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Melissa and Charlotte are my mom’s friends and they come over to help the DWCT annual party my mom is holding tomorrow. The thing is, I think they want my body. And my mom is drunk and has passed out. Will these women leave me alone?


My mom was a thirty seven year old divorcee. My dad had dumped her over an airhead blonde he met on a business trip in Taiwan. Even I couldn’t believe that and my initial thought was ‘Geez, what an asshole’. With that said, you can quite guess my mom’s perspectives on marriage. Let’s just say she hadn’t quite gotten over the whole thing yet and was all bitter about the whole happy marriage life bullcrap, as she would usually put it.

What happens when you are thirty seven and doesn’t have a husband and your only son is a college student that only come back some of the weekends and holidays? Well, you get a hobby. Which she did. And that is organizing and planning the Divorced Women Come Together annual party. The DWCT was mom’s baby which she cared a lot about and took pride of. The event is one of the most sought event in the neighborhood, which kinda give you the idea just how many women are divorced right now. She would often wear the DWCT baseball cap like a badge of honor, as if she’s telling the world that she’s not one bit troubled by the divorce at all.

Since I am her son, I had to be there whenever the DWCT party hit town. I might have overstated a little when I say ‘hit’. The party didn’t really hit town. It is planned by divorced women for crying out loud. It was more like a morning mist, which washed over the neighborhood early in the morning, and then disappeared without a fuzz in the afternoon. You literally won’t even know it has happened. Still, you’d be surprised by the number of attendees that came to the party.

After being forced to attend the party for the third time, I had come to realize three things. First, most attendees are women in their thirties. Second, if the attendees didn’t have a vagina, they were usually toddlers who didn’t know any better to not come. Third, boys like me, eighteen and shit, don’t come to such parties, like ever. Which only highlight the awkwardness I had to endure every single time since the whole fucking room was filled to the brink with middle age women and screaming sniffling baboons the women brought with them.

Some of the women were bitter like mom and would come by and remind me not to cheat on my future wife like their husbands did to them. Some of the women were just a big pile of sobbing mess hoping to find some semblance of salvation in the party. Then there were the sex-famished cougars who would pounce on you if you so much as forgetting to unzip your pants. Needless to say, I had been ‘approached’ by said cougars one too many time for my own comfort. Don’t get me wrong. They were hot. But they were also around my mom’s age and there’s that too.

Today, as my never ending misfortune dictated, was the 4th DWCT party. I had driven all the way back from college to my mom’s house. When I arrived in the evening, there were canopies and tables being set on the front lawn of the house. There’s a banner that said ‘Who say you can’t have fun when you are divorced?’. I guess fun for single moms and fun for people like me are two entirely different thing.

“Hello sweetheart. You’re early today.” my mom cooed and wrapped her arms around my neck. “How have you been?”

“I’m good mom.” I gave her the usual response. “Are you drinking?” I smelled alcohol in her breath.

“Oh, I’m just enjoying a glass of wine with a couple of friends. You remember Melissa and Charlotte don’t you?” From her overly high pitched voice, I doubted that it was only just a glass she had consumed.

“Yeah, I know them.”

Melissa and Charlotte had been helping mom organizing DWCT since the 2nd party. They were always there in the party and would stay until late in the evening. Probably that was because both of them didn’t have any child, which free up their schedules quite considerably. The fact that these two were also the cougars that I just mentioned made me a little worried for being back.

“Come. Let’s get you sorted out.” my mom grabbed one of my luggage and began lifting it up the stairs. I followed her and as I did so, I passed the doorway to the dining room and saw the two women waving at me. I waved them back and rushed up to follow my mom.

After unpacking all my stuff, which wasn’t really that much, I went to take a quick shower. I put on a round neck t-shirt and a pair of khakis and then headed back down stairs to see if my mom needed any help.

“Oh hi darling.” my mom greeted gleefully. She’s obviously drunk. If her flushed face was not of any indication, the three empty wine bottles on the kitchen counter certainly were. With her was Charlotte and Melissa, each holding a glass of wine in their hand.

“Hi, mom.” I said awkwardly. “Hi Charlotte. Hi Melissa.”

“Hi Brandon.” the two women said almost in unison. Said would be an understatement. I felt like they had just flirted with me by sounding all breathy and sexy.

Charlotte was a thirty three year old lawyer. She had a head of honey brown hair. She was about mom’s height, which was 5’6″ and had a really lean but curvy built. Her eyes were hazel, she had small lips and a sharp nose that made her look awfully like a model and undeniably sexy. That was until she began reciting from the constitution that you know this woman wasn’t just sex on legs and seriously not someone to be trifled with.

Melissa was a gardener in some sense. She basically went from one house to another beautifying the lawn with colorful flowers and other inanimate adoration. In fact, our little flower garden by the driveway was Melissa’s handiwork. While Charlotte could be seen as a sophisticated woman, Melissa was sort of the dutiful housewife type that would make sure the fridge is always stock and the laundry always done. The fact that she’s slightly shorter than both Charlotte and my mom made her all the more cute and harmless.

She had a dirty blond hair that was slightly bleached due to overexposure to sunlight. She had rosy cheeks and her face was adorned with bright blue eyes, cherubic lips and cute button nose. If she’s ten years younger, she would so totally be my type of girl.

“How much did you drink mom?” I asked. Mom wasn’t very good with alcohol. She usually passed out big time if she happened to drink one glass too many.

“Oh, just a couple of glasses.” my mom slurred.

“I see.” I said without buying it. She obviously had drunk at least a good bottle and a half. “Well, I think it’s bed time for you now mom.”

“Nonsense.” she let out this high-pitch and snorty laugh, a sign that she’s about to hit the bunk real soon. I had seen this many time during the first few months of the nasty divorce.

“Come on mom.” I said and lifted her up.

“I’m fine. I can walk myself.”

“No you can’t. Stop struggling.” I scolded as I slowly took her out of the dining room. “Sorry about this.” I said to the two women still sitting by the kitchen counter.

“It’s okay.” Melissa said with a smile.

“You go take care of your mom.” Charlotte added.

I took mum up the stairs and into her room. I placed her on the center of the bed, pulled out her shoes and then covered her body with the blanket. It’s obvious she didn’t shower and I knew if she ever missed one, her skin’s going to itch like a bitch the next morning. She was mumbling incoherently by the time I walked out with a moist towel. I gave her face and her neck a quick wipe, and I did her limbs as well. Then, I went back down stairs to the dining room.

“How’s your mom?” Melissa asked as soon as she saw me walking in.

“She’s completely out.” I sighed with a tiny pang of embarrassment.

“She did drink almost two bottle.” Charlotte informed as she stretched out lazily. My eyes instinctively fell on the two huge mounts and the tiny nubs poking out of the thin fabric of her blouse. I quickly forced my eyes back up to hers but it was too late as she was already smiling knowingly.

“Uhm. It’s kinda late. Do you ladies need a ride?” I offered. It wasn’t like the two of them could or should drive right now.

“Emm hmm…a ride would be nice.” Melissa cooed salaciously and I swallowed nervously. From the way she emphasized on the word ‘ride’ and the way her eyes fleetingly glanced at my crotch, I doubt she’s talking about the same kind of ride that I was thinking.

“Your mom has told us to stay here for the night.” Charlotte informed. “We brought a change of clothes for tonight’s sleepover and tomorrow’s event.”

“You have a place to sleep?” I asked. Other than the couch, the only place that they could both comfortably sleep in was my queen size bed.

“We thought we could just sleep on the couch.” Melissa sounded like she’s purring.

Being raised by a mom who dictated that men should always be chivalrous, I knew I hadn’t had much choice but to offer my bed. My mom surely wouldn’t like it if I told these two women to sleep on the couch.

“You should take my bed.” I said. “Mom would kill me if she sees you two sleeping on the couch.”

“Where will you sleep then?” Charlotte asked.

“On the couch. Don’t worry, I’ve done that many times.”

“Or you can sleep with us. We won’t want you to lose sleep because of us.” she offered. It all sounded like she’s being kind and all, but I knew she had ulterior intention.

I felt my cock grew hard in my pants as the image of me sleeping with two beautiful sex-deprived women formed in my head. I knew Charlotte and Melissa were cougars from the beginning and they had always made their advances on me quite bloody obvious. Only my mom could be so blissfully ignorant to see it. The only reason why they hadn’t gotten into my pants was because my body had never really responded to their advances before. Besides, they had never taken their advances to such blatant level. The wine had obviously loosen up some of their moral restraints.

“Thanks. But I’ll be fine sleeping on the couch.” I croaked pathetically.

“You sure?” Melissa asked with what I knew was feigned concern. If anything, she looked more like she was ready to tear of my clothes off.

“Yeah. If there’s nothing else, I will go up and prepare the bed for you two.”

“Thank you, Brandon.” Charlotte and Melissa said together. Once I walked out of the dining room, I heard the two women giggled with one another. No doubt, relishing in the fact that my cock was hard under my pants and I didn’t put on any underwear.

It took me about ten minutes to put away the things that I didn’t wish for the two women to see. My collection of marvel comics was one of them. I shoved everything into a carton box and then slid it under my bed. I went to clear my table a little before taking out the air freshener and gave the room a little spray. Once that’s done, I picked up an extra pillow and blanket from the cabinet.

“Your bed is kind a big.” Melissa was already standing at the doorway. Her face was redder than I just saw her in the kitchen.

“Yeah.” I turned and look at the quasi queen size bed. Since I was much taller than average, which was about 6’4″, my mom had the bed custom made for me. I wasn’t even sure what size it really was but I knew my high school friend had all said it was big whenever they saw it.

“I’m sure all three of us can fit in.” she said coyly while nibbling on her lower lip.

“Yeah. But I think it won’t be right.” I forced a smile and skirted past her. As I did so, her hand ever so gently brushed against my semi hardened cock, which I knew she did it deliberately.

“I’m not so sure about that.” she leaned against the doorway and watched me retreated to the stairs. “It might feel right. Really right.”she cooed while her eyes kept staring at my crotch.

I ignored her and turned around as fast as possible. That’s when my hard body slammed against the lean frame of Charlotte.

“Whoa, watch it there big guy.” Charlotte teased as she looked up to my face. I was a head taller than her and something about her looking up at me made my stomach cringed weirdly.

“Sorry.” I croaked and shuffled past her through the narrow space of the stairs. And just like it with Melissa, Charlotte’s hand had gently brushed against my cock too and made me already hardened cock even harder. I knew I would have to jerk off later tonight to ease off the sexual tension.

Since I couldn’t masturbate right now, I knew I needed distractions to make the clock run faster. I switched on the television and turned to ESPN. While I didn’t particularly like football, or anything sporty for that matter, I knew that watching sports were something a man would do. I didn’t know who I was trying to proof that I was a man but I watched it anyway.

I didn’t know how long I had watched but I reckoned it had been long enough. My cock couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled my blanket over my body and inconspicuously rubbed my erection while I pretended to watch the television. I moved slowly so that if Charlotte and Melissa did come down, they would only see a young man watching the sports channel intently and not one that’s pleasuring himself.

Then, I let my mind wander into the erotic scene. Charlotte’s and Melissa’s naked forms materialized and they were doing dirty things to one another. In my perverted fantasy, the women asked me to join them and the two began lapping my hard cock. As the scene unfolded, I rubbed my cock harder and faster.

“What are you watching?” A feminine voice cooed from behind the couch. I froze and slowly pulled my hand out of my pants. I turned my head up and saw Melissa looking down on me. There’s a playful smile on her lips as though she knew what I was doing underneath the blanket.

“Football. It’s the Yankees against White Sox.” I read out from the score bar on the television display.

“Can we watch something else? I couldn’t sleep yet.”

“Yeah. Of course.” I swallowed, feeling the sexual tension building in the air. Melissa walked around the couch and when she revealed herself, I quickly turned my head back to the television.

“What’s the matter?” the woman asked coyly.

“Nothing.” I muttered while feeling my cheek blushing. The woman was wearing only a t-shirt and judging from the tiny nubs poking through the thin fabric, she wasn’t wearing a bra. My cock throbbed painfully with need of release.

She went to the coffee table where the remote control was and bent down to retrieve it. As she did so, the hem of her t-shirt was hiked up above her hips and I was instantly awarded with the full view of her bare butt and pussy. I must have lost my mind because the next thing I saw was Melissa’s worried face just a few inches from me.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I croaked like Liam Neeson having a bloody sore throat.

“Okay. Now, scoot over big boy.” the dirty blonde said.

I moved my huge bulk and spared her a space to sit. I had kept my blanket on me as I did so since my cock was now as hard as the freaking Washington Monument.My pants were literally a tent right now.

“Give me some blanket.” she pulled one portion of the blanket over her slender, folded, legs. She then began to switch the channels one after another, stopping only for a second to check if it was the thing she wanted to see. Finally, she settled for a cartoon that involved a certain queen with icy issues.

I tried to pay attention to the movie at first but was quickly distracted by Melissa’s bare foot that kept rubbing along my calve. I looked at her but the woman had her eyes glued to the television. It was almost as if I was imagining things. But I knew I wasn’t.

I found myself shifting from the screen to Melissa’s breasts. She wasn’t as large as Charlotte, but she was large enough that I could see their voluptuous form. My eyes would linger longer on the nipples that was almost visible under the thin white clothing..

“Is there something on my t-shirt?” Melissa asked knowingly.

“Nothing.” I looked back to the television while inwardly chastised myself and tried not to jump onto the female sitting a few feet away and fucked her stupid.

“Hi guys, care if I join in?” Charlotte salacious tone punctuated the relative silence.

I felt my heart would explode as soon as I saw Charlotte’s choice of nightwear. It was a translucent girly pink negligee that did little to cover her feminine body. Not only that, she didn’t wear any underwear. Her nipples and triangular pubic hair were on display.

“Yup. You can sit on the other side.” Melissa smiled brightly, as if it was all the plan after all.

Charlotte, oozing all sorts of male wet dreams out of her body, sat on the other side of the couch, effectively trapping me in. I even watched her bent and landed her cute ass onto the cushion.

“Uhm…you ladies need anything from the kitchen? Water or snacks or something?” I asked, hoping to find an excuse to escape.

“I was wondering if you have something long and hard that I could suck on.” Charlotte sighed and looked at where my crotch would be.

“Yeah, that would be nice.” Melissa added.

“Uhm…” I swallowed down a nervous tick. I knew where they were going, but I would be damned if I fucked my mom’s friends right in her house. “There’s beef jerky in the kitchen.”

“I prefer something thicker.” Charlotte remarked as she licked her lower lip.

“And raw.” Melissa chimed in.

“Uhm…I’ll see what I can find.” I jerked to a stand. The two women yelped as they fell onto one another and hit each other’s on the head.

I quickly retreated into the kitchen with a pounding heart. My cock was rigid and the taut on my pants obvious. I knew exactly what they wanted and I was sure it wasn’t the raw frozen frankfurter hotdogs in the freezer that they wanted to suck on. And boy did I want to let them have what they wanted. But I didn’t want my mom to lose them as friends. My mom would be furious if she even knew that the two had just tried to seduce me, let alone to actually have sex with me.

I went to the kitchen sink and gave my face a splash of cold water to calm my libido down. Then, I went to the fridge, grabbed the orange juice and down half a quart straight from the bottle. The cool liquid quickly stifled out any fire still hanging about in my loin.When I turned from the fridge, I was met with the angry gaze of two very beautiful women. They had their arms folded.

“For Christ’s sake Brandon, how obvious do you want us to be?” Charlotte scolded.

“Haven’t we given you enough clue? Just fuck us already.”

Wow, that was the most direct form of sexual request I had ever received in my entire life.

“I’m sorry ladies. But I can’t. You are my mom’s friends.” I explained, hoping that they would see the situation in the same light as I did.

“So what? It’s not like she’s going to know.” Charlotte huffed.

“Well, she will. And she will be disappointed in you both and me.” I countered.

“If you don’t tell her, and we don’t tell her, she can’t know it.” Melissa explained.

“Are you telling me to lie to my mom?” I felt a surge of anger coursing through my veins.

“Seriously? Like you have never lied to your mom before?” Charlotte retorted with a scoff.

“This is different.”

“Oh come on kid. Believe me, no one tells their mom who they fucked. Like ever.” she remarked further.

I frowned as I contemplated her words. It was kinda true since I had had sex with Jessica when I was in eleventh grade but I still hadn’t told my mom. The weird thing was, I never planned to. Which made me all the more angry that these two were trying to manipulate me into giving in to their sexual urges.

“But you are her friends.” I snapped.

“Yes! We are. But we are also two lonely women that need the touch of a man.” Melissa interjected.

“The thing is, Brandon. We trust you and you are the man of our desire. Can’t you see that?” Charlotte said.

“But my mom won’t be happy about this.”

“We know.” Melissa rolled her eyes in exasperation. “That’s why we bought her the wine and hoped that she drink herself out, which she did.”

“You what?” I couldn’t believe this.

“Listen Brandon, we did what we have to do. We both have wanted you ever since you took care of us when we were drunk at the 2nd DWCT party. You’ve been so respectful. We know you are the one that will give us the pleasure we seek. We trust you and we know you will treat us with respect even on bed. God, the fact that you haven’t jumped on us and fuck our brains out on the living room is a proof of that.” Charlotte explained.

“But you practically drugged my mom.” I pointed out.

“She drank the wine herself. We didn’t force her.” Melissa reminded defensively.

“It’s okay Melissa.” Charlotte held up a hand and looked at me. “We will leave the choice to you, Brandon. We know you want us. Your massive hard-on is a dead giveaway.”

I stared down and sure enough, my cock was tenting up my pants. I would be lying if I didn’t find these two women sexually attractive. I wasn’t a monk for crying out loud.

“We will go upstairs now. We will be on your bed and we will be naked.” Charlotte continued. “The door will not be locked and you can come in any time you want and we will be ready to take you. You are an adult now and you can decide for yourself whether you want to jerk off on the couch tonight or fuck us on your bed.”

My cock twitched at the offer. When Charlotte finished the speech, she dragged a reluctant Melissa out of the kitchen and up the stairs. With the two women gone, I leaned back onto the fridge as if I had been placed a ton of weight on my shoulder. I gave my face a hard rub and took a deep calming breath.

I couldn’t help but to find some merit in Charlotte’s words. Although they were my mom’s friends, my mom certainly didn’t need to know who I was fucking. In fact, I didn’t think anyone would tell their mom whom they had casual sex with. Next, my mom had many friends, so much so that I doubt she would consider Charlotte and Melissa, whom she only met once a year or so, as her good friend. Moreover, between my legs was a massive hard-on that only the feminine comfort could get rid of it. The feminine comfort that was in the form of two beautiful middle age women who were currently lying on my bed.

“Shit!” I hissed and trudged up to the stairs. I only hesitated a little before I pushed open my door.

Charlotte and Melissa were sitting on the bed and as promised, they were naked. Completely. No negligee or t-shirt. They looked at me questioningly while I tried to get my brain in one piece.

“I don’t have condoms.” I informed. Fucking my mom’s friends was one thing. Getting them pregnant in the process was an entirely different thing.

“I had my tubes tied.” Charlotte shrugged.

“I’m on pills.” Melissa informed.

“STIs?” I raised a brow, perhaps in my own way I was trying to dissuade them from going through with it.

“Zilch.” Charlotte announced.

“Me too.”

“Okay. Good. Good.” I nodded like an idiot while standing still by the doorway not knowing how to proceed.

“So, jerk off or fuck us?” Charlotte asked with a raised brow.

I stepped into the room, closed the door behind me and locked it. “I’m going for the latter.”

“Yes.” Melissa cheered and I saw Charlotte smiled.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and then undid my pants.

“Wow, you are big.” Melissa remarked with astonishment. “I’m a little bit scare letting you in.”

“Oh. I see.” A pang of disappointment shot through me. I hadn’t really thought through about that. The last time I had sex with Jessica, she had complained the very same thing as well and I ended up tearing her pussy.

“Come here, silly.” Charlotte chuckled. “She’s just teasing you.”

As if my body had a mind of its own, I began to walk to the two women. My eyes were on their naked forms, shifting from one set of perky breasts to another and then back. Now that they were completely naked, they looked nothing like the thirty odd years old they really were. They looked more like they were twenty five.

“Uhm…what should we do first?” I asked in both excitement and anxiousness. I never had sex with two women at the same time before.

“Just go with the flow.” Charlotte clambered over and wrapped her slender arms around my neck. She then pulled me to her and our lips met. My cock throbbed instantly as I tasted Charlotte’s soft lips. I munched her lovely softness for a while. Then, she parted her mouth and allowed my tongue to slip in and consumed her further. While I was lost in the sweet taste of Charlotte’s mouth, I felt my cock being grabbed and the tip being wrapped with something warm and wet.

“God.” I let out a shivering whimper and looked down. Melissa’s head was right between my legs. Even though I couldn’t see what she was doing, I could certainly feel it. Her tongue was lapping on the tip of my cock while her delicate fingers explored my shaft and balls.

“Come here you.” Charlotte cooed and pulled me for another hot wet kiss. She tilted her head and pulled against me harder, as if she couldn’t get enough of me. I closed my eyes and let my body go with the flow as Charlotte suggested. My hands began to move on their own. One rested onto of Melissa’s head and caressed her scalp, as if rewarding her for being such a good sport. The other hand moved to Charlotte’s velvety breast and kneaded her feminine flesh.

“You are so thick.” Melissa whined. She actually whined.”I can’t get you in my mouth.”

Charlotte broke off the kiss and her lips curved a playful smirk. “Let me try.” She scooted back a little and then leaned down towards my cock. Melissa was still holding the base of it and guided it so that the tip was now facing Charlotte. I swallowed a whimper when Charlotte began to lap the shaft. There’s something extremely sexy having your cock being at the center of attention of two naked women. I closed my eyes and took in the warm and wet sensation of her exploring tongue over my hard cock.

“He’s so big.” Charlotte let out a girly giggle while Melissa nodded in agreement. Then, she mouthed over the tip of my cock and pushed herself forward until half of the length was now deliciously embedded inside her mouth.

“Oh, god.” I groaned. I had thought that sex with Jessica was the highlight of my life. I was never so wrong.

When I thought my cock could go no further, Charlotte leaned forward and my cock slid deep into her throat. An electrifying shiver shot through my body threatening to turn me into a hot mush. Her throat squeezed the head of my cock, sending wave after wave of stimulation that threatened to make me cum. I could already feel my balls twitch with the promise of voluminous release.

“Oh, you are so much bigger than my pathetic husband’s.” Charlotte remarked breathlessly when she resurfaced.

“Let me try again.” Melissa pulled my cock away from Charlotte and sucked in my cock into her mouth.

I groaned at the delicious sensation of her tongue rubbing along the underside of my shaft. When I looked down, I saw only half of my cock was inside Melissa’s mouth. She had tried to take in more but with the head of my cock already pressing against the back of her throat, I knew this was her limit. Still, it was incredibly hot seeing how committed she was to try and get everything in. When she pulled out, her pouted in defeat.

“No fair. I can only take in half.” she said it as though swallowing my cock in was some kind of competition between the two.

“It’s okay. I like it just the same.” I remarked in a shuddering voice. I wasn’t lying. Both mouths made me feel like I was in heaven. I could already feel my impending orgasm lurking around the corner.

“My turn.” Charlotte grabbed my cock and began throat-fucking it as though her life depended on it. I shivered with so much excitement I could see stars forming in front of me. It was fast and dirty and noisy. And the fact that this was a lawyer that earned more money in an hour than my mom could earn in an entire week was nothing short of an epic fulfillment.

Then, the chivalrous part of me struck me. The two had been pleasing me and until now I still hadn’t returned the favor. My eyes went to the two women’s butt, propped up for the taking while they were busy handling my cock. I pressed my hands on their backs, one of each woman, and slid along their backbone, in between the crevice of their butt before finally resting in what must be the wettest pussies I’d ever touched.

“Oh, yes. Brandon.” Melissa cooed. Charlotte let out an appreciative moan too.

Their openings were slick with their arousal. I curled my finger and plopped a knuckle into both welcoming pussies, eliciting two delicious squeals from the women. The walls of their pussy were slick and prunny. I leaned forward a little, giving me the space to slide a whole finger into them.

“Yes. That’s it.” Melissa cried. “Finger my pussy, Brandon.”

From the way Charlotte moaned, I knew she too wanted to be fingered just as much as Melissa. I began to move my finger in a come-hither manner and rubbed against the prunny skin of their inside. Melissa’s pussy clenched around my finger while Charlotte’s pussy gaped. Who knew two women could have such different response while being fingered by the same guy.

Feeling bold and inextricably horny, I slid the second finger into their wet holes and fingered them harder. Melissa squirmed and let out a girly yelp. Charlotte arched her back and began to rock her butt in rhythm to with my moving fingers.

“Let me do it too.” Melissa breathed and pulled my wet soppy cock out of Charlotte’s mouth. Then, drool and all, she took it all in and began throat-fucking my cock all the same. It might not have gone in all the way but it was still cripplingly good. Like, I couldn’t even feel my legs anymore. Charlotte tilted her head and forced her way in the narrow space afforded between the bed and Melissa’s bobbing head and began licking my balls.

“Ah, Melissa.” I whimpered. “I’m coming.”

I thought Melissa would take the warning and pulled my cock out of her mouth. But instead, she bobbed her head faster and faster. My entire body turned into granite as the sexual pleasure continued to build. Then, the floodgate collapsed. The surge of cum rushed out of my balls, through my throbbing cock and then squirted right into Melissa’s closed mouth.

Melissa squealed in surprise as my cock continued to fill her mouth with my seeds. She wouldn’t have expected such a huge load to be shot into her mouth. Even I hadn’t expected that. God, I felt like I had just shot her mouth a week’s worth of cum.

When my cock stopped twitching and the cum ceased to come out of my tip, Melissa pulled back and sat back up with her lips closed. She was smiling giddily as if she had a really big secret she wanted to show us. Charlotte sat up too and then looked at Melissa.

“Show us.” the lawyer ordered.

When Melissa opened her mouth, my jaw dropped. The entire space where her tongue would be was completely filled with my cum. It was easily the largest shot of cum I had ever discharge through a single orgasm. I suddenly felt embarrassed and heat began to rise to my cheek.

“You can spit it out.” I offered with a cupped hand.

Melissa closed her lips with a smirk and shook her head. Then, without looking away from my eyes, she swallowed the whole thing.

“You don’t have to do that.” I cried out in horror.

“I wanted to.” she said.

“How does it taste?” Charlotte asked with an unwarranted sense of curiosity.

“A little bitter. But overall, I will say it’s one of the best I’ve swallowed.” the dirty blond woman giggled.

Charlotte turned to me and frowned at me, as if I had done something wrong. As if I shouldn’t have cummed in Melissa’s mouth but instead in hers. Then, her eyes fell onto my limp cock laying flat on the bed.

“You better start making that cum again. I want to taste it too.” she demanded while patting softly on my cock.

I swallowed nervously at the promise of second orgasm. I wasn’t sure if I could go on then. Guys couldn’t cum and then cum again within a short period of time. I needed to wait at least a good half an hour before I could even start getting hard. Besides,
I usually just fell asleep right after cumming. But still, with two naked women still sexually unsatisfied, I knew sleeping now would make me the biggest asshole in the whole wide world.

“Um…I don’t think I can get hard anymore for now. But if you want, I can…” I looked down at Charlotte’s pink pussy adorned by an upside-down triangular brown bush.

“You can what Brandon?” Charlotte smiled coyly. “Eat my pussy?” she finished it for me and I nodded like an idiot.

“Only if you don’t mind, of course.” I quickly added and felt the humiliation rushed over me. I had always wanted to eat a pussy, wanted to smell it and taste it. But when I had wanted to try that with Jessica, she refused by saying it’s dirty.

“Do you want to eat my pussy?” Charlotte asked seductively while molding her soft feminine body against mine. Melissa was covering her mouth trying not to snigger out loud at the side.

“Yeah. I always want to try. If that’s okay for you.” I felt the blood pumped in my ear. Would the two considered me as dirty for wanting to lick their pussy?

“Of course it’s okay.” she leaned forward and kissed my mouth. “But I haven’t shaved. So, it’s a little mangy down there. Will you mind?”

Mangy was not the word I would use. Her pubic hair was anything but mangy. It was almost was if it’s an arrow directing me where to go. But with my mouth no longer able to form coherent words, I simply shook my head.

Charlotte backed away and propped a pillow on the middle of the bed. She laid her hips on the pillow and lied down on the bed. The pillow acted as a raised platform so her pussy was angled upwards. Then, she parted her long luscious legs. I watched the pink pussy opened slightly, as if it was telling me to come in. My cock, to my amazement, began to harden again.

“Have you eaten a girl before?” Charlotte asked.

“No.” I shook my head as my body trembled with sexual excitement.

“I can teach you.” Melissa offered with a giggle. “You lick here in an up and down motion.” she pointed at the vertical slit between Charlotte’s pink lips.

I went prone and wrapped my arms around her thighs. As instructed, I stuck out my tongue and began licking the slit. At first, it was more like testing the waters. I wiggled the tip of my tongue against the soft lip of her pussy. A salty, musky, taste hit me. It was a very weird taste. A taste that I had never tasted before until now. I found that I quite like the taste. I pressed my tongue harder to get a better taste. To my surprise, the pussy parted and my tongue basically went in a little.

“Oh yes. That’s it Brandon.” Charlotte breathed.

“Put your thumb here and rub it.” Melissa pressed her own thumb on a tiny nub at the top end of the slit and gave it a few rubs.

“Ahhh…” Charlotte squealed in delight.

I did as taught and began rubbing the tiny nub. Charlotte immediately went bananas and writhed like a maimed snake on the bed. Her hands ran into the thick lock of my hair and began clutching it hard. It was a little painful but I ignored it. The woman had just given me the best blowjob ever and at the very least I should endure a little pain.

The deeper I tasted the more I found the taste to be stronger. It was almost like the more I moved my tongue, the more her pussy rewarded me with the taste I sought. Then, an epiphany came to me. I plunged in two fingers into her honeypot and fingered her hard. As predicted, her pussy oozed out more sweet juices into the open where I lapped it up immediately.

“Oh God. Brandon.” Charlotte groaned.

“This is so hot.” I heard Melissa said. “Charlotte, do you mind?” the woman asked breathily.

“Come here.” Charlotte responded.

I had no idea what the two were up to as I was too focused on tasting the sweet pussy in front of me. When I came up for a breather, I was surprised to see Melissa straddling Charlotte. The dirty blonde was kneading her own breasts while Charlotte was eating her out. Melissa’s dreamy sex-dazed eyes landed on mine and a lazy aroused smile curved her lips. If my cock wasn’t hard before, it certainly was now. All hint of exhaustion from the previous orgasm had completely disappeared and my cock was in dire need of release once more.

I looked at Charlotte’s pink pussy. I rubbed the soft velvety lips a little and then spread them open with my thumbs. The hole was wider than before, to a point that I could almost see her inside. My cock throbbed and ached. It wanted to be milked. No, it needed to be milked! And I could easily see where it could get what it needed.

I sat upright and positioned myself until cock was now nuzzling against Charlotte’s pink pussy. She obviously hadn’t got a clue what I was up to as she was busy with working on Melissa’s pussy. Melissa on the other hand knew and gave me an encouraging nod.

I rocked my hips forward and felt the Charlotte’s pussy parted and engulfed my entire length. The pussy immediately clenched around me hard and I groaned at the pleasure surrounding my cock. Charlotte screamed in what almost sounded like she’s in pain and I immediately froze. The warm inside of her began to gnaw at the solid intruder that had found refuge inside her, as if trying to expel it out.

Realizing what a jerk I was, I felt a pang of guilt and my stomach cringed uncomfortably. I had just hurt her. And worse, she didn’t even give me permission to penetrate her. What was I thinking! I wanted to slide my cock back out but I hesitated as the pleasure was too great to not keep going on.

“Don’t stop, Brandon.” Melissa said. “She likes it.”

“But…she just screamed.”

“Yes. But did she tell you to stop?” Melissa pointed out the obvious.

Not only did Charlotte hadn’t told me to stop, she had kept her legs wide open too. It wasn’t like Charlotte was too busy munching on Melissa’s pussy that she couldn’t have said stop.

Once I had that figured out, I began thrusting my hips back and forth. My cock slid out and in, out and in, and her pussy sucked and milked me. I let out an animalistic growl that I didn’t even know I was capable of making. The pleasure was simply beyond this world. Having sex with Jessica was exploratory. Having sex with Charlotte was ecstasy. No, fucking Charlotte was ecstasy.

I watched the woman’s breasts moved up and down as I pounded against her hard. There was even this naughty watery sound at each thrust, like it was an indication of how much her pussy had wanted me. I cupped her soft breast with one hand while mouthed over the nipple of the other.

Her feminine body molded against mine as our forms joined in a fluid and synchronous motion. I could smell her arousal, taste her perspiration on her skin, and feel the trembling need of her nubile body. All of that made mindless machine that had only one objective. That was to fuck her hard and rough and use her pussy for my pleasure.

When I felt a fresh batch of cum began to pool inside my balls, I knew I had to pull out. It wasn’t because I was afraid of cumming inside her. I was afraid of cumming, and then getting too tired to continue with this whole thing. So, with a smidgen of rationality still intact, I did the right thing and pulled out of her pussy. Charlotte immediate let out a frustrated sigh as I had no doubt just denied her an orgasm she wanted. But not for long as I replaced the demanding vacancy between her legs with two fingers and began fingering her hard.

Charlotte began to writhe and her legs kind of flail around. Then, with a loud squeal, the woman arched her back and shuddered violently on the bed. A tiny amount of watery substance was squirted out of her clenching hole. And then, she collapsed onto the bed and went limp. I hadn’t even got time to realize that I had just given a woman an orgasm for the first time when Melissa clambered towards me and then took my lips.

“My turn.” she moaned when she broke off the kiss and gave my hard cock a seductive rub.

I was expected Melissa to lie down only to watch her got onto four and turned back to me with a shy grin. Her pussy was drenched and I had not doubt most of the wetness was Charlotte’s saliva.

I had seen people doing the doggy style through my generous perusal of pornographic material. But never in my life had I dreamed of doing it to a beautiful woman that’s almost twice as old as me. And boy, my cock certainly wasn’t complaining with the pussy in front of me. While Charlotte’s was hairy, Melissa’s was as completely bare.

I quickly knelt beside her and guided my cock to her wet opening. With firm grips on her hips, I pushed forward and at the same time pulled her towards me. I felt her pussy spread around the head of my cock and then rimmed along the shaft until her pussy had engulfed me entirely.

“Ahh…” Melissa yelped. “I can see why Charlotte screamed.”

“Am I really that big?” I asked with a hint of embarrassment at the same time I felt a little proud.

“Yes. You are.” she mewled. She then arched her back and lied her head onto the bed. “Now fuck me as hard as you can.”

I clenched my fingers around her hips and pounded my hips against her ass. My cock plowed through the tightness of her pussy again and again and again. The woman shivered at the harsh assault against her pussy but from the looks of her eyes she seemed to be overwhelmed by the pleasure to care what was happening between her legs. It was almost like she was my slave, positioned for me to take and use her. My cock thickened with that notion and I hammered onto her faster.

“Oh yes, oh yes.” Melissa cried. Her eyes were half opened and glowed with lust. The kind of eyes I only saw in porn when the women were really stimulated.

“I’m coming inside you.” I heard the words being said. “You are my cum slut.”

What the fuck! Where have I learned those words?

I stared worriedly at Melissa fearing that I might have just offended her. But instead of rage, I could only see pleasure. Pleasure that seemed to have kept her tamed and forthcoming. Pleasure that seemed to have immobilized her body for my cock to exploit. Pleasure that made her replied, “Yes, use my slutty pussy to cum.”

That was all it took for the fresh pool of cum in my balls to rise up through my cock. I shuddered and let out a groan as rope after rope of cum spurted deep inside Melissa’s pussy. She moaned and squirmed as warm spunk fresh from my balls began to fill her up. My abs clenched a few more times, clearing out the cum left inside me and into her welcoming pussy. For a good measure, I pounded her pussy a minute more until she shivered and squealed to orgasm.

Then, woman collapsed onto the bed and her eyes fluttered in daze. I leaned away and tried to catch my own breath while watching my cum leaked out of her pussy, down her thigh and onto the bed. When I had sex with Jessica, I had used a condom so I was never privy to such situation. I had always wondered what it would feel like to see my own cum leaking out of a woman’s pussy, Oddly enough, it felt powerful. Like injecting a part of me inside her and marking her in the process. Like telling everyone that this woman is now mine.

Then it clicked. Sex was a power struggle between the two individuals. While women had power to choose who to have sex with, men obviously had the power over women on how to have it. I let out a soft chuckle and shook my head in disbelief. I really had just fucked my mom’s friends and not only that, I had made them both orgasm.

“You came?” I heard Charlotte asked. When I turned to her, she was staring at Melissa’s crotch longingly. Her face was still flushed from the previous encounter and her hair was a little disheveled. Perhaps that’s the infamous sex hair that I’d heard of.

“Yeah.” I said coyly.

“Are you tired?” she turned to me with what seemed like a hopeful look.

“Kind of.” I let out a yawn.

“Oh. Okay then.” there was a hint of disappointment in Charlotte’s tone. But before I figure out why, she leaned over the night lamp and turned off the light. “Go on, we should sleep now. We have to wake up early tomorrow.”

I couldn’t help but to notice something was wrong with Charlotte. Still, exhaustion had come to me like a vengeful bitch and I let out another yawn. “Okay.” I lie down beside the now sleeping Melissa and felt Charlotte shifted on her side of the bed.

“Good night.” she said.

“Good night.” I replied. I closed my eyes and let the exhaustion washed over me.

I didn’t know how long I had slept but I reckoned it wasn’t long. My body still felt the exhaustion from the sexual marathon I just had. The room was still dark, which meant that the sun was no where near coming out yet.

Melissa was right beside me. She had nuzzled her head against my neck. She had one arm and one leg over my naked body. Her breasts rose and fell as she slept blissfully by my side, sending one warm breath after another to the back of my neck. It felt weird to be hugged by a woman during sleep. Almost as if she trust me so much that she would just sleep right there, as if she knew deep down that I wouldn’t hurt her, as if I would shield her from the evil beyond. It made me feel very protective. It made me feel, strangely enough, more manly.

I stretched one arm out to search for the second woman that I felt deserving of my protection. But as I searched, I realized Charlotte was no longer at her side of the bed. I gently nudged Melissa off me and laid her on her back. She moaned a little in protest but otherwise remained asleep. My body, as if having a mind of its own, leaned forward and I pressed a possessive kiss on her head. I then pulled the blanket over her naked form and climbed off the bed.

After putting on the khakis that I had so haphazardly discarded on the floor, I went out of the room. I noticed the toilet door was opened. That meant, for whatever reason, Charlotte was down stairs, since the only other room on this floor was mom’s.

I headed down stairs and quickly found Charlotte sitting by the kitchen counter. In her hand was a glass of wine. When I got closer, she noticed my presence and quickly wiped the corner of her eyes.

“Hi.” she said with a throaty, thick, voice. A voice that sounded like she had been crying for quite some time. As I got closer to her, I began to see the redness surrounding her eyes and the paleness of her cheeks. Her disheveled hair made her look even more pitiable that I couldn’t help but to feel protective over her. She looked like a hurt puppy needing someone to take care of her.

“Are you okay?” I asked as I took the seat in front of hers.

“Yeah.” she sniffled and tilted her head like all crying women liked to do. As if it would force the tears to fall back in or something. “Oh, I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine.” I pointed out the obvious.

“It’s nothing. You should go back to sleep.”

I could have walked away and pretended not to have witnessed this. But every cell in my body wanted me to stay, to find out what’s making this lovely lawyer crying her eyes out. I reached out my hand and rubbed my knuckles tenderly along the stream of tears flowing down. She closed her eyes and leaned towards my touch. Then, she began sobbing.

“What is it? Charlotte.”

“It’s nothing.” she sobbed.

“You are crying. It must be something.”

“It’s just…” she choked and let out a torrent of sobs.

I palmed her face and then rubbed my thumb across the wetness under her eyes. I didn’t know why I did that. I just did. It felt right to do it. I didn’t press her any further. I waited. I waited for her cry to die down and occasionally wiped away her tears from her eyes. When she composed herself enough, she let out an shuddering sigh.

“It’s really stupid.” she finally said. “Remember that…I told…you…I had my…tubes tied.” she said between sobs.

I nodded.

“My ex-husband…he didn’t want any kids.” she began. “He told me…that I should, you know…get my tubes tied. He didn’t really…trust birth control.”


“He said they could fail.” Charlotte let out a sad laugh, as if the excuse was a mockery of her intellect.

“And you went for the operation?”

“Yeah. Love can make you do stupid things.” she explained in morbid amusement. “A year later…he said he wanted kids. Then he fucked one of my bride’s maids, got her pregnant and took her to Europe.” she burst into a gasping wail. Her body shook so hard with sadness that I had to take the glass of wine out of her hand.

“It’s so…stupid.” she cried out. “I’m so…so…fucking stupid!”

“Hey, stop it.” I cooed and went around the kitchen counter. I wrapped my arms around the sobbing woman and hugged her tightly from behind. My heart clenched sickeningly at her wailing. As I hugged her, I noticed the cut marks on her wrists. Suddenly, I felt angry. My jaw clenched hard with rage and I wish I could punch that bastard right in his fucking face. I had thought my dad was an asshole. Now, he seemed like a freaking saint compared to Charlotte’s ex.

“It’s okay. You are okay.” I whispered softly into her ear as I held her shaking body still.

“The children that he has with the woman…I saw it on Facebook. They are so beautiful.” the woman wailed with regret. “I could have children too. But I was so stupid!”

She then screamed a silent scream before gasping horribly like a maimed animal. It was very painful to watch. It was painful to see such successful woman fell prey to pricks and got herself hurt so badly. It was also insightful in the sense that there were horrible people out there in the world. Horrible people that had made this little damsel here crying out her guts.

I didn’t know how long I had held her. It felt like eternity, for I couldn’t bear to see her to be so sad, and at the same time it felt too short, for I wished to hug her forever. I wish I was more capable all of the sudden. I wish I wasn’t a college student so that I could take care of her and Melissa. God! I wanted to take care of these two women that it shocked me.

“Thank you.” Charlotte finally said when she calmed down enough.

“It’s my pleasure.” I said awkwardly as I moved back to my seat. “You did give me the best orgasm I ever have.” I tried to lighten up the mood.

Charlotte chuckled and rolled her eyes.

“Technically, Melissa was the one who made you cum.” she said with a light smile. “Twice.” she begrudgingly added.

“Is that why you were sad?” I asked, recalling the sadness I heard in her tone when we were about to sleep.

“Not really.” she looked at her hands and blushed.

Then, it all sort of clicked into place. Her ex-husband had left her because she couldn’t bear him child. And her husband had left her for another woman. In other words, her husband chose another woman over her because she couldn’t fulfill his desire. I had cum twice in Melissa. In some sense, I had chosen Melissa over her. I chose Melissa to fulfill my desire and not her.

“Was it because Melissa was able to make me cum and you didn’t? And that reminded you of your ex leaving you?” I articulated the question cautiously.

She held her head down in silence. I watched her played with her fingers as if she was contemplating something.

“Yeah. That’s about it.” she muttered. “It’s stupid. I know. I should have gotten over it. It’s been so long.”

“It’s okay. You’ve been strong.”

“Thank you.” she looked up and smiled at me. It was the sweetest smile I’d ever seen in my life. The kind of smile that made you think that angels might exist. “You are a wonderful person, Brandon.”

A shiver ran down my back. I felt my cock stiffen and I shifted on my seat. It didn’t help that this woman her was wearing nothing but a t-shirt, the very same t-shirt that Melissa had worn. A choice of attire that did nothing to cover her lovely mount. “Uhm…thanks.” I said shyly while trying to cover the erection from her sight. I shouldn’t have worn a pair of briefs.

Her eyes drifted down and then she laughed. “Oh Brandon. God, you can still get hard, after all that?”

“I can’t help it.” I protested.

“Am I really that sexy?” she teased.

“Yes. You are. And you know it.” I pointed out.

“Well, I’m going to head up for a wash. You can jerk one off here.” she sniggered. I watched her hips swayed sexily as she walked to the doorway. When she was about to turn around the corner, she bent down and hiked up the t-shirt and offered me a view of her round butt. “For you to masturbate to.” she chuckled and then left. I began to doubt if she’s really thirty four years old, and a lawyer for that matter.

My cock was hard as a freaking rock with that little side show. But I was so not going to be teased to masturbation that easily. I went to the sink and filled myself a glass of water hoping the long gulp would ease off the sexual tension between my legs. It didn’t. My cock remained hard and eager to get inside the warmth of a woman.

As I leaned against the kitchen sink, I began to recall Charlotte’s words before we slept. She had asked if I had cum. She also asked if I was tired. I was too exhausted then to put the two together. Now that I thought back about it, especially after learning about the horrible betrayal she endured and why she had been sad, a new revelation came to me.

She wasn’t really asking if I was tired. What she really asking was if I could go on and choose her, to fuck her, and then cum inside her. My lips curved to a smile as I shook my head in disbelief. Since she was so kind to tease me with the glory of her ass, I made up my mind to repay the gratitude. Besides, if fucking Melissa was of any insight, it would be that a girl loves a little rough play when it comes to sex. I turned off all the lights on the lower floor and then went up the stairs.

Charlotte was obviously still in the bathroom as there’s light coming from under the door and there’s the sound of running water. I stood at the doorway and waited patiently for my little minx to come out. The sound of running water soon stop and the door was swung open. Charlotte collided onto my hard body and recoiled backwards.

“Oh, you’re fast. Did my teasing helped?” she looked up to me and cast me a knowing smile.

“I didn’t do it.” I said sternly, trying to keep my dominant persona.

“Why, you hand’s not good enough for you anymore?” she chuckled and tried to skirt past me. I leaned to the side and block her from going out. When she moved to the other side, I simply followed and blocked her again. “If you want to use the bathroom, you have to let me out first.” she scolded lightly.

“I don’t want to use the bathroom.” I stepped forward which forced her to step back. She frowned at my seemingly rude behavior. As I advanced and she retreated yet again, she started to realize what I was doing. Then when we completely cleared the doorway, I swung the door shut and then locked it.

Then it was just her and me in a small confined space. Charlotte began to look around her like a cornered prey seeking escape. But there was no where to run and no where to hide. The only point of escape was the door and my 6’4″ frame was in the way.

“Then what do you want?” her voice became thick with arousal. Her eyes twinkling with lust as she looked at mine.

“You.” the word came out almost sounded like a growl. I edged her backwards until her knees hit the toilet. With a light shove, I forced her to sit on the toilet. She let out a squeak as her butt landed on the seat. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her head in place. At the same time, I yanked my shorts off, releasing the massive hard-on between my legs.

I moved her head forward while pointing the tip of my cock at her rosy lips. Without a word, her mouth opened wide to receive me. My cock slid through the warmth and dampness until the tip hit the back of her throat. I gave her a light nudge and her throat opened up, allowing the tip of my cock to slid further in.

I shivered and groaned at the sweet pleasure engulfing my cock. I felt the tightness of her throat pressing on me as if she really wanted to swallow me whole. When she pulled back, she let out a satisfied sigh and stroked my cock with her hand.

“Spread your legs and play with your pussy. I want you wet.” I demanded. Or I forced myself to sound demanding. I wasn’t very good with telling a woman what to do since I never quite had that experience. But judging from the way this petite lawyer mewled, I was pretty that I was doing it well.

Obediently, Charlotte parted her legs and began fingering herself. At the same time, she sucked my cock with due diligence. I kept my grip on her hair and slowed her down if she moved too fast. I only wanted her to wet my cock and keep it hard while she got herself wet. After all, my cock deserved her pussy and I planned to make sure that’s what it got tonight.

“Is your pussy wet yet?” I asked.

“Emm hmm.” she nodded with my cock still in her mouth.

I yanked her head away from me and pulled her onto her feet. I spun her around and pushed her back down until her stomach was on the toilet seat. I grabbed her hands, crossed them over her back, and then held them together by the wrists. It was rough on my part and based on the lovely girly sounds she’s making, she obviously had liked the rough play too. I hiked up the hem of the t-shirt to her waist and rubbed my fingers along the seam of her sex.

“Do you think you can tease me and get away with it?” I didn’t know how I had come to say that but I did. And god it sounded really powerful and dominating. A thrill ran down my spin as I watched this successful woman squirmed under my grip.

“No.” Charlotte moaned.

Enough said. I moved to position and shoved my cock right in between her wet lips. Her pussy widened and absorbed me into her. Charlotte yelped at the forceful intrusion and squirmed on the toilet seat. I moved my cock out of her pussy only to have it roughly pushed right back inside.

“Ahh…” she screamed. It was the same painful scream that I heard when I first fucked her. I kept still and when the seconds passed without any verbal complaint on her part, I resumed my pounding.

My cock plundered the tightness of her pussy hard and fast. Charlotte had squirmed and shuddered, tensed and struggled as I fucked her. I had to leaned more weight onto her back to keep her still, to keep her pussy in place for my cock to exploit and ravage. Sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed in the small confined room. She whimpered and mewled, but never complained, never told me to stop.

I kept my pace and Charlotte’s pussy absorbed every hard thrust without fail. Her pussy had clenched and gaped against the raging intruder. Delicious friction of her pussy lips along the length of my cock pushed me further and further into the brink of release. Cum began to flood the base of my balls and my body tingled with the promise of orgasmic release.

“I’m going to cum soon.” I announced as electricity shot through my loin. My pounding intensified. My balls clenched. Charlotte cried out at the fierce, repeated penetration of her pussy. A cry that could wake potentially anyone within a mile from us. I immediately reached out to her mouth and clasped it shut, muffling out her lustful cries. There in, I shifted to the highest possible gear and ravaged her pussy with every last fiber of strength I could muster.

Finally, orgasm washed over me like a thirty foot wave, sending my body into overdrive. One thick rope of cum after another spurted right into Charlotte’s eager pussy. As the warmth of my seed spread inside her, Charlotte reached her own climax and shuddered violently. Her cries had turned to guttural moans. Her pussy clenched and milked and sucked my cock, forcing more cum out of me. I kept her body pinned and her mouth muffled and continued fucking her for a good minute, until my cum had frothed inside her pussy and my cock began to really ache, until her body succumbed to another shuddering, back arching, toe curling orgasm.

When I pulled my cock out, I watched my cum flowed out of the gaping pussy and landed on the tiled floor of the bathroom. I grabbed several squares of tissues and gave the thoroughly fucked pussy a good wipe. Then, I pulled Charlotte to her feet, only to have her body limped against mine. I quickly held her up by her waist to keep her from falling onto the floor.

“Hey?” I asked, suddenly feeling worried that I might have gone overboard.

“Emmm…” she murmured and snuggled against my chest. Her eyes were shut as if she’s already asleep.

I lifted her up with both arms and carefully brought her out of the bathroom. Seeing my mom’s door, I realized how much of a blessing it was that my mom wasn’t woken up by Charlotte’s cries and came to check. I took Charlotte into my room and then laid her down on the bed. Melissa was still sleeping soundly on her side of the bed, which was a surprise all on itself. I grabbed a portion of the blanket and lifted it over Charlotte’s body. Just like with Melissa, I bent down instinctively and kissed Charlotte possessively on the head.

“Good night.” I whispered and gotten no response. She was already in deep sleep.

I went out of my room, gone back to the bathroom, gave myself a quick wash on the sink put on my shorts and went down stairs. Exhaustion had its vicious grip on me. I clambered onto the couch, propped up the pillow, and then lied down for the night.

As I contemplated in the darkness, I wondered how had two women made me feel so complete as a man just over one night. A pang of disappointment shot through me as I suddenly took in the realization that this was a one time thing. Why would a women like them, successful and beautiful, would ever want an ignorant teenage boy that still let his mom clean his room to be with them forever. I was clearly just a temporary fix for their loneliness. Slumber came soon, but it was a disturbed one.

-To be Continued-

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