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Gratitude can be a wonderful thing.



John took in another deep breath, realizing he had started dozing off. He felt a breeze come through the window behind the setting sun, and it was a bit cool, especially since he still had a bit of sweat on his chest. He looked over at the clock on the mantle and watched the display change to 8:45 PM. Samantha, his wife, had taken the swing shift in the pharmacy in the hospital. John wasn’t sure, but suspected she had taken it to avoid him, the spark had faded from their love life.

As many couples do they attempted to have a baby to save their marriage. While it lessened tensions a bit because most attention went to the baby, it didn’t change the fact that she avoided sex with him most of the time. It wasn’t for lack of attraction, both John and Samantha had taken to the gym, as many sexless married people do. Something has to be done to get out the frustration. Three years in to having a child Samantha was in the best shape of her life, and became very distant. John was almost certain she was having an affair and had taken to jacking off a lot. For a while at least.

John felt his lover stir next to him and settle back against his side. He rolled his face onto the top of her head, smelling the sweet scent of strawberries and guava from her shampoo and body fragrance. It was a nice contrast to the thick smell of cum and other bodily juices that filled the air. John shifted just a hair to get more comfortable. He couldn’t even feel his penis. It had been a long time since he had cum hard enough to deaden all the nerves in his cock. He sure had missed it. He decided to let himself doze another hour or so before giving his lover a ride home. He would also need to change the sheets and air out the room before Samantha got home at 3:00 AM.
As John let himself fall back into his doze his thoughts drifted back to how he got here. It was about 18 months after their son James was born that Samantha went back to work. Soon after she turned frigid in the bedroom, but had stepped it up for her appearance. She worked off the baby weight and then some, started working hard on her hair and piling on the makeup. She hadn’t made that much effort in years and at first it excited John, until he realized she had little interest in him. It was like before they had James. Having a baby hadn’t fixed anything, and it was beyond frustrating.

John was a jingle writer, and only really worked about 5 hours a day in his studio just a few blocks away. He had tried working from home but it just didn’t work, he couldn’t focus the same. His wife would care for the baby in the early morning before heading to work and John would sleep, and would work in the evening after his wife returned home. That worked for a while, and basically kept them apart, which seemed to be Samantha’s desire.

As James hit two years old and wasn’t in need of constant over the top attention, Samantha decided she wanted to work the swing shift while James slept and then have John care for him in the mornings. She could have time with him in the afternoon while John worked. But soon enough she was too tired she said to do all her motherly duties and they agreed to employ a sitter for the afternoons a few days a week.

After a little research they decided to hire a girl in the neighborhood who a few families used and were very happy with. She was a straight A student who would dedicate herself to watching the kid and spend the downtime studying and was also lauded for being a healthy type and would make meals as such and cleaned up as well. She charged more than most but still less than a service so we contacted her. Her name was Susie and had just gotten her driver’s license that very weak and could drive herself and the baby in an emergency.

They met with Susie and agreed on a Mon, Wed, Fri schedule and she let them know she was available on weekends as well with advance notice. She was a cute little number. Her mother was Cambodian, a refugee from a number of years back, her dad was Italian and had met her mother while serving in the military. He brought her home and Susie was the fruit of their loins. She was about 5 foot 1, had black hair that went to her waist, it was naturally flat and had great shine. She had skin color that was a mesh of her parents, for a light brown hue. She had a very petite frame, almost no breasts to speak of. She was fairly athletic though the clothes she wore were very proper, and showed little.

She turned out to be as good as advertised and they all settled into a good rhythm. Over the next 8 months they fell into routine and John and Samantha only saw each other for an hour or so a day. It wasn’t a very fulfilling situation but at least they didn’t fight and with her working full time and he working on his commercial jingles, at least money was becoming loose for the first time in ages. The biggest pitfall for John was that he got almost no feminine attention. He was starting to consider getting a prostitute, but hated the thought of fucking a dirty whore.
It was a early summer Wednesday when Susie arrived at the house, the grill on her car was mashed in and there was a bit of smoke coming out. She was all flushed when she got to the house. It was the first hot day of the season, the mercury was topped out at 98 and when Susie came through the door, she was sweating a lot. She was wearing skimpy clothing for the first time that John have ever seen, while not suggestive at all, she was wearing flip flops, short grey shorts and pink tank top.

“Oh man! I can’t believe it!” She said with her flushed cheeks against her browned skin. John couldn’t help but notice how well her breasts filled out her top. She had a medium b cup size. Of course her tiny petite frame was still under 5 feet and it made her breasts look very healthy. The sweat line on her top went all across the top of her cleavage. John had never seen her chest that exposed but knew they had grown considerably from last Thanksgiving when he had inadvertently seen down her top when she bent over to pick James up. At this rate, she could end up with massive breasts on that little body.

“What happened Susie? What is wrong?” John asked.

“I got hit by this stupid old lady and she just drove off. I called my insurance but since dad is out of work and mom can only find part time they bought the high deductible plan and I don’t have $1000 to cover it. Now it is starting to smoke and I am worried about driving. If I can’t drive I can’t baby sit and can’t make any money.”

“Oh my gosh, that is so terrible. You know, I know a guy in town, grab your keys and I will grab James and you follow me. We will get it figured out.”

Soon their two cars made their way to Jimmy’s Car Spa, and Jimmy, being a old high school buddy of John’s agreed to let Susie pay in installments over the next few months and even had a loaner she could use for the next few days while he fixed it. Susie was so thankful and happy and John felt great about being able to help her.
On Friday John got a call from Jimmy and was told the total repair would be about $1300. John told Jimmy not to run her insurance so her rate wouldn’t go up and paid her bill in full. He had the money and thought nothing of the expenditure, and Susie had been as good as promised. A great sitter, cooked enough to take care of some of the family dinners and was such a good kid who had a bright future.

Jimmy must have called Susie because on Friday afternoon she turned up in her car instead of the loaner. She popped through the door wearing a spaghetti string purple top and black adidas gym shorts with white stripes and her flip flops. She burst through the door with tears in her eyes.

“Oh my gosh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you . . . ” she exclaimed running up to John and wrapping her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

“Haha, don’t worry about it Susie, you have been wonderful for us, it was the least I could do.”

“No you really don’t understand, the fridge just went kaput at the house and my parents needed my money to get a new one and I was telling them I had to spend it on the car but then got the call from Jimmy and. . . . you are the greatest guy in the world!”

She popped up on her toes again for another kiss. John looked into her wet eyes, the look of admiration was intense and John felt his ears getting red. He hadn’t had a woman look at him like that in a long time, and he was never that smooth with the ladies.

Susie got back on her feet and hugged him tight for a bit and John hugged her back. He didn’t mean to but the feel of her perky firm breasts against his chest and the lithe curve of her back and he felt his neglected penis swelling immediately. He thought her had broken the embrace fast enough but he hadn’t. Even as he stepped back it was obvious Susie had noticed because her eyes were staring at his crotch.


John couldn’t stop it from chubbing up, he hadn’t felt feminine attention since his son had been born. There was a lot of pent up cum in his balls and his penis had jumped at the attention.
“Oh my gosh! Totally!”

Susie dove onto her knees and with one yank had pulled his shorts and boxers down. His 7 inch cock was thickening and bounced back up from the shorts, and was jiggling in front of her face.

“Susie, what are you do–” John stammered as he felt the his body wedged into the kitchen corner.

Susie lunged forward and grabbed his cock, sending a jolt through him. Her fingers so soft and dainty with glitter nail polish. John’s eyes widened like dinner plates as he watched her lean in.

“I suck on it right?” It was more rhetorical than literal and Susie popped her mouth around his unit and began to suck and tongue his penis.

“Oh. . oh Jesus! Shit Susie. What are you . . . oh god!” John knew he should push her away, this was wrong. But it had been so damn long. So long since he had felt any pleasure from a female. He couldn’t pull his eyes away from watching her lips pull away from her face as she pulled back on his cock, and the hungry slobbery way she went back down on it.

She could only get about 3/4 of it in her mouth and her technique was a joke. She built no rhythm, she didn’t use pressure right, she didn’t tease his cock or balls with her hands, she really had no idea what she was doing down there, but when a cock has been ignored for so long.

Just for a few seconds, John told himself. A few seconds became 10, then 30, then 50. The slobbering sounds of Susie’s messy blowjob sounded like music in John’s ears. Suddenly the sensation stopped.

“Is this right? This is how Tiffany did it.” Said Susie before inhaling John’s cock again. John wanted to instruct her help her out but he was at a complete loss as what to say. Those inexperienced 16 year old lips and mouth were getting an A for effort while a D in execution.

“Ooooh-ooh! Ah shit Susie. Ok, ok, ok we’re gonna . . . hah! Susie! Shit!” John grabbed her hair behind her head and gripped tight. He felt his balls aching, they were ramping up for the finale and there was plenty of gooey cream filling coming for his young babysitter.

“Hmmmm?” Hummed Susie as John’s head fell back.

“Ugh, ugh, Suzzzzzzz, oh fuck!” He came. He really came!

“Mmmm! NnnnnnnnN!” Susie protested as the first taste of salty cum poured into her mouth. The pour didn’t stop, John’s balls were the bluest in the world and they took advantage of this opportunity. The second and third squirts were as voluminous as the first.

“Aannnngh! Ruuoah! Shit Suzie . . YES! Ugh!” John held her firm despite her hands on his thighs trying to pull back until he had emptied his full load in her young mouth. At least a full cup and a half had jettisoned out of him and coated her mouth and forced its way down her throat and out the sides of her lips. John finally let go of his teenage dream and slumped against the kitchen cabinets.

“Holy fuck baby. Oohh. Oh shit.” John was slurring his words. He couldn’t believe how fast he had come. The whole scene couldn’t have taken more than 2 minutes, tops.

Susie pulled back, coughing and a huge glob of John’s cum spilled out of her mouth and onto her shorts and thighs. Finally she cleared her throat.

“Ew, what is all of that?”

“Whazz iz wha?” Asked John, totally spent.

“What is all that stuff? It’s gross.”

“It’s. . . it’s cum, or semen. How do you not know what it is? What did you think was going to happen when you. . . . when you sucked on my. . my. . .my . . .”

“I sucked on it because a couple of months ago I went to my friend Jane’s house and we walked into the kitchen and saw her sister Tiffany doing that with the guy who came to fix the dishwasher. We watched her do it for like 5 minutes and then, well he made a lot of noises like you did. They didn’t know we watched and when we asked Tiffany about it later she said that it is the one thing you can do to a guy that they like more than anything and that he gave her a discount. I . . . I thought I would do that for you to thank you.” Susie said, getting to her feet.

John wrung his hand over his face, trying to snap out of the daze his orgasm had put him in. “Yyyyeah she was right, guys do like that. But Susie you shouldn’t have done that. Sex is supposed between a man and his wife.”

“That was sex? I thought sex was when the guy put it in, well down there.” Susie said, confused.

“Well yeah, that is sex, but sucking on, or really doing anything with a man’s penis is sexual. It all gives pleasure.” John said, finally sobering up from his orgasm hangover.
“So did I give you pleasure?”

“Yes, a lot, but Susie, you can’t do that with older men.”


“Because I could get in a bunch of trouble for what you did.”

“But I did it, not you.” She said indignant.
“Doesn’t matter, I would get in trouble. Yes, you did it right, but please don’t ever do any of that stuff again until you are older ok?” John said sternly, just now realizing how out of hand the situation could get.

“Are you, you. . . mad a me?” Susie said, her bottom lip trembling and her eyes watering.

“No, no.” John reached out and hugged her for a minute then held her out in front of him. “It’s just . . . Susie, I should not have . . . I should have, uh, not have let you do that.”

“Then why did it get bigger? I felt it grow.”

“Well after James was born, Samantha and I . . . . you know what, this is all going to be a bit beyond you and you don’t need to think about these things. Look, I am not mad at you, I am mad at myself for going along. I am very embarrassed. All I can do is beg you not to tell on me. I am so ashamed . . .I. . . I”

“I won’t tell anyone. I only did it because you were so nice to me. Can we just pretend nothing happened?” She asked, blinking her big brown eyes at John. It was music to his ears.

“Yes, I think that would be our best course of action. I would hate to lose you Susie, you are just wonderful with James. Tell you what, here is the money for tonight, go ahead and take the rest of the night off, I will skip on work today.” John gave her her sitting fee and she gave him a quick hug, apologized again for what happened and left.
John sat on the couch, still trying to understand what had just happened. He couldn’t believe it, he had just dumped a load of his semen into Susie’s gullet. Just thinking about it .
. . .
John pushed his shorts down and jacked off his already hardening cock, closing his eyes and remembering the look of Susie’s lips and eyes as she gave her first blow job.

Susie was good to her word and John was to his and the next three months passed without incident. Well, at least between them sexually. But John couldn’t forget it. Not even for a day. He had rubbed his cock raw a few times remembering her. Unable to get any relief from his wife, he found himself jacking it daily. He tried to limit it to the shower or his office. But he always gave it a tug at the office. Seeing her before he left the house was too much. Especially with her continuing to develop. Her thighs thickened a bit, the line of her quads, curving her stems. Her breasts had added enough heft that they were just a bit less perky, but all the more full.

Then she began to talk of a boyfriend. John found he was very jealous. He had no idea who the kid was, but the thought of some pimple faced, goofy, awkward emo putting his hands on Susie, his tongue in her mouth, his penis in . . . . John wouldn’t finish the thought. Every morning when he woke he had a morning wood and a mental picture of her. He had started to memorize his favorite outfits, The innocent ones that still allowed to much for a man’s imagination. Every day she wasn’t coming over to watch James, John would feel depressed all day. He waited for those 15 minutes to see her, memorize her face and her frame, so that he could imagine gaining carnal knowledge while he masturbated in his studio.

Soon after Susie’s Dad got a better job with good health insurance. Not long after her Mom was able to work part time and Susie could finally keep her baby sitting money. She began to talk about how much she wanted a designer purse like some girls at school. She had dreams of a large sized Chanel Reissue, but those ran about $2500, so she was hoping to save up $500 for a convincing knockoff her friend had spied. From that John’s scheme was hatched. Even after he had everything in place, he kept chickening out. He knew what he wanted, what he needed, what he must have, but reality is easier than fantasy. Until August 14th. It was an anniversary. It had been exactly 1 year since he had had sex. Coitus sex. Obviously it had been more like 80 days since he had gotten feminine attention.

He was ready, Samantha was already at work and would be for the next 9 hours of her 12 hour shift. He grabbed the blank paper bag and put it in the corner under the cupboards. He was having his usual chit chat with Susie, wondering, like he did each time if she thought about having blown him and swallowed his cum every time she saw him like he did. He waited till she was distracted emptying her backpack and asked nonchalantly,

“So what kind of bag do you want to get? A Channel?” Susie who was still emptying her backpack was wearing a thin knit white shirt, over the head style, which ended just above the waistline of her skirt. The skirt was a light blue and made of a very soft and thin material, hanging off of her and outlining her constantly expanding ass. Even just in the last three months John could see the curve in her lower back, the jut of her modest but improving derriere, the swelling of her breasts. She was still petite, but a more womanly petite. She was wearing slight heeled tan sandals and her hair was pulled up from the sides and held by a clasp where it fell back into the rest of her hair, straight and draping over her shoulders. Her body was tanned from the summer, darkening her beige skin to a firm chocolate brown. She had on light blue lipstick and blue fingernails. An image of a blue smear on his dick made the still flaccid organ jump a hair.

“Yeah, the Chanel Reissue, it is this special anniversary addition. John pulled the bag out and set it on the counter and reached in, pulling out the large size burgandy bag.

“Does it look like this?” John asked. Susie looked up and stared for a good ten seconds.

“Why . . . why do you have one of those?” She croaked hoarsely.

“Or does it look more like this? And he pulled out a second back, this one white with brown trim and markings.

“Holy cow. They are gorgeous.” Susie said as she walked like a zombie over to the bags.
“So these are the types you were referring to?”

“Mmmm. Yeah . .. . see . . . . oh.” Susie came around to John’s side of the counter to get a closer look. She was positioned right in front of him, bent slightly at the waist, her ass practically presented to him. John swallowed hard. He clenched and unclenched his hands, trying to quell the beast growing within him. He planned to go slow, to seduce her. But right now it was all he could do to not ram her up against the counter top and take her fertile pussy for his own.

John heard a coo from James, sitting on the floor in the adjacent living room, playing with his playskool toys. John looked over and thought to himself, thank god even as a witness he couldn’t say anything. John stepped just a bit closer and smelled her hair quietly. His mouth watered, his penis was aching, the position in his khaki shorts preventing it from sticking out and getting fully erect, which it wanted so badly to do.

“Do you want them?” John said in low gravely voice.

Susie turned slowly, John very close. “Um . . . well, . . of course I want one. I have been talking about it.”

John put one hand on her left onto the counter, the other he slid two fingers down the side of her face. “I really want to give them to you.” He said.

His fingers curved around her cheek and slowly over her lips as he continued, “As long as I am sure you will . . . thank me . . . again.” His eyes were staring right into hers.

“Uh .. . . .oh! Ha ha. Um, well . . . I . . . I would, but I am dating Tommy and I probably shouldn . . . ”

“Why? Are you giving him blowjobs? Are you having sex with him?” John said intensely.

“N–nno! No. Just kissing. You told me I should wait . . . . .remember?”

“You’re soooo . . . . pretty. . . ” John said as he gazed at her sideways, his arm coming off the counter and placed it around her thin waist. Her belly button was exposed and the gem on it dangled back and forth. John looked down at it as he pulled her a little closer.


Susie had her hand around his biceps, trying to gently hold him at bay. Before the look in his eyes was one of terror and shock. It was hot. This time the eyes on him looked very . . . . determined. She was conflicted. She really felt she should be true to her boyfriend, and John himself had said they should not have been together. But she really wanted those purses. And she still really liked John, she still felt very close to him.

“I would be very thankful for those bags John, but I really can’t do that to Tommy.”

John pulled her closer until their bodies touched, her hips pressing up against his upper thigh.

“I mean maybe we could do a rain check or something? A coupon for if I break up? Or maybe we could .. . Whao! And there it is, wow, it’s ready. Um. . . John you’re . . .” She tried to step out but John wrapped his other arm around her first and held her into the corner of the counter and sink.

“Just amazing . . .. ” John said as one hand groped a butt cheek, the other sliding under the skirt and quickly into her underwear.”

“Mr. Robertson? Mr. John! John what are you doing? John stop.” Susie whined, wondering why he was being pushy.

“John you need to . . OOOH!” Susie’s face fell against his chest panting a bit.

John had his fingers into her crotch and was just beginning to play.

“Ooooo-whaooooooh! Oooh! Oooh! Jjjjohnnnnn. Oh god. Oh.. OOOOH!” Susie was smushing her face into Johns chest. Rubbing from side to side as John gave her the first sexual pings from another person. Susie had masturbated a time or two, but hadn’t really ever achieved liftoff. John had 30 years of experience on her and began to coax her hymen to let his finger in.

Eventually it did and Susie had gripped John’s arms like a vice and she began to moan loudly.

“EEEEOOOOOOWWWW. Oooh John. Oh god. Oh God! OH God! OH GOD! OH JOHN WHAT IS THAT? WHAT IS THAT? OK! OK! OK! I’ll SUCK IT! OK, I WILL! OH GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!” Susie felt her first true orgasm building and was excited, scared and anxious. It felt so good, but too good. It felt like if it got much more “good” her heart would pop. It was beating so fast!

John worked her clit and pulled her head back by her hair and kissed her. “Suck it if you want my little sex kitten, but you’re gonna fuck it!”


“Mmmf! MMMMnnnnnmmMMMMMMF! UUUUUUMMMMMMMMMFFF!” Susie was screaming into John’s mouth as her orgasm exploded in her. Her lips went limp, her pussy clenched on his fingers. Her body clenched and twerked in his arms. Her moans turned quiet and low. John removed his lips, holding her in his arms
Her moans turned into sighs which turned into deep breaths. She had felt an explosion of tingle to every inch of her body and was completely wrapped in a cocoon of warm pleasure. John scooped her up, all 89 pounds of her and carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed horizontally. He went back out to the kitchen and downed a bottle of beer in a flash. grabbed a bottle of milk and picked up James. He went back to the master bedroom and plopped James in his crib in the room with the bottle and smirked.

Son was gonna get a front row view of Daddy’s greatest triumph.

John walked over to Susie. Her head was slowly twirling back and forth, indistinct and quiet sounds coming from her lips. He hiked up her top and reached behind her to undo the bra, he slid the garments easily over her head and stood back. Damn they were nice. Even held a lot of their shape laying down. That’s the beauty of youth, John thought. He reached under the skirt and pulled off her panties. They were sopping wet. He took a long whiff before tossing them in the corner.

He dropped his shorts and boxers and his prick was finally free! Oh it had ached so much! It had paid it’s dues. It was time for little John to have his fun. John reached a hand under each upper thigh, some fingers on her ass. He lifted her up a tad and slid a throw pillow under her lower back so there was a slight elevation at her crotch . . . just right. John felt the drool from his mouth hit his throbbing dick.

She was quite a vision. light milk chocolate skin, mid level chocolate nipples small, short and round. He ran a hand over one and lightly squeezed. God the buoyancy of a young breast!!! He ran his hands along her thighs. God he loved nice legs. Hers were, short, shapely and firm. That tummy, so flat, so smooth. he ran a hand over her pussy. His pussy. Well, it would be his soon.

“Mmmmmfff. Ooooohhhjjjjjjjjjoooohn? Arrrrrrruuuuu ggoooooonnnnnnnaaaa dooooozzzzz it aaaagggnnn?” Susie asked, still lost in her orgasm.

“Maybe sweetie, but now it’s John’s turn. He leaned down and gave her one slow kiss with no tongue. Susie opened her eyes drowsily and looked at him and smiled like a drunk. John sat back and put one knee on the bed, under her thigh. He slid his hands up her thighs until his thumbs were on the tips of her pelvis, poking under her skin. His fingers wrapped around to her back and ass, his palms on her hips.

He didn’t need to aim his cock, it was as hard as steel. Harder than he ever could remember. He drove ahead slow and steady, lined up to her virgin slit. It elicited a tiny yelp from John when the head of his cock touched her labia. He was so sensitive the slightest touch was overwhelming. He gritted his teeth and kept going until her lips parted for him and his mushroom cap was up against her, entering.

Susie seemed to wake up a bit at that. She lifted her head, She saw him entering her. But she could only numbly feel it. She reached out and grabbed his arm.

John laid over her as he prepared to make way. “Yeah baby?”

“Jjjjjoohhnnn nnnnooo. Wwweee caaaannn’t.”

“Don’t worry baby, it won’t take long, you can pretend nothing happened, just like with the blow job. Ok baby. Ready?”

Susie breathed in deep and bit her lower lip, “mmm-hmm.”

John put one hand under her head and gripped the edge of the bed, the other gripping her thigh. He pressed forward, with meaning this time.

“MMMMMMM!” Susie grunted and John pushed through what was left of her hymen and buried himself two thirds of the way in.

“Oh fuck baby! Oh Jesus, you feel like fucking silk! No! Like satin! Oh sweetie!” John groaned. He pumped Susie for the next 30 seconds, kissing her as he stole away her virginity. Susie grunted and strained along with John’s thrusts, feeling coming back to her. Then John sat up, still fucking her teenage pussy with short strokes. He gripped both sides of her pelvis again.

“Shit baby. I’m sorry.” John said, shaking his head. “Oh it’s coming baby. I can’t stop it! Ok baby, here we go!” John gripped hard and began to piston his hips for all he was worth. His crotch slamming into Susie’s pelvis, his thrusts the fastest he had ever accomplished. The sound of their slapping flesh was echoing across the room.

“OooooOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOUUUU John! John! John! John please! John!” Susie protested, the pain of his thrusts intense.


“JOOOOOOOOHHHHNNNNNN! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” Susie yelped the pain from the fuck and the pleasure from the orgasm more than her young mind could register.

“OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK YES YES YES YEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” John screamed as the cum rocketed from his penis into Susie’s young vagina. John never stopped pumping as his whole body was on fire from his orgasm. John continued to thrust. His cock continued to jettison semen into Susie. John finally slammed home and stayed there, his entire body clenched, veins popping, teeth grinding, fingers digging into Susie. John couldn’t tell you exactly how much cum had come out, but he knew he had never produced that much in one sitting, er, fucking.

John began to ease after another 15 seconds. He sank down onto Susie, his body randomly spasming from over stimulation.

“Holy shit,” Susie said, “we are doing that again.”

John was pulled out of his doze down memory lane when his lover stirred beside him. He looked over at the clock. Yep, time to get moving. He turned to her, and rubbed her taut tummy while he gave her a long kiss, before he hopped out of bed.

“Damn baby, that was all right! Damn you can drain a man.” John pulled on his shirt and was looking down at his buttons fastening them.

He pulled on his pants while she slipped on her summer dress.

“Man I can’t wait until you can drive in a couple of years. Bye the way baby, how is your sister Susie’s freshman year at Stanford?”

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