all naked and he has all his clothes on?” I’m standing there trying to think of something to say and suddenly I have all four of them on me and I fall down. Next thing I know after a valiant struggle (ya sure) my clothes are gone, my dick is hard and I still have four naked women on top of me. I feel a hand on my dick and someone says it seven inches girls then I feel a tongue licking it followed by a mouth sucking on it. Just as I start to say something one of them plant their pussy on my face. What’s a guy to do but make the best of a situation? I stuck my tongue up as far as I could and I licked lips and sucked in a clit every time it got near. Now I feel a mouth on my balls. Three accounted for. All I wanted right now was to get my arms free so I could get a hold of the pussy on my face and give it the tongue lashing it deserved. Pressure was building in my groin and when I could stand it no more cum erupted form my dick as the mouth on it pushed all the way down on it. I could fell the throat milking my dick dry. I moaned into the pussy on my face as it orgasmed and flooded my mouth with juices. The pussy on my face rose up and I saw that it was Alissa. CJ had my dick down her throat and Anna had a mouth full of my balls. Amanda had been holding my arms so I was immobile.
CJ pulled her mouth from my dick with a pop and said “Yummy”. Anna let my balls fall from her mouth and said” You were supposed to save me some”. CJ said” Maybe next time little sister”. Alissa, CJ and Anna all laughed and took off for the pool.
I had just licked an 18 year old pussy to orgasm, shot a load of cum down the throat of a 17 year old all while having my balls sucked by a 15 year old. This must be what heaven is.

I was brought out of my bliss by Amanda’s voice saying “Now it’s my turn”. She leaned down and gave me a long lingering kiss on the lips. She released my arms and moved down to kiss and lick my nipples. This brought her large breasts over my mouth. I grabbed them and began rubbing them and pinching the nipples. Once they got hard I raised my head and sucked the left one into my mouth and felt her shudder. When I switched to the right one and gave it a nibble as I sucked on it she moaned softly. This continued for several minutes until she moved so she could run her tongue across the head of my dick.
This gave me the most incredible view. I was looking at her wet slit and puckered asshole with the moon as a backdrop. The sun had gone down and I was tackled before I could turn the lights on. Now her moon and the real moon were both up and what wonderful sight it was.


Suddenly she placed her mouth on my dick and swallowed it all the way down to my pubes. I grabbed both her ass cheeks and buried my tongue in her slit. Her musky sweet juices tasted like honey. She had my dick bury down her throat so long I started to wonder it she was ok. Just as I bit softly on her clit she pulled up off of my dick, took a deep breath and plunged my dick back down her throat. I bit down again and I felt her throat pulse as she tried to scream around my dick. As her orgasm flooded my mouth and face with her delicious juices.
She pulled her mouth off my dick and laid her head on my leg and placed a hand on my hard dick. I stopped nibbling on her clit and licked my way thru her pussy lips to the bottom of her slit. She was still giving little shudders and moans as I did. As she softly stroked my dick I circle her tight little asshole with my tongue. I heard her say softly”oh, god”. It pushed my tongue into her opening and I felt it pulse like it was trying to pull me in. She pushed her ass back against my tongue and yelled “fuck my ass” as her juices once again flooded out.

Suddenly lights came on and I heard a voice saying “Are you alright?”
I opened my eyes and there stood CJ, Anna and Alissa soaking wet with worried looks on their faces. I pulled my tongue for Amanda’s ass and she rolled off taking deep breathes. When she caught her breath she said “I have never had two orgasms that close together or as hard as the last one.”

As they stood there giggling I realized I was laying on my back with pussy juice on my face, Amanda’s hand still on my dick and three naked teenagers looking down at me. I said “I need to get up and clean my face off”. Amanda gave my dick a squeeze and said looks like you’re up to me.” Anna said” I’ll take care of you face” as she laid down beside me and began kissing my face and licking Amanda’s juices off me.
After a minute or so Amanda said “that’s enough, I’m not finished yet”. She gave my dick a couple more strokes and said “lets go inside and get comfortable.” I was comfortable as hell but I was taught not to argue with a lady, let alone four naked ones.

I have never written anything before. Constructive criticism is welcomed. I have more chapter swirling around in my head if this is any good.

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